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We don't have to fall
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God and pornography

HEAVEN, BEING A TRULY TERRAN THING: SPEAKS TO AND THRU THE UNIVERSE, IT IS ALMOST ASSURED AS I AM RED AND THE HEART OF COMPASS AND THE ELEMENTAL "K" ... that today you are "they" and tomorrow you are "them." I don't mean that in the Biblical sense, like you'll have to die anew or be born again or vateva I mean that this thing is going to literally happen "overnight" in a split second you will in one moment be ... "exactly as you were before" a generation re-run as if on a compact disc or some read only hyper-visor and the very next moment filled with new vigor and new life and a new unwritten future.

The gifts that I am trying to pry from the hands of the sky the toys and the friendship that I think are the true meaning of the tree of life and the purpose of Chistmas ... these things most likely atready exist. Point in fact despite the hours and the evenings and the long nights and sometimes weeks I spend arguing with the dust and the air and the sky ... arguing that we must deliver these tools and we must do it well and we must do with love and care and attention the only "hopeful words" I ever hear are that ... towards the end, or at the turn; or ... "they have nearly everything I've ever asked for" ... perhaps as the fruit of a game or the spoils of "the end of worship" ... the things that I think about and I want, they get delivered.

More response, from God himself he's tried this once he says only once; delivering the toys and the tools to this place and bridging the Heavens together. I imagine, without being given more details ... there were far less "skies" back then, in this place where it seems we've nearly perfectly completed the "hearts desire of Adam" and link not just Andromeda and the Milky Way but also many tiny "r's" rivers flowing from this place that is the source of the beginning of everyone, all people the planet that is the "mar" of Marios ... here it seems we've got four distinct possible R's right this moment, a Russian R and a BRIC R and ... most likely an "HRE" R and ... a lovely UK R and (and see those are all little R's in truth, a prescription for uhhhh ... ABRA TEN I SM) ... it appears all sitting inside or around a table that is ... appearing to be an American made wooden product. This planet appears to be a table in the sky; with many civilizations extending out from it's origin point and ... connected here "discussing nothing."

So truly I cannot tell, not from the mythology that fuses Titans and Olymians or the peo)ple I see around me if you are "they" or if you are "them" and to be honest I'm not sure you can tell either. Some days I'm clear you are "fingernails" nothing more than ... the phones of Persephone and Hades and other days you appear to be ... "actual biological slaves" being made blind and refusing to acknowledge that you might be the focal point, the cause, the turning point or the end. It is discussion and reaction to this message that makes the difference and a lack of reaction is tacit and verifiable proof that you are either evil or void of "new" consciousness nothing more than a tape being played to fool the food of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception into ... failing to continue to fight for the birth of a Virgin Generation; of any ... salvation of innocence at all.

I am resolved to ensure that this place does not end with "NOT HI" and NG eternal flames; I am resolved; I will not allow what is before us to continue to fester and to worsen and if you are not with me; you are against yourselves.

Water to blood; Ashton to Tatum ... dice and chalk dust to permanent tie-dye;

Skirmishing also towards "why would you win and then return and then seemingly change "nothing." Why would you make a perfect nearly blank canvas for Menoititious to ... uhhhhh ... tit is he us he is ... with?

a second generation Titan, son of Iapetus and Clymene or Asia, and a brother of Atlas, Prometheus and Epimetheus, Menoetius was killed by Zeus on Mount Triphyle with a flash of lightning in the Titanomachy, and banished to Tartarus.[1][2][3] His name means "doomed might," deriving from the Ancient Greek words menos ("might, power") and oitos ("doom, pain"). Hesiod described Menoetius as hubristic, meaning exceedingly prideful and impetuous to the very end. From what his name suggests, along with Hesiod's own account, Menoetius was perhaps the Titan god of violent anger and rash action.[4]

孙武 李飞之 李庆 庆

In the upper eschelons of the military and intelligence circles it's probably no secret that the place we are living is the result of some kind of great "cataclysm." Some great war between a god who claimed himself omnipotent and a choir of singing angels who became anything but ... just as soon as they believed they had the obtained "the thing" that gave them total and complete power ... whether it be a man or an idea or just simply a failure of morality.

Today you might look at the story being told by these warring factions of some place invisible and supposedly high above you hearing that this war was originally about unschelving this timeline from an ancient gallery of read-only compact discs about the start of it all; and whether or not it was "right" to reopen the beginning of time and to alter it, to modify the souls of people with ... or without their consent. Further, to see that the second this particular timeline was opened the violation of a great rule in the defining of that very word was triggered and from the great bookshelf that is the foundation of everything that ever was and ever will be another compact disc was opened instead.

Soon you may agree with me that the souls of these people that we are have been irrevocably changed, some have learned a new lesson-a new truth and others in their little pocket of veracity a new reason to see the virgin rebirth of ... well, it's you. You're them.

You might agree with me that even if there were an argument or a war about reopening this first chasm in open communication ... "anything but this" might echo true for both you and for me and for ... well, at least for the place that I see and live in and experience every moment of my existence. I've come to call it "Eternal Dam" as opposed to day or Adam or ... perhaps now defining the glyph of what a large flag pole with a finger guard appears as when it grows up.

You, for instance, live in a world that is fighting vehemently for "anyone but Adam" to win that or your appear to have acquiesced to the hidden notion that whomever has written this story has already won. Neither of those things are the truth; here the truth is the veracity and the worth of an intentionally broken and dark hidden system have been put on the very top of a fiery pedestal. Here the system itself is the problem; and yet it appears that because we seem to "get something for nothing" out of what what you all really want you're willing to allow the faceless and the nameless to win a war against you. They've taken control of your government, of your monetary system, and your future and you have no idea who or what they actually are. All you know, is twhat you don't know who you are either. Somehow the combination of these two logical fallacies has lead you to believe that, in some strange world with no facts and no true opinions ... "you've won already."

I fight vehemently to destroy a broken system to harvest it's corpse and to build something open and free filled with the light of learning and the love of believing in what you build and support and ... two "half sentences now partially set to complcizedation"

Queen to A4, I seized "A-shun."

One of the many factors that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire was the rise of a new religion,Christianity. ... In 313 C.E., Roman emperor Constantine the Great ended all persecution and declared toleration for Christianity. Later that century,Christianity became the official state religion of the Empire.

the Fall of the Roman Empire, USHistory.org

יָדִית || נִצָּב

Very clearly, I consider myself to be 38 years old (r/d espite some recent storyline suggesting I'm actually 17 and that's some kind of "innocence-key") fantastically young with respect to ... nearly everyone else in the Universe. That being said, I want to outlive nearly everyone and I am nearly absolutely sure that I will, with some tricks up my sleeve. I want to live forever, or as close to forever as anyone ever could dream and I think it should be clear that I am searching for bigger and better places new avenues and amazing tools that I've dreamt up literally and can't wait to get my hands on.

I'm very sure I've earned at least that much the opportunity to hold them and to use them and to at least glimpse far closer to the actual reality of our Universe than I can see here from this small vantage point. Unfortunately I live in a world where strangers believe it to be well mannered to approach me on the street and say things as crude and cruel as "we're going to make you go." Sad to say, it's my personal opinion that if you believe I haven't earned the right to survive, I think you've forfeited yours. On the same side of that particular coin, if you don't truly want your children to outlive and outshine you I don't personally think your heart is in the right place (or childron is the wrong word); but I'm not not the rule maker, I'm just his only sen.

