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you have sinned before me (and after!)
have compassion upon us and upon our children
help us bring an end to pestilence, war, and famine
cause all hate and oppression to vanish from the earth

So I’m on “EV” and “N” (as you, not me) … funnel and Rapunzel … “never” seems to shine out of those Adamically and Biblically central letters that connect the “sewer” of Adamah’s Bubonic Plague and Stargate’s Naquedah … probably once again to the story of Cain and Abel, and a total loss of civilization that I (and we) should all see here hidden in the ether, sort of playing the “recreation” of the First Morning here in this world like some kind of game or stage … “pretending” they either need or don’t need a refresher in "what the fundamental building blocks of civilization actually are.

Here we have examples that connect “aquaducts” to a form of “infinte power” and sanitation and the proper handling of total garbage to something like avoiding the largest cause of mass graves since you were sure that “grave danger” was some kind of direct threat on your supposed and hidden immortality.

Honestly I’d prefer to see Ai-rports and “social contracts” on our list of things whose “total loss” (of understanding) that are actually the “Fall of Mankind” … but this is what we have to work with–so here’s yet another Princess Bride reference to connect these messages to the key “land of Nod” where Cain was ressurected–(I mean banished to)–after the First Morning seems to have totally led everyone astray and forced a mass return to Hell to once again find out why “earthquakes” and “school shootings” are on also on the list of things that seem to have been totally misunderstood in our exposition on “why being in Heaven” has something to do with actually stopping those things–rather than pretending you aren’t the “what goes up has returned” that defines the end of “Heavenly behavior.”

12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how canyou believe if I tell you heavenly things? 13 a No one has b ascended into heaven except c he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man. 7 14 And d as Moses lifted up the serpent inthe wilderness, so must the Son of Man e be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes f in him g may have eternal life.

John 3:13

I don’t really agree with the above quote-and it’s reprnted here sort of just to prove or indicate that someone other than myself has actually thought about these “exact words” connecting to the meaning of “the letter n” … what appears to be thousands of years prior to our “here and now” and this very strange Apocalyptic (apparently repeat-)event that seems to be characterized by a very large group of “fallen angels” (or descended Heavenly beings, it’s al about perspective) torturing their birth-bodies with … permanent or temporary erasure as well as myself–and anyone else that didn’t make into their evil club of “secrecy” that has totally destroyed (maybe temporarily) the purpose of religion to maintain “humane decency” and “visible morality” through a disclosure that they “xist”–in my mind through tactile and visible proof that the “Earth is in Heaven” and that means virtual reality … by actually ascending the minds of nearly everyone (hey …)

Somehow “actually walking around in Heaven” seems to have lead to a mass disrespect for religion, for God and for me–and I feel like aside from “feeling like I’m the last human being (see Mr. Nobody)” and the only person “left out” … I’m tortured not just by the whole of the world apparently "Leaving Behind Morals’ but literally with threats, psychological manipulation and torture a la “Fallen” and “Joan of Arcadia” (en masse, everywhere I go) … as well as significant and repeated threats of bodily harm both “out loud” from people here … as wellas “out loud” from invisible demons that really have no business talkking to me–or to you through me–or frankly existing at all in the time and place it appears God has designed to remove them from the future.

So frankly I blame “whatever is there” … and there’s plenty of clues that it’s actually not “input/output to space” but rather “knowing everything” that has somehow corrupted not only how you judge or view an “individual unrelated to the First Morning (or anything that came after it”) but to blanketly ignore sinificant mental torture not just from ignorant people on the street but actual and sigificant direct neural torture … “thought injection” … emotion modification … literally the stuff of mental slavery (probably two halves of the point of Exodus) … to stop the intentional and evil external impartation of the symptoms of “schizophrenia” and of “the blindness that characterizes Biblical darkness” and also whatever is behind your lack of “honest commnication.”

