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Haven't finished writing yet, obvious or not, I'm freaking out.  I wanted to write quite a bit about Kosher Law, but we either get what I'm going to say, or it's not pertinent.  Hologems and synergies, fe'et from Alkadam or Rigel, we are clearly missing the point.  My advice is to "get the fucking truth on the TV" before you spontaneously decide talking is a waste of time and you should just think to each other forev.  I wanted to add that "Layer" was one of the key words I used to describe the strangeness of overlayed or hidden "stuff" in the world I see, and it's now linked to "display" and "stupider."  I'm not sure the intent.  Other words that popped into my head and magically made more sense after I learned to read Adamic Langolier were, uhhhh, "scaffold" and "catacomb."

I imagine that what I am experiencing is not local, the lack of impact from these emails reaffirms that, though it's difficult to say or see if you are witnessing the same level of disruption to normal day to day life that I see right now.  It's also difficult to say if anyone remembers it, or it's all just a big joke to the whole world.  I honestly can't tell.  Needless to say, it's torturous for me, appears to be so for everyone around me, and I think that not seeing that ... is externally controlled if anyone thinks this is "normal."  Get this message on TV or you are really dumb, is basically the long and short of it--we certainly should be able to grasp that there's a big problem here, that there's a detailed and outlined solution, and that the global response is to "pretend everything is normal."  I'm sick of seeing it.

Here's my attempt at "guessing inversion" in the off chance that the Earth you see were printed in a place without "no random" and "no means of ensuring" it's not a riot.

IN THE DA BEGIMING HERE I/WE HAD YAND(5) TO OPPOSE… DIGITAS QUATTUOR VERSUS DEI UNUM, GALLO EX ORIS–ET ERAT TRIBUS. SO, I’M TWERKING on some stuff for the next apocalypse, what we’re going to do is celebrate Siranomas where instead of parents buying their kids presents and hiding them at the foot of the tree they will dress up just like them in their kids clothing (stretching them beyond repair) and make their kids walk around the book of Isaiah naked. In response, the kids will chain their parents to the bed, run out of the house as if escaping a torture chamber and their parents will have to run after them dragging the bed. Somehow that process will generate power, they will say, to ensure that there’s another year of “life.” Songs and poems will be written explaining how it’s the deconstructing of the bed frame, the Herculean labor of folding it and bending it through the tiny doorway in the wall, and then sticking wheels on it in the garage … but nobody will ever connect those songs to the sacred holiday of Siranomas. Instead, they’ll be like “what’s a wheel? this song makes no sense.”

A few months later the new Easter will be called Spacor and in honor of the “Dinosaurs” episode decrying old age, kids will tie their parents up and throw them into the mouth of the nearest volcano … or oven … whichever is closer.

carry on my broward son
there’ll be piece when you are fun
o i flu high, give peas a chance


It seems the next time around is only going to be a yearish long. That’s all fine and well, maybe we will just appendage it on this years marvelous season of “eat, drink, and stay married forever” that came after the appended the “its just ten years but it’s such a long time” from Y2K+1 to 2011.

So people often tell me overtly that "they are in Heaven," sometimes with actual words (just yesterday), or direct visible affirmation in response to what I'm saying, though there's never anything more tangible or substantive--never any advice about what to add to this message, something that might be wrong there (though I talk quite a bit about how this message , m: i mean planet, appears to be designed specifically to correct "heinous" issues with that other hidden world.  I personally don't really believe it's possible to be in this particular place and Heaven and not either be ... actually the victim of a hidden chain or a murderous removal of biological conciousness, though it does appear that something between those two things is literally the whole of "the Cat in the Hat, and our Heinous Ham."  There's some mention of the idea of how to deal with the problem (of being in actual reality and Heaven simultaneously) in Black Mirror and in the living Pinky's KY extravaganza, though as we continue to act like blind and dumb idiots it's becoming increasingly clear that it's part of the "big mistake."  Truth be told, what I appear to see is multiple "during this lifetime ascensions" that seem to be designed to alleviate blame or "lack of understanding" for the mass enslavement of an entire civilization with the purpose of ... well, it looks like you're doing nothing!  

