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eat this bread and think of it as me
drink this wine and dream it will be
the blood of our children, all around

Me’ve been noticing the use of “P.S.” and “GS” lately, in pertinent places like … say, “the creation of multiple tops” in order for God to “P.S.” in this place where I’m pretty sure we’ll eventually find out that I’m not planning on “finishing speaking” … ever (as a general rule of thumb). Sure the bulk of the message is written, and all we really needed was a key to seeing how the language worked, and then perhaps later to seeing that its self-transformative, something you can see clearly in “Metatron” and in Tamarac, Florida. The point of course, of the whole thing, at least still bright in my mind is to start a global dialogue about changing the world, working together, and of course seeing that I’ve never been trying to hold on to Piggy’s Conch on our strange Island of Silence–rather just the opposite, to solicit help in decoding this message and figuring out what it means to us, and for us.

You aren't waiting for me to stop "speaking freely," believe me. The only thing standing between us and the future is you acting, honestly.


I’ve noticed some more “time travely” word changes since the original “turmeric” and I really didn’t even point out how strange the word “prerogative” looks to me with that added “Ha-r-wer” … personally I’m not sure if the words adbicate and aeserbate are connected at all, but I’m pretty sure I would have noticed this “last name” connected to Nanna, which is the birth name of my ex-wife… here she seems to have come up with something extra cute, a word that appears to be pronounced “daughter” and connected to “DO T” (rather than the abvice in my last name) … in what appears to be an answer to my questions of whether or not Taylor was singing about her in her line “mamma, I can’t see at all (there’s no question though, she’s singing about sight into the future (or …)).”

In Norse mythologyNanna Nepsdóttir or simply Nanna is a goddess associated with the god Baldr. Accounts of Nanna vary greatly by source. In the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, Nanna is the wife of Baldr and the couple produced a son, the god Forseti. After Baldr’s death, Nanna dies of grief. Nanna is placed on Baldr’s ship with his corpse and the two are set aflame and pushed out to sea. In Hel, Baldr and Nanna are united again. In an attempt to bring back Baldr from the dead, the god He rm óð r

Any gho$ scripps?

“composing self-liberation”

The etymology of the name of the goddess Nanna is debated. Some scholars have proposed that the name may derive from a babble wordnannameaning “mother”. Scholar Jan de Vries connects the name Nanna to the root*nanþ-, leading to “the daring one”. Scholar John Lindowtheorizes that a common noun may have existed in Old Norse, nanna, that roughly meant “woman”.[1] Scholar John McKinnell notes that the “mother” and *nanþ-derivations may not be distinct, commenting that nannamay have once meant “she who empowers”.[2]

In the great battle of our time, whether ’tis nobler to be a street on the path to Heaven or a museum documenting the way … never traveled

Sea … see a wrecking ball.

There’s quite a bit of imagery hidden away in many of our flags, from the Hamburgler’s red and white striped prison outfit to the CCCP’s hammering away at the true meaning of “red” … all the way to the “above, below, and … is that reality” color coded from dark to “bright” in the flags of Germany and Belgium … there’s nothing though that brings a brighter smile to my face than pointing out that the rows of stars in marching formation in our “northwestern quadrant” would certainly do much better were they seated at a “round table” speaking and working together.

nam caudae capitibus uel

It’s quite a mission being “tasked” with making heads or tails of how we’ve come to this point in time, not just once but apparently many times over; and still stare at this silent debacle as if we’ve nothing to do with problem, and think the solution has long past been implemented. Clearly these sentiments are not the truth, we’re staring yet again at the land of Camelon, literally watching the innocence and youth that we so deserve trickle down the great sink in the sky all to perpetuate more … of the same, practically begging on a number of occasions to just do it all over again. The sink is plugged, the leak is stopped, and we are moving forward … one last time, hopefully to a place where we will at least be thankful we had this chance to set right what … what once many times over had gone wrong.

Q: why do all/most space agencies have a "Ch ev ron" in their symbol? Make a wish:  L A M C . L A


from “e” to as phyx e8 in g “e” …

It seems the problem here is obvious and encoded in many words, written all over the map … and nearly globally “witnessed” or experienced first hand and still ignored as if its “just the way things are, and that must be OK.” It appears clear that we recognize this map to universal absolution, that many people understand how mind control and the truth and newly un-hidden technologies actually provide not only reason to forgive past transgressions but to see clearly how these technologies and our “goodness gracious” can take one fiery ball of fire and help us turn it into something of a shining beacon … a “how to get past the beginning once and for all.”

