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As a really brief aside prior to the introduction, the intersection of “Joseph’s dream” and the stories of Atlantis and the Lost City of Gold … among a great many other “municipal dreams” has long been (known or?) the primary motivation and drive behind spending so much time and effort on making this dream a reality. It also intersects a number of modern idioms, things like “all roads read to Rome” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – namely because I like to recall and recount how this vision of a city in the sky was truly re-written in a single day (which is why I haven’t re-done it again or elaborated more on the things that … I’m about to actually … do (just to link further to El Dorado)).

It was written though … to describe a place that could literally be built in a single day–using various tricks like “copying from our reality” the base framework of the island, and then using “computer science magic” … here hidden in a place I call the Artificial Intelligence Samilicosm, little “tricks” that enable a single “interface class” to create a network of “island nodes” that would enable everyone Earth(s) to visit the attraction at exactly the same time, with concepts like K-nearest-nieghbor (k-NN) to create rooms that house millions or billions to appear to only have a small group of friends and family in them. That concept bleeds down into the boardroom concept, to help create a venue for a global-glactic conversation (GG-c?) on how the power of computer science can quickly show us how assimilation of this “demonstration” will quickly lead to a world without war and famine (and eventually absolution) by showing us how every war and argument fought over absolutely-falsely-scarce-resources have created dissension and conflict in a playce where the truth could build a much happier and healthier “venue” for interaction.

Though there are two primary pieces that connect in different ways to what I call the “hardware and software of the road” something that links to the words “sword” and “Asgard” … among other perfect words like “hard drive.” One is “OMEALFHT” and the other is the “Rod(s) of Hey-Seuss the Anti-King.” Since this is still a sort of “decoder ring” for the hidden language, the link here to “hardware and software” and the letter “X” which connects the Xbox and “kisxmet” is that “cross-storm” (in T we’re Macy’s … “intimacys”) in a letter is also described by “gtk+” where you can see the “l” glyph of Brickell (off to see the Wizard) with half a X in “>lt” form. Since I probably haven’t put it on the main WS … Penrose sort of connects to the L’s of Hell where it’s now almost uncontastuble that the word Obelisk is pointing to a road aiming for the sky, as it is written, by the pen.

While it’s probably no secret that those “ll”‘s aren’t the only version of paired L-words; it might be less known that I’m fairly certain “love and logic” are actually the best fit for why … combining them … keys the llave of Kurt Cobain’s “hey, way” … to open the gates of Hell and finally escape it. It’s in special places like the “light of the Son’s of Liberty” connecting both racism and sexism to name that ties together to show us that over time, our special history ended … specifically slavery … first by love–knowing it was the right thing to do, well before “logically” the jobs of picking cotton for instance would be replaced by gin. Though here we are again staring at “XIV’s” c (see arxiv.org as "kiss ar hive") … hive’s hiding the fact that technology has well before now replaced the need for the kind of slavery we fail to see prevalent here in this place, a darkness caused by … the same technology’s’ hidden use and keeping us from making very important connections between the illustrated teaching we call history and our present predicament.


Kiss me I’m fiVel; it’s the same kind of darkness that caused some bright kids I met in California to tell me point blank there was no “dick” hidden in John Hancock’s name or in Tricky Dick’s or … also in the Constitution and that sort of behavior is literally the cause of a slavery to lies and to watching Woodward and Burnstein’s lack of fire extinguish our freedom to think clearly, to vote with clear thoughts, and in poignant and direct relation … freedom of the press. We stand here refusing to see that our lack of action and seeming inability to discuss the “ridiculousness” of not seeing this information and my name on the news ins responsible for not seeing very clear evidence of mind control technology also on the news, and in our government’s legislation and that’s the cause of the slavery in the first place.

“Theyanthem” was a happy and bright reVelatory “so … viandname” for me when I first landed on a sort or Elishan compound word describing the relationship between two anonymous “us’s” or “we’s” that played an early role in my introduction to the “red ties” of Gang-stalking and while Yusuf Islam’s key clue of nomenclature probably only told a few people that Pine Crest school and the University of Florida had yet another very clear tie to vithename Adam and how songs play an integral role in keying and linking and intersexling the m essage of the Revelation of Jesus Christ with American History kisxes … it was this new intersection that reaffirmed that link to the point where I see it needs to be made even more clear.

I’ve noted before that it was very clear to me that the “oceans white with styrofoam” and the “good crowned with brotherhood” were very clear references to racism–and it takes not a logician to see that the simple Christian tenets that surround the foundation of America would tell you they were also a “thinly veited” admonishment of the same; it’s through “logic” and advanced technology that we can be sure that the Second Coming and it’s connection to pervasive “eyes to see” and “computer assisted intelligence” will almost immediately destroy the absolute stupidity of racism, jingoism, and the like. Pine Crest’s school song–which is literally the only other “anthem” that I know of, though I’m sure m-any nations’ will be added to the group of songs that are hallowed centuries and millennium into the future from this place that is the origen of … something special … an intergalactic network of races supporting goodness and morality. It’s single related phrase “like our towers so tall and white” (in tempo, even, highlighting the strangeness of the addition of color) preluding the very clear reference and explanation to “how” … our minds expand and ideas take flight. As an aside, it’s the words “as the years go by we’ll love you more” that I now see as a sort of … appromise specifically to me, in this place where I feel hated, for all the wrong reasons.