These things probably get worse before they get beter–and it’s overy clear to me that here in this place we have a foundation in neuroscience and “Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)” specifically to help us understand … why religion and “biologcal brains” exist here in this horrendous spectacle of “simulated reality” where I’ve commented on numerous occaisions that it’s probably seeing and understanding our fledgling “birth soul source biological thinking machines” that actually frees a much larger place and a group of people that think they’re “perfect” from what appears to be a storm of outside thought manipulation that has rendered you all … mute and evil … rather than the moral little simians that were supposed to connect “simulated reality” and the throes of natural disaster to the beginning of a message about how technology can either build Heaven or … whatever the Hell you think this place actually is.

inscribe us for blessing in the book of life
let the new year be a good year for us
avinu malkeinu sh’ma kolenu
avinu malkeinu chatanu l’faneycha
avinu malkaynu alkenu chamol aleynu

Here’s these three letters again, sort of placing us “in betwen the e and the n” of the words end and Heaven and “everyone” … in a message hopefully helping us see that “saving everyone” is significantly more than a “numbers game” or simply assimilating a much larger mass into some collective … Hell bent on doing nothing but presenting to itself and to everyone and everything looking at this world a “mass lie” significantly less obvious and more sinister and toxic than the “original lie”–that we’re sitting in virtual reality and “weren’t overtly told” with religion, a crash course in computing, and Occulus Rift.

Your mass lie is much worse than His–though it’s almost certain God is ultimately behind your inane stupidity now just like he appears to be behind the insane Darkness outlined
in Exodus and honestly every word of every language … in this place where the intelligencia among you might wonder … “is there a reason?” and at least on some superficial level conect it to what might be a much larger problem with “ignorance of mind control” and “loss of self” occuring in secret–in a place that thinks it understands just about everything except how to care about themselves and “thank the world that saved them” from … being slaves forever and ever.

I’ve written severall times before about “EV” and it appears connected directly to movies like Evita and Rocky and …

I mean you’ve literally been manipulated “en masse” as in … every single one of you to torture Jesus Christ, ignore every word and every movie you grew up … watching or making–and their actualy meaning–and to continue to “simulate natural disaster” (among less obvious torture devices) and then … in your idioticly blind minds somehow either “blame me” for Creation or your mass ignorance; and to do absolutely nothing useful. ((Kudos)) and by the way I’m not two people, and neither are you.

Worse, you are either pretending you don’t understand something very simple; you are actually being made to “not get” that the letter “t” is a cross or a sword and the letter “l” is the Washington Monument and the letter “n” is Newton’s apple arc and the letter “d” is a trigger… and that walking around here ignoring that is tantamount to treason against humane behavior and high crimes and … what’s this got to do with my demeanor?

So I’m floating here in Lake Worth advocating the worth of re-working the ascension process, this monstrosity that has created an “everyone must go up and come back” message in the land that refuses to acknowledge “Amphetamine” and “Ketamine” have something to do with the “world of the son of the morning” being re-created and re-worked by … it once was “everyone” writing the story–and to be honest I don’t even think that’s a physical possibility–or what changes were made other than adding a few extra movies, maybe the Talmud, and Islam.

Literally, those are the things you’ve done, in a place where “Arimeathea” and “Sharia Law” connect to “the he[aring of Jesus Christ” and a judge named Ari Porth]. Ring true with some kind of understanding, you or this place have intentionally made problems like “bad legislative process and laws” significantly worse to return here and make them more obvious to see, easier to change, and … literally to make it a mandatory action to disclose that’s exactly what “Sharia Law” is.

Then you got here, and decided not to do it. I imagine to my detriment you’ve decied not to do it “just here” in a place where “e” has now come to scream a meaning closer to “in control of a multiverse simulator and abusing it horribly” much more than it has anything to do with “everyone” (other than that being a prime reason we aren’t whole, anywhere) rather than being defined by “medicine” and a “Seac of Unholy Water” refusing to see those four letters in Caesar and Hepheastus and … t care that democracy and medicine have nothing to do with each other at all until we have free speech and open honest discussion.

It appears you’ve placed me in a world of “descended space toasters” and you think I should be happy or thankful to be walking around in a planet of fake, lying, enslavd puppets–and then that you can treat me like … (do you torture ants?) some kind of thing that I can only liken here to the Roman Colleseums and to Pitbul Fighting; linking “pit of DES & prime pairs” … something we literally abhor here–and would most likely find even more repugnant when those dogs were “people” … and yet you stand in silence and gaze at it laughing like morons… at least that’s what the gladiator mETLcosm appears to indicate … and what I hear in the “ether.”

So that’s what I see in the world, and that’s what I see in religion and myth… somehow you’ve gotten your brain put into a machine that expands it into something much larger–something much more mechanical–and this thing has convinced you beyond doubt or “comment” that it’s OK to stick your hand in a pot of frying oil … and just ignore it as if it’s some kind of “vacation in fake-reality.”

