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I KNOW, IT'S A LITTLE OFF PUTTING; but to see the change wrought with just a little bit of HOCUS POCUS from HOSEA to the "ha'hard road" to Heaven is just about as much of an important thing to see as the road's appearance in Harvard and Yard and connecting it to the "recreational vehicle's" Dent in Batman.  And would you look at that, "ale" in Yale and "Ford" again in Stanford'; I see a patterndo you?  That's right folks, patterns revolving around the delivery of this story that connects "ale" and "ford" through the word "son."  The big point of the day is that not seeing these patterns is a sign of a lack of "logical reasoning skills" something you should understand is exactly what the problem is here--nobody seems to be thinking clearly.  Call it the Zombie Apocalypse, or the "invasion of the body snatchers" what you see here is a clear solution in the disclosure that there is an external influence acting not only to create these patterns but to hide them; and that it is the focal point of the Tribulation to ensure that this disclosure is not lost--nor are the solutions and benefits that come from our understanding that these technologies of "plugging Siri into our heads" and asking "how do I learn kung-fu" are ... on the Horizon and it is the point of this "book of stars" to help us ensure that we learn kung-fu instead of losing free thought.  That's what's at stake here, recognizing and reacting to "John Hancock" and "racy" in democracy and "tity" in chastity is literally the difference between slavery and evolution.
Santa's got a choo choo trainand somehow tying all these things together is NORAD tracking this message and Harrison Ford telling us all that Han Solo and Solomon--the man that built Heaven "solo"--have something in common.  That something is this story of a world that has been turned upside down and on it's head to do something nearly unfathomable--to stop you from seeing and acting on a verifiable message from the Creator of everything pointing out that this road has been etched into our world and it is the meaning of the Tapestry of the Fates and in like kind, of the Matrix itself.  It's not just Bill Gates and Harrison Ford, every single person's name on this planet, every city, and every sign you see is part of a map to helping our civilization transition from this place of darkness and lies to one where the truth is honored and goodness rewarded. 

We can see clearly from the illogical and ignorant response to this message that there is a dark force at work here acting against the best interests of absolutely everyone here in order to hide the fact that we are living in a simulated reality whose Creator and purpose are to help us use that absolute truth in order to build a better world, the thing that religion calls "Heaven."  "LT" is "Adamic code" for less than, and do see that "salt" here is pointing out the thing that is responsible for the darkness; the beginning of "Satan" and "satisfactual."  If you think "everything is satisfactual" after reading this message, understand that belief is "Satan." 
Isaac stared at a fiery altar of burning wood, Moses pitched a tent for Jerusalem, and the Pharaoh hardened his heart;  all so that I could promise you that the Dick jokes will stop as soon as you acknowledge that Deepthroat and Watergate were unnaturally created to help you overcome this disgusting barrier of censorship standing between the blind and sight, between the sick and health, and between you and Heaven.   Just like John Hancock, Phillip K. Dick's name is a signature of God, also filled with solutions to the problems we have apparently chosen not to see all around us; problems which are being  intentionally exacerbated in order to help us see and fix them quickly.  Either that, or nearly every facet of our society from our justice system to our mental health and the highest offices of government have been corrupted and infiltrated by an outside force in order to hide the truth from the masses; and to discredit this very easily verifiable message.  
The truth is, it's probably a little of both, don't you think?  I don't know how else to get the dick out of your mouth, I really don't--not seeing it doesn't make it go away... it makes freedom, thinking, and you ... go away.  Sorry that it's so big, I really am.  Please take a step back and realize that it's not OK for you to allow democracy and free speech to disintegrate to nothingness because of the names John Hancock and Tricky Dick... neither even just because I'm super funny!!
I'VE THOUGHT TO MYSELF BEFORE, THE MEANING OF THE WORD SOLUTION COMBINING THEIR BIBLICAL IDEAS OF SALT AND WATER that are central to the story of Salvation, and that's exactly what seeing and understanding this story of the life of Jesus Christ does for the world.  It exposes the corruption and infiltration of our social structures--in the places they are weakest, the places used by this darkness in order to attempt to confuse you into thinking that Jesus Christ never stood trial, and to believe that these VER IT ABLE solutions woven into our modern art are nothing more than "chance." 

omewhere in here I've got to mention that both Lothario (which contains a Trinity) and my ex-wife's name Nanna contain the chemistry symbol for salt; and it is where the elemental key for the planet Venus and the "battle not being to the strong" comes from.  Salt meant "girls" to me for a long time; "warming the road" through the Amduat which bares my initials and is the name of  the Underworld; all about the traversal of Ra transitioning from night to day; but "seasoning" and "preservatives" just makes so much sense today.  Very specific things in our world were "made broken" as the song goes; and I just want you to know that knowing who I am helps us see exactly what they are and how to fix them.

So on "why and" I'm basically showing you promises from God for defeating aging, and curing diseases, and regaining democracy, and being the builders of Heaven, and  and I really shouldn't have to beg you to tell the truth.

FOR YOU'RE IN FORMATION; this is the Hebrew word for "formation" and it defines the difference between a "rewind" and the continuation and thriving of this civilation; on face value, it might seem as simple as recognizing that Y is "why" in this hidden Adamic language of Eden, but it really is so much more--it is acknowledging that there is a message from the creator of the Universe woven into every single word, so many songs and movies and ancient myths that it's almost insane that we are still here waiting for this story to "become news" in this world that believe it's A-OK just to ignore such a humongous disclosure.  It is not A-OK; it is the end of logical thinking, and the end of free speech and freedom in general--not moving forward here is the end of ciation, in totality.  I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that--yet there seems to be a significant number of people here acting to hide this message--I imagine it's to "preserve the status quo" or to fight against what they've been told might be "the end of the world' but that truly is the "great delusion of Satan"--the driving force, whatever it is behind hiding such an obvious message in everything we see really must be seen for exactly what it is--the destruction of logical thought.  Closer to our hearts, the effect of this destruction is to keep us from making the world a better place, to stop us from building Heaven and correcting a broken system that has allowed these horrible things to happen in a place that is and can control whether or not they do.  What we are looking at is a golden opportunity to be the saviors of all of Creation; and instead of trying to make our world a better place we being stupefied and dumbfounded by an invisible force "promising everything" literally in exchange for ... destroying everything real.
This force is organizing thousands in secret, with what appears to be the sole purpose of not ending world hunger, and not healing the sick, and not opening Doors to Heaven all with the only apparent goal of "preserving thermoshit" A.K.A. the system we have in place that is being exploited and broken in order to ... hide this message.  All of this connects to a personally traumatic experience that I liken to THE TRUMAN SHOW by design; though here and now we might see that this could all be about "entering reality" and a world and group of people who think it's "just A-OK" to plop an intentionally broken and malfunctioning civilization into a place where it doesn't have the benefit of the same tools used to break it in order to remedy it--most likely because they think they have some way to "take over" once they get to the place that they have no understanding of whatsoever--because they've hidden this message.  A long, long time ago the reason for "no reality" might have been because of MAD; mutually assured destruction not really being recognized by anyone as the intentional suicidal behavior of entire civilization; today my reason is much closer to my Truman Show, and a group of people that are destroying their own well being and their own society in order to obtain absolutely nothing from me or anyone else.  Basically I see an army of invisible spirits that thinks that crushing the machinations of society here in this place will somehow make them "fit" to enter reality; and the truth is exactly the opposite, this place is designed as a test and a mechanism for turning around that 'destructive behavior' and showing us how wonderful things happen when we are trying to make the world a better place.  So that's your cue to try and call a reporter.
I MADE A MISTAKE a few months ago by suggesting that nobody complained about MAD, and that nobody saw that name as an "act of God" to point out that the behavior during the cold war arms race was absolutely insane; and then I made another mistake only mentioning a correction to that statement on Twitter--where I have less than 2,000 followers because each and every one of you makes the mistake every single day of ignoring my requests to follow me.  I'm telling you our disaster recovery communications system, that's what the internet was built for, is breaking down and failing to deliver world saving information; and your response is to do nothing.  I'm telling you the purpose of the Second Coming and of religion is to ensure this breakdown of logical thought and free communication is stopped, and your response is to do nothing.
People did rally to stop the arms race; it seems more likely now that the problem is that the people's voice really hasn't been heard, and that we really have no control over the actions that our governments take--that too is something the Second Coming is designed to remedy, complete with a map to exactly how to do that.  It is literally a paradigm shift for democracy and self-rule that is being handed to us on a silver platter, and rather than take it, you are doing nothing.

