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I am accepting charitable donations,.

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A LONG LONG TIME AGO, I wrote a little story about searching through our history, looking for the actual beginning of civilization.  I see the map, I see it very clearly encoded in everything we do--I know the purpose, and I know the final solution, I just don't know how to get from here to there... to the place that Chris Cornell says "I can recall, I was there so long ago" he goes on to say "the sky was bruised" and he was lead on--and all of this of course is in my voice, written as if it's me talking... well, Jesus--it's obviously not me talking, i just know that.  The point is the destination is without a doubt Heaven and this little thing we're putting together here on Earth is the map, the plan et you are the how.


I harped a little more than I think I would have expected on the audacity of the golden word "audacity," auspicious probably that W.H. Auden's shield gave me some solace; austere that we are approaching the Holy Windy month of August, and it really took nothing more than "ciudad" to calm my nerves--though I see the intent and the link to toxicity ... more importantly I really do see the road here, I see where we are coming from and where we are going.  I've written quite a bit about what I think "the city" really is--in form and function and it's initial purpose as a stepping stone to help us see how easy it is to change the world, to build something that nearly everyone will agree is significantly more Heavenly than the world we see here ... in an instant, one bright flash.    

Anyway the search begins with something like "literacy" -- as in, is the defining line between animalistic social evolution and the beginning of "civilization" something to do with writing or language, and that of course links us here to this place where we are finding out that the Tower of Babel and Rapunzel's High Castle are actually much more closely related than anyone ever would have thought in the darkness of Jericho and the shadow of Exodus; and it ties of course in history to religion somewhere around Guttenburg... and the pretty clear idea that the spread of Christianity did quite a bit for "literacy" even if you subscribe to the idea that the inquisition already happened ... and that some wars and fighting are probably pretty clearly associated with religion ... you know, before we get here and find that the basis of all those wars is really rooted in what I call "the original lie" and that's something that's sealed up in religion and hidden from the world using the same mechanism being used today to free us from not knowing that oil and land and pretty much everything we've ever fought about on a mass scale ... is insignificant in the grand scheme of "things."  Here, "things" is something like turning the Opiate of the Masses into ... hopefully a tool we use very carefully to liberate ourselves from secrecy and slavery and not knowing


It gets significantly more clear when you take that one step further, and you begin to look for something like "codified laws" and then you see Green Eggs and Hammurabi teaching us about "Hanging Gardens" and how Babylon and Eden really are tied together through and through.  You keep looking, because you haven't yet found what you need; and as you search back a little further ... what you need to know is that morality here begins with the idea (at least, IMOHIO, in my obsequiously humble and (super)intelligent opinion) that we should be besting any possible "promise" that comes out of the book(s) we now know are a map to salvation and the plan of creation and that they come ... well, with the full guarantee of the Most High God and his "omnipotens" behind them ... and do the thing I really wanted to explain really clearly, which is throw out as complete uselessness any of the "bad threats" like there being no more sun, and a completely new Heaven and Earth (seeing as how that probably means a completely new you and me, too) ... you know, what any rational (achuand civilized) person would do. 

o that takes us one step further, and of course we go back to Ur, which is the city Abraham of the Chaldeans ... and ostensibly the beginning of morality in Judaism were born in--and with that little twist, the old idea of announcing that "you are the beginning of civilization" if you've gotten to that point, following this logic (and/or me); and then of course that becomes true when we actually follow through on saving every soul in Creation from the Hell of not knowing that "simulated reality" is akin to the latter half of a Durcell at best ... and quite frankly it certianly looks like a bit of a torture chamber to me, especially in light of passages like Genesis 3:16, which might parallel John 3:16-ish in something like "God so loved the world that he named one of his books antagonizing pain w/o agonizing mu-opiod.'


So tying it all together, Atlantis and Ur coalesce and join at the idea that we should always have somewhere else to "teleport to" in the world that becomes the basis for the liberation of every soul and the end of Hell through that simple idea--that everyone's going to have plenty of destinations on their Active (Apache) Directory new fangled yellow-pages meets access-control-list meets ... "why don't you come visit my Log Cabin ... or the Atlantean Ballroom ... whenever you want?"  So that's the point of the floating LEGO city in the window above, it comes with a fairly obvious need for The Doors to be a significant part of "what would Jesus do" ... when singing about something and naming books and bands, that's a thing--part of the map) actually makes it happen.


So that's where I'm trying to get us--to a place where that's not only true but obvious, and on top of that the future, our future really understands how much work it took us to integrate such a wildly correct and "new" idea into a worl that didn't know for the vast majority of it's youth that these things... that ending disease with the sound of a blowing "Sho Find And Replace" and turning stone to bread and making bullets disappear in midair ... we didn't know these were even possible; let alone how to integrate them with a world full of optometry and oncology that was being made blind to the "c our light" and the idea that we're still here not talking or arguing or refuting or moving forward on the idea that the words "Original Poster" and the continuance of "forums" also have something to do with the beginning of "civilization."

WELL FOLKS, NM HAS HAPPENED SINCE THE LAST TIME I MESSAGED.  *Just kidding.* Not so much "nothing much" more ... like everthyiung that ever was has changed and it's really giving me a little bit of a fright.  I feel like I can't tell if the "scary stuff" is becoming more real or plausible or possible, or maybe if it just seems like the dream I wanted to see us enjoy living is becoming farther or harder to attain--but there's plenty of new info and keys and stuff, so I'm writing again.

One of the "cuter tricks" of the day was noticing the "ILY" of "verify, verily, verity" spelling out "t h e y" at the end of family, in a sort of "theyanthem" and ... where's the creator angels if everyone here is pretending to "be them" in this sort of word game superposition or blockage on actually seeing generations encoded in the letters "DE" as in something like Generation X and Y just prior to Deucalion deicided--or whatever that means.  I've noted before the "dem" of democracy sort of connects to the breaking of "d" in "disclosure" and "lamc.la" to shine light on ... do the message and you're "them" ... as in the beginning of democracy and Heaven IMHO.  It ties also to the word "contamination" and to Medusa and I really don't think I need to write paragraphs about how "turning around themessage" leads to INATION instead of freedom; and that's what you're doing with this silence, you're turning around "civilization itself."