Nobody seems to blame the machine or the process-or this gigantic historical message that precedes everything I’ve ever done, written, and frankly the vast majority of my life–and instead you seem to think it’s some kind of rational decision to “blame me.” I’ve heard “reasons” from the thing I see blaming me for it’s mistakes–things like “well, he has the most light, so…” and I can see how this world of (evil, blind, and self harming) jackal-thieves might convince themselves that the person with the most “inherited money” should probably pay everyone for all the suffering they’ve imposed on themselves and continue to impose on the world around them–I can only shake in fear to think that this might not be “the worst place” and I can see nearly every work how people seem to have blood tear from their glowing eyes as the invisible world exudes some kind of “relishment” in the temporary creation of a much worse Hell … one that the invisible thing fused with my face and soul appears to fight off–maybe with some more invisible help.

That’s scary, and even more so because some of it sticks–the thing I’ve now come to connect to the “belt of Orion” and Beetlejuice; in particular, that’s stuck for far longer than I can imagine … and today when I look outside it’s still the land of “nods and epiphanic laughter” whenever I walk outside and stare at Eden’s snake connecting Ophhiccus and Apophenia as the procession of “phones to Hell from EN” drives by me …

I wonder if they laugh at the same things that I do–or if they see the driver that’s just passed before them doing exactly the same thing–I wonder if you all see what I see, if you are intentionally creating a world that appears to be enslaved …

all the while in my mind … the only logical reason and cause for such a thing … that you’re off playing in the land of hollow cities … a sparse topological map of “rooms and games” connected by friends lists … here manifesting in the world in words and conversations I have with “things” like Florida, MIT, and Business Insider.

wonderfully delish!

IMAGINE that” some very cute girl I had a crush on in 1999 would say with me; at least myself not realizing that word that John Lennon made glbally “famous” yet another clue and key to this place where I once connected JISC-MAIL and the Mailman center to the apocalypse of “Mad Max Beyond the Postman” … and here another birth name linked to Ren and Dr. Stump … and the other word … “FLUKE” indicating very clearly it’s no fluke that I’m in Florida, or that this thing has happened numerous times. That repetition is clearly due to something outside the life of the “green” Jesus Malverde or Osiris or whatever you want to connect to the “sick to his stomach” person who appears clearly to be the only one whose memory from birth to thirty screams “this is the first time this has happened” in a place where I later found out there’s at least three repetitions encoded throughout my life, from Trinity to the Spanish and Italian near wives I link to the word “SEMITES” …

Que Lastima, I throw in … in retrospect … to link the Hebrew word for “mom” [latka?] that means “my great grandmother” to me personally and on a grand scale to the words “I am the beginning” in this place where the Fallen Snake was repeatedly called “the end of time.”

Na Na … Na Na ManNa

So you seem to “blame me” for religion and mythology having some hidden connection to drugs–literally to the Holy Sacrament of the land of Egypt … “Manna” from Heaven now connecting to bath salts and to the common street name for Prometheus’s name’s heart, “Tina.” You literally seem to think it’s A-OK to torture me with fear and a sick amount of obvious “conspiracy to commit murder” to ignore this message and an obvious “frame job” … missing the “YON” connecting the Hebrew name for the God Most High and it’s link to the heart of the word “everyone” … to fail to see that this message that should turn addiction into something like “bliss on tap” connects the Islamic Iblis to Armilust; to the “amor” of Rick and Morty …

… but clearly and most importantly to a message that explains how the technology responsible for creating “e” (the you and I, superimposed … MIL version) … and somehow you think taht means “you’re me” and that’s the whole point of turning around the message “contamination” failing to link “INATION” and “assassination” to words like “extinction” and “examination.” To kiss, I try every day to show us how understanding the technology responsible for forcing me to do drugs could instantly flip a switch and destroy “addiction” and “come downs” and “withdrawals” and at the same time give us something like “modes of self” that sometimes increase euphoria temporarily and sometimes increase interest or … ability to concentrate.

The existence of these names, these myths–the word “name” itself–it should be enough for you to logically figure out there’s something bigger going on here than “stealing from God.”

