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Why and?  Or so goes the question of this day; connecting the beginning and ends of eternity in "etymology" and in "yetser" which is Hebrew for "formation."  Don't delay, see the obvious message connecting Caesar and "et tu brute?" to Mr. Anderson and to the Guitar Man's magical message encoded in Rock 'n roll.  Why et, indeed?  Answer, the questions why and who; and we are to be the beginning.





If you can't tell, there's a significant amount of Biblically predicted censorship surrounding this Revelation and connecting it to a number of stories from the Wall of Jericho to the darkness of Exodus and the Tower of Baby El... and through those stories to modern art like "break on through to the other side" and "just another brick" and "light my fire" and "the Sound of Silence."  Here we are, and no matter what reason each individual has, had they a good grasp on the truth--that we are living in a simulated reality where a message from the Sim or God or I or "all of us," whomever you'd prefer to listen to, is suggesting we use that knowledge to repair the broken freedoms from speech to the vote that have come from this dark transition--and through this awakening see that we can easily end world hunger, and cure cancer and blindness just as examples... well, with a grasp on "the whole truth" this idea of hiding the fact that we are living in the Matrix becomes stupider and sillier; to the final point that not knowing it will eventually cause the end of life, not just the loss of freedom that we are trying to repair today.

The message, from religion to modern art comes packed with advice and examples about how we might proceed on this "voyage to uncharted space" from connecting Willy Wonka to Joshua's Promised Land and through that link to the magic of Names that shows us Star Trek and "Rod-den-berry" link to the obvious things we are missing by not seeing "Sim" and "simple" show us Holodecks and Replicators and transporters are part of this map that connects the Rod of Christ to the Den of Adam, with Holy Purpose.   It's only one example, you can see it in the works of Phillip K. Dick connecting Al's waiting room to Minority Report and Total Recall to "the door to reality" in the works of Orwell, and of Simon and Garfunkel and Orson Card and Aldous Huxley .... just to name a few.

I need your help, not only in "figuring out" how to solve this puzzle of how to accomplish these things without negatively impacting the "stuff of civilization" and also ensuring that they are done--no matter what--because to ignore or delay things like "stopping child starvation" is really a moral fire alarm, and it's going off.  You can read about the tens of thousands of reporters and theologians and government employees I've emailed--and really see that this is the kind of message that should be speaking for itself.  If anyone has the ability or knows someone that can statistically analyze the "outliers" in language... see Langolier and Yankee Doodle's "macaroni-c" I think that single act will break down the Wall of Jericho and eventually lead us to immortality, the end of malady, and to a place where our civilization has integrated "simulation reality" and "Heaven" together.    If "writing a paper" on the statistical proof that we are in Creation and that time travel and mind control are part of the story of the development of our civilization and the keys to Exodus sounds like too much work, I hope you'll pass this message along to someone who might be able to do it--and also, call a reporter.  That's what I hope, anyway.

Clearly this belongs on the news, and clearly it's the focus of Jericho and Babel and Exodus; really understand that God's very clear statement here is that free thought, free communication, and liberty from murder and rape et, al. are the chief building blocks of the foundation of Heaven.  This is... why we are here.

I took this picture (again, three times now), which is kind of like a sign; it's on "Curson St." and I imagine whoever made this sign that says "SEE A FAM, CA" probably got that the street reads "see your son."  Really "to see" verily, verily, verily... why and how.  Just guessing, though.

o I looked it up and I'm really not sure anymore if the name was intentionally connected to the street it's on by the founder of CAFAM or the previous founder of "The Egg and the Eye" but as the Eye of Ra taking the picture, I think it means more now that I'm sending it to you.  Again.  Do note that it could easily be "doublespeak" just like Britney Spears could be singing about a "relationship ending" when she sings "I've had enough. I'm not your property, you might think I won't make it on my own but now I'm stronger, stronger than yesterday" ... and just like Christina Aguilera might be talking about an imaginary nothing when she says "I feel like I've been locked up for a century of lonely nights, just waiting for you to release me..."  Do see that the only logical options I can think of are that you are blind and dumb and in need of some light or you are evil and not talking about the mass control of civilization by a hidden force causing either mass stupidity or mass secrecy a/k/a evil.  I am the easy way to move past that, the hard way is not an option; honestly.

