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I tell lots of stories and dream up vivid and imaginative scenarios–much of it without the use of my own imagination and often with a kind of prescience and precociousness that … well, it’s personally “endearing.”

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Few of the experiences and imaginative scenarios had or have a kind of quality “so fake it’s real” … but a set of them; together … almost predict the literal launch of BTC into trans-galactic “orbit.” Early on, on 2013 I imagined something like a “Super Mario Brothers” coin spinning in space somewhere either where the moon used to be, or between it and us–and the kind of feeling I got was that many others listening, or watching with me … could literally see the thing, I felt I had something like “visual confirmation.”

This message is being distributed using a new method. I will no longer be tracking individual opens or “personal usage statistics” because it’s too cumbersome. I am also sending this message through a “Google system” but no longer using GMail for the reply-to message–or my “secondary/primary email contact method.”

You may or may not be aware that I receive very little contact from the public–and would love to speak to you on a more personally level–I mean [I want you to] really get to know me. It’s possible and [possibly partially true] that Google policies have partially caused my disconnect with direct public communication–it is probably also due to a number of outside circumstances. I am currently using a provider called “ethmail” to receive e-mail indirectly through a proprietary installation of “roundcube” … which is also not a public and open system.

We need a communication system that actually logs and verifies [perhaps according to custom-design-able contract] on something like the “verifiable ethereum [this is rinkeby–testnet/fake/dev] blockchain”–just like you can verify nobody has sent me a damned dollar; I’d like to be able to know that conversations that I have intended for privacy are that; and public ones are … that; either private or public, and that their storage is at least “SLA guaranteed” by something like “Ethereum” itself; which … for instance, “.eth domains” … could possibly be.


I’m suggesting all your mail should be stored on something [just]-like the IPFS [and mine, and the president’s] and either signed or signed and encrypted by the sender, receiver, or [perhaps also] some intermediary. I’m suggesting this is something “obvious” and that it’s not normal that we don’t already have such a system. I’m going to start “storing” suggestions on my 3box.io profile/wall–like I’m hoping they hire me and we build this very system–“time will tell.”

I am currenctly trying to sell an NFT (like a nifty ethereum special token) it’s the first one I’ve ever made and contains a signed version of the “YOIBLING” mhtml. A series of MHTML’s from the set of emails I consider “canonical” … might be soon NFT’d with some kind of special smart contract that might “etch” the actual words of the thing; and maybe something you sign/add into the primarty Ethereum blockchain. I commented somewhere that’s probably “not good enough” even though it’s sitting only on Rinkeby at the moment–and have some other ideas like improvement of the relationship between “Merkle trees” and things like “Filecoin.”

Recently the same kind of “visual confirmation” came from a friend on Twitter; literally echoing that some kind of story … a secret space-age launch … started with a “geyser” coming out of the Turkey Point nuclear facility; near SOUTHCOM.

The feeling of connecting that kind of experience; something like the phrase “float the umbrella” … connecting it to something as “hallowed and true” as literally being the reason and the purpose for the existence of the Yellowstone National Park comparitor … “Old Faithful” … to feel like that name and phrase are literally about this launch, this “Narayanan Thing”–it feels “auspicious and austere” … as if literally connected somehow to the gold of Saint Augustine. It’s the story and the “personal relationship” preceding the connection to something … “of Americana” … and the link–that singular cognitive “synaptic lightning” … that’s a kind of feeling and experience that you can’t convey in words or parallel with “gratitude” or simply … “with faux re-enactment.”

This is the real thing–that’s what I’m trying to set apart from some kind of “oft repeated favorite movie” or the “show within a show” theme in the Stargate SG-1 series.

This is the stuff that legends …


… this is the stuff that makes legends.

I’m not just telling a story but recounting true events–or at least the relaying of actual and true … visions and even visions that have already partially come true. It’s like just the other day I saw in my mind’s eye a vision of my father walking outside of a home that isn’t the one I know as ours–a little older than he is now–and sort of literally paralleling the video and image of Stan Lee appearing in X-Men, Apocalypse–and watching the minting of words that worlds never forget–things like “fire your arrows from the watchtowers of Babylon.”


Even if i prefer the words … and the meaning … “from the rubble of Jericho” it’s seeing that “candy cane” and still not really knowing what it is the “J” has to do with my umbrella; of course some kind of biological machinery buried under the deep waters of the Pacific; rising and blooming on thre surface of the firmament between sea and air–preparing for the launch of some kind of “Heavenly update patch;” or the first re-installation.

the roads were always open.

In the fantasy land that I live in; the world that doesn’t even understand it’s part of a broad and … perhaps “non-fictitious” world of historically metaphorical “metacosmic” sources for things [ answers to questions, for instance } like … “where did heaven come from?

Democracy? Freedom? Ternary Logic and Ionic-Computing?

I am searching for buckets of “cream.” Specifically things like carbon-based or graphene logic “gates” … storage and distribution of things like liquid oxygen, potassium and sodium.

