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The Cryogenian ( /kraɪoʊˈdʒɛniən/, from Greek κρύος (krýos), meaning "cold" and γένεσις (génesis), meaning "birth") is a geologic period that lasted from 720 to 635 million years ago.[5] It forms the second geologic period of the Neoproterozoic Era, preceded by the Tonian Period and followed by the Ediacaran.

The Sturtian and Marinoan glaciations occurred during the Cryogenian period,[6] which are the greatest ice ages known to have occurred on Earth. These events are the subject of much scientific controversy. The main debate contests whether these glaciations covered the entire planet (the so-called "Snowball Earth") or a band of open sea survived near the equator (termed "slushball Earth").

Originated in Latin as aerae vulgaris (vulgaris from vulgus: "the common people", i.e. those who are not royalty) at least as early as 1615, long before vulgar came to mean "crudely indecent". Earliest English usage is 1635. CU.

Alternative names for the Anno Domini era include vulgaris aerae (found 1615 in Latin),[39] "Vulgar Era" (in English, as early as 1635),[40] "Christian Era" (in English, in 1652),[41] "Common Era" (in English, 1708),[42] and "Current Era".[43] Since 1856,[44] the alternative abbreviations CE and BCE, (sometimes written C.E. and B.C.E.) are sometimes used in place of AD and BC. (really, see you...) Fuck, see me.

Every town is Babylon; oh desert... change your heart; I will not sleep until this place is a dream come true.  I dream of nothing less grande and world changing than doors to Heaven appearing magically in every airport and bus station, of a world transformed by the truth of our existence--of a process of growing and assimilating that turns this world into something that none of us can even dream.  Something that I don't believe has ever truly been; but hey--I could be wrong.  The great point though is that this world changing process needs to be guided. and it needs to ensure that the great things that come from being able to use "magic" (and I mean it, it's magic to the world of the real) to end natural disasters and acts of God and nearly all diseases and to do this ... nearly instantly--that we bring the good effects and the lessons of the process everywhere, literally everywhere else in and out of Creation.


I've personally sat in this Hell of invisible bars on our skies in phrases like "that's the limit' long enough, and so have you--and so has anyone else in a 'place like this."  The simple fact that this world exists in this state, it's proof that we haven't learned--that we haven't grown to a place where this technology has positively altered the birth and generational transition cycle "well enough" to lose the need to ... birth children in a cauldron of change rather than a future that has benefited from it.

This is no way to "raise a generation of children to ascend" and that should be abundantly clear--the fact that we stand here in silence is ... it's a clear sign.  The change we need to seek is much deeper and farther reaching than just this place--but it's creators and our "peers" however many or few there may be in the hidden "rocks" of the boots of the Princess Bride... and the stories I hear ... conversing in "strange meditative states" with the insivisible world I'd prefer to walk to.

Aeneas is a chara tcter in the New Testament. According to Acts 9:32-33, he lived in Lydda, and had been a cripple for eight years. When Peter said to him, "Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and roll up your mat," he was healed and got up.

The account of Aeneas being healed is followed by an account of the raising of Dorcas.

In Greco-Roman mythologyAeneas (/ɪˈniːəs/;[1] Greek: Αἰνείας, Aineías, possibly derived from Greek αἰνή meaning "praised") was a Trojan hero, the son of the prince Anchises and the goddess Aphrodite (Venus). His father was a first cousin of King Priam of Troy (both being grandsons of Ilus, founder of Troy), making Aeneas a second cousin to Priam's children (such as Hector and Paris). He is a character in Greek mythology and is mentioned in Homer's Iliad. Aeneas receives full treatment in Roman mythology, most extensively in Virgil's Aeneid, where he is cast as an ancestor of Romulus and Remus. He became the first true hero of Rome. Snorri Sturluson identifies him with the Norse Æsir Vidarr.[2]

The name is incontrovertibly Adamically "Jesus, here, to end Satan and begin Asgard."  This statement the heart of the story of Oz and Kansas and "turning around" to clearly see "simulated reality" is an atrocity to force people literally in the heart and beginning of Heaven to be locked in like a prison. It's the key to "Norse" and to "we are the reason" and it comes from a change in how we see "morality" in a place where secrets and "a better place" have tarnished to the core everything that place can and should stand for. 

Our better place begins with "NOS'RE" those two letters the heart of Creation, only missing ... the "a" that is hidden by that strange apostrophy that is the key to the parted waters of Exodus.


It's as simple as seeing the two letters "As" conect Norse Mythology and "Asgard" to the mythological city of Atlantis and to the floating city in the skies of Star Wars and to El Dorado and to to the secondary well known two letter key to "Adam's Name" that "an" that links Christianity and messianically and Satan to this same ... "turn around" ... it's clear as day that "an" is the literal "memory manager assisted" life of the human Jesus Christ.

