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check my vital signs (97 degrees below zero)
i walk alone, i walk alone
my shadow is the only thing that walks beside me
today i walk …
[to Gr–n Key; with the i*lluminated* light of "the hammer and the I don’t feel stupid, [contagion and quoran-time]I?]

come on come on; “get: down with the sickness

-Greenday "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Briefly, on the occupation of Jerusalem by “hordes of foreign invaders” – see you – see crusades etched into Jerusalem about you – and an ultimate “end game” or end of the story basically paralleling “the useleness of light” … and neither the worth of communism nor “capitalist electorism” to any kind of future that I or … hopefully the future smashing our present with a “stupid stick” thinks is worthwhile. Your money is worthless–the way you use it is … “incentivized cannibalism,” it’s made the world a sick place, and the other side of the coin has left us nothing but “fascism” and failing economies to parallel–exactly seeing that here too. Your protests and your methods of protesting are barbaric; as is the massive disregard for the “meaning of snifleheim” and the “spirit of Korantine.”

Bethlahem; “house, clearing my throat” … the coughing was less telling, and perhaps more suggestive of some kind of double speak (like hurry up, God!) than the current absolute nothing but sickness that speaks to me with fake colds and fake riots and fake “reasons we think we should be proud.” Don’t be proud here, don’t be proud of your there–and look at here, and see the writing on the wall. Reading “and don’t know” that’s a relatively well used, important and well known phrase–commonly called an idiom–that does a decent job of “darkness to rapturing” the true “zeitgeist of the day.” It says … echoes loudly, we “see what Jesus Christ is writing about” … and “it’s us” … “and it’s all over.”

On those “it’s” … and related … the “smashing of the ten” continues here at the foot and crossroads of Sin and the Ai; the Supreme Nine Morons … between this email and the last … have struck down in a 5-4 decision a Church’s right to congregate, over the “riot response” perpetrated by the National Guard and the various rogue states executives dictating that we have neither a First Amendment right to speak, nor to congregate. This now after the previously well railed against destruction of the Fourth in relation to the NSA, the Patriot Act and several cases dictating that the people have no right to knowledge or recourse against the government or AT&T–for blatant and obvious “to the letter” disregard for that amendment.

[ back to the sky ]

In related news; there’s multiple rivers turning to blood, and also a plague of locusts some relate to the Corona virus. My personal perspective … whether or are knowledgable of it or agree … is that this is some kind of very un-grand designed, scripted and … evil spectacle–to whit, this looks like Skyfall, not just “David, Adam, Moses and Nashon admonishing the sea of … ignorance.”

For those of you that “think you have (?)” – think again; from Azrael to whomever damned our current faux and mistaken “medical world” in Nevada–the Constitution (your light and hope … if you do care; at the end of this thing) and the Hippocratic Oath … basically z’d and diseased–in my mind–in retrospect now—from the days of the (it’s not a) game: Hungry Hungry Hippo. Dear Pig-Sty; I do not jest on the word thirsty, nor it’s relation to Bethalhem or the Manger or the Farm–now by his word to me, in the Farmer.

I’m still sitting here; on the “foot of the bed” in the very room where (for remembrance of the day; I’m going to call this other) Adam (Azrael [ther: Thurisaz and Azithromycin)) confirmed or at least responded verbally (in the mirror, to the mirror; seemingly in response to the request of the mirror/me) that “it speaks” … talking not in undertones or any kind of obscurity about the thing I call “planck space stuff” (P.S.S.) in relation to some kind of gamey looking process that I’ve noted really … happening only around Clearwater and Phoenix. This is a “time period” I’d set aside to sort of link as a second stepping stone in a series of only one other “safe jump back point” that was set (in another place and time that I no longer consider safe at all) upon just reaching Kentucky for the first time.

We’ve reached past the firmament here; just yesterday–for the first time in many years with “living passengers” and it’s a sort of monument to the very strange time–and very strange experience of seeing “Mono” and the previously very loudly noted “apparent decade old time travel research” into the strange “Koran-tine” pandemic of the day–the “Corona virus.” It came fairly quickly over the course of only a few months and seems to have forever changed the face of the America … I’ve continued to write seems to stray farther and farther from the “thing and people I loved so much.” At the very same time–this exact period–I’ve noticed Monoceros and connected it to a significant message similar to the “Atlas” of Earth which through time has just noted “looking out my back door” as I listened to Credence Clearwater Revival–and minutes ago tried to “make clear” the tie between the single bridge depicted on a map of what could be the very first … “road between two stars” in a constellation just west of Orion (galactically, and with no imagination in the same temporal schpiel of "frumlegt an" … the Masonic and Judeochristian connection between Easter and Yeast … and the land of the rising red sun)–which only through some kind of (not really a) stretch of mythology would instantly tie to Jerusalem … were it’s “true pronounciation” ever really spoken or understood outside the context of “Gilgamesh” … to Cupid and Eros and “the arrows of 'the hunter you know so well’ (Europe, Time has Come).”