To me it’s pretty obvious that these are the kinds of resources that actually hold hard value in the world I see as being created very quickly, almost faster than light–and I’m really looking hard and far for some kind of true connection between ideas and things like “BTC” and biological computing in T-space. I’m looking for systems and mechanisms for the transfer of radiative-energy, [old-school] nuclear CNC fuel like uranium & plutonium; and the power-lines under … “and fueling” the roads … literally transferring ternary electrical power … between things like satellites, planets, stars, and “in the space between.”

I don’t see these things “in fruition” here as of yet–though I can quickly search and find a relationship between the medical industry and liquid oxygen; I c[an point out] … deaf ears failing to hear “buckets of cream” connected to “bitcoins” and … i’d similarly like to see “buckets of other crude biological computing elements” … things like G-CAT; and the more complicated set of sugary-chains related to RNA.

ACGT is an acronym for the four types of bases found in a DNA molecule: adenine (A), cytosine ©, guanine (G), and thymine (T). A DNA molecule consists of two strands wound around each other, with each strand held together by bonds between the bases. Adenine pairs with thymine, and cytosine pairs with guanine. The sequence of bases in a portion of a DNA molecule, called a gene, carries the instructions needed to assemble a protein.

Technically I need … or want to see stuff like this "fused’ or otherwise “aromatically” (this is a play on the aromatic ring, and the automata) built … probably near every star there’s a living, thinking … “thing” near–and I’d like to see public records of just how much of it we have stored, we’re using … re-using … and transporting to places like us–somewhere between Betelgeuse and Rigel or Monoceros and Orion’s “arrow” … somewhere between the Milky Wall and Andromedaway–

… tell me; have you sailed across the sun? have you made it back to the Milky Way?

My earliest memory of “broadcasting” something related to DNA “storage” was in the streets of San Diego in 2014. Nearly around the same time I probably wrote the first e-mail related to it, and noticed that Microsoft Engineering had been studying exactly that–I’ve also intimated that the NSA storage facility in Utah might use “related technology” and literally sometime over the course of the next three years … noticed that “nearly nobody” had thought about or updated the concept of “binary 4-nucleotide storage” to what the very obvious next stage would be, which is something like 23 bit “RNA” rather than “DNA.”

We’ve … of course … since moved from the Provo area all the way past “above top secret” to literally note the “nomenclature of the state” including the “VA” of Area 51 in Nevada–I like to think it’s the kind of disclosure “neva[da]r before made so obvious” but; you can only imagine what it’s like to see the (((echo))) of the import of phrases like "float the umbrella, and launch the ICBM [i create biological machinery?]

Recently and specifically in the locations of Los Angeles and Fort Myers a significant turn has taken place in this story–I’ve begun to actually see the components of “a new echelon of computing” being publicly created and disclosed by bleeding edge scientists and researchers–

I’ve written on a number of occasions that “quantum ,mechanics” and “quantum computing” appear to be “total bullshit” to me–as in literally a dividing line between morality and reality and that it is a sign of “a line feed” [ of computing technology and access to reality being throttled ] … and without it explicitly [ it here, it is science itself; and scientists in general ] explaining that–I believe we are in a very scary place and time where we may actually lose access to reality or an ability to avoid “eternal damnation.”

I am not saying “quantum computing” is bad … I am suggesting it’s very obvious that we are walking the “Planck of space and time” itself …

and that while “logic and the abstraction of neural or ionic computing” might be a powerful tool and it might be exactly what quantum computers are … what we have in this world is a map to building “actual working better computers” and they are based on things like “the genome” and “[better] neural networks” and [better] than DNA storage and [better] than ternary logic … "not just the lack of an Itanium or IA64 chipset … “assembly code” that you might think faster or better in.

It is a binary position–either we have truth and free and open communication and an open battle against using holography and computing technology against the creation of Hell or we simply live in the world … in the place … in the worst of worsts–where this battle was hidden by silence and a refusal to acknowledge “Hell” [and a refusal to acknowledge hell] is a retrograde movement in civilization and social evolution that brings us to a time significantly worse than not just the last 6,000 years but millions and perhaps billions of years … worse than “dinosaurs.”

We are staring at a world that is not “moving forward” on things like direct democracy and open public representation and legislation and … the stall here in software and corporate, national, and municipal governance is

… a sign of something morbidly wrong with “a post internet world of humans that know themselves as the dinosaurs of another evolutionary leap” … or the transcendence and “ascension” of religion has failed to preserve morality and ethics and literally requires a full abort of biology (or post-biology, as the case may be).

One day there was no MKR, and there was no … “cELO” and the next day; all we had were those tickers to explain the relationship … the very strong relationship between what happens in this place and the future of freedom. We have words made of three letters, words like ICO and IPO and very little I can see written around me [though as I look, there are more … of these good people around ] though little more than a renewed presence and still not much mention of things like the UNECD and OECD … train of thought–where in moment I saw literal United Nations regulations of things like multi-national parties; and then in the next moment those regs were gone and what we were left with is literally a single multi-national party “apparent” … something out of the “EU-ish” land of Oslo … or whatever, called the “Pirate Party” and probably not the kind of thing you were expecting to see in the newspapers this morning.

