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So I'm basque'ing in my hot tub, the one my new Palace has, and I'm thinking to myself how lucky I am to be enjoying so much luxuiry so many years after the wake of the Cry-slur Crossfire ... and even the reverberation of those waves upon "understanding" what that cars name meant.  Not really, that's not really it at all... I've been tortured, and you don't seem to recognize it at all, not to care that I'm literally telling you "who-da-bar" of uh, the Jewish prayers that use that word in relationship to "AD on ... A i ts me" (c ... A, t, ¥, hadasha, brit hadasha) is showing you, or the future or Heaven or people that have hearts, how to find a sickness ... not just the desire to torture but one to blame people for things ... "other people" have done, just because they look similar.  

ואחר הדברים והאמת האלה, הגלוים וידועים לכל, נחזור לענין ראשון בענין הכעס, שהוא כעובד עבודה זרה

After these words and this truth, which are manifest and known to all, let us return to the original subject, concerning anger — where a person [who is angry] is likened to an idolater.

והיינו במילי דעלמא, כי הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים

This is so only with regard to mundane matters, for “everything is in the hands of heaven except for the fear of heaven.”

For instance, there's many lost souls that dare to "grab their necks" (as they drive by, on the road--that I'm ... walking ... on) in caricaturized outlandish and extravagant motions to point pout how Dave Matthews "Crash Into Me" and ,.. Horizon ELEmentary ... link together to tell the beginning of a story of why and what may have happened in some past apocalypse (call it the first (and you'll be mistaken), see we're the at the last--truly, and never again will anyone think it's the first, or be able to try another time--it's sealed here at and as and because of "dis#ase") marked by not just songs or The Pretty Reckless but also by what I consider to an assassination attempt through time, from a place in the skies I look at today that has no business "assassinating" anyone ... lest themselves.  It's the whole idea though, of Heaven killing people, that's a problem--something they should see is "murder" whether or not they believe they have the right to decide who lives and who kiss them.  On top of that this particular "Resurrection" has caused me pain every day of my life since it happened, and lo; it places us in a strange position, one where I feel very altruistic for fighting for your freedom and for a happy future, even though I've been wronged not just once, but now--look at you.  Nasty, that's what God's added comments "explain" about the New American Standard for "tank you."

Yeah, when I was so young and so innocent I drove a Crossfire, it was Daimler's 300$ a month promotion though, and like Dave sings, take a look; take a look again, his cancer eaten, his life deprived."  I know I've told you ... that you're participating in group behavior, specific behaviors that prove outside control and that breaking them, specifically these behaviors will do something akin to "letting the music actually set you free," I know you don't want to hear that I think tithing is a horrible practice and that it's stupid to think you can pay for salvation--while at the same time, here in this one special place helping to pay for advertising for a message that actually might do it ... well, it's not so stupid to donate to "Pa why", rather than a Church.  How cupid I must look to blast to a wall of unified plaster that silence is not the way, and all I need is a date--and fail to point out that there must be some kind of "bar" or "lock" or "switch" in the sky above you that simply keeps you from communicating normally, or ... saying anything at all about virtual reality and cancer, and how silence is related to both.  Though here I am, broke as a joke, and I can't for the life of me figure out why not a single girl shows interest on OKCupid or "Hinge" (Hi Adan, "gee e?") even though those sites are named after me, and this... and even though on the streets, well it seems like everyone already knows my name.  Ev#ryone, I mean ut.

Coming out of the woodwork .. my long held idiomatic belief as to .. who "should be" contacting me to help write this thing, or work on the "hisword" ... something that would be ... literally "patriarchal" in reference to titles like "founders or fathers of actual freedom" or ... "the builders of the system that saves the Universe."  So, I might look silly, but I keep saying I'm a mirror, and you don't get it. 

"Ev#ryone knows" is not the same thing as everyone sees it on TV or on a billboard, and even farther from what we need .. everyone knows and thinks "this is OK" is an everyone that's not OK.  You're crazy, period; crazy is not something that can be "majority overruled" or "unanimity decided" it's something very different; it's a break in logic, and that's what you are.

schwangerschaft und spore

So that's not really what I was thinking about, though this particular place is so much nicer than the shared rooms and rehab centers where I've been spending nearly all of my time for the last few years; these years where I've donated my time and a significant amount of personal skills... from information technology to "creative writing" in order to further a cause that I believe in more than anything--the dissemination of truth and freedom.   It's a strange place and a strange time, where nearly everything I ever learned was needed in order to become a "yeoman" staring at this place of "no yo" in utter disbelief; as I see inane malice of "e" spinning it's wheels to try and alter your present truth in favor of some new lie it .. or you .. would prefer to present to the future.  All the while apparently not understan ding what that makes it, or you--dead or a lie. Obviously neither thing is an acceptable casualty in this place where clear as day and night all of our problems come both immediately from ... and stem organically and intrinsically at their source by nothing but... "lies."   There's the lie of scare resources and the lie of the nature of our existence and the biggest lie of all, whatever the hell you are doing instead of ... caring about you and your future.