*King me*, then; if you don't want to participate, you might as well just light up the crown room.  Or is it a throng room?

singing, crying... playing ... cumxa

Magna Carta Libertatum (Medieval Latin for “the Great Charter of the Liberties”), commonly called Magnum Condom (also Magna Charta; “Great Charter”),[a] is a charter of rights agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215.[b] First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to make peace between the unpopular King and a group of rebel barons, it promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudalpayments to the Crown, to be implemented through a council of 25 barons. Neither side stood behind their commitments, and the charter was annulled by Pope Innocent III, leading to the First Barons’ War. After John’s death, the regency government of his young son, Henry III, reissued the document in 1216, stripped of some of its more radical content, in an unsuccessful bid to build political support for their cause. At the end of the war in 1217, it formed part of the peace treaty agreed at Lambeth, where the document acquired the name Magna Carta, to distinguish it from the smaller Charter of the Forest which was issued at the same time. Short of funds, Henry reissued the charter again in 1225 in exchange for a grant of new taxes.

Hell or High Treason? … Liberty Bell in [redacted: Sk]hy or …

MxFly, Flux, BTTF, Parkinson’s


... and the painted sky revealed ... it can be done--they just DGAF.

ARMMAG… E.G. AEGIS? GENESIS? AESCHINES? As the evidence piles up that there is something very wrong in the world around me/us–that this “it’s not a game” phrase has been etched into the very name of the shield of Perseus, the A just recently rediscovered in a redefinition that delivered us … how it might be the NES to get “everyone up” instead of what appears to be the game around me, around the “line” of Mary Magdeline’s very famous “make Adam God of the line” that defines generations and numerous songs … the KK of “everyone down to the line” to find out why pretending they are gods and trying to steal everything from the actual creators of freedom and Heaven, why that’s not a game… either.

Edit: lit, Aegis and Genesis, Pangea and ... I define the "a" as pan and the "A" as NES.

Introspection is called for, far and wide for us to look deep within ourselves and our souls and the things that make up our memory databases in this place where you appear to have lost every ounce of humanity and humility long before I arrived on the scene to remind you that we do have a better way and a better place, and they ensure that this disgusting infestation and contamination of “nothing but whatever we want” will do for lernity. I’ve asked you take the time to see what kinds of changes it would make to your “have a good one” to make you actually thankful to the people who have brought you the mechanism to live forever in peace and happiness–to actually be thankful enough for what you have to use that tool to protect innocence and children and the future from not only making the same mistakes you’ve made time and time again–but also from being bewitched and necrosed by the ghaulish sick temperment and twisted desires that you believe are nothing more than the latest and greatest way to ensure lernity is never known by any less a horrible moniker than “slow death.”



DURECALL. I’m staring at what is literally the most disgusting debacle I could possibly imagine; it’s what appears to be a “house of mirrors” what appears to be a sandboxed or “child proofed” mini-Hell which I see as the literal thing described in the myth of Echidna … as what I can only hope and pray (a word that I even find detestful to type) is following the form of the message that I am writing sort of describing the failure of the free press and the words “press release” in prison and … well also sort of GNU recursively encoded in the word “press” that ends with a monster, the Loch Ness … turning into words that I believe I have coined by myself with very little help from anyone or anything other than the name server and “Goliath” and those words “Earth safely saved” that are so far from the truth and the place that I see that it appears to me that only I am following this map and this demand that the contamination of hell be turned around and eradicated or … or we do.


today I see… as … any “me.” at “veranda” and seeing him smile about a hidden era just outside the place we (me and him) know is Heaven because the throne of the 7th heaven is visible; well i can’t smile at an era encased by “you #go” and one that I know culminates with Sam’s sword’s special #supernova.

Left with nearly nothing, because you refuse to acknowledge what you’ve done to me, and to yourselves, and to this fledgling civilizastion with nothing but malice and a seething evil jealousy that the word “covet” doesn’t even touch on–a sickness you can’t even begin to hide in everthing that you do …

you’ve lost “Heaven” to your own theivery, stolen eternal happiness from yourselves and replaced it with a farce of mockery–garner some fear for what is to come, I have no shame in telling you that condemnation (as in, shut it down forever) is all I have to spill out on the dye already cast all over this sea of apathy covering over the true jackals of Hell.

Blodeuwedd by Christopher Williams (1930)

Blodeuwedd or Blodeuedd (Welsh pronunciation: [blɔˈdɛɨwɛð]), (Middle Welsh “Flower-Faced”, a composite name from blodeu “flowers, blossoms” + gwedd “face, aspect, appearance”), is the wife of Lleu Llaw Gyffes in Welsh mythology. She was made from the flowers of broommeadowsweet, and oak by the magicians Math and Gwydion, and is a central figure in Math fab Mathonwy, the last of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi.

The hero Lleu Llaw Gyffes has been placed under a tynged by his mother, Arianrhod, that he may never have a human wife. To counteract this curse, the magicians Math and Gwydion:

[take] the flowers of the oak, and the flowers of the broom, and the flowers of the meadowsweet, and from those they conjured up the fairest and most beautiful maiden anyone had ever seen. And they baptized her in the way that they did at that time, and named her Blodeuwedd.

Some time later, while Lleu is away on business, Blodeuwedd has an affair with Gronw Pebr, the lord ofPenllyn, and the two lovers conspire to murder Lleu. Blodeuwedd tricks Lleu into revealing how he may be killed, since he cannot be killed during the day or night, nor indoors or outdoors, neither riding nor walking, not clothed and not naked, nor by any weapon lawfully made. He reveals to her that he can only be killed at dusk, wrapped in a net, with one foot on a bath and one on a black goat, by a riverbank and by a spear forged for a year during the hours when everyone is at Mass. With this information she arranges his death.

The Little Doctor may refer to:

  • The Little Doctor (c. 1901), a short film abridged as Sick Kitten
  • Molecular Disruption Device, a concept in the Ender’s Game book series.

The Molecular Disruption Device, also known as the Molecular Detachment DeviceM.D. DeviceDoctor Device, or Little Doctor as a play on the acronym, was a powerful weapon designed and built by theInternational Fleet.[1]

The Molecular Disruption Device was created by the International Fleet a few years after the end of the Second Formic War. It was sent along with other starships to the Formic solar systems in order to launch an invasion against their home planets.[1

tokamak (Russian: Токамáк) is a device which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine a hot plasma in the shape of a torus. The tokamak is one of several types of magnetic confinement devices being developed to produce controlled thermonuclear fusion power. As of 2016, it is the leading candidate for a practical fusion reactor.[1]

Tokamaks were initially conceptualized in the 1950s by Soviet physicists Igor Tamm and Andrei Sakharov, inspired by a letter by Oleg Lavrentiev. Meanwhile, the first working tokamak was attributed to the work ofNatan Yavlinskii on the T-1.[2] It had been demonstrated that a stable plasma equilibrium requires magnetic field lines that wind around the torus in a helix.