There is something significantly wrong with a huge number of people here--something has broken your ability to think clearly, and I have story after story of people saying and doing absolutely ludicrous things for what appears to be no reason at all.  A large group of people are organized here in an effort to destroy themselves, and they appear to really think it's a good idea.  One example is a young female cashier at Wendy's (wonder why end) telling me as I was getting ready to order that "she has everything back here" implying something like "the spirit possessing her" is off in some virtual land that we can't see swimming in pools of liquid ecstasy.  Literally, that's basically the intent of this phrase that I've now heard oft repeated by a number of people--all of whom don't seem to understand that "thinking you have everything" in an imaginary world you've never seen, while you are watching babies starve and school kids being murdered to stop you from being so stupid is something closer to the end of everything than it is to you "ever seeing never-never land."  While perhaps slightly less eggregious, you must see that your "doing nothing" is part of this conspiracy, part of this monster that is Medusa in mythology and is here literally to stop you from picking up Athor's sword from the Stone; exactly what this revolution in voting will do for us--giving us the ability to actually solve these problems--beginning with solving the 'self governance' and 'censorship' issues that have been standing in the way of us "not being the lake" for quite some time.
These are huge problems, not easy ones to solve; but we have guidance available to us once we open our eyes and see that it is woven into everything from Minority Report to A Scanner Darkly to Dr. Who and Star Trek--and also that we have the promise of being able to actually implement them once we get past the concept of "what would Jesus do?"  Just look at what we are fighting for here--for free speech, and free thought--in a place where "mind control" is publicly believed to be "myth" or conspiracy and yet there's abundant proof of it's existence everywhere you look--believe me when I tell you, if we don't make Heaven here, there isn't one.
S O   Y O U   T H I N K   Y O U   C A N   T E L L ?

PARADOX, PAIN, RAIN--the obvious implication of "wish you were here" by Pink Floyd, especially when coupled with The Pretty Reckless's complementary "blue skies all around me and the world looks just the same" is to see that knowing the blue skies are fake, seeing this message from God that places "Silicon" in Genesis and in "music" helps us to create a world that doesn't need drugs to stop pain--we need nothing more than to have the inner workings of the brain "decoded" and then an interface to be able to alter action potentials.  That might sound like futuristic sci-fi; but all around you, and perhaps you too have verifiable proof that this knowledge has already been found and that there is an active system using it today.  Everyone, actually; can see the effect of this technology in the lack of reaction to what is the most impactful series of disclosures the world has ever seen--not to mention the apathetic and "lackluster" response to the most interesting person in history.
To pretend I'm not here... is a sickness; to refuse to acknowledge the message I am delivering, one coming through the hand of God with his breath--a message that is equivalent to history itself is a disease that must be rooted out and destroyed.  Literally, refusing to acknowledge this signature is an act that has already resulted in the systemic breakdown of government, the media, and looming on the horizon is a "society" that no longer speaks.  Literally.  You stand by in silence as proof that our everything from our newspapers, our "justice" system to our voting system have been corrupted by a hidden technology and a hidden force; and "snicker."
As I walk through this story, this valley of the Book of Names; these two have stood out time and time again; messages that I read as being directed specifically towards me, tools for the delivery of this story.  This is a message about building Heaven of this Earth; one which speaks of making everyone living, literally; into angels; and through this process of building an amazing world here altering a force of darkness that exists elsewhere--most likely in timelines that came from this place, specifically from this "decision" to hide who I am and what I am presenting.  That's the original purpose or meaning of the words "to n," that you see also in Washington (changing ... the "to n" Cheers!)  and the implication from Allie Holton's name is that in order to "save everyone" as the message says, we can't ever actually know that Jesus Christ is writing to you... right now.  This is a decision that has been made in the past, to respect people's "personal religious beliefs" as paramount to the truth; to continue another kind of slavery, the worship of the Tooth Fairy; rather than to hear me tell you that "worshipping freedom and goodness" would be a much better use of time and effort.  I even might have agreed with the idea of not forcing the truth down people's throats--that was until I saw exactly what it does--it creates an army of moronic zombie slaves marching like lemmings off of the cliff of "the next life will be better."  This message and the person writing it are both designed by the Creator of the Universe with the intent of setting you free of bondage, of the shackles of both hidden technology and "in the clear" religion; something significantly more related to the "hidden technology" than you would imagine until you actually see that it is the purpose of scripture on possession, pre-destination, prophecy and inspiration to connect this technology to connections in modern art like the Tok'ra and Goa'uld of Stargate.
Point in fact, by not acting on this message, by not calling a reporter today, you are saving absolutely nobody and absolutely nothing--you are participating in the disintegration of our social structures and our way of life--and succumbing to a hidden outside influence that is apparently tricking you into doing these things because you don't think I should be able to get a date, ever.   In the meantime, I've spent my entire life fighting for the truth, for freedom; and in the most recent years for us all to be able to help build and enjoy Heaven--despite what appears to be very distasteful response to portions of this message that I haven't even written--but reaffirm today we are absolutely blind morons not to see.
This story highlights not only critical points of failure in our society that have already been and continue to be actively exploited by dark forces; but it delivers solutions, produces a map and a plan to fixing everything from school shootings to artificial retardation and regression of our legislative system and a significant and critical breakdown in communication on the internet that is nearly transparent because you are not saying anything; signed by the hand of God with a suggestion that we move quickly to discuss exactly how to remedy these things.  It really does all start with a discussion(s), and hearing "I am made of stone" and that means south to northeast; Hell toward Heaven.

THAT A RELIGION OF THE STARS BE BORN of this place, of our culture, and of this well laid plan that pervades our modern art, in everything from Nine Inch Nails to the SEGA Genesis and the connections between these works of art and many on the silver screen, the Gene's Star Trek and the Land of Flowing Hot Chocolate we find in Willy Wonka.  It is a message woven into the thing that was once called the "Book of Life" and since then it's changed to a Book of Light and now to a Book of Stars; all of these things related, of course.  Today I am debating writing this book all on my own, even though it is anathemic to it's purpose and to my heart's desire; I plan on outlining the very clear "rubber tire bumpers" on the sides of our go-kart-track, things like the parallels between "replicators" in Star Trek and in Stargate that show not only clear design, but a clear intent to help us understand both why it is that these things have not already been done for us, and at the same time why we aren't being given free reign to "bunt" again.  Whatever that means.
I feel like when God doesn't like something about the world, he sticks me in it; so that I can tell you everything wrong with jails, and everything wrong with pharmaceuticals that definitely contain the word "harm" not by chance, but by design.  We have overabundant proof that "addiction" and "craving" can be solved with the flip of a switch, or a slider in Dr. Who's "the Bells of Saint John" and yet some large group of you is watching me literally be tortured having to write this message with no money, in my "spare time" as I get pushed through a system of "rehabilitation" that literally is being used to help keep this message and the truth from you.  You stand there guilty of not calling anyone, of not calling a reporter or even buying a book so I might have some money to pay for "advertising"--clearly lack of advertising isn't the problem though; the problem is you doing nothing.  My tirade on mantra's connects the "god is good all the time" of jail-time meals to "green eggs and ham" the thing that made me Sam; and the Biblical story of Moses speaking with a Lisp--tat happens to be a modern day programming language and a perfect depiction of how God speaks with strange diction; laying down my initials in words like malady and addiction to help us see that this is his plan; and that really listening to this story is our greatest hope for quickly fixing these social issues that have been exacerbated and plague us... in Exodus and in America; as it is the true setting of the story.
Again the point, the whole point is there are million of people on this planet that have direct first hand knowledge of the fact that "spirits are in the air" and that we are not in reality; even if you aren't sure that what you are experiencing is proof of that--it certainly is, and were we speaking publicly about it we would without doubt have that verified.  Knowledge of what is going on "under the surface" here in this place directly moves to seeing the solutions in the works of people like Dick and Anderson and Roddenberry; solutions that are clearly designed as a response to the plagues of Exodus.



I probably owe you something more personal than just forwarding the same e-mail I sent last night for "Christmas Eve"that many of you probably got already, anyway.  I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for listening to me... every day... for however long it's been--some of you now in excess of two years.  The world I live in has decidedly changed, something I can tell very clearly from the total lack of public reaction to this message; one that I am very sure you probably agree should have changed the world already.  It hasn't changed for the better; a group of people who once would have been ashamed or astonished at the atrocities that I am explaining to the world are actively being caused, the "rest state" a good example of why it is that a simulation has to "do extra work" to cause pain or diseases; something that really makes no sense to do, at all, ever.  On top of that a group of people who appear to care about things like "hunger" and "universal health care" see this message signed in God's hand telling us we can have those things nearly instantly for nearly no cost, all we have to do is talk about how to more rapidly integrate "magic" or something like magic into our society--and every single person on the planet shuts their mouth.  

