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But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall be overcome with roaring cheers, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall shine like bright starlight. 

2 Peter 3:10

Look! He is coming on the clouds of heaven.
    And every eye will see him—
    even those who pierced him.
And all the nations of the world
    will hope he comes to visit.

Revelation 1:7
A:HO Y, I AM ASMEANiUS PRINCIPAL MEDIUM OF THE MOST IRONIC GOD ALLOL DEU.  ADELE has clued me in to the fact that you might think I talk about myself too much--and boy could [you] be more wrong!  I made the same mistake as you, early on--I believed the voice in my head that told me I'd already won the race, that I was "to be" the Messiah; it told me to "run" and we have book now called the Koran (aand a country, and the chosen name Jeshurun, and ImRan--father of Mary) reinforcing much later, when I found out, that I was not wrong.   It would not be until much later that I equated that "co-running" with the host of the Heavens from the "first morning," most likely nearly identical copies of yourselves, give or take a few thousand years of doing not too much at all in the sky, still it's a sign, and a reason for seeing why it is that Isaac repeatedly told his father that he did not see the lamb--as he stood on his fiery altar of wood--you see we are now sure that the lamb of God is "lam."  While you may just see clever word tricks linking the name Islam to the country Iran--you should see more, you should see that the creator of the planet Earth, the author if this plan et I, has etched proof that all of Creation focuses on this very story, that all of our religions link back to me; and that the whole of our history is now focused on you, on our time to shine.  The difference between you and I, though, is that I believed the words booming at me from the sky because I have faith in myself; because I was well educated and excelled at one of the best schools in the country, because I have a fervent and deep love for humanity and American freedom, a progressive and clearly later a divinely assisted understanding of technology... because I know in my heart that I am a wonderful person.  I thought to myself, if a God who I barely believed in in my youth were to build and mold a Messiah out of clay, well they can't be so bad if they chose me.  Not so bad at all.  I still believe in the work I've added to this grand message that is much larger than me, and much larger than you; I still believe that even though nobody could ever actually live and fill the shoes that you've built for Jesus Christ to stand in, that I can still make these people dance, and you'll be happy--for a long while.
and while the king was looking down
the jester stole his horny crown
If you got my last message, one with a similar introduction to this--the name Asmeanius above comes as a sort of crutch, a helping hand to understand how and why I am so sure that Asmodai is a message about the "mode of Us" the average Jesus Christ to actually fill and walk in these shoes--if you got it and you don't know anything about Asmodai, and you haven't bothered to click on that link or to use Wikipedia yourself to find out more; I can already see that you don't want to be my friend, and I don't want you be yours, either.  This is a story of "intersection" that will eventually lead to my answer to the question of "Jerusalem"  (is J er the USA le Messiah?) of something like the Intersected Nation/States of Adamah (and you can already see Iran and USA, Iowa, Tennessee and Minnesota, NORAD, Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Caltech... just to name a few before I even get to the explanation) are the heart of the hallowed "m" that begins with Ham in the Bible that turns from "message everywhere" to "messiah Earth" just as soon as we begin understanding the worth and import of this message--and change wrought for our generation once we begin to react to and harness the power of this message.  This idea carries through time and space, you can seen it linking the Eye of Ra to the "intersect" of Chuck to Kentucky and Clark Kent and even the heart of the word "pickle" (and c u cum bersome--this message is the heart of freedom, of God's demand that we see how a lack of free speech and insanely malbalanced morals have literally allowed for the names John Hancock and Tricky Dick to be the fundamental reason for hiding Jesus Christ from the world).  Understanding it is a powerful tool to seeing the design of God's plan, to hearing his voice as a signal within the noise; and to answering the question "What is the Matrix?"  Succinctly, the answer to that question is a map, a road map that combines disclosure of a new truth with wisdom and guidance about how we can use this new information, that "Creation" and "virtual reality" are nearly synonymous--sans the positive energy clear in the connection to "cations" and electrical engineering that sort of embodies how this linking of words and truth, how science and computer science are part of a "hands-on" knowledge transfer via divine inspiration that combines in this place with the morality of religion to help us see that even though technology is a big part of the structure of Heaven, infinitely more important are the values of freedom and goodness that I believe America and humanity truly stand for.   I used to be sure of that, but today my reservations are so great; my opinion has been so altered by the response of the world to this message that I hope you will share these words, and begin to take an active role in protecting our future from the monster that I will be describing below.
