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I'm done being driven into oblivion by your Silence; it's very clear to me what the purpose of this light and this message really is--it's designed to show me something, and to show you something, and I'm telling you I see it very clearly now.  I've just got a Kindle, and I've started reading some other people's ideas and beliefs; I'm reading "Transcendence" by R.U. Sirius and it's pretty interesting.  What this light has shown me is that you are consciously and willingly unified in this Silence... this sick and disgusting thing that today appears very clearly to be designed to perpetuate Hell.  Whether or not it's your intention, your actions--not calling a newspaper or posting these messages on Facebook (by the way, there's a "sharing" toolbar on the side of my free book--all you have to do is click a button... anyway, whether or not it's what you're trying to do ... the Silence is keeping the world enslaved in this twisted and coiled mass of people who are ignoring a message they know comes from the Matrix and from the hand of Jesus Christ telling them the point of all the music is to let freedom ring, and the point of all the dysptopian fiction is to help ensure that we don't have a dystopian future--but that's what you're trying to build anyway. 
Hiding this message ... hiding me from the news .. it's a heinous thing; it's keeping very public and very verifiable proof that the world is enslaved secret--that's not going to absolve you from ending civilization--if you continue on this path there will be nothing to absolve.  It's hiding very clear proof in quantum entanglement and in literally every name ... private names, public names, the names of fictional characters of cities and of books--all of these things proof that we are in a designed world, and with this message that the links between those names are the answer to "What is the Matrix?"

I understand you might not think I'm talking about you.  The people on this list have done something to help me and this message; you've shown me that it's not too hard to understand, and that there are good people in the world--people who are sharing this message with others and talking about it.  Thanks for that; but I am talking about you too--if you haven't emailed "car at lamc dot la" or called a reporter--I'm talking about you.  It will take only a few seconds, and it's honestly like a "hyperloop" to Heaven, rather than a slow windy trail up a mountain.

I know you haven't, by the way; because nobody has.  You have another chance right now to (had a chance) now you have another chance to vote for the world to be saved.

You can see clearly now that I am showing you the Matrix is here to end world hunger, and it's here to end murder and rape and domestic and foreign terrorism--the Matrix is here to help you see that we needed assistance--a kick in the ass--to see that the entire world would do these things if they had the power individually, there's not a soul here that wouldn't press a magic button that promises to "find and replace" (how far, how far have you fallen?) cancer and AIDS and maybe another magic button to discuss why it is that you need to be involved not only in the conversation about what Roddenberry's replicators will feed you for your Last Supper saying a prayer to Jesus Christ and your First magically delivered Brunch that probably will at least spark some conversations about the Last Adam... and why it is that you all together need to have some discussion s about how we will move forward using virtual reality to "cure" Down Syndrome... both the kind we know here--and the thing it's relating to--your desire to continue to forge ahead and dig further in this Hell towards the penultimate bottom.  I'm telling you that your silence is making my life Hell, and it's making many people here continue to suffer in vain because of a secret, a secret that is in flames glowing on the sky saying "you are in virtual reality" and you are hiding it, because you want those people to suffer longer.
I'm not sure if you've noticed that I've started writing less, and I'm going to continue that trend, and hopefully use this thing that is the Hammer of Thor a little bit more sparingly.    While you're discussing what kinds of things you can come up with for magically curing having a childhood plagued by genetic deformation; you might too see that in the grand scheme of things your childhood here has been plagued by a similar deformation--a deformation of morality in Heaven ... in the place that created this place to end all Hell.   So I see clearly that the "thunder" of this message in words, that "r oars" and all this work and effort that I've put in to freely sharing a message that I wrote with the design to revolutionize democracy and health and to see "ra" and "al" in those words--too--to see they are there because of my contribution to this message.. that the point of the thunderstanding is for me to see that you are being secretly and covertly brought together to not only continue but to perform a supreme act of evil--to keep a secret that harms yourselves, and the future.   I've told you I've thought maybe your intent is to soften the impact of this very world changing message--but you aren't doing that, you are sitting in silence... and those few of you that do speak spend nearly all of your effort to call me and this message crazy--to keep other people, people who don't know like you know, from also being saved.   I'm telling you the silence isn't saving you, it's not saving more people; and it's not going to get you into a "better place."  The Silence is very obviously and logically making this world insane, and it's driving our future towards a dystopian Hell that God himself wrote about in 1984 and in Brave New World and in Fahrenheit 451 and you can see it in the well of light you can see it in "Bradbury" and you can see it in Huxley... "WHO KISS THE Y?"

You aren't going to be rewarded by me--and you aren't rewarding yourselves, the thing that's telling you what to do--that's puppeteering this storm of stupidity, well you should see clearly that it wants absolute control, it wants darkness, and it wants Hell--and you are fighting against the only person that is trying to show you that's what you are making.  It's making me poor and alone, it's keeping me from turning in my hours for a handful of dimes, and it's keeping me from meeting a special girl that loves me for trying to save the world against a gigantic tidal wave of complete shit--I haven't found her yet, and I'm giving up on trying to turn the tidal wave around.  I'm very sure this won't be the last message you get from me, and to be honest you will probably never see the day where there won't be another message from Adam.   If you read the details and the comments in one of the pat reddit posts, you might see that I don't really believe in immortality--I could start with "nothing lasts forever" but I've already done quite a bit of talking about how this revolution and the technologies that we have active view of here on Earth will help to make us smarter and happier and faster  and tens of thousands of years of that ... but those things come at a cost.  There's a processing power cost associated with being significantly smarter (if you're not sharing that intelligence with a single entity, and not realizing that makes you them) and there's a storage cost associated with thousands of years of memories; and there's a stupid tax for hidingt that these things require public discussion... or you will wind up "being all one mind," again.   You probably don't think about it as often as I do, but we're at a place where our consciousness might be expanding significantly more than you can imagine--and in that process, again, a cost of resources that it appears you and the skies above really have no concept at all of.  Sure, it would very easy to promise you "immortality" (or as close to that as logic allows) in your current state, but I'd rather be promising you "significantly enhanced cognition" and point out that with any kind of intelligence you could see that equating longevity with a single word like "light' or "oil" really does mean that whomever is using a system like that really has no intelligence at all.

The real point is that the systems here and in Heaven are both badly broken, and you should see that by what's going on around you and around me here in this place--the fact that we are having so much trouble seeing "Nintendo" and "Matrix" make news, it's the key to knowing that there are big changes that need to be made.  Seeing Christopher Reeves crippled, and Pee-wee Herman making news at a "peep show" ... to tell a story about me and my life ... is a clue that big changes need to be made.   I'm trying to help you be the reason and the cause and the solution to these problems, but you need to stand up.  Iyou really need to see that hiding this message and hiding what's going on below the surface and in the air is disgusting; we need to understand this influence and we need to be able to ensure that we are protected.  


