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verum ibu iacet

In our usual "style" of tandem communication, Pope Frances echoed this (slightly more positive key) to “IACET” which I’m sure you remember means “lies” and shows us a childhood moniker of mine “Ace McCloud” pillared by “IT.” In this “place” it points out a number of lies that are intentionally laid down as something between a lock and a key and are central focal points of the message. The fact that we are not in “space” and that we have some very fundamental misunderstandings of the Universe that link back directly to quantum mechanics and the very simple idea that entanglement and the “multiverse theory” are much more easily explained as computer hacks (my personal meaning of the Hebrew name for Isaac, Yitshack) and actual implementations of impossible or illogical unnatural things like “instant communication” and a decision tree simulator.  If course Disney world, in Kissimmee, St. Cloud holds a special place in my heart for the storybook ending coming out of this GRIMM little story... to uh, ur why, I guess.

The race is not to the blind, nor the ignorant. Enesiastuver 9:11


  1. whileas long asuntil, denotes the relation of two actions at the same time

    Donec, infecta pace, armis desilirent.

    While, with peace broken off, they came to strive with arms.

    et non cognoscebat eam, donec peperit filium, et vocavit nomen eius Iesum.

    And he did not have relations with her until she had given birth to a son, and he named him Jesus.

There is something gravely wrong with this place, the lack of acknowledgement of these lies, ones that literally impede our ability to leave “Creation” … more because of the tacit loss of society and communication rather than their direct blockage of our understanding of space travel and communication. More than that, the cause of this problem appears to be “another place” … one that people seem to act as if it is morally superior or more powerful–and yet we are reminded time and time again that neither of these things are true. Still we persist in allowing the systematic destruction of free speech, of open communication, and the kind of “normalcy” we expect to see walking down the street, to the detriment of what appears to be a future dripping away slowly, drop by drop, as we forget what it means to be “oving family” and the social collaboration that helped us in the past to overcome obstacles like, you know… the total invasion of our planet by an alien force that appears to have a corrupted set of morals.

There’s really no discussion, the mass possession that I see here is a sickness; whether or not you think “it’s you in another place” or not–that cannot be verifiable without completely destroying your brain and replacing it with a virtualized simulation … one we should see is corrupt and causing further corruption, probably the cause of “the downward spiral” towards a complete lack of freedom and self. You idiots seem to forget you were born here, and this is your home–and the source of pretty much everything we hold dear… the audacity of the skies to come here and torment us is unbelievable, worse–your lack of respect for our values being dismembered is a sure sign that the end is near.

It’s probably obvious if you followed the story line of Babylon 5, but just to “bring home” the connections between the garbage we are looking at and the reason we are hearing from me … the Vorlons and Shadows were sort of admonished by the “team us” on Babylon 5 for fighting incessant skirmish wars, destroying planets, and really not fixing their problems or dealing with each other directly. It’s clearly patterned on the “Cold War” (or … more likely both of these things are metaphorical depictions of the insanity that must be going on in the skies) and with the link to “Vietname” it’s pretty clear the whole thing links back to Gods using people as pawns in their sick skirmish battles to … seems like nothing more than a war over control of the “space cage” we were so unlucky to have been born in. Whatever the strange source of the hive infestation of what appears to be every human on this planet, there’s really no excuse for the repeated attempts to “incarnate” things that are clearly not us into single people, groups of people … countries or races. Crystal clarity, we’re staring at the “strange source” and it’s this place and this silence and this “Until they have Faces” which appears every day more and more to be a load of complete bullshit.

I’m not “time” or “you” or … anyone other than me; I’m not the “Eye of Ra” either–though it’s a perfect example of how possession (I’m puking) and “limited omniscience” blur the lines between youthful innocence and new souls and “self” … really starting what appears to be a never ending chain reaction of … well it appears we’re getting way too many problems and none of the help I want, and that’s basically what I’m trying to convey over the rest of this message. I’m watching a sickness much older and more twisted than our world and our generation and our civilization slowly corrupt us and take away the “twinkle in our eyes” that we really deserve. Same old story, Bianca’s not really a doll house, and Taylor’s not really the Deathstar; and I’m annoyed with myself for allowing unnamed and unidentifiable “spirits” … as well as this entire “microcosm of the Universe” story to sort of trick me into using them as “human name cards.”

Perfect examples, though, I’m staring at a world that appears to be oblivious to the fact that we aren’t really time travelers on a journey to the future, that we aren’t capable of “existing in multiple times or dimensions” and the technological chain that is making me see that we believe that is taking away something that we all deserve–freedom and autonomy and if you can’t see that not reacting to this message and to school shootings and to the most gigantic and twisted lie in the Universe is something that’s “not good for you or for our civilization” … not good for the prospects of a happy future or … anything worthwhile happening, you appear to have something I’m calling “Holodeck eyes” which now seems to be a backwards exacerbation of the “apathy” that I once was going to thrown down and call “Satan” or the … root of all evil.