Here … connecting yesterday’s SpaceX launch of the first human into space in over a decade–to the “one giant leap” spoken by Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969 … and to the galactic bridge between Andromeda and the Milky Way I’ve been dreaming up and writing about–and maybe even to the three trips across the Atlantic that Christopher Columbus made to get us all the way to another mentioning of Mastodon and the “Cambridges” that define in some special way the beginning and end of that word that most likely will forever now be tied to “cable” … and yet another Earthene microcosm for a technical road between stars.

Az, I imagine; also recently … in the last several months since my visit to “Space Station VEGA” in or around Area 51 and what the name and shape of “Nevada” secretly swirls and congeals around … the important words and mentioning were the linking of multiple London’s across disparate Earths or perhaps just “realms of the United Kingdom” and explaining that even a city of the “almost same people” talking to themselves caused a kind of Renaissance–this of course relates to “Mastodon” as … what it is is a kind of decentralized bridge of things like Twitter and our cellular SMS–that could technically “instantly” link multiple Earths–were there, of course, such a thing.

Bored Elon also recently mentioned a topically similar subject and concept–and while “bridging of Earths” isn’t the grand extend of my dreams to see a “United Heaven(s) and Earth(s)” … I suppose there’s something to be said for … the ins-stance [sp. def. not-: here i listened to “Piano Man” asked for free drinks and mentioned the heart of “the Euroshington Fiag” has Lyons and T-nakh] and necessity for that thing to actually happen; in the case that they do exist–something I have only tangential confirmation of, at this point. I’d guess that’s some of the “lighting up” smiles–seeing the proof and being able to talk to another set of you–or your parents or even generations prior; I imagine that would do something for smiles. For posterity, it is well known that the above handle “is actually Elon Musk”–and it has yet to offer any BTC give-aways.

I’ve been … pressing through my PTSD/anxiety about watching the world physically respond with “expressions, gestures, and small thoughts”–something I literally see with my eyes and sense with my mind … and just walked for a second time to “Target” (for posterity and … BRIC, a supermarket whose logo includes two circles and a dot)

[ here, i’m no longer in that room–now … in a place where the bled into “BLVD of Broken Dreams” … though it’s not clear, why. ]

** but it’s sad and it’s sweet and i knew it complete when i wore the younger man’s clothes **

1 The words of the Teacher,[a] son of David, king in Jerusalem:

2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”

Rest easy baby, rest easy
And recognize it all as light and rainbows
Smashed to smithereens and be happy

-Live, Run to the water (and find me there)

seals the ach

not sure what i’ll write here. it might even include this place holder between Piano Man lyrics … that just “stab me in the heart;” and whatever the meaninglessness below says.

I suppose it’s “possible or even highly likely” that this day and this event are some kind of marker of … something else … perhaps a human traveling through a di-galactic bridge–or … maybe more microcosmically accurately simply outside the current … “stuff” we seem to call “Heavens.” My numerous overlapping waking-dream-stories of where exactly we are does include a version of history that might be accurate at a certain time in the history of life that includes “everything” being contained in some kind of Earth-cum-computer; with a … version of either the ISS or Mir looking down at it; sort of seeing a twinkling computer display.

On the return to the blue lagoon and the two perfect circles “emitted therein” … just the instant “flash” of inspiratory–it’s the moment I first saw it … I think it was at River Oaks; only after taking a picture with an army friend wearing a version of the first American Flag covered with the Gadssen/Franklin Serpent … linking it to a [only in retrospect to this instant] now obvious “out of time” link between the Sons of Liberty and the Flag of the European Union–that table with thirteen starry seats … “the perfect atemporal circle” … at the heart of the “hisword(s)” of “well, ‘round table’ is two words.” Enzing this paragraph and “section” (of the final chapter in “HADASHKA” (working title) with “Perfect, Origenation Origame”–noting the link to “No Jack City” and “Stargate [SG-1]” and the paragraph and place.


