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That about sums up the steady rate of progress "seeing change in the world" all along the path... though it's probably clear to you also that we've seen a significant step up in the rate of "reading and sharing" the information that I've been trying to explain to everyone is very obvious, very much in our face, and ... well, nearly impossible to ignore.  It's proof that where we are in time an in our progression or ... ascension or descent ... through what is more akin to the "final frontier" than space travel and colonization ever would be... that this story and this path are designed, part of a plan that has been pre-screened and guided by an entity (or a group, or multiple "tops") and at least one of these groups has made it a point to make it very clear that their guidance comes through a kind of perspective that is very much foreign to us--that they see the outcome and the events we are experiencing in a simultaneous manner, sort of "out of time" and that this story has been written in a way that shows that very clearly--describing not only time travel and anachronism in language but also thousands of prescient references to modern idioms, acronyms, and most importantly (at least to me) sex jokes.  Sorry, that's a typo--most importantly these double entendre's appear to wave prescient reference to computers and modern technology and ... and sex jokes all together ... a sort of signature that if we ever do open our eyes probably serves to tie "freedom as in Larry Flynt vs. the Boiling Point of Water" to the recognition that it is freedom and collaboration and ... caring about systems that promote honesty and transparency ... woven together with gifts of technology and knowledge ... that these things together are the foundation of Heaven.  So it might appear as if someone is holding out for "the truth" or for "some recognition" before swinging open the doors to a glowing golden city in the sky ... though it doesn't take much free thought or intelligence to see that those things, the shininess of our future and ... and talking about what's really eating at you--or keeping you quiet, here--how these things together are part of a sort of "cake building machine" that pops Heaven out of some strangely difficult to understand words, a hidden message, and then seeing that something turn into the be all and the end all of logic and democracy and 'intelligent life" only with a few minor adjustments in your perspective.  
The announcer or the "closed captioning engineer" or who-or-whatever it is that narrates my strange life for me and whomever is in "e" or "c's e" commented in a nearly indescribable way  this past week--well, he named it "Hell week" and there's some indication that it was a little bit more demented and scarier than some previous installments of what really is a kind of science fiction "story" being told to me, through me, and to an audience of unknown size and composition with what appears to be the intent of helping us to see the "haunted house" (or the idea of that) and avoid the things it's suggesting might be problematic for people other than me to experience (thanks for being so sure I'm OK with it) and probably to help us work together to build a better system for the protection of our minds and bodies and ... well, it should be clear from Exodus and from my writing and from the Massive Dick Dynamics between Microsoft and the Fringe of the Matrix that we're trying to build a groundswell of support for something like Minority Report meets a Scanner Brightly at ... "reporting on this story will lead us to a much faster consensus on whether or not our children should run into raining bullets" ... or probably closer to the problem in your minds .... how quickly we should disclose the fact that we are living in virtual reality and that this map spans every word and every language and every religion to help us see just how true it really is that this is a battle between "Force Majeure" and your acknowledgement that phrase means in simultaneity "act of God" and of nature and of the majority; see that contract law "hint" is not a misnomer or a trick, that's really where we are, somewhere between Adam's Hand and "All Hands (and I mean any other hands) on deck" acting to right this ship that is swirling around in a tempest of silence and stupidity rather than seeing the end of the storm and the beginning of "freedom from murder and earthquakes" all tied together at ... you need to start typing--also--and in public.

Ro as "heart of" (as in road and Rome) is ubiquitous, I imagine you know it, but ... here linking the "road of Heavenu" to the Holy RD of "hard" and the connection to hard drive for... emphasis on the "sex jokes to computer science salvation" that I see in many more places.