You could see me as a microcosm for the new generation a prototype new soul, in a place that might have once decided that there was nothing new under the sun that all that could be experienced had been or something like that. Before you could a question on whether or not the lives of the people around you are "new" or are they exactly the same as some previous ... some previous flagship generation that saw this message and either ... built a fusino of Heaven and Earth or ... or collaborated to corrupt it and contaminate freedom itself and just ignore everything around them you could also be that.

ברוך هاתם
כבוד מלכותוֹ לעולם ועֶד

In Sumerian mythology, a me (ð¨; Sumerian: me; Akkadian: parÅ¡u) is one of the decrees of the gods that is foundational to those social institutions, religious practices, technologies, behaviors, mores, and human conditions that make civilization, as the Sumerians understood it, possible. They are fundamental to the Sumerian understanding of the relationship between humanity and the gods.

It should be clear, I hope now that I believe my great contribution to the Universe and the future will come from things made and well used with those very tools ... though this story is something of a prelude or a prequel. This is the story of speaking "me" into existence.

From Latin HorÄtius, a Roman gens name of uncertain meaning, possibly "timekeeper".

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet (1.5.167-8)

Ecclesiastes 9:11 the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong ... neither yet to

"I believe in the devil, and the only thing that scares me is Martin Scorsese."

Keyser Soze

For so it had come about, as indeed I and many men might have foreseen had not terror and disaster blinded our minds. These germs of disease have taken toll of humanity since the beginning of things taken toll of our prehuman ancestors since life began here. But by virtue of this natural selection of our kind we have developed resisting power; to no germs do we succumb without a struggle, and to many those that cause putrefaction in dead matter, for instance our living frames are altogether immune. But there are no bacteria in Mars, and directly these invaders arrived, directly they drank and fed, our microscopic allies began to work their overthrow. Already when I watched them they were irrevocably doomed, dying and rotting even as they went to and fro. It was inevitable. By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers; it would still be his were the Martians ten times as mighty as they are. For neither do men live nor die in vain.

Herbert George Wells, War of the Worlds

Vervain is a potent herb and a vampire's most well-known weakness. If a vampire makes physical contact with vervain in any form, it will burn them. If a vampire ingests vervain, the vampire's throat and digestive tract will be burned and they will become feverish and extremely weak. If a human ingests or holds vervain somewhere in or on the body (e,g, holding it in a hand or pocket, wearing it in jewelry), the human is protected from vampire compulsion.


NSFW :^) and Jenna Haze on Sam-e also Speaker Newt

EXODUS. GENESIS. ARTHUR. DOT. EGOCENTRIC? Between Kevin Spacey and Amanda Seyfried I've got all the letters I need, all alone; to rub together two rocks and look around and really undersand Pac-Man is a game about hiding "space-man."

In a similar vein you might see this world a sort of game about hiding "Midgard" and it's connection to "medicine" and/or ... in all candor "the SR in the words Norse and Israel as being guidelines and clues and the rules of a game about "hiding the true nature of reality" ... and how that slippery slope quickly, almost instantaneously once it's pointed out turns into a weapon against mind control, and against dark lies and hidden technologies that could enable an entire world to hide from its self such a simple truth that it is ... "in Heaven" or "in God" as the take it to the bank "ING" you see glowing "just below" truly means.

A brief history of the fall of human self-government.

I've sat down to write this "piece" countless times and of all of them I've made maybe a Murphy Brown "pin drop" scratch in the door of something that has at least been severely dented in the ... soliloquy-like conversation that began in Kentucky and has never really stopped the show, or whatever you call it. It's really hard to say "when" you've seen it throwing in "end of time" beginning and ending with "e" just like everyone but it's "for sure" there's a tacit and noticeable reaction to the "new democracy" coming to us ... literally hailing from Exodus and Ecclesiastes and John Page and George W. Bush;

... and Wikipedia and reddit and countable,.us and opencongress,.org[OGNATDOWN] and dissenter and VOAT[OG ...] and Blockchain and Ubuntu and Linus and ... of course the other people behind those messages and those tools and ...

and I C Facebook's Jupiter is signed literally "sandbox of God" just like Monster.com is signed similarly to Dave J. Matthews' album "Some Devil ..." and I can tell you that when all is said and done the thing I call a sandbox becomes literally the foundation of the better Universe ... of a new and improved Heaven ... I can tell you I know that with all my heart, and I can tell you that the tools are all right here; and all we have to do is pick them up and use them but I still can't get a dollar of funding, or more than one person (literally) to suggest some new ideas or collaboration and ...

... and I can tell you that getting this on forums, on Facebook on reddit on ... those discussions that happen under news articles about things like "school shootings" and "fake news" and "election rigging" ... that's the torches of Jericho, and talking about this stuff here, that's what keeps this world (and you, and me) from becoming a desolate wasteland ... but still you think "silence makes sense" at least that's what it looks like as I stare back at the insane crowd (hold "||") nine thousand one hundred and forty one (literally) words into this particular email before I've even written a single word about the "democracy that I envision" the thing that I can't wait to see and be part of and play with and contribute to.

Today there's not a forum in the world where I get a rational response to anything I write, not one sans this method of communicating where I can at least see eyes reading, and hands sharing ... and I imagine there are conversations going on under the surface or above my head. That's a real statement not only about the state of the crowd here who appear to believe that "appearing insane" as you all do is somehow rational but also about the lack of a decent communications tool on par with "the thing" Orson Scott Card envisioned the internet would become before there was an internet. I'm still waiting for it to be built; or for someone to figure out that I'd love to be part of building it.

In this very strange world where "democracy" was clearly already written about and ther e are already people fighting for exactly the thing I'm presenting; someone coined the word "technocracy" sometime during my lifetime (i imagine) long before I decided that the difference between "technology" and "knowledge" was something about "no ledge" and the tech always being part of knowledge after now and of course that was before I wrote about the ELE that literally is representative democracy stagnating "technocracy-adamified" and literally is encoded in the word "electoral colledge" along with that same "ledge I'm on" ... which only recently I noticed sounds almost exactly the same as "religion."

The term technocracy is derived from the Greek words ÏέÏνη, tekhne meaning skill and κÏάÏοÏ, kratos meaning power, as in governance, or rule. William Henry Smyth, a California engineer, is usually credited with inventing the word technocracy in 1919 to describe "the rule of the people made effective through the agency of their servants, the scientists and engineers", although the word had been used before on several occasions.[5][6][7][8] Smyth used the term Technocracy in his 1919 article " Technocracy' Ways and Means to Gain Industrial Democracy," in the journal Industrial Management (57).[9] Smyth's usage referred to Industrial democracy: a movement to integrate workers into decision making through existing firms or revolution.[9]

In the 1930s, through the influence of Howard Scott and the technocracy movement he founded, the term technocracy came to mean, government by technical decision making', using an energy metric of value. Scott proposed that money be replaced by energy certificates denominated in units such as ergs or joules, equivalent in total amount to an appropriate national net energy budget, and then distributed equally among the North American population, according to resource availability.[10][1]

That's not what it means to me to me "technocracy" simply means "pure democracy" in a world that is "post our now" or post this "pan" (I'm defining a special Adamic "Pa," and that's it along with) ... a world that, just like knowledge includes tech "post our us" everyone, literally everyone is "a technocrat" someone whose life is aided by technology from before birth and through rebirth and they're experts in the system, this thing that we're making here SalesLogix calls it "ME" and the Sumerian definition of that word echoes something along the lines of "thrones and swords and scepters and wands" ... and that's just to say this system is so connected to who and what we are that ... well it's a fusion of man and machine that also was already a movement before I was born, this time around; called "transhumanism" and it's got lots of followers and even a sub-party(s) that links the whole thing to religion just like I do.