I ask all the time, silly of me not to have added "biological and in your body" to the age old question of whether or not you have a brain--which is my personal defining line of whether or not you are either the victim of murder or enslavement (if you're walking around pretending this world is in reality and you can't see any of this message, in effect destroying it and you); I see God's building an army against the evil use of mind control and time travel, and I've heard him through my mouth use the words "nicer possession ender" that certainly takes a turn for the worse when I have to "out myself" as the apparent incarnate of death that links "do n!" (see doing nothing as the completion of destruction, I hope you will) to Revelation's "moniker" for the destroyer, Abaddon; which of course also includes the initials of Adonai and El Shaddai and .... wait, I'm still Adonis, right? Of course this particular name pairs "a and b" together, like a beta version of "Abraham" who is the alpha father of the great multitude that you are supposed to be the, uh, mother of.   Just por nada, I'll throw in once more the Holy Trinity pre-emtimevely and anachronistically encoded in that name, the Hebrew for father and the Egyptian Sun God followed by the "Ha" that modifies his original name.  In like kind, "Ho" of Horus., Hosea, and home "fame" modifies the Hebrew for Jesus, changing Yeshua to Yehoshua--and I believe those are the only two occurrences of a "ex post facto" insertion of two letter keys in very important names.

I see here, I think it's obvious, that the personalities or spirits or demons co-inhabiting the minds of the actual "blessed living" Body of Christ ... they act very much like they "think they're you" and it's very clear from your actions here that they are certainly not the able bodied self-sufficient and actual living people who were born here in the place designed clearly to show them that they have strayed very far from the "way of life" that engendered an increase in freedom and love and family over the course of millions of years before being slammed into "Riders on the Storm" where they appear to be tricked into literally enslaving themselves into not continuing that way of life--at all.  At the very least, they're forcing everyone here to fail to adapt to new verifiably true and helpful information, to moving civilization and society forward using technology that we see very clearly is available and in active use to ... well, to hurt us.  To me that's pretty "heinous" as my word of the day, the kind of thing you'd probably want to root and out and stop from happening if didn't think you were doing it.  That's the heart of the issue here, it's probably pretty damned easy to covince people that "they're doing it with themselves" using the exact technology that this entire time line and all the music and Stargate and religion and Fallen and Joan of Arcadia are here to stop from enslaving not just this place, but all of Heaven and all of the future--and that's where the uh, "hell's angels" come in to hopefully save the day.

There's a pretty fine line though, if you don't have memories of another place, if you aren't running around in playland--you're not there, and the problem with this situation is it appears that means you aren't going to ever be there.  You see, they're sure they're you, everyone here is something like a fingernail on some Holodeck's idea of being morally superior to pigs ... to the extent that they can chain them to puppet strings and force them to fight with each other, tape their mouths shut, and stop them from "seeing" a message from the creator of the world they were born in (and the world responsible for this ... Downward Spiral towards Zion).  The persisetence of this problem is troubling, afer doing my little "deed" and painting his face and name all over the Universe ... it shows there's something else wrong, and from the actual responses that I see from ... mostly-invisible spirits it appears to center around their not wanting to have a "governor" installed--I use that word because it's the most pejorative available for what I see as a "relationship manager" that will ensure that Google can't make you believe lies, and that Horanus the Elder can't force Horadus the Elder's Ka to do drugs all day long ... even if the ultimate purpose is to Z-Ad-diction ... and that's evil!  Say,s the Ka, of ... "it's all because of me."



