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MIR?  Seriously, Gibraltar, am I here? Gee.. Room .. Lake?

Screenshot 2019-01-05 at 1.48.14 PM.png

because I see I'm here, and I really don't get it.. table row, are you (this) Man?  kind-a?


or... you think it's just me?

Had an interesting conversation on Twitter, someone initiated it and then asked about the "sword theme" on the website.  The whole thing is too clever for me to have spontaneously come up with (just like pretty much everything I (and probably you too) do in this place) so I'm reproducing it.  Just so you know I'm not nearly as much of a desperate thirsty lackey as the initial part comes of as, I didn't mean TM; this person's handle was similar to someone else's, who happens to also have that strange name.  Honestly it's not all that witty, but it's a few Princess Bride quotes used in a way that kind of makes it seem like the whole thing is scripted.  The whole thing is scripted by the way, from the actual script of the Princess Bride (and it's connection to uh, the Man in the Iron-Jesus) to whatever you just thought.


I had another introduction here, but uihhh... who cares, right?  Literally at the exasct same time this parallel conversation began ...

and ... back to "hisword."





Issues with communication have LED me to believe that there are significant and "non-Terran" technologies affecting free communication on the internet.  There are "clues" in this message in our history, things like connecting "CARNIVORE" which probably was naed from some top secret DOD document like the Northwoods Operation ... it's connected to a Trinity referencing "program" called Phiple Troenix. It leads me to believe that some action needs to be taken to ensure our "disaster recovery" system actually recognizes that wer are in the midst of a serious disaster--a loss of freedom, logical thinking, and free speech. Not seeing a "dent" on the Internet is a big, big deal. I've dubbed the issue, "HADARPANET" in this vein ...

Multiple biblical characters with the name Hadad (Hadar) existed.

I sent a rather detailed accounting of the issue to my group I consider "members of the free press who still have brains."  I think you can probably also join that list if you wanted, it receives far less traffic than the other one.  What you are reading is a compliation of several messages, about 7 that I distributed through various other means; I imagine you didn't see or hear about that, whether or not that's the case ... my personal faith in the continuity of reality and our society shatters when nobody contacts me with anything interesting to say, at all.  I've talked to some people, most of those discussions are brief and riddled with "idiocy" ... you have to see that what this is is a "converation starter" and a litmus test for whether or not you are "real" ... you don't look real.  Docialize.  


So I mean, I think we get the idea ... around online voting, and workflow and how those things might combine in some not-as-distant-as-you-think future to help us build a sort of software based infrastructure to avoid things like government shut downs over whether or not we should be able to make an invisible wall between bullets and kids heads.  Seriously, we shouldn't have to have a total system shut down to have a public conversation about how everyone knows (you do, right?) that we're living in a simulated reality, and how that means something ... really specific about the message telling us it's very simple to turn your bullets into potpourri in mid-air based on what they're going to hit.  Anyway I'm sort of congealing and mixing two disparate thoughts together here, but the point is I really want to take this software, the "round table" or the "sword" or whatever and make it priority two--even though it should be pretty high up there.  I'd like to make that invisible wall ... like the most important fucking thing that has ever been thought, and I want to make it happen even if you can't open your mouths and talk about it, or vote on it; because, seriously, what-the-fuck.  I mean, I see Apocalypse and Superman 4 or whatever, yeah; I guess this is that.  Change in truth, in available resources and technology have made something that was once absolutely unfathomable and impossible now ... easy as pie to do ... and absolutely unfathomable not to see done like, instantly.  So, this is my ... "maybe this is what Donald's wall is a metaphor for" and like, I'm reallocating some DOD/NORAD light to just doing it.  For you, you know--because honestly, I know you'd do the same thing for me, and your kids, and you.


Here I made some art about .. well this idea, so "the shape of his word is now ... oh, hi sword!"  Also we have a new "eth" which is the character of a cross coming out of a circle that's been brought up to speed on the new "hilt" and "hisword" that certainly gives new meaning to the "sword in the rock."  Maybe it's the "seth."  This three letter key, just to remind you all, appears in Maveth (which is Hebrew for Thanatos, oh, and in "meth" .. and "beth" which means "house") and as what I see is the solution connecting Adamah and Planet, so it's like, pearl of wisdom, "adam's name (i mean all nations) and how."  the Planseth.