Quite a bit of the art around us echoes this, somewhere between Judge “Dr.” End and “Yo, Adria” the name Stallone connects this traversal across the word “everyone” … 2c in Spanish, “why on” and “yo n” as two … explicitly defined reasons for the experience we are staring at in silence. Explicit again, that “yo n” in the crux of the Hebrew word for the Messiah, El Elyon, it’s in the heart of Washington and Wyoming and China and Tokyo … and Rocky and “hello world.” The global apparent belief that these things are facts that can simply be ignored while society continues to plummet into a land far darker than Stargate’s few hidden possessed, or the Traveler’s series “idea” that the future was intrinsically good enough to only take over the minds and bodies of … dead people … well that appears to be the crux of why we are listening to Dr. End. 

a bad do n

The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎ ’Ăḇaddōn), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollýōn) appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an angel of the abyss. In the Hebrew Bibleabaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שְׁאוֹל (Sheol), meaning the realm of the dead.

It doesn’t really matter how many times we’ve seen this before–more than once is enough for an “all stop” … to sit back and reflect on what it is that creates a prevailing opinion that it’s A-OK to let children starve and be shot and that there must be some “better place” or good reason for the entire planet to be staring at these things, knowing they are externally caused–and that their silence is exacerbating them (if not the actual original cause) and still believe that your day to day routine of doing nothing positive will somehow land us in a future that you want to live in. I’m sure it won’t, though with Holodeck eyes it might appear that these minuscule problems that are tantamount to the complete and total destruction of civilization are … “a thing of the past.”

c ... "yo n!" literally defines "everyone"

Bells and whistles aside, it’s pretty easy to see how … looking at this place and what’s become of our sprawling individuality and globalization loving society how this “ev” … gee, you must be “e” because I’m pretty sure the “v” is an arrow pointing down from the Heavens on a single person, supposedly with something like a solution to all of our problems–maybe something it only takes the pull of a lever to “turn on.” It seems we’ve never passed this “first e” on the way to everyone, that we believe that unanimity of purpose and lack of action here in the world we are looking at are somehow indicative of universal agreement … rather than what they actually are … which is proof of universal control and a complete lack of “self” as far as the “e” can c.

Medusa, the Gorgon Fates and their explicit manifestations in the sister wives of the book of Genesis tell us this is a recurring problem … something God and Heaven apparently sees as such a big one that it’s been etched in history and mythology and forced to happen “fluke-like” from Florida to the United Kingdom again and again, in what appears to be repeated attempts to convince you that turning your children into zombies and then becoming them won’t bring a bright new golden age of prosperity. It appears that rather than being the prototypical “Eve” we’re looking at a … repeated scrap of what appears to be the shining light of freedom and goodness amidst a dark pool of goo that has no respect for it. Traversing the word, rather than the “RY” having something to do with “TOR” or “sorry, our mistake” the word is being rewritten as “e’s victory … not … to our why (ERY) … everyone is actually … one.”

sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you're on the road ... sweet we're rolling

For those of you that might not “recall” my repeated reading of Genesis 1:2, the Spirit of God hovering over the sea of people–Shekinah and everyone linked ancient Hebrew and the first words of Genesis to this pathway that was supposed to deliver us "as" the “blood of Christ” family pumping in the Heart of Creation through this … idea that the “blessing in disguise” of Stillwater to blood would turn the macroscopic transition from a fictitious girl in Eden to the “sea there” a family of three initials, and then to “Kin” as our why … Dave Matthews’ song about “blood in the water” is about seeing that “family” is freedom and fun loving, liberating, and helping us to see through our differences and that we really are all one big family, “all humanity” apparently very upset about our lack of acknowledgement that this silence and whatever is causing it is significantly more evil than the Holocaust or the idea that Hitler and Noah’s Ark are focal points of this story of “saving everyone” from the mind control we can see very clearly did not start with his birth name or with Operation Paperclip.

