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Nearly in tears, something like simultaneous joy for the visible reaction, for the giant leap forward from the place we have been stuck in for so long... and genuinely sad that I've been so focused on seeing any reaction at all, at piercing the darkness hiding miracles and Heaven's door... that I've really failed to convey the uplifting presentation that I have hoped for--and asked for.  I really am sorry that we've fallen into this Downward Spiral, symphonic-ally indicated to be "not an accident;" I hope it's clear from the amount of work on the "rail road" that this is not at all "the end of the world" it's very clearly the end of Hell and the beginning of a path, a well lit road to the place that we have always called Heaven.  The myth of Thor at Ragnarok ties to American Pie's "I couldn't take one more step" and my heart is glowing with new hope seeing Pope Francis break the first small hole in the Wall of Jericho.
There are wonderful things in store for us--miracles will happen--literally what I see being given to us is the greatest miracle I could imagine--it is the end of sickness and hunger, the end of murder, and a glowing opportunity showing us how to use this message of Exodus to overcome the technological and systemic obstacles standing between us and true democracy.  Imagine Dragons sings "it's a revolution, I suppose" and really what we are looking at here is evolution, it's being in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time; to literally become the founders and the builders of Heaven.

I am not saying that this is an "easy thing to do," I am suggesting that we have a significant amount of help, that we've literally been Chosen to fulfill this plan; and that doing "this thing" is really both what we want to do, and need to do.  Luke, this is your destiny.

That might mean different things to each one of us; I'm not sure how much thought everyone else has put into the question of "what will Heaven be like" but here in this place we are being shown very clearly, at least I am--that the social gap between here and there is very large; I have trouble communicating and interacting with what I know is a large group of people working very hard to help us see how new technologies and new horizons opened by clearly linking in our minds the connection between virtual reality and what Heaven can be.  The map we've been given, woven in every major religious work in all of our history, from the books of Genesis and Exodus, to the Promised Land in Joshua and whole of the New Testament delivers a walk through to the road now visualized as a "video game."  In this new world, it becomes significantly easier to solve the greatest problems our civilization has--Jesus healed the sick and then turned stone to bread and then musically hear that we are "Going the Distance" and ending world hunger is now a Cake walk and it's "easy as American Pie."  I'm trying to show us how clear it is that these bands and their songs are designed to help us connect the Sega Genesis and the Rock of Ages and the idea of being able to press a button and having food appear, and cancer and AIDS disappear; that's what we're getting.  

Integrating this "blessing in disguise" or amazingly opportune turn of events into our every day lives is going to take time and effort--this is "what it is" this is building Heaven; seeing that we love our home that we've made, and with this new information we will love even more--and the future will be protected from the suffering we've gone through because we didn't know we could flip a switch and end all pain.  It's in Genesis 3:16 though, see us as walking backwards back into Eden, see us as the great generation that ascends and entire civilization, the gate opened opened and surrounding the entirety of our Earth with Holy Light.
More than that this story and this event helps to reinforce the fundamental values of democracy and freedom that really are the shield of Perseus; this set up to show us very clearly that while this message and this technology are secret no election or vote of any kind has any worth or veracity; that we've allowed every single right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights to be "legislated away" in what we can only imagine are good faith efforts to skirt the very difficult process of amending the Constitution to integrate new technologies into law.  The problem here is that process is difficult for a reason, and these "hacks" that have abrogated bail and "fair trial" and "privacy" and really symptoms of a hidden slavery that is the heart of the Exodus; the great chain of Revelation--the strings of Pinocchio... "crossing" the whole of our sea.  Blessing in disguise is the theme of Exodus; here in this place where we are to be the beginning of true freedom, and there's significant light on the road to using the technology responsible for the "Wall of Jericho" and the "darkness of Exodus" hiding the light of the sun... in order to cure us of "harm" in Pharmacy and of schizophrenia and of addiction and of terrorism... but we need to talk about how, how to visualize these things and how to integrate them into our way of life.