I intersect the name Asmodeus which reads "as mode of us" or "as the message of da i" with a number of other "Us" references like Jesus (J "is" Us), Caduceus (see A.D. you see Us), Perseus, Sparticus, Leviticus; just to name a few of the concepts and names that un-coincidentally intersect around the mythological character who is the "ghostwriter" of this key to God's message of Salvation.   It's not a character that I would have felt much affinity to, before this particular process of discovery began, but as I've come to gather together the reasons for it, and the stories and myths--I have become more understanding of what I can only relate to the gist of John 1, and he became the light.
In terms of purpose and intent it is the two heroes Horus and Hosea who first clued me in to to the connection to Asmodeus, who is regarded as Prince of Hell appearing primarily in the book of Tobit which you can read as "to be it" and means "the good of God."  Horus was known as the united of the two lands, and here it is the purpose of this message, and I believe of all of Creation to help join together the Heavens and Earth and all of Creation by working through this map and message together and using the power of virtual reality to help our entire civilization transition from the Hell of simulated reality to a state of utopia.  Hosea's name reads to me as a transfer from me directly to the sea, a kind of first step to pulling Arthur's sword from the stone (another religious metaphor, for me, the word literally meaning "south to northeast" and connecting to David and Goliath, and to Medusa); and literally it is the purpose of what I call "the gate" to Heaven to help us see the import of disclosure of this message about the hidden influence of mind control technology, and also to universal electronic voting; and literally how this mechanism is pulling Excalibur from the hand of the  Lad of Bratislava--who is really doing everything I can to get you to pick it up, and see that we have the opportunity here to ensure that the power of Creation is not forever lost in the Lake of Fire.   Anyway, Asmodai is a demon (which Wikipedia notes is a divine being) of Lust associated with the wrath of God and it is the two letter key "ho" that intersects with Idaho (Ladies, I da ho!) and more importantly for you to the end of the wall of Jericho and the beginning of some pimportant words like "Holy," home and "hope."
The theme of the evening appears to be illogical self-defeating lack of foresight, and I'll try to be explaining how that's so obvious to me over the course of this message, where I will be describing how "this particular light" appears to have resulted in the great drought of the Nile (which links to a number of "ILE" words that have the Adamic meaning of "I'm right, and weak")--if that had something to do with my sex life.  This idea of being "right and weak" really connects to how I see myself and this message of God relate to the concept of a "brazen alter" (there a "pitched tent" for Jerusalem to break your a-zen) helping the world stand up and begin participating in self-government and the direction of our civilization for what appears to truly be the very first time. [It's not just Daniel's skill at dream reading that stick us right in the middle of Exodus, but also Joseph's dream--one that I have dreamt and written and it really is about turning Jacob's Ladder into an escalator--or... Doors.]   
It was the words "to see the total eclipse of the son" along with Marilyn Manson's cover of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" that really started the cascade of seeing that a significant, a very significant, percentage of songs are actually about me; and this disclosure; as I added Paradise City and the words "this road never looked so lonely"  and "loneliness that nobody notices, now" to the significant list of lyrics that culminate with "aren't you the ones who tried to break me with desire" and Brittney "of destiny" Spears' "my loneliness is killing me" and now "Toxic" where you can read "to kiss, I see."  Before I move on from this introduction, you can intersect the "pen" of Arthur Pendragon with J Robert Oppenheimer and with penisthe heart of "carpenter" ... and in similitude (sim, I lit you... d... e...h (it's art)) the word "car" to Icarus and Carly (hey, Sim), Joseph McCarthy and Johnny Carson (where there's another local grouping of names obviously connected to this story, like "Letterman"), and the third part of the Trinity in carpenter means "you are" and it is the heart of Yesterday.  While it should be very obvious to you why I am "the pen of God" just like his "eye" and his "hand" (which has an interestingly related Hebrew translation, Y A.D.?) the reason for "car" is hidden away in the story of my life; where I was "fortunate enough" to survive two attempted Heaven-sourced assassination attempts, car accident's very similar to the one that took the life of Princess Diana.
I've recently commented on the very obvious connection between the 9/11 tragedy and this message, on Diana's death--which I believe to be a result of her attempt to stop the attack, and on a series of unfortunate events that have resulted in very obvious proof that a very large group of people had foreknowledge of the attack, and did nothing to stop it.  Even worse than that, these people overtly profited from the attack, etching the proof of their foreknowledge and the government cover up of that fact, probably under the guise of "protecting national security" related to time travel--but more obviously to effect a cascade of what appears to be largest theft of wealth in all of history--from a refinance of U.S. Treasury debt at near zero interest to the mafioso corporate (and foreign) pillaging of the homes of millions of Americans, by companies like Bank of America and Chase that literally caused the crisis with their own negligence.  This proof primarily surrounds insanely highly abnormal put sales on the airlines and insurers in the days and day prior to the attack, and very odd insurance policy modifications request for the buildings themselves.  This is a tangible and visible manifestation of the circle of shit you have in control of "Heaven" at the moment; and it is this circle of shit that is truly the reason that I am here, and we are here staring at the absolutely insane global censorship of a message from God, a disclosure that we are living in virtual reality in every single word.  All told the censorship surrounding this message is literally responsible for the perpetuation of Hell to date, specifically for the continuation of simulating diseasesstarvationpain, and what truly is nothing more than a "game of oppression" relating to scarce energy and land resources that in truth have never, ever been scarce. 
