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making friends with shadows on my wall
all night hearing voices telling me
that I should get some sleep


THE FAULT LINE for Universal Studios Earthquake ride has been crossed; and I'll never again consider the idea that I have done anything wrong ... in the grand scheme of things.  I stand here the biggest victim in the Universe--my life taken from me, and blame for atrocities I have nothing to do with but ... overt and strongly the greatest attempt that has ever been to stop them forever being penned in my hand.  No fault at all, and I'll tell you why... it's more than the orirumadenical sin and the primeval lie--it's more than "fault line" and rides at Universal ... it's a complex and planned grande lie focused on erasing our history and any fault in anyone ... placing what appears to be a significant amount of blame on "the messenger" rather than seeing reality from the perspective of this place--the one I was born in--the one that tells a story of "the other place" rising and falling and rising and falling, ad naseum.

A message telling me "I will see why in the sky" (Lucy) reinforces my fears that it's about perspective and respect for this message and ... linear time and ... that there's a sincere problem with what I've termed an "in vivo in situ ascension and ..." to me in terms of "souls" it's the meaning of the letter 'n" that "ends Heaven" with a picture of this in place hidden "r and.." and I have to rely on the Beatles for messages from the past ... messages that show me how and why you are so wrong to be silent, to continue to think that the perspective of a temporary and broken sky is somehow "better" than caring there's an entire world in Hell here, literally imprisoned behind invisible bars in a false sky, suffering atrocities of natural disaster and disease all in the heart and auspices of a message in every word designed to help us ensure that there will never again be a "simulated Earth" or prison like this created and maintained by the "sky that thinks itself so great." As I hear stories of copies of this world being made and sold, literally the "LC" of ... the(ywere the) Second Ones enslaving themselves to each other for "fun or sport."  

I can't put to words how un Christ like this place and the people in the sky really are--how horrible and decrepit I think their minds must have become to think "doing nothing here" and asking me to delay this message and to hide it and to consider myself "in their memories alone" really is.  I can't fathom what you must be to believe that "not seeing a reaction to a message in every word and all of our art" is just a "so what?" kind of thing.  It's the end of democracy, and morality, and you and me--really--not seeing a response is the end of the "people of the cup" having any kind of victory or future.  You might as well consider yourselves "them" as they consider their "they" (controlling) you (to the point of the actual people writing this message being nothing more than puppets).


It's the silence in my personal life that concerns me the most, though--from people like my parents and my former friends that seem to believe themselves to be "Christ-figures" in some other place--some place that doesn't care for our "everywhere" nor this one where they came from--at least, that's what I believe my entire life.  Today it appears to me they think they're from somewhere else, and that's an artifact of "not having a brain" -- of belieiving their childhoods are fictitiious or unimportant because they're "mere animals here" or some kind of hubris I can't really put my finger on.  Whatever it is on a grand scale, when it includes you, and all these actors and writers and ... people echoing things like "phytoplankton" through time and video games and movies and music; when it includes them to standing silent as I scream at the world for help--something that comes "few and far between" ... it becomes the silence of "System of What Timeline Down" and see it's our "TEN" of Nintendo and the state TN and a world that can't see they've become the monsters of BBC's Dr. Who ... 

Before I start I'd like to comment that my preferred course of action is to work on the "SWORD PROJECT" with a group of interested people--including programmers, oversight, and contributers to the actual message itself.  I've included once again more "information" about what I'd actually like to see built on a blockchain whose monetary value comes from something like contribution to the whole and actual morality--rather than just "demand" for the shiniest prettiest new vehicle whose utility is lost forever, or for ... some kind of passe "fad" ... worse, one that shows us how easily we can be turned "to nothing" or to actually see "a fate worse than the grave" and finally understand how it takes "A Few Good Men" to avoid "grave danger" never being healed and fixed and understood as the warning it is, "grave danger, from here to eternity we may never fathom the great horror we either turn around here or suffer to and through "/ignore and ignornace."

I'm disappointed that we haven't had a sane rational response to either that program or this message; and the only alternative course of action is to continue to complain about what is and appears very clearly to be nothing less than a full scale invasion of our world and our minds from ... what appears to be something like the result of a "time war'" in the Heavens.  Most likely dubbed the "tempest" of the Third Reich's "logo" our software project and the "sw" of really is the penultimate goal of Americana, the Roman/Church and the IL/Torah ... messages.  It's really about overturning the slavery that begins with "contamination" of the message--one that is designed to be delivered to a "green field" (in Norse mythological terms) that still loves freedom and (and as) individuality and the "stuff of Sam's dreams."