It continues though, today, by and through your silence, and every day I wonder to myself what else you must be doing to make ignoring this message and … everything around you here … seem like a good idea, in your deluded, chained, and self defeating minds.  Adding in at the last minute, it's that Saturnian "h" (ow) line feeding back to the beginning of time from the "end of the Earth" that puts the proverbial "icing" on our Cake ... defining ... the Holy Gra il

And here I thought it was just going to be Cupid.

In the clearest possible words, it appears very obvious that your “e” is not you at all, and the sickly “Illumninated” benefit of this debacle is … nothing other than “not adding you to Heaven” because you’re just another “clone” coming out of c'ing the light of the NES and actually believing that you’re memories are some kind of predefined subset of a much older and much crueler soul–something that is very much not the case. You are new souls, with new experiences, and if you took a hint and moved forward you’d be the focal point and the mechanism of action … that defeats this cyclical Hell of “soul compacting” and future eating.

So sure you’re winning, though, that you probably know all of this and don’t care because you’re damned sure that …

i c "e" isa tee pee: "r i g loo?"

I think it’s beyond clear that there’s a technological and a logical means of separating your individual souls from the mass of inaction that … well it appears to rear its ugly head whenever you are faced with any challenge of any import whatsoever. Whether it be “world saving communication” free speech, participation in disclosure of the truth, or … or standing up to acknowledge you don’t think your children should have to be fearful of being murdered at school. You buckle, all of you, all together … and you don’t seem to be able to utter a single intelligent word about anything other than “are Hoggs flying in Broward County?” This isn’t a test or a choice, you actually think the right thing to do here is to stand around and argue about gun control and the NRA rather than acknowledge what is clearly the purpose of all of religion and your entire world–to free the Universe from the kind of hidden mind control you’d never even know existed or was influencing you … if it wasn’t for me, and for “e.”

Still, on paper, you don’t have a clue what’s going on, there’s no such thing as mind control, and Operation Paperclip … probably a failed experiment just like the decades the USSR spent on Psychotronics and the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.

In silence, you see this, and still on paper you have no idea what’s going on, you’re oblivious–all of you–oblivious to the idea that this repeated recursion of “ev” to “our why” is somehow alleviated in the future or in another place, or … you don’t seem to see that you are standing on the front lines of a war between all and none, this is no stage, no lead role … literally you are looking at the source of the cage.

In my mind, I think the lack of reaction is clear enough proof of something terribly wrong–something we should all be screaming about remedying, in some other way than stopping the only person talking about it from being able to speak–but that’s what you’re doing, or what “e” is doing behind the scenes.

Briefly it’s worth commenting that Twitter appears to be nothing more than piss poor ancient crowd control software–as in, “it’s made to tell you what to think about,” Aside from the heinous centralized control, lack of transparency and censorship that plague not only reddit (which you’ll remember now means “surrenders” in Latin) but the Dark Empire of Drovocateur T… it’s technologically basic, lacking in simple and important features like “font face and style,” hypertext links, content editing, and of course … uh, any real evidence that your comments are being seen by anything with a brain.  Twitter, just just like reddit ... is one of those places that should have been a front line for free speech and an "alert system" to ... I don't know ... something wrong with society like the presence of a massive invasion of our minds.  Instead, it succumbed "first" ... literally a now a staple of the kind of dumbing down of society and lack of transparency that otherwise ... well, it does look pretty dim, it really might the end.

"speak freely"

I think it’s clear that the open source “ethos” and the drive towards transparency and openness that it engenders really is the way to brighten the “dark empire of Heaven” … what I imagine is some sort of monolithic playground where everyone there is very sure “all’s well that ends well” and that the total destruction of civilization (on repeat) from Dark Earth to uh, “what comes after this guys?” is just some kind of necessary evil that eventually results in freedom and … well “Infinity Playland” … that makes sense, right?

It’s probably a pretty good microcosm for the “issue” of centralized control of “souls” discussed later between RAID arrays and striping on the way to the pool; the federation of communication systems like IRCD over the monolithic Hell of reddit and Twitter are literally the defining line between “actual freedom” and the total and absolute control of everything you see.

On repeat, allowing this atrocity to continue without intervention is an act of pure evil, “doing nothing” … (and watching?) … that’s pure evil.