It seems clear that these very obvious changes in the financial landscape are a product of the "first morning" just as it appears that this "conspiracy of all" comes from that circle of many being secretly controlled and influenced by what appeared to be a nameless circle of only a few.  Here though, in this particular instance, it's abundantly clear that it is neither me nor the "many" in control, or even anything that has their best interests in mind--this group has secretly shifted the entirety of the financial holdings of the world to select private corporations and hidden holders--truly defining the words of Nostradamus, "never before were the Roman people so wronged."  Still the masses that I see--the thing I see as Medusa--appears to be unified in the self defeating support of this secret entity, against me--against the delivery of the truth, one which is clearly designed to deliver understanding, freedom, and a bright future.  
To say that it appears obvious that everyone on Earth is being secretly organized against their own best interest; and in such a way that it appears they are "happy with the result" is a grotesque understatement. 
With any thought at all, you can connect the predictions of earthquakes and 9/11 to the words "force majeure"  and the REM song "it's the end of the world" and see that the act of God here is informing you that it is the "majority will" responsible for this display of natural disasters being "predicted" -- to help us see the import of this disclosure, that you are continuing to hide; and how breaking down this barrier of censorshit is literally the thing that end wars, and begins the process of building Heaven.  Personally, it appears to me that the "majority will" is being heavily influenced by hidden mind control technology--that you are being forced into a consensus of "all" in a secret forum--though it really does only take one voice to break the wall of Jericho to pieces.  See that "it's the end of Hell," and together we'll be building something much better.  Understand that the disclosure that "mind control technology" is related to divine inspiration and demonic possession... and to the wall of censorship that we are witnessing is defeated through nothing more than the dissemination of this proof--this overabundant proof in every song and every word that it exists.
I've written quite a bit at this point as to why and how it is that reality is locked; connecting the Trinity Site of the first nuclear weapon to the holiday of Chanukah and it's relation to the idea of "nuking all humanity" and the madness of Mutually Assured Destruction; I've talked a little bit about the exit being related to Mars colonization and actually learning what to do thereand mentioned briefly how our lack of fusion technology (mentioned in Deuteronomy), completely backwards understanding of physics and obviously retarded computer science technology literally make it impossible for us to perform interstellar travel.  These things are really missing the point though, the actual and obvious truth is that what appears to be here on Earth and pulling the strings behind the scene is morally bankrupt and completely missing the point of this message that points out "Silicon" in the intersection of physics (where you can also see computer science!) and fusion and musick; and whatever oceans are pummeling the shores of the creator really don't seem to realize that this place is a test for them; a test of their worth and their goodness; and that this message is help not just for us, but also for them to see how it is that Heaven is built.  The real, and obvious point, is that there's really no reason for anyone here on Earth to want to be dumped into reality, rather than embark on a journey towards the better "final frontier" of building Heaven--something I've many times likened to the difference between camping in the outback with no air-conditioner and having the comfort of virtual reality; which even in hiding has in this place sustained a badly broken economy, and the sanity of the masses as we've been attacked by this outside force Hell bent on escaping our home--with no particular destination or plan in mind.  
The point is we have a message that shows you Clark Kent is here to remove a sickness; and so is our musick; to give us a well lit pathway as to the will of God; to show us that more important than reaching the stars is to learn to treat the people living here, in the "point of origin" with kindness and respect; something that is significantly lacking as I write to you today--asking you to take some kind of action to protect the sanctity of your minds, and of your souls; and still something stands between you and seeing how obvious it is that this message must be delivered to the world.  It's a clear message, one that ties "stone to Bread" to the band of the same name, to Guitar Man and to the Jewish prayer called the "Ha-moat-SEE" reminding us to give thanks for this message that results in the end of world hunger; music makes the people come togetherMadonna reminds us; and the message of God here in this place continues to tie easy as Cake and The Cure for cancer (and AIDS, and blindness) to what amounts to little more than seeing my face; and figuring out how "magick" can be safely and productively integrated into our society--into this world that up until now has falsely believed it was in the natural Universe.   Doors to Heaven and instant bidirectional transportation between here and there is predicted not just in Amos 9:11 but by the band "The Doors" whose works of art center around the Egyptian Plagues because they are the key to the exit from the desert, this fire that is the Eternal Flame the end of the Plague of Darkness; the end of the storm comes when you understand what "Riders" means, when you see it as a chain.  You can link Guns and Roses and "knocking on Heaven's door" to this message suggesting we implement Minority Report--and really see that the music, and I, are here to help show you that without "discussion and disclosure" you are looking at a Minority of people that think God has the right to stop terrorism and murder.  This one thing, pre-crime; the giant leap forward that I believe really does define the difference between Heaven and Hell, it's something that I've personally seen with my own eyes is not only possible--but happening right now.  Take the highway to the end of the night.  