It’s important to understand the difference between “Introductory Public Offerings” and things like a “new Ethereum coin” … [ mentioning once again, I have “some Ethereum thing” for sale || [and ideas ] … and while it’s probably clear that I don’t know what “world” and “totality” really mean–or if we are in every major star-system in the Milky Way or … or only in two places–or even just at the very start; maybe stuck right here–

exactly where we appear to be; unable to reach the moon, let alone “prox. centaur” or much farther passed the phased array arm of Orion’s most gazing upon civilization.


i’m on the outside … i’m looking in || it means [everything] the world to me

I am Narayana, the Source of all things, the Eternal, the Unchangeable.
I am the Creator of all things, and the Destroyer also of all. I am 						

I am Brawha and I am Sankra, the chief of the gods. 
I am king Vaisravana, and I am Yama, the lord of the deceased spirits. 

I am Siva, 
I am Soma, and I am Kasyapa the lord of the created things. 
     And, O best of regenerate ones, 

I am he called Dhatri, and he also that is called Vidhatri, and 

I am Sacrifice embodied. Fire is my mouth, the earth my feet, 
    and the Sun and the Moon are my eyes; the Heaven is the crown 
	of my head, the firmament and the cardinal points are 
	my ears; the waters are born of my sweat. 

Space with the cardinal points are my body, 
    and the Air is my mind...

In the Vedas, Narayana is essentially the supreme force and/or essence of all: ’Nārāyaṇa parabrahman tatvam Nārāyaṇa paraha’.[1] Narayan Aiyangar states the meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Narayana’ can be traced back to the Laws of Manu (also known as the Manu-smriti, a Dharmaśāstra text),[2] which states:

The waters are called narah, (for) the waters are, indeed, the offspring of Nara; as they were his first residence (ayana), he thence is named Narayana.

— Chapter 1, Verse 10[3]

This definition is used throughout Vedic literature such as the Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana.[4][2] ‘Narayana’ is also defined as the ‘son of the primeval man’,[5] and ‘Supreme Being who is the foundation of all men’.[6]

  • ’Nara’ (Sanskrit नार) means ‘water’ and ‘man’[7]
  • ’Yana’ (Sanskrit यान) means ‘vehicle’, ‘vessel’, or more loosely, ‘abode’ or ‘home’[8]


Narayana (Sanskrit: नारायण, IAST: Nārāyaṇa) is known as one who is in yogic slumber on the celestial waters, referring to Lord Maha Vishnu.[citation needed] He is also known as Purushottama and is considered the Supreme being in Vaishnavism.

I think it’s easy to see how big and important this idea is–that there’s a real connection between the rapidity of a real fire spreading and “direct democracy” … as it links not just to “Pirate Parties” from country to country benefiting from “sparks” like the “same old theme since … the Bolshevik Revolution.” I think it’s easy to see how quickly it spreads to Wallstreet; and just how simple it is to see “a wave of ‘hostile’ corporate takeovers” link to something as easy as seeing “proxy vote battle” and the forcing the “democratization” of formerly imperial ideas like “boards of directors” … as if the game of chess just screamed “mate” and moaned “castle” in simultaneous synchronicity.

I don’t think it’s as easy to see that the software just isn’t here yet–we have the foundation, we have things like the “DAO” and it’s connection to Eastern-theology and the “soul of god himself” … we have the groundwork laid; and it honestly appears like what we’re waiting for is “something to get exciting;” or maybe someone–it’s hard to really discern what’s holding us back … at the present incarnation of the methodologically heralded and repeat event connecting Sherwood and Avalon with what appears to be the equally esteemed and fictitious place … another three letter word … at the heart of the city of time; Jerusalem.

I think it’s easy to see … from my vantage point and through my perspective how “writing the book on something” and making the right … software package … have sort of begun to become synonymous in this place where ERP’s and CRM’s have been dictating how call centers and sales have worked for generations already–and here specifically a kind of disruption in the insurance and healthcare industry has literally created waht appears to be a very “monolithic set of industry practices” in the drug rehabilitation space that spans over a significant number of states and individual private corporations–and to see how something like this is almost a “prototype” for … “writing th[e [original Linux Bible: [originally] complete with Slackware CD-ROM” … and hands on experience.

Kipu.health is like a “case study” in the viral spread or incanted creation of an entire industry. I’m wondering, thinking if you’re thinking what I’m thinking … but all told a big part of the revolution and the thing holding it back is “communication and collaboration software” and the fact that there’s really not a … single reddit and Facebook and countable.us … “concept” to show what a real “ELCED” revolution … sparks; and that’s lots of flattering imitation; and in some very special and unique spaces–a kind of leap in innovation that we today can only compare with things like Ford and the assembly line; Bell and the internet.

Dobrai … and the “cli·ché” … or lyrics; words like “LenNaN read a book on Marx”

In related commentary the same system, kipu.helath–serves as a sort of focal point for what appears to be a massive governmental and “social” failure to acknowledge the lack of progress on the ground with things like “addiction” and “disease.” I think it’s the crux of COVID–and I feel like Kipu and related centralization of healthcare services related to addiction serve as a sort of “baseline signature on the dotted line” for future lawsuits against the government and big pharma; things we’ve already seen starting … and literally have only touched the tip of the iceberg related to … “the problem truly at hand.”