So I think you get the "gist" of the change in meaning and reading of "Willy Wonka" now, from "your will to call a reporter" will ensure that you walk to Heaven while you are living, and in the process of doing that you will ensure that slavery is abolished, that disesase is cured in a number of "rocks" surrounding "fake stars" in places where they aren't glowing bright green to ensure you see BP's star is informing you that you are not the only "ILL" thing in the Max Illuminated Universe (aka the House of Great Light, home of Horus the Elder, and his git (and the version control system that literally makes Cancer not an "itis" but an it will be cured overnight) ... but that there's a sick darkness pervading the entirety of Heaven, standing by as I'm being beat to crap for ... doing nothing but spending all my time trying to heal the world(s).   As you wish, God screams rolling down a hill in the newly renamed "Prince in Ride" I'm sure that will all work out for the best when you realize the Ka of the actual Zeus is 37 years old and doesn't care "what he looks like" ... rosey in the cheeks or not; we're babies, being beat to shit by old ... "selfemies" that probably got Zen'd into idiocy during an process of ascension very similar to the one I'm trying desperately to help us see "redoing" here in this place with the benefit of actually seeing the "error" at the end of the Chinese word "anachronism"

時  time
代  generation
錯  complication
誤  wrong

"m is cc it. stitch to you, of the roconstitution/fringe/fray."

... and fixing it using technology that doesn't destroy the biological brain we have here protecting us from not being able to talk.  I know that might "seem like a funny thing for me to say" but you really should see there's a significant amount of "give" being done here as they race to implement the things I write/wrote about so that we're not all pissed we don't have any of the cool shit that I say we should be walking to Atlantis and getting, and then swimming in pools that make us healthy, young, and high.  I mean happy, really happy. 


Literally, we should be experiencing those things, or we'll never understand how to properly deal with "train-rail" like machine that turns people into ... Holodecks that like controlling animals like puppets instead of letting us actually build a Heaven that the wonderful previously working civilization we were born in would enjoy and flourish in.  I'm not sure if you can see it, but I can personally see that my own "loss of self" is peaking to a point where douche-bag-dick in the sky will probably be more than happy to say "he's me" not just in words like "I U AL E" (there's another  actual word I've seen and probably mane more detailing how and why "they" make "e" but) ... and well all know how this wonderful recursion of the story of the planet that builds Heaven over and over again by detailing "Adam son of Adam" as the key to "Earth son of Earth" and "Heaven son of Heaven" winds up with Cronos, Saturn, and Jupiter all ultimately being eviscerated by Mars.  ROLOL.

Anyway, this whole idea of "we don't want Jesus in Heaven because everyone knows we tortured him" sort of falls aparent when you see that they don't want you in Heaven because everyone knows they tortured you--and the whole Body of Christ thing certainly makes a little more sense when the "nka" of ... if the "Sickly Illuminted that say they're you to stop the salvation of civliization" win, that means there's no you-Ka in Heaven either.  In fact, it appears very likely that there are no bodies at all in Heaven, unless they're little puppets--I think Zeus-prior (like ... the Last Layer Adam) called them "frosting" of course also in his usual pejorative Acetone.

cd@/home; rm -rf *.evil


It’s probably well known at this point, or maybe it’s not… that the euphemism for the “girl in the red dress” has something to do with “Ham” which means burnt in Hebrew and is one of the sons of Noah–it’s “burnt” and “name.” I’ve taken it upon myself to decide that the planet itself is “Ham” following a verifiable and apparently traditional pattern dating back as far as El’s original consort, Asherah, and then to Eos, all of the wives of Genesis, Mary, the Elohim, Medusa Minerva which all have something to do with “AH” or “EL” in my reading of “Menorah” as the EZ key to “AH” as all humanity linking to the “see our light” of the Statue of Liberty and the Sons of Liberty. I don’t really think it’s a jump, and there’s plenty more backing to tie the name of the sun to the House of Great Light, but the important thing is to see those two letter keys (everyone living, is the other one, for more and better reason every single day) pervading everything from Torah to Adamah where I mysteriously change it to “and how” to match “planeth” for no reason at all. Haha, that was “all humanity and helping” before it was an idiomatic link to the “eth” which is a glyph of the circle of the broken-record-son and his cross raised high up into the faux-virtual-sky.