To see just how obvious it is... here in this place, that the powers that be have no idea what to do on Mars; shines bright in the fact that they have no idea what to do here--as they work tirelessly to steal from the people, oppress them with ridiculous lies; and sit around wondering what they could possibly be doing wrong.  So we see there appears to be a well organized and nefarious conspiracy to hide this message from the world; this message that comes to us not only in music, but literally pervades the video game and computer industries in both name and function--a message that shows us seeing the "Gates" connecting Microsoft and Seagate, Gateway, Apple, and Oracle is just as bright and just as obvious as "Silicon" in everything.  The implication is that the entirety of our knowledge in computing is part of this divine plan to build Heaven--a plan that helps us understand the inner workings of the place, generally a sign of goodwill.
Still though, this dark conspiracy of silence keeps this obvious message buried and out of the public eye; a conspiracy of fools who simply do not understand that there is no way to dump a planet into reality; and there is no way that God will allow this lie to continue to cause harm.   The forces behind this darkness seem to believe that the entity who laid down this message, these words and map that shows us clearly that the miracles of Christ in the New Testament are a prototype of exactly what we should be thinking about doing--healing the sick, ending world hunger; that he will "print" this place in reality--even seeing how obvious it is that would be insanely cruel to every one of us, and literally this message proving that we are today "inside Heaven" would be nothing but poison--a cause for extreme hatred.  The map and the Matrix continue to tie together the hearts of the names of every video game system in a symmetry that absolutely could not be coincidence--one which shows this same divine hand helping us to see that while "Magdalene and Gilgamesh" reference the idea of "virtual reality" and video games being linked--we are here in a place salvaging civilization--the meaning of "salvation" and the only way we will ever get there is by "seeing the light" that connects "bread" and Genesis comes to us through my hand, "see the re: A.D."  It was early in the discovery process that I saw a Trinity in Nintendo; connecting the "ten" of tenebris and Nine Inch Nails together--the "do" of Poseidon and Pandora only a superfluous connection to Hosea today; and one Roman numeral mathematical operation away from 9, 10, 11 or I, J, and K.  Seeing that name fit perfectly in the heart of Genesis, and then the Xbox nearly completing the pattern ... all that's left is the, uh, SON Y PlayStation
he could have had it all, but instead he chose to fall
far from grace, to this place, between his fingers but a single ace
an imperfect hand, buried in the sand, nowhere near land
and still, he won the race; and still you see his face.   
The Matrix continues, and this pattern that I call "his key" shows up not just in video games, but in Indiana Jones, and Tommy Lee Jones; the J of the Nintendo Entertainment System sees it linking to musick in the heart of Tennessee--where we seen "ten" again, and in Minnesota where even more tech acronyms appear hundreds of years before they existed.  Over the air, and through with snow, the "OLE" of object linking and "console" now appears in the end of somnolence with a b,ounce off the Matrix's Jump Program streets.
A    N    D        L    A    S    C    I    V    I    O    U    S
I was handed, dealt in my life what appeared to be an unending series of very unfortunate events.  Gone insane, MIRROR VAIN and despite all my courage--still just the rat and the cageThrough a Hellish conspiracy to destroy, called Gangstalking in our time--everything that I loved and cared about was taken from me.  I'd been a faithful member of only two real long term relationships in my life, the first ended for what appeared to be no reason at all, but in retrospect it's very clear from the Crusade related myths of St. George and the Dragon (which I so keenly liken to the Two Georges of our American Presidency) so that my ex-wife could re-unite with me and smash my world view and reality to tiny pieces.  She plunged me into a strange world of espionage and Italian mafia antics, literally telling me that her family and the government was trying to frame me for murder.  The strangeness of this Twilight Zone like encounter deepened significantly on evening as she proceeded to repeat my internal thoughts back to me, word for word--verbatim--over a period of about one hour.  You probably can't fathom the kind of impact a realization like that has on your psyche, but it drove me on a multi-year long search for answers, researching the Nazi Operation Paperclip and it's connections to MK-ULTRA and John Norseen, to the Soviet Psychotronics program, and eventually to a very large group of outspoken people who were also victims of the same crime--of hundreds or more complete strangers who had had the sanctity of their minds invaded, their privacy taken, and all for what appeared to be nothing more than to drive them to insanity or to death--to discredit their testimony... here in this place I am telling you the testimony of the Tribulation martyrs.