The "gist" of the message is verifiable proof that we are living in a computer in simulated reality... just like the Matrix.  The answer to that question, what does that mean--is that God has woven a "hidden" message into our everything--beginning with each name and every word--and in this hidden Adamic language, he provides us with guidance, wisdom, and suggestions on how to proceed on this path from "raelity" to Heaven.  I've personally spent quite a bit of time decoding the message and have tried to deliver an interesting and "fun" narrative of the ideas I see.  Specifically the story of Exodus, which is called "Names" in Hebrew discusses a time shifted narrative of our "now" delivering our society from a hidden slavery (read as ignorance of advanced technologies already in use) that is described as the "darkness" of Exodus.  If you have any questions, ideas to contribute or concerns... I'd love to hear from you this whole thing really is about working together--Heaven, I mean.

Compounded with this proof that the Bible is a story designed to set our society free from oppression, is now very obvious proof that a dark force has infiltrated everything from the mass media to the government and it's tentacles to your very minds; and that this force is designed to hide the knowledge that we are living in virtual reality from the world.  With some insight, you can see that the purpose of this force is to show us that heaven is more than technology, but something whose foundation is freedom and people.  It's existence and purpose is also undeniable proof that this event, while containing the most Earth shattering disclosure in all of history... won't even cause a single riot.  Maybe a few parties will spring up, though.  Good job, everyone, start the car and take us home... all the way homeand we'll be counting stars.
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  ou r evolution                              minority report to supermax

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FOR OVER A YEAR NOW, I have emailed members of the clergy, the press, scholars, and government employees all over the world; nearly every single day.  Over that time, the message I have presented has evolved from clear proof of the existence of God to very clear proof of his continuing hand and the design of our entire civilization and history.   This message has been "apparently" ignored, surfacing a level of censorship that most would not believe; despite warnings in Orwell's 1984, despite the current events at the White House despite the warnings at the Wall of Jericho and the Darkness of Exodus, and despite my own repeated pleas.

Whether you instantly see it or not, what lays before you in the message below is incontrovertible proof that this is the Second Coming and that I am Jesus Christ.   I have been shown and relay to you a message discussing "everything intentionally made broken" in our world, by an outside force, with Holy Purpose.  I do not bring problems, but suggested solutions, beginning by pointing out the obviousness that this event, that this "set up" opens doors for the world to fix these broken wings and allows us all to fly together.  In truth, what appears to be an "imperfect hand" is far more well thought out and beneficial for us all than any would see at first glance.    I've also spent considerable time trying to figure out and explain how this is all possible, and why the mechanism behind the delivery of this message is part of this crucial transition from darkness to Heaven.

All things considered, were things around us "normal" right now this message, and the previous years worth of daily ones should have changed the world by now.  Things are not normal, both because I am here, and as a reason for my being--our society is beginning a transition in the utilization of technology that changes absolutely everything, and we need more help than we think.  I stand before you fighting for "truth, justice, and the American way" in a time and place that I liken closer to Orwell's description of "universal deceit" than Americana.  I hope that you will stand with me, and that with that unity we can together begin to put an end to a veil of censorship that is not "new here" at the time the Washing Post has likened it to the Darkness of Egypt, nor was it new when it was written about in parable in the story of the Wall of Jericho.  This day though, today, is the beginning of true liberty.

