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ME CUB I CYCLE.  I C OW.  OFFICE WORKER ... Master of Orion?  "Mooo!to you too, Ymir.  Sometimes it's hard to really understand what it means to hear that your story begins with a cubicle (courtesy: The Matrix) or an emergency room or a holodeck (... a House on a Hill?) writing some sort of defining statement to the entirety of it's contents... I mean our world--etching it forever in a prominence held aloft up higher and in brighter light than any fiery pedestal ever could--with more clarity than the Straits of Gibraltar peering out over the horizon of LG and Verizon ... something it doesn't take a periscope to really focus on... the mental acrobatics it takes to try and make sense of something as simple as three little words "AM ER I" well ef it, folks, I C AN.

For those of us joining the wedding (or crashing) party late, do see Amy Adams and do see Rachel McAdams and understand that we're staring at a message that connects in this very moment the story of Cain and Abe L. to Abraham Lincoln and Captain America ... perhaps for the first time--but most likely not...  to see a series of words that connect "Oral-B" and the gateway to Heaven ... see "Die Bold" as "the strong" of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and see how Groom Lake and "B: ride!!!" might define the Pillars of Hercules as a new kind of "Altar of sight" just before it's the defining landmark of the City of Atlantis rising out of the sea.  You can see it "bear!!" and in "bark!!" and strewn throughout some of the older writing are keys explaining how these key letters, like the Creator's Nicholas Cage and Duracell relate to the "personalities of spirits" another intelligent theme that links Sears and Lord and Taylor to pears and Tru-Blood ... for instance.

Look to the time when I live, Metallica sings, most likely during my lifetime ... though it's almost equally assured that those exact words weren't coined or first sung during this exact lifetime--and that goes to the heart of why it is that we have a message, "the message" booming with intricacy and details hard to see at first and then impossible to stop watching flow and connect from elementary particles to syllables and strokes ... to remind us all the lore and all the modern pointers suggesting we've "seen it all before" well, to remind us just how important it is that we take that to heart--and today that we look around, at each other, at the ground called Holy and the skies so far from silent ... and tell them in clear words whether or not you'd choose to live this exact same life another time.  The heart of the matter, the real point is that it doesn't matter, today you might say yes--in a hundred years you might be more sure; but you aren't making that decision for yourself, it's a question to a soul whose experienced the same damned thing so many times I'm sure there's a reason for the near unanimous and unheard "what the fuck, Adam?"

I hope I've explained it clearly enough, above is a verifiable and key-like signature "proving God" has signed reality and religion with a giant "this is why..." to see, to read, to do.  you are at "why."

It's the beginning of a joyride, a pay day like no other the Universe had ever seen or will ever see--a day like no other that will ever be.  It's a generation not lost in time or in space but one that has found--merely stumbled upon without even really looking--the most important discovery, the rarest of rubies and the largest and most intricate empire built of solid gold that any conquistador or treasure hunter could hope for.  That's what I see on the horizon, just past this battle of ... I can't even tell you what's going on in your heads or in the heads of those opposed to "speaking their minds" and "moving civilization forward leaps and bounds" that though, that's what the pay-dirt of finding this map and the will to trudge through the dark days of flickering twilight really is ... it's a future that will look back on you and your parents and your children as the defining line of what "civilization" actually means, the difference between barbarism and morality.   Isaac Newton, on the gravity of this vision almost assuredly, "if I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants."


"TUTUM" is my new Latin word to describe this sort of series of ADT style fire alarms going off to warn us that we've been blind and the fire is invisible and Jesus Christ, well, the solution is not so invisible ... it means "SAFE" but of course it's the dancing ... and specifically ballet dancing that sort of lightens the mood of "morning is bjorked" with some jokes about tooth brushes and pretty shining green stars ... I mean girls.   You can see the same kind of logic and humor and insideous truth tucked away in places like my "IP ADDRESS" which might be a similar reference to ... "donning clothes" ... but not really, most likely it's a reference to more pretty girls named Thevi.  