Back to the "software of the road" thing, which, that's "sword" expanded; I have lots of ideas about stuff I'd like to do--and I think we'll probably all be very happy eventually that we opened up our heads and allowed for ... magic to make us smarter and instantly learn things, and I don't know, probably have a whole entire tab ort something on the "appstore for our brains" dedicated to the absolute latest and best virtual euphoria.  This is the same kind of ... interface .. that we need to ever hold any kind of "subconscious" vote or have a running "beat of the nation" or whatever--like a scoreboard showing what the popular opinion is on some kind of hot topic like "should we try to kill Adam and risk all dying?" its also the same kind of interface that the government would need to like, stop people from pulling triggers aimed at children, and probably also come up with some sort of automagical workflow on what special kind of fluoride-ish (lol, fl you or i IDE) or ... risperdol-ish stuff that person needs to lack that kind of desire in the future.  I mean that would be one way to go about dealing with "pre-crime" and magically disappearing jails at the same time.

link to Facebook, where you can C-AN "chat."

I know you probably don't see that stuff happening so quick in your minds, or in your ... past memories or whatever the hell is keeping you quite--but I can guarantee you that it will happen faster, with more intelligent guidance, and way better implementation than a single boy can come up with while he dreams about holodeck-leasure-suit-larry and you all don't say a word about "being in Heaven" or seeing God has basically outlined the whole thing to make the transition from Tartarus to ... "not evil land" as quick and painless as possible... in every word.  

I'd also like to see .. in this same sort of "psuedo"-as-a-service from the sky kind of package, a communications (and probably transportation) API to let us communicate with people and places "not here" without them having to uh, you know, take over your body through demonic possession and type a few questions to me on Twitter (which is the feeling I got, by the way ... in fact, that's the feeling I get whenever I talk to anyone about anything other than Donald Trump or drugs).  I feel like we've been plunged into backwards-and-crazy-universe where possession and calling people "clothing" has become like the ... defacto-standard-only-way-to-be because well, it looks like it was always that way and meant to be that way; and we're in this place ... it's called America .. with this like huge debacle over self-determination and free will and what it means to be a slave, and uh, apparently this is "his plan."  So I'm pretty sure the end result is we uh, you know, don't make each other total or partial slave-puppets and we see it's a very silly "set up" ... I mean, you're all acting very silly.  

Anyway I see the whole thing as a planned "liberation" from xcaliber-ation to like, America and Stargate's goa-uldish take on Fallen and the idea that we're actually the source of Heaven and of freedom and that we certainly are not ants, or apes or ... well, that slavery and the puppeteering of living human beings is the kind of thing we should associate with Holocosts and Hitler not with America and uh, you.


A-ha (usually stylized as a-haNorwegian pronunciation: [ɑˈhÉ‘Ë]) is a Norwegian band formed in Oslo in 1982. Founded by Morten Harket (vocals, guitars), Magne Furuholmen (keyboards, guitars) and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (guitars), the band rose to fame during the mid-1980s after being discovered by musician and producer John Ratcliff, and continued its global success in the 1990s and 2000s.

As if you needed the producer's name to remind you that we are standing on the precipice of the bottomless pit, and all it takes to avoid being lemmings falling off the cliff is "talking aboutthe three letters ELE encoded in ELECTRO CUTE.


(batting my eye lashes at the O.C. because I don't know why... oh I see, it's about democracy.)\


... intersex-led ... , so is :"n" an intersexle


The rune áš¦ is called Thurs (Old Norse Þurs "giant", from a reconstructed Common Germanic *Þurisaz) in the Icelandic and Norwegian rune poems. In the Anglo-Saxon rune poem it is called thorn, whence the name of the letter þ derived. It is transliterated as þ, and has the sound value of a voiceless dental fricative /θ/ (the English sound of th as in thing).