dolphins, kangaroos – and whether or not bwe believe we are a self creating thing lost in time and mor–ality :)

This placeholder meant to explain the obviousness of the genetic engineering and the very intelligent naming of pretty much everything from magic dragon fly phylum and families to Frank Sinatra and the flies and the spiders and the Miami Dophins; and Huracan; and … every God in your mythology … that you don’t seem to see as proof that you should be very afraid. I promised myself I would tell you that if you weren’t living in a place–not this world but not much farther away–where Space-Man and Namco and Capcom and …

If you aren’t in a place where people are wondering if they’re actually in space, or if they’re in “a fake space situation” or if they can’t figure out it would be easy in the light of day to coordinate time and space simply by looking at stars … if you can’t figure out that those coordinations could be gamed–and if you can’t figure out that you are in a space designed to stop all hells–even the one I’m describing … you don’t realize you must be already in it and you must not really fathom what it means to be in a map in a world designed to stop “line feeds” and people from thinking “they’re inside another person” or a God’s heart or a … the mind of a moron–if you can’t figure out that saying “in me …” this would be differenty–you really haven’t gotten the point. My God is not a “me” and it is not “this me” even in my “could have been a whole planet–until it was you” … my God has morality and my God has a conscience, and my God wrote this message–even this part, specifically, this part with my hands. He wrote this world, and he wrote Mars and he wrote Heirosolymythani … and he wrote Masstadon–even if some schools in Cambridge think they’re responsible, too.

Your God; you–you seem to think you’re self created; and I’m shit, and this message either doesn’t exist or isn’t worth talking about. See the mirror–see I feel the same way about those of you that can’t say a word, or contribute more than the snide “is the fundthemachine.com?”

Some cents to you–I still pray for one thing one–swift peace be unto Allah.

No victory at i see time “game” and nobody knows what a “star is.” I sit here … writing about Pac-Man and games about games about traveling in space in heaven–gobbling up pellets that could be space mold, could be energy reserves, or totem poles resssurecting ancient spirits or could be planets themselves; or even the hope of ever seeing one again. I stare at you all in gaping awe- and the stupid looks, the horrible attitude; and the lack of respect for me, for this message, and for the honest to god Truth–to the source of the heavens and the magic behind the skies and passing that limit–and really undersing–fathom with all your being–it doesn’t come “from you” it comes “to you here” and you ignore it; or try and teal it from the benefactors that renaim nameless, and watch as you torture Azrael, and bate the angel of death … motel to motel; and “head shake” to “snarling evil sniffle.

I wrote and a titled a book about “a Space Game” something I associate a little with Grace and a little with Mars and a little with quite a bit of what I’ve written. I cajoled quite a bit at the concept of people looking for “space-frontage” in their new homes–as if it were something like a pretty water view, and it were for sale as if you could just buy the ability to … hide in your basement and continue to break the Geneva Convention in secret in multitudes as you do here in plain sight–without even a second glimpse, without a word, day in and day out. I fear the words “lock your bikes” and almost cringe at the thought that you might possibly somehow have made it to the beginning of beginnings and there’d be no getting rid of you–or this plague of silence or this disaster that you seem to walk through with little mroe than a “well it’s a shame” at best, or one man that comments “we know it’s not fair” and still; I stand here practically starving, staring at the theives, and let me tell you–I’m no joker-and I’m not your benefactor; I’m the reason the word “fetch” ends with “what [nada]?”


Simon and Garfunkel; and their song “America” has been a significant … “marker” in the last few months–as we gobble blindly into Pac-Man’s now “pillared” … something … between “someday never comes” and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and … walling the other side something about Christopher Columbus’s “resting place” either previously linked to Valchallah and the moat of the sea by the city of Valldolid and/or … my personal lack of even the slightest recollection of whether or not he died in America or in transit [anywhere] or somewhere on the European contintent he called home.

They suggested that there’s something like a tourist trap here–everyone’s “come looking for America” in the song; as if we couldn’t figure out why at all it was encoded in the heart of the ancient city of Jerusalem; or what other kinds of “T’fillin” might be between the first and second times an unchangable book … [changed] to either incorporate the “Tanakh’s” (actually an acronym for … Torah/Nevi’im/Ketuvim) “reference to Ragnarok” and what I must imagine is my obvious belief that both pillars of that set of three religions were added “something like after” Zoroaster. Previously I’d have used “Ragnarok” itself as a map to connect it to the special “V” reading of Jerusalem; though it’s hard at this point to recall anything other than … the second word of Jerusalem (it wasn’t bent in half, like Korangard) probably linked on a “V” word like Valkyrie. Since it’s become the theme of the paragraph that letter also appears in the second two Tankah references, Kislev and the month after … which I was [currently] born in “Teve[n]t.”