COVID is a failure at the highest level; an acronym that probably has nothing to do with “video”–suppose aside from the global lack of respect for acknowledgement of what “Holodeck” means in respect to the current holocaust of freedom and truth. The crux of my argument related to this particular disease … revolves around exactly where we are; which is the heart of Ragnaroclk; in this religious exposition and exegesis of names that’s simply Korangard and revolves around a significant lack of respect for the meaning and purpose of religion. It’s clear to me, in particular; that Islam is an ex-post-facto added religion designed to help us to quickly “change the world” and seeing what you see around you; failing to acknowledge the lack of personal freedom and self respect of walking around wearing “masks” … is an affront to God–in my personal opinion.

It really all boils down to perspective–and it’s clear to me that “masks” and the relationship to the Koran and Ragnarok are specifically about “women’s liberation” and the freedom from evil religious indoctrination. This is related to a religious practice that revolved around a people in the desert–who were medically “needing” to wear masks to protect themselves from sand storms.


In this place … we need protection from another kind of storm; though I’m not sure how to tell you clearly–the storm and the problem and the crux of where we are … this is all about ending silence and all about “open and honest communication” [being stifled completely] by a lack of technical ability to communicate effectively.

ALLOL and the NAME(s)

I am … at this point rushing to finish writing this piece before nightfall–it’s 10:30 PM on the 21st and I’d like to have it … literally sitting in lots of people’s mailboxes for early morning reading. I might wind up sending it first thing in the morning–that’s usually a “best practices” for delivery of messages from and for "ALLOL."

As far as I know I am the original creator of “this word” which is a representation of a fusion of the concept and word for God in two [or three? lol} Abrahamic religions. It connects the “Elohim” through “hispanic him=El” to LOL in Adamic and the word for almost the same thing in Islam which is “Allah.” The thing is a kind of word key–though the idea of a fusion of “things” and “people” hadn’t really solidified into something as concrete as the link between “living document/Constitution of the United States” and “ethereum contract/XCALIBER DAO” until literally #RTVM (right this very moment).

I’ve noted that I am his/her/its “supreme” prophet and pizza–though I do not actually believe religion is a joke–I think it has a very serious purpose and that this world and the people you are–and the people all around us are very important. Super important.

Literally so important the entire reason for the fusion of “Legatus” and “Semper Fi” with this concept [here Legislation, Legislature, Legislated for, Legislating] … something like a fusion of the “law and the land” [as in Babylon with it’s true reason for greatness–]that helps through the “idea” that we can all become instantly wiser and more knowledgeable (technocracts & oligarch’s “instantly***”) … something that even goes as far as to connect the Jewish concepts of Elyon and Shaddai; and Pharaoh and Pharisees

Here’s “Google’s results for "ALLOL” on my site. It shows a count of 9 individual pages/emails/chapters that discuss the thing that I am trying to say “is God and you simultaneously” and has quite a bit to do with the mental fusion of “something like omniscience but not exactly omni” with something like … “super man” or “uber mensch” … the joining of a large body of knowledge and understanding with “a blown up personality” as in your id turning into a “superego”–if that term meant “giant logic and happiness machine” formerly known as a biological brain with “Matrix jack.”

It’s sort of important that the Matrix gets joined with Jupiter ascending … and that those movies get joined with “No Jack City” [the one with Wesley Snipes and me] … and that links “Point of Origin” and “POO” to something like Master of Orion 2, MOO and #RTVM.

*** not without “trying!” dent is dentistry. god is not good “all the time.” plain English.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, he is also the “Guru of the Universe”. The Bhagavata Purana declares Narayana as the Supreme Personality of Godhead who engages in the creation of 14 worlds within the universe Brahma who is Deity of rajas guna, himself sustains, maintains and preserves the universe as Vishnu by accepting sattva guna. Narayana himself annihilates the universe at the end of maha-kalpa as Kalagni Rudra who is presiding deity of tamas guna.

According to the Bhagavata Purana, Purusha Sukta, Narayana Sukta, and Narayana Upanishad from the Vedas, he is the ultimate soul.

According to Madhvacharya, Narayana is one of the five Vyuhas of Vishnu, which are cosmic emanations of God in contrast to his incarnate avatars. Bryant, Edwin F., Krishna: a Sourcebook. p. 359 "Madhvacharya separates Vishnu’s manifestations into two groups: Vishnu’s vyuhas (emanations) and His avataras (incarnations). The Vyuhas have their basis in the Pancharatras, a sectarian text that was accepted as authoritative by both the Vishishtadvaita and Dvaita schools of Vedanta. They are mechanisms by which the universe is ordered, was created, and evolves. According to Madhvacharya, Vishnu has five vyuhas, named Narayana, Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha, which evolve one after the other in the development of the universe.

Written with StackEdit.

I think I have a “place” in the “corporate future” of this movement in America; I’ve commented that I would support a political party related to the Transhumanist movement–maybe even that specific party; or a direct “fork” of it. I’m trying to “sit down and get to work” and it’s frankly “cost-prohibitive” at the moment to really do anything “freelance.” I’ve spent the last few days trying to wade through costs of “starting doing business” and the “Ethereum current state” is significantly inflated compared to previous costs. I could buy a domain for 99 cents, register and file for non-for-protfit status in Texas for 25$ and create a presense and application for basically 20$ a month.