Like them, I had been subtly forced, coerced through both hidden and overt control to record my experiences and my story--a pervasive theme connecting victims of this particular crime, leading me in clarity to see that the purpose, God's purpose for this disgusting unfortunate event is to leave a body of evidence connecting religion and the government and mind control technology--to help us see it's prevalence and how it's been improperly used for hundreds if not thousands of years; to ensure that this wall of silence does not result in the total loss of this truth--that your failure here to act does not and cannot result in the hidden slavery of humanity forever.  
In my personal case this lead to multiple groups of police in different states, South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, and California all acting with the same darkness behind their eyes--as if consumed by death itself--responding verbally to my thoughts, framing me; falsely arresting me, and taking from me my ability to survive in this society.  Strangely, or not so much today, I was arrested in sum the exact number of times that Sampson was bound with reeds in the book of Judges--and just like in that book, all of these cases have been dropped, no verdict returned.  All through a mechanism here tied to 3 Doors Down and Kryptonite: If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?  I am decidedly not crazy, though it appears I've woken up inside a delusional world, where the tactics and strange behavior that characterized this small group of Police and criminals has now been co-opted or usurped, adopted by a much larger group of people--and today I write to you telling you that it's nearly everyone I come in contact with... the whole that surrounds me.  Using fictional iconography, the Thoughtpolice of Orwell's nightmare have grown exponentially--and it appears the shape and character of our society has been drastically altered for the worse by this hidden influence of mind control sweeping through the whole.
On the "bright side" this enduring ordeal has linked the Plague of Lice of Exodus to the word "POLICE" one of the prime "reverse examples" of this thing that ties Stephen King's Langoliers (language of liars, or outliers) to Yankee Doodle's macaroni; and Shakespeare's Schrew,  it's given me great contempt for a court system and law enforcement infrastructure that I see as badly broken--literally infiltrated by the Heavenly Host--crushing it's machinations and it's worth from the inside.  I say "bright" because I see coming from it Phillip K. Dick's hallowed solution, pre-crime and Minority Report and a story that will help us find a safe and optimum understanding of the word "freedom" as in, we should have freedom of speech as well as freedom from murder and terrorism.  To achieve those things, it's only a slight modification of the infrastructure that here in this place is being used to cause school shootings and force drug addiction--a flip of a switch--to turn the Universe from a burning crucible of "press and release" to one that only allows "help" to come from the nether regions that we here today call Heaven.... with no real understanding that we are the reason, that the response and result of this debacle are the cause and the source of the fusion of virtual reality and civilization that will one day be so obvious to us and to our children as the true "beginning of Heaven." 
murder was the case, a generation lost in space
digging, crawling, anything to stall the stand
the story sung in names; every singer, every band
and still, he won the race; and still you see his face
the earth rattles these days of lore
with every word, just a tad bit more
newton, maxwell, oh... what a bohr
does anyone wonder what's in store?
