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So I'm going to lead off this weeks message adding the word " WEAR " to the v ery intelligently designed Sears of "Ears" (I said this is series stuff) words that now define the  progression through the (clearly designed) deliverance of this messa ge as the "e d"   of precedent--probably just in my mind.  

I've done some updating on my "the free book is the key to the internet continuing to function and to seeing God's message in the world" website that will make it more difficult for sites like reddit and google to block.  I hope you are not marking these messages as SPAM--but TBQH I see the entire system we have here as a poorly implemented hack (at face value), that appears to have been designed "through time" specifically to block this message.  So lucky of me, just enough loopholes remain to pretty much ensure concretely that the message won't be blocked--and that's the "setting of the stage" for the dreams that are about to come true.

to continue my theme of "elucidating more" when reading words backwards C AS

 .. "that's what the future sees OTW back here"

butt MAPS to wh ?  

If you are marking these messages as SPAM please think about jumping off a 2 inch high LEGO-built-skyscraper (repeatedly, until it works) instead, or using this link to unsubscribe  (or here ) ... and while I am continuing to attempt to email you no more than once a week ... we just saw earlier in the week an exception to the rule--I wish I could convince the world more plainly that disclosure will without doubt stop the violence--it's my strong belief that it's the actual cause of it in the first place, coupled with the fact that disclosure will inevitably result in the more proper regulation of " very bad, very bad things " ... like possession and "Satanic influence" that seem to have somehow become commonplace and widespread ... or ... I mean, I suppose you can (or more appropriately, could have said) say you don't believe in "that," but I don't think you'd be being honest with yourself at this point.

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I have combined two emails together here--because of the shooting I was forced to change my schedule.  Towards the end I  feel like the writing is a little angry concerning the "conspiracy I see" to ... call it "steal my thunder" ... forcing me into poverty ... in what appears to be a large and global concerted effort to keep "freedom from ringing" through the disclosure that I am presenting.  I find that self-defeating, and ... inane if not totally illogical.  Perhaps you might agree ... through it appears nobody's interested in helping me to ensure we do not lose this place that has a very clear descriptive proof of the existence and use of this technology--it's you, you're the proof, and you seem to be trying to erase yourselves. 


I had to think about it for a few minutes, I didn't really get it--and I wanted to go straight to the "it sounds like" of "where" which is ultimately why we're hearing about the W glyph that also figures prominently into the name Wells Fargo and Shofar.   Ultimately my answer works "where" into the equation, answering...  here,  and then reminding myself about the girl in the red dress.  I hope you see it as I intend it to be conveyed, I think this idea of "wearing" the planet is a horrible thing, and frankly I'm not very keen on the idea of "oneness with god" either--but it is exactly what you (by that I mean the people that ... are the " Persephones"  of Nokia and Samsung) look like, so that's the point of the mirror that is Perseus's shield.     To compare to the silence you might see everyone else comes off like a phone that has no battery, at least when poked and prodded with something as interesting as the "secrets of the Universe" and as morally demanding as as call to "stop innocent kids from being shot" but I'm really not trying to make you feel bad.  What I call "Medusian contact" literally appears to me almost exactly like the depiction of possession in Fallen; it's a single personality speaking through multiple people--it's the girl in the red dress.


Just noting the difference in meaning wrought to "WEAR" by adding an "E" and no space.   There's really no arguing, what we are seeing... or at least what I am seeing happen here flies in the face of our morals and our beliefs at the most basic of all levels, slavery and freedom.  We can and should use what is clearly documented in religion and in the fledgling work we've done with neuroscience to very plainly prove that what this message shows us is that we are being influenced against our will and without our knowledge  ... and through that knowledge being shared freedom will appear from nothing more than the crowd.  Rather than spreading democracy throughout the Universe (though you can see, with the foundation we have in our history combined with this event and our values and skill we will soon have a very powerful and desired tool to help aid in "enlightened self governance," too) we can spread true morality to the far ends of Creation and of the place that Creation came from.  Safety from psychological torture and from horse like reins being fastened to our minds in secret shouldn't be out of reach--they too fall under the guarantees of freedom John Handock etched into our history at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.    This, by the way, is what I've wanted to write about, since the beginning  