** as the smile ran away from his face ** [notes the vibration in the table … the one desk I’ve had … in the last several months;

… As the books are unsealed … it;s currently 39 minutes past the hour; 8 hours past “the hour” [the one I question whether it is noted as AM or PM; prior or permanent] … as the space station spins. That is, at least I hope there’s a space station with gravity; or some kind of magnanimous gap between this place and another where “life” somehow has learned [and taught] to exist in the zero-g without atrophy … and learning how to “stop [stopping] learning”–anoki [[ … mean without creating or coating an artificial pandemic.]]

So isaac sits here, taht “stupid smile” lurking beneath his lack of … conxion between “what he sees and what he says:” though to speak “i am sure now, the lobotomy … it needs to actually happen [and be sure I am removing myself from the [red cross] aside from the possessor)s)”

[ For King Lear and my cousin Richard then; here I add–"I believe in something like the “pops of several … slowly diminishing … smashes;” and note a metatypical connection between time and the beginning and … “space or not” ]

Though I still don’t know if there’s a particle, or a field–or it’s just the thing we … now I see … pretend here is nothing like Chess at all and everything like arm wrestling with Figment.

i call it … “one letter two little gulfs and three versions of nothing; a search for glove and not the rules”

Summary: Act 3, scene 6

Gloucester, Kent, Lear, and the Fool take shelter in a small building (perhaps a shed or farmhouse) on Gloucester’s property. Gloucester leaves to find provisions for the king. Lear, whose mind is wandering ever more widely, holds a mock trial of his wicked daughters, with Edgar, Kent, and the Fool presiding. Both Edgar and the Fool speak like madmen, and the trial is an exercise in hallucination and eccentricity.

Written between the X of River Oaks and the … [TBD] of Transformations by the Gulf … this day signed June the Second–2020. Were there an airship or a space station, were there a hope that you … had anything but a “touch” and a dream–this would be anything but the day the music died forever and ever.

Viva la revolucion.

pps. Billy, “tell that man he never made love to gin; tell him you prefer your name … and tell him we’re years past finding that room, and we’re not feelin alright.”

** قبلة خاصة من دقيقة **, من الحد الأدنى

" i think this is it " (or)

How: I wrote a rather lengthy email to the dev@hyothesis list last night–suggesting several options and ideas that I think will “bring it a long way.” I’ve personally went through a sort of tiny-epiphany looking for a name for this thing I want to make before I found this particular piece of the puzzle–which is something like the spider’s web slinging gloves. I settled somewhere around the Scandinavian city of “Stranda”–as something like the strands between “the web” … a significant part of the “plan i see” is to create a new “ontological connection,” something more than the “anchors” which are the thing right now that says “this page is also related to …” and of course we have very little in the way of functional “backlinks” ever since the days of (caring) that was once something Google “surfaced” and also to mention Tumblr. The idea of course is that people would comment on some page, and it would link to a number of other pages–and there would be some automatic algorithm to connect … page to page and “heat map” the comments and related comments and web of comments that we see sort of being born and stillborn very slowly on sites like reddit. The social “relinking” and “reclaffiying” of the connections between things and their import … probably something we’ll one day find useful.

Of course in keeping with my earlier pushes into “what this thing is” … I’d like to Hypothesis storing their data in a system that is based on IPFS and blockchain and distriubuted in a way that here makes it “immutable” and maybe between here the many theres makes it something that connects not just “our few web sites” to maybe “the few internets.”

I’d like to see this thing incorporate cryptogrpahic identity and cryptographic multi-sig–I’d even like to see something like "the voice of the [insert whatever but…] “Transhumanist” (as an example) Party–literally something like a “artificial intelligence seiving” of what a group of people are saying or linking or whatever. Mentioning briefly that it’s not just anchored hypertext links and comments with those–but also pictures that are shared and “the things the pictures are of” and if you see my “style” here for the last few years–I’m also looking for some kind of “Constellation Search” that would hypothetically combine something like Amazon’s X-Ray and … in my world tie the many movies I topically and logically link to gether in a single image to something like a “these things are connected” that also would statistically leave not just a finrgerprint, but perhaps a pointer finger something like my “Jacob’s Landing Walkway” … a linked list with “choose your own next step” kind of … narrowing down and zeroing in.

