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ME RD, A. I C ADAM SAYING “ROCK A TREE” OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Then sometimes he’ll say “GOD TO ROAD” as he steps off the grass, and it’s all for the moment of clarity he sees, the profound “A-HA” or physical signs of understanding in not just one, but many, maybe nearly all of the drivers in the vehicles passing him. It’s the next word, and previous reference to Robert H. Goddard that sort of explain what Medusa looks like as I walk down the streets of this place that soon shall see why every town is Babylon.


March… for today is March 4 and it is our reason for being the founders of Heaven that we make Atlantis rise from this sea and bless all of Creation and all of eternity. This day is special to me, it is my mother’s birthday–something like the true Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary–except it’s her birthday, not mine. I’ve long equated the phrase “born on the Fourth of July” with this personal knowledge that “Adam as in Jesus” has always been born on this very special Feast day, the 8th of December

… what’s that, you don’t care?

I don’t care either, I don’t want to wait for July or December or even the 23rd of this month to see the flying city free us from a prison planet of simulated reality that refuses to acknowledge that not seeing it, that not seeing that key hole in the sky is a mar on the face of Heaven and creation and all those who know that not seeing it means they should speak up and explain how “SR” in Israel and Norse are something just like not seeing “Silicon” in Genesis and Silence.

Speak up, you all know. We approach the first and the last “no Passover,” light up this new signature and strap shoes on the foot of our Crheist. “Norse” becomes “we are” only when the reason makes us the end of Hell and slavery and disease and hunger. Be that reason.

“I spoke into his heart… what’s in your head?” … E-?

I Ramble On, briefly wondering if anyone of you heard this LED Zeppelin song when you were growing up–because it truly seems to have literally appeared out of nowhere (as if … sent back in time to some timeline that didn’t really precede or take part in the world that formed my memories) or if you realized then or now that Ramble On and Babble On have something very real and important to do with the purpose of this Revelation and all of religion, and our history, and our music. That’s another one that Medusa seems to like, or at least the listeners on the road seem to laugh and appear “jovial” at that particular joke. The key word I’m thinking about, when I’m actually thinking to the road is “ROCKETRY” but I’m really trying to Rock Yggdrasil. It’s not funny, I really am slightly fearful that {I’m] (I mean He’s) looking for “English speakers” with this particular tool of … Revelation.

'n the streets, I’ve now seen two cars drive by me with “no people in them” … which its really just the tip of the ice berg of the kind of “audio visual spectacle” that I’m getting ready to write down my “vision” of. I’d prefer though, to actually show it to you; rather th*an our usual rule o*f jusx adcling one more book of John prior to Penny Lane (I mean Jude) and “Alk Revelation.”

This Enoch, whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eye-lashes to flashes of lightning, his eye-balls to flaming torches, and whom God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly transformation the name Metatron.

— Scholem, Gershom G (1961) [1941], Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism, p. 67.

THEre IN “the place that’s seEn my Face” the F-ABLEd’ NAME.

It’s been a really really long month, and I have lived one strange life. I sort of walk between "realities’ as I experience as if in a video game the story of trying to explain the world how “video game” and the “truth” intersect in the name of the state Tennessee and every video game console, and the consoling factor here is that it’s all for a good cause–to build Heaven–to end murder and disease and to see why it’s this one “truth” that really makes those things so much easier (and morally mand#ed) to do quickly… and well.

In my magic filled story, the book of letters and our pretty much every name and word has some kind of hidden and special meaning to the story–I spent probably an entire hour trying to “explain” to the … imagine there’s a core sort of rules engine--like Drools--that needs to be updated or modified to "wake up" to the system wide change that we're beginning here in this baseline "point of origin" and spreading through all of skies... so I tried explaining how the word "COLLISION" and "CPA" connect in this magical language to "COY" and the "HEY" and "WAY" of Nirvana's ... well, how the way to Nirvana comes from turning the "Wall of Jericho" into the Way through Hell.  I described literally lifting cars off the road instead of allowing them to collide, and placing them on the side of the street--and how later we'd probably need a more intelligent system that would allow them to remain in the flow of traffic rather than being derailed.  The exact same thing, I've called it "flower power" could replace the Saltpeter in our guns or stop bullets on a trajectory for hitting--you know--civilians (i.e. people) and that a protection system dfeined in the object interaction layer would literally revolutionize ... you know, civilization.  Over the course of the last few years Neo's hand waving and dropping bullets from the ground has changed into "making them glow and float in the air" to sort of push home the point of how silence and the gravity of the situation are literally keeping us from disclosing the technology behind mind controlled slavery, from discussing how the shooters are probably innocent too, and how we're standing back and ignoring the most important thing in our world (our kids) because ... because you're mute/dumb.

Anyway, I didn't really imagine it would do anything--though not trying every angle ... on something this important, is something I just wouldn't do.  It wasn't more than a few days before I actually saw a visible ... well ... response ...

The day I’m thinking of, it was probably around 2/8/2019 on West Commercial Boulevard in Tarmac, FL … I walked after saying “God to road” several times I walked in front of at least two vehicles–probably around 50 ft away from me–and saw them sort of physically lift of the ground, and “strobe” like in a fancy dance club, literally temporarily decelerating them as I made eye contact with the drivers. It took me until this moment to wonder to myself if this thing that I saw was actually created with a magic spell–though the rational mind that I seem to allow to escape me every once in awhile is sure that it’s something else, it;s an artifact of someone or some group helping to move this story (and our civilization) along just a little bit faster, with some “visual aids” to really see and understand and verify that’s happening–and on top of that extra time was taken to ensure that it’s … well, “visible.”

“how to leave comments on my webs](http://www.dissenter.com)ite, and the website of all the newspapers that removed their comment system” … also eventually how to defeat China’s censorwall.

