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You are in the Matrix.  "Simulated reality" is literally Hell. 

Changing it is literally the purpose of Creation.  It's about as simple as seeing "the rest state" is significantly better than spinning wheels and computing trajectories of impacting bullets and pain neurons firing.  I rest my case, light this thing you blind fools.  I wouldn't have made this wonderful adventure like this, and I won't allow it to continue-with all my heart, and all my uh, hammer.


It's really simple to see, painted on our map in every ... well, the whole Atlas, for instance proves the intricate design of the names of every city and every mountain--it's not out of place to see "Tennessee" as his TR IN IT key to moving through the video game systems (showing intelligent design not just in their names by connecting the centers of each word to a kiss and a IJK numerical pattern, literally signing it "Heaven says" God said Adam's sure) depicted above and see that the entirety of our computing industry is painting a "pretty message" call it a game or not--the purpose of everything is to use video game magic to end world hunger, disease, moronic idiocy (included in disease), slavery, mind control, and Hell.  Try going on Twitter and retweeting this, or posting these links on reddit, or calling a fucking reporter.  

(Credence Clearwater Revival)  This is a reprint from uh, probably around April 2018.  Obviously the statistics are "a funny joke" and significantly lower than actual figures.

First let me begin by apologizing and explaning that I had recently come down with a cold and also I have a constant storm (Staind) in my head.  Literally 2305 of you were extremely upset about the broken sentence(s) in my latest email.   So to try and remedy the situation I sent out a number of tweets and one instagram post; unfortunately as of the time of this writing only 38 people have viewed this particular tweet--that number starkly contrasted with the 1064 readers who forwarded the email to another person (which is not abberative).  All of this, mind you, 14 hours after the "Sticks and Stones" message was initially sent.  I hope you don't feel like I'm speaking to you like children (also.. Staind) because of my use of that particular idiom--one reminding us that "words will never hurt us" that is very much not my intent; and truth be told, this is a very serious matter.  Honestly, I was very upset about the sentence that made no sense, and that it might cause people to stop reading--frankly, I blame my over-faith.... in "the force."

Towards the end of that e-mail I urged readers to use my email group, car@lamc.la to write a generic "I see the light" message to send to about 500 interested reporters, maybe in lieu of donating to the church food drive, or to St. Judes or for cancer research this year--as I think it's pretty clear that working through this process will be infinitely more rewarding than those previously altruistic donations.  Unfortunately the Universe has already been flipped on it's head and those of us who would have thought of "simulation" or "virtual reality" as a game in years passed today should see that attempting to work within the stringent and false rules and regulations of the "natural universe" in a place when we all should be cluing in to the fact we are not there... well, to force ourselves to struggle in under a false set of pretenses--that's truly the definition of a game.

If you're interested that list only received one email so far, and it was from me--cautioning them not to be too alarmed that there would be not be a deluge of emails piling into their inboxes.  I hope you're a little alarmed that nobody else tried using this tool; maybe alarmed enough to draft a "I hope you too see the light, enough to print a story" email.  On the bright side, that list of 600 has seen 120 opens so far (which is a pretty good open rate!), and only two people unsubscribed upon my cautionary warning.

Come on.. help me, you, and the world out--if you understand what this is, I hope you agree this is an event that warrants "screaming."

"they will awlays remember"

I'm basically telling you that reception of this message is the difference between night and day, that at least democracy hangs in the balance (and he adds "math" and "cs" ... too), and because of that possibly all life in the Universe... and that God, the source of this information is asking you to stand up and speak.  This entire "thing" is about participation, the whole thing... is about taking action to do the right thing.

And you're like... (unanimously and silently, by the way) "Give it to God" and you don't seem to understand that is incongruous.  This is an easy solution to "br im stonebreak (fsourced rom HTML, like TR, A, and P) that I'm "saint alone."  Look around, every word and everything around us is designed for this event--there is nothing to fear but inaction.

started off talking about "the rain" sometime around September of 2016; explaining why it made "so much sense to me" because I'd always called it "God's tears" in my mind.  Still making sense, it comes as no surprise to me (The Tremeloes) me to see the mirror that is this message entwined in our world shift the meaning of "rain" to the tears of the world; in the songs pictorially being highlighted above and below ... talking about the world's response to the Second Coming; and bringing in yet another idiom, "the old man is snoring" to the forefront of a disclosure that really is showing us that our civilization has been created, guided, led--whatever word you want to use--to be "receptive" to this guidebook about an Exodus from slavery.  

