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As a really brief aside prior to the introduction, the intersection of “Joseph’s dream” and the stories of Atlantis and the Lost City of Gold … among a great many other “municipal dreams” has long been (known or?) the primary motivation and drive behind spending so much time and effort on making this dream a reality. It also intersects a number of modern idioms, things like “all roads read to Rome” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – namely because I like to recall and recount how this vision of a city in the sky was truly re-written in a single day (which is why I haven’t re-done it again or elaborated more on the things that … I’m about to actually … do (just to link further to El Dorado)).

It was written though … to describe a place that could literally be built in a single day–using various tricks like “copying from our reality” the base framework of the island, and then using “computer science magic” … here hidden in a place I call the Artificial Intelligence Samilicosm, little “tricks” that enable a single “interface class” to create a network of “island nodes” that would enable everyone Earth(s) to visit the attraction at exactly the same time, with concepts like K-nearest-nieghbor (k-NN) to create rooms that house millions or billions to appear to only have a small group of friends and family in them. That concept bleeds down into the boardroom concept, to help create a venue for a global-glactic conversation (GG-c?) on how the power of computer science can quickly show us how assimilation of this “demonstration” will quickly lead to a world without war and famine (and eventually absolution) by showing us how every war and argument fought over absolutely-falsely-scarce-resources have created dissension and conflict in a playce where the truth could build a much happier and healthier “venue” for interaction.

Though there are two primary pieces that connect in different ways to what I call the “hardware and software of the road” something that links to the words “sword” and “Asgard” … among other perfect words like “hard drive.” One is “OMEALFHT” and the other is the “Rod(s) of Hey-Seuss the Anti-King.” Since this is still a sort of “decoder ring” for the hidden language, the link here to “hardware and software” and the letter “X” which connects the Xbox and “kisxmet” is that “cross-storm” (in T we’re Macy’s … “intimacys”) in a letter is also described by “gtk+” where you can see the “l” glyph of Brickell (off to see the Wizard) with half a X in “>lt” form. Since I probably haven’t put it on the main WS … Penrose sort of connects to the L’s of Hell where it’s now almost uncontastuble that the word Obelisk is pointing to a road aiming for the sky, as it is written, by the pen.