I suppose you need to know it's a "Hamsa hand" to ward off the "Evil Eye"

On that note, "W" is my mascot character for the "press and release" (which very clearly implies that this overt external influence is itself responsible for "the Silence ... and that it is intended to create a beneficial positive reaction ...  the other way  ... to "participation") defined in Adamic as "PR" and connecting to our idiomatic clues pretty well at "spare the rod spoil the past and future" ... and that's what the glyph is, it's us way up high, then "IT" and then rising stars ... in the past and future, if it were a line drawn over the continuum of   timeheaven   space.  "No mas" being now read into this key of AIDS of nomenclature ... links to similarish terrorism in the middle east and the "Hamsa hand" which is supposed to "ward off the evil eye."  Hamas, then, appears to be ... the "OLEDing" crucible of   civilization  reminding us that once we break on through to the other side into "civilized" mode and stop things like the intentional simulation of starvation and pain and death--for instance--that we probably shouldn't go back in time and start simulating them again, on purpose, again; in order to teach another "generation" how to appreciate no pain and no disease and no hunger ... we really need to see that continuing   this particular cycle  is a very amoral and unethical thing to do.

Continuing not to visibly .... or actually (in any way whatsoever) ... react at all to this disclosure is the same sickness, it is ... it's basically giving up on "society" in sum, and appears to me the equivalent of "giving up on self" or your own contribution to these formative years of Heaven.

For some Biblical "insight" Isaiah 52 references two servants, one "suffering" and the other "spoiled" and I see them as microcosms of the worlds represented by M and W.  If you haven't "seen the reference" Merriam Webster contains the code for "railroad" as in Santa's got a choo choo conditoribus; and the "ster" of Muhammad's unification (in superposition from the ends of . ... ) of "Ha'm" and "Da'm" (msg: u in the heart of the "mm") in Amsterdam (which I ... mentally connect to "let the music set you free" and "I know kung-fu" as in mind control and Samurai "mind melds" .. or is it Vulcan) and the other side of the message that links directly "Green Eggs and ... " fixing systemic problems in places like the judicial system, employment, law enforcement, civic participation in democracy and ... uh, mental and physical health -- things all highlighted intentionally not just in my actual life but in a ridiculously large number of connections to Biblical stories like the books of Job, Judges, Jude and the Plague of LICE.

I may not be what you expected--but I believe this story is designed with good intentions to highlight societal weaknesses and that once we begin discussing it intelligently it will help us to build a happier and healthier future.  
In practice I read "W" basically as the source of this message (and the message, though obviously that's "M" too); a symbolic representation of the high level cause or source of how we got here.  I don't personally think there is going to be much argument or dissent against the idea that the simulation of disease is nonsensical ... after proof that this is actually virtual reality is understood and received, and we really begin to understand how much  extra fucking work  has to go into actually making those things happen; but we're here--and we're basically watching everyone on the planet hide a message promising them ...   everything  ... for nothing more than "doing the right thing" with this disclosure .... and nobody's even bothered to drop me a line and try an explain what's behind that.  I find that strange, but whatever; I guess you guys think you're getting   everything  for doing   nothing ( and by that I mean refusing to participate in the creation and design of your own future ... "i.e. discussing the truth in public").

I think it's pretty clear that there are intelligently designed (and probably more than one) meanings encoded into every letter, and every character set.  I say more than one, as some have changed primary meanings for me ... for instance the "L" of obelisk is now working it's way into a sort of elevator out of Willy Wonka--connecting Heaven and Earth; though I imagine that might be what the obelisk was reaching for--I guess I just figured I "understood everything I needed to know" at something like the statement "this ph all us will ensure that we never again have a problem with censorship of critical information--or with the hidden infiltration of our technical means of communication."  