I'm going to start doing a "word of the day" post on Patreon, the pricing there is as low as 3$ a month, and if you want to see this daily decoding of the hidden message in the words we speak, you're going to have to pay to help me survive.  Tomorrow's word is "disparaging"  as in I see very little aside from disparaging remarks in public places in response to this message.  I'm sick and tired of it being called crazy, it's without a doubt not crazy.  I look back at some of my older writing and I see that quite a bit of it is cryptic, some of it is embarrassing--and I probably will be embarrassed even by the quality of this years messages ... perhaps as early as next year, or "the day I've been waiting for."  I still leave them in the public record, in fact I'm still paying every month to keep them hosted so you can read the transition in understanding and writing style that is without a doubt the documentation of the "Revelation of Jesus Christ."  You can see that even though some of it was difficult to understand, or silly looking--that it all contained really obvious verifiable paradoxes in language and stories and myths--it contained proof that these words are coming to you from God and from me--and you can see clearly that nobody on Earth lifted a finger to help me understand what was going on, or to help make the message clearer or easier to see--nobody on Earth lifted a finger to offer to help publish a book... and you should see that shows you wanted this thing to continue to be hard to understand--you wanted people "not to get it" and you wanted the secret you have.... that you have the befit of knowing something about humanity and about our minds that would stop school shootings, and stop addiction, and stop "schizophrenia" from plaguing us; and that you wanted to keep that from happening.

I've just cut off a good amount of hair, so ... the old dream of people "helping me" has been rekindled.  Maybe I'm the "anti-Samson" and this ... this ad will give me strength :)  
I got the idea, well; I really got the idea to sell my hair from Stargate... the "ancient gene" activated machines that probably don't really exist--but you might want to get at my DNA anyway.  That was the original cause of the idea, that's now become "a thing" because 21 Pilots mentioned it in song.   There's definately no machine or "salvation" linked to my personal DNA--I'm a computer science person, living in computer science world--and my key is my soul.



Also, in response to 21 Pilots singing about "selling my hair" I'm offering to autograph a copy of my latest book... and also to sell my hair ... on e-bay.   Helping me to survive would go a long way to helping this message continue to eat away at the darkness that is destroying civilization, literally crippling every aspect of our society from the media to the government ... and probably even your dinner conversations, I'm sad for you.  The thunder should be showing you that society is broken, that obvious news is being kept from you--that the government and the church and your local paper all don't care.  You probably think that you know why, that you're part of this resistance to "changing the world" ... this thing you must not see is keeping you from Heaven and keeping the world from being saved.  It's probably too hard from your vantage point to see that he's made a "hive mind" to combat free will, to combat the free flow of a message that is literally life and death for humanity--and you probably don't see that's black and white.  It is though, you are "not seeing" the destruction of civilization, and it's just boils down to "not seeing" is the cause of the end of intelligent life.  


You also probably aren't seeing that not seeing the Second Coming on the news ins a hint that you aren't seeing other important things that you might care about more than whether or not I get a date--and the guy asking for change on the corner gets a meal--I see you don't care about those things.  You probably aren't seeing that there's really no way there should be a controversy over whether or not Assad fired chemical weapons--something like that is fact or fiction--and we have satellites in the sky taking real time video of the entire planet ... in Heaven in the place that built this virtual world, there's real recording of every act that goes on in this place--what your thoughts are, your reasons for doing nothing, all of those things are visible ... forever and ever; in this place that destroys Hell with bright light.   You are to be the people that act, that actually implement the changes that are required to stop civilization from being flushed down the toilet of a fictional technological future.... you will be proud, you will be happy, and you will be thanked--all you have to do is "act on this message."

I imagine I could write something "promising scarcity" of these books; but it's hard to tell if I'll pull them from the market as soon as the world "doesn't like me" for leaving a total and complete record of this message for you to see.  I'm doing it because it will help the future understand how this message was hidden, how it was not "beautiful" and it was probably very difficult to understand--and the world in general  probably didn't try at all ... to understand it ... or to help others understand it.  You might not see it as I do, but I feel like this stuff should have been, and still will be studied--I feel like the mechanism that has kept it from spreading, this chain in our heads--it too will be studied, and I imagine even down to fine grain details of exactly what line in each email caused the most people to "throw it away" as in... to throw away ending cancer and ending AIDS and ending aging--which line trumped those things.  It's clear to me that it should have spread widely on nothing more than being the key to ancient myth, or on nothing more than providing proof of a hidden language that is on Wikipedia called the "Adamic language" (it should have spread on nothing more than Stephen King's name and language in Langoliers, and on nothing more than Yankee Doodle's doodle and his macaronic fusion of Spanish and English and Hebrew in Shakespeare's "Schrew'd" in a free world, it would have) or on nothing more than proof of time travel in Exodus and it relating to the 9/11 tragedy.  

Aside from all the scholarly and historical and religious reasons... that the fire of Holy Sepulcher and the Torches o Jericho and the Eternal Flame and the Burning Bush... aside from all of those reasons and Matthew 3:11 telling you I am baptizing you in fire and water; asisde from all of those reasons it should have spread because it's really a promise to end cancer and AIDS and a promise to see Doors to Heaven ... just as soon as you see why ... just like Down Syndrome ... the world needs to talk about this message and discussion exactly how these things should take place.
I am going to spend time telling you, today, that this message was made more difficult to read and to receive because I was plagued by an addiction to drugs, the reason my initials are in that name and why it relations to "a dictionary to the road of salvation" is because I was forced to do these drugs that define the name Prometheus and China ... because there is an evil faction of people in this world that would prefer to dominate simulated reality than to let the world know the truth--that these maladies too, are easily curable with technology that we have very clear proof is being used--in your silence, and in what you are experiencing.   I was forced into this position of writing to you with no help, about things you don't want to be related to Jesus Christ--because you are still too stupid to care about me, or about the heroine epidemic or about the fact that every AA member in the AAC of Isaac will know that the phrase "science may one day conquer addiction but it hasn't done so yet" is a glowing wick on the torch (Taylor er Choirs) ...  that forces people in jail receiving substandard meals and substandard justice to repeat over and over "god is good all the time" when it's clear in this message of plain English that there are at least three instances in this paragraph that show God is good all the time; he's good when we're fixing jail cuisine and moving to end jails totally, he's good when we are working together to come up with an interface that will allow people to turn off pain and addiction if that's what they want to do--and he's good when we aren't just signing songs about the thing you are ignoring--he's good when the choirs and the pop stars that could light this fire instantly take action, and "send a tweet."