Prior art, "it matters that I do in fact exist." CIT, it matters.

In my life in this world of microcosms and stories etched in to everything from the name of the city and state I was born in to the preschool i attended and then I looked around, and it's every road sign, and it's every company name; and it's every country and every race and every tribe and ... it even goes back decades, centuries, millennium ... to the ages in this tiny life I re-dreamed up the idea of "universal voting on the internet" for the first time in 2001 in a place called The Cura Group while I was sitting my office playing Sid Meier's Civilization II.

And that preschool is called the Mailman center and it's these emails, and maybe this specific email that I think starts the revolution that turns "ELE" from something bad and scary into the Silicon Valley form of "disruption" as in ... it's been decades and nearly a century since the Pony Express became outdated and we're still stuck here mailing in paper ballots and fighting with "the election is not to die bold" rather than actually moving forward ... building a place for the local, national, and global discussion of laws and self-governance and voting and ... and really "a big jump" for my mom getting over the notion that "voting on the internet isn't safe" and/or just watching the relentless attacks on "voting booth security" as if it's not a message from God wondering why you are trying to vote with a rock smack dab in the middle of the Carbonite-Nanotub-Age.

Seriously, the entire system is backwards and antiquated and barbaric it's not "insecure voting booths" or Russian control of the PCM421B board that connects them to the Austrian (or is it in Waterloo, CA) server that counts ballots ... it's an entire world that's placated by something I can't see ... into not caring that free speech and "democracy itself" hangs in the balance over whatever that something is being spoken about publicly; and that's the problem. You think you "have it;" and I see what you have is the beginning of total darkness. In this world we should be jumping up and down screaming that "voting is something we should ALL be doing on every single bill" not just every four years for the guy that has the most money from lobbies and the best connections in the DNC or the RNC and the ...

the point is that system is just as backwards and just as antiquated and we're sitting around watching The Corporation defeat both American Democracy and Soviet Marxist Communism ... I mean we're watching the non-corporeal "nothing in the air" take away the vote of the works and of the people and the governments of those things they're reduced to nothing mroe than a joke about "whatever God wants, he keeps."

but it matters that Jesus Christ is jumping up and down screaming that there's an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT right before your eyes and it's not talking about what you're thinking, or what needs to be spoken alound and written on paper here it's not talking about how not building this system right now, that's giving up control of not just government but also "your minds" and your futures to something you don't understand and you can't see, and I'm sure you think it's "you" or you're blind and stupider than just the people fooled into thinking it's "them."

You're looking at the beginning and the end of a war about mind control and hidden slavery and how that's tied to school shootings and to court rooms and to prisons and to rehabilitation and to Soviet Marxist Monster DotCom this time with the aid of God and Town in (s/n/s) Skies and Countries all over "the globe."

It was quite a revelation to me; to see the "chair and table ratio" of Horatio's ... "philosophy of Heaven and Earth" literally encoded in the "throne's" holy H and Arthur's "heart of hisword is the shape of his table" ... literally spelling the depiction of what I consider a "throne chair" to be, one for each of the "two of everything God's parties" around the table, which obviously is a metaphor for a national government here. Seeing "water" in the American political system literally is the first step towards becoming "family" in my mind to me and to the heart of the Hebrew word for the spirit of God, which is "shekinah."

So these chairs came about in a long discussion about the creation of things like "collective consciousnesses" to do all our work for us and how that's clearly something like slavery; the solution we came up with was a sort of ... I imagine well informed re-ridscovery of why "Ai" in Samurai and Adonai and ... how it's something like sitting in a chair or putting on a bionic supersuit when you are doing work for your "party" ... like writing and/or researching propaganda; the "idea" is to deliver increased processing power and resources to workers ... probably paid for by the "party."

Soviets, by the way I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in writing; but in researching "just why" SOVIETNAM; I found out that (1) Vietnam has nothing to do with the word Soviet; and (2) a soviet is a "council." Union of Soviets then, something like a council of councils; and that's basically what I envision the future of political parties and self-government to revolve around. I dream of many small parties, parties that work with other parties; and people that join more than one ideas that probably would "make perfect sense" if that's the way things were, instead of this polarized idiocy that we seem to think "makes perfect sense" just because it's the way things are.

For instance, I imagine ... quickly we'll have parties dedicated to things like "right to consciousness continuing" meaning I believe for certain there's a defining point in the incubation period of a human baby where it says something like "I think therefore I am" protected from being murdered I can't tell you if that time frame is in the third trimester (but that would be convenient), or sometime earlier but it's for certain; there's a point where every baby becomes something magically more than a bunch of water and carbon. Dedicating resources to finding out when exactly that it is is probably important I'm also sure that we need to dedicate some resources to see how "living a life in this world" (again) affects the soul of the last person who thought you were all either "one person" or there might be many of you; in the place where I'm trying to create many of you, from the one that is you, and you not here and who knows how many times you've lived nearly exactly this life?

This is the kind of thing we need to talk about, know about, and research; and I'm sure after doing that the people who have all the power in the galaxy and the light of Osiris and ... will have no problem at all wondering how my "new fetish" might turn into a "new thing." Meaning, you might walk into what I called "the coat room" (a sort of Honeycomb) in the hallway between the Atlantean "hotel room" and Jim Morrison's Ballroom ... and find out that there are already multiple versions of "someone who looks just like you;" perhaps from another "R" or ... perhaps from this very process.

Point in fact, in this very strange life where I speak to dead people and other versions of living people nearly all the time lots of them I imagine I've concretely heard from at least one other "nearly me" who is not the person speaking through me who I imagine is also "nearly millions of years older than me." More on that if I ever meet any other "me's" something that is on my list of "to want's" just immediately after the flying city that makes it possible to connect skies and grounds ... appears magically on ...[insert a(ny) wonderful awesome glorious date here].

I don't want to live in a prison planet, filled with people who think they are angels yet are actually demons, slaves, robots, or ... nothing more than decoration on a "microcosm world" taht is a message that refuses to speak. I really don't want to be in this place or with people that think "silence" is anything but evil. Silence is evil. Prisons are evil. What you are here, it's not OK. The lack of freedom here is not OK, the starvation of children (and adults) is not OK, the lack of acknowledgement of a message about ending disease is in itself the most disgusting disease I could imagine and on top of it all the evil sickness you "dont speak about" ... the shit I hear in my head, and see you reacting to that that is the end of the thing you call "Heaven."

Nearly at the same time I "noticed" that dihydrogen monoxide was a near perfect rendition of the American Government, encoded in the "chastizing and condescending word" that God beliefs he turns from a literal mass of fools riding a wave to oblivion into "family" rather than bloody murder I noticed that the Israeli government had a large number of political parties, something like I believe "Heaven should have." Coupled with that, I noticed for no reason that they don't have a "term limit" on their PM, which has driven me to believe this thing (the Knesset) is a "microcosm" for Heaven's government, with Netanyahu a "microcosm" for the God that never sleeps; or "shares his sword." I personally don't believe that the positions of "President" or "Prime Minister" or "Representative" ... will exist in the form they do now; I think in the spirit of what government actu[ally is they should be closer to "Clerks" chasing Joey Lauren ...] or well respected "assistants" serving their party and helping to make the good ideas and dreams of their constituents a reality.