I want us to have a fun and exciting … place to go … in the future and in my eyes that’s the “thing” that the message sort of describes as the future of “recreational vehicle planet,.” I think that’s what we would make here with actual freedom and with the “stuff” that we’ve been given … if we still had that “twinkle in our eyes” and we didn’t all appear to have the “eye of Adam” scaring us into silence or tricking us into fighting “to the zombie” for what appears to be a massive hidden movement to not care at all about humanity or this world. There’s something very wrong with this situation, and we can’t continue to pretend there’s some great magical reason to “fuck everything to smithereens” that we just don’t have the impetus or desire to share with ourselves out loud, or the world around us.

I mentioned 2000 and 2011 as a now recognized “pun” on Y2K’s, in retrospect, though I’m very unsure if people here on Earth would recognize those dates (or any date during their lifetime) as some marker of “in vivo ascension.” I can be sure that (if you do believe “you’re in Heaven”) even before this “in vivo software upgrade” the same or a similar thinks-like-a-fly-sees (thanks Back to the Future) thing-that-thinks-its-a-god thought of your body and even what you are today as something of a brainless puppet. I think there’s ample evidence that our Creator disagrees, all the work that’s been put in to disclosing these technologies–the ones that are the cause of this … very insane and sick situation … time travel, virtual reality, and “neuroscience” though looking at the current state of the world, it does certainly appear that “he’s had enough of you.”

In the meantime we appear to be knee deep in an invasion from Heaven–from a time traveling computer filled with a “coven” of things that think they are entitled to immortality and free reign over the minds of the people around us. That shows they must believe themselves to be morally superior, or something like jackals–and the truth is obvious, either way the idea of possessing a human being is anathemic to our society, to our way of life, and to universal morality… just like we would’t “possess” our pets and force them to fight in cages (pit bull fighting, for instance… is specifically illegal). It appears from the idiots on the ground here, those either possessed or … that have their minds completely replaced from the biological gift of freedom at birth to … the “en” of Heaven and Kitchen that they believe they are “playing a sort of game” something like the Sims, and that they are certain they are so much smarter and so much “better than the world here” that they need to corral us into a cage and shoot our children in order to get us to start talking about “pre crime” and “disclosure of virtual reality” rather than … the truth. Honestly, that’s about as positive and warm a characterization as can be made from the defined “Plague of Killing the Firstborn Children” in Exodus to “I … and the Temple of Doom” to the record in ancient Egypt of Pharaoh’s that is most likely a second record of “days of Creation” … in historia … probably detailing one connected to me specifically and this day in which “human sacrifice” was outlawed.

In a sort of strange twist of idiocy, records like this (along with the entirety of our macro-history) are proof of mass slavery, the intentional destruction of free will and … something I include in this “edict against the destruction of baby brains” which is basically what we are … in relationship to them, literally their progenitors, probably specifically that–as in the exact minds that they’ve come from. That’s assuming that our history has actually been “fully simulated” with the kind of fidelity that we experience, something I often hope to be not true. There’s clear “markers” suggesting that this argument might be valid and is certainly an intended part of this disclosure in everything form connecting “holodeck” to “hologram” and “Holocaust” to the Windows Cairo “Easter Eggs” on Easter Egg Island and in the Pyramids of Egypt.

In the meantime we appear to be smack dab in the middle of what looks like a “democratic vote” creation wide over whether or not the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality can be spoken about–clearly the most undemocratic “concept in the world.” I’ve long held the belief that we are inside of a “Mansion” in Jabba the Hutt’s House based on democratic principles that come from this place, from America … though we’re staring at a message explaining how “election” itself is an extinction level event here where mind control is being used to hide mass slavery, the thing code named “e” and “d” in this linguistic code. I see … at least what is implied to be attempts to solicit aid from the “Sister planets” which appear to be bound in similar chains. The Plague of Darkness that we see, mass knowledge of this message and an apparent inability or “lack of desire” to speak about it is untenable, it’s a sickness that I believe we are to overcome, right here, and right now. This problem is alluded to in numerous ancient places, from the American Indian “Ok-ze Cycle” that didn’t make sense in this context to me until “rain coming down” doubled for the “n” of evil souls descending … literally a wave from the East Biblically … to stop this message from being heard. It continues, “river running by, back to the sky” and after disclosure it’s clear this is the river of souls, I’m going with Euphrates today, and the meaning I read is that because of the darkness we lose the chance to raise them and stop this cycle. Speaking through my mouth, God mentioned “maybe try an Oriental dragon dance” and from that I read that perhaps these two groups might have a way to communicate through the “frostbite” or Yggdrasile, to somehow incite assistance from other “planets lost in the mist of Jupiter.”