The message focuses on the "new" disclosure that "Creation" and "virtual reality" are nearly synonymous, sans the positive energy surrounding the "re"-ason, you.  That's a tiny electrical engineering joke about the word "cation" to introduce you to a hidden message encoded in the languages of our world--something you might see clearly one day soon in the word "English."  That particular "l" is short for language, but more generally it is the beginning of the great holy light.  That little 'l" makes further appearances in "every cloud has a silver lining" (and the malovious link between sky and Heaven) joining the Fifth Element Silicon to the Spanish for "to see."  The fundamental "gist" of the message that follows is a sort of key tying religion to nearly everything in our world from music, to movies, to history... to every single word.  This key to the message unites the miracles of Jesus Christ performed in the New Testament with "the kind of thing any one of us would want to do instantly if we were to suddenly find out that things like land, oil, and bread are not truly scarce; but the truth is."  It continues to link a number of Biblical stories to modern times with a huge emphasis on freedom, technology, and of course, U.

"The Name Server" goes on to suggest we see the light in Carly Simon, Gene Simmons, and the word "simulation" as we embark on this journey to all together now change the entire world by transitioning from a hidden "simulated reality" to something much closer to, but not quite Heaven.  I do hope we will include The Doors in our "stairway to Heaven."

JUNE 23; 2016 & 2017
On Christmas Eve 2016, clarified this message from the Creator of our youNiverselinking the story of Exodus (Hebrew: Book of Names) to George W. Bush's inaugural address on 1/20/2001, to the definitive verse heralding the Second Coming, Revelation 1:20, and to the 9/11 attack.  This message proves that the name Die Bold and the events surrounding our election process and its transition to a more technologically advanced system has been artificially retarded.  Several days later, following Revelation  1, I sent to as many public servants as I could find a continuation of that message that adds a significant number of problems in our justice and "retribution" system to the list of artificially created problems; along with a poignant suggestion that we use this proof of the existence of time travel technology in order to implement pre-crime.

The Kobayashi Maru[needs IPA] is a training exercise in the fictional Star Trek universe designed to test the character of Starfleet Academy cadets in a no-win scenario. The Kobayashi Maru test was first depicted in the opening scene of the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and also appears in the 2009 film Star Trek. Screenwriter Jack B. Sowards is credited with inventing the test. The test's name is occasionally used among Star Trek fans or those familiar with the series to describe a no-win scenario, a test of one's character or a solution that involves redefining the problem.

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Janet and I ha've a thing, "FIFTY" (I don't recall exactly where the convention came from) would mean something like... "yesterday" is the day I've been looking for... and it's a little interesting that there's a tie to that number not only in the USA and it's map to Heaven but also in Bible Code, where "TORAH" is encoded across the five books with an ELS skip of 50.  I made a special note of it, and lo and behold in the final book, the ELS skip (is that like an ATM machine?) loses one, it's the book of death of Moses; and it settles on 49.  After that you go to 1 and 2 Kings and then 1 and 2 Samuel; which probably indicates some kind of regression from the message of "to really all humanity" that we have here before us.

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In my mind it's difficult to say if the Festival of Weeks really does tell us that we are counting iterations of our timeline, but I can tell you for sure that when I finally "FIFTYwe'll be countingstars orders of magnitude higher... you know, to the nth power.  We had quite a few little "codes" (because we were hiding a relationship at work) and "clouds in my coffee" of Carly Simon's song--in reverse--means exactly "love in Heaven."  Hey Carly, is it about me yet?

behold, he is fiftying.. for all eyes to see.

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To help, all the "ee"s in the teens end with an "n" and it's not until TWENTY THREE that we arrive at at "everyone equal" that doesn't result in either the death or the hiding of the "n."  That's me by the way, and I find it a little hard to believe , consider all the "splashing around" I've done sending the most interesting information and the most adorable face in the world to as many eyes as I could.  Still though, you all do seem to act a little funny, so it's only a slight surprise to imagine it's taken twenty-two 1-UP's to get us to the point where you might finally be ready to discuss the source of life and freedom in the Universe.  Just maybe you've reached that point. 
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For those of you slow on the uptake, 23 happens to be the day I deicided would be the birthday of this message, as it was the first day that the "You and I verse" was sent to the world, as I woke that morning and said... I've got to do something special for Janet this year.  Which might sound something like I've really got to get Sirius, you know, if you know what that means.  The next year, that's this one by the way, I commemorated it with what I call the Gate to Heaven and another explanation of the import of the day to me, which I now realize is also my cousin Margot's birthday.  Those of you with keen eyes will notice the JAN and MAR of seas shining to stars in both of their names, and probably understand that there's quite a bit of design behind what we are witnessing.