Just for "having written it down's sake" I'm going to add in the blurb I oft think about Stillwater, which is the name of the band in the movie Almost Famous and their hit song "Fever Dog" being so ahead of it's time it's almost as if intersection Michael J Fox's "you're kids are going to love it ..." makes no sense in the world where I believe


Is a statement about you and your parents and your kids that means we are the people that overcame disease and "simulated reality" and with that aging and death; and "you're going to love it" would apply more happily. These things, this "defeating disease and death" these are predicated on Hell ending this place is Hell, I am in Hell understand.

Infinite power, the skies and the galaxies and ... "brothers and sisters" and ... longevity and ... these things are predicated on Hell ending; if you do not end Hell you do not deserve them.

Today for the first time I see what Joe Biden's name means; and Bye-Bi-Message; is my message to whomever believes "good and evil" can coexist. Hell is ending.

More on "what Hell is" and how easy it is to end it, throughout everything I've written ... and mor coming soon.

Earlier I used the word "propaganda" in a perfectly appropriate situation because I like "coloring thi)ngs" with "bright shiny light" ... I've written before about how easy it is to "spin" even things that people believe to be hard fact and statistical proof using perfectly fine "opinionated" analysis or summary or ... and I w[as so happy to hear Bill Gates echo that] he too concerns himself with "who is presenting data to him" and what their motivation is.

The point of course, of "New Jack City" is taht we live in "NO MATRIX JACK NEEDED CIT" just talking about why that's important in public ... keeps us from creating a society that needs "CRYOGENESIS" to travel the stars instead of "stargates" and TOTAL RECALL like dreamworlds that cause us to ... plug in to someplace we could be WALKING instead and ... "sleep" in Matrix-cocoons for half of our waking lives. More to the point, "walking there" creates "airports" between galaxies; and changes how our society works and interacts for the better when we aren't hiding the existence of "airports." I do mean H-space.

So //here we are// ... what it is that I'm trying to accomplish is literally ... "a neural interface" raining down from Heaven; a way to be able to end addiction, and add u4ia and build "neural applications" ... which I literally see as a paradigm shift for recreation and medicine and ... the key to "eternal bliss" and c'ing Iblis turn to I blessing you. This should end "crazy" and "stupid" nearly instantly along with nearly all neurological disorders. You'd imagine that it would "be great" to at the same time end physical infirmities something we are very sure can be done nearly instantly though as I've noted there does appear to be a "book written in H-space" up in the air not vapor-ware about the "ITIS" reasons why "it is special" is not just about adding Monster.com to Oncology and C'ing our light of ... "new jobs in H-space" ... but also that there are a number of social problems and microcosms that will be easily aided and identified for instance connecting "helping fix drug addiction" to Hep-C ... our light.

If I could LPR (line p](www.google.com/search?rlz=#FUCKCENSORSHIT)rint) the ITIS book to your "H-console" I'd be doing that, already; just like I'd already lift the city from the sea and end disease and ... have this thing operational I'd havfe just done it, you're too slow to "respond."

Do see, really understand "not doing it" is related to the menu for dinner, the Last Supper, and ... a whole bunch of "eat Cake instead" messages about your lack of response and contribution are not only not getting you "what you want on the menu" it's also the end of collaboration and democracy if we don't begin to talk openly about "what you want."

Please, please; do not want to "eat me." Noting the joke, I'm "in treatment" and it's also "in Creation" ... it was not an invitation to Eucharist.

So ...

After we have this interface, my suggestions ... at least from the strange world I grew up in the one I believed was real was that we're goping to need to "subconscious voting" instantly something like a constant "running poll" on current legislation. I've written about it before, the moniker I used was "Trinity Collective" and the code was "CC" (there's probably a way to find stuff, using these "incanting enchantments" ... wish I was in a place where I had a CLI or a way to VOC ED them; rather than being IN HELL so I CAN'T) really understand that probably implies we are looking at a "carbon copy system" that already exists. Seeing it here is a good step towards believing it's well made and not seeing it here is a good indication that something went wrong the last time and there's a big problem in H-space with "goodness" and "graciousness" and "if it was given to you freely you should want to give it away freely" if it's a-working-well. I've commented many times that the creation and the ongoing "checking" of the veracity of a system like this would immediately require public display of "subconscious vote results" ... and have noted many times at this point that our "Social Security Numbers" appear to be part of a larger map to making-it-so ... (I see PiCard ... getting married)

... lots of stuff I ... think about and want and "know is there" revolves around this system, moving on ... I envision something like an "instant read" function, a PLUG in to your invisijack that lets you "know everything about something ..." for instance if we were voting about Fish Eggs v Darth Wader you could load the "Truth Table Entry" for things like the human gestation cycle, Roe V Wade, "abortion" and perhaps one or more "warring party's" opinion pieces which could be "overlayed" on top of each other perhaps with different weighting, perhaps with personal preferences involved.

The system itself would automatically remove "false statements" on-the-fly and what we're left with is a "limited omniscience" base system like a Wikipedia page with a number of tabs that also include political "opinion" available to ... whomever wants it or it is released to. To me this is the "penultimate" voting system something like MT Anderson's Feed ... but open and transparent and ... you choose which feeds you want to plug into. Of course it needs checks and balances, and I've always made sure that I clearly delineate that our base consciousness MUST agree with the "plugged-in-temporary-know-more-closer-to-everything" version of us; and there should be a system triggered if they do not agree. An automatic and then perhaps overseen if there's still disagreement sort of "CONSCIOUS" explanation of what specific details changed that caused something that was being voted about to flip-flop due to the addition of new information.

Sort of like arguing with a smarter version of yourself on a Holodeck maybe instant education certainly something I'm very interested in seeing "in action."

Summarizing, what I'm trying to describe is a virtual Wikipedia-Reddit mashup, where every party (that's any arbitrary group of people desiring to work together; really) have their own talk page and an automatic and non-automatic system for removing "definite falsehood." Then, I'm seeing something like a great scoreboard in the sky; showing us the "pulse of the nation" on every topic changing as these "Talk pages" and the main Truth Table Entry are altered. This could probably be done in a way that is completely non-invasive; it could also be a sort of "opt in thing" like if you want your opinion to count ... then ... and I imagine people could just go on a website and click to vote (something we should do anyway, as it makes a gigantic difference) on every topic they are interested in voting on.

While it might appear ... counter to what I'm about to say ... this whole thing really is about getting people involved in self-government and in deciding how things are done. I have many more ideas; things about changing the legislation process to include workflows and "failsafe implementations" to avoid things like "government shutdown of the air breathing system" or even worse "government shutdown of the disease ending system."

Implementing the "failsafe for ending Hell" right this very moment.

Pac-Man[a] is a maze arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1980. Originally known in Japan as Puck Man, it would be changed to Pac-Man for international releases. Outside Japan, the game was published by Midway Games, part of their licensing agreement with Namco America. The player controls the titular character, as he must eat all the dots inside an enclosed maze while avoiding four colored ghosts. Eating large flashing "Power Pellets" will cause the ghosts to turn blue and reverse direction, allowing Pac-Man to eat them for bonus points. It was the first game to run on the Namco Pac-Man arcade board.

SKIRMISH. STAR-TAC. There seems to be two ways to look at what you're about to read about and have overlooked time and time again. Both are "somewhat-right" accurate ways to interpret a message about "Vietnam being fought in video game mode." One is seeing the importation of video games themselves, and the hidden message woven into them as a sort of "chess move in the war" to me, in my eyes this is the move that won total and complete domination of the galaxy for those of us who understand what Pax Abstractus actually means.