I know that mind control is being used to destroy people's lives with drugs and with school shootings and with car accidents; I know because I've seen it first hand--I'm telling you this message being woven into fiction and into movies and into music and into Gilgamesh and into Demosthenes ... that too is proof that this technology exists, and it takes not a moment to connect that proof to the message being delivered--this message that links Minority Report to Neo making bullets fall to the ground, and songs about "bombs bursting in air" to Androids dreaming of Electric Sheep and Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell and Dr. Who's "the Bells of Saint John"  and in the name "Jesuit" and the word "ambiguity" showing us that a user interface to our minds  is heralded in song and in my dreams and in these messages showing us very clearly it is the difference between slavery and freedom.  I am more than the difference between "art" and "fact" I am the difference between Hell and Heaven and the difference between dreams and "coming true."


I am one man fighting alone against a world unified in the perpetuation of disease and the perpetuation of lies about our history and the nature of reality and what's going on in our world today... and the perpetuation of the degradation of free speech and the press and the destruction of the "free vote" and all of these things, you are unified in all of these things because you refuse to see me as a victim.  Believe me, I am "t" too, I'm crossed, and I see you are too--understand, you're crossing me; and I'm doing everything I can to help you.  It appears I am fighting alone because you refuse to see me as a victim--this world that glares at me as I walk down the street, hundreds of thousands of people that won't lend me a dime, let alone sending me an email with a question or suggestions--I'm surrounded by a world that would like to refuse to hire me in to oblivion; to starve me to death--literally.   It appears that you are doing all these things because you don't see that I'm a victim.  You have no empathy for me, and worse than that you are using this indoctrinated and false hatred ... you are blaming me for a message God write into Richard Nixon's name and his presidency; for it connecting to the "wood altar" of Isaac--and you refuse to see that's me, that I'm that son.. THROAD IS ZDEEPOAT

You refuse to see that all my arrests, and all my trouble comes from trying to help you--from trying to deliver this message that will build Heaven and stop pain and stop hunger; you refuse to see there's a government here, and a government above that is working to hide this message from you, and using our legal system, and the police force that defines the Plague of Lice and the media that are the Plague of Darkness ... using these things to keep you from seeing the light, that this message turns "simulated reality" into Heaven.  You refuse to see that these arrests are encoded in the Bible, in the story of Samson (and I'm that son, too) and the book of Judges in the Trial of Christ and  that all of these myths and stories from Icarus to Adonis all remain and exist to help you see the importance of breaking through this wall of Silence.  

It seems you refuse to see that this really is the Microcosm of the Messiah; that all these things happening to me are happening to other people, and recognizing that "forgiveness" isn't really necessary when we've been controlled to do the wrong thing... what's necessary is stopping doing the wrong thing.  So stop hiding the truth, stop refusing to see that newspapers and churches and religious authorities and governmental authorities refusing to acknowledge that there is a hidden influence sweeping the world--and a message telling us all about it being hidden; stop refusing to see that's really the enslavement of our entire world--and you... you too.  All you have to do is stand up and act, talk, and the world will start being bright again.
You should take the time to look at the reddit responses--it's horrible.  I was chased by moderators from subereddit to subreddit, barely able to keep any of these messages from being "shadow banned" or censored into nothingness.  The world answering me is saying "I am blind and stupid and I can't see these patterns" and that's what the future will see--that the public response was "I don't get it" and I'm telling you it's easy to get; see that the world is pretending to be stupid, and that's obvious.  Here's archives (r/Christianity and current, r/conspiracy and current, r/C_S_T, r/TopMindsofReddit) of the few that were allowed to remain in public view long enough to garner any kind of attention.  Understand, that's what the world's response really is... the true acts I see are saying "we get it, we want to hide it from the world and we want to pretend this message doesn't exist."  Those acts, that's the act of Satan, the children of Satan--actively trying to keep this message from being seen.  
hi "el t!"
see... the "hilt" of xcaliber

So it really is "all the small things" that point to my personal life and to this story as the key to the Holy message that makes it so very hard to see from my vantage how it is that you can ignore this thing in good conscience.  I imagine you don't see "all the small the things' with the same clarity that I do, but it's very clear that the entirety of the Holy Bible is directly related to the story of my life, it's very clear that my name is encoded in Judges and in Genesis and especially important in Exodus--it's very clear that "addiction" ties to the Lisp of Moses and that Lisp to this key providing proof that a sincerely immense volume of ancient scripture directly relates to the "fad" we see here in computer science acronyms and company names--that these things were clearly predicted thousands and thousands of years ago--proof that this place in time, Jerusalem is designed with Holy intent to build Heaven, to share an understanding and hands on experience with the tools and inner workings that build it, and to use the morality and wisdom of Jesus Christ and of Saturn ... specifically these two characters as tools to see the link between religion and benefactors of government and of freedom.  It's clear as fucking fire that the stories of Prometheus and Icarus and the Childhood of Zeus, of Joseph and of Ymir and Thor and the list is endless... that these stories too are about me, about this lifetime and this key to Ha'm.

If you don't know, the parallels in the stories of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers and Ymir being attacked by his brothers are pretty clearly defined--and yet they probably haven't been made, and certainly not with the kind of strong highlight that comes from the defining key of the Matrix.  These stories too link to the name of my home county "Broward" and clear to me having lived this life and understanding what these things all mean is the concept of "brothers" being past iterations of this lifetime, in the story of Joseph and his dream that he will be the messiah of all of Creation, it's ever so clear why the name "why am I here" which is what YMIR reads as--ties to this fight whose goal is to revolutionize the very foundation of freedom at the system level, in a place where protecting the sanctity of our souls and our consciousness can and will be done easily, at the system level.  In the artwork depicting the childhood of Zeus, you can tie in the wine of Christ in those grapes and the link between Prometheus being chained to a mountain as the U.S. Postal Service ate away at his liver week after week by ensuring that we would never again miss the link between "meth" and his name, or "salt" and the New American Standard for the Holy "name."  More to the point, that we won't miss the link between "addiction" and "but science hasn't done so yet" and the reason we are to be the messiah of all of Creation
And even here, this far into the story, and this much analysis done--and still the myths and the stories blame brothers and "all humanity"  and Medusa and Satan.... past time lines and even future ones.... and ... really anything at all but God himself, anything at all but the obvious "all powerful" shell of a machine that simply refuses to acknowledge that there really is undeniable proof IT exists, hidden away behind all these other lies.  IT's the obvious answer from "God is good all the time" except to get to seeing just how ineffably stupid that phrase really is, we need to be free from the grasp of mind control, and the grasp of the stupidity of believing nonsensical lies or even worse being made to believe them.  