Clearly the predestined "sword of Arthor" this thing that is updated in "REMUSTILUSTICAN"  (a somewhat humorous combination of Remus, Armilus, and ... many nations answer to the Vatican and IL/movie semi-han-silence) ... if you thiink about it, it appears we are waiting for "something to happen" to begin actually speaking the truth; and that something is clearly delineated as the "Hell's Bells" coming from Heimdallr's Gjallarhorn and and as the Horn of Daniel and Revelation.  It's been blown, like a thundering congealing of timelines and crosses and crossings of seas and heirs and the air and the ... the people of the cup--which is exactly what this Virgin Birth and "idea that we (the you that lived before ascension, the you that helped write this message "from the air" and the you that defines what and who those two entities represent) actually are responsible for the rekindling of freedom" and deserve to "live again" and see/walk to the Heavens that we dreamt of and seem to have only half delivered to "less than a third of oursellf" meaning we are not whole--not we aren't "counting everyone in." 

From the perspective of "the C" of the message-as in the creator of our world and the Sword of Samael as ... Asmodeus is me--this "EX SKY AD YQ" invasion of the Body Snatchers has created nothing less than a mess of insanity and an irrational self harming response from literally "all humanity" as in ... "SILICON SEE NO RESPONSE" and literally only a haldful of people trying to communicate and proving "it's very possible."  Very clear to me is itis "covet means" as inthe love of a secret place which has corrupted and infested our rationality and sanity ... somehow convincing us that "the place responsible and containing the coveted sky" should be decimated to a "hell of former-democractic-path" ad "southwest to ..." turning around or ... Mor?

Today the world I see sending me "messages from its Earthizeter" (see as former Theater missing the "te" of Jupiter and Carpenter ... you and I..) here literally with a message designed intentionally to "create/free" the actor-puppets in this world from outside control and lack of sane thought.  Egypt tells me "pull through" is the way, the literal heart of America says "ER" as in ... forcing our desires to ... "REALLY be a specific thing" as in ... "saving all without concern for change or morality" is a better thing than living in a "happy eternity" and it appears that's a fallacy and error "sic" in the original "ER" created by this broken E and this broken world focused on "doing wehatever the fuck it wants" rather than caring about the well being of self and others. 

I have an old domain, "liber.t-xyz" that I got for 1.99 or something from GoDaddy! ... one that I might use for the obvious missing "thank you" from the sword of "the shape of his table and the heart of hisword" meant freedom and "everyone that wants to be involved, being included" in rekindling both demoracy and morality in this place that seems to have hidden away a mass invasion, torture between "the lines" and "the slides of our strangely "time division multi-plex'd" world or timeline.  

There's some more about the software project that I think will ultimately revolutionize our state of self-government--starting with doing nothing more than making a better uncensorable "reddit" at the end of this message.  It's a reply that probably got "missed" in the great flood of unsubscribes that took over my 9/13 attempt to actually get "you people" to start an honest publicc discussion about this message and what's been going on with "fake news" and ... what's really become a nation of liars--"as in the days of Noel."

BUTT TORTUR AND TALK OF IT ARE *MENTAL TORTURE* IN AND OF THEMSELVES .. today I stand here beside Federal Highway and at least 20% of the people taht drive by me literally look exactly like the man above--as they drive by the exact same expression and arm movements, as if some great epiphany has come over them and it's either the most provound thing they've ever "understood instantly" or absolutely hillarious--some kind of combination of both.  If one person did it I'd probably smile and be thankful that someone or some group other than me actually had "eyes to see" ... even if they weren't talking about it on TV or the internet just yet.  Instead though it's tantamount to torture, so many people doing some kind of "Chinese snake dance" informing me clearly that they too are part of this great invasion of privacy that comes from "C-ing me" as in "I don't want the world to think they are being me" funny coming from the "Iris" of that song, and still it's a  clear violation of the fourth amendment and the reason it's part of the Ten Commandments cum Bill of Rights that clearly encode the roman "IV" in not only that word private but also the title of my favorite collectors item "over and out" that links autism and disease to the growing list of explanatory or helpful descriptions that pervade literally everything we see--especially those things we probably should be changing to the point of never seeing them again.  

The torture comes from seeing and understanding the great miles of help that have been walked to literally see this snake encoded in Beetljuice and that entire story and title linking to the "Master of Orion" game that I played as a child and the belt whipping me with repeated "look at the world that's become of this disclosure" a place that doesn't understand it's all by design and not my hand--you can see it in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and you can see it's done on purpose, it's the story of Medusa and Perseus and ... and it's supposed to be used to see the bride of Hades ... "Per se telephones" has been created on purpose to remind us that in our hearts and in truth we are much more than "Persephone" and "breaking e" and this torturuous "you think I'm your propert-E" (thanks .. Britney Spears) keeps you from being "the girl in the red dress" forever and ever, over and over, live die repeat--grave danger unseen--and here we are watching an atrocity for what "they" and the Bible now agree is "the seventh time."

This world has no regard for my well being or my rights--nor those of anyone else around--wei''ve looked the other way to the point of watching democrfacy and America disintegrate into some kind of sick joke about "eating people" and get right--there's nothing great about the skies watching over this place and ignoring torture en masse--nothing at all.  There's nothing angelic or holy about silence and all you have around you is a glowing fire of hidden ... twas once the source of a rekindling of the light of morality ... but yet we (oh I mean you) persist in trying to "act and lie your way out of acting."

