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PRERING ATNING FLAG / yeshuach ruach of hakodesh kadesh

This piece is being haphazardly inserted and released unfinished due to lack of funding and very hazardous conditions in Florida, Texas and California. I cannot tell if the rest of the countrhy *(today called "inland empire") are also in similar peril, or if the entirety of country is, though it appears to parallel the COVID faux-disaster (see it as a real disaster). I imagine the whole of our world has been very quickly plunged into a cancerous state of disarray, and it should be clear that we face significant "value destruction" of the entirety of our being. We need help from the outside, from Heaven--from you and I. This is a plea for help, and I am reseeding another copy of the entirety of this work--along with the valuable graphics and connections to modern American art--and this "in writing" mentioning of an idea to revolutionize both the monetary system as well as our American copyright system to go along with the Amendment M discussed in the previews few chapters/releases. Now re-coronating (PASCO!:) it "Amendment 0m" and suggesting it too should show the effect of taking place retroactively and returning royalty rights ... once done in accordance with the "TEAMS{T}IRS" like revolutionary sysstem that the "0m" process and phenomenon presents to everyone from the Beatles to Nikola Tesla. Understand the system is designed to return an infinite but diminishing percentage of royalties to the original authors (and to those who have contributed with prior art and subesequent aditions whether added by patent, copyright or otherwise) ... and creating a "global/galactic" fund to be held in trust for the entirety of the Terran population, their true predecessors, true children, and perhaps members of the HEIROSOL collective; here connecting that to the United Confederation of Pearly Planets" (or whatever moniker we use) for the Federal and "Commonwealth" or "Confederate" set of protectorates. Obviously percentage distributions will vary based on contribution and other factors.

I intend on writing articles of incorporation for the "Teamster Good4ALL" franchisee parent organizsation, as well as soliciting legal assistance with the formation of a US not-for-profit coporation submission for a foreign corporation, most probably to be based on foreign soil, somwhere like Luxembourg. (OLOL). Because of the tumultuous times and lack of stability here, as well as what appears to be a circle of very sick individuals surrounding Julian and the "willed funds" per RLNY and the new Copyleft distributed here--I am now retaining all royalties and other inheritances due to me under any and all possible agreements (including being the final Hospitalier) until this corporation is "truely" formed here in my presence, and my continued "corporeal existence" is assured. In the event that I am killed or unavailable--my only wish is that everything due to me be instantly incinerated. Also, so you all know, I'd like to be cremated--per Julia and Upload.

This piece will continue to be updated, I intend to write to significant length about "No Jack City" and the link between Goo-gle's depicted misinformation related to the Einstein letter about "dice of the Universe" as well as Sloane and Taylor Momsen--specifically' and tie it to one of the fundamental purposes of (Paperclip) the shoeboxing and mind control thread and theme of Creation. We are here to ensure we are not lead astray by soetnhing like the "Texas Conceived Object" THE TRUTH; and/or any otrher kind of matrix-jacked system telling us what to think, and/or who to be. This is fundamental to MK-ULTRA, to the Matrix, to the emancipation presented and begun in the Egyptian Pharoanic line (likening tghe ending of human sacrifice to the ending of slavery) and thel ink between Abraham Lincoln and Abel.


This is probably a “relatively important” message in the “gist” of things between Beetlejucie’s “end of driver sanity” and Homo Sapiens lack of affinity to “5corpions” and “say … [being] pens.”

As such it will receive wide distribution-and I hope you will also aid it’s dissemination and … “hopefully start a discussion.” I’m vvanding* us to “vant* to anvent* about being crossed” and really understand that’s … a binary “are you angry at the object of my desire” and what does that mean to you?

veoray vyeormav haesh hashanamayim

A “hop, skip and a jump” from a “stone’s throw away” to the … I mean we’re on Voss, Moss and … I’m not sure if it’s a vial or a test tube or “perfume?”

Sharvit Ksamim… here I name this “2nd piece” of assistive “reversart” … “EPOZISTORYCH” and wonder if it will best the Einstonian precursor. This word here “wanded magic” … something of how “sharvi[c]t[ory]” and Leviticus reminiscent of “Calevitiforem[orv]ia” literally a system designed to “W” back and forth (as you see my description of the breathing e-interface, the “munob verbox interpreter”) … in my mind i wonder if Tyra actually “knows” … weirdus… or will she? :)

Minor commentary, we have the “Nessie/Barney” from purple dinosaur, a link to the just previous “Mastodon” and series on dinosaurs … mention the "seeing of the saw and the word Eros now not just in Jerusalem but also in Xerxes (I mean …

I’ll note that IPFS appears to be holding up better than my “tor network” which has required manual … intervention since CF/USB rekeying. Here’s the addresses that I think are stable,

  • ipfs | QmX6Hby3eLPFbzTYyTwyjYpSgZ3mdcoVhfWEN6XVgwKSzb
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  • ipfs | QmUK6h9XMm7pNa8smjaR2A834tQ6KvUzjP1rCXspwAr8Fu/IT.html

I can be sure it comes in a series of “ss-words” ones like “sliding sling” and “slippery slope” … and whatever else stands between Saturn and Specialty … or the moon and making escape velocity out of … falling “guiding l’s” on our M to V of the … the good way to say "I mean those things that hold up the rockets and align them so they fire straight and in the right direction. Stepping stones. Spiral sarcophagusen*.