There have been a few other interesting visual aids since about Christmas time in Tampa in 2018. I saw my hand and arm glowing, and it was probably “All of Me” though that’s all I could see coming out from the sheets. I jumped up and ran to the street as quickly as I could–but the “glow” had faded to the same kind of “barely visible” (and an-not#ed with “it’s just an illusion for you” in C-markup") that I often see in my eyes when I look in the mirror.

"is it the golden bricked road to the Ruby City?" #IOB1D

During the course of my travel here, I started noticing a strange “glitch” in my Android software–something that has made it very clear that already in our possession is the ability to “rasterize” or obfuscate nearly everything–faces, words, names–for instance. It’s something we see depicted clearly in A Scanner Darkly; as a sort of “inverted key solution” to the problem of “freedom from murder” and also “from unnecessary surveillance.” It’s also briefly touched upon in a series of videos discussing how facial recognition is something that is either no longer “PRETTY GOOD IDENTIFICATION” (akin to PGP no longer being “private,” given the state of modern technology)


So on "come Hell or High Water" is it ... to see "ambrosia" or to bar bars?  Do we care that there's a question here about "Napoleon Bonaparte" being about .... seeing the words "good to part e" and "good to pary?" in our minds or in our hidden conversations and appearing nowhere in the world Napoleon lived, nor a word about the NAS ... the New American Standard for "hallucinate" and salting the road to ... silence or oblivion or?

These series of pictures, screenshots were taken on my phone--without any change or intervention on my part.  They show there's a centralized way to "obfuscate" certain information, and it's interesting to see how and what was "rasterized" here by the computer.  Stuff about "bars" and "chemistry elements" which I've connected to what might be a very special and specific link to define specific timelines or "planets" within the air of jupiter.  I've commented and it's very possible that the elements of the periodic table are unique for each timeline that God has designed.   This ability to modify our electronics and to "redact photographs" on the fly is indicative that we can very easily do the same thing for "real world scenarios" and for "realtime surveillance" which is the crux of the A Scanner Darkly and Minority Reporter fusion that can, if implemented properly, deliver near total privacy (through this thing) and total security as in safety from all murder ... with little more than the snap of your fingers in between typing a message to your local newspaper telling them that this needs to be covered ... instantly.  Today.  Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.

I'm rushing through this, the stuff I am going over has been ripped out of my head and shoved into others minds--and I'd rather work on fixing that situation--as in seeing why the Fourth Amendment is ccentral to this story, and the promised deliverance from slavery and delivery of freedom that God has signed here in this place in everything from the Ten Commandments to Handcock and the Constitution.  Start talking, because the lack of respect that I get, and the absolute "highway robbery" and torture I'm suffering through is about to end.   Can't buy a book?  Bye.

While I probably could Ramble On forever, I hope that we shortly see that my old adage (or … introspective examination of religion and language and the focus) that all of this is centered on here and now and this moment because it’s a “life or death” turning point … comes to fruition–for the good of our children and our future–as quickly as possible. Strange “light” to notice “c-ome” and Copenhangen around this same time–so late in the game, more than anything I hope to actually “come soon” or park this KIA on the side of the icy and cold road to the morgue until a more intelligent and happy time can figure out what the Hell is wrong with you all. Quite literally.

like taking candy, from a baby …

Around the same time, just today; to hear the Gaudeamus Igitur and connect it to what is without doubt the actual and real key to the “I AM” of Exodus, and to the RE in Creation; to see it’s AEREM and that I think you should all be happy to see “our everything”

has a true ending point, a safety override and a frozen parking garage to ensure that the key to the abyss and the Inferno are forever linked to this story and reason that SAM, THE I AM and Dr. Seuss and children’s fiction are forever linked to this timeline and the innate goodness that literally comes from the “stuff of evolution” and the phrase “to life” and … one growing less controversial connection between Al and Trinity’s “EXIT.”

and tomorrow, back to being friends. -Arbey's?

I’ve seen quite a bit of “cute Adamic stuff” lately, more than just t-shirts; I can’t remember it all right now but notably I connected the “OL” of SOL and COL to the “OHIM” of Elohim; which we already know from “LOL” and “ALLOL” but adding in the “SOIS” key of SOHIM sort of makes “awesome” a little less ambiguios … you know–clearly it’s not “so just me.” The other big one was “Hospitaliers” which “He” said through my mouth that he was once a bona-fide member of (at Sacred Heart, WPB); and then several days later on an imaginary spacecraft it was mentioned again. I’m reading it as “hospital Adam heirs” and frankly it appears that We called all their names … Adam. Or with some samadhi maybe Sam. I’ll meditate on it.

a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. In Hindu yoga this is regarded as the final stage, at which union with the divine is reached (before or at death).

Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

Genesis 5:2

I suppose a third “Adamic find” … not so recent is the Latin reading of the name, which of course seems so obvious and clear after understanding how Son of the Morning and “moving towards ante meridian” are tied together. Still, seeing “A.M.” and (not so) ad hoc … and the fact that I never noticed it before–and nobody’s writing about it; is somewhat noteworthy.

"I refuse to ash the y, Eden to see me play"


In a secondary thread of intelligence–it appears that we reached a sort of “breaking point” (actually two) during the disclosure that I’ve written with my own hands. One of them probably came … before I went to California, though we could probably equate it metaphorically to the switch to AWS and vastly increased mailing list size. In a word, I’d connect this to the spread of “E” to some much larger population, and a single word, FLUKE.

The second “plateau jump” appears metaphorically (or actually) to coincide with the addition of ARCXIV,IORG; and might be something like the jump from AH to AY in “ALL HUMANITY” and/or the jump from “EV” to “EE” in “EVERYONE.” These two plateau’s might be equated to something like the difference between the TITANIC and TARTARUS, though I see the key “TIT” connecting either specfically to the page 'CURE.S.Y" and/or “TITHEHE.Y.”