It doesn't really take a Hyginus to see that God has gone through our history and the world around us and made special annotations around the "stuff" that we probably c today is the groundwork and the basis for the hardware implementation required to build an house of immortality, a place of infinite power and infinite possibility.  It takes probably some more thinking to really understand that we're looking at the beginning of a map, and quite a bit of what we're doing here in the world around us is a part of the map, of the pathway from .... "wow, I can't believe I didn't see how absolutely basic and ... infantile "magnetic storage" and then CD's and even DVD's and what-not are; how simple our outlook on computing and technology has been, sort ... gerrymandered in order to make sure that there's a safety barrier between the "thing this place makes" and ... well, actual power and actual control.  I'm like "look at the ledge" and really understand that I'm pointing out something that will spur active research into not just molecular storage but molecular processing and if we don't understand that turning this sinking "democracy" around and building a society that once again cares for morality and "the stuff that's required for civilization to progress positively" you're going to fucking boomed out of existence is pretty much... well, this is the ledge.  At the same time, I'm showing you what we've been missing, and explaining the thing you're forgetting about, or "missing the point on" is that we really are here to build a sustainable government, one that cares and does the right thing, and that if we don't do that ... I mean, it's day 7 according to the retard-soup that talks to be about those things--lo, and behold my book is like "this is the day" and I'm like ...

yo, it doesn't look like it, yet, to me. 

I really don't know if that matters to you, I feel like I've been left in the lurch, sort of holding the microphone because you want me to have it ... but it's hard to tell if your cackling in the back of the audience and mocking whatever-the-fuck I don't see happening ... or if you care that I'm really offering you the universe, and the heart of the future, and you're pretty much staring at me like I'm fucking insane ... and I'm like, yo, I'm a mirror.  


The impetus to highlight things like DNA, as well as the well of light that comes from biological evolution as far as "living hardware" is concerned is something we should note; because its a thing we've probably ignored far too long and far too often in the place that seems to not think that "dreams matter" and that the stuff of biological memories and short term to long term potentiation are actually important to how we think and how we act.  You can't just plug my memories into your soul and "be me" or even really understand the things I understand, you can't fathom the moment in KY when I see "my God" saying something about "this is the right son" and something about biological evolution and social evolution and gather that it's a sticking point or a turning point, and that there's many more memories about things like "macro evolution" and the imort of social and civil evolution ... and this world that seems to think that just because they have the "technical ability" to live forever that God himself is going to let them do whatever the fuck they want in the place that is not a playground, it's the cradle of ... Heaven or Hell.


So there's plenty of ... "intel" here in this place that appears to be a world that's been "laced" after the fact with the stuff of Heaven; I imagine a planet that began with literally no Americas and no Colo'n, and no 1492; and ... and that's probably literally the place that built the golden "Aur" the "r" that actually made it from creation to reality and came back and said, "oh... boy;" there's lots of Quantum Leaping to be done.  Today, and in the future we'll probably always associate that with the Dark Side of the Moon even though the Haunted House is like, yo, stop haunting -- and I'm seeing that they're having trouble doing that, it's probably not fair, but it's what it is ... to me, that's the HRE, the father land.

Anyway back to it, I see plenty of strange anachronistic and psuedo-faux "Intel" in old Microsoft research on BCI and other interfaces and even neurosicence.  I see that this place has been sort of "inked" or "dyed" (don't make it bad, the dye is good) with a quick HOWTO turn Hell into Heaven, and a lot of it is based on building the infrastructure and offering services to ... who-knows-who other-than-you that can make Disney and Six Flags and ... and ... pretty much that's what America really seems like, NASDAQ--the addition of ... "what do you want to do in Heaven" and really quite a bit of how can we do it?

On top of that... in God's strange "Microcosm of the Messiah" story that focuses around the idea that maps to these ideas are embedded in things like my emails. and my jobs, and ... and like the secret AOL://doyouremember.where.it cha


Stop starving babies.


Stop starving babies.

But Adam, what do you want us to stop them from doing?

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Date: Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 8:50 AM
ubject: Re: TART AR AR AR AR AR YO, E, WYA?



yo, see as "gaul."