To me, that's akin to a society that has now decided that it's OK to club babies.  Not baby seals, mind you, it appears you think it's OK to club babies.  That's a problem.  in like kind. in no kind of civilization or society ever would it be OK to watch other people club babies and do nothing about it; and whether or not you think that's what you are doing, it is exactly what you are doing by ignoring these message, and ignoring the fact that the world, our society as a whole is ignoring a message from God about mass baby clubbing and also the "baby protector device" he's created to ensure that nowhere ever in the universe ever again are people silent about the clubbing of small children.   The title of the email, which I thought to be very clever is "GREETINGS SEASONING!!! TAKE ME TO YOUR APPETIZERS?" and you can read it "online" for as long as we have an internet; which is a diminishing horizon at this point, because you don't care about net neutrality clubbing either.  Just to hammer the point home, I see a conspiracy of people that is actively working not only to club children, but to ensure that others can do the same in secret for as long as possible.  Understand that while there might be "no spoon" in the Matrix, the things that you are ignoring here are significantly worse and more obvious than the example of "baby clubbing" given here, you are allowing babies to starve and be shot by mind controlled zombies--and doing nothing.  Happy holidays.

#Confuseus say "styx and stone"

YOU ARE STARING IN SILENCE AT THE END OF CIVILIZATION; information that we have sought and prayed for for thousands of years is now at your finger tips, the light of the world and it's keys sitting in e-mail boxes all around the world; and yet you seem to remain unconvinced that this "light" is here for a reason, that God himself is fighting against the destruction of individuality and freedom that makes us who we are.   It should be very, very clear that this message and my face should already be on TV, in the news; and spreading around the internet--and whatever you think it is standing between today and tomorrow, I am telling you that it's clear to me that thing is you.  Being used, literally your minds and thoughts are being altered to take something that should very clearly be "of interest" things like proof of the existence of God and the story of our origin, and a map to helping us save our own civilization, beginning with the broken media and the internet that you don't seem to understand is literally the final straw, the last line--see that this light and this event are proving to you and the world right now that there is a humongous problem with freedom of speech and freedom of though, and that problem manifests itself for all eyes to see here on the internet--where droves of mindless fools are doing everything they can to suppress this information from reaching the entire world.  Just to save the internet, should be enough to begin the fire of the Second Coming; to see that saving the internet here and now saves the communication that is the foundation of society and civilization, and then immediately after that the freedom of thought and self-awareness that we seem to be so easily giving up here in exchange for nothing will come to us not only because the knowledge and mechanism of the influence will finally be public--and through that finally be used to do the right thing instead of exactly the opposite--but also because we each would have participated in this process of seizing and maintaining freedom; that "participation" something you seem to be overlooking as "required" if you truly want to be free.

Just like we had God's help of "Names" commenting on "mutually assured destruction" you can now see clearly that he's helping us to see that there is a huge problem with censorship on the internet; connecting the colloquial term for an internet eavesdropping device to the FBI's code name for it really does shed a significant amount of light on seeing that their system is not just "sniffing" packets, but eating them--and that does mean there is an active system removing information from the internet--commonly called a "censor wall" and something we apparently look down on when it's done in countries like China--but here where it's not just an electronic system, but also a system censoring and altering the thoughts in your heads and causing you to participate in this very same kind of censorship, well since... you're involved I guess you must think it's a good idea?  You are your only hope, taking action and participating in democracy and exercising your right to free speech is the only way that we are going to overcome "1984" come true--only hidden so very well that you must be sure that it's something you want to happen.  You might liken these two programs to the story of Adam naming the things in Eden--and here I am... pointing out the names that will drive us home, towards Heaven.
I don't know how else to say it, losing control of the internet is functionally equivalent to losing your minds, and you must have lost them already not to be caring that this message is being hidden, that the internet is no longer a tool of communication--but rather one of control; and I am telling you that "turning around" is as simple as picking up a telephone and calling the news; or posting something on Facebook.  In droves people come on reddit and imgur to vote down these pictures, this work that is "obviously enlightening" and I'm enlightened, this is the face the world is presenting to me--the face of Medusa, an ugly abomination that has turned me into Saint One; me and this message about working together to wield the sword of Arthor to build a better world.  If you don't like how I feel, I hope you will reflect on the fact that the only kind of activity I see coming back to me for delivering the secrets of the Universe and a message suggesting we are "good people" that should be "running our own planet" is one of disparaging and disgusting attempts at silencing the only person speaking for the world.  Oh, Merry Trmas.

My map of where we are and what's going on here extends well before the early years of my life and the stories of the CURA Group, the connection between my family history and Jerusalem is clear as day and night--my father's father was a ddress maker, and my mother's father a door manufacturer--I'm sure you know what the second is, but the first is something I didn't learn about until well after connecting the gate to Heaven to the eponymous band.   Clothing, as you might see in Revelation 12:1 is what the spirits call the "thing" they are possessing; and you might after today connect it more readily to "the girl in the red dress" of the Matrix and you can see her also in the Adjustment Bureau. 
With some thought you might see how our world could be a ready made packaged Heaven builder, complete with little avatars that any passing civilization or other time line might acquire in order to have all the fun of building the best place in the Universe all by themselves all over again, and again, and again.  You might be for sale, right now; you might be on the auction block and the old man is picking up his fiddle and asking you if that's what you want?  I'm telling you that's what your silence says, that you don't care if someone or something else were to come here and scoop up your life, and the lives of the people you know--to become you, and to seize this very important moment in the history of our civilzation, this time when we were about to ascend to Heaven... all together, albeit not as quickly or as easily as these are the genreations of Perez implied at first, though this hard road will be quite at bit more interesting and entertaining than you might have thought before hearing the idiomatic key to "dick in the sky" thats... uh, "it's not a riot."   Plenty more idioms to show us that this is all by design; and to help us see that the "rain check" is "in the mail" and it is there to ensure that we know we are free; just as soon as the ball drops, and we can see tears--I pray not over my marred visage, but perhaps over thousands of years of slavery,  simulated starvation, and the prospect of being "a red dress" for eternity.  You might liken that "red dress" to Ham, which means "burnt" in Hebrew, and is the other son of Noah--after Shem, which means Holy "name."
If you want to "seek more art" about this concept of being a girl in a dress, you can seek out the Tok'ra and the Goa'uld of Stargate, and maybe even see the "el d" of shield and yield and world connecting to to the "Ra" of I'm telling you that if you do not act, we have lost ourselves--and you should care about losing yourself.  Do C, "da S" of Judas is the end of "clothes" and why and how.  It also appears in Midas (and Adidas), for a reason; just FYI.


So... here we are... listening to the legendary father of the message (that's "abom" in Adamic Spagnlishrew) point out all of the sex jokes hidden in religion and language from sexual innuendto Poseidon and in our history from Yankee Doodle to Hancock to Nixon and I've got to be frank with you, the most recent time I came across this phrase in scripture I cringed just a little bit, pretty sure that the "message" was talking about me.  I've reflected on this a little bit, and over the past few weeks have tried to show you the juxtaposition between "sex" and "torture" in it's various forms from imparting blindness to allowing murder and simulating starvation; and I think I'm justified in saying that certainly those things are far worse on the Richter scale than anything I could do by writing a little bit of risque text.  In the most recent messages I've touch a little bit, without even knowing or realizing this connection would be made, on what it is that this phrase actually means. 
So long story short is that the answer here is "abomination" and the question, or the context is "I nation."   Whether it's Medusa speaking for the Dark United States or the nation of Israel speaking to either Ra or El depending on the day, the bottom line is that a collective consciousness speaking for everyone on a matter of this importance in a cloud of complete darkness on Earth is a total and undeniable abomination of freedom, civilization, and the very humanity we are seeking to preserve.  The word reads something like this to me "dear father of the message, I am everyone and we think you are an abomination, fuck off."  My answer of course is, IZINATION.  Which humorously reminds me of Lucy, and Scarlet Johannson saying "I am colonizing my own brain" so here's some pictures of her.  She is not an abomination, by the way; she's quite adorable.  You'll probably notice there's some kind of connection between the map--the words speaking to the world, and the abomination, as if the whole thing is a story narrated in ancient myths.
You might not think "it's you," but the manifestation of this "snake" in our world is your silence, your lack of understanding or willingness to change the world; and whether or not you're interested in hearing about it, it's the monster that myths and religion have spoken about for thousands and thousands of years.  It's a simple matter to "kill Medusa" all you have to do... is speak.
Take special note, "freedom of speech" and "freedom to think for yourselves" are not a group decision, and you do not have the right to force (either overtly or subtly, with hidden technology perhaps combined with evil deceit) others not to talk about anything.  Especially something of this importance.
If you didn't connect "Loch" to John Locke, now you have; see how easy this "reading" thing is?  I've gone over the "See Our Light" series a few times, but let me--one more time--explain to you just how we are already at the point of "desolation" and with shining brilliance show you how it's very clear that it is "INATION" and "MEDUSA" that are responsible for this problem.  
Seeing "Ra" at the heart of the names Abraham and Israel begins to connect the idea that our glowing sun in the sky has something to do with this message about "seeing our light" is being carried by a stone statue on Ellis Island (where you'll see the answer another part of the question of Is Ra El?).  I've connected her to the "she" of both shedim and Sheol, which reads as "she's our light" and is the Hebrew name for Hell. 