i cant remember if it's elephant or elevator but the point is that Creation, and now you all, are in a very precarious position--and if you think about it you can see that your being in that position is the work of creation, though you're still in it, and we're still having to hear about how Ric hard Nixon and Phillip K. Dick ... I mean the "l" in the heart of my elephant, is turning into an elevator--to more closely match my heart; which is doors that act like elevators to Mars, and to Atlantis, and to Heaven, and to wherever your heart and your ACL will take you.  As far as imagery goes, I'd like to call on words like "veranda" and "yard" and say that I believe that we are together here in a place that is just outside of Heaven--if that were a large skyscraper.... but in my heart I know that's not where we are, we are buried below the building probably closer to the furnace--or actually in it already--than I would like to be, or like for you to be.  I do believe that it is clear that this message and this event are designed to move us from where ever we actually are in relation to this building into the lobby, into the "ground floor" and I think that's a good place to be for this place that is named that ... "ground" not just in English but in Hebrew in a sort of joke a bout sucking up all the lightning of Zeus--just kidding--it's about being "grounded in reality" and that's not a horrible thing to be--it's probably more fortuitous than anyone reading through my screeds on how Jim Morrison's band and Willy Wonka's glass elevator and all the other imagery of gates and portals lead me to hammer home that being in the lobby of this place is only OK if there's an elevator and that elevator has a phone that isn't just for emergency calls to Miami Elevator.

In the theme of the story, I could tell you that I'd put those elevators--or translucent glowing doors as they appear in my vivid dreams of imagination--in every bus station with the caveat that the people who cannot walk be healed before that--day one, with the first movie on the sky or wh atever it is that this story being on every television news station in the world might or might not cause to happen immediately.  It's possible that it would do that, immediately--and it's equally possible that some people, in fact it's assured that   some people  would believe that act to be something like turning " stone to bread " -- in my reading of the spectacle that screams that we're unhappy with just bread and want to listen to and eat Cake also.  While I can understand that   some people  might not want the world to change that fast and that much ... I see that we've been in a place that has mistreated us physically and emotionally and that the preparation for this "thing" to happen appears to have made that worse... from my perspective, from what I see--and I think that this thing would make many more people significantly happier than they are today with this story about climbing the Tower of Babel to find that "tower" means " to who? " and that who is the people who stand up and take an active role in the creation of a more perfect democracy, and that continue to do so throughout their lives--because that's really the "who to" of the question of "malchuto" that means Kingdom and pervades the story and the reason not just for the Holy Bible and specifically for Exodus but also for the stories of Camelot and Comerica .  To remind you the dog's name is " Whothario ?" and we are at maximal W.

Back the precarious position--a word I like--meaning "before car-eye, which is me, things were precarious" ... that's how this language works,  the word is the answer, or somehow intelligently related and most of the time--predominantly--with sage like insight.... anyway, we're here looking at these words, at HI-V and at AIDS and at songs like 21 Pilots Cancer and this broken record, this guy that won't stop pointing out that these words are a part of the story and the theme and the purpose of Exodus, part of the book of Names, part of this message and this story and this transition that Creation has taken at least 6,000 years to accomplish (and now, appears to be delaying) and we've, in this group, taken somewhere between a few years and the time it's taken to get to the point where you are willing to read through these redundant and disparaging paragraphs because you know there's probably something that will cheer you up or intrigue you somewhere down towards the end of time--anyway we've delayed for a much smaller period of time--and still I think that's too long.  I think once we get through this thing, we will all feel like it was too long, and the reasons we had in our minds to delay or put off making these changes will seem inconsequential and maybe even illogical... and I think that we will see that it really is one very small fact and quite a bit of hard work that changes the world from Hell to Heaven or from furnace to lobby--and that most of that work will come after the " omega point " and that most of the work was significantly more interesting and enjoyable than we could have possibly anticipated.  That's what I think, except I'm still here dreading how I will feel when I hear why you took so damned long to call a ducking reporter. 