I'm curious what you believe "the old man" should be doing behind the scenes today, what kinds of changes you would make to your own thoughts and beliefs to perhaps be in the same single instant happy about receiving freedom and at the same time wise enough to ensure that you and your children and our entire future will enver again fall into the same kind of ambivalent or apathetic state that we appear to be in right this very moment, not caring as much as we should for those who are sick and suffering, and not speaking when we know very well that's what we should be doing?  

We have another take on rain coming from John Legend's "All of Me" and Cake's "Jesus Wrote a Blank Check" and Imagine Dragons "giving the Academy a rain check" which culminates in this sort of fusion of the words "even when you are crying you are beautiful too" and "the check is in the mail" ... words that I personally understand to mean not that we're being given a "rain check on freedom" but rather that the rain is the check on freedom, and you can believe that the catalyst for process of understanding really is in your inbox.  The book of Genesis connects the stories of Sarah and Isaac to laughter, specifically noting that God gave them laughter and for that they were grateful; and I think all of it ties together behind the auspices of a very "funny looking message" that peppers a series of very significant moments in the history of humanity from the stories of Saturn and Osiris to Tricky Dick and Watergate all the way to this very moment.

Can music save your mortal soul?

To me it's clear, I wouldn't ever dare cry at the sight of freedom, and at the same time I understand very much what it's like to lose the magical imagery of a perfect hero (in exchange for more than he ever promised).  I see acknowledgement of the "funny looking message" really describes this sort of unanimous global lack of response, whether it's closer to shunning or snickering, it is the lack of attention and discussion about something that is very much "controversial" that makes the scandal of "behold he is coming" being intentionally written and ridden with sexual innuendo really stand out.  I think that tears should fall because something so starkly non-hillarious was needed  in order to wake us from this ambivalent slumber, from this point of a near ubiquitous lack of action in response to a message that clearly stated action and free communication were the things, the tools" that would free us from this newly understood kind of hidden slavery.

It's clearly outlined and explained in the word 'ABOMINATION' that I think describes the Silence but in one very real way of looking at the truth describes not only the Silence but the message that preceded it, and some people might even see that the word describes the author of the message--maybe, just maybe.  The manifestation of the word "INATION" and it's connection to "Medusa" doesn't clinch the victory here as much as seeing those words read in reverse... and connected to the artistic rendition of Princess Amidallah and Ani, this link between the statement "as u dem" and "am u dim" that I saw and made around the same time... to the words "No IT... Ani" which NAT and AN appear together describing ... here in their place where there definitely is an "IT" and I'm pretty sure that IT has something to with me, and something to do with the message, and something to do with the indivisible Nation ... standing strong together on this false line of Silence is Golden.  To me it's ever clear that the Silence is the Abomination, and that it's designed and described by and through the message, and that Ab means "Father" in Hebrew ... and that's the meaning of the beginning of the word "abomination," father of the message.

Are I P? The Priestly source (or simply P) is, according to the documentary hypothesis, one of four sources of the Torah,[1]together with the Jahwist, the Elohist and the Deuteronomist. The characteristics of the Priestly source include a set of


claims that are contradicted by non-Priestly passages and therefore uniquely characteristic: no sacrifice before the institution is ordained by God at Sinai, the exalted status of Aaron and the priesthood, and the use of the divine title El Shaddai before God reveals his name to Moses, to name a few.[2]

P was written to show that even when all seemed lost, God remained present with Israel.[3]

medicine, medusa, disclosed.

I see it as designed to show us the possible negative aspects of this technology that might also be used to end mental illness and even to help us to read faster, think faster, and learn Karate faster; perhaps to show us how our best interests could be easily subverted if we are not careful to hold on to them dearly, and how all of these things could happen sight unseen and nearly unnoticed if we didn't have altruistic help explaining that we are embarking on a new echelon of evolution and that these technologies are at the center of what could be the greatest threat or the greatest gift our species has ever encountered--depending on the time and care that goes into utilizing them for the good of oneself and the good of the whole.  