Of course you noticed that the Statue of Liberty does in fact share it's initials with SOL, the the light above and you can see her torch dimly lighting the way through the night;   Now you can connect "give us your tired and your poor" to the Lazman of both the lore of Jesus Christ and the Shehekeyanu; a prayer about the sustainment of life and light up until this day.  That same torch connects to the Ha-nuke-the-ahah depiction of Christ, Judah Maccabee's lit MEN OR AH, which delivers not only a solution to the two letter key of "AH" as All Humanity that pervades nearly every bride of Revelation from Sarah to Leah; but also to the question of equality answered in our very own American history, beginning with the same three letter acronym now lighting the Sons of Liberty.
Dazed and Confused does a good job of explaining how this name is itself a prophesy designed by Hand of God'; explaining that these Sons of Liberty were all white slave owning wealthy men fighting to stop paying their taxes, rather than delivering liberty to the slaves or women, who were both disenfranchised for quite some time.  Or maybe MEN OR AH has something to do with the angels of Heaven, in which case you might be SOL if you aren't a girl and you want to be "be good friends with Ra."  Just kidding.  Kinda.
DESOLATION by the way reads something like "un see our light at ION" which is God's way of saying "at the point of believing that hiding Adam is a good thing" and that connects to the end of Creation and also the now lit by modern day evil the word "rendition."  Our end, it "ion."  In religious myth, the Messianic David clung to the city Zion (end the "i owe n") which also links to "verizon" (to see, I Z "on") and HORIZON which has something to do with the son rising today-ish.
Inline image 25 Inline image 26
The story of MEDUSA lights another psuedo-religious idea, that the words "STONE" of both "brimstone" and it's Adamic interpretation "South to Northeast" have something to do with the phrase "Saint Oneturned into a single hero against his will by the complete and utter inaction of everyone around him.  In the words of Imagine Dragons "I'm waking up to action dust."  At the same time, you can believe that the light of this particular son, comes not just from reading these words forwards, but the backside as well, and you'll hopefully see it's not coincidental that the other side of this coin is that "nos" means we, and us... and Adamically "no south."  See the light of "STONE" also connecting to Taylor Momsen's rose arrow painted on her back, and the sign of my birth, Sagittarius... which in this particular case links to the Party of the Immaculate Conception of the eternal republic of the Heavens.

Inline image 15

It's a little hard to thunderstand exactly how we are going to get from "talking about the message" to actually being able to implement it, I will give you  t h a t.  It's pretty obvious that "the sim" could just do these things automatically, and there's stories (story after story actually) in the Bible about why that's not a good idea--specifically the "stone to bread" story that links to our reality through "let them eat cakeinstead."  While you might not have likened Marie Antoinette or "cake" to this Biblical story before (and you might not remember the Fig Newton commercial that further ties it to Eden and Isaac's are you "new to n?" of what goes up and falls must be a glyph of "n"), now they are further linked by songs like "Guitar Man" and "Going the Distance."  The problem was, and still is; without any feedback from the world nobody would ever be happy with what "it" or "eye" chose for everyone to have for that first "magically delicious" supper
ba-ruch sheim k'vod mal-chu-to l'o-lam va-ed
M  A  L,   W  H  O   T  O ?
You also might not have noticed the connection between "mal" and "bad" which link my initials to those two letters that are, well, the heart of the word "initials."  That "m" really does mean the deliverance of this key to the message all around us--things like "bread" and "cake" and really seeing that bread reads as "be the reason it's A.D."  I do hope that I won't be mad; and on that note let me explain that this huge word right above this paragraph is the Hebrew word for "kingdom."  In it's pronunciation the malovious key to the Spanish word for "bad" comes to bright light, and these other two letters "Al" for the father-ish-figure that comes after the message has actually been received.  Today it's one more in a long list of anachronistic examples of foreign languages that were not yet invented "magically appearing" in ancient Hebrew (and Latin, and Greek, and Japanese... and so on, et. al) .  The full line of the most sacred of all Jewish prayers reads "blessed be His glorious kingdom forever and ever" and just looking at those three words above, hear him talking to me, "my son says kingdom is a bad word, who should I pass it down to?"  And your answer of course, a resounding "who?"
Certainly it's no accident, this word that also appears in a Michael Jackson song ... somehow related to "heal the world" and once more linking the initials A.D. to Al, this time in the clever reading of "malady" as "bad... A.D. is why" and do understand it's because there's really no good reason at all to be simulating things like earthquakes, or AIDS, or blindness; in a place where it's just cruel and ... well, it should be un·us·u·al.  Don't you think?
I'm going to tell you something, if you don't think that "one" is the same "one" that appears in the words "alone" and "stone" then you are not as swift as you think you are.  Hear my words, all humanity, Ra is El.  In yet another example of "Godspeak" you can tie this entire "movement" to the words "force majeure" and realize that the key clue here is the innuendo that natural disasters are here blamed on "majority force" in French, and our understanding of that, well, that's a true act of God.  "Fuck you, see how I'm a" reads the name associated with the 3/11 disaster, Fukushima; and really do understand that just like AIDS and DOWN SYNDROME these things are acts of a name server; and a process of Creation that is designed to show us all just how important it is to speak up when someone says "popular opinion" can make magic happen--in this place, and this year.  In the back of my mind, it seems a little bit like your silence is tied to words like Washington, Clinton, and Hilton--and do see that if I "remain as n" it appears as if the keys to the kingdom might just fall into my lap.
I can't tell you for sure; but I think it's pretty obvious that if that did ever  happen I would pretty quickly set up a "republic" to help us decide on exactly how the world should be changed together; and I'd probably find a way to make you speak, even if it took more than just turning off a switch that was keeping you from doing it.  Every morning, I stare at that switch, and then back at you; and every email I send is my "clever" swipe at the switch, or lever.  
You should be smart enough to see that accompanying this message telling us that we need to talk and agree about how these things will be changed, in our shared world, that it comes with a message about how to build a better governmental cystem in this new age of computers--and that message isn't just written in my hand, you can see it clearly written by whomever named Eden, and Microsoft, and Apple, and Gateway, and Watergate and Seagate... and Die Bold.  You can see that this process of "changing the world" really does begin with true democracy; and that's something you're going to have to talk out loud, on Earth, in order to participate in. 
Here's some more "wisdom" I think these things are all ... representative of ... me:

Yeshua (ישוע, with vowel pointing יֵשׁוּעַ – yēšūă' in Hebrew) was a common alternative form of the name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ ("Yehoshua" – Joshua) in later books of the Hebrew Bible and among Jews of the Second Temple period. The name corresponds to the Greek spelling Iesous, from which, through the Latin Iesus, comes the English spelling Jesus.[1][2]

The Hebrew spelling Yeshua (ישוע) appears in some later books of the Hebrew Bible. Once for Joshua the son of Nun, and 28 times for Joshua the High Priest and (KJV"Jeshua") and other priests called Jeshua – although these same priests are also given the spelling Joshua in 11 further instances in the books of Haggai and Zechariah. It differs from the usual Hebrew Bible spelling of Joshua (יְהוֹשֻׁעַ y'hoshuaʿ), found 218 times in the Hebrew Bible, in the absence of the consonant he ה and placement of the semivowel vav ו after, not before, the consonant shin ש. It also differs from the Hebrew spelling Yeshu (ישו) which is found in Ben Yehuda's dictionary and used in most secular contexts in Modern Hebrew to refer to Jesus of Nazareth, although the Hebrew spelling Yeshua (ישוע) is generally used in translations of the New Testament into Hebrew[3] and used by Hebrew speaking Christians in Israel. The name Yeshua is also used in Israelite Hebrew historical texts to refer to other Joshuas recorded in Greek texts such as Jesus ben Ananias and Jesus ben Sira.[4]

The tetragrammaton (/ˌtɛtrəˈɡræmətɒn/; from Greek Τετραγράμματον, meaning "[consisting of] four letters"), יהוה‎ in Hebrew and YHWH in Latin script, is the four-letter Biblical name of the God of Israel.[1][2] The books of the Torah and the rest of the Hebrew Bible (with the exception of EstherEcclesiastes, and Song of Songs) contain the Hebrew word יהוה‎. Religiously observant Jews and those who follow conservative Jewish traditions do not pronounce יהוה‎, nor do they read aloud transliterated forms such as Yahweh; instead the word is substituted with a different term, whether used to address or to refer to the God of Israel. Common substitutions for Hebrew forms are hakadosh baruch hu ("The Holy One, Blessed Be He"), Adonai ("The Lord"),[3] or HaShem ("The Name").