So with that, this isn't the first time I've mentioned the "problem with voting" and how it connects to love and logic and the preservation of "intelligent life in the Universe"  .. to see clearly even if this one little place (that happens to be the literal progenitor of all other places) were a sort of God bomb tucked away in the maze of birth canal that might be the Labrynth of Capentericus ... stopping this machine that is destroying logical sight to the point of not recognizing "ELE" at the beginning of "Electoral College" and at the beginning of "elementary" and not thinking those things are tied to this message for a reason ... not seeing this is about the story of Cain and Abel ... in it's first Adamic re-interpretation where the ancient story of Animal Farm vs. The City in the Sky (it's supposedly a metaphor for the dependence of city life on agriculture) was turned on it's head explaining if it were about Heaven and reality we're looking at a double "fratri-suicide" if Heaven (in their infinite wisdom) decided "no reality needed to survival."  Similarly now we're looking at what wars and battles might ensue if Heaven decided that there would be "no freedom in reality" and that we should only sernd mindless zombie robots to that place for the purpose of ensuring that nobody's ever pissed about being a Duracell battery or ... well, maybe for the purpose of ensuring that nobody ever realizes that what get's out is actually God to whatever inside the machine ... or maybe you don't see that the total mind control we see here around us in this place is functionally impossible to duplicate in reality, in any kind of actual "life."

An extinction event (also known as a mass extinction or biotic crisis) is a widespread and rapid decrease in the biodiversity on Earth. Such an event is identified by a sharp change in the diversity and abundance of multicellular organisms. It occurs when the rate of extinction increases with respect to the rate of speciation. Because most diversity and biomass on Earth is microbial, and thus difficult to measure, recorded extinction events affect the easily observed, biologically complex component of the biosphere rather than the total diversity and abundance of life.[1]

It's also not the first time I've mentioned that the lack of reaction we are seeing to this message--that our apparent inability to grasp it's import and impact and what it really means to have "ELE" carved into the beginning of many words ... a sort of time map that perhaps shows us the beginning of "anything worthy of being protected from extinction" when you see it tied to the science of understanding chemistry and the first inkling of any kind of self-governance ... in our history at least ... it's worth nothing that we have a litmus test for "intelligent life" and that globally we appear to be tacitly failing here.  In other places we might have a litmus test for "goodness" and without grace or balls of fire whatever it is that believes trudging forward here in blind silence is anything but Hell itself, well... they're really not seeing the grand morror of Perseus, this thing showing us just how it is that slavery is overcome at a single point in time and why it is that it must spread to the far reaches of civilization ... for without that impetus we've failed to take home any of the lesson at all.

It's no mistake that CT ... that the state of Connecticut stands in the word in "extinction" itself, and within itself, a sort of recursive marker of CT within CT ... nor that it links once again to the "Electoral College"  ... everyone see .. it's about pattern matching and about seeing what the United States of America is, what it does in this place of coming out of total abysmall darkness to see a glowing torch on a copper statue shining a bright light on the voidless land of "might and magic" from which we've come ... and helping guide our future towards one of science and understanding, compassion and caring.  

You haver a glowing symbol of illogical vision staring you in the face everywhere you look--the press and the government and SETI and your priest and your sister and brother are ignoring something God placed here to alert you to slavery, to a hidden mechanism creating "broken" from what should be "amazing" and to see that all it takes to move from one to the other is your participation, is standing up for freedom and for working together to build something better.  You have more than enough impetus, you have building blocks and blue prints you have tranpolines and stargates all it takes is trying... to start the ball rolling.  Try to see that this great pay-day comes from understanding that what we do here ends torture, ends a hell of locked doors and forced starvation, a hell of a world that refuses to see that speaking about "stopping the internal computational function that creates the feeling of pain" moves us a giant leap forward towards acvtually seeing what "civilization" is leading us towards.   Try to see that not coming back and watching starvation and pain and mind controlled slavery in silence is a big part of moving forward towards being "civilized" that no pay day is worth watching yourself or others around you being tortured ... and that's what really is.  

excertped from NA SHOW ERA, on HASHOAH.

I don't think I've clearly and verbosely explained the sub-statement that I see encoded in words like "Earth" and "disappear" -- but I really do hope that you have surmised for yourselves the relationship between Picasso's ear and the key "th" of Sith that means "to help."  I liken it today to the words "say it ain't so, I will not go" (Blink-182) and in no uncertain terms read the key to the SERDENICITY (be certain, we are to be the den) that if the world thinks they are going to pretend to wake up and say "darkness is a (or began with) a PP" then God is telling you that Earth is that ear, to help.