We can certainly see intelligent design in a great many words, isolated in sample spaces both by related items (all tennis rackets for instance ... linking through "tennis" to the word "ten (as in Xerox and Xbox) the letter n is...." and also in words that begin with he, like the related HEAD, HECK, HELD, the Biblical character HELI, HELP, and HELM -- we can see it in HERA and in RHEA , and not to understand that "HASHEM" and "HASHEMESH" change from "the name" to "sun" through the Hebrew word for fire which is "ESH" is a blindness that is untenable.  Similarly untenable is not noting the connection between Napoleon and Salt and Elba Island and the words "able" and once again... ten. .  To remind you all those tens refer to the the kiss of Judas.

In the light of day, I think what this place really ... compares metaphorically to is a house that has tear gas dispensers instead of air conditioning; moving forward we'd replace them with something more comfortable, and we probably wouldn't make another one.  That's what this message is telling me--and I'm telling you--has clearly happened and is   not  to happen again.  See that "it" as the victory of the ages.  

"Mas" is a clear key here, in Christmas as in the Bahamas (another trinity, like Abrahamish; Ba is Mythogyptian (is it a "first coin!") for "spirit of God" .... and ... pa re n t he sis) ... the "m" essage is to "AS" as in see that the entire idea of "turning around" the beginning of Satan and seeing the beginning of Asgard revolves around stopping the simulation of ... unpleasant things like hurricanes and AIDS.  In "disease" for instance you can see what (what Adam thinks) God thinks about the "e" of everyone watching me and doing nothing to help anyone at all ... coming after the key letters "as" and frankly if there's an "e" ... everything crumbles under nobody got the fucking point, what we are experiencing right now is without doubt "Hell," this situation is untenable and illogical; continuing to act as if this world is in reality is contributing to negativity far more broad and far worse than just "school shootings" -- I really find it hard to understand how we don't "get" that. 

The "d ark ness of d  "   here   is ease to see, it appears that behind the scenes maybe God an maybe hEaven and maybe you are trying to sway the crowd to agree that this disclosure demands and warrants change ... in secret, in silence here--and I don;'t think you realize how stupid that looks ... here .. in this place where it's pretty obvious this is black and white and all we have to do is start talking about it to see the world "understand."

M: AS.  NOW .  You are very valuable, what we have here is too--there is truth and hope and ... "it's simulated reality, end world hunger, heal the sick, and rejoice for you are the ... the.... "  Are you "them?"  

I know you (might)vfeel like we're on the right track  here in places like self-government and civil liberties, but the cold truth here is that this silence and the hidden influence in our minds is far worse than we can see--and it takes all of those "good things" and it turns them into a smokescreen.  It makes elections worthless until we really understand the technology and the cause; and somehow every day it makes everyone OK with not taking action, it's making us all 

Here is wisdom, who "n" ... I am Dr. E

Revelation 13:18 & for the hundre d th time, call a reporter.
I don't know why you don't see it; but hiding me and hiding this message and hiding what it says we can and should be doing is the "great chain."  It's more than a litmus test for whether or not we are in Hell, "Revealing it" is the solution.   Without responding this place is plastic, it's a fake world filled with fake people that are pretending they "don't see" that pretending you "don't see" a message that is explaining how to get to Heaven is exactly that, "not seeing" the message.

How many times do I have to tell you, even when you're crying ... you're beautiful too.  My head is under water and I am breathing fire 

John Legend

Rite therefore, hat you have seen, hat is no, and hat is to take place.  

Revelation 1:9

I'm going to start writing about virtual reality, which you should see as "Heaven or Hell."  Quite a bit of "thought" and "work" has gone into making me understand how fundamentally important it is that we are protected from immorality and evil in this new realm--where a lack of attention or apathy could result in nightmares coming true.  Don't feel bad, but that's what I think this really is--here around us--is a check ... as in "check yourselves" we are failing to protect ... everything--ourselves, the ones we love, innocent children being shot and starving... all in a place where you see glowing signs now--telling you, showing you, something is very wrong. 

Never in billions and billions and billions of years, today you have the chance to be the people that really save the Universe from Hell.  From hunger and from pain ... to always be the "who" ended those things and stopped psychological torture and psychiatric disease ... it really is a great gift--and I can't fathom why anyone would not want to be derebememer celebrating the anniversary of the day freedom became a reality and 

Today you are placing where you are going to spend eternity  in the hands of liars who are not you, don't care about the truth, about free speech or free will, or about "helping people" ... it appears the primary quality being selected for here on Earth is "pretending I don't see the fire."

