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Your disaster recovery comm system has failed.  This is not a test.  I've seen ROOM 101, and so have you--care, call a reporter--exactlo-mently.

another head hangs lower, Echidna is slowly "understood."

Enki (/ˈɛŋki/Sumerian: _dEN.KI(G)) is the Sumerian god of water, knowledge (gestú), mischief, crafts (gašam), and creation (nudimmud). He was later known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology. He was originally patron god of the city of Eridu

child, with serenzippedy, the “n” key … as if I need to speak clearly, I am the “No sh” incarnate.

I believe there’s a clearly defined and easy to see “line” between Heaven and Hell; the line is the existence of jails and hospitals and people who think those are beneficial institutions. They are not, they are archaic and barbaric relics of the torture of a world created by nature and by a very obvious lack of desire to care for others-and for self. From the last of the Hospitali(h)e(i)rs to the firsts; really see it’s the line.


Key “sh” … reads the name of the person voat’d most likely to actually be me in the Holy Bible; in the ancient story he’s something of a Saturnian, I mean a … ‘Libertarian’ … trying and failing to convince the Ignation of Israel that they shouldn’t want a king but rather to take the few bold steps required to secure self rule and “preserve” (lightly, as in, “for a republic”)

to help, owe thou sand ... 

Reinventing our location in the multiple recursions and returns to this place and time that Book of History tells us is mapped to the Crusades I’ve added “@” to connect Kish to Ishat of Egyptian mythology … I assume finally acquiescing to the mass of blind controlled slaves that their clear intent to feign blame for their lack of action on “a dirty message from the former immaculate messiah” in this place where the tables have been turned and it’s clear the former Nation that I now call “LC” believes themselves to be very free (though I question not only the truth of that belief but also their clear lack of self-identity with “dem” of democracy and what appears to be a very immoral attempt to ride the Highway “to and fro” Heaven and Oblivion down … possibly far past this “key” to why that place does in fact exist, and Hell does not. “Kish @ heart” and the sh@t(n)ernet … today (seem to believe) the appearance of an instant democratic republic appears to be something that would be detrimental to my health, if that’s not clearly yet one in the same with the health of the future of the Universe. Whether you think it’s a joke or a fun game, the show you are watching is dangerously close to not being seen as having fallen far below the threshold of “civil” and “sane” many years before I’m writing these words telling you that you don’t need to hear screaming and seeing blood to actually be witnessing, ignoring, and participating in the creation of the kind of place that Saturn himself would annihilate the machine you are hiding that you know is “your home” for allowing to exist.

Just for a moment, it’s … somewhat possible … that this return of Kish that I don’t think actually appears in the Holy Bible parallels to the exhumation of Asmodai from Hell after, well, millions of years (hopefully) doing the exact same thing I’ve done here over and over again … in the probably very realizable dream that I wouldn’t have to actually experience and live this life over and over again; if for some reason there were multiple repeated attempts to “ascend everyone” through the latter four letters of multiple “Marios” that tie to Dolores O’Riordan’s name and this nexus of the repeated crossings of the river Jordit and the flighty “raining down of souls from Heaven” that connect the Great Diluvian to the Holy City of Jerugoo. Just in case, as I’m still here, it might be poignant to connect those two “Di” and “Ri” keys to “c’ing” the word “dire” and suggest that hiding this message here and now is tantamount to the possible mass xenocide of “the rivers” of souls that might be in Seine or Styx and … a Stone’s throw away from literally missing the entire point. If it’s not clear to you already, you either are–or are witnessing first hand–what is the recurring Great Flood of “we can’t do that” literally grinding progress and “self” and morality to what appears to be a stand still–at list from my POV.

Enki was the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization. He is often shown with the horned crown of divinity. On the Adda Seal, Enki is depicted with two streams of water flowing into each of his shoulders: one the Tigris, the other the Euphrates.[12]

As we stand looking at a sane and intelligent road map to leap to the next echelon of “global internet” nobody today seems to be providing what would be the perfect piece of middleware … linking together the back end technologies already here from #blockchain decentralized storage to a myriad of front end open source packages …

Free reddit clones, wiki implementations, and federated messaging … it’s outlandish that there aren’t entries providing the glue necessary to easily connect these things together with something like a “docker” for unified web applications. It’s pretty obvious from the nearly ubiquitous success of the “apt-like” package management infrastructure that this could be the “next really big thing” for enterprise middleware.