So I've slowly moved over the last 2 weeks or so from a place right next to "Hibiscus Avenu" in Pompano Beach to a brief stop in Pembroke Pines where you'll note that "pen broke" as in flat broke is something I read in the first part of that word, and rather than yet another reference to the C.AD of Pi or the NES of Indiana Jones and the heart of Genesis, this particular "turn towards SxSW (I'm reading salvation by software and noting the blind lack of acknowledgement of what appears to be another glowing turn around, guys)" to PIN the "ES" of CAESART as "to sky" so now we're at "render cover art to sky" and I imagine there will be more definitions of "art" more than the "art-knot (sub-zero, y'know? Argonauts? Hello? San Diego?)" of "Adam's really trying" ...  It's also worth noting the "heart of Federal" and of Fort Lauderdale, the "dark to right" that I sort of liken to the Sound of Silence turning into Cheers--but you know, it might also just be actually getting a date.
Lot's more interesting stuff was decoded near Hibiscus, including a link between Hamas and Damascus and Leviticus ... connecting what I believe is the intended purpose of the victory of Leviticus connecting to the word "civilization" and the book of Revelation--a series of "ICUS" references and finally to a link between the "I need an Exit, Trinity" connecting to the heart of the word "CITY" and this "IT" that probably has something to do with Medusa and INATION in reverse--all codes and strange links between Star Wars and civilization and the mythology of ancient Greece and Judaism that talk about the idea of this "collective of all" somehow being part of the "no It, Anakin" and "As u dem" of ...I can't believe it's related to democracy (but it is, isn't it?)  Also in this place I had some interesting "back and forth" with Pope Francis, noting his use of very interesting Latin words timed perfectly to connect to the strange story being told in my head, noteworthy among them ... Nobiscum, Sinamus, and attrahit.

Probably most interesting of all was what made me begin reading his daily Latin messages for these special clue-words, that was repeating a phrase (the very next day) I wrote in reference to my "the storm-troopers are coming" email (that you may or may not have read) ... "ad totum universum" which of course is something we all want to be filled with goodness, and joy.
I also mentioned this Quora answer several times, which actually drives to the heart of the "loss of individuality" issue coming from "mind control/assistance" joined with government and things like "Alexa/Siri/OK Emperror" and ... ignorance for the import of caring about the veracity of "the system" and the input of the ... good people ... of you actually participating.   My Quora answers aren't all great, it's sort of coinciding with evidence of yet another system that could be much better, were it not moderated to obsolescence by a hidden ... uh, shadow-censor-circle trying to hide ... the most important message in the Universe.  IMOHIO, in my (obv) humble (lol) opinion.  It's not a "small point" that there is practically no place on Earth where you can have an open honest conversation without fear of moderation to erasure--in fact, there are none other than e-mail and newsgroups; ancient systems comparatively. (Let alone a system designed to help promote content based on user-feedback ... like reddit would if it wasn't a Latin word that means..."surrenders" and you have to wonder if it always was, don't you?) 
I know this is kind-of-confusing, it's hart to log my experience and convey the impact of seeing Rome sort of half-talking to me, half-talking through me; and all the while wondering when anyone other than me will note the import of the discussion and the lack of ... well, the lack of any commentary about it anywhere as far as I can see.  Some more somewhat important additions or change in the "plan of the day trip to Heaven" that I believe begins with seeing a LEGO land version of Atlantis floating in the skies ... is a sort of clear impetus for us to have a mechanism while there (I call it catacombs of boardrooms, in addition to the ballroom food and music merriment and the pool and user interface for holodeck-stuff that was previously planned) in the "doors piece" and probably in "Owe me Alf, Holy Truth" to sort of help us to figure out how to implement pre-crime and end-world-hunger and keep doors to Atlantis and other destinations open upon our return from the single night that probably will take at least 8 actual days of discussion, right?  I mean, that's my ideal ... "what we could do in a single day/week" if we had some guidance from above and the future and a message everywhere explaining how easy it would be to do those particular things, overnight.  Ish.  