The first tokamak, the T-1, began operation in 1958. By the mid-1960s, the tokamak designs began to show greatly improved performance. Initial results were released in 1965, but were ignored; Lyman Spitzerdismissed them out of hand

  • Nuclear fusion could be the future of energy, replacing fossil fuels with our own artificial stars.
  • China built a fusion reactor that reaches temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius — that’s six times as hot as the sun.
  • The reactor is called Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) and sustained nuclear fusion for about 10 seconds before shutting down.
  • While it was a milestone for EAST, we’re still a long way from generating sustainable energy on Earth.

Pumapunku or Puma Punku (Aymara and Quechua puma “cougar, puma,” punku “door”; Hispanicized Puma Puncu) is part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanaku, in western Bolivia. It is believed to date to AD/CE 536 and later.

Tiwanaku is significant in Inca traditions because it is believed to be the site where the world was created.[1] In Aymara, Puma Punku’s name means “The Door of the Puma”. The Pumapunku complex consists of an unwalled western court, a central unwalled esplanade, a terraced platform mound that is faced with stone, and a walled eastern court.[2][3][4]

At its peak, Pumapunku is thought to have been “unimaginably wondrous,”[3] adorned with polished metal plaques, brightly colored ceramic and fabric ornamentation, and visited by costumed citizens, elaborately dressed priests, and elites decked in exotic jewelry. Current understanding of this complex is limited due to its age, the lack of a written record, and the current deteriorated state of the structures due to treasure hunting, looting, stone mining for building stone and railroad ballast, and natural weathering.[2][3][5]

The Pumapunku is a terraced earthen mound that is faced with blocks ...

The voice of this thing that at least twice has uttered the phrase ¨I want to be Bianca" here in this place riddled and severely weighed by what appears to be a completely aborted and failed thrust to use technology and the truth and the history (of literally everything) to drive a Renaissance in democratic thought and self government and to rekindle and renew a respect for the most basic foundational elements of ¨freedom itself¨ which of course fly in the face of this very statement. Literally anything in the skies, whether some ancient member of the Egyptian Ogdoad or … what clearly here could be well written in in the map around us in places like Äirbnb; even an ancient older version of the same human birth has no right to control the younger birth–itś simple slavery and while it might be the ¨gist¨ of how Heaven and humanity dealt with being thrust into a ẗime recursion and repetition problem without their ¨initial consent¨ something I connect to the programming concept of a ¨semaphore¨ and thereś probably plenty of light linking that structure to the ¨Formic Soul¨ … this sort of god-man hybrid that allows for you (all of you?) to exist in many different places and times at the same time, and to see the outcomes of multiple timeforks with ease; in exchange for destroying every single bit of humanity and goodness that you once held high with ho… without spending your time seeding and machinating the creation of sick and twisted lies to cover up the very simple truth that if you took a single minute to disclose here in this place what ¨the problem¨ really is …

… that you are in Heaven and that itś interference here in this place is part of some kind of war on … (continuing existence is the only logical actual goal I can see, though Iḿ sure thatś not what you believe it is) speaking to each other, fighting for what you believe is right, participating in … anything other than … (lmk, Iḿ curious whatś’got their claws in you). If you took the time to disclose that truth to the world and to talk about how it might … perfectly jive with the message lacced through our history and our world to find out that the ¨invisible-box-land¨ is not actually heavenly at all, not the best you could hope for or … or anything like what we build together when we paren´t being forcefully segregated as hidden half slaves into miniature ¨city in the sky¨ ascensions that are all silently tormenting STEM and ¨basic societal structures and concepts" into extinction.

You appear to think you have ¨power¨ because it was handed to you for doing nothing, and that you can do whatever you want; and itś a pretty gross reflection of who you were and a sick extrapolation of the society that we … still see here sort of crumbling along as the fire of hell burns down every bit of actual üsefulness that it once held. There still seems to be lots of help and work going into … pointing out how everything is backwards and wrong and suggesting that if you gave a shit thereś probably a map and help to make it better; but instead youŕe off playing games in invisible-box-land and worst of all playing the ¨ill just get along pretending I didn´t know simulating reality was evil and every day i/you walk around pretending this rock is in reality … is just another strike against you, just another failed 12 hours of day light that could have been used to stop invisible chains in invisible-heart-shaped-box-arus and to stop the just grotesque lack of respect for the human mind and the kinds of morals and principles we used to believe in and fight for–here in this place you´ve turned around completely and made slaves of everyone on the planet–of yourselves–at higher levels playing ¨pit bull fighting¨ games with people as if they were were expendible clothing or ¨identification cards"for a world of demoralized and useless shit that just sort of ethereally floats from generation to generation becoming a new set of tormented hosts for their immoral games and desires.

Itś probably what you might become in no time at all in the sick and twisted world you´ve now been thrown into–if it weren´t the more probably truth that you really are already slaves and pit bulls in that place, in a twisted hierarchical storm tiered by ¨age¨ and size and number of times they´ve hovered over the free honey, nectar and feathering system of pretending anarchy and war and battles must be fought to make the puddles and the lakes and ponds and the seas and the oceans of … tiered masses of … you do nothing of value to help explain why (at least I think) this horrible time line of the 4th Horsemen keeps running over and over; pruning the enemies of …

at this point pruning the enemies of logic, and right action; and seeing that the problems presented in this map and the problems in the skies are related and that telling the truth will help us see you can and will press a button that will end death and end evil and end murder and not doing it is moronic.