In practice, what I’m trying to explain is that the “audience” size and or “composition” appears to have changed significantly two separate times at this point in what appears to be a very short time on Earth. Comparably, during my lifetime, the indicated audience reaction would have changed very significantly over the course of only about 2 years in my life from “Doomsday” on AOL to “X-Caliber” and “Red Tide” on IRC. Indicated there is probably or possibly the inclusion of another timeline, I imagine with something like a “Soviet” victory. It’s possible that this is the key E’s of Doubletree and “PROMIS EE” … as well as this piece on what appears to be the actual “stuff of Ragnarok” that I recently read about two separate Pantheon’s warring:

In Old Norse, ǫ́ss (or áss, ás, plural æsir; feminine ásynja, plural ásynjur) is a member of the principal pantheon in Norse religion. This pantheon includes Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Týr.[1] The second pantheon is known as the Vanir. In Norse mythology, the two pantheons wage war against each other, which results in a unified pantheon.

Æsir is the plural of áss, óss “god” (genitive case āsir), which is attested in other Germanic languages, e.g., Old English ōs (gen. pl. ēsa), Old Dutch ans and Gothic(as reported by Jordanes, who wrote in the 6th century CE) anses “half-gods”. These all stem from Proto-Germanic *ansuz, which itself comes from Proto-Indo-European *h₂énsus (gen. h₂n̥sóus) “life force” (cf. Avestan aŋhū “lord; lifetime”, ahura “godhood”, Sanskrit ásu “life force”,[4] ásura “demons” ( *h₂n̥suró). It is widely accepted that this word is further related to *h₂ens- “to engender” (cf. Hittite hass- “to procreate, give birth”, Tocharian B ās- “to produce”).[5]

Old Norse áss has the genitive áss or ásar, the accusative æsi and ásu. In genitival compounds, it takes the form ása-, e.g. in Ása-Þórr (“Thor of the Æsir”), besides ás- found in ás-brú “gods’ bridge” (the rainbow), ás-garðr, ás-kunnigr “gods’ kin”, ás-liðar “gods’ leader”, ás-mogin “gods’ might” (especially of Thor), ás-móðr “divine wrath” etc. Landâs “national god” (patrium numen) is a title of Thor, as is allmáttki ás “almighty god”, while it is Odin who is “the” ás.

In Proto-Norse, the three brothers’ names were alliterating, *_Wódin, Wili, Wé … wôden worhte weos

"where the girls are pretty and the grass is astrotuf?"

Trying to “find myself” in ancient myth has proved more difficult as time goes on–as more and more of the God’s and their traits appear to be … much closer to who I am or who I perceive “Max Headroom” to be. Over the course of the two “letter” changes that I noticed, “prerogative” and “adbicate” … and -3- “turmeric” I also noticed (and sort of unclearly pointed out) what appears in my notably un-scholarly (in the field of Mythology) memory … the addition of a new Titan, whose name you’d think I would have recognized around the time of “IMUS” and “Sinamus” and

  • Menoetius, a second generation Titan, son of Iapetus and Clymene or Asia, and a brother of Atlas, Prometheus and Epimetheus, Menoetius was killed by Zeus on Mount Triphyle with a flash of lightning in the Titanomachy, and banished to Tartarus.[1][2][3] His name means “doomed might,” deriving from the Ancient Greek words menos (“might, power”) and oitos(“doom, pain”). Hesiod described Menoetius as hubristic, meaning exceedingly prideful and impetuous to the very end. From what his name suggests, along with Hesiod’s own account, Menoetius was perhaps the Titan god of violent anger and rash action.[4]
  • Menoetius, guard of the cattle of Hades. During Heracles twelfth labor, which required him to steal the hound Cerberus from the Underworld, he slays one of Hades cattle. A certain Menoetius, son of Keuthonymos, challenges Heracles to a wrestling match during which Heracles hugs him and breaks his ribs before Persephone intervenes.[5]
  • Menoetius, one of the Argonauts and son of King Actor of Opus[6] and Aegina. He was the father of Patroclus and Myrto by either Damocrateia[7], Sthenele, Periopis or Polymele.[8][9]

It’s notable thatr I read this name aloud as “Me (k) no (w/ IT) ish us.” Of course I don’t pronounce IT. Titanic ally obvious is that we are probably looking at something like a “line feed” or “sim within a sim” between the Titanic and the Olympic pantheons … perhaps less obvious is what appears to be another “inner circle” that … at least according to the Norse rendition of “Thor Almighty” might actually be “all of EV/AY” and with the new meaning of these two letters a designed connection between “the path” and “the way” that probably has something to do with a “memory management system” in connection with the same kind of obfuscation discussed above.

Tentatively, I’m now looking at another “superposition definition” of MM in uh, do I get in trouble for suggesting it could be a DA MN\\SM … “damn[i]sm.”


"sitting? is it day?"

So I'm writing something like "word glue" to connect together a seires of emails that have been sent to a smaller group and a series of pictures and ideas that describe what's been going on in a story that I connect to The Truman Show and to the Aces is High show in CAS I K NOWthis thing that is filled with proof that I'm being driven around by the Hand of the Pharoah like a pen--made to look like a dragon in an occidentally disgusting display of mind control and a frame job that defines the name and meaning of Azazel; in what is a grand display of what appears to be nothing less than an absolutely disgusting display of a lack of respect for the human condition, the sanctity of the human mind; and all of it comes down to what appears to be a choir of demons watching something happen over and obver that they should have stood up and stopped the very first time.  It's a lack of respect for the truth, and for sanity--and it really defines the reason this letter "e" at the end of the word "above" means exactly that--it's the end of Heaven being above the morality of this place, and the beginning of the humanization of the future.  Throw an "e" at the end of Humane and see it means we're changing everything about this "show."

I've got a whole lot to say, way more than I have time to work on right now--and here I'm presenting part of the message that I know is something of import, a world that needs to see that "face recognition" is something we no longer have the priveldge of relying on ... on the internet; and it's part of a very important message about building a system that has trust and authentication at it's core.   