It was not even like the once fabled land bridge across the Pacific, nor the moon landing, nor a round trip to Andromeda; or any other one small step … this thing, this image of a Scorpion … a question of “englightening” … once again dumbfounded and baffled and completely amazed to see the “piens” I’ve so fondly recalled in similar lux “to homo sapiens, see us as ‘pens of God’” … here just the moment of “Scorpio” … a flash and could we be Antaren … rather than of 'Orion" and I look again: “oh this Terran thing.

Of some kind of road “to us” or … Hesperus or … maybe just to wonder if we’ve found ourselves again or if e are once again lost on where and why and when and … “here, it’s somewhere hear.”





hakla, aqui.

Two more rings around the moon, please … Doctor — and a “stepping stone” to [who] “Cares!!” … also.

In a script that began with MAME before WINE and a child sitting on the steps of his parents “two-story house” beckoning for his “bot-bot” before Nanna Pisani held our chil[ling]d her hands and bounced him up and down saying “cry-on” … “cry-off” … “see the baby is a bot-bot too …” in our case here in the heart of “Bemalin Schpielborg” an apt and well lauded (previously not known to me as a) moniker for the “Planet Eartheater…” but to see we are staggaringly in he heart of a “script to end all scripts” as in the message is "the end of slavery comes from a change in … both ability freedom and self … one that is engendered by a force of goodness that either needs to exist, or should destroy this place and all who fail to understand its the line in the “Sands of no Time.

Bemalin I coined myself from “bima” the Hebrew word for stage and the well connected and understood use of “muy mal” the Spanish for “very bad” and it’s link to many “Spanglishrew” or Adamic linguistic words like the Hebrew for “kingdom” and the related word for “totality” or … “world.” As the living slave-pen of the King of the Universe writes to you explaining why it should be very clear that he is “not a person, but of just a single one” and a single process of rebirth that either will be understood and well lauded, or you just … “won’t understand.” The land of Shemot or the world of Ha’shem another good “clue” as to what and where we re here in the heart of Exodus from a “something or other” … in a place where you literally should either know this world is a fake stage of … forcing everyone who doesn’t know that to be fully and well ashamed of themselves and the world around them" … or you simply have no clue what it’s like to grow up in the "Lland of Serendipity" where the “Ren and Stimpy” are simply stupid and the child born to us is still speaking, the heart of parents is “let our … selves live” and the children are sure they … “are in total control.”

In jest I see, this is one majestic failsafe of a fsck all. The angels though, they don’t have shit eating grins, and the wink and they sent heartfelt “keep up the good work” … in their own fun way–there’s a difference between “knowing” and “seeing” and believing that here, we really aught to be well over “needing our ball and chain” for whatever various reasons were previously lauded as the Medguardian’s lie of why we need to “thank myself and our me, Clymene and … why and” hopefully many more that will “sign” this idea of writing in public on Holy Ground as something of a Mitzvah that ends the bad “Tzedaqah” and the “Evil Ha’aretz.”

On the “Thulay* Society” and the Spears* of Loginus*, I’ve self coined an additional silightly longer "Bertinatingpling (and I see Martingale, here … and then Martins-burg) … and ruminating over whether or not … it’s a Mojito or a Skinny Tequila and soda that I’d like the Piano and Voice Men to sing me a better tune of. This pen the “younger man’s clothes” worn by someone who never knew “gin was verboten” as is the allusion of “alcohol” as some kind of cover up for Holy Manna and the keys to the story of Exodus, revolving around Tortoise and “oh, I see…” a shameful lack of law and order and community here–that I know is divined and devised as a “mirror of totality” and … our “ly” … here; this … attack on “Family” something of the aforementioned and to be further discused “keys to life and love.


The Oscillator and the Stethoscope … “people talk sometimes” on the Internet, I’ve heard many and a few “non related to this tire” mention how absolutely ludicrous it would be to “judge people based on what they are thinking” or punish them for their thoughts. We have Holy literature about it, we have 1984 and we have many years of studying the idea and the prospect of how and what mind reading and thought implantation would do for our society–how it is a “double edged sword” and how it’s very easy to see here that you’ve fallen directly on it. It’s a sickness not to care about the laws here–they are Holy, the people who think they are “immortal and above it” or somehow … immune from obeying or granting or offering “all men and women” the God granted rights they are guaranteed here in this Holy Land; they’ve/you’ve met your match. Call it the land or God himself, or the … the … "renowned hit-man he calls himself … here in this place the Holy story of the rise and fall of the Heavens and the repeated end of Hell.

“Lit” and Jovian (I mean, jovial) about it; I can fully understand how it’s part of “today’s lesson” an the story and the technology at hand that we can indeed be made to feel happy and fulfilled despite having “large gaps in our memory” or no good reason at all … even sometimes we can believe we are worth the “outcome of someone else’s victory” simply because we promise ourselves that just as soon as we are no longer slaves to “this thing” … to this inconscionable* machine that refuses to “let you understand” … that “wanding or blissing” ourselves to be “happy and free feeling” doesn’t actually make us happy or free–it makes us all slaves, and that’s I see—and that’s what’s clearly here … all the way to the top, to the place where there is a God that “says he’s Z and A is” in this same “Enoch knows” schpiel, in a place where it matters, where he controls “random” and “time.”