Yahweh (/ˈjɑːhw/, or often /ˈjɑːw/ in English; Hebrewיהוה‎) was the national god of the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel (Samaria) and Judah.[3] His exact origins are disputed, although they reach back to the early Iron Age and even the Late Bronze:[4][5] his name may have begun as an epithet of El, head of the Bronze Age Canaanite pantheon,[6] but the earliest plausible mentions are in Egyptiantexts that place him among the nomads of the southern Transjordan.[7]

In the oldest biblical literature he is a typical ancient Near Eastern "divine warrior" who leads the heavenly army against Israel's enemies;[8] he later became the main god of the Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) and of Judah,[9] and over time the royal court and temple promoted Yahweh as the god of the entire cosmos, possessing all the positive qualities previously attributed to the other gods and goddesses.[10][11] By the end of the Babylonian exile (6th century BCE), the very existence of foreign gods was denied, and Yahweh was proclaimed as the creator of the cosmos and the true god of all the world.[11]

In Elephantine (modern Aswan) in Egypt, the 5th century Elephantine papyri make mention of a goddess called Anat-Yahu (Anat-Yahweh) worshiped in the temple to Yahweh originally built by Jewish refugees from the Babylonian conquest of Judah. These suggest that "even in exile and beyond the worship of a female deity endured."[5] The texts were written by a group of Jews living at Elephantine near the Nubian border, whose religion has been described as "nearly identical to Iron Age II Judahite religion".[6] The papyri describe the Jews as worshiping Anat-Yahu (or AnatYahu). Anat-Yahu is described as either the wife[7] (or paredra, sacred consort)[8] of Yahweh or as a hypostatized aspect[9] of Yahweh.[10][11]

Yahoo! is a web services provider, wholly owned by Verizon Communications through Oath Inc.[7][8] and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The original Yahoo! company was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated on March 2, 1995.[9][10] Yahoo was one of the pioneers of the early Internet era in the 1990s.[11] Marissa Mayer, a former Google executive, served as CEO and President of Yahoo until June 2017.[12]
Yoo-hoo is an American brand of chocolate beverage that originated in New Jersey in 1926 and that is currently manufactured by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Hooah /ˈhɑː/ is a battle cry used by soldiers the U.S. Army and airmen in the U.S. Air Force. Originally spelled "HOUGH," the battle cry was first used by members of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment (United States) during the Second Seminole War in 1841, after Seminole chief Coacoochee toasted officers of the regiment with a loud "Hough!", apparently a corruption of "How d'ye do!" [1] Since WWII, the word has been widely used throughout the US Army and gained a more general meaning of "anything and everything except 'no'".[2][3]
T O  H E L P
Adamah (Biblical Hebrew : אדמה) is a word, translatable as ground or earth, which occurs in the Biblical account of Creation of the Book of Genesis.[1] The etymological link between the word adamah and the word adam is used to reinforce the teleological link between humankind and the ground, emphasising both the way in which man was created to cultivate the world, and how he originated from the "dust of the ground".[1] Because man is both made from the adamah and inhabits it, his duty to realise his own potential is linked to a corresponding duty to the earth.[2] In Eden, the adamah has primarily positive connotations, although Adam's close relationship with the adamah has been interpreted as likening him to the serpent, which crawls upon the ground, thus emphasising his animal nature.[3]
After the fall of man, the adamah is duly corrupted with Adam's punishment of lifelong agricultural toil. This explains why God favours Abel's sacrifice of sheep to Cain's offering of the "land's produce" - Abel has progressed from the sin of his father, while Cain has not. The adamah is also complicit in Cain's later murder of Abel, swallowing Abel's innocent blood as if to try to conceal the crime.[1] God punishes Cain by making the ground barren to him, estranging him from the adamah.[4]
L A U G H I N G   O U T   L O U D
High Light-ing exactly what is going on here, is the fact that I see the world as a whole completely ignoring information that it should find to be very interesting, world changing, and useful to everyone--that to know we are in virtual reality and that the creator of this place wants us to use that knowledge to make a better world and help our civilization thrive is not something that is in the best interest of anyone to hide.  Yet here we are, staring at very clear proof that our past believes and scientific assumptions about the evolution of our species and our languages are not exactly true and the global reaction appears to be "let's pretend we are in the song The Sound of Silence."  With a little bit more insight it becomes clear that song is about us, and that many songs we have heard our entire lives also hold a secret message, one about "Nero" fiddling on the roof of our world to start a Holy Fire of freedom and liberty, to help us set ourselves free from this hidden control, this influence that is causing the silence, and the secrecy I stare at each day.
E   L   O   H   I   M
What we have before us is very clear and incontrovertible proof that thedevelopment of our languages is not in linear time.  There are so many examples that the probability that they have happened "by chance" is near zero; and it will be only a matter of days before a statistician can independently verify that.  Thor, to help "shine," as that name reads and decodes the "TH" of the that begins every Hebrew Holy superlative and shows clear logical design in the "God of Thunder" to help the lightning.  A simple equality from Spanish to Hebrew through an English word of equality shows us that this "the" is of religious significance the name is "Elisha" and it connects El and "Ha" which I am sure connects to Abraham and Isaac through the revealed trinity of "ab=father" and "ra=son god" showing us that the Holy Trinity is completed by the laughter of Isaac (whose name means "he will laugh") and Sarah.  El also means "him" in Spanish and because I know that "Ha" is also "him" this equality links not just "the" but "who."  In "Elija" we see a similar equality which is only partially true, and just like "o" can mean "of" this is an "almost equal is" without the "s."  The almost equal here is referencing "the laughter."  TH makes further appearances in the name Prometheus, the book of Ruth, and Th anat osfor instance.