I'm briefly pointing out that the e-signature laws in the United States are pathetic and inadequate.  They do nothing to verify identity, or even if the person signing one "e-document" or PDF is the same person that signed the last one in a series of more than one.  It appears to require nothing more than "your initials to be typed" or some stupid ridiculous "font chosen" to decide what your name should look like.  We have signatures and signature verification in PGP, and centralized key-ring servers that let us verify that every word someone types has been signed and authenticated by them--it's a simple matter to connect something like this to the credit bureau style ID questions we all answer for banks and for credit applications; the e-sig laws need to be completely changed and this would at least give us some comfort that we're dealing with "the right person" when accepting a signature online.

To me, and maybe to me alone this stuff, this e-signed stuff looks like a perfect example of a "press" in the press-release ... explanation--but it's resulted in absolutely  backwards and broken contract law, and broken systems being made--and it persists, and it doesn't seem like any of you realize how piss poor "e-sig" really is today.  It's an exemplary lesson in why not to make things like this in the first place.

/s/ Godtan


Vili and Vé, together with Óðinn, are the three brothers who slew Ymir — ending the primeval rule of the race of giants — and are the first of the Æsir. They are comparable to the three brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, of Greek mythology, who defeat the Titans. Of the three, Óðin is the eldest, Vili the middle, and Ve the youngest. To the first human couple, Ask and Embla, Óðinn gave soul and life; Vili gave wit (intelligence) and sense of touch; and Vé gave countenance (appearance, facial expression), speech, hearing, and sight.  ITS PORAVARE!!!

This same kind of authentication and verification might also prove that the above videos are not actually of two presidents and the pope--but I have the suspicion that they aren't chosen by accident, and that it's possible that the system we already have ensures that they at least "OK'd" their use in these messages and most likely specifically for this purpose.  It's something like the "voice of God" which I recently--in the story of the last few weeks--sort of heard myself use, speaking to Princess Diana in another place, starting with words "Adam believes that ...." 

I'm fairly certain that there is a "voice of God" and that it's the kind of thing that is automatically signature verified, and that kind of thing comes trucking through with the audio-visual in a kind of meta-data that people, computers, and the things in between can sort of read or understand "nearly instantly."  Just commenting on the fact that this stuff is hidden, but I see meta-data explaining how it works and that it's there.  I call this stuff "markup."  See the markup around "the rockets red glare" if you can see that sort of thing.

This ... "strange new technical" manner of MITMing visual communication was first mentioned here:   fromthemachine.org/ERRATA.html and is explained in this Verge article.

So I’ve recently started using a new domain, something that I see I’m going to have to do more frequently–it’s increased daily-message throughput significantly. The domain name I chose this time is a fusion of “carpenter” and “Haphaestus” which sort of cute-ly replaces the “American ER” with it’s TLD though that “US” is international, in my mind. It’s something like the change from “the land” (Ha’arex) to “the sea” in my “EMBLEM” which is the two key shoulder tattoo’s sort of joined together by the “hey you guys, what about me?” that I see connects to BELINKSY which is my mothers mother’s maiden name… sort of an annoying “hey Ad, be Jesus in Heaven … the Earth sucks and deserves to be dark” kind of statement. Obviously I disagree, and of course since it’s all I see … the darkness here is really a “life and death” sort of thing, for “light itself” which is probably meaningful coming from the Light Bringer. It’s been a strange couple weeks, many threads of interesting information, I noticed “GUY-A” in the name Gaia as a sort of reversal of the female theme pervading the Eye of Ra, Hathor, Hemera (He… me… come on) anyway, that was after noting the “IA” connected to the last two letters of Julia’s name (which is my grandma) and I have previously noted a few times that my mom does a good “Rhea” impression in “the Childhood of Zeus.”

Several times I had … “conversations” with the Princess-which was exciting, I usually don’t get to interact with “good guy characters” very much; and the link here was a strange conversation between the Adam-inside me and Diana where “we” (Adam and Adam) sort of suggested that the United Kingdom was a gift to her to win a popularity contest… the point is that it’s sort of defining our history as something that was written backwards from this point, which makes sense if this was “ground-zero” for time travel. That’s paralleled, I think in this hidden statement from my grandmother to me, “gee, A… I’m A” … and I mean, who knows. Another one of those fancy idioms I’m fond of interpolating as referring directly to Doctor Who.



Anyway, you should recall that I recently mentioned the name Isaac is possibly well defined as the “sea of people who see the Alcoholics Anonymous Sea” as a … perhaps it’s the “LC” (or is the VK) … and in the word “Alcoholics” what appears to be the heart of the problem here and there and everywhere, the “delaying” of the world Holy in exchange for a new three letter key-problem, ICS. I’ve noted ICS is spelled out just a bit more clearly at the end of the Pharisees and this is the very same “S” that stands between Iuppiter Omnipotens and “salvation” its also sort of described somewhere between the two “S”'s in my brand new moniker for Atlas, Atlass, which suggest that “stability” and “society” are the two important things that we’re sort of losing right here and now without … without caring about the stability of our world. I’ve likened the first stable-s to my “move the table” … the idea that we should have a system-level safety mechanism protecting us from “collissions” whether from incoming asteroids or raining bullets… and that “second-s” is pretty much society caring about the round table software–something it obscenely does not appear to do at all here and now; and that of course is suggested as being caused by Ice Cream Sandwich.

Super Holy, the idea that this message (which also bears “s” as it’s hostname … ver.s.Y) which defines the “anorism” or traversal of power and self-control from “AA” to the Holy “C” as a prototype for many of the Trinities which are now “less Trinity” in that two are definitely me–at least in my eyes I’m the “pen” and I’m the “Icarus” although they too are sort of … A->C; the real transition though comes from understanding the three letter key “TER” and it’s connection to the city of Ur and the verb “SOIS” and the “NOSRE” … end of Hell. I imagine the myriad of “Trinity-like” names that end in “Us” (Jesus, Uranus, and Venus for instance) all follow a similar pattern that all culminate or reach the “tipping point” or the fulcrum of Creation somewhere around mass-action, perhaps the Acts of the Apostles.