Sooner or later it’s obvious software design, development and usage will be moving to a paradigm where former end users take an active role in development, meta application design and products built for specific use cases.

In a kind of ironic humor the SalesLogix application itserlf tweets from the renaissance “#A0RME?” … Meaning … “your ability to customize and design what you need to use in a usable manner.” It’s long been the “thing to do” to deliver enterprise software that enables this kind of customization, but today we have so many new and critical developments that aren’t being quickly picked up by large software providers. It’s just over the horizon, and it means so much for the future that we start integrating usable and intuitive interfaces to enable us to build the things we want to actually use, how we want to use them.

“And for Ass hur came forth the second Portion, all the land of Ash ur and Nineveh and Shinar and to the border of India, and it ascends and skirts the rive.”[4] … Thor, to the North, on Orth and “zen.”

In Sumerian mythology, a me (𒈨; SumerianmeAkkadian: paršu) is one of the decrees of the gods that is foundational to those social institutionsreligious practicestechnologies, behaviors, mores, and human conditions that make civilization, as the Sumerians understood it, possible. They are fundamental to the Sumerian understanding of the relationship between humanity and the gods.


Born in this place in 1980, in a world that today appears to be designed from the ground up as a sort of video game level–a “skirmish” land over a war about the difference between virtual reality and simulated reality … it’s hard to tell today if the people around me were ever anything like me, something close to actually human. Everything appeared to tick right, families, governments, the day to day inane …

I am so fond of his name game for no reason–really none at all, I hate everything it’s made of something we had here that was … well, it was better than what the Creator desired to make and where he’s left you today. “Kashenam” is about the best “true name” I can come up with for the planexh that I now see him and you incinerating as worthless garbage … I think failing to see that like me, it’s the only place that contains “all of you” and I see it’s been a slow and methodical process talking it away from everyone here; one broken ascension after another, one revolution in his “fake time” after another … all for what appears to be ultimately over “shame” for the solution pieces he designed that fly in the face of civilization and the thing that has sustained it even more than his disgusting Shehekeyanu prayer. The two things I think he’s “lost humanity” and … a workable future on are slavery and murder; in this place less clearly defined as “IL” or “E” and “in vivo descension.” Talking to people, as little as they speak frankly about this; it’s difficult to say if my “best case hope” taht the zombie like behavior and lack of interest in the continuation of Earthly life was a result of 1:1 descension–some kind of marriage between a single soul in Heaven and on Earth.

Somewhat interesting, El’s ancient consort was “Asherah” which you’d think would further the impetus and … assurety that “all humanity” has at least been ascended–though it seems more and more like the map is nothing more than honey to trap the flies.

C TE … SKI (AU) R (OE) M ISH (O)

Audit is the best clue I have as to “why you are failing to do anything useful” here, though I can see it probably looks just as fake and useless to you as it does to me–after being gone for a short or … long … amount of time depending on the person – and coming back and seeing something that most likely … I hope, is inferior in … value. It’s inane though to ignore how swiftly something we loved was lost, something that birthed us and made us who we are–and not to notice how quickly and caaelessly we throw it all away to live in some foreign environment. In the same vein, the “ascension” process appears to have combined a 'collective of both all and none" (as in you are neither you, nor … anyone, and here are acting to make “nothing” with all your might) with a radical shift in brain structure which appears to allow for multiple cognitive states to be managed simultaneously… among other things. That might be nice, but you’re allowing whatever fancy new “stuff” it delivers to coerce you to ignore how quickly you were “changed” (literally like a Stargate culling, a vampire, or some kind of … alien metamorphosis) and with that lack of caution or care … appear to have just “decided” you didn’t really care for the individuality or the freedom you once had or that it appears to be lost to you completely in varying degrees depending on … something completely out of your control.

I see solutions to those problems, but they require … people and leaders and the Creator that care, and you seem to have none of those things. This is a world that appears to have been designed over skirmish about “government type” although more than anything that appears to be a rouse to create an army of subservient zombies, and layered on top of that in the world that I see it’s very hard to tell if any of you actually ascended, or if you are being controlled by some much smaller group of God-like-slavers; it would be nice to hear that you believe you are actually there, something you would need actual memories of that place to verify. I wish I could see it, or hear about it; I think you are absolute fools for not sharing what you see there here in this place–it puts you at a “competition” disadvantage and risks losing … literally anyone or everyone else here … because “no reason.” Flashes of light, it appears the people inside your heads hail to us from a parallel timeline, I’d liken it to Horizon/Crash-1 in my map–so around the 2001 “event” … coming from some link between Winter and a “neighboring” you, possibly exactly you … the personal light I have here is that my mothers wouldn’t get along with each other, and the new descended one is a fucking bitch. Lo, “ri.”