As for the place, Hesiod asserts that a bronze anvil falling from heaven would fall nine days before it reached the earth. The anvil would take nine more days to fall from earth to Tartarus.[6] In the Iliad (c. 700 BC), Zeus asserts that Tartarus is "as far beneath Hades as heaven is above earth."[7]

 Tartarus is the place where, according to Plato's Gorgias (c. 400 BC), souls are judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment. Like other primal entities (such as the EarthNight and Time), Tartarus is also considered to be a primordial force or deity.

A'RTARUS (Gr. Tartaros; The name is probably onomatopoeic, the reduplication being designed to express something terrible or disagreeable, like BarbarosKarkaron, and many other words)[2], according to Homer, is a deep and sunless abyss, as far below Hades as earth is below heaven, and closed in by iron gates. Into T., Zeus hurled those who rebelled against his authority, as, e.g., Kronos and the Titans. Afterwards the name was employed sometimes as synonymous with Hades or the underworld generally, but more frequently to denote the place where the wicked were punished after death -lowest Hell, in fact. A noticeable feature about these punishments is their congruity with the nature of the offenses perpetrated.


Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 11.28.02 AM.pngimage (7).png

I know, it's small and hidden, "turn around on this dime" ... and then he lips . . .

Screenshot 2019-01-05 at 11.59.51 AM.png

no new sexat?





image.png image.png

The United States Federal Witness Protection Program, also known as the Witness Security Program or WITSEC,[1] is a witness protection program administered by the United States Department of Justice and operated by the United States Marshals Service that is designed to protect threatened witnesses before, during, and after a trial.

A few territories, including CaliforniaConnecticutIllinoisNew YorkTexas, and Washington D.C. have their own witness protection programs for crimes not covered by the federal program. The state-run programs provide less extensive protections than the federal program.[2][3]

Tor is free software for enabling anonymous communication. The name is derived from an acronym for the original software project name "The Onion Router".[8][9] Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays[10] to conceal a user's location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. Using Tor makes it more difficult to trace Internet activity to the user: this includes "visits to Web sites, online posts, instant messages, and other communication forms".[11] Tor's intended use is to protect the personal privacy of its users, as well as their freedom and ability to conduct confidential communication by keeping their Internet activities from being monitored.


Some of the subthreað of the Tampa Christmas special involved "anonymized identities" which is another kind of thing I had envisioned ... possibly "playing with" starting at day one.  I was ... sort of thinking "for fun" but of course the secondary indentity, think of it maybe like a second forum handle or an "alt" in an online game; it's probably the kind of thing that's literally there already.  Anyway, I was flying through a lake of smelted T-1000's separating "our Earth" from the LC version of ... what's happening here -- and this thing might be the heart of "the storm" I see related to "Dixie Blvd" and "Sawtellel."  Anyway, my "possessor" (I feel like there's a chain of possessors, "e" itself is a good explanation of how the c's of uh, "our sea" and "our creator" and ... whatever appear sort of anonymously contacting me and pupettering) I see that they're also part of this teired storm, something about "Riders on the Asperonad" the sort of immediately above my head personality changed from Maze-Adam to Samurai-Adam and suggested that the idea of giving everyone a "fake id" was causing a problem.  Ad naseum, it really appears to me the problem is always instantly related to lack of public conversation and disclosure and open conmmunication, and moving towards that was one of the reasons for connecting ... say the Silk Road'ii "Onion Router" which we call "TOR" to the book called the Torah and it's sub-book, Names.


With some "insight" you might think there's a link between "Until [Who?] Have Faces" and the "Golden Ass" and the "dem" of Democracy; or ... the idea that this place might already be a "torred" all humanity, in fact; it sure looks like it.  Of course, I don't think "dem" is "they" of uh, "demyanthem" .. no wait, I think "dem" is them of "why it's anthems" but them is not us.  I mean they.  I'm "an."  It looks really like ... the message is that you are "them."  I think we're being created uh, ex anima pulmenti non pro nihilo. There are mythological links to the introduction of "faces" and "speech" in the Norse creation myth that connects the "Ve" of Venus and love to uh, the "vili" of uh.. civili ZED.