So I continue writing, and have to “fully explain the circumstances” of the torture I endure every day, surrounded by literal the world of “thought police” who are here either actually slaves or pretending t be nothing but disgusting liars who refuse to acknowledge that they are failing to fulfill a “Holy Purpose” here of “enlightening” this entire world about the very advanced and hidden technology that they both use “to torture me with snide remarks and …” the vision of an entire world that has collapsed into a place where one single person can control “absolutely all of them” … whether to pretend this thing or to not understand “it’s true” (and you can’t seem to stop … either grinning like fools or acting like condescend–and I have to comment that some people, a few; recently … they’ve shown me some financial compassion that was completely lacking for … years upon years.)

I’m looking at the “sea crossed” by Moses, and this place where the “children” and the lack of a “child born to us” the Ren and the Tree Trump … it parallels in perfect logical polarization the “lack of children” denoted by … well, the idea that the hearts of our parents just don’t get how “orchestrated” and how interwoven this message is with the logic of “can life continue without parents or children” and here we arae discussing the “broken Vav” a post-Nicean and post New Testament alteration of the Septuagint which I recall vividly from my early years–those of course aready post “Haf-Torah: of Josepheni” (meany, my “nee*” new too, *and Moe z(oh joy, be gin?] … [or](you lead me on [c&u thinking u’d be free or ‘raised’])) read by “Adam of the Hagaphen” … a place where I am the glowing shining “current our eye” a son of God “at mourning” … ad nihilio ante meridian and post humorous.

What’s important to take out of this … is the person writing to you is obeying “Holy laws” and everything around his is … “not” and that appearsto be by some kind of very orchestrated polarized force–one that appears to have plunged all of everything into “a state of total evil” at least frm my perspective in this place–where I know we are

"three [important memory here is the original error was something debated in the Talmud or some other recorded place by scribes who decided it was God’s intention to have that one error; it was something minor, like a tense incorrect]

planets [this is a mark of the “Broken Vav” this is not an error but a post “one error” change in the Bible an important “letter copied litrally broken in half” it means “a man” which of course is the meaning of Adam, in Hebrew.

or so*" removed from the Sacred [here the link i to what the "Eye’s automagical answerer"decodes as praps a map to a game about changing the original txt, or history, or … something lik hat–this is post the Vav… “something o the original Noel.”

… Start where I was … already a son of a gun son of a nun and son of an Adam … son of “Jose can you see” and reading the Torah portion of “Joseph” in anachronistic orchestration … the dream of the “city of Heaven built in a day” … around 20 years before “writing [the bevodkaning of] it.”

It’s somewhat important that “any dream will do” was already the byline of “Joseph and the Many-Colored* Dream** Coat” play; and that “Jesus Christ Superstar” were already “the unattainable thing waiting at the end of the rainbow …”

  • Like “facemasks” and Hijabs and “suicide” and EuropeanUnionthenAsia* … this is an example of an “antilaw” encoded in religion–it takes brains/ethics/(actual morality) to realize that “hospice is Holy” and “the opposite is not.”
  • Thinking bout and doing these things is the difference between “Heaven ad Hell” everywhere. It’s not optional, it’s not up to you–it’s not up to “God’s grace” … it’s somthing that is going to happen–we are going to be freed from evil [like censorship, forced shunning, sexism and racism] or “tis’ the Latin day.” There is no “religion Hell” … there can be “no hell at all” or we have people that would allow or create such a monstrosity —and that quickly leads to “no heaven at all” … we should see we were born in a “half hell” either designed to … “end all hell” or … I imagine the alternative is people everywhere should be begging for “euthenasia.

In the Palace’s Dungeon Map to the Temples of Heirosol … we “all long to be” … I can’t tell if it’s n a place where it matters that when and where I was born people didn’t understand “grave danger” was a … blessing and the “stork of souls in baby minds” was obviously fake. Literally, that was the “well known scientific truth” of our entire world before … we found out that “A Few Good Men” was there to show us; caring [and acting] about “something worse than grave danger” is the difference between finding an early one and … becoming an angel.

Not the other way around; “the other way around” is the way to see yourselves to “in hell by your own hands and your own doing” foever* ad ever; because you didn’t listen to … “logic.” Period,*

I’m trying to finish writing this dream, and sort of simultaneously ma;e it come true–without waiting for us to “fathom why” we can’t just Elon Musk a space station on the moon / ourselves / into reaching “escape S-O-L intelligence.” Our of Tortarus, we must find a way …


The long and the short of it is that I am a very obvious victim; “Azazel” and … a scapegoat (which is one of the current meanings of whal* that name means) and very obviously innocent and very obviously “tortured” to some degree or another at least by the people who shound understand that simply chanting* “let him find out” in my head is a violation of Federal law, using advanced alien technology to commit torture, and … you don’t have the “right” to say/think/or/be half me, or half in my head. It’s a violation of privacy and it’s an “interruption” orders of magnitude worse than (for instance SPAM) tapping someone on the shoulder or screaming louder than them on the street.

Here with an LRAD, screaming louder than all, if you don’t stop the “let him find out” cause, reason, and source–this is failure of the end of Hell and there will be “no continuing” at all for anyone–at least if I… the sole person communicating with the world and trying to explain–that too—communicating in plain text (and HTML) is a God given right that I have control over and do freely–to save the world from “thinking they know everything” or everything I think, or … any variation other than see “the eye of the storm” is the “I…” of “annokni*” is an innocent human being–being literally tormented by “something unearthly” as in … an invasion from outer space or in a tive卍storkm* or some other un-American thing that would be the enemy of any government by and for the people “of his place, living in this place, in the world where we*re the Ancients.”