So I amused myself ... in my solitude ... like I often do.  I thought about the "Adamic linguistic" link between "PLE" and "ORE" ... two trinities of letters that spell out something similar, "pearly" and "shiny" and how the latter specifically might link to the stuff I've been writing about (and actually heard some college kids somewhere found pretty interesting) ... the shiney new luster on a concept billions of years older than any human.  So the word in play is "spore" and of course it connects in my thoughts to the DNA of Echidna and even some random flower that perpetuates itself through a "press and release" and especially ... special to me is Roe vs. Wader.   Shiny and the heart of "e" I'm staring out at a mass that now appears less intelligent and less connected and less bright than ever before--to think it might be "shiney" to connect "dust in the wind" to the idea of the Omega Point Seed (from some other movie, maybe a Star Trek story line) to link these concents of the fundamental building blocks of Heaven ... "the skynet' and even to David's sling--which might project some spores all the way to Andromeda without anyone in "e" ever having to glance at whether or not we had the "math right" in our trajectory towards uh, "adding in" a Woman's right to choose .. you know, as an important ingredient in the quest of whether not we want to arrive (or travel).  

If you're slower and stupider than you look (which you might be), I'm connecting the idea that heart of "e" is Roe ... eggs that haven't been Waded in by Darth Angle ... to the very simple and obvious idea that if copies of you are being sent out into space for "purposes of birth of life" and they haven't been Waded in, then you're really not seeing me, or this message, or having any choice wither or not you are to be cloned a billion times over, and whether or not you'll have to do same thing over and over and over again because nobody really seems to care that you've lost communication with every spore you've sent.... oh, right, and with me and with each other here in this place that you think is going to be "the beginning of everything."  You've lost it already, and you never really had it.

just quick lol ha'B... on "bon apetit" and tithing...oh, and Bionic Beaver ;)


So it's clear now from Asimov's Foundation and from our history ... that what we're looking at right now this very moment is the "Dark Ages" projected into history and into fiction and into everything at all but what really matters, which is into your mind's eye of understanding.  For those of you that don't know, the Bubonic Plague was caused by shit in the streets; something that probably caused the creation of municipal sewer systems ... very specifically as the socially needed technology that kept you from just pouring your toilet bowls out the window into the street below ... as another "LED."  It too, it might be related to my ignorance (and yours) as I stare at story after story of B intimating that she owes me "dark to right" with nightmare after nightmare of torture--and only stupid responses ... like from @DanaSchwartzzz who (I had a minor crush on for only a few days, and) managed to eek though the shield-fire-wall-of-e that she doesn't know what I'm complaining about, they saw the whole thing on Heaven's Hellscope Television channel (is it itch.tv?).  So Dana, that's what I'm complaining about. 



Anyway, if you read it, it's "B you're good I see" or something like that, in this place where that "bon" of French (for good!) has come into contact with "Bon Vogage" and it's connection to probably her linking together the two angels of Hamadamascus with "have a nice trip"and either RIP or "I'm sure I'll see (voy) the Golden Age of Adam." .. so I'm staring at the Darkness and wondering when you'll figure out that you are really your own worst enemies, and I have no interest in in doing anything but helping you change.  Oh, I see it "carbonite" too, that's from Star Wars

You need to change.   Double-speak and thought police have no place in a bright future.

Anyway, there's also the distinct loss of "i" between Bubonic and Bionic; which was another B-ism that made me smile a little bit--even if she didn't know she was sort or making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.   

That brings us to the "SEWER" that's the key to ending the plague .. and I'm looking at it and it joins together the "EW" of ... Entertainment Weekly and Jew and "pew" and even John Stewart and this story about how "everyone willing not to be silent' eventually saves everyone, everyone really... though today ER is quieter than ever before, and I'm like, "outlook poor" ... and so is our Magic 8-ball, is it related?  


To remind you--forcing someone to have a bad dream, is evil.  period. 