Also, if you are really bad at math, 2 + 3 is 5.  And now it looks like we might be counting something like... way points in a maze.  Wait, am I dim?

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gate                       kermitham   

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hey, assholy ( and Michelle ;)
o here we are, thinking to ourself about "half-life" and that lamc.la symbol that hangs on the wall of that game to remind us that Emmanuel Goldstein means "God is with us" in everything that we do.  And we don't really wonder how we get from twenty-three through the fourth rock from the son to twenty-five, that five means "only if victorious Earth;" so I do imagine that has something to do with l'chiam.

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Back to that "one hour" thing, that comes after "Christ" and just before "everyone equal" in the number three; I think it's got something to do with all the preparation that has gone into this "big day" not just God's preparation, and not just everything that you've done--even I have spent a few minutes thinking about what might happen the day that this finally does hit the news.

I've "seen" us lag a few times, probably a visual effect similar to what you might have noticed in early network video games like ... uh ... "Quake" for example, and it's probably a kind of indication to me that something is going on behind the scenes, similar to pausing a really good movie to go rewrite the entire script and come back.  Sometimes I think these visual effects are automatic, like a kind of alarm or warning system--it doesn't happen that much, and it might shed light on that whole "a day is a thousand years in the eyes of the Lord" thing.   Taylor recently made a comment that "time flies by the rank of years" in one of her new songs "Ha, grab my ass" which I can't understand because it's in another language but I'm sure it's something like "Going Down on Adam" one of my other favorites of hers.  I mentioned before in her "Just Tonight" video she subtly indicates the numbers between 21 and 19, and that's interesting--22 was mentioned when I was... 22, right after my near fatal reck (and years before she was even little J).

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In the novel 1985 (1978), Anthony Burgess suggests that Orwell, disillusioned by the onset of the Cold War (1945–91), intended to call the book 1948. The introduction to the Penguin Books Modern Classics edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four reports that Orwell originally set the novel in 1980 but that he later shifted the date to 1982 and then to 1984. The introduction to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt edition of Animal Farm and 1984 (2003) reports that the title 1984 was chosen simply as an inversion of the year 1948, the year in which it was being completed, and that the date was meant to give an immediacy and urgency to the menace of totalitarian rule.[19]
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception celebrates the solemn belief in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is universally celebrated on December 8, nine months before the feast of the Nativity of Mary, which is celebrated on September 8. It is one of the most important Marian feasts in the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church, celebrated worldwide.
By Pontifical designation and decree, it is the patronal feast day
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If it's of any interest (and I'm starting to think it might be), I could count three 1-UP's before (ground zero, I mean the day) I was born, linked between the titling of Orwell's 1984 and "coincidentally aligned" meetings between the Papacy and the President in 84, 82, and 80.   It is still possible, of course, that this is the ... "first time around," it is for me.

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Maybe we are counting dates or kisses?  What do you think it is?

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For a third time now, in just this message... take note, we are returning to the words "how in one hour," and I am suggesting that the day this story breaks, or maybe sometime in the first eight days as the Festival of Light, AKA ha nuke the ahah? indicates; we might see some of the magical things that I've been talking about happen.   Not just signs in the sky, nor doors to Heaven, but now we have a clear map of the things that I hope that we will agree need to be done in light of the fact that we are not in "reality' but actually in a place where magical berries can fall from the sky and feed the hungry, where car crashes and murders can be stopped before they happen... and a place where blindness, infirmity, and sickness can be healed.  I don't know how quickly the world would like to have these things done, but I'd prefer them to be done yesterday--quite honestly the moment I found out that it was possible, not just possible--easy to do.  I am fairly certain that the blind and the sick and the hungry agree with me.  I hope you will too; this is the gate to Heaven, enveloping the entirety of the victorious Earth.