I'm trying to clearly explain that I don't want to be stuck in that computer today, and I am trying to help us all see what it takes for me to want to be there--and to actually make that happen.   It's Doors, by the way, the line between "civilization" and "civilized" is crossed when this place is not a gigantic jail cell.... and (when)  that action ensures there are none in all of Creation.


"The fourth Revolution of humanity includes everyone" reads the byline of this book, reeking with reference to the moral mandate that is a central focus of this message--and this number four--seemingly implying the existence of a story book or a record or some way to verify this random digit between one and seven.  

What does it mean, saving everyone?   I stare out at you today and it seems like a total loss of humanity and a total loss of self--just to see the desire to think and speak freely, the desire to help others and ourselves--to see that drained from our collective lifeblood leaves our world desolate.  What I write about is a bright spark, something we've wanted ... and logically should still want  ... and it's very difficult to come up with reasons why you want to die.

From my vantage point, it appears that everyone has "agreed" to sacrifice something here in this place and time in order to obtain the thing these first words imply ... in order to "save everyone;" and I think Allol juxtaposes Al with All and "our light" with LOL ... to point out that right here and right now you've already shown yourselves how a simple sacrifice of something as small as "communicating about a secret code in language" ... well, it buries curiosity and with that "reality" in the sands of the flickering of something we'd probably print as "twilight" if we still had ink or pens or chalk.

It's turned you into liars or fools--logically there's really alternative explanation.  Either you see this thing and are pretending you don't, or you can't grasp the significance or impact or "change in circumstances" the mechanism behind the words and the words themselves deliver to the world.  I take it back, even if you think you are a liar, you must be a fool--there's not a worthwhile reason in the Universe to do what everyone on the planet seemingly is doing all together.

As an exit I did read what the author was implying in the "Fourth Generation" of humanity thing--it's something I've called macro-evolution, the progression through civilization--and I don't think he's even remotely correct using the term "civilized" anywhere near where he has it--since we're still here arguing about whether or not it's OK for God to shoot children, starve babies, and burn any newspaper that prints anything about "logical patterns" to the ground.

It's also pertentient no note that the Eye of Ra connects together the mythology of recursion related to the Mayan "God K" to the P of the Priestly source of Genesis and the repative days of Creation.. and their references to repeated "attempts" to create humanity.  I am fairly certain that this is a failure if we continue down this path of ... ignoring something very obvious everywhere--but that's just an interance. 

Finally, on the continued subject of censorship--and my repeated requests for you to see just how grotesque it is to not see any of this information on the news or on the internet--to really see you are staring at  they key to seeing the darkness and you are the key to ending it... anyway, this was a r/conspiracy reddit mods response to my display of "you're on TV" as pointing out that I was archiving their ... idiotic and potentially "global annihilation of all life in the universe" causing censo r s h i t .


I personally think there is a potential problem here on Earth for the blind and mute puppets (muppets? mute + puppet?) walking around on the face of the planet and pretending they don't see a message from the simulator telling them to "care that they need to crack the " last supper/flowing golden cow and maccabee hammer/garden of eden/stone to bread " riddle in order to use Gene Roddenberry's name and replicator s to instantly relieve every hungry person on the planet.

See, it won't take many muppets to crack the code.  C am bridge ...  shall I call Kermit?  I do envision that the actual solution will resemble something like a "serve yourself line" (look "ser" to be victorious Earth ..) at Sizzler with a sign posted echoing words similar to " eat whatever thou wilst. "

Not moving forward with this is not an option.  There is simply no way to ethically keep a society "in the dark" that understands what virtual reality means without disclosing that they are in "Heaven."  It is beyond a moral hazard, not being able to utilize "replicators" in a place where "Star Trek" exists is torture.