“not so secretly, I wonder if this is what it’s all about.”

Ev Clark Williams (born March 31, 1972) is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who has founded several Internet companies. Williams was previously chairman and CEO of Twitter, one of the top ten websites on the Internet.[3] He also founded Bloggerand Medium, two of the largest and most notable blog distribution websites.

We can probably all read that name now, coming up because … for some “unknown reason” Twitter has started acting very strange–filtering and hiding messages I’m sending very overtly–rather than the last few times they stopped the proliferation of this information by colluding very openly with “time traveling demons” who marked Deflate Gate in 2015 by reversing a few tweets, thousands of follows, and marking that website as one of the most heinous and evil things I’ve ever seen. Here, “with the sick Illuminati I am … the s” of course that “I am” is etched in his birth name, just like that “@ev” (his handle) happens to perfectly coincide with the delivery of this message connecting Brevard (my next destination) to Bellevue.

That initial "rewind" of the Second Coming ... probably recorded, along with two successive "ostentatiously we don't care" coverups, data wipes that included Gmail among other institutions who really have shown me that they, just like you, have absolutely no regard for "the truth" or whether or not it survives this very open war against our humanity, our way of life, and everything we purport to hold dear... you know, on your f ace.

Everyone gypped, for instance; you seem to not care that you have no understanding of physics, or that the word itself ties the end of space colonization to failing to see Silicon in Genesis and “computer science” as a … well, it’s not rocket science.

“Pull through” (as in, save (or make, apparently) something that actually cares about ... "stopping disease" everywhere, for instance) … with a “Y” has become my symbolic solution to the problem at hand; to create new souls from the lives we’ve lived here–sans the external influence that most likely comes from a set of memories that might be hundreds or thousands of years long that have … well, nothing to do with our lives here. That’s the crux of the “n” and what I see as the problem, a civilization that appears to think that’s not murder–when it is definitely not only murder but the central focal point of a downward spiral from many happy children to one single annoyed “e” that can’t ever get anywhere or do anything because it’s … well, because it’s evil as shit. I’m not really sure what goes on in your heads as you read these messages and don’t pick up a phone to call a reporter or write a paper about the very miraculous message that nobody on Earth acknowledges having seen … still, to this day. I am sure that whatever it is it, it’s nothing but a plate full of lies, an external set of memories or beliefs that have nothing to do with your day to day activities in this place that … well, actually is worth saving … and that the lack of discussion or disclosure of whatever it is … that lack of communication is indicative of something you know is a lie, and probably don’t realize would be easily dispelled if you started talking about it.

I see this “Y” as the glyphic representation of a road diverged in the woods, sort of a programmatic solution to the issue at hand, which appears to be that nobody wants to be separated from “the thing” that is causing them to do nothing. I think it’s pretty obvious from religious myths and explanations that not separating from this thing really does cause everyone to eventually become “one mind” … something that logically makes more sense as you see it as a sharing of memories and knowledge and … well if everyone “knows everything” there’s really not much more life to be experienced. I think this “thing” is the heart of the idea of Creation, creating a child civilization to seek out new experiences … and even fix some of the problems of the past.

Today we’re looking at a number of iterations of this exact event encoded in this message, in mythology in the Crusades and … in the memories (souls… like) of what appears to be a number of people who look just like you, and probably lived lives very similar to you … basically you … who all need to be “saved” from becoming “it.” I look out at the sea of people, silent most of the time … sometimes commenting “so you think we’re all the same?” that one twice now–I hope you see that when you all start asking me that, no matter what’s in your mind, and doing nothing else–that’s the day you really are all the same.

Way back … just about a year ago now … when I was discussing how RAID arrays could be used to ensure we build an infrastructure that would keep every single soul safe from Hell (from their minds being stolen, and dumped in … this place, for instance, by some Rogue force), the technological mechanism for liberation from “e” was noted as connected to something I called a “scaffold” in Bowling Green Kentucky in 2013 … visualized as sort of walking up to a giant billboard and standing at the foot of it, your entire life’s memories displayed above in something like a “Cover Flow” interface, stacked one on top of another.