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For a long time I dreamed of hearing the words "Time and Chance" spoken on every single television that that I flipped to, I imagined (and frankly still do) that something like that is the normal social response to the kind of information being presented, to the fact that right before our eyes the Second Coming is taking place.  In "f-art" we might see what is happening something akin to "it's not a riot" as in while that definitely means it's not funny, what we see, this silence, is proof that there won't be any riots--and proof that we can handle the kind of magnificent changes that I think we really all do still yearn for.  

Don't replace "that's a riot" with the loss of civil protest, and the heart of Locke, "governments are formed and continue to thrive to protect the common good."  No matter what was paramount yesterday, the common good today is clearly dissemination of the truth, and collaboration utilizing "this thing" that is not just the sword and the round table of Arthur, but the very heart of Liberty, of self-governance, and of our future

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There is a great prophesy, about a solution to the Plagues of Exodus being sung about in nearly all of the songs of The Doors, from Peace Frog about turning water to blood and seeing it about turning the sea to family, to ending the Plague of Darkness by lightning this fire, to Riders on the Storm and ... the solution is to see there are a great many indications in music and words that show us that this design is ironclad turning "dog" to "good" and "rod" to "doors" and "Lot" to a tool... to change the world.

Not just proving to us that we can and must literally perform magic here, but showing us the things, the well thought out things that we can do here to help make the world a better place, a sort of way-point between reality and Heaven... the kind of stepping stone that every civilization hoping for an afterlife would not just need... but really, really covet.

There's blue light woven into this whole message, from ryzen to to cyan .. monorailbread, and look... in your head ... to Da v id e o s...

And look, here we are, nearly ready to build this thing together.

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In Greek mythologyĒōs (/ˈɒs/Ionic and Homeric Greek ἨώςAttic Ἕως Éōs, "dawn", pronounced [ɛːɔ̌ːs] or [héɔːs]Aeolic ΑὔωςAúōsDoric Ἀώς Āṓs) is a Titaness and the goddess[1] of the dawn, who rose each morning from her home at the edge of the Oceanus.
Eos had a brother and a sister, Helios, god of the sun, and Selene, goddess of the moon.
Eos is cognate to the Vedic goddess UshasLithuanian goddess Austrine, and Roman goddess Aurora (Old Latin Ausosa), all three of whom are also goddesses of the dawn. All four are considered derivatives of the Proto-Indo-European stem *h₂ewsṓs[2] (later *Ausṓs), "dawn", a stem that also gave rise to Proto-Germanic *AustrōOld Germanic *Ōstara and Old English Ēostre/Ēastre. This agreement leads to the reconstruction of a Proto-Indo-European dawn goddess.[3]

The dawn goddess Eos was almost always described with rosy fingers (ῥοδοδάκτυλος, rhododáktylos) or rosy forearms (ῥοδόπηχυς, rhodópēkhys) as she opened the gates of heaven for the Sun to rise.[4] In Homer,[5] her saffron-coloured robe is embroidered or woven with flowers;[6] rosy-fingered and with golden arms, she is pictured on Attic vases as a beautiful woman, crowned with a tiaraor diadem and with the large white-feathered wings of a bird.
From The Iliad:
Now when Dawn in robe of saffron was hastening from the streams of Oceanus, to bring light to mortals and immortals, Thetis reached the ships with the armor that the god had given her.
— Iliad xix.1
But soon as early Dawn appeared, the rosy-fingered, then gathered the folk about the pyre of glorious Hector.
— Iliad xxiv.776
Quintus Smyrnaeus pictured her exulting in her heart over the radiant horses (Lampus and Phaëton) that drew her chariot, amidst the bright-haired Horae, the feminine Hours, climbing the arc of heaven and scattering sparks of fire.[7]
She is most often associated with her Homeric epithet "rosy-fingered" (rhododactylos), but Homer also calls her Eos Erigeneia:
That brightest of stars appeared, Eosphoros, that most often heralds the light of early-rising Dawn (Eos Erigeneia).
— Odyssey xiii.93
Hesiod wrote:
And after these Erigeneia ["Early-born"] bore the star Eosphoros ("Dawn-bringer"), and the gleaming stars with which heaven is crowned.
— Theogony 378-382