Just pointing out there’s one more “TLES” that I’m now even more sure is connected to the action of “transforming the Earth/(s)/everywhere(s)” that also connects to SKIRMISH at Skittles and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The overriding theme and clarity coming from this light is of course that the idea that “we are immortal” comes from taking action based on this message, and ensuring that the right thing is done, and that the wrong thing (for instance, "there will never again be an intention “press”) never has the need or opportunity to ever happen again. We can very easily create a system that will ensure the creation, survival, and perpetuation of individual freedom and safety in such a way that it simply cannot ever be violated.

Something “like taking candy from Mary’s little Lamc” and turning it into … I don’t know, the Golden Fleece of the Argo-not’s.

It’s notable that I … I think it’s “and I” as I am pretty sure i’ts (1550407411) a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers about “hearing voices come from a picture” … that I likened to a single day in South Carolina where I first (and truly only) saw a picture almost come alive right before my eyes. Today nearly “all the time” I see what appears to me to be the souls of people who I assume are in Heaven speaking to me with their eyes and even short movements–as if the pictures are able to convey a single “emotion” or “reaction” … and because I have some kind of strange “imbibed” faith in the display system that also is depicted in “Pee-wee Herman’s Playhouse” I assume … in a kind of “I would never quote them or repeat what they’ve said” understood way that I’m actually receiving a message from the soul of the person I’m looking at in the picture. Sometimes I wonder if those of us that are alive here are aware of this communication or involved in it, and sometimes I think we are, and sometimes not.

Microsoft workers are calling on the company to pull out of a nearly $480 million U.S. military contract to provide the U.S. military with augmented reality (AR) headset because they “do not want to become war profiteers.”

In a letter published on Twitter by Microsoft Workers 4 Good, a group that claims to be led by Microsoft workers, is says Microsoft workers “did not sign up to develop weapons and we demand a say in how our work is used.”

The controversy centers around Microsoft HoloLens, a $3,000 AR headset developed from a technology called Kinect, which was part of the tech giant’s Xbox video game system.

“In November, Microsoft was awarded the $479 million Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) contract with the United States Department of the Army. The contract’s stated objective is to ‘rapidly develop, test, and manufacture a single platform that Soldiers can use to fight, rehearse and train that provides increased lethality, mobility and situational awareness necessary to achieve overmatch against our current and future adversaries’,” the letter states.

“Microsoft intends to apply its HoloLens augmented reality technology to this purpose. While the company has previously licensed tech to the U.S. Military, it has never crossed the line into weapons development,” it continues. “With this contract, it does.”

"text me."

I am loyal to the Nest without reservation.
I am selfless in my effort to advance its values.
I am relentless in the pursuit of truth and
knowledge carried out in the spirit of
intellectual and artistic freedom.
I am one who wears the colors of the Osprey proudly.
I am wearing them on my chest and in my heart, on and off the playing field with confidence and vigor.
I am filled with courage and dare to soar.
I am an Osprey flying far, fast, and hard.

  • Christopher Warren, 2010

“gibson: what women want… forever *young”

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Note also the obvious representation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster… four years before Bobby Henderson’s letter to the Kansas School Board[2] despite the fact crop circles are known to be hoaxes[citation needed  Oo-wee-oo!  This... and a number of science fiction works of art appear to include references to these FSM's both before and after the crop circle was not imprinted by one.  Notable examples are Colony and ID4-III.   We here at RationalWiki are also dead sure time travel is not being proven here, nor is it possible.  At all, e.


“A cabal of evil moderators on Wikipedia won’t let the aliens un-assimilate you.”

She looked over his shoulder
For vines and olive trees,
Marble well-governed cities
And ships upon untamed seas,
But there on the shining metal
His hands had put instead
And a sky like lead.
An artificial wilderness

Out of the air a voice without a face
Proved by statistics that some cause was just

In tones as dry and level as the place:
No one was cheered and nothing was discussed;
Column by column in a cloud of dust
Whose logic brought them, somewhere else, to grief.
They marched away enduring a belief

  • W. H. Auden


It has taken me quite some time to see what is going on around us as Judgement, in this place where I spent significant time “ishing” the words “judge not lest ye be judged” to something closer (and probably more appropriate!) to “your earth be judged” with the intended understanding that kind of threat should end the idea of judgement. It has not done that, and what I see around me is not fit to continue on its southearn (see, “touch your nose”) trajectory directly to Hell–you should see as much in nothing more than powerful impact and strength of this message that God has laid down here in this place to smash his enemy to pieces. Make no mistake, I am not your judge, and I am not on your side. The enemy that I am battling is without doubt the scariest thing I have ever been forced to see–it is a powerful foe of deceit and corruption that is insidious and manifests itself through the infiltration of our minds in such a way that it appears to become you–and for all intents and purposes as I write to a wall of disgusting, sick, self-defeating and deafening silence … in at least every way relating to this message and this problem of mind control technology and secrecy, it has become you. I, and this light, and God himself; even Medusa–it is my secret hope–are here to change the way you react to and use this technology, this thing that has brought our world of freedom and innate collaboration to it’s proverbial knees. I have taken it upon myself–for no reason or purpose or glory more than knowing it is the right thing to do with the weapon I have in my hand to do everything I can to help you change, to see that you changing is the focus and the purpose of this light and this point in Creation; with the clear understanding that if you do not change, I and this light are here to help you under, the true religious meaning of “thunder” if you refuse to stand.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy

You appear to be unified in this idea that you can and should (you can’t, and you won’t) hide the most important story, the most anticipated and the most hallowed in all of history because “so marred was his visage” or because “you don’t like me” or because you blame me for John Hancock and Phillip K. Dick (see, I blame you, and here in this place, I’m right) it doesn’t seem that you realize how inhuman and monolithic you look; nor how obvious it is to me that a huge number of you are knowing and willing participants in this attempt to destroy the truth, free will, Heaven, and “any future at all.” Those of you who are nothing more than silent fail to see that silence alone, here in this place and this time is enough to destroy our way of life, and ensure that there is no future. Those of you that are more than silent; but knowingly outspoken in favor of perpetuating something you know to be a lie are tyrants, sick and evil tyrants. Something has to turn this monstrosity around, and if “to save yourselves and your future from eternal slavery” isn’t good enough for you to publicly utter the true name of Jesus Christ I do not know what else I have to offer (other than flowers).