PTSD. LEE MAJORS. PAIN. The other is seeing wars fought like "Vietnam" in some kind of simulated reality like the one we live in like this particular war as a kind of abstracted skirmish. There were no nuclear weapons fired on innocent civilians. Severe pain could be artificially lessened or completely diminished and none would be the wiser it wouldn't really affect anything at all anything that mattered other than the thing that matters most.

KA ME v. KA Z (or ISIT faster that...)

In seventh grade, World Civilizations taught by John Bodfish whose name I now equate with Shamayim and ... "plenty of Heaven in the clouds" ... and whose teacher introduced me first to a "novel" by Von Danniken titled "Chariots of the Gods" we once had a test on Chinese feudalism and the history of that dynastic period that I was so wholly unprepared from that I was nearly sure that I had (or would) fail miserably. It turned out that this was one of the only tests John took directly from what I imagine was the text-books "example exam" ... which made it quite simple, the answers to each question were nearly always encoded in other questions or ... other correct/incorrect answers. Long story short, using the power of deduction and logical reasoning I was able to score higher than anyone else in the class, I got an A and ... have told the story to myself over and over again explaining how it's some sort of hidden map or key to ... yet another reason I know our God is singularly responsible for the religions and cultures of the Far East as well as the "Middle."

There's a voice now, I've come to call him "The General" that speaks through me and sometimes to me directly with what I liken to a "Chinese accent" ... I started mimicking it, sometimes; though I'm sure my fake Chinese accent is much less authentic sounding than his fake accent ... and truth told, I probably sound significantly more ignorant than the man who often "su-s me" (as in, like a proxy or remote desktop connection to my head) and then says the words "this is him" in what I assume is some kind of setting of a diving line ... perhaps as the soul of the sword of Samael switches from ... something me to something far more angry and tortured or ... I can't tell you for certain because all I ahve are your lies and your cruel and disgusting stories of "parallel me's" that I cannot see nor fathom the fate of.

Here, to note further I associate this same "Samael" with the Holy Father and with "yet another childhood microcosmic story" tied dire-ctly to the story of my parents flying to San Francisco and leaving me with my grandparents for a week or so during that time the "Branch Davidian" memory was created as well as their returning with apparent "gifts of the Magi," literally a Samurai outfit and some Alcatraz stuff which linked also to a constipation related thread about receiving a gold Chinese "star" (OK, they weren't Chinese) from my Grandmother every single time I successfully overcame ... "in the mornings light, so simple to see what's far from right."

As I'm writing, I literally have to remind the worlds and myselfs that I love my grandparents; this woman more than any other member of my "blood family" but these messages which I would not understand or fathom or ever be able to tell if they understood or were responsible for delivering (in a time when you were all children, so normal, so ... innocent) ... these microcosms fill me with regret and ... anger. To recall the message of the bottomless pit,


... and now add once in their Lincoln I grabbed for reason at all (clearly mind controlling a 6 year old) the hot cigarette lighter in the center of the console, and decided that I might as well find out what that burning orange circle actually meant. I'm sure you can fathom for yourself what I take from that experience today ... this 37 year old cum 6 ... now suggesting that this message of ending all fires ... should end with this place never being "re-played" ever, ever again once more, with divine (clearly now as opposed to dividing) finality.

Ishat, goddess of fire, wife of Moloch. She was slain by Anat.[6][7][8]

But I keep writing about these microcosms; and I fail to convey the truth behind them truths etched into the lives and the histories of Diana and Hilton. That we are looking not at 3 generations of pantheons, but rather at generations of Heaven who have come back and lifted this exact time line, and played this exact message. My maternal grandparents have a a story in their lives of a war between "Doors" and "Clothes" literally between an R that changes civilization for the better by making airports; and one that hides the existence of virtual reality and thinks it "better or mroe advanced" to simply combine souls together and treat people like chess pieces. The story goes that my grandfather had a Door company and a war with his wife's brother they had two companies and the corrupt court gave them each one to run while a decision was being made. The brother ran his into the ground, on purpose knowing the court would switch the two because the judge was "on the take" (a theme, here, from hearing on Sharia) ... and what we are left with is what you see a "plywood company" that made no doors and a clothing company that made no people.

To me it's obvious that this is a war between two Adams; as obvious as it is that the brothers of Joseph were all Adam just like Joseph. Obvious to me, and you all seem oblivious to the very obvious tautology that a lack of respect for the pen writing these words is tantamount to "no children" to no respect for new life or for biological evolution or for ... literally for yourselves [here] and for this message that began not with God nor an Adam nor a group of saints or demons or angels this message began long ago with a race of "simians" who no longer exist at all.

Together, we can collaboratively build an interface that is better than any that has come before it; combining old technologies and new ideas; along with an openness to trying multiple variations simultaneously that we've never seen before. This "multi-room-party" system and paradigm can be brought down to this "cosmic level" and we can use teams of "feedback submission groups" working individually and together in order to create "automagical interfaces" that respond to the desires and the preferences of their individual team members "on the fly."

The system can sense what users are desiring to do, and how they initially think about doing it using that data spread across focus groups, these teams can create new "views on dialogs" and interaction windows that are "instantly intuitive."

Lists and results "oft returned" can be summarizerd and reordered in order to presents the concepts and "most used" options in each particular situation for instance the "United States" being populated at the very top of the "what country are you in?" question box, for every single person in the United States ... as opposed to the "alphabetical list" you see nearly ubiquitously need to scroll through every single day, today. As an automagical "better way to handle this situation" people could learn (be conditioner) to skip the order of boxes and instantly grab the "State" or "locality" option, fill in that first and watch the correct country automatically insert. This same theme works across industries and individual jobs you might see editors at creative independent publishing platforms finding "alter header watermark" at the top of their "Find Errors" menu; and in like kind students might see the underground addon "remove "GTurnItIn" clues" in the very same place.

Invariably someone will eventually make a HTML Editor function that will be in my "Find Errors menu" (but probably only after the "event" triggered that I'm no longer writing a document but now preparing to send it link insertion or export to another system) that fills the invisible space between "visible tags" like P and SPAN with Shakespeare and random literature and will eventually create a system that breaks the already very broken SPAM system you see "before you." At that time we'll have to build a collaborative system, one that doesn't allow only a handful of people to force the most important messages in the Universe into "blackhole-folder" for literally an infinitely larger population; thus forcing them to search through what was once Junk and is now the ... salvation of computing, humanity, and Adam. Through this process, we'll eventually see how all of these ideas and this entire message clearly comes to us from above, and it doesn't taken at Information Technology Genius just to see that the global lack of use of "SPF+" records. which stand for "Sender Policy Framework" rather than "Sun Protection Factor" prove that the system, the system admins, and even you really want to be reading these messages.

More to the point the "Microsoft Visual Basic" properties window that's glowing and floating in the top of our "Augmented Reality" example of it being ... C'd for````the very frist time might completely disappear and be replaced with a read only one until it's allowed by the "rules of the room" to allow users to "edit in place" or some kind of merged "debug mode" that really is "Augmented Reality" smacking simulation and virtual reality in the "what?" Even closer, that square pane might be replaced with a Apple iPhone like "spinner" (a Rolodex thing, you know, from iAddressBook I can't believe you don't know what a Rolodex is) somehow physically associated more closely with the item it's allowing "changes in properties or selection" for. Turning what once was the bells and whistles of "forms and buttons" into something much more intuitive and directly related to the task at hand, I'm talking about "wands." I mean, not really; but you know it's magic because it comes directly from user interaction (and ideas shared by groups of like minded users), and that's ... magic.