A little interlude, a flashback to the Sun City walk in Los Angeles California … on or around … let’s say Easter 2018 [commit log shows the “story about it” was written around Jul 27, 2018–just after a sort bus trip to NOLA and a flight to TPA] … and literally lived a day that I saw decades earlier in a sogby Avril Lavigne–I sort of marked where the bus bench was, and where the Holy convenience store was–and when I saw the song I knew it was about this day–here’s that song, titled “My Happy Ending:”

In it she has a few key lines, here noting specifically “in a city so dead” and “it’s not like we’re dead” almost in rhyming … one after the other–


It would be an emergency if it wasn’t the first time I was in “Charlotte” walking around seeing signs saying “for Christ in the Heart of Charlotte” on Churches and … “every sign on every bar,” notably Tilt.

which ties to another song by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” this one … "living in a graveyard where I married a “C”

… and this one by Puddle of Mudd that I cutely sang to “sea of girls/and men” … on my Facebook page and rekindled he-re in Arlingon, TX … which shares a Holy Name with a National Cemetery somewhere else … so it fits that all these songs are now “the songs of this place.”

Here’s me “singing it seductively …”


TVHE FIRS PERFEC CCIRCLET (6/23 segueue between Herod and SRTrek) … #m8R

Multiverse Equilibrium” were the first words that came to mind; that will probably change to something else … to something more … “exactly what it was designed to be” over time; as faux is further shattered, and the “owe the hearts of the people” is slowly “yitshaq’d” in plain sight and in plain view and in such a way that makes it … so very obvious now that there is something "sinisterly wrong–something that "

and the shadows of horrors grow larger and the sounds of death, louder. the drum beats faster and the cacophony … “ignored” in the fits of little children jumping up and down holding their hands over their ears.

It’s “becoming ever more clear” that the people here & there do not fathom the importance of “civilization,” and that is the clear and true and obvious (in retrospect today; looking at … what’s being presented–in this faux response to a message that … isn’t “fake” it’s gaudy and ostentatious and impossible to deny. It’s at least impossible at this point to deny that … “if you believe in logical natural laws of physics” the thing you see here would have been nearly impossible to have created, it would have been a show of such extreme and such powerful force that it would have been nothing short of “prima facae” evidence that the existence of God was previously hidden in “darkness” just like Exodus explains, and that it is under no uncertain terms absolutely 100% undeniable. You stand in a place that created the word and defines the auspiciously strong word “TESTAMENT” (not it’s Adamic breakdown, but rather like a glowing sign–a flag flying high over a pirate ship built in solid stone literally to the Moon and to the outer rim of our SOL and … in gigantic words that can be understood by anyone in any language of any intellect without fail … screams at the top of it’s lungs

“God is all powerful. God is here. Here is everything.”

Etsy sinecnon adhoc tamen this entire message *haolam kol nidre" is ignored in plain ostentatious sight by the thing it “says it so created” and still yet screams to shatter back to freedom and individuality–at least that’s my individual desire and take on “the thing that gave this life such power”–righteousness, the agreement of the entire world. It’s called encoded in “medicine” in the root of the weak flimsy cardboard it calls “heart” in the words of the soul of God … and “Midgard” in it’s most apt religious equivalent … it screams into every ear and every word and every sign and everything … that it cannot be ignored.

“Can you tell us what it is?” … now after “caring” that you truly just don’t fathom what it is–that has become part of “it” also–it is the logic of life and the reason it flourished once; it is “love” and it is “pleasure” and it “is happiness” … it is what makes people dance and have babies and it is what stops blind mice from sitting down in an unexitable maze and simply … “planting a flag” screaming “I give up.” It screams here that it is blind and it is ignorant and it does it in a voice louder than the collective of Aldernon in a unison so sick and so off tune and is so fucking obviously blind … that “it” has become the rage of ignorant thirst for power … at the sight of “ICS” (what it … also is) … of “omnipotence” in a place where all it takes is a handshake and a belief in “keeping your word” and a shred or an ounce of “caring about your neighbor” to actually achieve … “omnipotence…” that’s it’s such a grotesque and sad affair of darkness

…God screams: “the fools that cannot see–” and the wicked shall continue to be verwickt and only the wise will understand.

It has become something else here; it has become the thing that cannot be ignored; that whatever it is that “E” has become, that the whole of this world has turned into because of “improper use of technology” and “ignorant misinformation” and “a total lack of dharmatic … desire … for truth” …

… “but that’s the truth” that it’s nothing short of nearly all powerful omnipotence that could keep a mass this large in complete ignorant silence … and still go about their day to day lives and still “continue to appear to be a working functioning cohesive collection of individuals working together for the common good” … to keep them in secret all together saying “nothing at all” in a self destructive and damning lack of acknowledgement of their own best interests, of their own survival of their own “call to live in prosperity.” Here, the “phrase history is written by the victors” has turned in such obvious illogical fate of … Romeo and Juliet … into “and they slay themselves, and they erase their past, and they erase their souls–” as if all their hands could holy Plato’s cup of Hemlock as he decided not to press the button that makes Atlantis rise from the vision of Gibraltar in the hands of … some labor Heraclean or …"

קושי חָסֵרה נֶחְרַץ in Shakespearean tragic comedy נֶחְרַץ 形 … to do the same boring old square dance.