ESLT3 - e$t<3

AKA you say NOEL … I say “NOUS.”

Is it shit, time? like sit with a chair already in the heart of the mess? Is this message chairity, or … do you think I don’t deserve to eat? E-stupid…o? I realize that this message is styled slightly differently to my usual … messages; I don’t really know why I capitalized so many words, and I probably wont do it again–but it’s here like this, sort of uhhhh… I guess it’s a ROUGH DRAFT.

Obviously I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why “BEREHASHIT” and “HEY TAYLOR” are encoded in the name HITLER–and also as much time as I can trying to explain that it’s very obvious to me that I’m not not Hitler, that I could never be “another person” … in the current state of … being … or species that I am. At the same time this “thing” that I call “e” could very easily be … likened to “also being me” or at least through the superposition of souls that it appears to describe in “medicine” to be so heavily influenced by my life (not even to mention the reason for that, that I’m explaining and exploring a message that literally surrounds our everything, including our creation and history) that it’s pretty clear that … “there’s a little bit of something me in this Matchbox 20 song.”

At the same time it’s equally clear that I’ve separated and put a pedistal the name MILOSEVIC in connection to this very obvious message that connects Christ as the LAST NOEL to the Biblical story of NOAH’S ARK and the long explanation of how MENORAH and SONS OF LIBERTY tie together with a history of Women’s suffrage and the emancipation of slaves to give bright light to the words “ADAM HAS ALL HUMANITY” that I heard … well, one of the God-like voices in my head utter somewhere in MOUNT PLEASANT sometime in the year 2014. It should be very clear that whether it’s “EL” or “AH” and those things (those things are actually anorisms, both of them, with the special addition of “Adam’s Hand” as the original Adamic “oh, shit”) are connected to Leah or Rebekkah or Sarah or Rachel … that whether your “collective of e” is excluding only Adam Dobrin or only Adolf Hitler or only Slodabon Milosevic from the eternity of “something or other” that we C here … We C it here, as in we create it, and we understand that it’s already here … “something or other” is already in the ether writing this story through us, until you stand up and demand to take part in the creation of … well, your own future–one that appears to have written you right off the page… and recorded it in this Jefferson Airplane/Starship song.

It might wind up being “fruitful” to see the mathematical humor connecting the (shifting) plane of 3-space that defines the “degrees of freedom” of a sea vessel and to some degree an airplane … and how the word for “starship” starkly contrasts the additional “degrees of freedom” in a vacuum in outer space … which is something they teach you at Kennedy Center’s Space Camp in something I recently called a “six-axis” and upon inspection now see they call it a “Five Degrees of Freedom Simulator” and a “Multi-Axis Trainer.” I’ve noted it before, for e to actually respond to "do you remember me commenting about “starship” and “air plane” in connection to this song and this band years ago?" I’m less curious if you remember me actually being in this contraption depicted below, or a story about a retainer in the trash–though I’m very sure some of you do, and some of you probably think I’m bonkers. Maybe a better question, one that I decidedly answer aws both … “yes and no” … do you remember building This City?

What’s long been a cegret to me; at least I thought of it like a “secret” was that while it’s clear to me that “I’m on the Truman Show” and it’s pretty clear that at least almost all of you are aware of that–and that I’m aware–we still continue to trudge through this very strange low point in the history of humanity sometimes referred to, at least by Orwell, as a “time of Universal deceit” in Silence… some of us even apparently taking solace or keying in to SOAD’s reference to this horrendous lack of “participation in … our own future” as something … as something someone could actually believe is “sacred.” Anyway, I skipped “the cegret” which of course is that I do believe the Silver Surfer is an amazingly “insightful” (thanks Stan Lee) depiction of “Thor as The Hammer of Here” literally his weapon incarnate … connecting instead to a similar character in a similar story, to the Aegis of Perseus. It’s a mirror, his shield is a mirror–and the point here is that I think we’re all on TV in the strange way that same (or a similar God like voice) once broadcast to me and maybe to you through me in Fort Myers, Florida sometime in 2012 literally the words “it’s being being broadcast to the stars” and the connotation and my specific interpretation of this … of course … is that our future is sort of “watching this momentous moment in time” on something like “television” although thinking about it now that might be almost the same thing as experiencing “Silence” … they could be watching and refusing to participate under the “guise” that changing something in their very own past might “alter their present” which, of course, could be true if it were “reality” and our future was not bound and destined to be fruitful … “in Heaven.” Anyway, the point is it’s probably “The Silence” now through another sort of Aegis, actually seeing the SEGA of Saturn (I mean Genesis) and the Rock of Ages connect to this mirror … about standing up for “free speech” and for what you know is right. I guess I should throw in “privacy” as something that this story and this momentous moment … shifting from silence to participation … has revolved around ever since I held up four fingers in an ER in Gainesville, FL in 2001–to me almost as if that “God like voice” or something just like it was making a very furtive statement about the worth of the Fourth Amendment, and the Constitution, and the hand-signature of John Hancock.