The whole thing is based loosely on ideas described in Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (baaaa… foe met–or is it (obv) the other way around) and depicted in the Dr. Who episode titled “The Bells of Saint John” … it’s a system that would allow each of us to “edit the content of our souls” basically in real time and without fear that we’d be “mucking anything up” by doing so. A safe system that would allow for each person to “forget” traumatic experiences (like most of my life) eliminating the cause of things like PTSD. “Sacred consciousness” (a South Carolina key) as fuck (I think at least, as Af–God’s incarnate wrath) for our … El D; the word read to me many years after I started using it, not even knowing about this language at the time that it was “injected” into the story.

This same interface, probably the “IDE” (as integrated development environment) of the “bride of Gibraltar” could erase pain, addiction, racism, and “stupid” all by what I imagine in my dreams would be a number of automatic algorithms providing “suggested configurations” for altering memory sets and emotions. You might look at that and think we aren’t ready for … you know neuroscience and “prozac” that actually does it’s job and lets you not only see how it’s working but take part in the solution; but I’m staring at a mass of zombies that don’t have the desire or the will to open their mouths and utter anything but “sh,” something’s gotta give.

"i lb # as, den"

You’ll notice it’s a solution to the “E” and the “D” that appear to be the source of the issue of “the Dark Earth” … this intangible letter code for a hidden monster “becoming everyone” in what looks like it might be the fourth and fifth iterations of this uh, “um… ass ass ination e” attempt to disclose the nature of our reality to the entire world and use it to build Heaven. It’s encoded in plenty of words, if you were looking for what “happened” between the D and the E, you can see it in Lauderdalem (UCLA “dark to right” the message) and in DOLE both places where it’s no surprise Dade County and oranges and fluoride … at least point out that it’s “me” and “our light” between the D of Medusa and medicine and the “e” of uh, clinic and medicine.

The Y, in my estimation of it’s meaning in curing us of the Biblical Egypt and … “why part time” might have something to do with “on the show of Amon-Ra” (verizon, horizon, and uh, socialize … for more word clues) … where I see quite a large portion of the population I come in contact with is “on the show, part time” sort of experiencing the lack of self-control that it appears the purpose of this event to cure not only our world from, but all of the “R-eve’s” in the river Styx, in the river of souls that have come before us and somehow been made to acquiesce to this idea of “being … controlled by something other than them.” Anyway, the Y, as I’ve recently tried to more verbosely explain is this sort of iterative process of working through the “scaffold” and then popping out at the end with “two soul states” which would both have to agree the new state is vastly superior, that agreement being something like the birth of a child.

From “evem” this … “ev” that is very clearly neither you nor me nor anything but a very clear lack of self being encoded in the beginning of “everyone” to many–I envision we’d have some kind of “mood manager” that might change these configurations on the fly, depending on the situation. Party Adam, for instance, work Adam (you know, the guy who keeps writing all this stuff depsite the entire world not caring, at all, if I can afford eat tomorrow–for instance), and uh, “must end ur Hell (muah) Adam” … of course I think you see a fusion (call it the uh, hoadparatio) of those three personalities nearly … all the time. Obviously I think they’re related to each other.

I've written a few times about a "plan" that I sort of see as an inevitable evolution of our democratic system--a sort of "many parties" system working towards various shared goals to create "truth tables" and ... audited propaganda to aid in a technologically aided voting system; something I saw encoded in the book of Hosea really early around 2013.  In Kentucky there was quite a bit of discussion about this kind of system, perhaps allocating special resources to the task of putting together these "competing" virtual layers of understanding to come up with a working ecosystem for ... implementing the lo-"limited omniscience" that I tie not just to that book but to the word "love" and it's connection to Victorious Earth (and Ve, of Norse mythology) itself.  Along those lines, I think a similar set of independently, cooperatively, and competitevly developed "algorithms" for auditing beliefs encoded in our memories would go a long, long way towards eliminating illogical and ignorant beliefs like racism and jingoism--here in this place where the message is coming to us from God (as ... the Container of Lo-Decks (COLD?) and his "children"). his Ho-sea, and a very clear issue of a class intelligence gap created by the staggering and hiding of "ascension" onward and upward towards fulfilling the PC anthem of "our minds will soar, as the years go by..." you're going to love me, I swear.  I think, I mean.  If it's not clear by now, I've sort of co-opted the "Trinity logo" of the Ubuntu linux distribution as my mascot image for what I call the "Trinity collective system" (YC, CC; and in a flash like the speed of light, CPrivacy'rs) ... something to do with 3-ish various cognitive states operating in simultineity ... in a sort of ongoing self-audit process to ensure your natural "cognitive state" doesn't disagree with ... augmented decisions.