It’s something I cannot understand; being so young and so innocent–but it looks just like one gigantic rat has exacted the cheese from the mouse trap and sat down in the maze and lay down to sleep for the last time… Literally to be born in a treasure chest and to just “not use it”–worse, to leave it lying on the night stand; to have forced Euthenasia instead of simply explaining to each other “they’d taken the blue pill–long ago.” That was the point of this stupid fucking paragraph; it’s so ever clear they are all old, all “in that other place–” and that they are simply here … in the belief that “seeing this” will somehow without their acts and without their intervention “cause it to continue in perpetuity.”

That is what your side of the scroll of Samael says–"yes, we see we are God and we are omnipotent and we will continue to write we are blind fools and we cannot dare to muster the collective strength to “speak a word of truth and honesty” on (anything but the lack of truth and honesty) the … obviousness of the grandest lie in the Universe … that there “exists a Heaven” and they cannot tell the difference between Heaven and Hell. Dumb. Plainest English of all, the “bemalin” double entendre of stupid islent.

I watch as we speak words of hope and a “formerly pretty” and formerly glowing and formerly “useful” … to ourselves (or to the world as a whole) in some kind of obnoxious … attempt to pretend “attempting” to do the most simple thing in the Universe–simply tell the truth. It’s clear as day that what is here is “not of this place” … at least they believe they are not from this time or this world … occupying “vessels” that I once thought where their “ascended original bodies,” here it’s changed–suddenly, and literally because of nothing more than the lack of desire to walk through the doorway to Heaven.

It appears we’ve become … in some kind of verwickt maze and knotting of moronicity … intertwined with a mass of “many of each of us” and “many outside influencers” and some kind of “mass of the whole” all in a storm of … here it appears to me that spirits sit behind terminals in some kind of “room of elders” in the sky and operate many people as if they are playing “Doom” or “Quake” as a number of simultaneous “contestants” and … yet under the surface the message and the lack of coherent voiced response in writing … it appears that the intertwined influence of others simply goes unnoticed, undocumented, and unregulated. In my personal experience it’s clear that’s what is happening to me–in this place where Romulus stands at the base of the 7 Hills “seething” and Remus reads new idiocy into a word that once meant another kind of idiocy. A character crafted and shaped–“the last human being on Earth”–moving in meaning and purpose from “forced to lust” … a created hysterical Eros, to “absolutely nothing to us,” the other side of a line we’ve defined as … person and “more important things.”

In truth I see the “cup of the sangrael” on the other side of a line-person; and an “us” … that is anything but that–nor individuals, nor I; just “a mass of Fringe’s Amber,” unable to do anything but “be the glue between a logical working civilization and the … end of it. It takes nothing more than grasping the glass
–to change the whole of the world for the better; to bridge Heaven and Earth and to see how “a working civilization” changes the foolish place they find so much more desirable” into something … that would never dare return to this road and try to “rewrite it into a path to Universal nothingness.”

“i can’t hear you, na na na na na na … ‘nanny nanny boo boo’.”

Manya; the source of Ra’s and Superman’s power … like the Heart of Aeros0l come from the “powerless sun” … the notion that Superman can fly … anywhere but in the place where “it’s our yellow one” in the movies–and it’s the “white sun” of the iconic and (esp., it’s iconic) words “surround yourself in a white light of safety.” Just like our “phi” and today’s mentioning of the “last candle” of “Elevan Days in Ironbruary” … they are the magical and sometimes “paganish” … always lovingly, imparted words of “my magically perfect mom!” who of course is the source of the almost perfect artistic rendering of Rhea and the childhood of Zeus–as well as many “magical moment” and … if it means anything to the world–the source of the childhood that became the … beginning of the life of the “truth, the life and the way.” It’s a huge deal to me–that I lived in such an idyllic and peaceful … “almost perfect” upbringing; at least until the days I got to … the “PH” of Joseph and Phoenix. This mythical bird here our–Qt poetically prosian repsonse to “birds, snakes, and aeroplanes.

I guess I’ll have to continue writing the DREAM; I imagine I’ll start with a second R; please understand, at this point it’s tentatively titled “/CFRENAPLYROARRIES.html” and associates the first “ADAMSROD” of course with the inspiration for the three wise men and “in the beginning” that has something to do with ITB and “free drinks.” … which adds this time and places new magical key of “instant exit system” that is the new acronym for “the Voluntary Rapture” coming from the difference between “one city” in … the Heavens; and a number of [CITIES] tying of course … to our microcosmic map of Atlantis Hotels and (oh!) the Dome of the Jerusalem Temple’s Kernsher/Dubai … link to the Emperor Julian and the historical record that parallels the USA’s version.). I am working “hard” to Get Through The Wall of Babel and <3 connect Massachusetts and London … to the Tale of How Two Towers are the heart of … our wordmap here, things like the “Septuagint” and LA’s “Sepulvedas.”