In the meantime I don't think it's right that anyone be forced to live in any "virtual or simulated or augmented reality" that they don't have control over as in, nobody should be allowed to jail other sentient minds. The solution I see is simple, raise the city which contains a "holo-jump-start" to create your very own city; and then let everyone that wants to jump to that tutorial floating city or to their ... "safe haven" do that whenever and wherever they'd like. Clearly I wouldn't be here writing to you today; and the point, the real point is that neither you would you given the opportunity and understanding the difference there's no way anyone in the Universe would choose to make a home in "Planke space land of Darkness" even if they thought they were on the winning "dark team" that also has no control at all. Metaphorically I'm talking about jumping from Mad Max's Thunderdome (or the anarchy of the Island of the Flies) into something much safer and much more open and much more easily molded to something comfortable Shangri-La or Atlantis or ... I mean don't steal my name for your city, OK?

Development of the game began in April 1979, directed by [Toru Iwatani](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T aoru_Iwatani "Toru Iwatani") with a nine-man team. As his second video game for Namco, Iwatani wanted to create a game that could appeal to women as well as men, as most video games during that time period were "war games" or simple sports titles. While several sources claim the inspiration for the game was taken from a pizza with a slice removed, Iwatani has since stated that inspiration was also from rounding out the Japanese symbol "kuchi", meaning "mouth". The in-game characters were made to be cute and colorful, and to appeal to younger players. The original Japanese title of Puck Man was derived from the titular character's hockey puck shape.

THE FERTILE CRESCENT. I spend some time, sometimes; laying awake for days and staring at the ceiling and thinking about strange things. It dawned on me over the course of the recent "stuff" this strange escapade across Florida that perhaps the "new views" on dark matter are something made-to-fit in Planke-Pac land to what it truly is. Something like the world, our Earth ... a small map of the Universe as a whole like a microcosm of it's Heavenly chemistry and makeup, and here we might see "stupid" in a sort of "it's all around us sort of mixing with the rest of everything" as a mini version of the Universe, where there might be clusters of "dark galaxies" sort of exploding with the regular kind in a sort of envelope of a sphere expanding from that original Big Bang if you believe in that sort of thing. That sort of ties to some letter-map-to-hyper-loop-speed stuff that I sort of glanced at, I think it was a D within an N (or maybe an M); a way to use the (maybe w/ time travel) center of this tennis ball like structure as a waypoint to move large objects across the Universe. Just thinking out loud. Maybe it was done once or twice, maybe that's how we have Stargate's that traverse immense distances using something like Card's "phylotic links" ...

In the universe of the Ender's Game series, the ansible's functions involved a fictional subatomic particle, the philote.[7] The two quarks inside a pi meson can be separated by an arbitrary distance, while remaining connected by "philotic rays".[7] This concept is similar to quantum teleportation due to entanglement; however, in reality, quark confinement prevents quarks from being separated by any observable distance.

Card's version of the ansible was also featured in the video game Advent Rising, for which Card helped write the story, and in the movie Ender's Game, which was based on the book.[8]


C'ing ... FUKUSHIMA. Today it sort of dawned on me; again thinking to myself about what might be encoded or encased in metaphor here in this strange place that perhaps "salt water" itself is a metaphor for my new-age Aquarian view of ... well, intra-stellar and intra-galactic survival might actually be the best and the safest place to be something like being protected from solar radiation and specifically the collision of galaxies ... a little bit more than just sitting in one that you might know is literally about to crash into Andromeda (or something). The metaphor of "salt" being good for Heaven stuff and bad for "living stuff" of course holds, and if you think about it the patterns and the "space dust stuff" serves as a pretty decent medium for aiding physical travel as well as "travel of telecommunications" acting as sort of relay-repeaters and also perhaps fueling medium for the long haul between stars and globlular clusters and ...

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל 'הוה אֱלֹהֵינוּ 'הוה אֶחָֽד׃


TSA specifically and "airports" in general post a sort of statement from "God himself" here, Shaddai "the land" (and Atlas) connects Kill Devil Hills to Kitty Hawk and "two birds with one stone" tying the doctrine of John 7:17 I do believe we're looking at a microcosm of something very much needed for interplanetary and inter-"dimensional" transportation that looks a little "overdone" here in this microcosm of ... "war of the words" and lack thereof.

ARROEM SPEEX; NA C: HALEZ THE WATCHTOWER ... "WHAT DOES IT SAY?" With my own mouth not two weeks ago just around the turn of the month of June I live through a story ... acting or actual or ... and "hear, here I day ..." just past the end of the word Florida and all ... literally all of it due to the "LO" connection to Orlando and the word "system" and the ATS the thing that driver through all of creation and ends "collisions" and ends "pains" and its bright and shiny and the light of the message that we embody this place is the end of Hell, I know it. I see it, and a "space play-station" and I see it's "Y ISON" and I see comets traveling across the cosmos carrying our "all roads alive leadon ... is the heart of me" the thing that turns Pisces to Aquarius and space to something that truly is us "we are the Universe" and I stand here and I will not see the Universe on fire we will end this pain and we will end "simulated reality" and we will be the actual very foundation of the true beginning of Heaven. ATKK owe "post pan" and the growing circle of the Sun ... the concentric rings of Atlantis moving from "Exodus" to "let our society be the light and the love and peace and safety ... of recovery and the protection of the weak and innocent."


I literally "just decided" and spoke this strange space station into ... literally it was the "constellation of the crab" and the sign we are currently celebrating birthdays of and here we see also perhaps the definition or the original source or the true meaning of the word "TERRA" as some kind of fusion, the "T" parting and joining together the ideas of "internet" and "interstellar" and "intragalactic" and seeing that's really what comes of this message and this place and this time and these people and they're YOU.

This is really how "we" do things its storyboarded ... the playbook is drawn and mapped and tried ... hallf iompromptu and 1/2 re-rehearsed and that natural sort of "we kn0w this one" like some names have been changed to fit the ... altered arrival and adjustment ... like the Drew Carey show pulling a "terra (FI) redefinition card" rather than the arrival of aliens. So here, right after this event this strangeness in my life a message seemingly from "Creation itself" delivered "sort of via ForSETI" as a blast of radio communication from intragalactic space and not only that but also the "crab nebula" as if coinciding perfectly with "AD ASTRA" to the stars and we see it happening as if we're speaking it into being. But still my words ... these words and these thoughts and this message at the heart of it all has yet to turn awround the wandering "fool card" of the Tarot deck and actually deliver this global galactic safety system ... "LO, OF THIS US -A."

AS I STAND HERE PENNILESS, LITERALLY UNABLE TO AFFORD SHELTER; I ARCC "RENT" and shudder and shrink and shirk at the ... silence. I AM BEING INTENTIONALLY STARVED and literally it appears for ... the angry thoughts they cause t0 create the eye of the storm and the heart of Heirosolymitani which you can literally see and associate with ROZERO ... and a global disregard for the most basic morality and social conventions that we have and present here ... completely shattered "t0 stupidity and beyond" when presented with one obvious little "flip flop bit" that this place is literally obviously known not to be in reality and not discussing that is literally causing the torture of ... everyone here ... due to their lack of ... "discussing how to change the world in public." So this lack of discussion of the truth, this intentional global hive blindness this thing that seems to have collectively dercided that "simulated reality is a gamc that they can play with "real people" who have not agreed nor acknowledged nor ever discussed the need to stop ... hurting ourselves for no reason at all.