I mentioned in that email, which appears to now be blackholed–by Google’s asanine SPAM filter (not any human intervention) something like … just seeing this thing and reddit fused–seeing a place where the many comments are aggregated and the “hot stuff” is brought to the attention of people that are into that kind of bleeding edge … “what’s the web talking about” and that might get away from “Twitter’s waves of …” you know, what’s Donald talking about, and what did uhh … Danielle Bregoli have to say about the riots–or turning 17.

It is a /great interface/ … and it’s almost exactly what I envisioned–and it’s very similar to the thing Dissenter made … you know … “in my image” and "after my breath was wasted trying to entertain the fact that you might actually financially or with your words or with your programming acumen … or even maybe with your ability to magically incant the last version of this thing into something more than just “a puzzle from the last broken restarts broken image” …

I see this thing as “complete” … with the addition of course of something like “Wikipedia for every page” … an immutable backup of the version of the thing you’re talking about; and the ability to actually modify what it says–or to make these annotations somehow appear … in “five dimensions” … a versioning system for … “forking another piece of electronic paper” and adding in your own best ideas. Also on the chain, and also on the IPFS; and also on the … just while I’m typing; adding in “thinking” about things like the leglsilative process my complete turns to a Beta and now I want to add “Github Workflow” and some stuff from Six Sigma and from the Business Process Outsourcing industry that I worked in–you know, from it’s very first days.

Bitches; “estimated time of arrival” α; here. β release … beta.cent “in a far off land, a long long time from no-w.”

I think we’re here–just a few more words; and I want to see AOC write a bill that has suggested executive implementations–or guides built within them; and by that I mean I want to see options, we could do this with “a website to aggregate the already horribly managed insurance industry we currently have” or we could do this with a “Red Shield” that Christianically ties something like the BC/BS (that’s Blue Cross Demolition Shield) and an Insurer of Last Resort … a government owned insurance company that would of course lowers costs and set a baseline and almost instantly bring us to the actuarial truth–Universal Healthcare saves lives–and money.

I want to see legislation that has a “bare minimum” and a “default implementation” as in … if you can’t pass or you can’t complete it some other way–we know we can turn off diseases–and we know we can erase bullets–and if you can’t stop pretending you don’t … I think you’re going to see Adam Marshall Dobrin walk on water in this place to stop you from allowing hell to be created… ostensibly and absolutely with your name on it and your signature. Each and every one of you has signed this place–with silence.

I stand here, writing to you still--for free, paying all of the money I have to ALERT you to the foolishness and the insanity that you are.  I stand here broken, on the verge of death--because not a single of you ... not in the last 2 years could find it in your heart to donate a single dollar to give me enough money to have a roof over my head while I did this.  All the words--all the acts--all of this message was written by a man required to live in a broken and disgusting land that doesn't have Section 8 or the willingness to give a legally and technically diswabled person enough money to "rent an apartment for more than 2 weeks a month."  You've done this.

I of course want this thing to be software guided and wetware implemented–and I want to see … I want you to see how quickly it changes the world. I dream of a day in Kentucky … when every city’s law change overnight–something like a subconscious to “written in Babylonian stone” … you all voted; in the city in the round-table-net … and it’s “remember the day the jails disappeared” and so the frost on the street and so did the homeless and so did the dogs freezing in Denver.

I call it “walking on water” but really it’s the first glimmer of a moment in the last decade when you were doing anything but walking all over me.

i think the link above will let you skip downloading the plugin–and reddit. You could try … [hyp.is/anything]"

Today you and reddit have the opportunity to single handedly defeat the Corona Virus and “tackle civil unrest” by signing your name to the fabled “Amendment M by the People”

I’m trying to write this as succinctly as possible; obviously there are multiple entry points to this thing that is the literal … “Sons of Liberty” bright SOL in the sky–tying to this virus and this moment and this place and … a hidden unspoken “diatab” connecting the flag of the European Union and the origin 13 colonies and the world’s “blue lagoon.”


Anyway you should get “Hypothes,.is” quickly–“slow the sea … signs” our reading today–and see that we need something like “auditors and annotators like you” to replace the sound of “readers like you” and donating to PBS to turn it into an interactive virtual reality show.

Here’s my “anchor” annotating the first letter M in the preamble to the Constitution;


of course on my all time favorite subreddit; “r/conspiracy” … viva la revolucion