Making someone actually live a nightmare ... twice, three times ...  more than that?  That's cause for annihilation.   At least in my book, and I'm the one carrying Yosemite Sams big, BIG stick; and no apparent other recourse in what appears to me to be a "sea of conssistent ressurection of evil" ... despite consistent attempts to erase it, replace it, and heal it   On that word, it's become my new biological reasonf Achilles' Heel, it's like ... despite the pummace scrub, the "callous" keeps coming back ...  and do see, it's the "R" that helps us exit the subterranean Hell literally visually depicted and described in the Matrix, as Zion.   There will be no reboot.

download (2).jpeg

I've always sort of had it in my head that John 1:1 spoke about a specific word, over the course of my journey I've wondered if it was "palabra" and then maybe "ha'esh" ... and it's possible moving towards the latter end of the story, this time when it's so very clear that nobody is acting "logically" and for that reason that I'm stuck in some strange alternate reality where ,... well, where nobody seems to care at all for the "world" that they were born in--nor to see how an "Exodus" from that place, planned ... obviously ... for thousands of years in and of itself causes very serious doubt to cast over the worth of that Exodus' "destination." 

Around Christmas, associated with the concepts of OEM and refurbished and "factory warranty" expiring I kind of thought about the idea that maybe the "hardware" that I'm clearly describing the rico-creation of ... maybe it's at some end-of-life stage where it needs to be updated or replaced, and even in the few brief sentences I connected to Y2K and B0K (2000, and 2011) I sort of wasted our time explaining what I see as a possible gap "in space" between (C the Light) Ark and Kenterprise ... a complete overhaul or a Unix-like 'MV" rather than a Assember "MOV" that (an ASM MOV is basically just a "copy" operation, with no "RM" of the source) really is the reason Asimov has his name ... and the point there is that if there's some .. unforseeable and unfathomable constraint preventing K's message (which is religion, and words, words like "infirmity" and "malady" and "confirmation") from being actually executed ... if there's something keeping us from being able to "heal the sick en masse" that the clear right thing to do is move everyone and destroyed the broken machine--nobody wants to be stuck in a broken machine, right?

Anyway, I don't think there's any doubt that "morality" and the knowledge that this message presents, the meaning and impact of the two letters "Si" and the change wrought by being on a "silicon chip" rather than on "terra firma" (more confirmation?) ... that there's just no way that it's socially acceptable to continue simulating pain and disease in a place where "the rest state" rests my case for me, we certainly would be better off in a place that didn't do the extra work required to ... you know, spread diseases and simulated the impact of bullets in a place where that's still extra work, even if the rules of natural law were ... "automatic."

Anyway, I started trying to explain how simple is it ... to just build a shiled or some kind of "object interaction event" that would simply prevent all collisions; car accidents, bullet impacts, falling avalanches and even xeROX thAT HOuston, which was one of my favorite links between "Houston, we have a problem" and "copy that" and Xerox and ...  John 8:7''s "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." ... that's just that simple to build a sort of "net" that magically appears and stops collisions that would cause unwanted harm to people ... and then I read the word "collision" and sort of smiled, it was another "malady" holding deep in it's heart the same kind of "it i" that I saw in "apparition" and made me so very fond of the Roman word for Juptier ... Iuppiter .. and also for references to Casper that I see in so many places.  In my best Tricky Dick voice, surely I say to you ... Har-wer sois the key, if I am a ghost, than so are we."

WANTED: DEAD OR THE LIE.  In that same line of thiniing, "the rest case" gives us plenty of impetus to understand why it is that it's just obviously morally wrong to "print a planet full of people" in reality ... in the place that ... under this specific circumstance really is the worst of all Hells; to a place where there truly is no way to escape from pain and infirmity other than death--and surrounded by a message explaining that they are the "heart of Heaven" at least, as soon as they receive and respond to those specifi words.  It's really rooted in every bit of every word, seeing "heart" as Earth re-arrainged and the blood of Christ pumping in it, post the explanation of the First Plague, that ... it's family in the place that literally saves the future from pain and disease and death.  

With that last one, another "word" anthropomorphized by Dr's Seuss and Who ... in Exodus connecting Samael to the "I AM" and explaining... really explaining that it's the difference between a "line feed" and a "Holy R" (as the heart of "North" and MInerva" (which is Heaven... on its head) ... that brings us one line higher towards God or towards reality or towards ... the good place.  So it's seeing that "h" that's the how, at the end of Maveth and Death and Earth moving up and to the forefront of the word "heavens" ... by responding to this message with something "heaven worthy" rather than silence. 