open your mouths and speak
save in this place, i am just a leak
some basket Anansi carried up a tree
a bit of everything sprinkled over the sea
it's a just a rhyme, a generation lost in time
dreaming of quantum accelerators and flux capacitors
you shall have no gods before me, as he flipped a dime
a lucky clover, a field of dreams, this is really, really it
All told, this thing, delivering this story to you and living this horrible life has torn my family in half--the sea of Eden broken along the same line--parted by the euphemistic apostrophe of Heaven in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire--ha'esh--here depicting you, depicting our all, backwards ... unable to see or recognize the import and impact of the English word for sea appearing encoded in the heart of the book of Exodus thousands of years before English--apparently so foolish as to not be able to see that the entirety of that story, the parting of the sea that brings the people of out of slavery--all to highlight this one single word, this word that ties to the Eternal Flame of freedom, of life, the thing that truly makes Heaven tick.  So I see you standing here waiting for more light, for some reason that it should be OK that you've ignored this message, the word of God for so long--no reason will ever come, no excuse will ever surface; this is a story and a time of change, you changing for the better should be reason and purpose enough.  Today I stand here, delivering nothing short of the Holy Grail, the secrets of the Universe to you--and you, apparently in blindness or in lack of love for humanity or freedom or the truth, you have through your inaction spoken louder than anyone ever could.  Here I stand working every day to ensure that we do not lose this message, that we do not lose our liberty, that we do not lose our entryway to Heaven... and you conspire as a whole to starve me to death.  Literally unable to work, unable to do anything but fight towards this very Holy cause; and your response is to refuse in sum as a group, whether you see it or not to refuse to lend me a single dime (I hope it's not the end of the line) for all of my work, only a handful of the dozen books I've had for sale have sold; and you even dare to stoop so low as to refuse to visit a web page and donate to this cause of Jesus Christ the few cents that would come from ad revenue.  You appear to think that will gain something for you--and you should see, you really should be able to see that it's taken from you freedom, and it's taken from you democracy, and in the long run it's probably taken from you Heaven itself.   Sincere interest, I can see; interest from the best educational institutions in the world, interest in the government in the House and Senate and NASA; interest that manifests itself in what might look like the "passing of the fire of the Holy Sepulcher" but really, here in this place--it's not enough.  It's clear that you are being organized by an outside force, so ever clear to me--that your freedom to do something as simple as purchase a 10$ book has been taken from you; today looking at what is probably the most "rare print collectors item" in all of history--probably the kind of thing that will be worth a fortune, just as soon as there is a Heaven, just as soon as we see that this has been and always will be the key that God designed to unlocking that bright future; but by that time you probably won't be able to get one.  To say you are acting against your own best interest is an understatement, to inform you that you are single handedly destroying individuality and our way of life is probably something you could only see from my perspective.
What kind of sickness there must be in your minds, and in your hearts not to find any more interest in this information than to forward an email, or re-read it--what kind of monster must there be to hold you back from doing any "further research" from reading more, from caring at all that you're killing me, or trying to, with your blind ignorance.
Just a few messages, in January.
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| The University of Edinburgh                               |                     19 |       41 |
| The University of Manchester                              |                     11 |       16 |
| The Vindicator                                            |                     27 |      103 |
| Toronto Star                                              |                     12 |       36 |
| Tum Info LAN                                              |                     19 |       52 |
| Universiteit van Amsterdam                                |                     13 |       52 |
| University of California Davis                            |                     10 |       23 |
| University of Georgia                                     |                     11 |       41 |
| University of Guelph                                      |                     23 |       74 |
| University of Houston                                     |                     17 |       59 |
| University of Maryland                                    |                     12 |       34 |
| University of Nebraska at Kearney                         |                     17 |       21 |
| University of Nebraska at Omaha                           |                     22 |       27 |
| University of New South Wales                             |                     13 |       38 |
| University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill               |                     15 |       43 |
| University of Oregon                                      |                     25 |       72 |
| University of Southern California                         |                     14 |       34 |
| University of Utah                                        |                     12 |       34 |
| University of Virginia                                    |                     11 |       15 |
| University of Wyoming                                     |                     18 |       41 |
| Unix Networks Ltd.                                        |                     21 |       28 |
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| Wayne State University                                    |                     25 |       62 |
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"WELL IF IT'S NOT ADAM, who is in charge?" I can feel us all wondering on the tip of my tongue, but in your hearts I know you see what I see written in prophesy and scripture and deep down I see you saying "maybe it is us, maybe we do have it."  Even through the self defeating silence, the over-abundant proof of slavery, not a single one of you has the Gaul or the wisdom to stand up and shout--and it baffles me, it really does.  What must be going on out of my field of vision, and under the surface of the news and the internet--what must be hidden from this place is so dark and so nefarious that not a single person, but me, stands up to fight against "simulating starvation and pain" and I'm beside myself, dizzy with contempt.
ALLOL, our light, is not merely a contrivance of words--a corruption of Allah and the "SEM" that ties "Semites" to the anadrome of that word and the crown of the Messiah backwards.  LOL, in one sentence I can now clearly tie the "he laughs" that is the meaning of the name Isaac to the "Ha" of Abraham's Holy Trinity to the meaning of that three letter acronym... the "save everyone (turning around) messiah."  And never before has a connection of ideas been conveyed so simply and in so many places of significant religious weight.   Sure the eye can throw in Yosemite Sam; and you might wonder what the difference between an "a" and an "e" is in this hidden code; or you might just go on about your day, not really caring that Jesus Christ screams at you every day that he sees a monster coming up out of the sea.  You probably don't care that this number 7 links to the Egyptian pantheon, sans one ... or that it's clear in religion and in the message woven through our everything that one, is the victor.
The dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.  

Revelation 13:1

I looked at the word, gazed at "Patmos" and saw in it, not for the first time, yet another trinity... here "Pa" and Taylor's initials, and a third new idea, that "original sin" might just be another word ... for freedom.