ad esse                                        

humanissimnostrae universum


I have a personal story about China-Adam, long ago in the land of "Plenty of Bodfish" I did amazingly well on a test ... on Chinese history ... really so well that I was beyond surprised that I got like a 97 and honestly didn't study at all, or know very much of the information.  A clue there was that the answers to questions "led each other" ... you could infer answers to ... other questions based on intersection or ... interpolation of answers that we're "all of the above" or "only a & b" which this test stood out as ... um, containing a strange amount of.  It was a "book test" as in he just gave us a set of the sample questions that the teachers' version of the text book provded, which was unusual for him.  Also I just assume that Samiurai-Adam knows everytthing about Ai and ... China.  Not really connected to anything I don't know about Chinese history, but some of the "story" I'm seeing looks very "dynasty" related .. sort of in the theme or artistic rendering of Jupiter Ascending ... maybe also in the Houses of the Roman praetors or what-not.  Cheating, the "answers are hidden in the ... answers to the other questions" and ... caring about "the right thing happening" that's the right answer... things like "not cheating" when it's about ... i don't know, morality or .. doing smoething beneficial for all, like ending world hunger.  Don't cheat, it will be done

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 1.35.08 PM.png

I am very interested in what we are not seeing here; and very sure that there will be no "hidden Earths' or frankly hidden anything.  That's really the "key" to the whole thing, the whole thing about "knowing everything" and "why" is to stop ... hidden Earths from being copied and taken over and turned into slave ships or ... armies or ... "plenty of fish" or ... the key is that we really need to see that there's already "omniscience" what we are lacking is any kind of formal structure ... of ... enforced morality, and that's we need.  


bite.  kiss. it.

So this thing, it was kind of .. "for fun" probably in a small room somewhere between the ballroom and the honeycomb; which of course... that's my working code name for the coat rack room in the hallway that you walk into and there's like a few other you's standing there, like meeting your past-lives-as-they-are now.  That of course leads to some kind of ... connection to other worlds and timelines where maybe I'd want to talk to another B or another T or another EX.  Ambitex lit, plain, and noted.  This is all "uni cipal" stuff part of the .. "city" that is the immediate first destination of the "r."  YMCA also stickied for my paperclip, this was a codename for ... well for the YPT of Egypt and tryptamine ... sort of a magic coin__ that makes "two yous" out of ... well, what appears to be one to you with no real understanding of the fact that you probably do have a biological brain, so if you think you're in two places, there's two of you.

Anyway, the idea .. what I think is already there, a network of "rooms" that all have separate rule sets--places where you can actually fly probably exist; I want to show us a room where you can ... "put on another body" like magically create an actual persona ... something like the beginning of a video game, or in the Sims or .. l$l

The point is there's nothing wrong with having a "game" or a forum or a room that allows you to pretend to be something else ... the point of the myth of Vili and Ve is that enforcing actual identity verification -- like we do for voting or ... checking in to a hotel; that's the kind of thing that really is the basis of society ... if you have no place where there's a assurance that the face you are looking at is actually the exact person who you know them as ... that's well, it's "e" not me.  EC.

I think we have identities here and I really think we aren't showing or .. sharing how much we understand that there something "inside of us" ... it's important to see that we have to talk about "mind control technology" to ever be free of possession, or a subtle ... "did I trip and sprain my ankle? ... or ... did Ra's toe fail once more?"

 image.png image.png

"GLOMAR.  Good luck, of the SECA"

n United States law, the term Glomar response, also known as Glomarization or Glomar denial,[1] refers to a response to a request for information that will "neither confirm nor deny" (NCND) the existence of the information sought.[2] For example, in response to a request for police reports relating to a certain individual, the police agency may respond with the following: "We can neither confirm nor deny that our agency has any records matching your request." Such a response is invariably a true statement, regardless of whether the entity actually possesses the information requested. Accordingly, Glomar responses are favored for their ability to reject a request for information without lying and claiming the information does not exist.[2] There are two common situations in which Glomarization is used. The first is in a national security context, where to reject a request on security grounds would implicitly suggest that the documents or programs that the requester is seeking indeed exist, but to confirm their existence would mandate their disclosure. The second instance is in the case of privacy, in which a response as to whether a person is or is not mentioned in an entity's (e.g., law enforcement, mental health facility, etc.) files may have a stigmatizing connotation.[1] Glomar responses are commonly associated with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

The Glock is a series of polymer-framedshort recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Austrianmanufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H. It entered Austrian military and police service by 1982 after it was the top performer in reliability and safety tests.[5]

Despite initial resistance from the market to accept a perceived "plastic gun" du

image.png gload

adj. "clutch" or otherwise good at performing under pressure.