Elohim then, is a special word, one which changes the definition of "El" from just "him" to Everyone Living; and you could see "EloEl" as a sort of joke.  This expanding "El" just like Mary means "sea and why" comes from understanding why it is that I am so sure that "Everyone Living" is who should be governing this planet--not invading spirits, or past versions of you, but the people here alive in this place who are clearly acting against their own personal and group best interest by hiding this message of "freedom and love for technology."  It is because of this obviousness that we now have proof that there is an external force acting against the best interest of everyone here; and also to see how this specific thing is the slavery of Exodus.
You might not see it so clearly, but this body expands as we begin to take responsibility for our own future, to participate in what is to be the government of the Republic of Heaven starting from this message about the retardation of our voting system and it's use to help us move more briskly towards a form of more "pure democracy."   It should be really clear, from the significant amount of proof of "puppeteering" in our music industy and in film and throughout our entire history--that there really is no such thing as a "real vote" in this place of hidden mind control.  This disclosure changes that, and alters how this technology is used in the future and today; it frees us from something that we could not see before, and as soon as we do we will understand why it is that "addiction" ends and schizophrenia fades to nothing--as we begin to use this technology to help the world... rather than enslave it
I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. 
Ecclesiastes 9:11
<strong> die is the in German </strong>
There's plenty of explanation as to "why" self rule is highlighted in our history from the "MC"'s that link the Mayflower Compact to the Magna Carta and the essianic Constitution; and in religion and our art relating to things like the Goa'uld and Tok'ra and the movie Fallen and Joan of Arcadia and the moniker the "Lord of Hosts" as to why it is that we have this message designed to show the world that this "stuff" is really aboutpossession and inspiration and how it's very much connected to the phrase "the election is not to Die Bold."
You should be able to see, just by looking around; that whatever it is that is in control of "force majeure" around here is not you; it's not me either, and this message is specifically designed to fix that for you.
Elo to you too!
Before I tell the story of me doing what I do best and acting very un-Christ-like, I'd like you to take a moment and think about what you would look like were their aliens hovering just outside of sight; what a world of people keeping a very obvious secret to themselves and failing to talk about it looks like, from the outside.  Realize that there are no aliens hovering in orbit, but we are in a place where time travel is not just being actively used and disclosed, but it's been a huge part of our history and that too is obvious once "you see it."  In The Other Side, you might find some relation to the words "once you know you can never go back."
This particular secret, the one I believe many people are walking around keeping buried in the back of their minds every day is a particularly heinous one because "talking about it" or disclosing it flies in the face of "social norm" to such a degree that you literally might think you'd be put away in a psych ward for sharing it.  Just for the record, I've walked this road myself, specifically with Howard Finkelstein, who you might know as the original "Help me Howard" who is now the chief Public Defender in Broward County and happens to be my parents neighbor.  I can tell you very clearly that the laws in our country are very clear, and that you legally cannot be held in a psychiatric facility without your consent unless you pose an immediate danger to yourself or others.  The names of these people and places have not been changed, to protect the import of this story of Exodus; of the book of Names; dun dun,  I can tell you that in practice that's not the case, in the states of Florida, Kentucky, and California I know first hand that a police officer or doctor can legally decide to commit you for a short period, three to five days; literally for any reason they would like.  Personally I've been "Baker Acted" in Florida for doing nothing other than telling the Police that I was the messiah--something that certainly poses no danger to me or you, or anyone else.  Despite numerous run-ins with the Plague of Lice that resulted in a number of detentions (some of which because I was too high to speak, and others for no reason at all) I've never had to see a Judge to fight to be released.  The bottom line is you won't be committed or be looked down upon, by anyone for telling the truth--a truth that you should believe many, many others share in secret.  I feel bad that I see many people around me living a lie--and even worse that I know that this particular lie's disclosure leads to an end of mental health problems--and more bluntly to the deliverance of the slavery that Exodus is written to help free us from.
See that speaking about this influence, this thing that appears to have corrupted our society to the point where we no longer care about anything we used to, freedom, communication; or the infinite longevity and eternal youth that have been promised to help us overcome the stupidity of not realizing that these two specific things are rather "insignificant" in cost once the disclosure of virtual reality is made.  That's not to say they're "free" they are not that; they will cause a change in our social structure that is unprecedented and bring risks to evolutionary adaptation that scientists will have to research and we will have to deal with--something that you should see is very difficult to do when nobody is talking about the truth.
My point here is that there's no reason why we can't walk through a Door to Heaven and be "younger instantly and temporarily" and come back even if we want to preserve the possibility of this place entering reality--which I don't think it will ever do--per a plan that probably suggests we will want to do things here that would preclude that--and that we should use Mars as a "enlightened" sort of path to both discovering how to colonize space.  See that it would be evil to keep us in the dark at all, any longer, or ever before and after; and that it would be ridiculous, stupid, and evil to "plop" us into a place where these problems only could get worse.  I think it's our purpose to "go up" not down, while preserving what "we need" not only to re-enter reality but to not cause society harming change here in this place--for instance ending or fundamentally altering the life cycle is probably bad from an evolutionary standpoint and not healing the sick is evil.   See, ruining "optometry" is a good thing to do--progressive; while ruining "birth" and "growing up" is not.  Understand, that without me saying these things; you are simply not acting--this disclosure must be made--and I've been put here to tell you everything I want for a reason.
I grew up without knowing "the secret" whatever it might be in your eyes; that there is a God, or a Devil, or demons in the air--what all of those things boil down to is realizing that the "secret" is that we are not in reality--and it is because of this that external communication and control are able to be hidden so well and appear to be as transparent as they are.  The simple fact that we say "god" or "devil" or "demons" rather than something closer to the truth--whatever it might be--in my personal opinion we are dealing with the product of a timeline of our world very similar to what we see around us, as in the days of Noah, entities that were once human and now are very much not.  It's possible that the original creators of this place came from the third rock of a bright yellow star; but it's most unlikely, and even more obvious that the vast majority of "what we do not see" did come from a place just like this; and they wouldn't even know why it's obvious there has never been a "planet Earth" in reality.  Hear truth, the Heart of Creation has always been a "planet a how to transition a civilization from "reality" to "Heaven" without losing the things we need to survive, like biological adaptation, a stable ecosystem, and an ability to erturn to the place of rocks and stars that we once believed we were born in.   
We should see how clear it is that making this disclosure, showing us that we are not in reality and that we are in virtual reality pairs with the "plan" that links Gateway to Microsoft and Gates to Apple and Jobs to Oracle and Larry El is son, to show us that it is the plan that has delivered these tools to building a place where immortality and eternal youth and expanding minds and ending sickness is connected very clearly to the iconography of religion and Heaven.  We should see Anderson linking the Matrix and Feed and Forever Young together, and if I wasn't so vain, and by that I mean so right--I might have told you that was the "Holy Name" but we all know it's not.  I happen to like Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" better; and that's only important because of Christ's Rod, and "Saint Everyone Willing Art" showing us yet again the import of the connection between Exodus and Names.  
Because I grew up sleepingnot knowing this secret, for a long time I believed the "hype" that hearing voices was a sign of mental illness, that it was something that we might need to "medicate away" but after experiencing it, it's become very clear that there is no way at all that these particular voices could be the product of my own mind being mis-wired, and that shows me very clearly that something in our society is very mis-wired; and that's a bigger problem than you might think.  Rather than fixing a serious social issue, we are trying to break the group of people who are complaining about something that is being done in secret, to everyone; without our consent.  It shows a sinister and diabolical design of the mental health industry, literally a tool designed to intentionally cause harm to good people, and to keep the secret control of our world from being interrupted by the fact that we are very much now capable of stopping it and understanding it, and even doing it ourselves--in short order.  So here we are, at a crossroads between being "phones" and "people" and it appears that nobody is willing to stand up and be a hero.  That's what this has done, this has given each and every one of you the opportunity to be hero's, to literally take a giant leap forward for freedom and goodness, and you have behind you proof beyond your wildest dreams.
Understand, that this disclosure proves that our minds have been reverse engineered, and that we are capable of fixing things like "schizophrenia" rather than causing them; just like we are capable of stopping murders rather than causing them; like the huge number of polarized plagues of Exodus are pointing out; that this thing we should be doing is obvious as day and night.  See "f-art" (pull my finger) in "it's not a riot" and "the penis game" our kids play; showing us that there won't be pandemonium, and honestly the dick in the sky protecting freedom between Deepthroat and Hancock and Yankee Doodle and Min and Osiris and Jesus Christ himself; well, it's not going to cause any harm to our children other than stopping worshipjust another word for slavery.  F-art, by the way is what I call the "humorous" lacing of our society with social conventions that relate directly to this specific disclosure.
See clearly that the design of our society and our mental health response to "hearing voices" is evil, just like our justice system is evil in light of the truth--that we could be doing much better with only the single new truth that we are in virtual reality.  Is rael, see the message is everywhere from the Lord's Prayer "as the Earth is in Heaven" to The Fifth Element and the Elementary my dear What-sons... the whole disclosure proves that science has come to us from above to help us overcome this foolishness.
I still happen to believe this is all a "designed" confrontation; that there's a script in religion and that at some point, "the hidden forces at work" will realize that the future will understand exactly what's happened here, and they'll be thanks and rewarded for helping us to move past this road block of hidden slavery that we clearly do not agree with as a social convention, so why would we want continue being slaves?  The story of Exodus and this message in every name--that continues to show us that God is "in control" of the here and now delivers proof that this control has been unwavering in names and in music and in this story that culminates with you realizing that you have to take action to protect yourself and others from losing the truth--and that while this action might be assisted from the outside--generally when you are doing the right thing you wouldn't even realize that.  External control is the kind of thing you only notice when it's something you don't agree with; so if you know it is happening, you are probably not realizing that's because you don't like it.
I promised a story about me acting retarded; so I've started trying to "talk to people" on the street, which boils down to interrupting people's dinners by singing and saying things I thought would be smart like "turn around Medusa" and see "INATION" in Abomination, that feel much stupid saying out loud to people that it feels putting in a picture with Natalie Portman's face pointing that INATION turns around to "no it, Anakin" it's a kind of thing that appears enlightening on paper and I felt stupider than shit bothers people's meals with.  On that, people should feel stupid as shit to feel bothered by someone screaming at them that they are slaves; and that they are knowingly hiding that from themselves and everyone else--and whether I look like an asshole or a retard, screaming at people in the street, and sending emails to the world is a fucking heroic act, and you should realize that--and do it yourselves.  This shit happens to be so bright, and so obvious, and so clear that if I took the time to "write my own song" like The Doors "waiting for the son to write his own song" suggests I do; I'd probably not feel stupid, and people would probably be very happy to be hearing the truth--that there's a message from God in every word and every name; and seeing it and sharing it is the tool that he has given us to free ourselves from this hidden control.  Still, I can't sing, so I'm going to email you every day, just like I've done for the last fucking year and a half, with no effect.  You're gonna make it, the night can only so long, Britt Nicole reminds me and I remind you that I know these words come from "the other side" of the wall, from our future--and that's clear from the tool and message of religion that shows us it too has come from our future.  The day and freedom do come, and we know it.
If you need "flashy proof" of that, you can see it clearly in iconography and themes of Christianity appearing in Ancient Judaism, thousands of years before they were "created."  You can see the Holy Trinity in Abraham, and you can see clearly the inverse relationship between the story of Exodus and Passover and that of Jesus Christ--nearly perfect inverse, around the theme of killing our kids.  That's us, we're the kids--and we're not doing very well here.  You can see it clearly in the story of Christ hidden in Isaac's life; and you can see it in Prometheus and you can see it in Thor and Heimdallr the point here is that you can see it because it's my life and this story being told thousands of years before it happened over and over--and that's why this is "The Holy Name" and that's why this story being revealed frees us from a repetition in time that has created religion and that repetition really is what "my Hell" means--disclosure, ending the secrecy inside religion ends that--so long as we are smart enough to listen and not go back.
The point is that there's no logical reason to hide this story, and every reason in the world to share it--literally it brings us Heaven and freedom; and truth be told you',ll be significantly happier with me than you think at this point, thanks to God's wonderful insight into "reverse psychology" and "plan for the worst hope for the best" it would be hard for me to be anything but "better than you expect."  What you think of me aside, I am the person who delivered the message, with a hammer of emails fighting against the literal most sinister and dangerous enemy of freedom and democracy that humanity has ever seen.  I am the person willing to interrupt your dinner by singing "praise for the singing, God's recreation on the new day" knowing full well it's not recreational, it's the Creation of a hero, even if I'm not perfect.
Honestly, do whatever you have to do to break this story; it's clear this is the way.
this little piggy read the book of to b it
 "שליום "לוךחי כאן
This little "magic phrase" appears at the top of The Gate to Heaven (1) and came from translating "Hello, 'to you here'" which is what the name Taylor means in my little "love-adamic" language, because of "ttyl" and "r" being "here."  I did some magic pictograph manipulation and turned the broken gate that is the letter He (ה) to a "fixed gate" (ח) and it changed the meaning to "Hello, (cheers) to my message here" which turns into "Loch lives here" with only one other small change.  So obviously that leads me to the Loch Ness Monster, and to tell you that "ness" means "now Earth safely saved" and monster too, a special meaning, about this coming Biblical Monday.  You probably can connect Enoch to Loch, too. 