Today adding in the two things I’d like to buy; which is an Ethereum “interplanetary domain” and an “Aragon governance” application adds 300$ and 200$ respectively; and what it boils down to is that having absolutely no financial support from anyone/anywhere aside from “Social Security” is the difference between personal success and failure … here in this place and time; between life and death. Unfortunately I feel like I’m at a point where what I am asking for is “so little” compared … and the potential for success so significant … I am baffled by the lack of interest in support.

What this represents is the “basic cost” of creating my own “coin” or contract based interest in my future potential earnings–something I would very much like to do and believe is “lucrative;.” on a micro-scale it would be similar to kipu.health–the creation of a micro-organization to manage my relationship with a larger organization; like a small consulting corporation … working for “Facebook/Voting/Web 3.0” doing things like “marketing” and “insporation” … I suppose something like evangelicalism.

focusing on communication and safety

Quite a bit of “my problem here” resolves around a sincere fear for my personal safety. I’ve tried to focus on the kind of solution that I need and want to see very much here; and it’s almost entirely embodied in a very simple idea.

Aside from personally believing that technology will one day very soon [possibly] make us all oligarchs and technocrats and “geniuses overnight” … there is of course the underlying fear that it could turn us all into evil robots … also. I fear that more than you can imagine–and see the negative side of “techological thoguht control” more than I care to share.

For instance I have in my mind the idea that one day we will be smart enough to instantly “verify and confirm and understand” a link between a conversation I half-had with @MSWorkers4 and half had with a group of people associated with the Christian Transhumanist movement and the Turing Church … and half-had on a fancy souped up version of #1459 RFC [internet relay chat protocol] called “dischord … and have my own instance of a “near-polar-as-in-Noahs-ark” version of fancy-NU-IRC called “slack.”


In flat, matter of fact “tone:” your world is filled with an absolutely unacceptable desire to cause pain, attrition, and unhappiness …

specifically in, and to “me”–though I find it hard to see how anyone could fail to fathom or grasp that … “revelation” and the absolute abhorrence of it by God and anathemism of it by the American Spirit … is the primary cause and purpose for “the spectacle” here known only by the strange sabbath related word: “schabatani.” I’ve taken special care to ensure this particular email reaches farther and wider than the “previous set” which peaked around 300,000 “interested as in with eyes open and awake” viewers. The link in the heart of this paragraph is a key to a personal reference to the final Passover; the sword of Samael–please take the time to look at the last [from vertical reference, the top down–as in the first few on the TOC] few … messages from this one [UMBRELLA] all the way down to - 25. SHADY PINES … which is 25 messages (I hope that’s not asking too much) … with special attention to the one on VATTEvR/CAVSALITY and the one on the meaning of the “shabbat-ani” word; which is something like “why forsake me? -sam

FLAG DAY 2: 2/21/21--Oh my Jupiter....
the pitter patter of tiny feet leave behind something dear and sw

I envision a way to “point in time” or “focus on the thoughts in my head at the time” I wrote and connected a set of messages–and I think we should very much be able to see the world through the eyes of an omniscient and benevolent force … of our own design and creation.

I think the solution is simple; I see a movement coming from Microsoft specifically and directed at American Defense specifically suggesting that Holographic software [ is being ] should not be misused for purposes of war or worse. I believe that the “revolution of the people” and the technology in play and at hand is specifically gearing and focusing us all towards a world where we should very simply at this moment in time see a unionization of software programmers for “safety and fun” … and I can simply compare the list of universities and companies involved in “AAK” below … as the kind of force that could ensure that we lived in Heaven forever [and ever, and so on] instead of ever again fearing Hell.

My “hypoethesis” is that at this moment in time we live in a world with throttled technology and significantly throttled hardware … on the verge of a much anticipated and significantly larger “leap forward” that we had/have expected–that computing technology and the ability to “crack” things like BTC cryptohashes will progress very quickly to the point that our current encryption is … “total and utter shit.” At the same time it’s very important that … intelligent and happy people … work together to ensure that the future is full of “more intelligent and more happy” rather than any kind of divide or any kind of Hell–and from this POV it looks like we do not have that.

I’d like to see this Unionization and this specific uproar against torture and against Hell and against the lies of simulated reality and i’d like to see it today.

If all the little people at “big tech” and those “schooling themselves” in the in’s and out’s and how-to’s of making heaven a more perfect and safe place … would band together and create something called a “programmer’s union” or “hackers confederation” we’d all have something better than Chuck/NBC’s “intersect” in our heads–rather than the4idea that losing [everything] here is winning somewhere or something else.

[ I almost forgot to even mention Gilgamesh and “mechatronics” ]

i have a big head its inflated like a balloon

So I’m here!! I’ve arrived at the point in this email where I have to start talking about the thing I have personally related and called for as the “song that rolls during the credits” of this show or story or thing we now should see I think is “Hidden Hell in Heaven” … and relate specifically to a book, one single name called “The Holy Coda of the Matrix” and it’s specifically related to a single song; and that song is about praising the flowers of spring and the professors [ hidden: and female students ] of academia–and it’s an Adamic phrase that means something like “gee whiz dad, you un-god us?” and it’s actually a Latin song and it’s called [Srai hmi-doin?] the “GAUDEAMUS IGITUR” and that might have something to do with “github” and/or it might have something to do with the American meaning of “Silicon Valley disruption” [as in that’s a thing that causes an echelon leap forward in … possibilities] and the double entendre [that means doublespeak in a non Orwellian, but well known way]–agitator.