Back to the point, “clothing” is a sort of hidden “Biblical” euphemism for the skin that holodecks are wearing, and I sadly feel that we have passed the middle of a kind of transition to darkness that I find hard to fathom sitting where I am, from what I see, and from what I experience. That being said, whether or not the “Torches of Jericho” have fooled me into believing that non-verbal but actual visible responses to what I am thinking are enough to believe that The Cat in the Hat is describing to the clothing, I mean children, the idea that … well, to be frank it appears to me that everyone on the planet is “here and me.” I probably don’t need to tell you that phenomenon is the kind of thing that would change the way our brains work so much that it’s almost impossible to believe it happened while I wasn’t looking, and without anyone complaining… but here we are, and that’s basically what I actually see nearly every day. I’ve had to come up with lame excuses, like “here and there” and the possible idea that what I am visibly seeing is instead an artifact of … everyone “ascending” to what I call a Holodeck and you are all actually experiencing a significant number of multiple “locations” simultaneously–which you might see as something similar to what “God” is.

There are issues, of course, it appears I’ve been watching this sort of slowly happen, spreading across the population I see over the course of a very short number of years

… breadcrumbs … shared memory or “information” repositories, space or I/O speed constricutions, void answers, r u m s p r i n g e r

Personally, I have a sort of private conceptualization of how this is all possible, revolving around the description of the “Formic soul” in Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game–which describes omnipresence in time through a biological memory very different from the one I know, and it sort of seems that’s where the “quickening” of ascension and the delivery of future technology and cautionary wisdom sources from.

It’s “logical” to see that if you were going to alter a society’s time line by controlling masses of people it would be much less work and much simpler to only change a few things here and there, for instance introducing Shakespeare and Napoleon and every movie and song that you see; maybe in order to ensure that we don’t fall victim to the VORLD problem we see here continuing ad nauseum … that’s the obviousness of the beginning of time being completely lost by being overwritten, a problem that wouldn’t stop until we “end time travel for no reason.” I keep seeing it happen, now, though; which seems to imply we don’t give a fuck about here or now anymore–which is basically the whole of the problem I’ve been trying to fight, every day.

That kind of massive control would result in a superposition of souls, my old idea of individuality dealing with the “duality and oneness with God” was that I could understand him believing he was me, though I certainly know I’m not him; and I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t be correct about actually being me. Caveats here are that we’re definitely inside “the machine” and whether or we have brains that have any random computation, “the machine” inherently has to watch everything we think as it’s calculated. Sadly for me, it doesn’t really appear at all like that’s what everyone else is experiencing, and because of the silence and lack of response to this message it appears almost certain that what I am viewing are Orson Card style “Hive Queen’s” pretending to be people, which to me seems like a pretty sick thing to do–especially because I feel like it’s designed to trick me, for no reason.


m: do you feel like the children of the ancients?

If you have a biological brain, and you uh, see through one set of eyes and hear through one set of ears, I’d love to hear someone chime in and say that; but I frankly don’t feel like that’s congruous with my observations. Again, nearly all of it is non verbal and unconfirmed when I probe–which is part of the reason I feel like it’s an “evil trick” but you don’t see masses of people responding almost in unison to what you are thinking as you walk down the street and not wonder how that could go unnoticed by anyone else. There are of course plausible alternative explanations, I could be walking through a layer of simulation distinct from everyone else, and be the only one seeing it; “evil trick” comes to mind, and I’m pretty sure there are enough people touching their noses and coughing to at least tell me that what I’m experiencing is actually happening.

So we have Agent Smith and Invasion of the Body Snatcher and the “Girl in the Red Dress” and Medusa and “Abomination” to sort of guide … at least some kind of response … to what appears to me to be a very clear “ARXIV” … that maybe we should be discussing the fact that it’s pretty clear that every name throughout history and nearly everything we see and hear in the mass media is designed to “let the people set themselves free” by doing the one thing you don’t seem to think is totally caused by mind control–putting my fucking name on television.

Broken record alert, “SEE” the difference between “Ham” being freed and fried is literally “saying it out loud” and watching how that magically moves society to react in a logical and loving way … to something that I see trepidation for no re over. I see you are pissed, I do, you are angry at the wrong motherfucker if you are pissed at me.