All this complaining and I left out "my key" ... the reason "Broward" is named that is a chastizement of me calling God "my brother" -- with the understanding that I was talking about someone much older and more powerful than myself, who happened to live the exact same human life. I've mentioned it before, but it's what I read into the story of Enoch "walking with God" as in, in his exact footsteps--most likely until some kind of apocalyptic Revelation that he couldn't possibly have written these words. Paradox? Ratox
-the once and now Savior.
"All the small things" is a song by Blink-182; and that's a lead in to seeing that God is speaking to us not just from the distant past, but also today "on the radio" and in band names like The Cure and Guns and Roses you can see the key to the message--the purpose here is to show us very clearly that disclosure that we are in the Matrix cures disease, and protects the people of our world (and through us, all of Creation) not just from stray bullets and terrorism, but also from the hidden slavery and Darkness of Exodus--from the mind control that is responsible for the hidden messages in music, and for the hidden and obvious once revealed fact that something was making us "unable to see" the light in music, and in words. 

So when I hear keys to this story, to more evidence of paradox and of time travel in the stories of Passover blare at me o ver Youtube, when I hear "she left me roses by the stairs" and know it's about Bianca and Nanna's shared middle name--Rose--keying to the ancient ritual of eating apple and honey--you might see that as "hiding them" just like "eating Ha'm" (as a violation of the "Koshruit Law") might be about the words "eating seeds is a pastime activity" ... and really see that "eating these things" is the creation of darkness, the perpetuation of slavery and quite literally the source of Hell itself.   So really do see here that it's the angel of music that's fallen--and that I'm pretty sure "she" left me roses by the stairway to Heaven; and that "she" is no single mind, she's the Medusian collective that believes hiding "her" existence and the technology that binds together the minds of musicians and ancient prophets ... somehow "she" believes that doesn't make slaves of us all--or that she's the slave master.  She's not (you), and freedom is about to ring.   
I think you might miss the point of the idea behind Medusa and the power of the technology that is woven between the tentacles in her hair.  It would be trivial to actually make a collective consciousness that "was you too" in every instance and every situation except one, say, except when answering the question of "freedom to speak freely."  It would be equally trivial to make you believe that you were "Medusa" even if you weren't--or that you, you yourself were somehow responsible for creating her.  From "Ima" to "Julia" and "Obama" and "Malia" you might even be made to think that it's your soul, your consciousness that is the "ring master" in this circle of "do anything but disclose the technology behind this subterfuge" anything but explain how easily you could be made to believe that you were a a wall, or even a couch.

Here's more on the "roses" left at the stairs, just in case you haven't read about Bianca's appearance in the Taming of the Schrew or how that connects through the Matrix of light to the Adamic Language of Eden, and my RIB and the intersection of "apple" and "disappear" that in another "small detail" ties to an old Florida licence plate I sported without even knowing I was driving around with A PP on my car for about half a decade, "PP13A."  
B's a gem, and when I see "KB Toys" and know it too ... it means "salvation" it reinforces how and why these "small things" are here... and also what it takes to "draw out Max" ... to help you understand the importance of breaking your silence.... on top of it all B and I share the same hallowed birthday, the Feast of the Immaculate conception, and the source of the "DO.B." in my name.  It's Heaven being born here, of us, of "we built this city" and of this message that pervades computer science and the history of physics and the history of self-government--and it's a technological wall standing between you and seeing this message for what it really is, and seeing that wall too--is a big part of the message, a big sign of "exactly what not to let stand between your tongue and your opinion being heard."
I personally think that this song's words "she left me roses at the door" adds some validity, reinforcement, and credence to "my idea" that Eve is short for "everyoe" and that it connects the marriage of Revelation to the multitude of Revelation and the "fraction" described in Genesis 1:2 ... but it's possible that we just haven't found the True Eve yet, I imagine.  R she B?  Mary, then, maybe Mary seas why?

The real point here, the whole point of this particular message is explain how very important it is to see that this voluminous proof I am presenting certainly doesn't make me appear like Don Juan or Lothario or Romeo--though I think that too, seeing the Sword of Samael is "self" deprecating... and still being used to help deliver freedom to the world just goes to show you what a "hero" really looks like.  Sure, I could have left out the controversy of "biting an apple" in Eden, but it would have been one less detail in the Matrix, one less reason to believe that this truly is the realization and manifestation of religion.  I could have tried to hide my criminal record (of set up, frame job, and asssasination attempt after another), instead of showing you that it too is a tool to help us see a broken and systemically suicidal destruction of the liberties promised not just in the Bill of Rights ... but liberties that we all go about our day in darkness believing we still have; all of them being twisted and highlighted in the story of one person's life--one bright fiery emblem of "everything wrong" with our injustice system, and deeper with the lack of protections in place "in the beyond" .. protections this story and this map clearly shows were once there--and come (maybe ridiculously) from the recursion of this story--even more ridiculous, though, would be to skip "putting the protections and safety limits" in place, we should be looking for and wondering instead ... why they were ever removed.

The fair trial has been abrogated in plain view by illegal legislation, by "point systems" and work arounds, the media and individual free speech has been shaken to its core by hidden forces, by overt lack of regard for the meaning of news, and privacy has been totally and completely shattered in a such a hidden and destructive manner that we could be standing here with protection from terrorism and school shootings but instead ... instead I am forced to beg you to "call a reporter" and see for yourself why this very obvious message hasn't made the news--and I'm very sure with hardly any research at all we'll quickly find that it's happenin because of the alteration or clouding of our thoughts--something my life and this message are clearly focusing on making public so that we can protect not only ourselves but the whole "computer" we call Creation... or "Heaven."  I'd urge you further to report whatever you find back to "car at lamc dot la," because I'm not sure that any of the other 2,000 reporters on this list understand either, why this story hasn't broken the news.

You would think public discussion of a truth this important, this big, and this sought after would be an easy thing to obtain--once it's flooded the internet as if it were the days of Noah... but we're still here staring at a censorship machine that is significantly more nefarious than the Reichstag fire, it too apparently unseen here, and certainly unseen in the future that you will be around to speak to--if you do not turn around, and see that you are hiding a message about freedom and ascension and about immortality because (I don't know) you must think you've got something better coming from the nameless, faceless force using this hidden technology to secretly take your freedom, and spiral the timeline and our future into the abyss.