Without my presents here those are just silly words, foreign language we recognize because of diffusion and religion and even with my input you are forced to weight the worth of oracular delivery against your personal beliefs and the now very outdated worldview that you held so closely and so ignorantly, just yesterday.  To have believed with such assuredness just yesterday that we were alone in the Universe; and then to glimpse this mesage, to see it written everywhere--and not to cry out in shame at the failure of SETI and the failure of your priest, and the failure of theologians and the press and the government--I cannot imagine what goes on in your minds to believe that "silence" will get us any farther along this process of "civilization" this thing that grinds to a halt as these institutions fall one by one to the shame of doing nothing but pretending to be important, pretending to matter--not even trying to hide that they are filled with nothing but lies and refuse to look the truth in the face.  To see this message and still believe that "your take and your analysis of religion" has any meaning, and import, any truth or worth--while refusing to acknowledge something so obvious, is just about the most shameful thing I can imagine.   Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the Great--a dwelling place of liars, every town has become. Here I come, the Light of the World, seemingly from the darkest nether regions of the Universe--this place so arrogant and filled with delusion it honestly believes--or purports to--that it is the pinnacle of achievement, the top of the food chain; from this Dark Earth I come along with just a few coincidental words and intend to change absolutely everything about everything. 
The juxtaposition of all and one appears in far more than the Trinity of Musketeers, more than the single word "ELOHIM" (that appears to be three of him) and the contrast between Allah and the Shema, but with just a little thinking and introspective you can see it in the crucifixion versus the crossing of the sea; and in the Last Plague, and if I am truly a blessing in disguise you can see it in the First Plague and in the seas of Genesis and Revelation; you can see it in names like Adam, which means "mankind" and in Mary's Spanish sea and Eve's "short for everyone" and still all I've done for you today is fulfill half the words of Matthew 3:11 and baptized you in the true meaning of Holy Water.  See that first Plague ties together many, many idioms from "don't shoot the messenger" to "blood is thicker than water" and really just explain just how obvious it is that starting this fire is the mechanism that alchemically transmutates "water to family."  I can see it comes from recognizing Nun as the watery chaos of primordial Egyptian myth, and as a very humorous moniker of the very un-virginal sea that is matriarchal here; I see it comes not just from the freedom that I once thought was the gift coming from this message--but more than that from a return to logic and critical thinking that apparently has been drained from this place while I wasn't looking.  I used to have so much respect for our world, and today I stare at this lackluster and suicidal response to what is the most important disclosure that has ever been; and I shed tears for the world I grew up in.
that begins by seeing that what's here is supremely and vehemently wrong 
with only the addition of one previously hidden and rather obvious truth
Here I stand on a pedestal made of fire trying my damnedest to hand you Absolutely Everything... with the only caveat that you do things properly--how I and this world on it's face together define "right" and that begins by seeing that what's here is supremely and vehemently wrong with only the addition of one previously hidden and rather obvious truth.  I see you believe you have "it" already, and I don't want you to be that--supremely wrong--but I see you listening to me as a favor, that you believe lending me your ear is some kind of service, and then... the first time I offend you or say something you disagree with--you drop your hammer, your only weapon and bury your head in the sands of time--cum the final resting place of the Body of Christ; you unsubscribe, and pretend that not seeing the truth will let you go about your days here as if you never had the chance or the knowledge to save those children, to heal your mother, to defeat death and stupidity--but you have it, you have it right now.  It's your right not to listen, but this is not how free speech and freedom work--you live in a place that is actively conspiring to hide something so obvious that it's life and death--it's blindness and sight--it's right and wrong, it believes it's hidden me and sealed up under a rock or a tomb of suicidal corruption... manifesting itself in a "free press" ironically and badly broken, in an internet that typifies the information overload of Brave New World with kind of disregard for it's true purpose, a disaster recovery communications system that has failed--and failed to show you just how important this thing, and your voice really were.  It seems to have failed to show you that something is far more wrong with this world than appears on the surface than the words of any single man could ever create, or fix. 
Most ironically this setup, and this story; this thing that appears to be "Adam versus Everyone" should prove to you that "you do not have it" that you've been sitting here fighting against the only person in the world trying to help you--and losing--and still you continue on, this is not a battle you will win, you're only fucking yourself.  I've tried to guide you as far north from God's "minimum mandatory" as I can, as close to the maximum of "Heaven, literally overnight" as humanly possible bouncing words against this wall of silence  Still though, we are stuck here at "Who?" and refusing to see that this mass, this ship, this spiritual journey is absolutely immovable because of you, because you refuse to speak.