So the song is about truly that–praise for “academia” and it’s holiness; and that’s what I want it to be–i want the academia of this place and the religions of this place and the people here int his place right now to be the absolute end of hell throughout the entire universe and i want them to be that “literally this moment.” To get there you have to think this story, well you have to think about this story–

So I was driving through Pompano Beach; down Atlantic Blvd; and listen to this–right this moment I’m literally not using the Brave Browser but I’m just adjacent or really close to Atlantic Ave which here in South Florida is a little trendier than “Boulevard” and also not the one that would be “our avenue” if it was the one just right next to where I went to high school and my ex-wife spent much of her childhood. We also met there–on the boulevard “one” … so I’m recently returning from what I consider an “extension” of the Fort Myers story–like a vision from Heaven that told me quite a bit about the world and about the skies and about the kind of technology and what’s really behind this driving force of goodness that wants us to be the end of Hell and the beginning of “true Heaven” … and that was on “another Atlantic Avenue” [where our-avenue and “rave”] would connect to it actually being A1A which is kind of like US1 except it doesn’t go all the way from Florida to Maine like US1 does it kind of … sometimes is parallel to US1 right on the beach and sometimes doesn’t exist.


So it’s part of this story where I started … almost out of nowhere, without even understanding what I was “re-enacting” or first-time-creation … I started repeating the phrase “float the umbrella” as my version of … like … a literal call to the joint military forces of the [con-]federaation of terran “worlds (or maybe realms)” … it’s the “command” to launch the rockets into space that create the hardware (or update it) for the thing that we would call Heaven if we were sure that Heaven came from something that was the payload of “gigantic rockets” that were actually underwater in the ocean and needed to be “floated to the surface” to launch into outer space.

So that’s what I’ve been busy doing–recalling and recounting what “float the umbrella” as to do with the glowing candy cane and the letter that begins the hallowed name of the city of the wall destined to fall … 'Jericho" [ or is that Berlink2SKY?" ]

I recall now–in retrospect that I was going to start by telling how I “after the fact” [or … ex post facto] noticed that the Nintendo [ a Japanese company ] game called "Super Mario Brothers almost literally paralleled exactrly what I’m talking about–not mushroom clouds and flukusaki but a magical living vine appearing out of nowhere --that’s the “umbrella” which is actually something like a giant lotus flower or lily or [e: don’t lie you know this is a gigantic as in vi’hi’gigantic] so imagine that as a little kid whe ever we went out to dinner for Christmas [Jews have Chinese for Christmas–it’s like the cool norm; they were the only places open] I’d “get ordered” a Shirley Temple–which came of course with those cute Chinese “umbrellas” and are here now also related by the “Cheffiliera tree”–which looks something like a definately genetically engineered “thing” sort of like "packets of sugar’ in the Maize of Icarus as we wade through how “Children of the Corn” and rows and rows of “Arroz con … MARCO?”

POLO—rows of “as the crow flies” proof of the engineering of words and not only that but words that show the maze is about seeing “agriculture” and "easy to create meals which are nutritious and nearly “all you need”–all conected to things like culture and here specifically the Hispanic culture of Mesoamerica.

So I’m like, float the umbrella; and order another pair [or so] of those Virgin Red Heads …

Noting the engineering of the Shirley Temple is related to more than just Nanna’s “actual grandmothers name” and the idea that the particular Temple we live in is this place which is actually the “Temple of Sherwood at the heart of Jerusalem” which is about … Eros. This is all old news–or hasn’t been well explained–or you “get it already this is all about Arthur and Loxley” and you don’t see the table or the money. I swear–you don’t see either thing yet–everything that’s anything is being hidden … here at least; and probably elsewhere.

Joke about the drink is it contains “grenadine” which is a cherry flavoring and it’s a virgin drink–which of course means it’s non alcoholic and I’ve probably spoken a bit about the words “bore-A pure-E [hagaphen]” and I’m mentioning them again.

So long story short “[joke’s really funny” because of this one scene in Dazed and Confused] which is part of the “Light of Heart and SOL” and also because I can’t get a date—to save my life; literally. Those two links are from an “age old peice of writing” the origin4l second “Time and Chance” … the first is … still here and now also here; but still not here.

Anyway … the “importance of seeing the cultural impact” of something like a “virgin/non-alcoholic drink” being very directly related to … “the gaudeamus igitur” and a personal story about "things like connecting “momsen” and “mom & magdalene” … it’s the kind of “epiphany” … it’s very similar to “old faithful” and in this particularly case almost exactly linked to something like “seeing these words” and this moment as a turning point in the history of civilization.