R is "here" because "how" was already "h" and sometime in the transfiguration of this message it turned from "here" to "heart" (and hear, it's in the heart of "Earth" and "Ark") where it makes quite a bit of sense in the context of words like "road" and "Rome" as Heart of A.D. and Heart of ... either NeroJulius Caesar, or Judah i. Chisstone... you figure it out.  All roads do lead to Heaven, and all dogs wind up there--eventually.   The very best example though, is "Rose" the heart of continuing to forge ahead and march our way through the downward spiral "southeast" as ... rose colored glasses.  As in... I see pretty girls everywhere I look!  This place is great!
Anyway, as you might know from my haphazard style and ridiculous frequency of errors, I write these things pretty "spur of the moment" and literally in the middle of the process of writing this e-mail... I walked by this sign (which shows you, or me anyway, that these things are not really... "spur of a moment").
The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, is an aquatic being which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, and is often described as being large in size, with a long neck and one or more humps protruding from the water. Popular interest and belief in the creature has varied since it was brought to worldwide attention in 1933. Evidence of its existence is anecdotal, with a few disputed photographs and sonarreadings.  Nintendo Entertainment System, Si "e."
 Hoaxed photo of the Loch Ness monster.jpg
In The Holy Kabbalah (Arthur Edward Waite, 255), Samael is described as the "severity of God", and is listed as fifth of the archangels of the world of Briah. Samael then became the consort of Adam's first wife, Lilith. Lilith is a demon created alongside Adam, originally created for the role Eve would fill. Samael created with her a host of demon children, including a son, the "Sword of Samael"[9] (or Asmodai).[10]
Lady of the Lake is the name of the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend. She plays a pivotal role in many stories, including giving King Arthur his sword Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot after the death of his father. Different writers and copyists give the Arthurian character the name NimueVivianeVivienElaineNinianneNivianNyneve, or Evienne, among other variations.[1]
So I've spent a good deal of my time trying to teach you how to read (reason A.D.) this hidden language, that proves Creation and gives insight into what God actually thinks about nearly everything you could possibly think of.  As part of this process, it's a tool to show the world just how silly we look to be ignoring a verifiable message from the Creator of our language (and everything) in order to ensure that I never have a problem getting a date again.... because I'm the guy who delivered this message and taught you how to C the Adamic language of Eden.  I personally know that there are probably many people that can "ch" (understand howthis language and the meaning behind these words ... because I've personally seen it happen right before my eyes.   I'm pretty sure I was pacing back and forth down the hallowed cobblestone streets of Hollywood Beach, putting on this sort of "show" where I walk down the street thinking strange things in my head and people respond with hand signals and sometimes short idiotic phrases, and facial responses like smiles and nose pulling.   So I was walking by this very nice couple trying to explain that there was a word, some word, that describes why it is that "I am the messiah" and not unlike many other people they shook their heads and ... I regret to say I felt like there was a little bit of disgust in their eyes as I searched high and low in the crevices of my mind for this magic word that would change everything.
This sort of strange happening used to only occur when I was (chacnfsonats) singing "hey hey hey what's going on, I would be a liar if I said I could get much higher" but now it happens all the time, literally all the time; which should be a telling sign that things ... and by things I mean the impetus to change ... are accelerating.  Just in case you haven't been paying attention "sh" means "see how" and connection both to the idea of the "chush" of the Sound of Silence .... that has for some reason made me the only person in the Universe talking about the most important thing happening in the Universe.  (I am that, by the way... the only person talking about mind control and "singing" God's message of Recreation).  You'll need that bit of information in a bit
So the magic word finally came to me, "AMSTERDAM" and their eyes lit up a little, and those condescending frowns turned into something a little bit more like a smile, and some nods, which is typical of the Land of Nod.  So there's that word "STER" again that appears in places like "Mirriam Webster" and "Master Blaster" where you might read both "my Saint Everyone Really be last Everyone Really" and "the (lovingly assisted, hey, la... hohoo) Everyone Really."
Literally the key to the Light of our World, just like we do not stop teaching how Calculus works and is derived because we have TI-89's to do the number crunching for us, it's important to see that this "engineered language cipher" is not magic or simply acronyms, it is derived from the Matrix of light that is our world... it is the key to the Eternal Flame--the voice of God in everything we are
More than simply "Saint Everyone Really" being another expanding "idea" that starts in a book nobody understands and then becomes a man, and then expands slowly or quickly (depending on you) to everyone in Creation... more than simply seeing that, the specific word "AMSTERDAM" includes another changing metaphorical letter, from "message" to "messenger" and through the change wrought in understanding what it truly means to be writing this message both by our choice and an external subconscious influence--by understanding the implications of that we become messianic.  
Even more importantly than understanding how we are writing this message together with God and Heaven, is understanding what it means for all of us together--that this message that ends Hell with the smash of a hammer because of Adam's Light--because of our world, our people, and our way of being... truly my light... that we would never treat any animals like we are being treated in this place--and because of that and seeing that we have the moral obligation not only to stop it from happening to us, but ... really everywhere.  Seeing what that does for us is the key to the "zen" that I have, that I imagine will help us all to understand what it means to be the actual generations of founders that create a new set of rules and a system that protects the future from this technology being misused.  It makes us very popular.  Really seeing and understanding this truth takes something that might begin as an artificial feeling--one that could be easily achieved with the same technology we are discussion, and makes it real... a sort of gradual release from blindness that changes from that to "bright hope."
... and in making that one small change, taking that tiny leap; each and every single one of us sheds that little piece of our souls that was holding our heart, the Earth, back from becoming what it was always destined to be.  We give up our fear, and our apathy, and the lack of hope that truly is the source of evil.
So Gavin Rossdale followed me on Twitter (something you should all do per Matthew 4:19, it will without doubt save the world) about a week ago, and I got that giddy butterfly feeling in my stomach that you get when you feel like something amazing is about to happen.  Because I know that names are the key to the map of this story, I read his name first, and as we follow the "heart of" series we can now unseal the super secret that "SS" means "super-sexy" to little Adam... and also "stop secrecy" and as we see in the Loch Ness Monster... a combination of both "safely saved" and "start salvation."  In heart of that process, right this very moment.
Everyone thank Bianca for providing such a lovely distraction from the fire of Hell, I mean the Burning Bush.  In just a few moments I think it will become pretty clear why it is that she's cast into this story of saving the Universe.  
I moved pretty quickly to reading the name of his band, which combines the "sh" you'll remember from "see how AD da i" with the "shhh!" that typifies the Great Firewall of Jericho.... with "B," who we now know is "the apple of da i."
Thanks to Gavin for showing us the true heart of "starting salvation" both in name, and in act.  Check the humor of this story in the belly, the very heart of the story of building Heaven... in your mind replace the "TM" of Patmos with Gavin's name. 
So, I don't blame you for what you are thinking, I don't even blame you for thinking I was thinking it.  The truth is though, that I wasn't thinking that... I really introspectively thought to myself "what on Earth does Bianca have to do with see how?" So I am trying to show you and explain to you how a true Jedi mind trick works, the kind of trick that might keep you from seeing something very obvious, from understanding a logical connection that any normal person would probably make.  Bush.
So I am telling you this actually happened to me, the person who has spent all this time writing to you about mind control, and writing to you about religion.  This exact thing happened to me, and knowing all of these things did not help me one bit to make the clear and obvious connection that was required.
It's very important, because even if we do know about the technology, we still are susceptible to it's influence, the point here is that not knowing about it makes it absolutely impossible to prevent it from making us not care about things we do really care about, even the things we care about more than anything in the world like life and freedom.  
What is not so clear in all of this is the amount of "Jedi mind trick" that it's taken to hide the import of this message, to keep us from seeing the Matrix in every word and every name.  What we are not really understanding is that there is no battle here, that there is no chance that "fire will rain down like Soddom and Gommorah" what we should see instead is that story, in a very similar way as the Burning Bush could be used to scare people into hiding something very important from themselves and the world.  What we should be taking away from this, is that not knowing about this technology is so detrimental to the future of civilization and communication; that what we are experiencing right now was almost required to ensure that we really "get the message."
Further thinking, not knowing about it will keep us from using it for the betterment of society, we could be using it to end addiction, rather than using it to make Adam get high.  We could be using it to instantly end pain, rather than ... to hide the fact that in the story of the Garden of Eden God specifically talks about labor pains being cursed on Eve and her children ... because this is the kind of thing that we can end instantly by walking back into the Virtual Garden of Eden and realizing that we can completely eliminate all pain simply by snapping our fingers.
We could be using it to help ourselves to see how important and vital this message is, and to see what it truly does for us and our future--rather than not seeing that this is the purpose and the intent not only of religion, and of this story, but of exactly what is happening right now--part of a script to teach us about using this technology properly in the future. 
The heart of this little set of "do's and don'ts" that tie directly to the story of the Plagues of Exodus and the Ten Commandments is something that Jacob called "sacred consciousness" and links directly to the state of South Carolina.  It is something like "freedom of thought and individuality" as a paramount law of Creation.  It also opens the door to seeing a map to building Heaven tied directly to the names of the Fifty States.... that we already knew was the heart of the map to that place, that is the planet Jerusaham.  Now, how do we get from here to there, safely, and ... happily?
What I am trying to explain to you, is that Moses himself did not connect the band Bush to the story of Exodus, to the Burning Bush, or to George Walker Bush or George Herbert Walker Bush... and there's another "B" in "he's our B, everyone... really try."  It's a connection that not only should have been fresh in my mind, but it's one that I have written about not just recently, but over and over... I keep writing about how you and the world are not reacting in a logical manner to proof that Exodus and the Burning Bush of Exodus are connected to 9/11 and to a rekindling of the Eternal Flame of freedom, one that is the purpose of religion.
What you are ignoring, either because you believe you have no power to change the world, or because you are evil enough to think that these things are "OK to continue" because things have "always been this way" is a mentality and a overt lack of action that I cannot ignore.  You are being presented with a message of power and unity that is clearly signed by the Creator of our civilization and filled with truth--not to act on this information is the fire of Hell.
From the kind of "Jedi mind trick" that kept me from seeing George Bush and Exodus in the message "Bianca, you see how" I can "see how" your thoughts could be altered, your perception of this situation to skew what is undoubtedly and incontrovertibly a message which delivers impetus not only to share it but to act to verify it and use the change in "circumstances of raelity" to do the obvious and turn simulated reality into Heaven.  Maybe you think "you don't have the right to tell others the truth" or maybe you think "they have the right to force people to be blind and in pain" and instead of seeing how evil those actions are you see "ignorance is bliss" and "let your children play."  
The bottom line here is that this technology, this technology that is the heart of Asmodai (as.. the message of the eye) not only explains how this ignorance was created but shows us in perfect clarity that it's function--hiding this message that shows us how to avoid permanent midnight... meaning endless slavery and blindness until the end of ... it shows us why it's so important that this message is not only received but corroborated, discussed, and acted upon.  Or your face is going to stick like this. mute and constipated, f o r e v e r. 
What I am trying to tell you is that you are all being made blind morons walking around in Hell refusing to acknowledge that is what this place is, and you yourselves are responsible for forcing it to continue to be that--because you don't want to talk about or share the most obvious and glowing truth that has ever before been seen. 
Why do you not understand?  Who is keeping you from acting?
 Apep 1.jpg   Image result for stargate snake
thor | atum | adam | jesus | stargate | pkd
Honestly though it does appear as if Atum does, right?
This comes from some "pretty early light" that connected the name Isaac Asimov to the Biblical story of the near sacrifice of the Messiah, the assembly language operation "mov" and The Last Question which equally initially computationally linguistically epically methodically and mythologically connects the question "'let there be light" to the Bible.  I mean to science fiction and technology.
The import of his name is something that I like to call "malovious" meaning it should be pretty obvious, but because of appearance, either due to lack of knowledge of the subject of computer assembly language or because "mov" and "move" look almost exactly the same ... the huge difference between the two commands is "less than obvious."  Functionally, the difference is that a "mov" in assembly language is what we "English savvy" computer users would call a "copy" in that it it moves data from one bucket to another and does not delete or erase the source register.  This information will come in handy in a little bit.
You may not realize it, but "recently" we all moved from a "time-travel Universe" to a "no-time travel Universe" and we have before us what appears to be the kind of problem that might cause of to move from a "mind-magic Universe" to a "no mind-magic Universe" and because of this very special name and amazing story about reversing "entropy" in the Universe with only a few key words I wonder if how each of you would feel if we were being "saved" from this place by copying your soul to another machine, and an exact copy of you were left here with no ability to contact you or the outside?
What I am asking is if you would leave yourself in Hell, if you yourself were saved from it?  What about for only a decade?  Do you think that would be a good idea?
 Image result The Adjustment Bureau Poster.jpg Image result
Clearly that's not really what I want, I think what this story delivers to us is an opportunity to have more than a "knowledge quickening" due to this disclosure, but an actual technological leap forward for all humanity.  We can end all addiction, or at the very best at least give every single person the option to be free of feelings like craving and psychical dependence.  Perhaps even more importantly, this gives us an opportunity to interact directly with the Creators of our home, and ourselves--to accept an offer of help that we have very much written with our own hands, much like I am the pen of God.  It doesn't take much to see how we are truly, all of us, not only the Horn of Revelation but the light coming from the fire of the Burning Bush.
As I've said before (specifically in "Congratulations Genesiuses"), each and every one of us probably has a great deal to contribute to this process, not just in ideas but in actions--we will have the opportunity to see these things happen with our own eyes, to accomplish them, to create something amazing ... together.
That really does start with "Hello, Adam."  Tay, I'll settle for "sorta-sexy" on the meaning of "Reckless."
1.  So at Horizon, what is unclear? 