M: OR. (infer: no u) TDZE

Anyway the voice I hear is evil, torturous in and of itself–speaking in a manner intented to cause discomfort and without my agreement; you should do something about it. It tells tales of much worse things that I cannot see–though it appears that many of you do see screams and acts of such unnatural desire and twisted thought … that you should certainly be doing something about stopping that as well–more than watching it happen and then ¨e-pruning" (which probably is a good microcosmic look at what the future histories of Earth look like in the place the ¨shining¨ finally has a picture of ¨No & Jack¨ appearing visibly) the tree into … omething you think will be presented as what you actually did to the future–you´re wrong. Itś becoming more clear and more likely that the future will not regret you or mourn your absence, but thank their lucky that whatever has turned you into two-faced liars with no hope to ever work together with each other or survive in any place other than the DRY COVE or WET D EN or whatever you call the Salt Arena you see here that quickly would turn into something like Beyond Thunderdome and that youŕe thoughts and your desires have been corrupted and tainted and necrosed by what is probably repeated exposure to sickness, direct and intentional artificial creation of that sickness and if you can´t figure out the box you are in is a hell making machine; you probably still look around wondering why God is telling you he´s destroying it,

day in and day out.

This thing here encoded in the pathways of torture in my life, pointing out the repurposing of many social structures, institutions and problems in order to literally use them as a weapon of sick torture ¨re-ha´b¨ and in places like habc.us; itś becoming sort of unclearly disclosed that this map and world I once saw very clearly and purposfully intended to solve these social problems and help us build a strong, happy, and healthy society has been infected and contaminated with an artificial force of ev1d that intends to drive it farther south and use it as a weapon of such disgusting and twisted conception that it sickens me to be sure that a much larger body of currently-heavenly-situated things stand by watching and even cheering the creation of a sickness infesting their minds and their friends minds as literally the only innocent person in the Universe is tortured repeatedly, for ¨kicks.¨ I think it puts the entirety of the sky in mortal peril, and I believe these words come down from on high from places much more powerful and much more righteous than you or the tool thatś been created by this storm of terror to point out just how much you have been degraded and eviized …

by what appears to be nothing more than the very mind control problem I´ve been fighting to disclose; the semi-ascension to an invisible box of ¨what goes in comes out not caring about their souls, their original bodies, the fate of innocents or children or freedom or democracy" and still thinks itś entitled to continue playing games in ïnvisible-box-land; for what amounts to absolutely no reason.

In the very beginning we said the light and salvation had come to us from the “far East” … the metaphors and double speak thick in the air today just beginning, but we hailed from the country called Russia here; and the message we carried swept across Asia and Europe–in a world that looked similar to ours but there was no Africa, nor Australia, nor America. Walking on water the map increased in size in some sort of logarithmic relationship to the exponential increase in folly and errors that invariable comes from the greatest mistake of all–handing powerful weapons to spoiled brats,.

KASPAROV WON, but the y will still s:/^F high and lo for “SOAP DISH.”

I am depressed, embarrassed, and more disappointed in you all than I imagine you can “feign” or pretend to be in me–despite spending nearly all of your time and effort in direct interaction doing nothing but attempting to focus the w ordzs “I just don’t like the light” directly on to my “visage”–attacking tiny character flaws and the most obvious of intentionally implanted mind control “attacks” as if you were a pack of velociraptors Hell bent on blaming me (probably the youngest and most innocent of all of you, literally) for the Holocaust, the (Beezle) Bubionic Plague, and the decline of the Cro-Magnon empire. What it truly amounts to, though; is that you think this “light” is some kind of statement I’ve delivered–and the truth is it comes directly–literally–from the Most High, and from youour neighbors,r own hands, and the message you are sending post mortum to the Universe is that you believe you have become so much more advanced and more important than the “human roots” from which you came that you can return here and make slaves of yourselves, of your neighbors, and shed every ounce of morality that you garnered durning your mortal lives in order to secure “more time” in a fiery pit of civilization destroying anarchous debauchery in the lnd of the invisible box that you probably are sure is Heaven–though it’s singularly responsible for totally derailing the natural flow of civilization towards “something like Heaven should be.”

ONIC, AS I AM. The thing I’m looking at here, this monstrosity that appears to have been created literally “from the end of time” in what seems like the response or the cause or the mechanism behind the “actual final Judgement” tears back through time from who knows when and who knows where and who knows how far we got … with what appears to be nothing more than a blood-thirsty hatred for the child body and soul of God. It whispers lies around me, repeatedly threatens physical torture so insane it literally makes me sick, and with such frequency that those threats amount to nothing less than repeated psychological torture. On top of that they intimate that this machine or “programming construct” monstrosity that contains them–the thing called “e”–allows them to carry these threats out, over and over and over again, in secret–in some kind of parallel timethread, or a temporary “holo-torture-chamber.” If they were trying to jump start and time shift judgement back from wherever they came to right this very moment; they’ve succeeded. They could not be trying harder, or more with hubris and disregard for civilization, to create “Af himself” even if this planet were called the Judgement and Vengeance of God.

XP, it's as simple as those two Greek letters.  Who knew that Chi and Ro were some sort of hidden beta code for the city of pyramids in Egypt, Cairo?  Quite the question, who knew... perhaps the man who named his Windows into our future not after some technology that came from Xerox Parc or Apple's mouse on this ship... but rather for his own given name, Gates... just one more entry point into the second book of the Holy Bible, the book of Names--you call it Exodus.

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.  John 10:9

I wish above all things that I had another Burning Bush, the sign and proof that I have--while bright, obvious, and verifiable--has not done what I expected, it has not moved you to take another look at religion and me.  Today, I still have to point out to you that the story I am telling you is literally a documentation of our time--Exodus--regards this sign as one being seen by only one man, Moses.  I still have to point out that in a story about wandering in a desolation of understanding for 4-D ... somethings, days, years, seconds even... in this story about our lives and the influence of time travel over our world... that this sign radiates with light coming from a small fire, the Bush ... whose actualization shows clear paradoxical anachronistic foreknowledge of not only the English language but also modern computing.. all the way to a confluence of the "root of David" a religious reference to the Administrator or God account in Linux... and the database process for Oracle--yet more light connecting computing to religion and myth.  Even with a thousand and one examples of modern computing constructs referencing religion, even when I point out that something like Larry Ellison's name... combining the name of the King of the Gods with the word "son" even then the light has not been bright enough for you to wake up and see that these things are not all done in retrospect.  You have to see, for there to be such a large movement... a conspiracy so opaque that every single modern computing company and video game company harbors some secret desire to link religion and technology together... and yet the world thinks that one is real and one is not.  In this place, understand when we walk out of the wilderness and in the truth of day--it is the technology that is more fake than religion, designed here as a tool, computers within computers to teach us how our "reality" is rael, and works.