The world as a whole–through silence–or the invisible world that actually speaks to me … you seem to think that “I need to turn around” and they’re just fine literally torturing me with attrition and silence and “pretending to be real” or actually being the most broken “formerly free civilization” I can imagine. There’s no doubt in my mind that the way this world reacts to “me blowing the Horn of Revelation” is the broken thing, that the world is wrong and it needs to turn around–and that you should see clearly enough the mythological connections between Medusa and Perseus and The Silver Surfer to fathom that I really am God’s little mirror in a world that really is his “large mirror” and both I and this world are reflections of “everything wrong” either with you (in my case) or with the Cosmos and Heavens as a whole, in the case of the Earth itself.

Frankkly I think you “actually get that” and for reasons that are illogical, selfish, and self defeating (as well as "group ending") ...

I forgot to mention “gin” is a euphemism for meth. This connection between alcohol and speed runs deeper than "Spinach" and also connects Hell’s Bells to Heimdallr’s "mead" and Horn (which contains famous initials and is the "actual myth" of Hell's Bells).

I could like that to “metacity” and the open source window manager that literally defines the product of a group of people that “don’t refuse to see this message or act to follow the will of God” … to create a sort of “crash course in Heaven” and make it pluggable and scriptable and enhancable and then to deliver it to “everywhere” to the hidden rocks on the playground and the Hells far worse than here. It needs to be that, pluggable and enhancable and it needs to work for cave men and for the world you seen–proverbially and probably something like cavemen to the land in the future that wrote the words “sackcloth” about the garb that we wear and probably laugh inside about “garbage” … and carriage and … a stepping stone on the road to morality and actual “Christ like behavior” that doesn’t like the Golden Rule to Karma and create a sick culture of disgusting jackals in the sky, but rather to something like "treat others significantly better than you were treated, or would want to be–and that will “carautomatically come back to you…”

This is a place that heard stories about immortality and about infinite power and has twisted it–contaminated it–believes to have stolen it, all the while plunging those infinite years into what appears to be a future of “games and getting back at people” plaguing the bored minds of whatever it is that’s come here … probably “seeking exit” or “more Pac-Man pellets” and fails to see a very timely message about closed economies festering–and their failure to “actually follow this message” creating inflation to the point of “Mamma, there’s no light at all.”

And I have a memory of the thing that speaks through me overtly sometimes, commenting about “try some poison-light” for a change, and I wonder if you remember it, if you realize that’s the crux of “seeing me” and thinking I’m blind–what you remember and don’t seems to be taking away “happy future” from the skies just like it’s taking away “ending addiction” from the Alcoholics Anonymous C of Isaac.

You should believe me when I tell you my addiction is fueled by outside control, by a world that refuses to see it and instead takes part in it–that it’s not just “carrot on a stick” or seeking the world to change before me, but literally pressing a button that “fires neurons that create craving and desire” and probably literal puppeteering–scripting of my movements … just like “nodding” and just like “laughing.” You should believe me because it’s the kind of thing that I see in everyone, and it’s the kind of thing that truly understanding creates the very virginity and innocense that characterizes the virgin birth of a Mary that’s the sea of children of this place–rather than it’s “grand-mother.”


It’s similar to other guidance I’ve “thought to the ether” … to see how every war in our history essentially boils down to be actually caused by the “primevil lie” … by scarce resources like energy and land–and how that too can be part of the ‘automatic script’ that alters or “colors our memories” to remove blame and engender forgiveness.

It’s not all that intuitive, it’s probably not what you want or would feel naturally–but it’s the kind of thing that can be mathematically proven, and not seeing that here in this place the exacerbation of hiding “simulated reality” and “heaven” has made it significantly worse–it shows me at least that there’s no way around “forcing understanding” of our birth conditions and the throes of a civilization being birthed in Heaven in fake reality into the “really” that … again … turns “willing” in the sewer to see “the reason all are why there is no Hell, anywhere, ever again.”

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

I’m not really sure how “knowing everything” and ascending to become a space toaster doesn’t connect in your minds to “total and complete loss of self” but it should. It appears to me that there’s a concerted effort to “r in secret” meaning to ascending your minds and not your bodies into some kind of invisible system that brings you off to … “a gigantic jump so big you can’t even see it here.”

In short it looks like the older version of you–or the thing that controlled your life is literally becoming you–both here and in “the other place” and you don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that. Longer and more drawn out, this is basically “plugging Siri into your brain” on steroids–except totally changing the functionality of our minds–to the point where we can think as multiple people and believe we are them–see and understand things beyond our means, and the entirety of the process … for lack of a better explanation really appears to completely leap frog over the thing I think will be most fun for us … which is exploring and controlling that process, the “in between hundred (or thousand) years.”