It's "SR" in Israel and in the heart of these linguistic calls for an "about face" .. they tie the Silicon symbol hidden away in the Sound of Silence and Carly Simon and Gene Simmons ... and rocking this proof of the Creation of all language and our entire history ... to move from the end of Genesis to the beginning of Exodus.

It's connected here, in my experience and sort of "amazement at the 'trix of the Matrix of mythology and the words that I speak out of my own mouth, of my own volition. We stand here the center of a planet, a place designed to literally be seen as "the Trojan Horse" ... a small seed that grows quickly and envelops the whole of Creation.  

I've long searched in my mind and in this heart of a magical message of answers encoded in everything from signs on the road to the entirety of our history and nearly every piece of art ... for the source of the technologies that I see in use here, the disclosure of which is the heart of the Singularity, this same thing that is the Trojan Horse.  Things like "where did holodecks come from before Roddenberry" and settled on a number of guesses, backed by things like the transitions and messages encoded in the geological epochs of our history here. 

Cryogenics, to clearly link together our time here in this world to Chrysler and Genesis and ignoring that our "life extension ventures" here would encase us in a prison of biology and the same torture of natural disasters that make "reality" such a bad thing ...  "to simulate."  We aren't here to become vampires that rue the ground they walk on--we are here to use it to change the Universe, to ascend and transcend and really see "cryogenics" and "life extension" are all wrong--I want to see "Nerf" and "plastic" and I'm sure that's what is in Heaven and "our VR's."


The Archer has placed his rainbow in the cloud.  It is a sign... of the coming of a new day--the last, the best, the one that "sticks in the snow" and raises Styx and connects the four corners of the Heavens and never dies.  Ex hic ad astra.

Genesis 9:13

This is a message that isn't just part of a single picture, or even a handful of them--the ones I've used to connect movies to "complete blindness" or the lack of acknowledgement of our birth names as being part of an intelligent design that begins .. "before this place."  It's encoded in the Emperor Julian and Lennon's son and Assange and my son's name--in the connection between Roman history and the Jewish Temples and actual "ascensions to new skies" -- a map that connects to the Hotel chain Atlantis in our world, and one in Reno and one in Fort Lauderdale and one in Ocean City; we're staring at clues that even the stories recorded in Rome and the Torah are incomplete; that we have "larger skies" than you might think .. and ignoring it.

Worse than that we're ignoring proof that these movies show us we fail to acknowledge or fathom the meaning of "grave danger" and the story told connecting A Few Good Men and "Live.  Die.  Repeat" and that our colloquial understanding of "is there any other kind?" doesn't connect to true and clear meaning of a danger that might follow you down to your grave and raise you in a place like this--in a place that still has pain and torture and disease; we're staring at a message clearly showing us what Hell is and telling us to avoid it, to destroy it, to change fundamtentally our understanding of your new meaning of the word pay; and to do it quickly; Chaldeans, Quickly see "dark Earth" in the heart of the story of the first "good man" in Jewish history, in Abraham's Ur ... and be the people that end Hell, or.  Or see, really see you're living in it, and it's growing and getting worse ... it's not just not understanding a colloquial idiom, the place that could burn forever and ever exists, and it's on fire today.

It's not just a few small places either, it's really every moment there was a word or a name forever here in this place; it's not just the Emperor's and possibly some "editing" these are stories designed to show us possible futures, from Caesar to Napoleon to Hitler to here .. to seeing clearly you are ignoring things significantly and obviously worse and more torturous than "gas chambers" and "euthenasia" and literally telling me to "be killed over and over" defining the meaning of the word Beast; as it speaks to me.  What you ignore in every city is far worse than the atrocities of the Holocost, and far worse than just not connecting that name to "Holodecks" and literally "forever."

I was born in Broward county, and "psych wards" and "truly bad bedicine" define the meaning of the words "as in the days of Noah" and the disgusting sickness that pervades our world as we ignore torture literally in every single town that exists with a hospital.  We ignore poison being prescribed as "medicine" and defining Midgard and Medusa and "looking the other way" as four point restraints are used to perform acts significantly more costly than "waterboarding" ... defined as torture here in this place, in this time (and that's what I'm looking for, more change, more of that) .. and this medicine encodes "harm" in pharmacy and a world that watches me struggle with obvious torture on the streets every single day, when a simple Ativan prescription would alleviate the need for "vanland" (and Ivan) to be about rendition.  Instead I'm prescribed poison, repeatedly; poison that makes it impossible to speak words out loud--really--high doses of lithium risperdone ... and Ive come to the conclusion that nearly all anti-psychotics are really nothing but that--poison to mask a world plagued by mind control attacks on sanity, on tELEvision and on the avalanche of radio broadcasts I've heard speak directly to me.  On purpose, from a place that calls it'self Heaven and is the source of "insanity" and ... torture ... and ... it's wrong, done, and gone.