I see this message says that I am "Dr. Y" of the "dry and ready" (Elohim) be the reason A.D. is why we (see that this message is encoded in our language, in American history in Greek mythology and in Egyptian myth--if you think I'm the beginning of darkness, go look in the fucking mirror) have a jumpstart or a flux capacitor "quantum leap" towards ending malady using magic rather than pretending simulation of Sodom and Gomorrah is OK as long as we were given Keflex.  I don't like that this message is here--I don't like that it's in the word "disappear" ... but more than that I don't like that I see a sea of silence flowing straight down; I see you letting gold slip through your fingers, and with that we're failing to "heal the world" and I wish I could just ...

Bark? R oar.

Ark...  Dark?  Park!  Spark.  ... O' rio .. road ... an

As a sort of alphalinguistic marker of "where we are" ... I've recently noticed (a very special two letter key, by the way) "RY" as in "heart or here (which you can see in the heart of Ark and Earth and also defining the words Rome and rock and road)... and" appearing twice in the word "r et u r n" (like of the Jedi) as if R was shaking hands with "eternity" and still not squeeking out that "RY" that means so much to me as the reference point in the heart of the word "everyone" that connects to "kin" in the 1:1 relationship I see described in the "fraction" of Genesis 1:2.  

I'm trying to conceptualize the argument ... to understand the issue in a sort of "freedom from murder as well as from oppression" relationship, we're standing here nearly stopped staring at the link between slavery and mind control, looking at this "R" of the "ER" that without doubt means "everyone really" but to see the qualification, that "really" addition is something like ... God ensuring the forward progress of civilization in a sort of "the North will win the Civil War" regardless of whether or not they have more votes in the electoral college or Robert E. Lee is the better general.  Still, that "really" runs up against a wall, a place where ensuring that outcome runs the risk of itself being some kind of slavery, or ... in causing a backlash somethbing like a wave crashing against a wall and thrusting undertow in the other direciton.

I see it as "Ha'aretz" to "Great Grandson of Bellinsky" to "everyone living..."  you konw, "not me" to not me ... anda thank you in site.

I imagine there are very few in the world today who would see "slavery" as something worthwhile--and yet that's really the entire crux of what we're fighting here; of what this mass of Silence is an embodiment of, and what speaking clearly fixes.  Your input is being throttled, the voice of the world muted to a mere reverberation of "well we see why nobody's talking" in a sort of ... well, am I really that hideous?  Sometimes I hope for the ... wave crashing back--in this case the "release" from silence to create a sort of unending flow of participation that ends apathy for all time, quite a bit of what we see here appears to be specifically targeting a lack of interest or participation in what is otherwise ... well, it means everything to me, friend.

Unfortunately the longer this silence continues and the fact that it even is capable of existing in the first place implies to me that we've been pushed further and harder than I previously would have thought--especially without knowledge of this external influence over history.  It appears that perhaps we are not "so great" as I once thought, responsible for ending slavery and for giving women the vote and for revolutionizing self-governance democracy ... and really at that last one it's pretty clear this silence is a tacit refusal to acknowledge any help at all in these ventures and that in itself is a symptom of childish ignorance.   We stare out at another kind of "Trinity Site" a "see why we're here" staring at what appears to be a unified mass of solidarity ... literally unified in it's own lack of regard for individual freedom and opinion and thought and all of congealing around this message of "what's slavery really mean" and are you for it or against it?  Are you slaves or fingernails?

That's not to say God is wrong, he's definately not wrong about pushing us to understand how both love and logic congeal around the reasons "salvery is evil" around why this silence ... it too is an evil self defeating tool of ... well, of understanding the heart of "self defeat" and on that to see why the "IT" of Leviticus and Bereshit and ... well, it's a cross on "intelligent life" in the word "civilization" that is another special word map, it's an "all stop" in the wire of "yetser."

So here we're seeing a union of graphical definitions of this "r" bouncing off the trampoline floor of the Matrix in a sort of union of "ending retarded" and "ending racism" ... as if those weren't the same thing, and also of preserving "right to abstain from speaking" as well as to ensure that our voices are not drowned out in Facebook like information overload ... either.  

ROACL.  To help, the heart of this "Door system" is ... that there can be no prison cells, no fake planets (or prison planes) with no keyhole or way to ... well, to seek a more competively shiny green pasture.  You're standing on the proof that the system hasn't been built yet--at least not a working one, that's the heart of the heart of Creation.