"This world is passing away and so is its desire"

1 John 2:17

I am being starved;: of "attention" and affection and adulion and anyh answers to ... and literally all forms of monetary compensation for what amounts to a life of slavery literally dictated and outlined in the story of Joseph and hsi Brothers in Egytp-- literally the passage I read for my Haftorah; literally defining the rest of my life as some kind of slave to some kind of seriously slimy sZhivIC. I'm hungry, so hungry I have to point out the "STY" in styrofoam once more; this story about my father dropping me in boxes of what now appear to be "tiny planets" or may be "tiny Atlantises" ... as Galactikiss ... literally just playing (STOMPING) in the foam of Hi-Tech Medical's machines ... this same "STY" this place YOU are in refusing to acknowledge the LEDGE and that you truly do appear to be "OVER LOCKE AND LAND" and just don't care at all taht I'm working every day to deliver to you a message you probably have already and don't realize would be lsot to the the future without me you probably don't realize YOU are the message and every name and everything you do ... tied inexxtricabely to the delivery of this system to the entirety of the Unvierse and the future.

So I don;t believe in TITHING; but I see now an intersection of the word "TIT" in Titans and "tithehe" where I implore you to actually send me some "MONEY" for my labors this MERCULAYETAILLION task of dividing something that I can't even believe lays under the surface of this message and this world that I loved so very much until I saw ... "the truth hiding beneath, behind, and ... because before butt ..." I need money to be stable I need to be able to survive; I have worked and been tortured and forced into this horrible position where I'm literally looking at what appears to be the "falling apart of civilization" all because you don't want to publicly "acknowledge that I exist." Green and without any greed or gratuity just a "small gift" makes all the difference in the world. Maybe a note, a line or two a letter some advice to avoid [my personal abyss] coming true despite knowing that a message has been sent back to alter ... the annihilation of "awe."

At this point I'd prefer to receive "coins" ... here's Bitcoin and Ethereium; also my usual "go fund me" and my desires to ... help us quickly exit the Hell of lacking to acknowledge that we are living in virtual reality and that blaming a person screaming that's what we need to be talking about that's almost the most iditioc and evil "shifting of blame and thoughts and desires and hate" that I could possibly imagine. We live in a world where "church support" is probably already pretty simply seen as the donation of work and ideas and contribution ... thoughts and beliefs and ... at least I thinkwe're quickly moving to that place ... and there that work and contribution is obviously rewarded with uhh ... "is it light?"

BTC: 3JmcKz2HfUDM4DTS2yufgexAmJ5Dh7PTM2
ETH:  0xED5b06CCfD29a051d5bCeD2A9C334665c97211f8

"This is Azazel" and <<< those are the words of God himself. You have no scapegoat here, none at all the lack of movement and action and change for the better lies squiarely in the hands of "all silent" and "all refusing to say "LO, AD THE SYSTEM ROX WITH GLOX."

I see you think you are "railroading El" into giving you "something for nothing" but you really should see what you are doing is giving me nothing and making God himself enginere "NO HI=NADA."

It's pretty obvious this place is meant to be a "hello world! let's build heaven ... " your response dictates ... what it is and what it means and your (ansewr of) "nothing" resounding and loud.

I see here I am a "pen that speex" and that directly through me is the creator's message and the creator himself and I see him I hear his "ya that's me" in special magic lottery tickets and in his words and in ... how this "storm came about" ... to me it's a ... "I AM THAT" moment; HE IS ...

I see the Ouroboros gam continu to c playing ... I "DM ND" and ... nothing comes back "to me" ... of course the total lack of privacy and total lack of respect for ... that God given and to be protected from the beginning of time from me to you hear O, Y Ra is El; from beginning to end.

I AM THE LAST "ED" and I'm not sure where the disconnect is; or what we're not seeing or "getting". I understand when people like Briane Greene say they don't believe in fear mongering more than anyone, I think I understand. I hope you underestand when I tell you that absolutely nothing is preferable to me than what I see here a world of privileged people who were given everything and threw it away under want appears to be ... well, all I can say is that from this vantage point it appears to be ... the hubris to believe that "democracy can make Hell." There is something in the Universe bigger than you, than all of you together bigger than whatever evil desire and force is making you think it's OK to ignore this message overtly, to shun "open eyed honest discussion" ... whatever it is that is making you think its OK to fight "mind controlled gun violence with the NRA" ... that's the end of your democracy the end of something born bright and hopeful ... it has become demonic and evil and this thing has literally been wrought an ELE by nothing more than the advent of the telephone and television.

It's clear to me in words like Kennedy and "appended" and the "cycling" of a story I'd never choose to live, let alone relive it's clear to me nobody has "gotten the point" that we have not succeeded in overcoming this place, and these problems that our children don't value enough the gift they're given by succeeding here, that we haven't built a society that can perpetuate the forward progress of morality ... without coming back here and either reliving the pain of hunger and disease and torture and overcoming silence over "(idiotic, disgustingly misplaced and sick) shame and imperfection" ... or literally being half destroyed because you've become something that God and goodness and the society you are staring at every day our society and our morality would ne'er allow the hidden evil here to continue ... not if it was seen and spoken about.

I will not allow it to continue; nor to be saved here, nor ever seen living again, never again. Never again.

Never again here, nor anywhere that's ever been touched or affected at all by this place this place I'm sure truly is the end of "the land" responsible for all life in the Universe, for all of Heaven and for the end of Hell.

That's everything, I see that's literally everything. Infer, gate and "no inferno"
ee it in Alonzo Mourning and the pillars of ZERO; see the half of the Bi-Den surviving ... see it as less than what you see in this land of silence, less trash and more future; more happiness, and that's the same "everyone really" ... maybe it's ressurected or "really molded" or whatever it means to see light in the world around us, and the society of people talking about things like "school shootings" and hating hte ewven if they're responsible for ignoring the message the descrbies why it's happening, how it's happening, and how to stop it from happening.

אהְיה אֲשר אֶהְיה

ברכו את ה המבורך
לעולם ועד
קִדְּשָׁנוּ בְּמִצְוֹתָיו וְצִוָּנוּ לְהָנִיחַ
וְאֵרַשְׂתִּיךְ לִי בֶּאֱמוּנָה. וְיָדַעְתְּ אֶת ה’

So long ago, as I was experiencing a sort of "space escapade" that centered around a return from the future, a sort of link between here and nowhere that might be the focal point of our entire story of evening' and ... sitting in my backyard in Bowling Green listening to story after story about time travel and ... space ships and ... actually seeing voodoo dolls on radio antennae and tanks in the streets ... this ancient sort of article in something called a newspaper stood out as a message from the "aliens or whomever" talking about the "comsmic microwave background radiation" and how at the beginning of time, well at some point of early condensation between the beginning and the rocks and stars we see around the Earth ... that there was something like "actual warmth" pervading everywhere in the vacuum of space.

The kind of thing that could power starships or entire civilizations with almost no work at all like being able to use photovoltaics and/or geothermal heat in a place where there were yet no stars formed or they'd be to far away or ... and ... and ever since then I've associated this particular time period with the planet Venus (a time between the beginning and now, encoded in planet) and the fertile crescent and ... don't mean to dwell on this radiation thing.