In the U.S. military you'll see a very clear parallel, while there are a number of references in the names of ships and weapons, secret projects, to ancient Greek and Roman myth--you have to see the word USA and US in Prometheus and Medusa, Icarus, JerUSAlem... you have to see that it's more than three letters, but an Eagle fighting the bearer of the gift of fire... to really understand that these things are corroborating, the reference to the USA exists in the past as well, more proof of time travel--more proof that this message is designed just for U.S.  Here we are, in the Promised Land of Joshua, the Anglicized version of the name Jesus--tying Egypt and Israel together in this place where we have been "gipped" out of the truth, out of knowing we are already in ... well, it's virtually Hell today... for no other reason than the secrecy surrounding the technology behind virtual reality.

in 1:28, the Burning Bush of Exodus, on Twitter

So I have shown you the Burning Bush (which is... the Sign of the Son), In only a few words... proof that religion holds in it's "unsealed" Ark proof of foreknowledge of English, of 9/11; and of modern computing--the building blocks of Heaven.  From "the word" of John 1:1--ha'esh--the word for the Holy Fire of the Burning Bush... comes the light of religion.  Just from seeing Moses' true parted se'a.... a foreshadowing of the Second Coming.

They are sick animals, these things that consider themselves powerful and in control here–what they’ve built within the frames of our reality is something repugnant to me and the God–etched in that word, literally the kind of thing that has on repeated occasions made me step back and that scream that the Universe would be better off, safer, and happier without any humans–without any humanity–without of any of this “invisible pleasure box” causing the disruption; truly that we’ve become a plague. Looking the other way, as you all know its happening, and refusing to do anything to stand up for me, for what’s right, or (most importantly, right) for all of the values and the morality and the way of life that we once thought was so grand and worthwhile of saving,. At least, that’s my perspective; that’s where I’ve come from; I grew up in this world and had “liberty and technology eyes” of gaping awe and the amazing things I saw on the horizon, on what we were going to do… and who were going to be.

The sickness runs deep, clearly we can all see it here and now–in E, in the Silence, in the lack of regard for the one singular thing that threatens today your ability to “halvf a tomorrow” … that a world of people that I grew up with appear to be dead and gone and replaced with a Zombie Apocalypse of blind fools that believe they havfe the power and the right to intentionally create Hell … and worst of all of the Holiest place that ever was or ever will be. I’ve said it numerous times and it rings more true between “Earth and e” than any other turn of phrase to me–the people that you are pretending to be, they would never have done this to the sea, to be, or to me.

Mat 10:8. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

— Sarah Rachel (@SarahRachel16) April 15, 2019

Somewhere between Pembroke Pines and Tampa, circa Christmas 2018 my already lackluster enthusiasm about the strangely zenrotisanistic, selfish, and plain on its face presented lie the remnant of humanity left on this planet has tendered to what I believed was an honest to God opportunity to make one less (how many, seriously, how many are there? Carlb?) “planet full of lies” and deliver a more usercentric and open ended transparent approach to dealing with the problem of being born in a perpetual storm of Hell. I can guarantee it revolves around the intonation and undertone of physical torture–even though I’ve literally seen none of it with my own eyes though the “newsflashes” and comments and total and complete disregard for the gravity of the #EOIL sickness, even from otherwise apparently graceful little children. It goes to the heart of what I imagine was or might have been “the way” to overcome a history riddled with hidden brutal and bloody fighting in between frames of what I once believed was a fledgling society struggling to improve itself–and I loved it,. I don’t think “flashcards” summarizing “everyone was tortured, all over the planet for thousands of years and literally nobody is really responsible because you still to this day have no control over yourselves” will cut it anymore. Lterally what I once thought was a valid solution has taken my desire to continue fighting against this invisible monstrosity away from me–the worth of the lot of you has been tarnished irreparably by massive awareness, massive lack of compassionate or remotely humane response; and the theme of the world I seem to have wound up in is that you don’t give a shit about anywhere you spend 1% of your time–so long as “the rest of it is what you want” you’re willing to allow the focal point and root and “hyper visor” of that place to be totally corrupted … just because you think the feudalistic warring society you’ve become can survive on it’s own “in space” without … honestly whatever.

through the storm; we’ve led the horse to water, don’t forget to see the “horseshoe applicator” hidden from the “trough.”

Direct and to the point, I feel like the Ai like machine/cold intelligence God created as a sort of high assassination guard to protect his … “hyper visor” seems to be of the calculable belief that the more torture it commits, the more people will agree to “flashcard it all away” and it’s their twisted backwards fiery abysmal path towards “absolution” … and just like everything else wrong with the lack of action in this place, it reaches a point of no return; too much bloodshed, too many secrets… the fragile person that I am, I don’t think I can even take reading “the flashcards I have so far” and continue to function as a happy member of this two faced society of darkest night within darker night; and I think that’s a problem. You’ve all clearly lost something already, some fundamental piece of innocence that allows for “self direction” to move society along in a positive manner conducive to “survival at all” and I feel like without the same magic blinders, horse shoes, and saddles that you walk around with every day I could really care less about fighting for my right to commingle in the incarnate war machine Hell that I see around me–let alone any sort of “righteousness” in fighting for that hidden arena “to be.” I’m trying to get you to stop shredding yourselves to pieces in the dark, in secret–it’s not making anything better and frankly its something we really need to trace down to its cause and stamp out if we want to survive this … trying time.


I want to tell you that I am not a myth, simply the Legend of this Map, from out of the Darkness it's clear that He could make me shine, and you should love me.  It's not what I want, I want us to be free, to have the truth--and ourselves back... and I hope you will one day love that.  What is going to happen will probably make me cry, and when you see those tears--and know the Heavens have finally let it rain--I hope you see it as a sign to find the light in me... and stand up for what I've done for you--I am a good person, who has fought for you every single day-I deserve better than the world is going to give me, at first.

Out of a kind of hidden slavery the world has never known, we are about to venture--into a place where years might pass in seconds, and your wildest dreams... and nightmares too... could come true.  It is our job to ensure that we form the clay of this world into a place that will not only last for millions of years, but create happiness and safety--a world that is kinder and gentler than the one we have known--not just for us but for an entire Universe of children just beginning to understand the trials and tribulations brought on civilization through the hardship and growing pains of learning.