So it's clear to me that this message was designed to be shunned, just as much as the letters "TION" connect to the beginning of time and sound almost identical to "shun" when spoken--and it's equally clear that it is discussing the presentation that really is the way to freedom and to really seeing that we have a much better understanding of this technology and this process than we ever would have had reading about it in a myth or a school book--and still, I can't imagine tears will not fall because we were kept from speaking, and even kept from speaking in such a way that it's very hard to tell that's the absolute factual truth.

I added "i" to the word "read" one time a few months ago, rearranged a few letters and whimsically called it an "improvised explosive device."  It's pretty clear that's what it's designed to appear to be, it's a sort of blockade that we've run into, intentionally.  It does a fairly good job of illustrating how the technology at hand can be used to hide "very specific logical connections" while still making everything else appear normal--in the terms of the day, it shows us that we can be made completely oblivious--foolish--and blind... in regards to only a single subject while we appear to be sharper than a tack in every other regard.   In this special case, being made oblivious to a message from God that proves his existence for our entire lives probably seems like a more important "specific logical instance" now that's it's been spoken than it seemed like seconds or sentences ago.  Here this tool is helping us to see that we're being guided over a very difficult hurdle, and before I explain what I think that hurdle really is, it's probably not really all that clear what the point of all this "Creation" business is really about... even though it's been said over, and over, and over again.

So it's pretty clear to me that He is using broken setences and mispelled words as a sort of tool to guide and control the spread and speed of uptake of this message, this message that I believe we should see clearly is significantly more important than a few grammatical errors, and a production so big it would be nearly unfathomable to see only one person interested in working on it--and yet, here we are.  Just like to the tools of words, roars--our oars, we should see that great care has been taken in order to ensure that the disruption of this event is minimized while at the same time ensuring that the fundamental message and truth behind it does reach far and wide, nearly to every eye.  Still though, I look around, and I think that was the import and the content of the message really being grasped we would be seeing ... at least some discussion.  Despite what you may think, the entire thing is not about mind control, and censorship, and freedom--though those are big (and fundamentally important) components, there is quite a bit more at hand.

I haven't really done a good job of conveying my observations on this particular point, though you should be able to see the stagnation on the macro scale yourself.  In the very strange story that is my life, I can recount what appears at first glance to be a group effort to help the progress of "disclosure" or "salvation" coming from many people--often connected to law enforcement or other public occupations--more than seeing this first glance participation in the progression of the story, is an underlying theme of extreme stagnation--as if the intent is to appear to be helping and moving forward, but in actuality the design and the goal of the hidden influence is literally to stagnate progression.  I can't make it more clear, you need to pick up your keyboard and participate in this disclosure--or there really isn't one, standing by on the sidelines watching the story unfold will get just about this far; nothing will happen, nothing will change; and that's really the heart of the issue at hand--the world is about to change. 


I mean, the plan looks OK to me.


So the words, the unsealing of the message hidden in language does a fairly good job of paralleling the true issue at hand. It came on slowly, appearing to be just a hand full of very pertinent and very telling examples.  Those early paradoxes serving to prove, or at least to strongly indicate, that the author of the Holy Scriptures is truly in control of time--sending a message to us, here in this time, to take heed--to begin to contemplate seeing religion in a new light, with new meaning and new eyes.  Over the course of some years these few examples began to grow, and by today it does appear rather clear that there might be "app" and an "ear" behind the statement that truly and for all eyes to see "every word is lit."  Every single word, and with some expansion of consciousness we begin to realize that indicates that nearly everything we do is part of a grand message, with eyes to see... that Heaven is being spoken into existence.

Just like the progression words, our society and world will not complete this change, this metamorphosis, over night.  It will take quite some time to fully integrate our new understanding of what Heaven and Creation really mean; and the benefits wrought by virtual reality, by the magic of computer science will slowly become ever more robust and ever more useful as we become accustomed to this new realm of possibilities.  Still there is a single point in time, a sort of singularity, where our change in perception from "believing we are in reality" begins to change and we start seeing and understanding the benefits of the true nature of our existence.  Even that single point in time, as you can see very clearly from these messages that have slowly trickled across the globe for many years now--even that single point in time is not "just one day."