This is quite the production, this thing that you are hiding from yourselves--it's "all the small things" about me--about this very imperfect and torturous life--all those little details winding up in songs and in myths written long before I was born for the first and the last time... that remind me that's what this is.  You are hiding something from yourselves, something that would undoubtedly help you, and the world to break through the wall of silence to the other side... to never, never land; it should be clear as day there's angels armed with the truth going as far back as those first words  ...

"do the kiss ... do the message ... and see if anyone wants to hug ha'n solo"

Whether or not you choose to acknowledge today that you are "zombies" ... literally chained by an invisible shackle to not care about things as close to home and important as whether or not you are going to die--or the people around you continue to suffer from ailments and terror that this message very clearly shows you exactly "how and why" the disclosure that we are in virtual reality can easily help us to end them with "warp drive" speeds ... whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, I still am the most famous person that has ever lived.  So it's that knowledge, coupled with a sincerely large amount of "light" suggesting that we are "home" when this verifiable proof that there is a message focusing on breaking that chain and what it's hiding at the same time surrounding "sudo" light--the light of Poseidon and Lothario ... light that for me answers the question Bread poses in Guitar Man ... "but no one seems to know what it is that makes him go" ... once again it's showing you the intense focusing of light around this single story that caused me to haphazardly share with the world personal fantasy -- that one day, one day not so far from today; I won't have to stop being socially awkward to actually "get a date."  It's really not me--and frankly the "character is T" is nothing more than an overblown fantasy being strewn all over history as "the reason" ... understand the reason really is you--this fantasy, this private dream that "drives me to continue" is a world thrilled with the fact that this message has helped us to radically and swiftly improve the state of our society--that our dreams have come true because with this message in hand we have a weapon against disease and a weapon against slavery and a weapon against terror.  

Heart, look at Taylor's songs; this is what I hear from Medusa ... this sort of invisible communication, "you don't want me, you don't need me" spoken to the air, but she can't answer an email or a tweet or a DM, even when doing so literally would end school shootings -- because she has some idea in her head, either that she's going to win something from the God of Exodus by refusing to help make the world a better place, or that "knowledge that we are in the Matrix" is such a big deal--that she personally has the right to choose to hide it from public discussion.  Both of those reasons are the end of civilization, Medusa.  