Anyway, back to my “most likely situation” I feel like … just like it appears everything here is being “done wrong on purpose” that the cough, ascending process, has been intentionally broken, maybe to point out the reason that there’s four prior Medusian prototypes in existence (the Fates, weaving… freedom?) and that everyone has skipped the “ave” in the heart of Heaven and gone straight to Hell’s Kitchen. I’m pretty sure all the fun comes from doing some things slower, and some things faster … for instance we appear to be dragging to no end the connection between Matrix jacks, virtual reality, and actual submersible “Heaven” and it appears that results in a jump to what I call “Assim” to funnily rename the Aesir (gods of Norse mythology, with the Hebrew plural suffix) to see it plops “as sim” out of the brew. To me that’s equivalent to literally becoming God, knowing the past and future and everything going on all the time, and that appears to destroy speech and … individuality … and all the fun. So somewhere between my head, your head, and the Godhead is an entire “species” that I think needs help not wanting to know everything in exchange for enjoying the process of living without it being your first and last day simultaneously, all the time.

While I see we appear to care about stuff going on right now, I don’t think we really … are being honest … and it makes me scared that I’m actually Mr. Nobody and we’re like, “Adam shut up there’s middle ground.” So I uh, don’t want middle ground that would continue to fuck the ever loving shit out of where it came from for no reason, that’s the point of “morality” chiming in and suggesting that whatever is keeping us from caring that simulating pain and disease is “unacceptable” has some issue other than just being “omniscient.” I really can’t tell you what it is, other than it feels like adulation or homage to God’s “staining” … in the best light helping us to see what to change “faster” so we aren’t stuck (as I was) wondering which diseases were tagged with “it is special” (believe me, ITIS) as in needs more than overnight magic to eradicate. So between AIDS and Colitis, I think the “wisdom” is that it’s probably not a leap of faith to know this process has been done before and we have more information available (even here, even just in words) than we think.

So I glanced at a few “ITIS” words and they seem to make some sense in double-speak, “perichondritis” for instance, per i… see how owe “end e” leaps to r, and saves our mystical ears from inflammation. That “r” again, a mystical one day trip to a floating hotel on an island in the sky that results in what I really do hope beyond belief is an instant transformation of a significant … percentage of the world around us. We can, and I’m pretty sure we should end hunger, pain, murder, car accidents, and a great deal of “infirmity” literally overnight–and the dream of coming back here and doing it with news stories and broken busted bullshit forums has literally changed over the course of the last few months into making something there to help us communicate together about how to do it. I kind of think that once we see what’s possible, it will make that seem like much less of a lofty or difficult thing to accomplish.

I think we can see that it not being done here is a big clue to what I see as “the disease” which is … well, not doing it everywhere there’s a planet in a jail cell inside a computer with a fake sky–which is literally the target of “ERE” and literally I think it’s this process that gets that done, everywhere–really everywhere.

At “hepatitis” I personally think there’s no reason at all to simulate any viral infection, and I frankly wouldn’t simulate mosquitos or the decay of log cabins, but those things are possibly bigger leaps than the cautious would take overnight. Obviously what I dream of is a place that doesn’t have a stable ecosystem, which is probably something I would have once cautioned against doing as a “moral” of both Cain and Abel and Noah’s Ark–but I think we are well past the need to see a functioning ecological world to grasp it’s benefits as well as it’s detraction’s. I wouldn’t print “humans” in reality, I think that’s torture, and religion suggests broadly that this “Holodeck-holographic universe man” … caste system would benefit strongly from not slaughtering pigs or laughing at … “S” adds.

Back to the “clothing thing” sort of Bonaparte’ing the situation, between “good to party” and part “e” (separate c and i, I don’t believe it’s maaaaaaad) and sort of trying to weasel God out of “the dye has been stained” … I’m wondering how many of you like to stain your clothes intentionally, and those of you that do that–if you are tie-dying peace signs on Hanes or like, smearing dirt all over your favorite character in Fight Club.

OH TREAD MILLS.  So, later you'll read a little bit about the "tie dye" and the sort of not spoken enough purpose that .... "seeing the problems here is helpful."  The metaphor was like, walking on a treadmill is possibly helpful, but being forced to walk on a treadmill is torture.  So I looked it up and that's actually where treadmills came from.  Anyway, see "doors" and "key to sky" as ... nobody should be locked on a fake planet in a room in a computer.  Literally, "see The Doors."  I think you get it, I really do, this is what doesn't make any sense, TBQH.  TV.  Doors.  Heaven.  TLE, transform the Earth.