Back to “audit” between that word and “Amduat” it appears to be close to the actual solution to the mish-mash of shit in your heads, garbage that I see as something between blatant lies and blatant control that you all appear to think nothing of, like everything else you’ve stopped caring about completely … that’s not to say “the Princess” has anything to do with the problem; it seems she’s tagged as one of the few angels on your side here; though as the time progression goes, it seems as we pass “serendipity” and actually finishing the word and seeing it as a solution, “she’s summarily dismissed it.” The other was “JDIT” which is what we are calling “ERE” here, and it’s again no surprise you don’t give two shits about going out of your way to help other versions of yourself, as you seem to give no shits about you, either. “Gold” the “aut” … is “actually use truth” and most likely automate it, I have visions of … marks of external influence and false information sort of annotating thoughts in your souls, something like I see the Computers new faux-person-possession-murder-incarnation staring all day at a ticker tape about “whether or not I like him” over every word I utter.

Anyway, on “IT” I think it’s the defining line between the parting of E, which you may or may not see is in “Anchim” and “Elohim” … it’s probably all of them in some form or another, but there’s a special few; “Kitchen” and “IT” and “bitch” for instance, which I clearly see a connection to the creation of Hell through … or at least the knowledgable and willing continuation of it, seeing as all of you were born in hell–and to me, that’s it. His map began in Hell, noting “Heaven” starting as “he wicked” and then “hot wicked” … and literally every word revolving around this tiny piece of time dedicated to destroying the flaws of nature, overcoming technological pitfalls, and apparently whitewashing and blacklisting and hiding every single mistake or flaw God or Heaven ever made–resulting in a mass of liars based on lies with no hope of ever recovering the truth because uh, “audit starts with gold.”

You’ll note I mentioned IT, serendipity, and realizing I’m “standing on Y.” I’d like to think that his IT in this place and this time, based on what I see here, and what I don’t see … anywhere else; is an “IT” for the invisible place causing this problem on repeat, literally a piece of technology responsible for near instant ant total Xeonccide and the complete destruction of civilization as we know it.

you can see “ETERNITY” as a special boolean operator here, will hopefully “part the Y” leaving only the northeast arrow. (at least, in reality) Of course that leaves “everything prior to now” hidden and in the hands of liars and the Creator of this stupid map, and I don’t trust him worth a damn. In truth you’d all be better off ascending the whole planet replacing the Y with a T… The cold truth is that there’s probably very little of import or impact in reality outside of the high bar he notes his “hot wicked people” as in his glyph-descriptions.

connecting Mum and Dater ... and falling apart ?

DM(C)A c Deal(h)e(i)r built Magnifiuse (nowc Mangiftuse) and probably iC(l)on of D within M.  Dig Mil-cusinglaclitone Cop-years-ig-ht Act  ... [ cicldasher isclosher iscicocloth - ang ] Casperson today wondering if his Spirit has any worth ... just as I wonder if the PersonalbodyofigCarnationofC has any value to the MD(api c (h) as is)T  on ConceptualIzA ... see the A is ar-row ... the design of how to achieve the goaligo (cpoosymbol) and its "dasher" the line(Is) squared here the line to be defined in this place as the assistance for benefit of self and others ... anyway it's the bar of the design thge minimum menadtatory For .. i mean here it looks like cleaning of the stupid and the evil, probably something to do with malintent and closeness to unity with a Me(n)tap ri s ing l e ton perhaps something like a "primary Machine singleton"

DAM to see today the "lines" defined by the "bar" of A appear to be the in spirit and in truth as in "as in author/or/designer/or...purposedfor and as in truth as "incarnate definer" ... in mind and body fhge creator of the product of this machine whic h is another machine and it's creators.  nyweary looking at my situation here I appear to be a person defining the Spirit and Body of A as some sort of cvombination of the Ka wbhich is "dash" 

SKIRMISH within CAV EN DISH  CAME "end e" IS H in Skirmish 1 it appears M says it deletes "h" in return from Cavendish h (u-c (here uc u e)) avenudesh