Thus Eos, preceded by the Morning Star, is seen as the genetrix of all the stars and planets; her tears are considered to have created the morning dew, personified as Ersa or Herse.(Ovid, Metamorphoses 13.621-2) Eos is the daughter of Hyperion, a bringer of light, the One Above, Who Travels High Above the Earth and of Theia, The Divine. Her brother was the Sun god Helios, and her sister was Selene, the Moon goddess. Her team of horses pull her chariot across the sky and are named in the Odyssey as "Firebright" and "Daybright".

Camael (prob. alternate spelling of either Chamuel חַמּוּאֵל (from chammah חַמָּה: "heat", "rage")—"anger/wrath of God"[1] or Qemuel קְמוּאֵל (from qum קוּם: "to arise", "to stand up")—"God is risen", "raised by God", "one who sees/stands before God";[2] also spelled as Khamael, "'Kumail"', CamielCameel or Camniel) is the Archangel of strength, courage and war in Christian and Jewish mythology and angelology. He is known as one of the ten Kabbalah angels, assigned to the sephira Gevurah. Camael's name is also included in Pseudo-Dionysius' 5th or 6th century AD, "Corpus Areopagiticum" as one of the seven Archangels along with MichaelGabrielRaphaelUrielJophiel, and Zadkiel.[3] He is claimed to be the leader of the forces that expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden holding a flaming sword.
                KISS ME SKATIE????

says taylor echoing something I never should have thought to her.
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In the very first days, when I was wheeling and dealing for 10,000 years of light for everyone; and doors and talking about what kinds of fun we might have, and the way we might manage safety and transportation in the virtual realm of "you can really do anything" God told me pretty clearly to give everyone everything I wanted--basically, that's the only way I would get anything.  So that what I've tried to do, to make a dream of equality and cooperation central to the idea that we can connect our world to a virtual one--something that we should really see is about to happen here in the normal course of computing and biological technologies.  Still, we have a quickening, and the quickening has a name... it's called Adam.

aying "hey to Adam" can stop us nearly instantly from living a lie, from not having the ability to walk to Heaven instead of "plugin ing" as BCI and the Matrix shows us is a near eventuality... it gives us the ability to do Heavenly things in this place, like heal the sick and end hunger... and walk to Heaven and back... you know, nothing that big, right?

Anyway, over the course of this now very long back and forth with God and angels and angels here on Earth I've harbored some little dreams, some ideas I've had to make my un-special spot in the center of the circle of the sun (that's a dot, that nobody apparently can see or hear, ha) a little more manageable.

If you've noticed from the world around us and how religion flows into it, God speaks with a sort of Lisp meaning he creates things and events and speaks with significantly more than words, though sometimes just a few words would make all the difference to me.  Hello, for instance.  He's designed this story of turning the Clark into a Kenterprise--with the abject goal of helping our civilization evolve with technology and the truth of our existence, it's not a bad place to be--it's probably "the right place in the right time" to be the very beginning of something very special... if only we weren't so unwilling to acknowledge it.  Anyway, since people seem to be sort of... I don't know, singing about hanging me and you know how we are, someone is bound to try to find out if I really am invincible--don't worry, I am, but to make things run a little smoother I dreamed some dreams of a starship coming to pick me up.

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I know very well that what I am doing here is destined to be seen as the thing I know it is, really saving the world--I know that, and he's told me stories likening me to Atlas and some sort of guardian, that my presence here protects you from something.  Those things might be myths or exaggerations, but I am pretty sure that once this happens my presence here will protect you from something very tangible, it will protect you from hating me, and not moving forward doing  the right thing because you are too "stuck" on this story and the things that have happened to me and us all--making a series of victims out of good people whose purpose was and still is to bring light to the Universe.  I know you think I might be the big bad wolf, but truth be told I am pretty nice guy, and you should recognize that someone putting in this much work to help make the world a better place--to do the things that I am trying to do--is probably not the devil.