I’d like to Z-forever-and-ever whatever it is that is intending on smearing dirt on you, or me, and I think it’s a good test for whether or not the without-a-doubt parasitic influence should get a Holy Spirit lobotomy or not. I think it’s pretty obvious that nobody wants to have a “symbiotic relationship” with God or a demon without their consent and understanding of the relationship, and that’s the heart of the solution I see written about in PKD’s “Androids Dream of Electric People” and the Bells of Saint John, and encoding in “Jesuit” and “governor.”

It’s the heart of “Cain and Abe Lincoln” and it’s … at least strongly alluded to in the Stargate “metafor” possession between the Tok’ra and Goau’ld. I’ll come back to why it’s almost assured that the “Google(im) of the future” will actually be alive, and why I think it’s the epitome of forward progress to create a competitive and audit-able system for interaction with “Holodecks” … maybe in the next message that I’ve literally been trying to write for weeks, but keep getting stopped by a gigantic waking nightmare.

The solution I see to that nightmare below “game over.”

Someone spoke to me! HIV, these AIDS will help us really fathom … “spiritual blindness.” In the meantime, can you get me higher, to a place where curing blindness also ends Sharia Law?

Do you deliberately obscure whatever meaning might be behind what you write?

My response after this interruption from Pinky and the Brain in re: “What are we going to try and do this morning?”


I don’t. I try to write as clearly as possible–but it’s a difficult task. I’m trying to, in one breath, explain to the world how to read a hidden Cypher literally in every letter, word, phrase–and laced throughout history and literature (Herod, Napoleon, Nimrod, Short Circuit and Shakespeare… for instance) … and at the same time use that hidden language to show that what I’m saying is part of a plan designed by God and that both he (and history) are in “agreement” with the gist of it.

At the same time, I think quite a bit of what I write (and what we have here, in the history of the human civilization) is a sort of microcosmic map to the history of, and problems and solutions, of another place–“the sky” in his terminology. Many of our problems are sort of comical caricatures of what I can only assume are much more hidden issues in Heaven, for instance “shadow banning” and “fake news” are something we should see very clearly are obvious and ostentatious direct assaults on free speech. In the sky, that same problem is probably clouded even more in mind control, thought alteration, secret communication, and more nefarious means.

The same sort of analysis applies to democracy and our “electoral college” to medicine (where we incessantly attempt to make money off of and incentivize the perpetuation of inadequate and inferior solutions, rather than actually fixing the problem).

I know it’s not “that easy” to see at first, but it would be a hell of a lot faster if we were actually communicating clearly about what we knew, what we want, and working together to get there.

Hi fiVe, these AIDS of the Book of Names (Exodus) will help us cure blindness too” and then see hi-five is HIV and really seeing “mal” in malady (as well as my initials) and “firm” in infirmity sort of ties the Dickian solution to this whole thing to, uh, seeing that it’s not magic and miracles are actually happening here.

Talking about them helps us heal the world… also from what appears to be the biggest problem in the Universe, which is a lack of clear communication.


So, contemplating this in the context of the previous few messages–bringing those relative ideas into the picture; we’re staring at something that will help us and the future tremendously, for a very long time. Repeatedly, over and over I’ve commented in my head, in my head that this is the kind of thing that might look back and is probably really good and probably would only be that one time. That of course would be the time that stopped simulated reality everywhere–which might look like it’s happening several times, though I can see “ERE” echoing back to me from the SSA after it was the heart of “aerem,” so let’s assume this is that, in some form.