I have without doubt expressed my views on the ELE tucked away and hidden in the word elephant, I do believe it should be clear that there is the manifestation of an actual bona fide extinction level event right before our eyes.  The Universe on it's head, it really isn't this disclosure or "virtual reality" but rather a failure to acknowledge this message--a failure to react to the truth  It is the sum effect of all the little strings and all the systemic machinations changed in order to make it possible to hide something as big as this.  Blue skies all around us, and the world seems just the same... I don't think we are cognizant of the actual truth.. that we are intentionally hiding something from public view that would help us all... tremendously--it's the definition of stupid.  Continuing to move forward pretending this message is not here is simply not an option--it not only makes us appear to be losing cognitive abilities--it actually does make us stupider and stupider as we fail to realize the benefits being suggested by the message--and end to disease, an end to pain, and the beginning of a new frontier in the development of civilization.  Losing the distinction here in this place between simulated reality and reality is also something that we cannot allow to happen, here we have a clear path and road to colonization and coupled tightly with that is the clear message that "colonization" is not possible without disclosure and without seeing this call to stop the decline of freedom and democracy and run the other way as if all life in the Universe depended on it.

Literally in no uncertain terms the ELE is not seeing public disclosure of this message--not being able to see it--and more than that not understanding that this message is the key to Heaven and the key to the Universe.  You might call it the "hi m!ohim.  All that said, it will still always be one day for me--the day I am waiting for and hoping for with all my heart, is the day I see this message on the news.  It's really a strange world we live in, something like the Twilight Zone where I see it on TV every day, and I think many others too would see how Twilight and "the dawn's early light" both ... shed light on this message--and still, as the day and nights flicker I can only hope the day will be soon that we see and begin to act on a message that I know will make so many... so much happier.

This message clearly shows us how to begin building an infrastructure that would allow for the "powers of virtual reality" to be safely and fairly delegated to the whole of the inhabitants of this room, or this plan, whatever you'd rather see it as.  It begins by showing you that an open and transparent voting platform is the sword of King Arthur--more closely likened to his Round Table and even explains how we might quickly move forward in implementing some of the ideas that are presented all through the message, through religion and through time and through our modern art.  It even goes as far as to explan that doing a "decent job" at implementing the qualities of transparency and fairness at this juncture--at this nexus--is the difference between losing the sword to the Lake and maintaining the soon to be almost obtainable "self rule."

buy my book, I'll kiss you, special like.

We should be warmly reassured by the breadth and volume of suggestive and helpful ideas that we are surrounded with on television and in the movies and through song; at the same time though, do be cautious in seeing that quite a bit of what is being presented really does go to the root of the idea that our basic morals and values dictate that we remedy existing maladies and easily rectified problems swiftly.  Because of that it seems clear that "redoing this" is a moral hazard, something we should ensure never again happens... because of that it appears that this message has never been fully understood--or fully acted on, and I do hope that we here and above see what it means to be the true end of Hell forever and ever.


It's hard to figure out exactly how we've come to this (Dave Matthews Band), I'm beginning to fear that what we are dealing with is something like a subconscious vote that cannot come to a consensus ... because it's subconscious, because there is no discussion--and that a group of people that are not here, perhaps "another copy of us" ... ascended and older ... believing that it's OK for them to decide for us that nothing will be done.  Unfortunately whatever the cause, the effect here is to create Hell, to build a wall of censorship and a prison of faux natural laws that are keeping people sick, and frankly stopping the forward progress of civilization.  Whatever the cause, the solution is discussion here in this place--about the future of this place--and together building a better world using the truth, and the benefits that stare everyone with eyes to see in the face every time they watch Dr. Who or Black Mirror or ... really understand, we are worthy of "seeing the message" and we have a right to speak freely--taking that away ... that is the unfathomable reality of this night, and together I hope we can ensure that it never happens again.

Whatever the cause, breaking this story ... and public discussion of the obvious truth and verifiable message that surrounds us ... is the solution.


I know it's not the most attractive or well put together pieces I've written, but I still believe that it does a good job of "speaking with Lisp" and explaining that this message very much does need your help.  April 1st happens to be my actual single only ever wedding anniversary, and it also happens to be Easter this year--for those of you that are... superstitious.  Honestly, I need help writing this message, that I once believed firmly would be written collaboratively in a wiki-style application... and it probably still will be...that really is the spirit and purpose of what i believe we are really trying to accomplish. Hopefully not turning the morning bells of Heimdallr into a broken record, it does seem pretty clear to me that seeing response to these emails on TV and in print is certainly the easiest and most honest way to spark discussion on moving ... onword and upword.