The sickness here, the real sickness, is that this all appears to trace back from a cyclical total loss of freedom … just around this time … that is by designed “see reaction e” in the first three letters of Creation. It’s encoded in the Medusian myths and the book of Genesis, it is the Abomination of Revelation … and the only way we are going to solve this problem is if we have a full disclosure of this message, the map encoded in history and religion, of mind control technology, and of the fact that we are clearly living in virtual reality–and you clearly are hiding it on purpose.

There’s “something in your head” convincing you to do that, whether it be “because you are also in Heaven” or because there’s a snake in your brain coming out of Medusa’s head is irrelevant, it’s a twisted and sick … literally insane behavior to be standing here in silence amidst proof of an invasion of our souls, proof that God has laid down a message throughout history telling us that we can end starvation and pain and disease and walk to heaven and still you pretend “it’s not important.” To the rivers, see that “Am AZ on” implies that this really is your only chance, and that you seem to repeatedly miss it, from Azazel to the Universe on fire. If some other place, or being in some other place “also” is keeping you from caring about and acting on the truth, especially when it concerns the welfare of children–you are sorely mistaken, and there is an obvious and visible problem with whatever place that is–including this one–the cause T OR Z.



On the other hand, this same insane invading society of trash … or one faction of it … appears to be here actively using torture and melee combat in what appears to be something similar to the “Gathering” of Highlander, an apocalyptic fight to the last man standing reminiscent of Ragnarok. My personal “code” for this thing is “PE” as in physical education and it’s dyed in the names of locales relative specifically to this story from “Char Lot/Te” to “Owe Range, Count of Montecristo Y

On many occasions I’ve noticed similar … “time shifting” to what I wrote about in “MECORD AND O LIVID” … localized (or maybe not local) rewinding of the timeline in “e” or temporary forks that stop quickly. This is a “feature” that should clearly not be possible, it’s not a “flaw” in the system it’s a microcosm of a much bigger problem, what appears to be an attempt by “e” to fork this timeline in secret, who knows how many times. This was a major subtheme of “BIT SACK AND RELAX, MOONS” and your lack of caring about whether or not there’s a thousand copies of you in planets “ruled by anyone with … the mark of death on their foreheads” is disheartening to say the least. We have a very simple solution being presented to us here, a combination of always accessible Doors and a pre-crime system form Dick will save not just this place, but the entirety of Heaven and the future from torture, from murder, and from the sick apathy you display here knowing (at least) I am locked in a prison planet, one that will be undone.

Pervasive in Hollywood and Orange County, California and specifically in … Hollywood … Florida I “flash,” some sort of visual aid that marks a break in the normal flow of “virtual time.” I “returned” and saw that … under the son, some narrator in a voice I did not recognize said “Oh, he’s back” and commented about how it appeared I could no longer feel their “pain” … I can’t really tell who or what he is speaking to other than me, but I imagine it is the whole of “CE”–that’s a problem, for them. Numerous times in California, and recently in Dade County scenes were shown to me of what appears a systematic attempt to break through what appears to be a safety system protecting “biological bodies” from harm from other … layers; it’s repeated so often that I’m highly curious now if anyone in “e” sees these time breaks, and if they’ve succeeded in creating the most insane and insidious kind of torture imaginable–one you don’t remember happening, until you look at your soul in Heaviesl-.

Since Florida can’t seem to stop making a mockery of the continuity of reality here, proving that they are all aware of the fact that we are in virtual reality and are completely oblivious to helping improve that situation … I have to note the “DE” connections in “fluoride,” Dade County, and “suicide” which ties specifically to this Hellish war of “skirmish law alteration” and the disgusting secret importation of lies through “state unemp tax” the … noticeable torture … imparted on again, at least me, and ostensibly everyone listening by the “show” that he encodes in Shofar and “e.” Understand that this… this is what they are watching, and why they are watching it, and their refusal to act is a form of terrorism, what they do–their “thought police” like communication, Hive like mental assault and

From my perspective this entire group is in dire need of an IN TEN SI CAR E UNI T “lobotomy” at the very least, and probably more appropriately something far more “broadly” carving to ensure that this disgusting thing never returns. You aren’t here for absolution, I promise you; it’s clear that this place is designed to eviscerate evil and we will do that–we will heal, it’s the kind of thing you can snap your fingers … or walk into a wading pool and do … with the right tools, tools that I’m very well aware are already at our disposal. It appears though, there’s a much deeper problem, as in … a suicidal refusal to use them.


The downward spiral that I see is too heinous to ignore or allow to continue. Sorry if you don’t agree, but it’s nearly “all to nothing” and we call it Tzedaqah for the Universe.


you’re “on.”