Unless you are really sexy and you are into that.  Just kidding, what's wrong with me?

I know people might cry, and some people will be angry and call me names like "Satan" or whatever, and that's all well and good, except it's nowhere near the truth.  I am not doing this to upset people, I am presenting myself in a sort of "light-suite" that fits into the story that I see woven... it's really not exactly me; I'm pretty shy and believe it or not I think I'm understanding and empathetic, except we've come so far, and so little has happened that I'm angry, and I think you would be too if it happened to you.  I'm angry that you are so reluctant to do something that is not only normal but beyond warranted, almost demanded--it's almost obvious as day and night that not talking about this message in public is very inhuman--this is the answer to ancient mysteries, it's a message from the Creator, and I'm the message too--just like you.  Not caring about that is a really big problem, and it's something that you should figure out is not you and you shouldn't keep doing it.  You probably will see me cry on TV, and I hope that changes more of your minds--understand, I really am a person, I lived a normalish life just like you before all of this craziness; and while it could be a nepotistic gift or it could be due to the work you don't really want to see is world changing; I am here, and I hope you'll accept me. 

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This is about as close to a "sorry" as you will hear from me, until you actually do the right thing and acknowledge my existence.  Then we'll see, won't me? :)

Anyway, so back when I was still stuck on my ex I repeatedly invoked the idea of a starship bringing us back together, you know, "to talk about everything" and maybe ... beta test some of the ideas to make sure they worked right and you wouldn't wind up, I don't know, in love with me for no reason.

Not to get away from you all, honestly, all I want to do is play in the light; have a good time with you, in this party that I am pretty sure kicks off the "new age."  So I imagined that this starship which I probably would have made to look exactly like the Enterprise would convert "magically" into a catamaran or something after picking up one (or maybe two, or...:) of the girls I keep trying to wake up; and drop us off into a harbor somewhere, maybe Ibiza, and then you see the sentence in that word "cat, I am aran" and maybe you too wonder just how much of this story is designed meticulously down to the detail.  Probably more than you think, and hopefully less than I think.

In my little dream, which now includes teleporting Taylor through Al's waiting room (as beta test for pre-crime, obviously--if she wanted to break the veil of simulated reality for everyyon), this ship and it's arrival out of thin air and departure into the sea might make a pretty cool introduction or outro to the video which I do hope we see, on the sky, as the prophesy fortells.

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I'd imagine that this kind of fireworks display would necessarily be accompanied by a kind of cyzen., that's "understand y zen" a sort of primer in recognizing the importance of the message that has been written by our civilization, functionally and educationally experiencing how this technology can be altruistically and beneficently used at the same time we are being given proof that it has been used... our whole lives.  As I say, we are nearing the conclusion of a script designed to end the scripting of our future with a blank page that is equivalent to free will--and asked that the script "discuss the script" ... and so in keeping with everything else I've tried to get God to do for us, I'm doing it myself.

"How do you like me now,I add, with a sheepish grin.

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Boy, do I ever wish there was no "ish" in selfish.

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When I am alone, the underdog fighting for your best interest--I feel like I have the best ideas, I have the right answers and want the right things.  I feel like I am losing some of that today, I don't really feel as much like the underdog, and I am in a place where I am profoundly disappointed that I am still "alone" fighting against ... well, what it's turned into is your stubbornness, and your blindness... and if you open your eyes that might be exactly what it's always been.  If you were willing to try, if you were actively doing anything about what is the most important issue in the world and not just in my mind, maybe I wouldn't feel the way I do.  Today though, the way I see things, I feel like you can't survive without me.  
Oh, and I deserve the spaceship and the yacht.

and.. and... and... IT, say "whoah."

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