There's plenty of research now, philosophy and statistics coming from people like Nick Bostrom; work that basically implies that there's almost zero chance at all that we are not living in a "simulation within a simulation" and thinking about it, when you start to think about it you'll probably agree that's not the case.  Though, here, we have a chance to gaze at what the "embedding" of OLE (as a key, it's one of my keys) and what a "line feed down" actually means--that's not a place where anyone will just magically wake up and be inside a "second bubble" deeper in this strange concept of simulations within simulations that ... Rick and Morty ... for instance ... lit up for the kids.  What it really means is forcing this world to pretend they are in reality, and in that pretense ... themselves creating an entire infrastructure for mind uploading and for immortality--servers probably owned by governments and major international corporations that might "sell" to you (and then to your children, who I imagine would have to support your continued playing in ... heaven within hell within heaven) the prospect of not having to have a body to decay and grow old, but rather ... give you exactly what I'm trying to explain is the fruit of responding to this message about already being in "hell wthin heaven" and turning it into something better.

So I can't personally think of any reason anyone ... anywhere ... would want a layer of Zombies between Heaven and another Heaven; I certainly see it as a very scary prospect, that anyone here would want or desire to be "in control" of an entire world of fantasy growing beneath them--all the while knowing in their hearts that they themselves have no actual control over their own faculties or facilities and that .. well, something very immoral is happening now and would continue to happen until we decide that it's not OK to "starve babies" or to torture anyone with "advanced mind control technology."  This place is the line, I imagine it's always been something like that, why the Rock of Ages and the Ancient of Days are here to demand and confront some young ghosts in their dastardly plans to ... lie themselves into oblivion.

YOU APPEAR TO HAVE BECOME CONTENT WITH FAILURE. I imagine in the interum, this false sense of valuation of worth ... your false sense of victory comes from acatually achieving something so much better than you expected--another of God's little charming tricks that you continued to press on having not received the one very special thing that was promised here in this place.  That great promise the heart of the reason America and NASDAQ are ... my personal focal point on what it appears Hell, as in .. the central focal "simulated reality" in Creation has been laced with in order to ensure that we do not fail to receive it, it's freedom--freedom is the thing we are missing.  It's a sense of self, and an assuredness that we truly do obtain and maintain "liberty" in this place in the development of civilzation where it seems to "blur" between computerization and the difference between "nocere" and "no Siri."  It's clear, at least from what I'm reading and very clear from what I'm seeing on the street that we've come accustomed to "hive behavior" and to that word not being an affront to "humanity" which it is, and it will be.  We're staring here at a large group of us, billions; who were born here, with biological brains that were not connected to the "spirit of the Father" or to the "devil in the music" ... where as I grew up it would have been and still is an intrusion to be controlled ... even if by God himself.  Here, it becomes even more of an intrusion when it appears that God himself has laid down a plan throughout all of history to ensure that we do not fail to see the difference between Tok'ra and Goa'ula in Stargate and to see this is the difference between freedom and slavery between a world that has marriages that cannot be undone and one that has ... well, walking papers.  I mean, pre-nuptual agreements and where the lack of possibilty of divorce is as equally outright shamed as the ideas of "indentured servitude" and "arraingmed marriages."

Imagining that some group of us, possibly even "all of us three times over" (as the book of Genesis and Greek Mythology congeal to indicate) have ascended to another place and somehow failed to realize that not bringing "freedom" and the "techie tools" that would be there... here, ensures that one day we will return to this place to see how it is that fixing the "ascension process" itself, how delivering freedom ... well, before we leave our biological litmus test for whether or not you have been made a slave or freed from ... a technologically distpian future ... all rests on wether or not anyone ever thinks its OK that an entire planet appears to be enslaved right this very moment to ... "waiting for freedom to ring."  It's not OK, we're staring at a disaster, "silence" is the key to the disaster, ending it will end a future that didn't care to see how responsing intelligently to a message defining slavery and showing us that without dislcosure of the technologies and without moving forward to create a structure to free us from them ... no matter what ... we will always been enslaved to this idea that it's simply "OK" for something to be inside of our minds and inside of our bodies and we "live with ti."  It's not OK.

So yesterday, along with "collision" the word "evita" came to mind, as a sort of ... what's the wrod to describe moving from "EV" to ... "the assim" ... which I remind you is basically a Hebrewization of the Norse word for "Gods/Elohim" which is ... Aesir, the plural of "ass" and I'm like, it's "as sim" guys, they've become the sim and think that's a worthwhile reason not to free themselves from ... becoming "all one mind" as I write to you from the place where I firrst heard that phrase uttered ... around 2011. 


Anyway, the thing you are "filled with" is making you starve babies instead of being responsible for ending hunger forever; it's making you ... pretend you don't see something that everyone sees--that the world is losing freedom, and that all you have to do to fix that is tell the truth.  This is no victory, this is just mass stupidity staring at the "opiate of the masses" and deciding for reason at all that you don't want to see Heaven.