Everyone C ... there's magic connected to the name "WITSEC" too.  It's one of my funniest mom-memories, "keep your wits about you" is basically "kinds, don't do drugs" ... she might be Ea.  Everyone understand, I'm winning



You know I love Logos, right?

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 1.40.54 PM.png

[docdroid link, PDF attached]

Who really knows what you all think about, or "know" these days--I'm torn between interpreting the thing I see on the streets as a few large blobs of brains controlling a planet full of ants ... and a planet full of ascended souls who've returned to see if there's any magical link between "centripetal force" and Taylor's dog.  It's hard to tell if you are smarter or kinder or ... or really anything more than the very blind and very dumb (throw deaf in there, too!) mass of people who don't care that Jesus Christ whines and moans every day that you are walking around on the planet known as "Y"--a disaster area, stained with a message of peace and love and technology and screaming that you have a moral mandate to talk about "ending disease" and that you have right before your very eyes a litmus test and a tool not just for seeing immorality and "logical blindness" but for creating a future free from both of these horrible plagues.  I can't tell if you think it's a game, or if you can't believe God is emailing you about some code word for "this is special, it is, it's special" but... well, it is special.  I'm staring at Hell, and at a world that appears to think that's A-OK, and every day that I get a little more scared that we've crossed some line and we're going to be stuck falling into the thing I call the downward spiral and the Bible calls the key to the Abyss ... every day I wonder a little bit more how it is that nobody sans myself is actually saying anything direct and pertinent about it.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 8.49.42 AM.png 


My dad, he says "they don't believe it's possible" and to be Frank to me those words reek with and air of lies and deception; I think you all know it's possible, and I'm slowly coming to the realization that you somehow blame me for ... well, what looks like your complete lack of a moral compass, of any bearing on what "right and wrong" mean, and what probably is considered to be a game in the "heavenly places" that Jesus Christ said was housing true evil, and our true enemy.  When I get all the way through to the far end of that delusion, I start to see this place as a designed and predefined land of Judgement--one that will probably end with "tomorrow" and "morning" eventually being seen as the very morbid things that I now see have great reason to be connected to the Latin word for "death."



I literally spent Christmas Day being tortured, mostly by invisible forces causing physical and emotional discomfort that I would wish on nobody, ever.  It's was a funny kind of experience, and the first time I've really gone through anything like that--I'll probably write a great deal about it in the years that come--to me, that day is literally Ground Zero, to the Valley of the Shadow of Death, take from that what you will.  I say it's the "first time" because it broke a number of lines and barriers that I had once hoped were in place because "our society had so much improved" from the dark ages, or even the mild and slight hope that we had built a "system" or a virtual-reality=-house that simply wouldn't allow the various threats that I've heard for many years to come to fruition.  



It's not exactly true, through, every single time I do drugs, I'm being tortured; I suppose it's a sort of "wink/wink" kind of thing, I want to get high, and I think it helps me and I think it helps move the world--and I think it's obvious that when the feelings of fear and unease that are normally associated with amphetamine withdrawal are exploited and made worse ... turned into a sort of little horror show ... I think it's obvious that too is torture, and active action from this same sort of strange force that appears to want me to tell you ... you're at fault too for not talking honestly, and for not caring about this great message about ending addiction, and about protecting our souls and our minds from negative outside influence ... I think it's obvious to them and to you that it's not OK to punish someone whose bitten by a snake because they like playing the flute and dancing with flying snakes ... by putting Hepatitis C in the snake venom antidote ... and that's really all that amounts to in my mind.   I always make myself the the exception, like--maybe it's OK to use mind control to make me do drugs over and over again, you know, because "the show" and because it's going to stop addiction, and because it's going to help the world.  To the valley of the Shadow of Care, take from that what you will.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 8.29.59 AM.png