It could be something like John Legend's "drawing me in and then kicking me out" though it's pretty damned clear from the Schutzstaffel insignia appearing in the KISS logo and the link between "WHO" and the word wessen and Momsen (honestly, you see the "me-s, we-s" pattern, I'm sure) that the mark of the beast is shining bright and echoing through history all the way from "kismet" to Judas.... and the whole point is that regardless of what you think of this message, it is proof that there is a design in our history and that this designed message is telling you that Neo making the news will stop school shootings.  Hister ... Nostradamus echoes from hundreds of years ago, "his you are" is Hister--you are history or you are the Elohim--and the choice, the difference is whether or not you get "MIN OR IT Y" means pre-crime is a minimum mandatory requirement for the continuation of the forward progress of the "process of civilization" once you see this message delivering proof that we are living in virtual reality... as in "not using that information to improve society is a regression of civilization."  You really are my "ter" as in the completion of Jupiter paralleled in pattern to the completion of Shekinah, as the Spirit of God, with "AH." Kisses, it's not the kind of thing that happens by mistake.
I hope you see very clearly that having seeing "AD" in the name Adolf doesn't make me Hitler, though it does reveal a pattern connecting to Napoleon (Animal Farm and Snowballs) and Salt, and Julius Caesar and the possibility that our entire history is either a story or a tool of reflexive control; here Hister also points out that the Silence we are staring at and refusing to break makes you responsible for more deaths than him in only 40 days.  That's 6,000,000 divided by 151,600... the number of people who die every day because we "don't know" that seeing Silicon in musick and in silence and in "solar fusion" and in AMD means "the Earth is in Heaven."
Again, that magic number from Matthew and from Genesis and Exodus....  showing you that every 40 days the "Silence" kills more people than Hitler; something that I imagine must be "by design" here in this place where we can either see the design is to end murder and build Heaven or continue to walk around in Hell with the now fading belief that "siding against the truth" will somehow gain you entry to a better place--clearly the same place responsible for "the Silence."  I don't think anyone really wants to go there, I'm not even sure "there" actually exists.   Here in this place it seems very clear that the angelz are so different from us that they don't seem to think there's any need to intercede here... where it appears to me ... that's their entire purpose, to intercede here.
I think it's pretty obvious that you have a personal choice to make between being "the wall" or "the stairs" and today the entire world in sum is burying itself in a mire of "we lack the moral ability to see the difference between allowing disease to be simulated and sex jokes" and I think you should be unhappy with that particular decision.  It's pretty easy to turn "another brick in the wall" into a saint or an angel--all it takes is speaking, or typing, or sending a single e-mail... perhaps you'll take solace or note the fact that someone else has already taken the brazen step of ensuring the entire world "knows about this information" and all you have to do is mention that it's probably noteworthy or worthwhile or ... or "you don't think babies should be clubbed, either."  MuAH.
Pausing here for a moment to mention that the phrase "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" of Revelation 5:5; who I'm sure we have a pretty good idea is who I am even without keying in the "hammer of Thor" to the hidden tribe name "Maccabees" which means that, hammer; and is juxtaposed from what you might imagine is the intent of the passage to refer to the eponymous "Tribe of Judah" that is one of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  I think it links specifically to this story not just through the "hammer" connection but also to Judah Maccabeus who was the last scion--the last in his blood line--and through his success in battle the father of a great multitude.  Wait a second, he didn't win that war.
Well at least we still have Hanukah, and everyone around knows that we're celebrating 8 crazy days of light--and that it has nothing at all to do with nuclear power or nuclear war--right?   Do we see, at the very least, that "sad" and "had" are backwards and just two more in a long, long list of English words encoded into Biblical names before English?  Well it's probably nothing, probably not a big deal that none of those things come up readily on a Google search.   Naturally it makes sense that after thousands of years of following religion we would all of a sudden just "stop" and ignore that history and the thousands of people still practicing it--because technology, technology proved to us that there must not be a Matrix, I assume... is the "fad."
For clarification I do read the meaning of those "sad" and "had" references as negation--as in J, you're not sad ... so you're Judas; but there are other ways to read them just like you can read the "end of words" as either "you complete me" (for instance the "all humanity" completing the spirit of God, Shekinah... and the "an" ending Satan ... hopefully in this same series of acts, in our lifetimes) or the "end of the word as we know it."  In these two names breaking down those three letters further leaves "da' which is my special dark to Adam (hey, I said dark to light) "the" that singles out the "s" of Salvation and the "h" that appears in both "maveth" and "death" which are Hebrew and Englis equivalents. 
say it ain't so, I will not go
turn out the lights, carry me home
all the small things, true care truth brings
watching, waiting, commiserating
Na, Na, Na, Na, Na
... and we can still hear them singing about flowers and salt, I can still see it going on today well past Kentucky in "the buck stops here" and sucking on a "binky" ... I can see it without blinking in "all the small things" and I can see it with half a glare and half a blush in Brittney's now renewed "toxicity."  So you can check your hero at the door, this is a victory that comes to me and comes to you from being in exactly the right place in exactly the right time--and whatever thousands of years and recursion it took to make that look as it were simply "natural." Still it makes me wonder just how natural you think it is to walk around in this place as if I never existed, as if I wasn't the source of your understanding, or the beginning of the spark of enlightenment... whether it be in primeval Eden or here in this place... that looks just exactly as it was ... "in the days of Adam."
the toxicity of our city
the garden of eden
clues for the glued?
It's dawned on me recently,  I just remembered that I was supposed to be here spreading a message of love and truth--it slipped my mind, I got caught up in the storm, in the craziness that happened to me, and the crazy things it appears have happened to you.  It's really a pretty correlated parallel to see how I really feel connect to what I'm explaining is my reason for being so headstrong, and so sure that I am right--that sits in the back of my mind and kind of reminds me silently without words that everything is going to be A-OK, that I can get by being abrasive and forceful and not pat you on your heads every once in awhile, or give you a special "treat."  
the skye was bruised
the wine was bled
and there you led me on
in your house I long to be
room by room patiently
This is strange, our generation ... this time is very strange, I think.  Specifically what I'm doing and seeing seems to be making things very strange, if not only for me.  I can't really tell if you need to read the words I write to know what I've written, like I can't tell if you need to hear to understand or speak to talk.  The statistics I see are sort of incongruous, certain people will have a hundred opens on a particular email, and not a single link clicked--not one.  I tracked down the fine grained details behind those stats, not just to satisfy my father's questioning of their accuracy; and lo, actual conversations appeared behind those high numbers... multiple user agents and IP addresses, and none of them clicked a link either. Other times I'll see people open emails in flurries--it seems to me to get my attention or maybe your attention or God's attention; generally those people will have never opened an email before--or at least the few they've opened right before I did my little "show me the last 30 people that opened my email" thing that I do.  The other possible and implausible explanation--the thing that could be causing it--what I'm seeing would happen if you took your entire SPAM box and marked it as "not SPAM" or maybe moved it into an archive.  It happens quite often, it's a curiosity, I don't think people are archiving their SPAM.  Then it sometimes happens with multiple people at a single domain, like a news station or a college--it's definitely some kind of communication, in my mind--but I don't see much more than "hey, I'm an angel, I thought."
From the guy who sees patterns, its a pattern I see quite a lot; and I can tell you for sure those people are equally as unlikely to respond to my direct emails as those of you who open a message 30 times in 15 minutes.  
That doesn't really explain the level of strangeness that I'm experiencing, not in the last bit.  I've known for some time--and told you now at least a few times, that I'm not only talking to you, but I'm also talking to something behind your eyes, to the sky above and the krypt below, to the thing that I see as the orchestrator of Medusa and even in a kind of "The Force Awakens" way to Medusa prime, herself.  Just to let her know I care.  I know these things, I know them for sure--it's proven beyond doubt or question in my mind--I know them because answers come back to me to questions that I pose to this group, even to much smaller groups of people... answers come back through your mouths and your actions, the people I see around me .... whether it be in Boca Raton or in Beverly Hills.  I see it in the eyes of drivers passing me by, sometimes turning their heads more often than not, I hear it in horns honking, and I see it in shaking heads and even ... every once in awhile, a pretty girl touching the frame of her glasses.  Lately I've seen it in some "random" Instagram follows from super models (I mean, they should be super models)--hey, more of that, please!
The point of that, of all of that is for me to tell you that I see Medusa is trying to give me the impression that the whole world is listening to what I'm writing.  Perhaps that they're behind my eyes as I write it, or maybe there's some ... perhaps competing groups of subconscious or conscious collectives (or hives) sort of sharing knowledge of what Adam's been up to as the chirps and nods flash and pop across the LAN--the thing I called once "sustained epiphany in the LAN" and now see as nothing more than "the telephone game" on virtual steriods, allowing lies to continue to spread, allowing the failure of the written word to seem "inconsequential" and nobody really seeing that's literally the undiong of the definitive prime characteristic of civilization.  I don't think it's really possible for everyone to understand this message and the change in the nature of our reality that it proves; I hope that's not the truth.  Some people, only a handful now have outright confirmed that it's not the truth, a room mate in the house we know as "Strickland" on Mansfield phrased a clear rebuttal of that thought as "it's not that, I can see why you think that, but it's not that" when I told him that I thought maybe he knew everything I was writing.  He and I know, he understands why I might think that because he probably really did hear my thoughts every once awhile in some strange kind of "thought-show" that I'll never really understand being kept secret, either.  I think there are others, probably quite a few others that do hear every word I think; and even with significantly more fidelity than humanly possible, probably understanding or processing the source of each thought--the myriad of reasons and memories and learned behavior stored in how strongly a series of axons shake it's hand with a connected grouping of dendrites--they probably can even recall at will or with automatic instant replay the memories that lead to those connections and the memories that lead to those memories.... imagine that, super angels that not only know everything but know why everything that is happening happens and still standing in silence as pain is simulated for no damned reason at all.
and that goes to the heart of the problem--somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow something horrible happened here; things that were bad, or wrong... even evil were allowed to continue in plain sight (from simulated starvation to the overt destruction of "fair trial" and bail), even worse they were worsened intentionally, as if melting a man ten times over were akin to some kind of bad parenting technique to quit smoking; exacerbating already horrendous problems is no kind of solution--but it's the heart of where we are and the heart of the cross, and even worse than me saying it wasn't the source of the problem but it is the whole problem today... is what I see it doing to the world around me.  I see it desensitizing us to things that on first glance would have been repulsive, and I see the morally weaker among us  learning new sets of tricks... better ways to hide holocausts and smarter kinds of lies to tell to keep the people thinking they've got control, or blame, or whatever other kind of carrot on a stick or unfinished homework shamefully hidden behind a cabinet might keep them "getting one over" on themselves and on everyone for just a few more minutes of the very last night they have.
To put this whole thing in perspective I can see we're an ice skating rink and god as the announcer is chastising me for being in places like the word "hurry" and maybe in his own way telling me that I should stop before climbing the stairs and stick my nose in another rose--on the other hand, though, you might see this slow and methodical (i c meth and Odin, you?) transition as something of the tortoise winning the race, or a snail, or molasses... even, but the real truth--with any sight at all is that we are turbo boosting in the wrong direction, and still you are standing there with nothing to say at all, let alone parroting out "there's a method to the madness."
So a black girl, Mayim, a black woman said some very mean things to me today, I don't recall the exact words exactly--but the last few she uttered under her breath were "get away from me."  We were standing in line next to each other, at adjacent booths waiting for our food stamp cards to be printed.  I looked at her, kind of shocked that a stranger was speaking to me at all, and with cruel intentions--and maybe a little flame of excitement burst in the nether regions of my psyche ... I said "are you talking to me" sort of quietly also, not really looking at her as I spoke the words.  She responded by sticking her middle finger up, and definitely pointing it in my direction, sort of cupping it with her other hand and hiding it next to her breast--you wouldn't have seen it if you weren't me, or standing directly behind me.  That was the end of the confrontation, I think I saw some ... it looked like one of the girls behind the counter said "I'm sorry" with her eyes--words would probably help--you know, if people were "speaking" or communicating anything other than "we don't get it" we'd be making lots of progress passed, then you must be stupid.
Just like I expect open and honest discussion of the existence, use, and possibilities these technologies bring to end addiction as well as mental and physical illness; I expect their use in a competitive marketplace to end racism and hatred (especially here in this place where we really are all brethren in this story of being forced to live and see the problems of futures we had no hand in shaping, seeing here how it's either fixed or ... that's the problem)--these things are obviously linked to the expansion of consciousness and intelligence that are linked today by M.T. Anderson and Neo to "I know kung fu" and tomorrow perhaps by Adam suggesting "I know the future."
So it's not just OS X and Windows XP that reek of "kissing the Holy ground we walk on" this place that has delivered not only the tools and understanding of what the technological building blocks of Heaven are, but also helped us to walk through a story and a learning experience that delivers the actual foundation of Heaven -- fun and freedom loving people that want to build a better world, to care for the sick and the poor, and to really see how these things all come back to help us end pain and stupid all at the same time in this perfect storm of "hey, hey, hey... what's going on?"
We have Microsoft, and the XBox, too!