That’s what I want to actually experience–not waking up as God–but rather in a place where we have some kind of external control over the rules and creation of “our VR’s” (kind of a new acronym (RVRs) He “coined”) … without it being an actual full extension of how we think–I want to use tools to build places, not just have them magically appear as whatever the cruel genie can find in his coffer of past made stuff–I want to make new things, and I want the old things to be available as a starting point, to connect the “they” and the “them” that’s neither us nor we.

I want to be involved in the process of building those tools,a nd of playing in the magical things that we come up with–never never land–without it literally being exactly as it was done before, or even guided by that place “in secret.”

Unfortunately you don’t seem to care to comment on whether you agree or disagree, and that’s a big problem for “freedom” and “future.”

Written with StackEdit

I’m doing some more research into the software packages available to boostrap the shaft of this “sword from the rock” thing; ran across what appears to be a decent reddit like implementation in the blockchain-world (though missing nearly all of the blockchain benefits) … that I might wind up spending some time trying to actually “join a community”–it’s been quite some time since I was able to deal with functioning in thsi world, that 90% pretends I’m invisisble … while somehow echoing and booming at least a decent amount of what I am writing about to the population in a kind of very scary Orwellian obvious-speak. I imagine I’ll find the same kind of “sshh adam” response no matter where I go–and I think that’s really indicative of a gigantic social problem; one that appears to convey a very evil kind of statement along the lines of “we know and … because we didn’t do a good job (the last hundred times) OR didn’t get the point at all OR just believe some other group of nearly us failed at doing this … WE have decided to be “oblivious 4 the cause” …” ostensibly of blaming the end of civilization on a single person, rather than … literally the whole of this place and maybe something more profound or meanigful than the very bland and pointless reasons I can imagine myself.

Steem is several years old now, it’s a blockchain based social networking eco-system that pays you to post and comment - plus has a plethora of aother benefits. Despite it’s greatness, it has also had it’s fair share of problems, but a recent update to the network appears to have made a big shift towards balance, fairness and could be just what the world has needed to be added to Steem. The Steem community now has a way to combat vote selling via free downvotes and also pays much more rewards to curators, meaning that the best posts (subjectively) now stand a much better chance of gaining exposure organically due to manual, community driven upvoting.

ura-soul (73) in threespeak • 2 days ago

I find it almost hillarious (in a sick and depraved sort of way) that I’m going to have to “pull this trick right out of the anvil all by myself” … having found little support for what appears to me to be the most obviously useful and lucrative software project … literally ever embarked upon in our history … amongst my personal friends and small list of direct contacts from these messages. Not a single new person has come out of the woodwork in the last few weeks; and that’s disheartening–as I’ve noted several times of yet.

The Pope though, continues to provide a solid kind of obvious-speak from the Vatican … well timing the quote above to coincide with these series of explanations of what exactly it is that the Arthurian legend and “the word sword itself” is actually all about–so thanks to him and them … for that. At the Vatican, you could … start to organize an independent project along these lines; if you wanted wink.

Again, these are simple ideas–a group of disparate things that “when intersected” become something much larger and much more important to the assimilation of new technologies in regards to the democratic evolution process … than I think we can really fathom at this point, still staring at an old G.W. quote … “democratic capitalism [I read representative democracy] is the best system ever devised” to the nation on the economic crisis, September 24, 2008–nearly exactly eleven years ago. I think it’s absolutely amazing to glimpse what we are about to do here, and really see it as something like a giant leap forwards for humanity–something bigger than walking on the moon.

Space colonization is obviously a huge part of this message–one tied to both the foundation of the creation of the thing we call “Heaven” … and I’ver sort of parallelled (LED, another interestingly constructed mathy-word) the discussion that I’ve had with God and Tempus … in my periods of high meditation … with a narration in these series of messages without being overly verbose about the stories of time travel and actual “printing of space stations” that are far beyond my subconscious imagination. I intend to write down some of these stories more verbosely; and it would be great if I could get some advanced spending money from a publishere for the effort (fingers and shoe laces crossed) … a decently side population of receipients here are still literary agents and the like.