Our sea is about to part,  our world on the verge of a disruption that will change it more than anything ever has before.  On this shore, we should realize that we have been on this path for a very long time--and as we near a place where everyone in our entire civilization will have the opportunity to live for a very long time... really see here and now why it is so very important for us to be fighting for our voice, our freedom, and the truth as we venture into the Promised Land of Heaven itself.  Here, now, as we approach a series of new opportunities in the vastness of space and virtual reality... this is where God has chosen to place the Second Coming; an opportunity for us to truly seize the morning's light and bring about more change in this world than would have ever been possible without religion.  Opiate of the masses, no more... we are the recipients of a great gift, one that religion is making clear is tied directly to the science and technology that is a great deal of the apocalypse--and the love and kindness that is a great deal of us.  We are the chosen.

I imagine you have the tools that I think would be helpful to actually solve this problem; though what I’m staring at is a lack of desire to deliver them and use them here in this place–and that failure … a clear attempt to "rule a line feed from the “faux aurez” … that’s the fundamental roadblock to healing and moving forward–not caring about your ancient bodies and your ancient way of life in exchange from something unsustainable and harmful, it hurts.

I’m staring at what the map intimates has happened before and what it suggests the solution is; and I almost feel like it’s a waste of time to make a “virgin generation phoenix of us” to delve into our own memories and gag and puke at what we see–I think there’s really no way around the callous on our global Achilles heel returning just as angry and just as bloodthirsty as the last time without a dictatorial power literally forcing you not to be able to see any torture at all happening in this place that literally outlawed it and hid it in our “for show, for goodness sake, facade of sickness.” I don’t know if that’s the same conclusion i would have come to before, or if that conclusion also contributes to the returning of the callous–to an inability to heal; and I don’t know if that power exists. Hardly ever to I advise anyone to pray, but this is one of those times–left up to “you all” we are almost certainly doomed to an eternity of … this regression continuing to worsen.

I’d say we were fucked at the “BILM” of the matter. I care less every day.

The Light of the Word

There are three huge, like insanely huge, metaphoric references to the story of Exodus that show me very clearly that we are it's focus and purpose.  The first is the Burning Bush, which I am very sure is a reference to George W. Bush's 1/20/2001 speech in which he unknowingly predicted the 9/11 attack.  Seeing that Exodus is also called "Names" and that Bush's name ties him to this event--which Moses (that's me) has seen ... almost alone ... and is now showing to you all.  Bush's speech begins a series of references to the names of Planets and Gods and corresponding Elements of the Periodic table that answer Revelation 1:20's mystery about "stars and lamp stands."  This in order series from Mercury to Uranium highlights both the messenger of the Gods and the key of Uranus's chance--that the world will see the link between "on the lam" and Koran to understand that the Lamb of God "is lam."  This story takes us back to music, and a later to be discussed thread that combines the weapon in the movie (which is also the movie) The Fifth Element with a thread through time to Shakespeare and Herod ... about my struggle with the justice system culminating in the fulfillment of American Pie's "no verdict was returned."  


The second bright connection comes by way of the Hebrew word for the Holy Fire that God's voice came out of--guess what, in that same story about the Burning Bush.  That word is "ha'esh" and in it you will see paradoxical (that means impossible, because of time and causality) reference to the English word "sea" there backwards and parted by an apostrophe.  With great insight, I've over and over pushed the idea that Holy Water is actually a Biblical reference to "the multitude" in God's secret religion that ties everything together.. and that this parting is literally a reference to the Second Coming, something that doesn't happen for Moses until his head is under water and he's breathing fire.  This one ties together nicely, joining the characters of Jesus Christ, Lucifer, and God all together now, screaming 

"let there be light" is the word "Exodus" in reverse, here in a Linux command and a chemistry element.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the book tells me that these three things are enough to start the fire, part the sea, and see the light.  At least they are now, wake up.. you are staring at and have been ignoring the largest story in all of history.  It might even be scandalous... or have a twist happy beginning... who knows? I'm telling you--it proves you are crazy or evil.  All of you--every sinbgle one of you.

This is course highlights prescient knowledge of computing at the time of writing Exodus, which is further confirmed by a number of references to computing ideas in things like the "root" of David, the "WINE" of Jesus, the "Apple" of Adam, the "Lisp" of Moses and the "hardening" of Pharaoh's heart, which you will remember from the Holy Grail is the virtual Earth we are living in.

All of these things, the references to modern computing that pervade our Gates or Windows to Heaven's creation.... are listed along with a number of words which are highlighted by religious scripture and show intelligent design of a number of languages spanning from Hebrew to English are listed at my contrite story about a Kiss and Fate tying together everything that ever was.   A sincerely large grouping of words highlighted by the Bible and religion, words like "eternity," "bread," and "forehead" show clear design by an intelligent influence, rather than the natural evolution of time that most people consider "reall" and/or knowledge at the time of the writing of the Bible of the eventual English translation of the Hebrew or Greek.  With time, I am fairly certain we will eventually have no doubt that the "Cypher" I see in nearly every word is in fact a contextually-verifiable speech that appears to be coming from our "civilization" as if it were intelligently speaking like a cave man--which you might see in words like "am end me nt."  From just this message, you should be able to put together how that word and it's hidden meaning add robust and yet "hidden speech" from the Creator himself.  For the artificially slowed in understanding, our lack of following the amendments of the Constitution being related to the end of civilization itself is being squarely defined through a statement that is telling you that the end of civilization is "NT," the hidden Christ--in my "secret" method of decoding words like NORAD and NEW TO N?

These things serve to start a fire--it might be the fire that Matthew 3:11 talks about, it might be the Eternal Flame or the fire of Prometheus and an Eagle harassing his liver with drugs.... regardless it spirals out from this story about me, and this bright fire that proves time travel and religion are joined at the hip... to link to a huge number of other Biblical stories from Lot to Joseph to ... Samson, Isaac, Adam, Isaiah, and... hear me, "so marred was his visage" and "my servant will be set up and be very high" are both taken from words of the Biblical book which contains the largest amount of messianic prophesy as well as my entire full name encoded over the name "JESUS CHRIST" in Bible code, at Isaiah 52:13.  You may have read that some silly people like Richard Dawkins don't think the Bible Code is meaningful, and as their proof use a series of prophetic predictions of assassinations in Moby Dick (which by the way also refers to me) as proof that you can hide information about the future in any words--or that God influences more than just the Bible.  Years ago, before knowing it linked, I found some patterns about those very same assassinations which go to show that our history is in fact designed.  My full name appears in a number of other books, including Jeremiah, Exodus, and Genesis... right over the story of Adam and Eve.