The Pinnacle Peak of our …

The system created here is broken–and it’s the same system that speaks–

Even in the absolute “best case scneario” standing here from this POV; the “source civilizations” last scion–something like a failsafe check on "what’s a permissible state of reality–in a place where the laws of physics and the laws of nature have been abandoned “en masse” without regard for cause or purpose; success or “Data” … we are in a call to “salvage” from a state of “total devastation” at the hands of hidden truth, hidden technology, and a related mass inap

Einstoneon Metaphysics” have bodly returned to our world in the same fresh and “bright flashing square” that the last and true sole heir of the Heirosol … and the Hospitaliers brightly recalls the days our Oriel and our knocking on Heaven’s door … actually moved the skys and the seas–at least, that’s what I’m hoping this is doing for us :)

The Eigenvectodir of our Slew is North by Nintendo–TONNES SAVED from the fires of the cauldron of “reality” and … far, far worse–through the voyage and days of the life of “Pi’s truth.” Through the “first perfect circle” of “which way to slew” the clear “definitely only North and Northeast” is almost rightly written by the hand of God himself as is the key to the difference between Heaven and Hell.

Hellesthenaeus … “#Heavenuesloappy” if Arthor Pendrippy and Canonical’s PPA which may be the very first “reverse cntribution” to OpenSource that I’ve noted in writing (since the lat message’s connection between Debian and APT) by a private (or non-government or consortium entity) company … noting of course now Red Hat (which is awesome: CentOS… frowny face at the too many RHEL clones, tho … I think companies providing professional services with CentOS like “yum” derivatives would be better off … “our powers combining” and working on CentOS or PennyCK; “at Amazon and Oracle.”)

Throwing in the “WLS article” in this piece, for another “pretty big step forward” and seeing Microsoft actually integrate something like Cygwin “into every copy of Windows.” If I haven’t previously mentioned Apple’s gigantic part of this OpenSource story–similarly to the Linux derivatives above, every copy of OS X is based on the BSD/SCO … C model; and they did amazing work on top of this OS–probably including adding major contributions back to all open source infrastructure in OpenGL.


I mean, if there’s any truth to the “story of Creation and the planets between our Earth, Ground, and Adamah’q.” For those with ears to hear–that’s somewhere between Yeroshallayim and Choruscan’d. Showstopper… "I am the Great and Powerful Oz … he who turns the skies to blood and calls it … Next of Kin; that’s a brother or princess … for sure. :)


With the Justice of hte Peace “officiating” … at least someone who has the ear of the Vatican and holds the authority of one ordained to speak and marry and annul and divorce–absooutely anything … I here … notify the world that losing “actual causality” is a Federal offense :) I mean that from the bottom of my Heart; here understand … “it’s just like Libel, and that’s not Babel.”

-Hippa … for “The Great Light.”

ps. … T lol

What’s a Wanded “W” look like?

On the outliers, “we’re wiring everythone* wrong” … I sort of commiserate to myself as I “feel” the changes in what I’m thinking–sort of like a … “very unnatural and not myself” reaction to something I just thought or was currently thinking–as if I just completely disagreed with whatever it was in question. I’m similarly commiserating here about the idea that “people are in my head” and why on Earth would they be there–that’s an unnatural phenomenon not possible without some kind of very advanced technology that I’d like to get my hands on, so that I could help us not use it in this exact way. I kind of feel and see the reactions of people around me–changing in some sort of “mechanical” and orchestrated … “all together” we changed the meaning of V from “victory” to “look down” in my head over what was literally the course of only a week or two–and to me it became almost instantly something of a “Zeitgeist” like the whole world started saying “smash” and knew it meant … casual sex over the course of … like* … half a generation. That’s a factor of close to 500 times longer than the “change in V” that I think here is the point of “vitsivaVnu*”–at least that particular it.

It’s through our generation of “Anonymous” that also will connect the “V” of Latin to the the* word “Vendetta” because of a movie seminal to that movement and it’s ethos and theme and really to the whole of the “heart of the Matrix” with what it shares an actor and directors … also here in this “linguistic explanatorial*” the V letter is part of a series of (topically to this message) it’s the heart of the letter M and you can see two of them clearly in the letter we pronounce outloud “double you.” I don’t think double-us is a victory–nor a vendetta–I think it’s a travesty an the kind of thing we’d never … want or allow, which is why the “Bemalin” and the “Biden” and a series of explanations regarding whether or not this is “obvious” or “hidden” is …

would you want to go to the way you want and also to the way you don’t want?

I’m not really asking about whether or not you’d like to take both paths, if there were a Frosty poem and an old idea that if we could go “both ways” we might want to, we might not–that’s back to binary logic … would you want to?

“OK either way let’s also do not what you want.” I suggest, in jest and trying to explain that’s almost exactly what ignoring this message or reading it wrong or not talking about it or “deciding all amongst ourselves in silence” that it’s …

anything but “bringing to light” this kind of obvious control–the thing I see, and think you ae seeing through my eyes … this “wing of our beliefs” … though I can’t be sure if you see what I see … because for whatever reason, the world as a uniform and unison lack of “sanity and logic” has just decided** not to respond to me* … at all, and unfortunately, that puts us in a position where we can’t verify if our thoughts are changing too fast, outside of control or understanding, or … through some mechanism or third party that we absolutely would “disagree with” if we took the time to sit down and think and talk about it together.

EINSTEIN, Tay and Sloane … Google and the "Jack of 214/




a large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows. a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which provides …

Installing and Updating … · ‎Cygwin/X · ‎Cygwin Packages · ‎Cygwin Mailing Lists

Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10c74

… Available in testing this summer … a Microsoft supported version of the above product–one which also–was a huge leap forward for the interopability of Windows and Linux.