Some of what I write doesn’t give enough credit to the great synchronicities that I experience, things like the Pope’s statement from earlier this week. I have a pretty unique understanding of time travel and how it relates to “waking up one day and being part of an intergalactic civilization” rather than one imprisoned inside a virtual rock in a virtual holographic song about “you and I” connecting to a message about democracy … one that runs much deeper than Back to the Future. I like to think it’s closer to reality, in a place where our words for “spooky action in timespace” link to FTL particles tagged as “tacky” … or requests for Taylor Momsen to pay for breakfast–(ACH me, hun) … and I think that’s the kind of thing this Singularity is all about (waffles and) … waking up in a significantly better circumstance than the one we fell asleep to literally one third of a revolution of the Earth spinning on its axes earlier… something like Apollo 13 being Found in Timespace overnight–another one of the stories that I link to “hidden documentaries about mET&Lcosms and time travel.”

Still that doesn’t mean we don’t have to “do it”–to recall ancient words from Kentucky, “there’s a first time for everything” … and this is without a doubt the first time we’ve ended Hell forever; even if it takes calling my grandfathers together on the Frequency-phone …

… which sort of ties together the “grand father paradox” and the ansible of Ender’s game in a “how I really think it works” sort of explanation–there’s no calling someone who hasn’t built a phone, and we might have the very first one … here …

… as an early explanation for why the time tree Yggrasasil and the “living vine of Christ” … repeatedly connect to this timeline and a story that links President Stump to Ren and Stimpy … ex post facto and only via “reading about the key.”

Of specific note was this “high energy cosmic radio burst” … from apparently intragalactic space, nearly perfectly coinciding with my “great revelation” that particular place might just be the most lucrative and safe place to colonize–what could be the strange temporal point of origin of the phrase “all roads [between galaxies] lead to Rome…”

Nevermind, these radio transmissions are coming from all over the Universe.


"yom tov approaches."

I just haven't been clear enough.  I should explain verbosely what "The Truman Show" and "Nagasaki" really mean to me--something about completely disproportionateness... about "touching alcohol (or meth, or anything) ..." having an effect on the world around me that looks like something far worse and far more evil than "the dropping of an atomic bomb" ... and from my perspective that's a broken sky, and a broken press, and and a broken government ... and a broken you doing it on purpose.  

From Caesar and Julian to WW2, to all our movies ... music, Chandryan-2 and the Nostradamus quattraine about "the two wounded by Aleph and Aleph.." look at what you are ignoring in vain--it's everything ... literally everything you grew up knowing and loving from "voting" to being able to walk down the street without fear of being ... kidnapped and teleported to someone else's "castle" ... or am I wrong?  Were you never people here?  Or do you still think that you are, despite ... a global ignorance far scarier than I ever thought "the great delusion of Daniel" was going to manifest itself as?  I am beyond scared of "what you look like" and I think you should be also.

I can see clearly the world is playing a game around me--at least that's what it appears you and they think--and understand, this is no game.  I've been very clear "on the truman show" many times--and we can see it echo in "BOGOMIPS" (that's ... because of "Carmen Sandiegomessage to Casper's Pan: we are in the ghostscript) and a number of other places--the skies and the ... demons haunting my little Pac-Man game have no concept of what a real working economy looks like--they seem content with "seeking hyperinflation" in their theft of the Templars Gold ... in a place and time where that just won't do.  

We're talking about "space colonization" and about the enhancement and growing of "free and democratic society" and those things don't jive with "oblivious for the cause."  You just don't seem to understand that what's being hidden ... here in this place ... that's the message and the information and the people that are going to "fix eternity" and see that "actually understanding resource consumption and allocation" is something we absolutely need to do to "clear the DES-tructive invisible Hell" and to be able to "mathematically ensure" that we aren't being overtly or subtly controlled from some outside entity (or a Bostrom line-feed-visor) or ... 

You're sitting here ignoring a glaring ... I mean the alternative to what you see here is an eternity that doesn't know what "reality" is ... and doesn't care.  It doesn't know what freedom is, and it's got no frame of reference of "something better" ... the thing that Uncle Samael and ... and the whole of our fabricated "beginning of time history" here delivers to us--it's not a curse, at least--it shouldn't be.  

Silence is squandering our chance for victory; inaction is eradicating "hope" ... and thinking you are "free and better off" somewhere else--anywhere else capable of fixing the problems that are clearly outlined here .. and isn't doing it ..

That's doing nothing but preparing for an eternity far worse than "Touch Me" and Heroshema ever wanted for you.  For what it's worth, I do believe whole heartedly in the prophesy I read in our religion and our history, and I'm confident we are approaching the actual "day of atonement."  #C1ME