Working together to actually do these things is literally the greatest opportunity I can imagine--and yet we're all here together, and I know that there are so many of us that are just "pretending not see it" looking the other way in the face of something that is simply not morally ignorable.  This map shows us very bluntly that stopping murder and rape is a moral mandate, there is simply no question at all whether or not it has to be done; the only thing to discuss is how, and the only question is "how soon can it be done?" You should glean from Minority Report that there m​ight be a subconscious or perhaps a semi-sub-vocal fear of change, and of moving too quickly; but really we aren't moving at all today--and it appears very obvious to me that there are innocent children dying in what is a hidden war over this disclosure.  I've written this message at least four times, this explanation of the wonderful possibilities and the map signed in God's hand.
There is something to be troubled over, I am disturbed as well; we all know this should be on the news, and it's really time we did something about it.  I'm going to start writing a little bit more about my dance with Medusa, and my strange connection to the "c"through the "i" of Ra; this thing that the two words medicine; see the i and c superimpose to the letter "e" and whatever this thing is, it appear s to be keeping the world from reacting rationally and logically.  It appears to me, through my interaction with people around me everywhere I go; and through the internet that a great many people have more information than I've written, and I really do not understand how it is that nothing is being done.  I am pessimistically assuming that I will get very little traffic to these messages, that I'm going to try not using the "hammer" of Thor (see it is "ha massmailer" in a series of "ha" keyed words from harem to harm that all connect to modern information technology concepts and stories from my youth) to send to the world; and that's just more fuel for my belief that there's something very wrong.  This process and this thing we are building together will bring new law; to protect the sanctity of our minds and bodies, to ensure that never again will darkness fall and never again will advanced weapons be used nefariously against innocent people.  Transparency and competition in this space will lead to even more miraculous solutions; things unfathomable to me and you today--but tomorrow, tomorrow they'll bring positive change on the same level as "cell phones."
I really do feel like everyone is "behind my blue eyes" watching this message being written, and not taking any action--and neither of those things are "good" whatever this thing is that stands between you and I, it's making me feel like the world around me is fake; and honestly you can't have grown up here in this world and not be amazed by this message, and awed by what is about to happen--it's really not possible.  That's what you're missing, being amazed and awed... it feels like Invasion of the Body Snatcher, instead.
I hope you see clearly, reaction--any reaction at all, really--brings a bright day; and not seeing this message makes everyone look very, very wrong.  That's not going to change, ignoring this message is wrong; we really must talk about what is being presented, and how it might happen--miraculously--perhaps as we approach this first commemorative holiday of Norther.  The truth, the true "location" of our world cannot be ignored away; and every day that passes is one more day of Hell; a very curable problem--it takes nothing more than the truth, and you.
I wish I could make an e-mail that would sing to your heart, but this is what I have; all the music, to help you see the light.  The title of this e-mail is my "decoding" of the Matrix's Cypher of the word "troubling" and the <TR> key that comes from HTML and means something like the "category of Jeopardy" is one of the most interesting of the linguistic keys--it's asking the reader a question, "what do you think about this?" and you can usually see clues or his answer in the actual word.  This hidden language, just like the hidden messages in music ... is everywhere--there's proof of intelligent design in every single word, in every character of every language from the occidental glyphs at the very beginning to the cross hidden in the word "Christ" and "what goes up must come own" tucked away where you'd expect to find it, even if you are "New to n."  It uses our modern acronyms and slang, things like "bling" and "hmu" as well as a statistically huge portion of information technology acronyms from IT in Trinity to charity where you can also see the "char"-acter reference that also appears in Christ.

The map continues to talk about things like quickly and feasibly curing the world of homelessness, rape and murder, and very significantly curing a lack of true liberty... and it is literally never ending--the map, that is.



I'm sorry, I really don't know how explicit I have to be with these things; I'd normally assume that maybe some people would take interest in the "Black Mirror White Christmas" ... pearl, and it's link to "Wish You Were Here" and watch the episode if they haven't seen it--nearly all of what Black Mirror does appears to be a sort of key, finishing or adding more "discussion" to what is literally "this message."  