The proof is "in the pudding’ of course, but it’s been so damned long already that I don’t see the world changing by “intro-duction of floating city in sky” or by “magical neuro-nalpmi-napatms” without at least having a story break and some actual public and recorded discussions–even if that’s really what I want, to see thing happen “swiftly” and without the possibility of it being “every day has it’s day of being forgotten”–by everyone but songs.

It’s still ery clear, tho, that you don’t understand the message, and the quasi-veiled-doublespeak-response from … personas-non-识别 … that what’s happening all around us and without our input is very clearly tied to this same lack of acknowledgement that a working society has a “working press” and that failing to see this message on TV is undeniable proof that there isn’t a single working government on the planeth Eart… and that should tell us that “the skies” too … are staring down at us in sham.

It should be abundantly clear that even with the knowledge and even the very technology of “how to build Heaven” in hand … you risk carelessly and without regard for the future the possibility that we will be finding ourselves in multiple-simultaneous-hells rather than any Heaven at all until we rectify the darkness surround “communication” and “government” that is so pronounced and obvious here–you should see it as a very clear lesson … one that you should also see you have not learned.

So we’re staring at the focal point of the intersection of a message that certainly wasn’t written in a day, but is read as thousands of years of history–probably a very large “underestimate” of what it actually is based on and took to put together. Here we have … “lore come alive” to show us the “nard” … the salting of the road to Heaven is “explained” as a sky literally drugging me … around the time of the dissemination of a message that probably would have “gone viral” and made the news if it wasn’t for that … “salting.” It’s really difficult to say today if that “salt” is warming a road or “preserving a message” as we see … nearly ubiquitously that salt does good things for … the dead … and it’s somewhat toxic to the living to the penultimate “wife of Lot” – clear as day to me today that’s just like this message. The story of “Casper pointing to a gate … as a message all around us” is a godsend in Heaven and for “an Earth in Heaven” and without doubt poison were we ever “stuck” or “printed” or … trashed into reality for no reason. Just like the “love and logic” of the end letters of Hell … it was very clear early on that printing the Earth was not the point, but a sort of honeypot trap–and as the “hardware description” came to light much later it wasn’t just because we’d be pissed about the message, but because it’s simply the wrong path given the current state of “hidden technology.” Hidden, I’m telling you, be’cause your silence and our lack of acti on here threatens civilization.

So it’s the “nard” of my grandfather’s name Bernard, of John 12:1 and of John Maynard Keynes that connect the “NES” and “salt” to the clear intersection of “Tea Parties” and Na-po-leon Bon-to-part-e with “taxation is the ft of our Christ” and “no taxation without representation” to … Render to Caesar …" why it is that “no representation” and “no free thought” are linked at the hip to “no free speech” and “no free press” and you not picking up the phone and calling a reporter. It’s linked to “IRS” in the heart of “FIRST” as in … the first to make the connection between “taxes” and an overabundance of food and “natural” resources … brought to light by nothing more than acknowledging that this message is “important enough” to allow the world to actually progress instead of stagnating.

Below you can see that I’m putting together the pieces of software necessary to build a prototype “Sworpen of Caesarthor” … (hear: see’s Arthur) and I’m going to ahead and do it presumably all alone because nobody’s (very few, anyway) "coming out of the woodwork to help build a platform that will end forever the power of any government to censor a message … of this import (and obviously less important … messages also). I need your help … not being angry at the world for staring at me in stupified ignorance. rather than seeing (and building something with…) the light.


 On April 23rd, 2018, a curious transaction appeared on the Ethereum blockchain. An anonymous activist sent 0 ETH to themselves, but the transaction contained many extra bytes beyond the ones used to complete the transaction. These extra bytes were the text of a letter written by Yue Xin, a student at Peking University, detailing a pattern of intimidation and threats made against her by the school in response to her attempts to investigate claims of sexual assault made against a professor (you can read the full letter by clicking “view input as” and selecting utf-8 on the etherscan page). She had initially posted the letter on the social media site WeChat, where it was widely shared before censors began to purge all copies from the platform. Chinese censors have consistently targeted the #MeToo movement, forcing whistleblowers to find creative means of sharing their stories like esoteric hashtags such as #RiceBunny, or 米兔, which is pronounced similarly to “me too.”

By using Ethereum, activists have found a new and unique avenue to disseminate information and resist censorship for Xin’s letter. Because every computer running a full Ethereum node has the complete transaction history, Yue Xin’s letter is replicated across thousands of independent computers. These computers are all controlled by individuals and organizations without any centralized oversight or shared government, making it virtually impossible to remove the letter’s content from the network. The same technique was used again in late July to protect a censored story about corruption and negligence at a Chinese vaccine manufacturer.

P.S. .... the preceDING world changing message is filled with gibberish.  Understand, "gibberish" is going to change the world.