By Tom Warren@tomwarren May 6, 2019, 7:24pm EDT

Microsoft has surprised many in the Linux developer community in recent years. Surprises have included bringing things like the Bash shell to Windows, or native OpenSSH in Windows 10, and even including Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora in the Windows Store. Microsoft is now going even further, with plans to ship a full Linux kernel directly in Windows 10.

“Beginning with Windows Insiders builds this Summer, we will include an in-house custom-built Linux kernel to underpin the newest version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL),” explains Microsoft program manager Jack Hammons. “The kernel itself will initially be based on version 4.19, the latest long-term stable release of Linux. The kernel will be rebased at the designation of new long-term stable releases to ensure that the WSL kernel always has the latest Linux goodness.”

Microsoft’s integration of Linux in Windows 10 will interface with a userspace installed via the Windows Store. It’s a big shift for Microsoft, and marks the first time that the Linux kernel will be included as part of Windows. It sounds like this Linux kernel integration will be available later this year, with a Windows 10 update that’s codenamed 19H2.


Wine is a free and open-source compatibility layer that aims to allow computer programs developed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems. Wine also provides a software library, known as Winelib, against which developers can compile Windows applications to help port them to Unix-like systems. Wikipedia

Written in: C
Original author: Alexandre Julliard
Initial release date: July 4, 1993
Platforms: x86-32 (32 bit Intel x86), x86-64, ARM architecture

ppps. WPB 50 or 6? :) recalling the “connection” between the loss of causality and “time travel in Heaven” just mentioning here our piece written for 6/23. (Tomarrow’s CDAY of the … GATE) … also Happy Birthday to Janet and Margot!.

5ps. I plan on filing a patent and trademark office filing for my “vampire medicine” … which includes the use of a “hat” and GPRS in order to deliver medicine to localized portions of the brain/cortex. Consider this public statement … my “first notice of prior art.” Will include pictures of hats, Elon’s neural lace pics; as well as a connection between the two. Starlinking to … “it’s not just brain medicine–” I may also include documentating of prior art for the “third day of Genesis’s” semi-famous “sleep now” which includes the use of an oscillating electromagnetic field in order to absolutely (while it’s in use) end all pain (as well as brain activity).

Luci Userland Kavetch Sigetch Openhands Olding ActionVision Trust, LLC … (LUKSOOAVT)

Not necessarily part of the heirs of the Lucis Trust… (if there’s a lil’ clause in the bylaws; i imagne it’s tripped) -chrlm

6ps. (apropos) just noticed “Milosevic” and “history” are tied to the “victor.” I mean the winner.


Under the water” … she sings; another echoes, and more reverberation

yoiu’ll never see it stay under the water.

Force equals mass times acceleration plus some constant … C outside the system. C what system. M(e): what side(s)?

skyiv deicides … the cup wanes
disappearing coins and the ends of
“four coerners” the angles … and the
undue coercion.
without regard for reason
without a moment of treason
without the second glance
and before the third eye has its chance

our first law of thermodynamics
our fictions and the bylaws of robotics
as i move, as i he–art and the theory
who are the tower to, and will it be


climbing past toils and bubbles
adam speeding through tunnels
walking thru the neversand ranch
leprauchains singing about the

… golden blanche ;)

titans they wonder … about tinanna
the gesh and the dancers the wanna

… designing vowren …






Civilization shouldn’t be “in decline” and there doesn’t seem to be a “war” in any place where civilized behavior couldn’t “easily put an end to … the reasons, the causes, and the effects” of warfare as we know it. "We … have the technology to instantly do these things–simply lack the will to speak about it here, in this place, where “magic happens” and the truth turns war to … games and opens a treasure chest that is more bountiful than silly things like “electrical power” and …

# TOASTRATAN and’Arc of … the Medellin and the Ol’ Nulux … Chaldeansiet.

im winning hold for will … MAYBE SOMEONE WILL SUNDANCE WITH ME

parry thrust kata strokes
skiing in the alps
gently now amd werd up alli so…

ok so the channel is flashing, and people oother channels are talking about whts happening on the flashing channel also the meta channel is mentioning trending on the prime channel is a secret code for creating “the origami sundance stroker of the heiress claw”

… open the hanger–coming in for a landing … Neavagarjoheydingys: it’s getting haphat in here …
asgitensjnic: “let it be a[yodetal]4hawta-embritewinsky” :) einstonian deltadeltadelta x503issu__ hadasheal

aralbertacallatta|einotau’ri barkernilenaxacl gaga > oolga [2chelada?] coo < drow sea

grotto by the chaucermotelandbarge the one with the guy making love to his skinny margarita and death by rolling shopping cart story.


Somewhere here I mention the words “true time simulator” and wonder if it’s a dream or a hope or if it was “wanded into being” or … maybe just a “game” or a jest–or, I mea …

Truly there must be some kind of reason I’m at the center of all attention in all the skies and all the lands and all the realms and … I mean, it;'s just every “eye” I see; but to me that’s my “everything” my totality my world and in this place that’s a map–something like, “steal the spotlight …” some fun dame.