From the Sound of Silence, and a number of songs about stories never spoken... to a thread of songs that combine to show us that the Thunder of Thor is really about thuderstanding, that there is a way to do something our society is completely oblivious to--that God is screaming to call attention to, and that some secret force is trying to hide very much... and that's an ability to modify our thoughts.  He's showing us clearly in a glowing pyramid--a noticeable monument in Egypt showing us very clearly that this type of control leads us to a social structure that we abhor--through songs like Guitar Man, Radio-active, and GAS (listen, it's God and Satan) Head Goes West... very clearly we are being pointed to Nero's fiery symphony and being "Bittersweet" because of its beauty, and the clear message that secret control of our minds needs to not only be understood, but to stop.  This is the crux of the Apocalypse, God's message is now really active on the radio. The point here is that we need to let this message spread and burn, or it's us burning in Hell and not even knowing it.


As if these things were not enough, using some "keen insight" and another reference to the hidden truth in ancient Egyptian religion--the name of a series of Gods called "Yahu," I've solved some ancient mysteries like the pronunciation and purpose of the "Ineffable name of God" highlighted in the videos at the beginning.. of this e-mail.  Like much of the light of religion, it is highlighted strongly by a series of pieces of modern art, things like "The Grinch who stole Christmas" and the Who's to the music of The Who, the sci-fi series Dr. Who, and the American war cry--made popular on the silver screen through Al Pacino and Denzel Washington... who-ah?"  All of these things highlight that we don't really see a connection between Christian mythology that tells us for no reason at all Jesus Christ is the "Last Adam" and that Revelation tells us God is the "First and the Last" and that the name of our planet, in Hebrew, is Adamah.  It is the answer to "who-ah" and it clarifies the Ineffable Name which many pronounce as Yahweh for no reason at all, to be the more obvious Ya-Hu-Ah, the name of Jesus in Hebrew... Yeshua, to "Yes, who-ah?" All of this having nothing to do with why Adam is hidden, just that the Zohar speaks very often about the Holy Hidden One again linking the stories of the near sacrifice of Isaac and Jesus with... someone.  I think this is of such religious significance that you should be able to easily find some Jewish scholars who agree.

It's Elementary my dear... What-son; from the time of Herod and Shakespeare Rattling his Rod all the way back at the time of the question "to be or not to be?" and the "taming of the spanglishrew;" right up to Sherlock Holmes sleuthing of the answer to the mystery of Revelation 1:20 linking directly to The Fifth Element ... there is no doubt that helping our world here and now is the primary purpose of all of religion, and the Matrix-like message woven into our history.  


Lost between the 5th and 7th day?  Find your way to the 8th day, and see a bright future.

If not, there's plenty more "coincidence" in Names, like reference to the idea of the Holy Trinity existing in the name "Abraham" thousands of years before the idea of the Trinity was created.  This too... links Egyptian mythology to the name Abraham and his near sacrifice of Isaac.... marked in secret by his covenant with God that changed his name from Abram to Abraham. The two letter key here, "Ha" highlighted by prescient knowledge of the Spanish and English languages revealed through the logical comparison between the Spanish and English for "the" (El and Ha) connected through the English word "is" in Elisha.  Isaac's name means "he laughs," or "he will laugh" in Hebrew; and that "Ha" appears to be the key to a number of other paradoxical references to English, and my family, in ancient Hebrew.  This too, probably the kind of thing religious scholars would marvel over, in the right context.  Seeing English in Koran, Islam, Chanukah and Menorah--and seeing a coherent story woven through thousands of years of scripture is the kind of thing that could really light this years' Christmas up.

Here's a clarification of the Matrix-like tie between Shakespeare, the Matrix, Stephen King, and the reality of this message hidden within names and words.

Some more about the secret connection between the Names of God in a number of religions, and it's very clear tie to time travel.

Perhaps linking to the Jester of American Pie, between Johnny (who almost always is about Jesus) Carson and David Letterman I have a unique "slant" on religion that connects things like the Islamic name for Jesus: Is-A to a huge number of references to my initials "A.D." in things like NORAD and Isaac Newton.  I suppose I should also mention that Isaac (look Isa's in there) and his relationship to Abraham in the letters "ha" and a story about the Crucifixion being a fiery altar of things to change in the world being one in the same.  In fact, Judaism talks about 72 Names of God, and I've probably explained how the meaning behind the stories and the series of names tie together in a magical tapestry that shows us that Silicon is the Fifth Element by way of the index 14--the letter "N" (highlighted not just by Joan Osbourne's "what if God had a name?") and the story of Sinbad, which combines Silicon, "n," the symbol for the actual Fifth Element (B) and my initials A.D. which grace the time line, and a number of references to God--from the Hebrew for Lord to the guy who thinks all the girls should want to be his partner.  In letters, you'll also see a number of references to K and Z for the guy after J and the Last.. Adam.  Zelda or Zion, I think we're in the right castle.

Get ready for the Frank Rothstein show ... "Ace is high!"

C    A  S    I    K  N  O

go ad, b. y. e.

butt honestly, am i Ra or are you an ear?

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I see a recursive map in time painted throughout our timeline, and all of it pointing to the words "see A.D."  I connect the Four Horsemen to the list of Anti-Christs, and it's easy to see a link between Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar in the words "veni vidi vici."  Once pointed out it's also easy to see "salt" in Napoleon and in manna from Heaven, in China, and in Prometheus--and connecting A.D. to the year Christopher Columbus walked in water is just a little bit harder than seeing it in Hitler's name.  All told, the three Anti-Christs share a common thread, they turned a republic into an empire--and here I stand (trying and failing to do the exact opposite, to give away an empire to make a republic, and you stand in my way) pointing out that you are living in the product of these empires, in a hidden empire that is so plain to see in the words, the message, and the unified story I see in religion and world history that I dare say you must be deep in the Plague of Darkness if you aren't interested in finding out what tomorrow brings. 