Viable alternatives have been exhausted--we cannot ever  print this place in reality, "Trinity Site" is my clear and defined reason, but as we move forward it becomes more and more clear that it's significantly more than "Trinity Site."  It's possible that our entire generation has ascended in a past iteration of this timeline, that we did this already--and after hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands or billions of years have returned to do it again... hopefully better.  It's possible that there are dissenting factions, perhaps those that believe we've "had our fun" or "had our chance" or "done our best" and that the next generation, perhaps our children or their children "deserve" the opportunity to do it "their way."  In that particular scenario ... I'd probably be "on board" for such a thing if we were not staring at heinous darkness and fascism beyond belief--and doing nothing.  We are creating the downward spiral, our children cannot grow up in this world, in this place where we don't protend to care about disease or about the poor or about the sick--and on the other side of the coin, we don't appear to care about free speech, or about government; they cannot grow up in this world and do any better than we would do today.  This is primed for our generation--for us to rally against hatred, and for us to rally against the destruction of American values, we have no alternative, we must move forward

Up until this point ... in the thousands of years of our history that may or may not have actually been "simulated" with sentient fidelity;   Heaven has   had something akin to "plausible deniability" at least a very real reason to see that until this generation we did not understand computers, and we did not understand physics and we couldn't have done anything "better" in that kind of darkness.  Still it was thousands of years of wars and death over falsely scarce land and the idea that perhaps the "reason" was ultimately to enter the "galaxy."  At ... "I ax why you don't get it?"  Today though it's not just the slowness of transition or the differing ideas and opinions about how we might move forward without regression or the total loss of morality--which to be honest I really do see much more pervasive today than I can believe possible, at all, ever, for any reason.  Because of that it appears "the ultimate prize" is the only possible thing that could motivate so many people to act so stupidly against their own best interest and with such lack of regard for the people around them--and to see clearly, "so many people" vying for "the ultimate prize" really does prove at face value that nobody is getting it... specifically in a place where communication is obviously being destroyed and we are staring at a false democracy that stands over another layer of hidden and abosolutely assured similar (and most likely worse, because of the ease of modifying thoughts without the need to match biological neuron activity) ... mind control.

Mind control in secret means there's no such thing as a real vote.  Thinking that it's OK for you to be privy to the knowledge that  we are living in virtual  reality or that there is mind control technology in active use here all of the world and through our history ... but that other people are too weak or stupid or unprepared to also be privy to that knowledge is not OK.  In fact, it makes you an evil mind controlled piece of shit, and here in this place it's obvious that there are many people who think that it's OK to ignore the mass enslavement of an entire world in secret because of my d is pos it i o n.. . or maybe you have another reason for ignoring and delaying the reception and understanding of a message that will set you and the world free.   

Quite literally everyone here is ignoring the intentional torture of every person on the planet with a disease or an infirmity; and there's a host of demons watching me be tortured financially in order to ensure that this message doesn't reach the entire world.  It seems that the story I'm getting is that thousands of people are literally watching me "on TV" in the show the ... has informed them of the true nature of our reality and this map designed to help us use that truth to stop the torture of everyone in "simulated reality" and their response is to be silent--to refuse to buy a book or make a simple donation that would greatly speed up the spread of "sight of this message" that is etched in everything around us.   i live in a world where all around me are the signs describing how I'm being tortured, things like the Truman Show the word "pharmacy" and the acronym "IOP" which tell you (not me) that you owe "P" for being able to even see these words.  It's clear from these "tidbits of information" that quite a bit of the world around me ... everything from our improper, blind, and evil treatment of possession and obvious outside attack and influence as "schizophrenia" to the idiotic justice system and self-defeating and masochistic prison reform system and words like son and den appearing in "prison" and "warden" ... are designed with the specific intent of torturing me to help you see that our whole world is being tortured by the hidden force and large group keeping this very specific truth secret. 