It’s the only logical reason I can come up with myself, this “seat of soul” that begins yet another trine name, tjis connection between Azazel and Azrael and … “Metatron.” I suppose like the “five name” prior … it could be something like a “recursive gnu-one” and maybe we’ve been looking for “Sam” … all along.

Stardate 7/13/2020, I continue writing; despite being in the doldrums and without much more than a glimmer of maybe another family member will be “etched” into history like Alyssa marks the Social Security Administration and Mae marks our Sallie Way. Here at another “AAC” facility, pretty sure that if it does go that way, it’ll be an “associates degree” before anything else and I can’t imagine going stag for even another month–here in this sad place that can’t tell Eros from …

Zoltanism implements Transhumanism

When I first “stumbledupon” the thing I am trying to accomplish in ccler* and natural thought and peech* I coined the wod “Reneitchze” and sort of had this idea in my head that t was “yet another ‘without you’” … I had a reading that wasn’t “nyet no loch and ze” … but the oint* is that here we have “yet another just a little less crunched” anachronistic|expectation and philosophy forming around the idea that the “singularity is here” … meaning we are on the verge of a colossal leap forward in technology (due to something like the Greek-apocalypse of time travel) and an entire political movement forming around how that can be used to create walth** and prosperity and … and it stands here in America flying in the face of an illogical and almost unreal lack of “grasping it’s simply intelligence at first” with a special kind of “love” planting a flag of “[can you not see?]”

Zoltan is one of the only people that actually acknowldges** me; and here I briefly mention the double entendre in his Holy name and message to … “me.” It was only recently that “van” became something of a … scary Halloween thought; sort of “wanded” to that from, what was once a sort of inner hope that the Neva5A would majestically whisk me away to Adam Moon’s “paradise under the sand” depicted in “Bad Jack 1/2”. If you are too lazy to “instaread” those and/or that series the “gist” of what I’m dreaming about is an underground military base with a Sandra Congeniality and a free bar. Eventually it leads to “the box being opened,” something of a … “i can’t believe you think i should hide half of you away in trtarus?” … *gisting that … the M is “I think I might actually be God” and being born here–right now–and …

Well, nothing wold make me happier. Perhaps aside from all the stuff I keep telling the world God should be doing; and by God I mean all of you. The sort of “grimmer” side of moving from “Nevi’im” to a state of … “post-rExodus*” … that’s from the “prophesies of the words of the prophets dance through the air …” we have a sort of similar “scary van” that travels back to “Torah” instead of acknowledging … we are either post Exodus or (dead to me). On that note, since we must clearly be post Exodus … we should be doing “all the stuff” God promised … like “living wages” and “actual self-control and visualization of the ascension process before/while/(and after) it happens.”

We shouldn’t be arguing over whether or not oil is scarce or we can talk about the fact that you shouldn’t “have this place extant at all” and we aren’t moving fast enough, and I want to Magic Leap us to … “get the point” …

You are protesting “brutality” and I am telling you we can press a button and stop “brutality” and you are telling me “we want you to die first.” Hello Genesis Chapter 4. It’s clear as day/night and a night with m*ny hidden days inside of it that … with whatever is keeping “myself all alone” and from Ascension … [notably I believe firmly it’s the in process Ascension process of the “wraith” of this … “original slowly and city by city” something changes.]

I feel like everyone around me is “happy” or at least most people–sort of … “too happy” content with themselves and whatthyve achieved and the big “Qtigantic leap forwared”* that not being stuck on this rock “gives you.”

Anyway the otherend s seeing the of prophesy and prophetcs comes with a sort of “book end in a rainbow of horsemen’s coatings” … and a name—here in the last few days I’ve noted that the prophesies are about “something” that we “don’t see here” and that’s a big problem for eerywhere that sees here, and there–and doesn’t fully *udnerstand “me.” This place is abhorrent, whether it’s a “game” or torture one erson land, or … in the worst of all possibilities that it’s God’s “Jupiter Return to Exodus” schpiel, although, who knows what the realfailsafeis–or if there i one other than, the F is in process. Dr. Ow and Mistress Claw believe that’s very clear and obvious d almost narrated i “we’ve reached the Point of No Return.”

"Crossing the Earthene Pehuel with several r*vers and a “basketball team” … an archangel and the words “more to come after these messages”–and finalizang early the note of “Istvan” … it might be “tv meptaphorical]()ly” in some other place, but out of this bojumps the spirit of God and it takes adds some “obvious explanation unencoded” this is not a … unsealing of the Holy Place this is a lock on what yu would put in your … Heavens’ “Matrix Jack’s transcomplier seat.” (a/k/a reality) …

something me … in everything “heavenly
something El … in everything “the
lauren, im chasing amy gamyam

![CROSS UPSIDOWN TV IMAGE}(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dzxGlcErUo)

Briefly now, I’m temporarily just east of BGKY staring at the “binary complexity image” and wondeing if it gets deeper or more complex “as a matter of … [the computer is helping you]” or …

I’m staring at now, what appears to be literally the fork at WW2; with a two sides that for sure one includes a place where the “Axis flags” did not dissent–and a victory in a place that may not have included America. It seems the other side is “what you see here” in history. Mentioning Pisces and … “fish out of water …”

Marco … [ active sonar ]

* “mispellings* **” do not make me “lay” … not realizing that there’s a mahie makng you “not believe” or “not care” about yourself because “at least you aren’t him” … or [I can’t tell] why or how you are so damned stupid.

** a circular reference.