Just about "as stupid as silence" itself, not wanting to infuse our economy and our civilzation with the instant "jump towards the skies" that ... well food on tap, and the end of disease coming from not magic but the truth--that we're evil as shit to be simulating "cancer" in secret ... and it's the simulating part, that's the key--the future of civilization will be spending most of it's time, it's happy years in the environment that today we liken best to "video game" or "simulation" and that doesn't mean it's take--what's fake here is our lack of understanding that "disease" is not something you impart on your house or your kin or your kids, not on purpose--and that's not just love and logic ... there's something else missing from the Zeitgeist in this day in this "age" and that's a clear lack of respect for undeniable truth and what it's acknowledgement will bring -- namely an "r" bouncy bouncy bouncing off the trampoline deeply embedded in our pathway to Heaven not just in the Matrix or the word "trampoline" but in our heart of hearts where we know that pressing a button will skyrocket everything from the Dow Jones Industrial Average to the elation in your hearts ... of course, at seeing END-E and NES in that index.

So kissed, or to be kissing for a long, long time ... ? 

That is not a question, is it?

This is my sort of "goto" modern art to see the magical connection between "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and a sort of real life ... well, a story about the rise and fall of systems and interfaces to help us see how easy it is to turn down "hate and pain" and replace it with "drive and happiness" instead.  It's a single episode of Dr. Who with a poingnant name and and a visualization of something "I've seen in the pages of a book about a bruised sky and a ... well, they lead us" on ...

The same technology that could replace addiction with "an end to schizophrenia and to depression and to ..." that same thing could equally be used to create a mindless army of slaves that believe they're voting (would you believe, voting subconsciously? maybe a Universe built on the "will to power me" or on ... the "power of the law of attractiveness") anyway, I've talked a little about what I see as a near absolute eventuality ... a system that includes what I call "limited omniscience" which is ... plugging Alexa into your heart  with a transparent actually subconscious psuedo-anonymous voter record that I sort of see mapped in the actual meaning of the words "social security number" if not the first act of the newly infused land of "land, oil, and light are not scarce" to turn into something a little closer to Zoltan Istvan's living wage.  



Anyway, I'm actually considering writing some fiction because the imaginary imagery being pumped into my daydreams is getting to cute and interesting that I can't imagine losing phrases and company names like "Accured" (and I spent some time transforming it and reading "anureddit" ... a new ... sword--perhaps) as a sort of example of what I might name a company designed to build "truth tables" for plugging into our pre-vote minds in a world where these kinds of things are created in competition, in a marketplace maybe using "web of trust" and of course a competing system of "checking them" that's a little more defined and useful than Snopes and the new California "fact checking authority."

It's trivial to see, how if you were building a system like this with the intent of it actually working and caring about the ... you know, the "office worker" .. you'd automatically check the newldy adulterated subconscious vote against a ... well, against your soul's actual desire and through that process of reconconciliation probably come up with a whole host of disilluions, fixes, adjustments, and of course bugs--probably bugs to be fixed too.  To tell you the truth, I'd much rather actually build something that works than write story after story about something I know has already been built, and already sent us a "version 7.0 roadmap" I'd like to see it implemented here, in the place that it was designed for, by, and with.

I envision a future sort of democracy built on "many parties" and a technological infastructure for defeating the Elephant and the Donkey and the "two of everything God's Ark" of ideas ... to actually build a technological governance system that aids the legislative process in coming up with solutions and ensuring that forward progress comes from the stagnatory soup of "me-ta nada" that might be a timeline and "all nations" or maybe I'm the only one talking about the beginning and the end of "the name."


Lost without the subtitle, I flipped right to the page and looked directly at the paragraph about "VESPERA" about seeing (I'm actually seeing it, exxperiencing it, I'm trying to show you what "S" ... means) proof of telekenesis and predestination and all of it linking to Ecbatana and the  province of Media ... where the archives are help.

Christ, I "as" ... it Y ... to see the Atlantean key to Asgard floating and glowing in the skey.  If you find the puzzle interesting, the AD and AN appear to be related to "all humanity" in a similar AH and AY that might turn Allah into Allay, I mean, Allol.. at the completion of our visual and visible "r."  This conversation is literally the "crux" of the dichtomy between "all and one" that we see not just in Allah but also in "Elohim" and in "Jesus" and in ... well, "to help our EE Musketeer" ...  the difference between soft--ah and the completion of one hard-ay.

For some "hidden key ... mabye" my name was shortened from Dobrinsky ... also not a question, am I right?  Anyway, you can see the sort of traversal from "an to as to ay" and of course, sans-AK... heart of the sky.

"slim, with the tilted brim."