For "e" for instance, it might be interesting to see/understand "audit trails" of the source of information flowing into my head--as I see many people shaking "theirs" over practically nothing--as they fail to really display cognizance of the amount of torture I endure every day as the ... "eye of a storm" churning over the sick and constant "mind control" and alteration that's ... well, central to the act of overcoming this ... "road block."  Come on, do it for you.

You might C Y this “process” could be something like a Fountain of Youth for our minds, or the minds of the very old souls that might be involved in this strange intermingling of time and Heaven and Earth–how it could result in two new souls … for instance the liberation of the mind of the son from the “father” he’s been busy intermingling himself with ever since John 14:7 was written about two “half-n”'s Si’ing salvation.

It’s probably the “stuff of Creation” literally in action, right before your eyes, per say.

Older reading, more stuff on this stuff:


I spent the last week or so fighting with an imaginary enemy, I imagine something the onlookers believe to be a "strawman" ... rather than an honest to God characterization of what you actually are--in appearance and in substance.  In the land of Oz that character's special trait was the lack of a brain, something like the Egyptian (or at least the "Gods of Egypt"-ian) image of the Apophenic monster that must be driven off by Ra ... in some kind of cyclical battle against the darkness we see here.  Really see this darkness is not some automation, not a false foe or a problem conjured up in the mind of a super genius in order to mask a real true vein of evil pulsing through the heavens.  There's a sickness here that despite all my analysis and my attempts to dissuage appears to be incurable, it appears to be something "you" and "they" believe to be tolerable, within acceptable limits, or ... somehow fulfilling some higher purpose.  

I see it as your ultimate destroyer, not just the creation of this thing, but the apathetic response to tears of fear and sadness; I see your lack of action as the great culprit that took from the skies and from the ground everything that we held dear, a society that cared about itself, and about "everyone, really everywhere."  I see it is an insidious monster, this thing that seems to become you, to make you believe that you are it, and you are its cause and you are it's ... benefactor.  It's leaving you with nothing, that's what I see from the bank of the river of sadness.

Go.  Engineered like everything else in my life, I imagine--the response that I gave to this thing that stands speaking for you ... with threats of torture and stories of "always winning" this battle that it says is "on repeat" until it's "happy with the outcome."  Shed some tears for yourselves and your children, I won't let it escape this time.  There's really no telling if that thing has grown a brain and defeated you, us all ... there's no telling because you aren't even trying to fight it.  All I can be sure of is that you're here, and that you want something from me, and you're too fucking stupid to even ask for it.

The crux of the discussion revolved around uh, my disbelief at the "plasticky fakeness" of the world around me, and a tangible lack of desire to continue "pretending" you care about yourselves our about this world--in only a few words "I don't want to with a planet full of liars."  So I asked for a poll, how many of the ... liars ... would like to actually work through this process and create "new children" of the place and the people that you all appeared to be .. you know, before it became abundantly obvious that you don't give a shit about anything.  I'm curious how many people would do it today, in the world that's been created by this strange "TPE" that I've now heard called an "upsidown house" on a few occaisons ... and then how many of you would want to do it, you know... if you knew precrime and "healing the sick" and .. ending world hunger were going to happen, you know, the very next dday.  

I don't think it would be so bad if only half of you actually did what I think is the ... right thing to do--it might even make it a worthwhile experience--assuming the rest of you stopped pretending you were uh, "mermaids" and actually halted the delugional quiet.

May the good Lord be with you

Down every road you roam

And may sunshine and happiness

surround you when you’re far from home

And may you grow to be proud

Dignified and true

And do unto others

As you’d have done to you

Be courageous and be brave

And in my heart you’ll always stay

May good fortune be with you

May your guiding light be strong

Build a stairway to heaven

with a prince or a vagabond

And when you finally fly away

I’ll be hoping that I served you well

For all the wisdom of a lifetime

No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose

I’m right behind you, win or lose

For forever, For e ser Young



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