Initially I had forgotten to mention a big part of what this message was suppose to detail, which is the tangible link between Joseph's "any dream will do" and being sold into slavery (as a pen, apparently) reading this map and describing my dreams and visions and experiences to the world as a brother of "many very jealous and he called their name Adam"'s in ancient Egypt.  Obviously... obviously that's where we are, waiting for the dreamlike overflowing of the Nile river of dates--and at the same time connecting Joseph's battle with his "other Adam's" to the brothers of Ymir and Odin, Vili and Ve (and through that link probably another link to the rainbow BiFrost and/or Yggdrasil which links the Norse "realms") ... as well as really seeing these dreams of a floating city have connected Star Wars episode V (that's the Emperror Strikes Buck) to the ancient Golden City of El Dorito, Zion, Paradise City, Atlantis as well I'm sure as a number of other mythobiblicoactual places that I really hope we get to walk around in and turn into a sort of "hub" to connect the various other invisible destinations that apparently use this place, in secret, currently; for something like the functionality of a hub.  Did I mention "Pen-broke" and forced slavery are "highly elucidated" as poor motivational techniques that probably don't yield optimal results?

Anyway, to top off the "synchronicity" this dream of Joseph is the actual thing I read for my Haftorah reading during my actual Bar Mitzvah and lo, and behold--the fateful Biblical Monday is most likely actually my day of birth, the "Immaculate Conception" of a mess invisibly created "by my hand" on December 8, 1980.  In case you are ignorant to the cyclical cycle of Torah portion readings; the fact that I read Joseph's dream as well as the fact that I was born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary indicate not only prescient foreknowlege that I would be writing these words, but that this plan has been actively and dintentionally carried out during my lifetime without my knowledge or consent. 

Something like the arrainged marriages (you'd never expect in America and of the NAS) between myself and and one of the roses left by the door--by any other name not the Hibiscus.

In my best "Shoeless Joseph Jackson..." if you start talking about it, you'll see this city's "already been built on rock and roll..." it just needs to be raised by and for the sparkling sea ;) For more references to the "Berurah" ... both ha'nd and "Yad" refer to the hand of God in English and Hebrew.

I'm on your side, I say to America, and to China, and to "all nations" (new "an" of ... "an") in between in this battle of seeing the "divide and conquer" and overcoming our lack of cohesion and togetherness on really grasping the idea that we are on a sort of Indian Reservation with a Casino of unlimited abundance and we're arguing about whether or not we should even begin talking about the fact that land and oil and ways to have fun and make the world better are not scarce--the only real scarcity we see here is a complete lack of "our opinions" being shared and really, of our acknowledgement that something very important is being ubiquitoussly ignored for what appears to be no reason whatsoever.  There's plenty of "Kalor of the Son" linking the red of communism to Joseph McCarthy (and the father of Jesus Christ and Icarus, just to name a few reasons the carpenter doesn't care too much that he's broke today) and it's really important to recognize that we're looking at things like "free food and free virtual holodeck space and free longevity" and somehow maybe allowing those ideas to overshadow the import of seeing that these things come to us with cause because we see "red" and end Hell--because it's those things, freedom from murder and from hunger that turn "red" to "good, also."  Anyway, you can see it in the "red ties" of John Nash in his Beautiful Story about how caring about the "common good" is not just a Christian or a communist or a democratic idea but one that is mathematically proven to provide a significantly improved world, and wherever we are in this story, it's about time we started talking about ... you know, making the world a better place for everyone.   
Anyway, so back to this strange story, I walked into someone's house this last week and saw this interesting display you see above, where I read (probably without much poetic license) the idea of a "coven" and a "castle" juxtaposed in this story about whether or not we need the guidance or existence of a God or a King in this strange place where it appears that the battle between King of the Universe and OneRepublic has left us sort of all quiet on the western front waiting for everyone or just myself to step up and do more than talk--and actually raise Atlantis or implement a pre-crime system without any pre-discussion or ... I'm really not sure what it is that everyone is waiting for, but I can assure you it probably won't work if everyone is waiting for everyone to start talking all at the same time.  Just saying, that's probably not what you want, anyway.  I believe you have an open stage, the "Conch of the Lord of the McFlies" in all of your hands, and that stars are made here by stepping up and doing the right thing, and setting a good example for everyone else... here in this place where we really need to see that the forums and the communications infrastructure we currently have needs to be significantly improved to allow for those with good ideas and helpful input to be able to share openly and in a way where you don't need to win American Idol (or be in control of time and space) to be able to sing your solution to the world.   Although today, those do seem to be good ways to quicken access to the Holy Mic.  
Also, you could e-mail me; you know, since there's an audience (gold? the... the?) for that.