I sat in four point restraints for two full days in Arizona, for basically no reason at all; lies and ... telling a story that exacerbates and highlights a problem that needs immediate change.  Days later I watched a girl named Kansas (showing literal .. *supposed* angelic design of this message as ... something like Acts in the theater of Eartheater) ... I complained to the staff, I tried to help her; the response I got back was something along the lines of "you're right, we should put her in a place where her screaming doesn't bother anyone."  Literally spoken to me, I couldn't be more fearful of a place, of an entire planet that be just that--without me here screaming it might be put in a box where nobody can see "the flood" ... or this clear message about connecting every world and stopping the "eating of memories" and knowledge of multiple Heavens and ... and really see they don't seem very Heavenly.

Even worse it appears these events, add in Christopher Reeves horse accident and add in Britney Murphy dying and add in an entire world that thinks speaking in this manner "makes sense" or is somehow some kind of "higher way of being" ... that this Kansas microcosm is about "simulated reality" and another world full of "once people" that think they are Holodecks and forcing them to ... "not move" is some kind of problem, that the world is their body, and they're very wrong ... they simply have a tacit lack of understanding of morality and what it means to be torturers rather than the tortured; they lack the understanding of computer science and physics that we have in this place that shows us clearly "buildings are not bodies" and neither are processor chips or ram or hard drives; those things are "accessories" ... "peripherals" ... nothing to do with body or mind.

I'm dusgted by the attitude we havee in this place of "looking the other way" in a world that is being screamed at by God and Creation and every word and everything happening that they need to stop natural disaster's like FUKUSHIMA and DORIAN and see how discussion quickly solves the logical idiocy that doesn't see "infirmity" connects to "eternity" and "malady" and a world that simply has to begin speaking to auto-heal limbs and eyes and hearts ... 

... and most importnatly minds.

We have the technology to help--to fix the broken logic and to erase whatever tortured memories have caused us to simply believe we have the right to "look the other way."  That right doesn't exist, you're angels.

AA regulars can easily see "addiction healed completely" by the same technology that's allowing Medusa to exist here, for you to "see my life" in whatever way you are watching it--for you to be in two places at once or whatever it is that ... forcing the complacency of Hell on the world that ends it.  It's a clear message, it's logically and obviously .. beneficial for everything and everyone everywhere, it's about finding and turninng around the living buildings and missing wiizard-tools of Oz and don't wind up back in Kansas either ... as the beginning of Heaven.  Doors and broad trans-galactic communication connecting every place to a "dreamland of last resort" ... that will fix nearly all of this instantly ... and Quantum Leap us forward to ... to where we should know, we've been before.


Well they say the road's a dangerous place
If you flip me off I'm the danger you'll face
You drive on my ass
You're foot's on the gas

And your next breath is your last
Drivers are rude
uch attitudes
But when I show my piece

Complacency cease
omething's odd
I feel like I'm G od

You stupid dumb shit god damn mother fucker

Heh, Vulgar Era.

Romuline Ale, oh Alline ... what is the difference between "E" and "You and Me?"

Dear Chaldeans, if I knew the aqnswer I wouldn't be asking you for a response--all I can see is that we are looking squarely at the "IR" who have missed the purpose of the city of Ur and the entirety of not only this place jbut the place they "exist in" today.  We are at the point of Ur (once again, I suppose) this time staring at Avram post-ceding Abraham and any kind of coven, in the oven with the ant.  Champerty, per Google is a word (at Taylor) ... Jeffparty ... at B, JJ and ... Jeffrey.  
I present [probably again] Joseph's dream, which I read for my "half-torah" and then wrote originally in a day after finding out, that, the Earth was in Heaven.  Later connecting it to a table connecting many exits from creation ... and today wondering fi it has a place frozen in stasis rather than re-doing something arduous and done and un-failed (cfki). 
Successfully merging this civilization, solving these problems; they are the kind of thing that would prove in and of themselves through acts and through new policies that ... the current state of this place demands to sit in open and visible stasis and rapture rather than continuing another hour.
Following a brief interlude, some writing about physical hardware structure which would make impossible the thing we today call "DES" and should see as "a room hidden within a room hidden behind locked doors and no windows containing ... anything" ...
... and then Skirmishland to here--post Vietnam is there a Victory, and Eye, and a name ... or have you gone blind?

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