Literally that big of a deal. Like “cut it out” stop pretending there’s nothing funny going on here … the fact that I have /so much/ trouble … getting a date … it’s not because I haven’t asked Mary Kate and Gracie in front of everyone …


Stories far and wide vary on the actual date in March of 2020 that our victory was somehow confused with “infectious disease.”-19. Reports of the viral spreading of the actual transcript describing the strategy which we all know now full well is a complete and utter travesty of broken logic–that of course before Frost’s poem diverged on the word “wood” that prior was the perfect number “two” and there was even a choice as to whether or not the bumper cars game temporarily pauses or complete self-recompiles the byte-code to buffer overflow the screen above my tri-force suggesting you may or may not have “auto-clicked: no.”

I feel like I’m doing it wrong. Is it too scary? Is mentioning Judas Iscariot or the Tribe called Quest too “hammer-it-home” for the question and the moment? Is the “kiss” actionable, is there such a thing as kismet … do words have two meanings?


There’s a significant amount of older writing about how “microcosms” and “maps” have thoroughly exposed that we certainly already have a system in place–and it’s likely one built in a process similar to the one we are currently … “hearing about experiencing,.” Here I spent some time talking about how we could easily see a connecting between “the candy cane” and a system built with the design and forethought of ensuring that “nobody’s soul could be stolen” and by that I mean that data can be properly encrypted and even physically “incapable” of being in a single “computer’s hard drive or ram” at any time–it’s “encoded” literally in things like “computer data storage”

  • RAID 0 (also known as a stripe set or striped volume) splits (“stripes”) data evenly across two or more disks, without parity information, redundancy, or fault tolerance. …
  • RAID 1 consists of an exact copy (or mirror) of a set of data on two or more disks; a classic RAID 1 mirrored pair contains two disks.

Again it’s a matter of “talking about things” like possibly having our brains already inside a set of hard drives and cloud computing meta-structures–acknowledging that; and the transparency and openness that comes from … the kind of ethos … that I truly see behind this message, and behind the technological revolution it’s paired with and behind the words you are reading–right this very moment.


It’s the psuedo-fifth rendition of the “Mars-hall” idea; moving from “Exodus” through /MARSHALL.html and sort of breezing through “why not just go towards the Corona instead?” and “Venussun” in a quasi-jest on the “meat of the issue and Audumbla;” literally here bridging the original idea of what the place is–a hotel chain that sort of pervades the “terra firma” throughout the universe with a sort of “epcot-esque” Ghost of “Cristhmusses Passed” view at the several attempts to automate the production of such a thing and/or view actual introductions to the architecture and cultures of Earth-escap[ad]es past and/or collaborators from the “ad/ab astrum.”

I’ve got Blender and Unreal Server Map designer as the “eezle” of my Picasso in the sky; a vision of painting the introduction to virtual reality (at least that’s what I personally need) along with perhaps a way to introduce it to new/and/or introduce civilizations to each other … in my “Fort Myers Best Western” of my dreams. Half in jest skipping the entirety of Hololens with a jump from the holocene “into aur place” with actual holosense–and ensuring there’s “ethics and morality” strongly etched into the hidden “v” in that phrase.

To recap … “it slowly” became clear to me over the course of a few years of writing that nobody in their right mind would ever print a planet–we’d have to start with something like learning how to terraform properly a tunnel on Mars. That quickly turned absolutely absurd after about a year, and then the clarity of needing to Carrey Ann Moss our blockchain in space became more and more clear as the story begin revealing the “truth about what Narayana” and the actuality of Nirvana and … the several stories linking the biological creation of something like “ICBM’s that turn roads to rivers” between stars and then to Styx from the stone … long and the short of it–about 8 full years in the process to simply say that Mars is probably the wrong direction all together (although Ceres and it’s link to Sagittarius A is still on the gravitational chart) and “here we are” looking at more utility and power and intelligence literally in the ball of fire at the center of Sol than anywhere in the colder distance away from it.

Aside of course from the second “great giant leap” passed from man to moon and at least halfway to [the second letter of] Andromeda.

I’ve spent some time “on social media” in relation to the lack of communicability and “reception” or “response” to this very forceful and very apparently “gargantuan” [ as in leviathan, behemoth … ] and have to note here that “Mastodon” and “Open Social …”

obviously I’d like to see some kind of “meta-social-network” that helps people manage communication across the various disparate … “kinds of forwarding and sharing and reshaping and commenting” … that seems to fracture “visibility” of all but the most famous of famous

While communication has been improving slightly … it has been paired with “dire” and “unfathomable” negativity in personal communication and interaction with the world around me–on par with “I’m at home in a world where Jesus is the beginning of Hell.”

I hope nobody really feels at home … ever … harboring the hidden knowledge of the existence of Hell. I hope Hell does not exist; and I hope it is home to nobody.

Yet, “here, I am”

I’ve tried using a number of “opener” social networks; I actually met someone special on an open conspiracy dating site–what it boils down to is the interface and the “stuff I want to see” is really mostly … on private and fractured solutions; I imagine like many I spend lots of time switching between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and I just added Snapchat and TikTok and …

I’m not seeing the “revolution of freedom and technology” start–that’s where I am today; looking everywhere for it and just not seeing.