Tough crowd.
It's not really my doing, this idea of global togetherness being important to the story and the realization of the "all humanity as a family" thing that includes the very large population of China and what appears to be a previous victory in a previous Cold War of the Eastern Block ... in this idea that our "oven" and the Ewoks have now placed another "top" in this idea that there's some kind of democratic system being exploited to allow God "to postscript" to the world what he really thinks.   Again, I think what he really thinks is that we should be communicating in the clear, and allowing for our technological and social infrastructures to grow and evolve with the available technology and "the truth" rather than having some sort of secret "I know everything Adam thinks so I think I know everything" ... mask over "also I'm probably communicating in another place, but Adam can't tell if that's true or if mind control is really making everyone blind and stupid."  Here's another piece of art from that same house that stuck a wok on a doll-house oven/castle and points out that you really are pretty blind and pretty stupid if you are ignoring this message that "food and longevity" are both unlimited if we are ... actually caring about the truth and feeding the hungry and the wise--it's part of a message woven across the book of Genesis and Joshua and the entirety of the New Testament about not having a last supper, and about blessings on tap, and about caring about the hungry, and the world around you.
This idea of "implementing Minority Report" in the clear here on Earth is the beginning of seeing how that very system is something that "a network of holodecks" would very much need in order to actually be Heavenly rather than very "bored" as in unable to do anything at all ... because of "red."  Understand, safety is paramount, just after or perhaps before "open communication" which of course we should all see as intertwined at the hip (and do see, Hello Priestly Source) in that idiom as well as the long list of idioms that explain how this spectacle/debacle/invasion could connection things like "it's not a riot" to the laughter of Sarah and Isaac and Marriot, you know--unless we continue to be silent, in which case I'd be suggesting we "rage against the ..." Silence ... just a little bit louder.  As it is, the lack of conversation about the silence (and the very noteworthy message in every word, and every idiom, adding in "sticks and stones" and uh, "that every word is lit ... erat? ... and you are? nter?") is anything but funny. 
Finally, I've decided to point out once again that the breaking of the "bricks" of the Pyramid between the "tops" and the "base" that all want to see Pisa fall over (Jericho ... crumble!) and turn into a glowing golden round table of democracy ... that it comes from seeing the "bricks" are you (see, break you are Clark Kent)--the people in a perfect position to step up and start talking about the message you've had some time to reflect on, probably to discuss with others, and to see--we need to move forward, that list is still at "figshare."  It probably does have something to do with fruit and cake.  I mean Fig Newtons.  I mean Eden.
As a related in formational update, several million new potential readers/bricks/messiahs/whatever have been added since publishing this initial list of those things.
I'm sure you can see this message is not getting "prettier" -- I think that's your job, I do promise to "improve P" just as soon as I see me on TV.  We have to move forward, and I see enough visible feeback from the thing I see as the "show" of the Shofar ... in places like from the Vatican and from the people around me that I'm certain whatever it is, whatever you see--it's part of the solution.  I imagine it has something to do with "e" and with the idea that this story is being "cocreated" or co-written ... and also about the possible new destinations or relationships that could open up for ... everyone/everywhere just as soon as we start acknowledging that the darkness and the secrecy and the strange communication is anything but clear, and not really helping until we acknowledge IT.  
I'm IT, right?  Nice to meet you ... "an" of IT.  This "show" as well as my personal ... achem ... story of battling for Constitutional Justice drives also to the heart of equality and privacy and other things you probably want to participate in ensuring you don't lose forever because ... Patriot Act, or 9/11 or ... Silence.  Just saying, it's the future we're building here--your future.  I've mentioned it before, but it's probably worth noting again, God has specifically designed this story--and this thing we call "my life" in order to help drive to the forefront of discussion how easy it would be to protect both privacy and safety if we "care about the system" you know--about how Heaven itself is built.