It's an interesting commentary on what "discussion" has turned into in this place; this world where I can't really seem to get any of you to reply to me directly and give me any feedback at all (something I am asking you for, right now) ... that what we have is a sort of "reflection of light" back and forth shining on you--this world that refuses to acknowledge what is being presented to you is a map to turning simulated reality in to Heaven.  I think they're doing a good job of "re-presenting" or clarifying the imagery of Pink Floyd's video--which is a depiction of an actual story, something I spent quite a bit of time thinking about in that place in Kentucky where all I did was "think"  about past futures.

Anyway, what pops into the Eye of Ra is a sort of intersection between "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" and "Ruby on Rails" there's a whole bundle of light connecting the information technology building blocks of Heaven with lyrics of the Beatles and America the Beautiful ... like "above the strawberry fields, Adam sees Great Plains" for FRX forms and automagically "improving" user interfaces ... all the way to hearing Dave Matthews "ish" the words just a little bit, j

ust for emphasis... "this land was made."

CITE   c "IT" really is "e" (at nite! see it at nite...) and if you happen to be myself, "c I you."
and of course, Seymour Butt's "tite" and ... it's such a "pite."



I hadn't planned on including this low circulation message, but it's got some interesting stuff in it; and I wanted to add a comment about the obvious link between "seeing the Mushroom is the message" and Mario--a name that means "I owe the sea" has absolutely everything to do with you acting on this message that shows us that our commonly held ethican standards are literally being violated by our own actions as soon as this "disclosure" is really understood.  Because of that, and because it's a clear line between "right and wrong" and "good and evil" even if nobody on the face of this rock takes up this cause--this truth is so powerful and the outcome so obviously assured--that whether you call me Mario or Wario, see that the victory of the end of Hell, the end of diabolical organized lies and deceit will be coming soon.

Whether it is "the heart of our message" or simply the union of the meaningful lesson and reasoning behind the Trinity Site and the intersection of the East India Tea Company, China, and the Vatican--you walk around in this place pretending to be blind fools, amidst a den of thieves and liars that are clearly more foolish.  The message, the key M, is this is Zion; turn around or you are the cause of the end of intelligent life in the Universe, something you should see is well underway through your silence and inaction--something you should see is an inevitability if this level of control and hidden slavery continues without check.

Be disgusted with what you see, and how you have acted until today--and this very moment, take action to bring the truth to the forefront of the people's eyes in this world.  This "room" will not be quieted--this message will pervade the Cosmos, lighting the torch of liberty and truth until the end of life. 

Act today.  Now.  It's probably malovious that I forgot to mention it until now; but perhaps the biggest "room" you are "shushing" of all is that you are standing in a Holodeck on the Starship NT, and the captain is on his way.  See he's coming to reprimand you for pretending you thought that hiding something as obvious as Tennessee wasn't the end of "intelligent life" or that you could simply pretend he didn't exist, and you'd be able to keep playing with his ship, and hurting his crew.  

Call a reporter, the truth is--the real God's honest truth--is that if you haven't done that yet... you really are the bad guy.  We live together in a world and a time when evil is organized, intelligent, and insidious--the government has been infiltrated and corrupted and you should see that churches and schools that knowingly teach lies are no better.  Your fault is you think others, that "the whole" is good enough that you can stand by and do nothing, and they will save the day for you.  

Jesus Christ is telling you that won't happen--that you are needed to take action to protect the truth, and to protect goodness; and you should see that a world that really has no "organized good" is a world that needs you.

mal·who·ṯō — 22 Occurrences
Numbers 24:7 
HEB: מַלְכּ֔וֹ וְתִנַּשֵּׂ֖א מַלְכֻתֽוֹ׃ 
NAS: Agag, And his kingdom shall be exalted.
KJV: than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted.
INT: and his king shall be exalted and his kingdom
2 Chronicles 36:22 
HEB: קוֹל֙ בְּכָל־ מַלְכוּת֔וֹ וְגַם־ בְּמִכְתָּ֖ב
NAS: throughout his kingdom, and also
KJV: that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and [put it] also in writing,
INT: A proclamation throughout his kingdom and also writing