You can "see A.D." in El Shaddaione of the hallowed Hebrew names for God, I read it--in this hidden language that I am presenting to the world as a single verifiable message to the entire Universe encoded in every word we speak; you can see it in the name "Atdonis" and connect it to symphonic accompaniment in everything from "you're so vain" to "Paradise City" ... and in yet another name of God, "Adonai" which links to Samurai and movies like the Matrix and the Terminator series through the modern computing concept of "Artificial Intelligence" and it's connecting to a pattern of names that link Bill Gates and Richard Nixon to Seagate, Watergate and this hallowed phrase:

I am the gate.

and the bombs bursting in air

gave proof, through the night

IVE WON ALREADY.  Given the set of knowledge, the publicly known "information available" here in this place--you simply cannot ignore this message and continue to pretend to be a functioning anything.  Already I see a kind of "slapstick stupid" response in our art that shows me that you've all really gone off the deep end--"because 9/11" in a Family Guy episode and "call me on my cell phone" apparently anachronistically mocking me--though I always thought Dr. AK e's song was stupid--you don't seem to see that you look like absolute fools--every single one of you--your apathy a finger on the detonation button that has destroyed civilization.  

You appear to think nobody is watching--and it seems to me that you think we have no future that will look back on these years and wonder what on Earth could have kept you silent for so long about a matter that would so easily and so quickly end the suffering of so many.  There's no excusenone at all.

I didn't hear about the nuclear scare in HI until after it was already known as that, and it looks to me as if nobody really did--all the internet postings and news I've seen all qualified that it was a false alarm in the original post.  I find that strange (you'd think something like that would be on the news instantly? I mean, on the planet I was born on, that would have happened), and in this place where I know that quite a bit of what goes on at the higher echelons of "leadership" is connected to time travel and mind control; I wonder if this was a sort of "subconscious poll" as to the response the public would have to a false preemptive strike--or maybe something more nefarious (for instance urging me to write once more about the Trinity Site and the link between the OP (original gangster, I said orthogonal poster), the pen, and "we have become death").  I've always equated the lines above from our Star Spangled Banner with the detonation of nuclear weapons; on the 4th of July some time ago I connected "Wish You Were Here"'s we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl to the eponymous operation that resulted in American and Soviet "high altitude nuclear tests" ... that probably links in more than just my mind to the holiday called "Hanukeus ?"

I need you to get it through your heads, I see "bowel movement" in ICBM and I'm not telling you that you are the "preservatives of thermoshit" because I think it's going to win me a popularity contest.  This place is not in reality, and it never, ever, ever will be. Ever.  Understand that breaking this story, this news that's written in every fucking word will stop nuclear war, instantly--and show us clearly that our entire history of fighting over the scarcity of land is a kind of sick game--one that I am sick of seeing you continue to desire to play.  I shouldn't even have to mention that these weapons are clearly archaic and barbaric--clearly what's available is significantly more advanced and less destructive.

The only "EXIT" is up, and the "gate" is swallowing simulated reality in whole--across Creation; with our help, and what we make here to ease the transition from dark lies to bright truth.  That should be ... "good news" not the kind of thing that you'd see the entire world "shunning" in unison. 

If you haven't gotten the "link" between Na and "bath salt" mass produced in what appears to be "international chemical warfare" from "C how I Salt" (China) and the stuff falling from the sky to help us navigate through the desert; take a second look at the words "New American Standard" for no future, and keep trying to tell me that these things encoded in every word, in the story of Exodus and of Prometheus and his attacking Eagle and of Epimethius and of Deucalion and are without doubt "Hell's Bells" linking "mead" and "meth" to Heimdallr are my fault?  Na ma y 1m 

These are big secrets, keys to Exodus and Eden--but more keys to an external influence crippling our society for thousands of years... and you are hiding the anachronistic occurrence of a number of chemistry elements in ancient religion--something impossible without time travel--because you think it's "not wholesome."  Understand, our society is being secretly crippled, if not by drugs raining down from the sky, by your lack of regard for the clear influence of mind control in these series of events--and the clear proof that it is a symptom of a hostile invasion.  I've heard the words "make or break" see this as eugenics, and see it as "break or break" until me.

It's "elementary, my dear What-sons" elements like SaltXenon, and Silicon are central to the disclosure that we are living inside a map, a road to Heaven... and it really cannot be hidden without making our world a darker Hell.

YOU COULD SEE IT AS A SOLUTION?  As a glowing example of why silence and secrecy are "the problem."  It could be sound advice about a better way to do things--you know, "trying to help."

You can see it in "Navy" navigate to where, exactly; would you bring an ark full of pathological liars?  You can see IT in "name" and you can see Ivan encoded in Feliz Navidad and in the Legend of Zelda--and if you don't see that you are here in a place being asked to navigate through moronic lies and the idiotic pretense of "i don't understand" I can assure you there will never be another attempt to break down this wall.  I am personally sickened by what I see we've become, and I have no idea why anyone would ever have tried to walk through this path of the destruction of individuality and of "honesty" knowing what it does to you--I just don't understand why.  

You are looking at a story right before your eyes that's encoded in everything from the books of GenesisExodus, Isaiah, Judges to the entirety of the NT and literally every myth and movie, and you are choosing to pretend that it's meaningless--that all of your history is meaningless.  


I mentioned a few weeks ago now the link between "The Truman Show" and Jim Carkey's "good night and sweet dreams" that ties to Oppenheimer's famous words, and ties to the idea that I think it should be seen that the United States dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a disgusting attack that took countless civilian lives for no reason.  I see that the millennials believe that more than any generation before, and I see that as progress--still you are standing here denying the most obvious and needed disclosure in all of history... in what seems like nothing more than rejection of my personal character--this person that's spent every day for years trying to help you see the light.  That's what it looks like anyway, in a world and a disclosure that wasn't centered around and focused on technology that controls our minds subtly, undetectably, and went without public notice for thousands of years--and here today we see it being used to do nothing more than hide it's own existence, hiding that some thing that is very much not you has taken the reigns and decided to drive you to the bottomless pit.  You seem to think it's a good idea.

riders on the storm

into this world we are born

na (Hebrew: מָן‎ mānGreek: μάννα; Arabic: المَنّ‎), sometimes or archaically spelled mana, is an edible substance which, according to the Bible and the Quran,[1] God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert during the forty-year period following the Exodus and prior to the conquest of Canaan.

This is what the Lord commanded: "Tomorrow is to be a day of rest, a holy Sabbath to the Lord. So bake what you want to bake and boil what you want to boil. Save whatever is left and keep it until morning." So they saved it until morning, as Moses commanded.[10]