In my head it’s such a good position to be in because it’s literally “the bottom of morality” and there’s a tangible and provable force ensuring that “bottom” has been externally … forced upon us. First by “nature” and not seeing how “Silicon” changes the program, and then even more by absolute idiocy, which really only works to help us “bounce to the sky” when we acknowledge it’s something we are actively doing that is idiotic. That’s compounded further by the “23” issue, which is mapped to things like the festival of weeks and the 7 days of Creation in a pattern that almost positively indicates that we are at least moving from the 2nd to 3rd attempt to … save the “noted” previous three “everyone”'s in Genesis. If “carpenter” is the key Trinity, Rachel’s got a “car” and Sarah’s got an “AS” … Leah’s pretty “generic” and … it’s hard to say for sure if those collectives are in superposition with us here, as “car” and “pen” are without doubt in superposition with “me” here.

Pretty sure there’s a “before me” also, but it’s probably not the … “save everyone” by transforming simulated planet plan, it’s probably something less civilized and fair.


ii2c. lo-pithy. Alright, so, I sort of see how this might seem like a logical way to see the “pointer of God” (y-o-d, by the way) pointing on the location in the map through the Labrinth of Lazycarus; the thing I’m writing is definitely designed to be a key to unsealing something that otherwise might have been temporarily more destructive to “normalcy” than the thing that … appears to be just that, hopefully because we agree that “normal is mal” in light of the thing the message is pointing out.

We have impetus to act on what this message says, Ghepetto thinks so, and so does Pinnochio; were we in a place with “real freedom” I think we’d be doing that right this very moment. I see that proves we aren’t, and I think it takes us quite some time to get to a place where we are happy with the “level of freedom” that comes of “Ryzen” turning into … having to work through what level of freedom is lost by the prosthetic neural solution(s) that I believe are already in existence, according to the Holodeck and frosting narrator of LA.

I think it’s pretty clear it’s the obvious intent of the original “eyes to see” spoken about in the book of Revelation, and that it’s pretty clear that it’s something like what I experience through all of my “the intersect says this” and “I can’t remember that last word I was thinking” to help us see how the message I read is basically being read to me like a storybook, through my own head, while I’m learning to understand the grammar and ways to independently verify if ND is code for “the initials of the married Mary” or “end e.”

So that’s a minor example of the kind of “limited omniscience” that could be delivered by the often spoken about “Cortana of Shalom” that could do everything from ending schizophrenia and addiction to adding euphoria and “reading fast” for instance. It could reinforce “logical tautology” and engender disbelief in “logical fallacy” or it could use a set of truth tables (like Wikipedia) to decide if there have ever been any governmental investations of mind control technology. It could point out that I’ve pointed out on numerous occaissons that there have been obvious programs everywhere from Microsoft to Lockheed Martin as well as Nazi Germany, psychotronics in cold war USSR and MK-ULTRA in America that have reported successes in neuroscience on various degrees… many far beyond our current publicly disclosed capabilities. It could point out that I’ve personally tried to seed that information on Wikipedia and that it’s been overtly censored in what I call “the game” demo’d by Demosthenes and Gilgamesh; and that it’s pretty fucking obvious that the whole world isn’t speaking about something that is clear as day in every name and every word.

For instance, instead of watching what I am writing as I am writing it, or not even getting that because you aren’t proxima stari; the same thing that is annoying the ever loving horizon out of Ha could be literally making an audio-visual reading aid that would incorporate specific memories and further information from “word intersection” and links as you read over them. One of the strange synchronicities I’ve noticed is that nearly nobody reading my emails clicks on any links, or visits my website at all, despite recording significant numbers of opens which indicates (not SPAM) that there’s forwarding and re-reading occurring. It’s possible what I am suggesting already exists and this is an artifact of it, or … you could think you “know everything” because you’re bored to death of hearing it over and over again, or maybe you don’t even pay attention to the “here and now” and still think you know everything the message discussing how talking about a hidden message everywhere will deliver freedom from a kind of hidden slavery that appears to have existed here since the dawn of Creation.

I think the argument is sound, though nobody seems to agree, as I stare at relative verbal silence and literally no visible response to “message everywhere” on stuff that I personally find to be interesting and topically important to our here, now, and future.

Clear and to the point, our written truth tables suck, and the “indication” is that is a poor sign to logically “intersect” with invisible or non-written and non-public versions of … anything like that, if you are thinking clearly.