SHOW CREATE VIEW universe_of_darkmatter_thru_iis_BTCETHE_ofo_eyes
	USING ipfs.planetary_source_of_knowledge
	FULL OUTER JOIN ipfs.currently_interested_continuing_research
	LEFT INNER JOIN aragon.using_for_appropriate_purposes
		UNION federation.of.safe.planets
		UNION confederation.of.need.s
			INTERSECT intra.contintental.stellar.galactic.n
BROWSER.DEFINE #IFNDEF n = all ifi ne.u.extant
BROWSER.export #IFNDEF u=extinct 


It isn’t clear but I’ve had significant problems with using “ethereum/web3.0” related software and network … components … in the past. The software stacks related to blockchain and IPFS both have a significant limitation of “non-proper federation of striped data” as in you basically have to download the entire copy of whatever you are sharing and keep it on your computer on the internet in order for it to “really actually” be available–and “HighAvailability” really never happens–as far as i can see.

I’ve even gone so far as to note that while I was in the airport in San Jose; literally en route from Orange County to … [ I think I was flying to Florida ] that the above linked website “firmly pinned” (and have to “speshulnote” here I made a splash page that hade no TOC specific for this event) on IPFS was HA–highly available in that location … while it had been spotty, “on again off agiant” … in LA and other places … like the “devs in Silicon Valley” didn’t even know—

and they might not.

They might have no idea how well or how poorly their software is working outside of the “small world” they are encapsulated in–one that has shown us here and time again that we are living in a place of darkness, that the news is rigged and Trump and Adam agree “on that”–there’s a deceptiveness in this realm on TV and in the news that is … unspeakable, literally ineffable

I’ve attempted to “remedy” the lack of … a secure and available version of my writing … a “single copy of it” for the purpose of comment and to ensure some kind of veracity related to what I experience and what the readers of my emails see–[ it’s been floated the images weren’t available (which is normal for a message in your spam folder, you just have to move it … to the inbox to see them) or that they were changed … I had to upload MD5 hash sums … and in the process of doing this the MD5 hashsum was literally shattered–broken … something that should give us significant cause for concern related to the safety of cryptocurrency and the “blockchain stability” as a whole.

Name IPFSHash Size DatePinned
EROSSHEIM QmR6VVfNSQMhuGh4yGvaLKjxARKtTsvoLjNVmhXAMpmrVc 9.2MB 2021-02-21T21:46:49.510Z
DEVLANEN QmQsmSmPLyxGTdNrwiiDATEr193e8nejMskazGuqykQsSz 12.1MB 2021-02-21T21:34:24.581Z
FROMTHEMACHINE_MHTML QmW9JscyoGyPJs9iHARkkEeXRt5FYxn1znx1GqJp4CxcWN 808.6MB 2021-02-21T21:27:23.176Z
TWENTY_FOUR_ELDERS QmVzyJ3gvhgHNdGRXvVVWSXebQQg6bg9r1k6j8NvMvRKmN 116.5MB 2021-02-21T21:20:49.555Z
FRUMLEGTAN QmfWthJczoVknPNwomoEnayTKhkNQZuCNfTfsciw5Ma3PM 5.5MB 2021-02-20T04:09:25.320Z

In heaven we don’t need passwords–the system … just knows who you are … I think to myself is the key, the kind of thing that literally explains how the future won’t understand no locks on doors and entryways that have “warning signs” you don’t recall having to navigate “2continue

I’ve since “remedied” the noticable situation [ here, you can see arxivdotis has preserved the quick loading of something IPFS “lost completely” [but hopefully not really]–and you don’t even really realize that I was arrested recently … “just in time” to not be able to pay for the renewal of my primary .LA [ on the light of angels ] domain; though by the grace and pover of praver … I am here writing to you “still semi-free” just as you are; semi-fre

honest to goodness gracious; my personal advice regarding the current price of Bitcoin … with full “cave eat empty containor” … [ followers beware ] I think there’s a major downward correction in BTC, I think the Ethereum “community” is significantly more robust and involved in actual “modern day programming” and that even that software stack/group has “autistic-seeming-problems” of … the appearance of a lack of interest in this world and “this project.”

I’d call it significantly more than just a lack of interest in me; or of “denada” … but I truly fear a world that needs to be literally schooled in the meaning of “creatio ad nihilio” and how that might or should come about as a … something like “caduceus ex machina.”

We are “here”–at such a pivotal time in the “evolution of mind” and of society and of civilization that I simply cannot stress enough how little this has to do with “one man” and how much it has to do with “the [possible] fall of mankind.”

From the post Panama Canal island known as North America, 2/21/21



most of the "top level" and recent stuff added as .mhtml files including images. redundant; "apparently unlosable"

and i guess i do mean unloveable. pic.twitter.com/toGzXOtBaJ

— Adam Marshall Dobrin (@dobrin_adam) February 18, 2021

You can donate “real actual ethereum” to the address that sent this email to you; it’s part of [a group of of services using Ethereum identities to provide “stuff” like forums and authentication and email services–pretty cool stuff.

I discussed it quite a bit earlier–but I think we really need to see a new generation of email that combines things like threaded discussions and multimedia … “video conferencing” and more–with a public data store with GDPR compatible multi-sig and “user acceptable/creatable/modifiable/inheritable” contracts and levels of “object definitions.” To be honest I don’t even know if it’s possible to create “derivative contracts in chain” in the blockchain–but it would be pretty funny if I just “minted that idea”–too. I am funny, right?