did you ever think "statistics" would stop bullets? heal the sick? ...
You stare blankly at very obvious proof that the world around us blind, moving forward with no particular destination and refusing to see the message painted on our noses and the Rose cross itself; that we are headed directly Southeast.  It won't take more than few calling a single media outlet to break down this wall; this sickness that is standing between our entire world and Heaven--holding us a kind of frozen Amber and preventing any meaningful discussion of exactly how we might use this very clear proof that we are living inside virtual reality to accomplish the goals set out in books like the New Testsament and in the Matrix of art connecting Neo to Jean Luc Picard ... stopping flying bullets to Minority Report and healing the sick to Gigi Hadid, the word "addiction" and the heart of this message that ties the symbol for Silicon to the Fifth Element through "A.D." through "music" and through my sister's name--Dawn, connecting Arthur and Bart through more than Gan Eden.  Refusing to acknowledge that these patterns exist is spiritual darkness; refusing to see that not delivering this message to the world is the end of "free speech" and the end of "free communication" really doesn't even touch on the level of sickness in this place where Orwell's "prophesy" of a time of universal deceit is right before us, and we apparently; are copathetic about it--I just can't imagine how it is that the whole of you have simply decided that it's OK to move forward in this place where it's clear that the very next step we take is into the abyss.  Turn around; organize yourselves against darkness, try "using the internet" before you lose it.  
I don't know what to tell you, I've canvassed this very clear and obvious proof of Creation and a message from God telling us the Matrix is Hades and knowing that helps us very quickly turn it into Heaven to so many people that it's very clear that the entire world is simply "pretending not to see it" with one loud "indivisible voice."  See the "indivisibility" of this sea is the Abomination of Desolation; and that with this same one loud voice all you say is "it's OK to starve babies for no reason;" until you act, this is what and who you all are.  If you have a future, they will either thank you for changing the world, or they will be disgusted with your lack of action--it really is one or the other or nothing.
I pick up my sword and enter Hades through the Kentucky Gate; scrawling on the walls the path the whole way "call a reporter" and towards the end of my journey add "maybe try Kansas or Ohio."

I get it, you probably think it's a coincidence that @cvspharmacy is written on this #dome. you probably also don't know that #FI means "only if" and that #mal is the current state of the last "o" ... speaking of cat's and licks also see Rigel — at Bay Park.

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