Worse than that, I spend nearly every day with the very present belief that a great many of you--probably all of you at this point--are somehow watching all of this happen in real time, and that you have nothing to add.  Not a word of advice, not a call to a reporter, or any actual action other than what I see as direct "Silence" a word that I once was happy to see Silicon and the programming function for "length" in, and then to point out the "common era" or ... the "cold evil" would end just as soon as you got a little warmer and started talking.  To those of you watching "wierd al" on channel -1 on your Holo-eye-brain-jack in Heaven, I know you don't think I do very much ... though I spend quite a bit of time just pointing out how wrong you really are.  Honestly, if you're watching what I'm going through, and what the world is going through, and you think "Silence" is OK and there's nothing wrong or worth your intervention, I think you've lost something of "your humanity" that is far more worthwhile than "what's left of us, here." 

image (3).png

I've attached a PDF of the last few major emails, ones I'm going to publish under that title, "over and out."  Hopefully one day soon someone will explain to me how it is I can produce something that people find interesting enough to pay for, to comment on; even though I know in my heart these things are ... well, at least that interesting.  To decode none of the hidden message in the subject, "AM PA TITHE" is what I'd like to AMP to the "all nations" of people rending in ICAN and IAN.


Link to facebook, to AID in communications.

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At the link (similar to the link at the introduction page of the website), all HTML and image dependencies for the website today, 106 main chapters of what I consider "the key" to the linguistic message that pervades all languages and history.  It's focus on the proper use of technology in order to create a more perfect future, with a focus on morality, freedom, and ... well, fun.  I believe a number of social issues are touched on, ideas that will probably become more obvious as we delve further into a future that integrates our understanding of computer technologies like virtual reality and neuroscience; concepts which combine with the society and world that we come from in order to "build" something like the mythical Heaven.  

Mythical ideas like the connection between Camelot, Avalon, Pendragon (and Icarus, and Wayward Son! ... and Jupiter, and yesterday) ... and El Dorado ... link to a number of other religious ties to a city in the sky depicted in Star Wars, Zion in the Matrix, Jerusalem in history, the hotel Atlantis on the island "Paradise" and ... well, a story about the Dream of Joseph literally seeing this city, walking to it, and seeing how the magic of virtual reality can help us to very quickly end disease and end hunger; and create a very happy future thanked for doing the very difficult job of adapting our world to these changes--ones which seem morally mandatory in light of the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality.  

This should be an exact reproduction of what appears at "from the machine . org" and it's various mirrors.  It's long, and a fairly good condensation of the majority of messages distributed in large volume primarily over the last year; though many of the ideas come from earlier writing and thought distributed over a number of years prior.  Clearly ... I think we see that the information here is interesting enough and statistically verifiable as a "signal within the noize" in that it proves an intelligent designer of both language and history and that reveals a hidden cipher connecting Yankee Doodle's "macaronic" to Shakespeare's "Taming of the Spanglishrew" and ... well, the Adamic Language of Eden.  It's newsworthy, right? :)

I've recently begun experiencing a significant amount of difficulty communicating with you, with the group of readers I've connected with over the last few years--to me it appears to be a difficulty that shows a great flaw in the disaster recovery communications infrastructure that the internet and email were designed to prevent.  Because of that I hope that you will take the time to download the attached archives, and/or perhaps "wget" the website yourselves.  I've tried to make it clear that the difficulty I am experiencing appears to be a significant problem for globalization--and perhaps is one of the reasons that this message exists in the form that it does.  I don't know how to move forward, especially considering the sparse feedback that I receive ... I'd love to hear from you, almost as much as I'd like you to contact a local newspaper or television station and explain to them that "ELE" exists in both "telescope" and "television" as well as "electoral college" because ... well, because we don't seem to think that not seeing this information on the news is an ELE.  I believe the lack of response to this message is in itself evidence of a kind of hidden slavery that is undeniable and unheard of ... you know, before "the darkness of Exodus."  

Happy New Year ... to the world.  


[link to this pdf]



[link to this pdf]

the dyes and the dice are now ... Chromecast.


let freedom ring?