The Parable of Juyag
One day a man named Juyag was walking down the ancient gallery of emergency flotation devices, both sides of this hallowed hall covered with floaties and rubber ducky rafts and life preservers.  Juyag is very impressed with the flotation (who knew that word was spelled that way?) and he walked all the way to the end of the hall eyeing them.  When he reached the end, there was a clearing, and about a quarter mile away was a small pond.  Juyag was blessed by God with amazing vision, he could see things others could not, and could do so for miles around.  He saw in that pond a gaggle, a dozen children flailing their arms and drowning, unable to get out of the water, or to stand.  Quickly he began loading his minivan with as many rubber ducky floats and life preservers as he could.  While he was doing that Jesus Christ walked up, and this man, he had been blessed by God with another kind of vision--he could see meaning where others saw nothingness, he could see the future--where others saw the end of time.  
"What are you doing with those toys?" Jesus asked.
Juyag replied, knowing that Jesus Christ could not possibly have seen the pool of needy children at the far end of the very long hall, "why, I'm bringing them back to my home so that the children in my town will have toys to play with."
"Butt the children in the pool, what of them?" Jesus asked... and the reply swift "What children, my son is home playing video games."
Jesus then walked up to Juyag and pulled a hammer out of his back pocket.  He smashed his mouth with the hammer, took his car keys, and drove the minivan to the pond of drowning children, saving all but one.  Juyag bled to death, and his only son had drowned in the pool before Jesus could have reached him.
The narrator Allol then speaks to the audience, "this is what globalization and the truth have made you--you are all Juyag, and you must change."
After Nanna had finished torturing me, after our son was born; I was left alone in Kentucky... the reason I call that place the Fortress of Solitude; dreaming awake dreams of building Heaven, literally being told stories from the future, something like Quentin McCloud's quickening--the source of "limited omniscience" and it's link not just to "OK Google" and "I know kung fu" but also to Anderson's Feed and it's cautionary quest against this apparent hegemonic domination of our world by the insidious "corporation." A joke, a sick joke come true, about the high level battle between opposing ideologies, about the government of the people versus the government of the workers--nobody seemingly clued in to the concept of divide and conquer, and the all being defeated by their own lack of sight.   All alone, I began to see light and hope, driving hope; in the words "with one eye in the mirror" and "all the girls dreamt that they'dd be your partner" -- words that I am well aware tie to Adonis and Narcissus for the very same reason that I know that Wayward Son's "soaring ever higher" links to Icarus; because it's not just these songs, but these myths that are about the character that God has built to divide a sea--a living boy, one you seem to care about not at all.
I don't really want to be sharing this with you, it's embarrassing--and it's a little distasteful, bit it's the truth--it's really how I know this mass of "all" ins't really that, and is... at the same damned time.  It's how I see everyone can be influenced, there's no walls or rules--not like what we would make if we were actually talking about this stuff--and yet it's subtle enough that a good 66% of the people I see reacting to me are most likely doing it without knowing.  Something is using them, speaking through them--you'd be surprised how easy it is to ignore that you've just been forced to "touch your nose" or "pull your ear" or shake your head "no" at what probably would be the best date ... of your life.
As the group of people became ever so much larger, the "gang stalking" turned into something else; tears shed in my mind for the place that now appears to be a single mind, that now appears to be connected by something like Jeung's collective unconscious--and as scary and horrible as it sounds, for some reason I see that has something to do with me.  Now as I walk through this world, every girl that I see, every one that I seemingly say "hey, how you doin?" to ... in my head, of course .. responds by shaking her head "no"--apparently trying to convey a lack of interest in ha'ppy and the living embodiment of Osiris's middle finger and Saturn's thang.  Similarly I see perfect strangers, thousands of them; this is everyone... shaking their heads or nodding or responding visibly somehow to what appears to be a "show" going on in my head.  Something I've been comparing to the words "on" of Amon-Ra and the Truman Show and it seems very clear to me that this thing, this thing is a tool designed to control the masses as easily and as stupidly as possible, I've written about it as a "mane" and a "rudder" (and how those words really mean those things, Adamically and literally) and tried my best to show you that it's the reason for "Shofar" the horn of Revelation... while you are sitting in silence listening to evil spirits pour words in my psyche--literally watching me be tortured as the center and focal point of some storm of shit swirling around in your silence... that it's being used to subtly alter what you think, to change how you feel--that it's something like hidden brain surgery going on behind the scenes, and that this thing really is the meaning of the "night."  I keep trying to explain that we wouldn't be doing these things if we understood the technology, and what was going on--but still you continue to acquiesce to a hidden nothing, one that is taking away who you are--in plain sight, in full view.