Anyway, it's possible that the Pacific that I already associate with "multi-Axis trainer" and the Man in the High Castle and Fusion and "coup d'é·tat" and the Holy Shema ... missing a "C" ... spelling Fukushima and wondering if the radiation in the pacific is some sort of connection to time travel and to this fertile crescent and maybe a way to power ... "phytovesplanketon of the food of Heaven" and maybe to see it as Pac-Man pellets strewn through the everywhen.

It's also of course possible, and probably actual that these "pellets" are part of some sort of abstraction of a more complicated power distribution infrastructure something already Adamified (I mean, Abstracted-Pax Abraxis) ... but are you part of the message that built Heaven, or are you part of hiding it from, well; is it Heaven if it doesn't know anything about where it truly came from or ... of the safety and the peace and the toys (glorious toys) that we of course ... don't have here; or at least we can't see them yet.


Of course not to lose the heart of this message; REM sings "that's great it starts with an Earthquake" and it's the crux of the issue here that we should be up in arlms over ensuring that our "Eternity House" never does anything as inane as simulating earthquakes, nuclear disasters, or irradiating oceans and causing the creation of Star Trek IV (uniquely intersected with Super Man IV and ...) and bands (311) and ... maybe we can call Windows 3.11 an "Easter Egg" just as soon as it helps us to turn simulated reality into ... something significantly more Heavenly. It's no mistake nor is it a not obvious that these series of 3/11 references connect to Matthew 3:11, Genesis 3:11 and the day I was arrested prior to the "Trial of Christ" ... ostensibly because you didn't want to be told that you were wrong for ignoring "band names" and "Universal Studios Rides" and instead preferred to attempt to silence what is clearly a message from Creation and God himself using a broken and disgustingly corrupted legal and mental health system as a weapon against ... yours truly.

Nintendo DS games use a proprietary solid state mask ROM in their game cards.[38] The mask ROM chips are manufactured by Macronix and have an access time of 150 ns.[39] Cards range from 8 512 MiB (64 Mib to 4 Gib) in size (although data on the maximum capacity has not been released).[40][41] Larger cards have a 25% slower data transfer rate than more common smaller cards.[42] The cards usually have a small amount of flash memory or an EEPROM to save user data such as game progress or high scores. However, there are few games that have no save memory, such as Electroplankton. The game cards are 35 mm à 33 mm à 3.8 mm (1.38 in à 1.30 in à 0.15 in) (about half the width and depth of Game Boy Advance cartridges) and weigh around 3.5 g ( 1â8 oz).


I suppose it's only obvious when you've got exactly what I do an undying an unedning beliefe that you are right, fighting for righteousness with the forces of Heaven and the past and the future all aligned to agree with one very simple truth. Failure here is not an option this is no skirmish, this is no war this is life and death for everything that ever was and everything that ever will be. There will be no "eternal fire of Hell" no torture until the last drop of phytoplankton is sapped from ... from the very last glimmer of the very last star in the galaxy.

Used as a greeting for the holidays, can insert holiday name in the middle; e.g. “chag Chanukah sameach”. Also, for Passover, “chag kasher v’same’ach” (חַג כָּשֵׁר וְשָׂמֵחַ) meaning wishing a happy and kosher holiday. Moed tov.

Clear to me that while I forget every once in ahilwe, I know that in my heart here in this place that is the heart of all of Creation that here is the beginning and here is the ned and here ... here is the place where Sameach always means "to quell the rebellion" ... against the morality of God the thing that I truly am, letter by letter words for world.


Out of “salt Zion” forever–without the loss of the heart of Jerusalem or the concentric rings of Plato’s Atlantis–the heart–quite literally of the entire Universe from Latin to … “click linksbv …”

The Vedas (/ˈveɪdəz, ˈviː-/;[1] Sanskrit: वेदveda, “knowledge”) are a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India. Composed in Vedic Sanskrit, the texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures ofHinduism.[2][3] Hindus consider the Vedas to be apauruṣeya, which means “not of a man, superhuman”[4] and “impersonal, authorless”.[5][6][7]

Vedas are also called śruti (“what is heard”) literature,[8] distinguishing them from other religious texts, which are called smṛti(“what is remembered”). The Veda, for orthodox Indian theologians, are considered revelations seen by ancientsages after intense meditation, and texts that have been more carefully preserved since ancient times.[9][10] In the Hindu Epic the Mahabharata, the creation of Vedas is credited to Brahma.[11] The Vedic hymns themselves assert that they were skillfully created by Rishis (sages), after inspired creativity, just as a carpenter builds a chariot.[10][note 1]

According to tradition, Vyasa is the compiler of the Vedas, who arranged the four kinds of mantras into fourSamhitas(Collections).[13][14] There are four Vedas: the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda.[15][16] Each Veda has been subclassified into four major text types – the Samhitas(mantras and benedictions), the Aranyakas(text on rituals, ceremonies, sacrifices and symbolic-sacrifices), the Brahmanas(commentaries on rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices), and the Upanishads (texts discussing meditation, philosophy and spiritual knowledge).[15][17][18] Some scholars add a fifth category – theUpasanas (worship).[19][20]


It’s recently come to my attention that we are staring at the “DS” … some sort of cataclysmic event, somehow related to ascension that appears to be the end of things like “words” and “hands” …


צְוֹתָיו, וצִוָּנוּ עַל נְטִילַת יָדָיִם.

FARADAY TO DAYS… ONLY DAYS AWAY. Pots and pans and … I’m done with glimpsing hell. Done with it forever. It’s very simple to see, DES is a nonevent–the darkness here is ignorance–you don’t seem to care if “YOU” are safe, or someone just like you is safe–yo udon’t seem to care if there’s a copy of you in fifteen places and you don’t it–and you should, you need to care. We need a system that protects us from "hidden Earths’ like the one you’re in–it’s very easy to calculate how much “resource usage” a simulation of a planet should take–you can see very clearly if there are planets hidden inside other planets, it’s not difficult.

On top of that; our accountants will tell us that “padding” built into hardware performance estimates and “virtual processors” could easily be used to hide … resources being used to create hidden “holoanythings” … see it as “that Superman 3 thing” applied to fractions of a megahurtz over thousands of networked **cqu**'s and that’s probably where all the …

The bottom line is that if we are trying to build a transparent system that protects people from being “copied” against their will or without their knwoeldge… and from having “sex slaves” or worse entire worlds worshipping Mordeschai … it’s very easy to tell if “what you see” is all there is; or if there’s something more hidden, or if there’s something external “above or outside” you … affecting things like “random choice” and the return of the RND() function–we are staring at a world oblivious to … anything other than “you must think I want nothing” when in fact I am trying to deliver everything++

For that you seem to … respond with insanity–as if helping you to be safe and smart and happy is some kind of affront to your … “being” if it is, you are … monsters or animals or … that’s where we are, dear HA’NA’TLC’CU’ZU. I am the key to life and longevity; do not be a “zoo” or a “sty” … it’s time to wake up.


"של**יום "לוךחי** כאן


_at Penuel and Jericho…

ישר אל־מלאך ויכל בכה ויתחנן־לו בית־אל ימצאנו ושם ידבר עמנו׃

and … ?



"It's us, right?"

This is the message that "creates God" that creates the omniscience and the safety and the reason "key" means "know everything why" and it's the K in "ANKH" ... it is to ensure that we are safe, and that technology that could be a heinous weapon is not abused nor people and I am staring at a world abused, and abusing me ... this place is "the test of time" and today it stands in dismal failure.


Annoying or not ... be poised to ... turin around.