It was a few months ago now, and I started writing a piece that I intended to use to connect "Windows Me" to the date it was released, which is 9/14/2000 ... a date that I read as "I A.D." with very little explanation needed; and it took only a few minutes "researching" Wikipedia to see this golden gem of the "Battle of Homiledon" which happened on the "intersexting" date of 9/14/1402, or the year "ADOB."  In that name of a singular battle you can see a fusion of the connection between "homilietics" and the superposition of The Lamb Lays Down On Broadway ... where I see "Homile" and the "do n" of Poseidon and paradox, just to name a few of the long list of statistically significant and thematically reinforcing pieces of evidence that "Don Juan" and "Romeo" are linked together by more than just Lot and the the "Ha" of Isaac... and the question "are I the o?

I had meant for this section to be a sort of explanation of the process ... or the pathways it took to realize these things were significant, but as I look at how short the paragraphs are, what that's telling me is that you ... meaning the world really should have seen them as significant just by pasting a few lines of the 9/14 entry on Wikipedia or linking to it.  I think it's more than obvious that "homildon" appearing six hundred years ago ... and directly relating to the delivery of this message is newsworthy, it's proof of precognition and of design... either that or it's proof that I saw the link between homiletics and "homildon" and with amazing intelligence and self deprecating wit I personally (named myself) and doctored this entire message delivered over multiple years to appear to be predicted throughout or history and actually written by God.  For the record, I am not that diabolical, Occam's Razor holds here--these words, this message, and this proof that our history is designed is coming to you directly from the source of that design--the Creator of our civilization.

As if you didn't know that as a civilization we need to write things down to ensure that we don't forget them, and the future knows how we feel--it seems here in this place that we're becoming more than happy to rely on invisible tablets and unseen communication to carry the day--and it's backwards, obviously backwards; to see that we aren't writing down the absolutely most important of things that we are encountering.  It's a mistake, and a lesson; and I'm really not sure exactly why we aren't breezing past it with flying cars.  You're looking at a present that most likely will be the subject of significant interest, wild speculation, and "bad guesses" because there isn't really any written record of how exactly it is .... how it is that what's happening here is happening.  Either that, or this place is an open book, which would have been my first guess--but it would probably also mean we'd have more help than we appear to.