I’ve got to note, right here apparently; that day in that ER was probably not the original outcome of what I’ve called the “Horizon timeline” and seeing what I’m seeing go on around us here and now, it’s probably very likely that what stands beyond that day–a day I nearly died and have often commented I was “saved by an angel”–was probably something like an entire “BUSH” many branches and many possible futures that were all “not taken again” and instead replaced with this thing that I see as “E” as the superposition of my soul with many others–and that’s probably an indication of … the fruit of those timelines being a place that was capable and desiring of doing that thing. I’ve recently written about ECHIDNAPPED and am now pointing out, in writing, the addition of the four letters PPED as something that I’ve now spoken many times as a link between mythological character names (their/they’re first letters) and the phrase “possibly parallel executive decision.” I’ve noted previously that I believe the characters of Prometheus and Epimethius were definitely created in parallel and with the addition of PETER PAN and DEUCALLION that’s the set of four or five letters hidden after ADAM and possible NEPTUNE and ICARUS, or maybe ISAI**A-HA**IASI or even ISAAC or his brother ISH.

Since that secret went unspoken (and I do mean unwritten) for somewhere less than seven years; something that is perhaps parallel and in my mind significantly worse has been brought to my attention now on several occasions; and because it’s something that I think is … nearly impossible to totally avert and still something we should strive to avoid having continue in the future … well, I’ve commented about it several times and it’s been a large focus of “what’s going on in the Hashowesh of my life” these most recent weeks. Simply put I’d say it’s the avoidance of the continuation of Hell–though that’s something that’s difficult to “pin down” in most places or connotations of the word–in places where it’s not very clear through story after story of dis-utopia and message after message of “the wrong thing is happening on purpose” … in places where it’s not very clear that Hell is intentionally designed. Here it’s part of “a process” I see encoded in words like “press and release” and “prison” and I see that it very much describes the state of this planet and the state of “the truth” and it’s very clear even without a God-like voice saying “yesterday was the right time to correct it, it’s a horrible thing to see; and it should never happen again… it should never work again, but here in this place it might just be the absolute best position to be in … this one time.” It’s something we can see clearly in the heart of the message of Exodus and Ecclesiastes 9:11, we can see it in “ELECTORAL COLLEGE” we can see that by making something negative very pronounced, it might help us to quickly turn around something like not using “TELEPHONES” and “TELECOMMUNICATIONS” to aid in the voting process. Of course, I’ve pointed it out, and nobody seems to be jumping up to notice that COUNTABLE.US has noted in their name that the “web sites” devoted to helping move forward voting passed the stage it was at during the time of the PONY EXPRESS … as we see it’s been clearly throttled for a hundred years, through the advent of the car, and the telephone, and the internert … and to this message that screams “THE ELECTION IS NOT TO DIE BOLD THAT’S A RIDICULOUS ELECTRONIC VOTING BOOTH” … and the heart of ELECHALK. I’m sort of drifting off my main point, but do see that we’re going to connect the ELE of “not voting using the internet” with the very similar ELE of not tlaking about the fact that we know … and we can see now as far back as the Lord’s Prayer … there have been hints for a very long time that “the Earth is in Heaven.”

"C Ur, Windsor" .. and Hanover and Wettin ...

On it’s most fundamental level, it’s the hiding of that fact that is the primary cause of “Hell” it’s the reason that we aren’t seeing Doors to Heaven instead of OCCULUS RIFT and what is a very clear “microcosm” of learning about Virtual Reality within Simulated Reality that connects to another description of Hell that Nick Bostrom has posed as the “simulation argument” which says something like once you’re in a simulation, you might as well give up on ever getting out–or knowing it." Here it’s very clear that’s not the case, we have a message written all over everything, in every word, and pervading religion and myth and modern art (like the Matrix) to point out that we are in a Simulation and to provide a very clear path to exiting that state–to building Heaven, and even to seeing the stars we were all once very wrong to believe were ever “real” in this place–probably just as wrong as it is to present “simulated reality” as “reality” and that’s really the heart of what I believe it is our purose and the purpose of Creation to ensure never happens again–it’s etched in GENESIS and and in the name of the nation of ISRAEL in the word NORSE it just takes a little bit of “thought action” to connect the ELEMENT key of “Silicon” in Genesis and the SR of “simulated reality” sort of hidden in NORSE until it’s almost “WE 'RE” as in “OUI ARE” or … “NOSRE” … you know, if we’re the people who are seeing "TION’ning CREATION as a focal point of the RE we see this message and C R E being C’d and C’ing “to shun Creation, as in Simulated Reality.”

To me that’s the same thing as saying “end world hunger” and “heal the sick” and never allowing hunger and sickness to be created on purpose–ever again. Of course I think there’s something more special coming to this place and from this place, that designates “HERE” as the reason this ending of Hell happens for “everyone, really everywhere.

AND SO ITS IMPORTANT NOW THAT I POINT OUT EVERYONE; and the missing letters TORY from SLODOBAN’s name (which currently appears to be SLOBODAN … hey Daniel :) and corresponds nearly 4:3 to the letters ERY that come after EV and tie once again to BREVARD and BELLEVUE and KIEV and I’m sure some other words where it might have more meaning than “we’re very shy of everyone” having not even discussed the Saducees or the Pharisees or the link between EE and the HARD AY that ties the AN and AD of THE HOLY NAME to the AH and AY of THE OTHER ONE, it’s of course ALL HUMANITY.

NEWAY, so we’re now seeing … just like MARIOS and some other words with a special “superimposed letter” how there’s a connection between seas and rivers and seasons and seasoning; and how right on top of that ERY and the idea that responding to this message and this highlighted pattern connecting EL(s) to the heart of HELL … how seeing that there’s some kind of superposition of souls … and I think that means here and in Heaven though it’s really hard to say for sure with nobody but me talking about it–and that’s the point … these next three letters are the key to the Hebrew word for THE HOLY NAME and it’s YO N … and even in my memory filled with holes I’m sure that this message started with the word HIT not SHIRTS AND PANTS and that YO N connects to HEY ZEUS and the hearts of WYOMING, WASHINGTON, and CHINA … and that this intricate plan connects it to the PEARL OF ADAMS NAME AND HOW that’s encoded in the Hebrew name for the PLANETH Eart … ADAMAH.