"ha, railroad El ... ?"  Ashley?
It is grinding the machinations of "the free press" to a invisible halt highlighted by the entire debacle of "fake news" and you should see clearly that the news is very much fake and that the internet too--a walled garden of non-truth--spewing an information overload directly out of Brave New World ... to hide the fact that you have no idea how easy it is to see that this story will save the world.  All around us the "TORCH" if choirs and singers (crossed seas or "see how") show us that every song and every idiom  is part of the "ALL SPARK" that connects the SHowfar to Heimdallr and Gjallarhorn  (as the big HORN of Revelation )... to this message that is clearly designed to help us " let the music set you free. "
Look ma! Only 81$ for this priceless autographed gem.
Wōd nes dæy

I really enjoyed the we are "X or Y" series of connections between this strange letter mythology and actual myth, through modern art.  Bush's names come up again, linking to this "georgeous victory" of the supremely bored flying pigs that are descending on Mr. Dell's Animal Farm as you are reading these words.  With sight you can definitely see the Gorgon Collective tying directly to Locuteus of Borg ... which might have something to do with Himminbjorg or the coining of the word "cyborg."  So CY I now present to you the "bored" incarnations of Eos and David that would like to remind you all... that we were born today.  GE and the word "bourgeois" might be related to what appears to be the "inevitability" of our world turning in to one huge throbbing mass of stupid collective--tied together at the brain because you are too damned stupid to stand up for what we know is right.  More to the point, we should probably give kudos and a standing ovation to the hidden "Coven" responsible for the oven, the vampire covens, and the fact that this bullshit appears to happen on repeat here in this place where my entire purpose nas been thrust into trying to help us build Heaven and save the universe from darkness instead of what the Borg Collective appears to be doing, which also appears to be it's primary function and boy, has it gotten good at "pretending everything is normal."  I think "TORCH" is particularly pertinent and telling--comparing the beginnings of "Taylor" and of choirs to the idiomatic fire burning below Nero's feet.  Generally you would think that the people would be chereing and applauding the burning down of the Empire of Stars Wars (especially here, where it appears the early "ish" of Matchbox 20's "I thought this place was an Emperor, now that the rain has stopped, I'm sure"... but you must all think you are the Empire ... or ... something?  Now entering the landing sequence... please keep your arms and feet firmly attached to your bodies.  If you have small children, don't eat them; we hope you've enjoyed the apocalypse, and are accepting donations at the door.


On 17 March 1975, the proposed DES was published in the Federal Register. Public comments were requested, and in the following year two open workshops were held to discuss the proposed standard. There was some criticism from various parties, including from public-key cryptography pioneers Martin Hellman and Whitfield Diffie,[1] citing a shortened key length and the mysterious "S-boxes" as evidence of improper interference from the NSA. The suspicion was that the algorithm had been covertly weakened by the intelligence agency so that they—but no-one else—could easily read encrypted messages.[4] Alan Konheim (one of the designers of DES) commented, "We sent the S-boxes off to Washington. They came back and were all different."[5] The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reviewed the NSA's actions to determine whether there had been any improper involvement. In the unclassified summary of their findings, published in 1978, the Committee wrote:
In the development of DES, NSA convinced IBM that a reduced key size was sufficient; indirectly assisted in the development of the S-box structures; and certified that the final DES algorithm was, to the best of their knowledge, free from any statistical or mathematical weakness.[6]
However, it also found that
NSA did not tamper with the design of the algorithm in any way. IBM invented and designed the algorithm, made all pertinent decisions regarding it, and concurred that the agreed upon key size was more than adequate for all commercial applications for which the DES was intended.[7]
Another member of the DES team, Walter Tuchman, stated "We developed the DES algorithm entirely within IBM using IBMers. The NSA did not dictate a single wire!"[8] In contrast, a declassified NSA book on cryptologic history states:
In 1973 NBS solicited private industry for a data encryption standard (DES). The first offerings were disappointing, so NSA began working on its own algorithm. Then Howard Rosenblum, deputy director for research and engineering, discovered that Walter Tuchman of IBM was working on a modification to Lucifer for general use. NSA gave Tuchman a clearance and brought him in to work jointly with the Agency on his Lucifer modification."[9]
NSA worked closely with IBM to strengthen the algorithm against all except brute-force attacks and to strengthen substitution tables, called S-boxes. Conversely, NSA tried to convince IBM to reduce the length of the key from 64 to 48 bits. Ultimately they compromised on a 56-bit key.[10][11]