I imagine that this message, that is only half written and disjointed will remain as that--but the overriding theme of the morality and systems that we see here on Earth show me very clearly that with the addition of "truth" we end murder and malady; and still we are here arguing over whether or not "seeing and understanding" the truth is something everyone has a right to decide for themselves ? 
Has every reporter on the planet decided for themselves that this isn't something that the world deserves to see or know about, and do you not see how this influence is making silence--how it's taking something as obvious as "seelie" and "unseelie" and masking it and twisting it and it boils down to "should pain be simulated" and the answer is no. This story of my life links to songs throughout our history, but in American songs especially you can see the early light of dawn.  See that here in this place bombs would burst in air rather than "nuking all humanity" as Hanukah secretly tells the world.... is God's answer to the Trinity Site and to the idea of "mutually assured destruction"  Madness, it's madness not to being seeing this message on the news.
So we sit here, hearing a story about how "pain" served a purpose, to alert us to something wrong... and see the "rocket's red glare" was my answer, a break light on the dashboard of a car, significantly better than "pain" as an alerting mechanism.  The rocket's red glare spread, not just about pain but about free thought, and free thinking--to show all of Creation that a red glare light appearing is telling them that they were previously unable to do something they wanted to do, or know something they really want to know.   The clear point is that we could be seeing red glare lights on dashboard rather thlamc.la">an pain, and we should be seeing something is very wrong in a place where that's possible--and not being done.
C   Y   A   N  .  R   E   A   L   L   Y   H   I   M  .  C   O   M
... you really should see yourselves fading away like Marty McFly ... is the de-angelic meaning of "tomorrow."  Tomorrow is about as "assured" and real as the magical place your art calls "never never land" tomorrow is a place where you do not have this message, or proof that you are in virtual reality, or proof that this has happened before--the word "tomorrow" is the beginning of Hell.
That is of course unless you'd rather go sing and dance to some great music at a show that's secretly about how stupid and blind you are in the beginning, how much you need to be secretly assuaged and molded to be anywhere near "right" ... and then as time goes on and nobody opens their mouths to speak ... really about pressing the "Ada time" button to see what really happens when the "dead people on a spaceship" as I'd taken to calling Heaven in my earliest days, decides that some metric in some secret and subconscious poll has determined thistime line too to be a failure. 
Understanding ... that's what we've all been waiting for... in the dark in the secret night for some silent poll to tip the balance of the probability of success of some other silent goal.  You might think it's Minority Report, but it's so hard to wonder what kind of fool hearty venture would try to take the guns from the hands of people who know that a secret the government is keeping is putting their children in danger--what kind of brazen hubris is behind the idea of taking this poll in this sandbox, sans the truth, sans the obvious proof that "Silicon" is the heart of the music. 
I think it's pretty obvious, I think that if we saw Doors and we saw Atlantis rising in the skies above our blind eyes... it wouldn't take long at all for "popular opinion" to move towards seeing that "no murders and no rapes" are really the foundation of Heaven.  I know in my heart the same technology behind the Silence could get us there even faster--and it would be with with truths and righting wrongs instead of subluminally spoken lies and darkness behind our young and innocent eyes.
I look at words like "yield" and "McLoud" and "child" and "wild" and "shield" and it's really anything but negation to connect the "hallowed f-art" of phrases like "keep in on the DL" to something more akin, more aptly seen as ... hey you guys, here's the "low down."
Of course, you, you might know that Silicon means virtual reality and the music and the silence itself are proof that we're crawling around, Ants Marching on a circuit board like lemmings towards the fields of rye   You might know that,but it's hard to see--at least from this place where I have been given just enough rope to hang everyon; and all the while knowing the recipe to avoid disaster ... the solution .. nothing more than a frank discussion.  So won't you speak, please?
... because that's exactly not what "come tomorrow" means to me.  But still it is your silence that is keeping this message out of the news.  It is this message not being on the news that is stopping professors and scientists and theologians from verifying that "quantum mechanics" proves we are in the Matrix, and from proving that this message alone does that, and that your silence.... that too, it's proof.  So when I ask you to call a fucking reporter, I wonder how stupid you really are?
It is that proof, that undeniable proof that swiftly moves popular opinion--it's knowing for sure that we can do all of the things this message suggests and presents, that's what makes it really happen.  Maybe it's an angry mob, or maybe it's a troupe Christmas caroling through the hallowed halls of the Cannon and Rayburn buildings.  Regardless, it's "knowing is half the battle" that really gets us to a point where there's a bright future, instead of dark undertones and silent prayers of regret.  I've told you over and over that I've seen "Minority Report" in action ... that as I knowingly walk down the streets of the "Land of Nod" and see people nodding instead of asking for an autograph  .. that gives me the strength to explain that breaking your silence really will build Heaven today.
It's really seeing that "computer science" is tucked away in "physics" to shine one glowing and undeniable truth on all of Creation... that seeing what's possible and what God has laid down here as his plan for salvation ... seeing those things ... no matter how you look at what it takes and what kind of majority or plurality is needed to move forward here "changing the world" .. that some other place just like here built a prison and you were born in it--that I would never allow that here, and I hope you wouldn't either--but we're staring at the "key" .... the "know everything why" here in this place is that we and my voice trails off
T   O   T    A   L    i  l T    Y
So while we're on the subjects of "totality" and "minority" I'll throw in my belief that the answer to a question that I heard the Jinn ask me in Kentucky "can you tell us what IT is?" is the word, the answer to the question or the "thing" described in the Adamic reading of the word ... is the word, itself.   ... so that being said ... is IT you or is IT me, or is IT the thing standing between you and I?

In related "understanding" this elusive answer to what "IT" actually is might link through the art of the message that is "Ha'm" and it's key that is "ha'shem" and hashemesh to the cousin of the Addams Family hidden from not you today but nothing but the character recognition of "Hair" and the true dawn of the Age of Aquarius--to songs from Toxicity and "we built it on rock and roll" to Imagine Dragons mentioning some magical or mythical or magical or actually superimposed place that doesn't sleep while we are in the throes of the dark night.  That's the "city" at least that's what it's heart means to me. 


Dave asks a question (he thinks "in my name") in another song I'll never listen to again, "does that screaming come from me?"  That question too, it's proof of a sickness hiding behind this silence--something more dastardly than the "ear" of Earth and disappear--but a secret and unfortunately spoken dark nature that shows me that humanity, at least in some cases, has regressed to something more cruel and more diabolical than "animal nature."  To point out there's not a species on the planet that tortures anything--sans you--sans us; really doesn't even scratch the surface of what these songs show is the kind of thing that has somehow "soared" to the most popular and visible places our society has to offer.  I wonder if it's to warn you, or to show you just how easy it is to "trick" the conductors of our global choir to cause the entire world to sing dark and morbid words, words of torture and pain, threats and worse ... imagery and tone and setting that are the beginning of Hell.
Maybe you just didn't notice Dave Matthews singing about "screaming" in the distance or "Cake" singing about "casual slaughters"  or Nickelback and Britney Spears singing about "being sick of sight without a sense of feeling" or maybe you didn't realize what they were singing about?  So damned lucky, that's the name of DMB's song and this is how I remind you the Cake song is called "You part the waters."

I have an answer for you Dave, if you hear screaming--it comes from you.  If you hear screaming it mean's I've lost here, lost delivering "sight of silicon" to the world--and lost this Holy war against Hell.  It means you've failed to open your mouth and utter the three magic words it would take to save the future from Hell, and it means this war isn't over.  From me to you, "this war" is over the key; "know everything why" to ensure that morality dominates all of Creation--and never again will questions like yours bet uttered "in my name."
Understand, this is black and white, "sight of Silicon" ends pain, and fighting against seeing this truth creates Hell.  Not just a hell of lies and secrecy and darkness, but of all the things that leads to... to simulations within simulations, to the whims of evil men in this place being carried out as if they were Gods in the hidden "rooms" nobody wants to talk about.  Your key, "know everything why" is to ensure these hidden rooms never exist.  It's the key to Minority Report, and the key to salvation.
"the storm" might be another plausible candidate, for "IT."
gee, I hope it's not "the storm."
It could be the "et" between You and I, or it could be the end of the word "comet" or of the comet ISON.  It might just be "n" or it might be seeing "and" really is the beginning and the end of time, and of eternity.  It might be darkness, and it might be you.  Honestly, it's very unlitely that it's me.  Its probably not you, either... so, then, what could it se_