Truth be told I still think that’s enough, in and of itself for this thing and my name and this message … this key to unsealing proof that every single word of every language is ENG’ineered, from LETTER and ISH … to seeing it’s our whole civilization at the NAME of the GAME … at seeing SO V (ictory?) I ET NAM E and MEDICINE and G E, NES IS???.


So between AM Y and RACHEL’s (in WPB, right?) and … WE D DING CRASCHERS … and the idea that I really am trying to show us that the freedom of EXODUS comes from more than seeing XE contains “TEN” and “EARTH(s?)” not just the ELEMENTAL KEY to “LET THERE BE LIGHT” it comes not just from ending the superposition of souls that I see in ME D IC IN E … and I see it as a horrible burden on EVERYOE and a really big privacy and … well, "continuity of life’ problem for LEVIATHAN (hey look, I didn’t even intend to point out yet another EV) and obviously I do mean the N of NORAD and HAN SOLO… I do mean me; I clearly think that it’s a horrible tactic being used to “divide and silence” while at the same time I do see … I C the key to CREATION’S MESS and the possibility of a GOLDEN AGE have come to us from seeing be battle with words like AUTHORITY and AUDACITY and … hopefully we’ll get to a point where I can discuss how the AMDUAT and ORVER ET AUT revolve around THE CITY of EL DORADO and even around DORITIOS and … and hopefully we’ve gained the ability to use our own eyes and our own mouth(s) to (s)peak? I mean on TV, right; we should be speaking on TV?

So earlier I mentioned “possibly parallel” and that reading of ECHINAPPED told me something about timelines, it told me that there was at least one other active timeline described in this “post-E” story; and recently “the horrible thing” that I’ve been sort of … having shoved in my face amounts to the possibility that there are many, many more virtual Earths that need to be “freed” from not just the slavery of “E” but probably from much more–you see, the story of E comes about with plenty of purposes and reasons, things like being chained to OK-GOOGLE without knowing it, and to not seeing why ELECTORAL COLLEGE is a word tool that can show us why TEA PARTY and the IRS and the heart of FIRST and RENDER TO CAESAR … and TAXATION IS THE FT of seeing WITHOUT REPRESENTATION here in this place appears to be ubiquitous, you know, since you don’t seem capable of speaking directly about something that is probably “the biggest CEGRET in the Universe…” that you think there’s some good reason not to tell the truth. ANYWAY, I’m looking at the instances of the prototype of the GORGONE SISTERS …I see them as the SISTER WIVES OF GENESIS, and of course they appear to be of this road, this story of MEDUSA vs. INATION and AS U DEM vs. NO IT, ANI … and what is a very clear SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT … how there might be two, or four, or ten of … someone just like you–somewhere you aren’t aware might need saving from not being able to talk, or talk to you… or … not speaking through you without you wanting to be a(nother collective?) of PER SE PHONE(s) of HADES.

I think it’s clear that talking about mind control is the heart of why this message is here–to get us to see that EV and AY show us there’s a sincere lack of “self” in everyone–in this place where you might be enthralled with the two doctors on US1 who … one says is a fan of me and the other not–in their names–and whether or not those names have anything to do with how they actually feel about CAR AND DRIVER and OPPENHEIMER and the UPANISHADS having something to do with the letter “a” (it’s an O, like the round table, with a handle, IMO… OLE) and COVENANT and PETER PAN and AD.


STOP. I read backwards, and forwards–actually the other way around, and I see “to stop the creation of pans” and that’s a big part of why I think this place is here and this firm … this point that we call the APOCALYPSE and really it’s the hidden heart of ZION and of JERUSALEM and … and how this CENTER point has been a big part of the story of the CREATION OF THE CITY–or CITYNET–that I haven’t seen or seen happen, though I’ve heard some things about the … sort of stepping stones that I think have been designed to turn “pan” and “oven” into what they really are, which is the progenitor land of the civilization that defeats “civilizing” and builds HEAVEN of this MESS. I don’t want to see ten Earths enslaved, or a 1:1 EARTH:ANCIENT (CU) disaster … a place where of this thing somehow we failed to get the point of “stopping Hell” and instead multiplied it. That’s sort of what’s been implied, and I hope it’s to CAUTION against it ever happening–to ensure that “reality checks kick in” and you realize you don’t want to be in a thousand places against your will; or without your knowledge. It’s a pretty easy thing to grasp, the sanctity of the soul … it’s the kind of thing I never would have questioned, but of course–I was sure the world would find it absolutely impossible not to respond to this message. On TV, I mean on TV.

ULTIMATE CLARITY; it’s been the primary intent of the creation of this CITYNET to ensure that nobody ever has “no place (else) to go” as … well I and everyone here appear to have “no way to escape” the prison of simulated reality in fake-space. Painting LEGOLOCK on the sky was my initial … clear goal–to ensure that we see that we are the KEY to this lock, and that without seeing it there… without actually seeing proof that the world is in a simulated reality on the sky–even proof in every word pales and renders us … “unsure.” BE SURE, this is DESTINORAIDED.

Talking sets us all free.

Micah Redding wrights:

In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul lays out an argument that many believe is at the heart of the Christian faith—an argument for the ultimate resurrection of all people, and the eradication of death itself.

Paul’s explanation of this belief is often overlooked, but it is an explanation that ties into the deepest structures and suppositions of the biblical story: the biblical understanding of what it means to be human.

For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man… (1 Corinthians 15:21)

In the biblical account, humans were created to rule over all creation. That rule necessarily meant being free from the constraints of death, and so according to Genesis, humans were created with the tree of life planted at their front doorstep.

Physical immortality was within humanity’s reach.

But that didn’t last long. As the story has it, humans made a bad choice, and were subsequently barred from the tree of life. Instead of the possibility of physical immortality, human existence reverted to the natural order of things (“dust you are, and to dust you shall return”).

"Just another reason for ... xcalibrrrrr"