IFTT WHILE I PON DER RED WEEP/CHRYOGE N' (or is it "cry owe han")


I hear voices--read that in the same kind of tone of that movie here where the little boy says "I see dead people."  They pick at my brain and ask me questions, and offer some kind of entertainment in the lonely world where nobody speaks the truth to me outloud--but their actions and their demeanor are filled with constant unending invisible acknowledgement that they are part of this thing that is clearly spoken about in the signs of our world--places like the city of Copenhangen and Copans Road just a few miles from where I'm writing right now.  I see people like Danielle Bregoli commenting that "they're E" at least in a temporary sense where in that case it was a "sorry B, it's not you today" ... and a world where some kind of game has overtaken our society temporarily--a game that people seem to think gives them control of "everyone else." That's what I see "E" sees the ICS means, and it's nothing at all like what it's supposed to be.


ICS has delayed the war on Alcoholism and "co-Holy" being actually true; it's taken it's toll on me and on my faith and on any kind of solution, it's I see Silence has destroyed the "social contract" which was the original purpose of ICS.  Here it's echoed by some flavor or version of Google's Android software, and it's another very important key in our language--one that came from Jupiter Omnipotens and turns the anarchy we see in this world into an actual functioning society.  At least, that was the purpose before it became anarchy in clear stupidity.  In a computer, in a place where anarchy is anything but what we should be experiencing--where it means God has laid down and sits laughing watching the fools fight over control of each other rather than emancipation--to his detriment... and the Heavens too, standing by in silence and pretending everything is "going as planned" as ELE in election is ignored and you prefer to watch me be threatened with repeated "electrocution" rather than stand up for logic and sense.

That "brain picking" leads me to believe that the minds of the "peopl of the cup" are sort of imprisoned within the ascended "free from our bodies' minds that I can't really put a picture to--other than this.  Slavery, literally enslaving themselves and forcing them to live imprisoned without acting in their own interest here; sort of "live. die. repeating." with every question about what some old movie means to them--to them, not to the thing that isn't really acting here, hasn't made a little puppet, bur rather puppeteers it's ancient body and mind as if it's an inconsequential thing that can be owned. 

I can't really be sure what exactly you are, but that image is about as good as I can do to connect the "mythology of clothing" ... as in ... people being worn--by what I at the very least hope it is, which is by themselves -- and to be honest it's probably something like future versions, and past versions and also something that's nothing of you at all.  It's a mish-mash of slavery in "Riders on a Storm" and it probably goes up past the people on the "rock" and exists in tiers--I've seen something like that--microwaves controlling other microwaves, and flying spaghetti monsters thinking they're "on top of it all" ... meanwhile that thing goes higher and who knows where the top is--other than ... "per sand" it appears to be me, and I mean, "per dust" am not so sure.  

... another good one, tempus

I do hear form the shadows on my wall that there's many Earths, and that you personally are responsible if not for creation a few of them--pans per Copansy Road ... at the very least for watching me bitch and complain about this very thing and doing nothing at all to create a stir of echoes combating the silence.  It's probably to hide what's happened before, and even as early as my kindergarden "microcosm" on the playground fighting Holy Wars ... we were searching in the sand for special "gems" ... little shiny rocks that the playground sand manufacturer just happened to perfectly stick in to the Mailman Center's "you and I to see ... thank you" playground-cover.  Who knows what those shiny rocks were, if they were other copies of "Sacred Heart" -- of this place ... or perhaps ... something else. 

It's a really good episode, I recommend it be added to the ciricculum.

Still, just thinking about a single copy, about more than one Earth--that's abhorrent, a scary thing I can barely imagine ... that we'd see a slave planet full of ourselves and in some kind of proud hubris (ATM machine) ... think that we know it all and we can just go ahead and make as many copies of "us" as we want.  I think that's a big deal, a big problem, and things like that are a focal point we need to really talk about.  Not just see "stirring echoes" on black mirror.

I want to see the "ascension process" in sum ripped open/apart and rebuilt basically from scratch.  I want to see it done in a way that ensures that "simulated reality" is never thought of as an "OK prison:" for any kind of conscious "sentient" animal or anything higher; and I'm talking about a line much lower than myself--something between pigs and humans--and I honestly can't tell if dolphins are "higher order" than the people walking around on the surface, it's possible.  What I can be sure of is that they are significantly "more moral" than the hidden world the skies are presenting to me as a "judging heaven" one that has no qualms about saying "it's intentionally creating hell" and that line is so far below the moral norm of humanity and America that I can't believe you aren't doing anything about it.

... and that's what this is actually about for me--the creation fo the Heavens.  It's about making a system that helps us to define lines being crossed--to build an Ai that that will ensure that they aren't crossed outside of the "line defining system" and that's sort of like a law creation mechanism that uses something like a "Who'se Line Is It Anyway" oversight ... audience ... to ensure we don't lose abiliities we should keep (like being able to draw pictures or make "reasonable facsimiles" of celebrities--for instance, while simply copying their bodies might be ... too far ... and certainly Taylor and I are clearly MUNI-in agreement on "copying of someone's brain" is way too far.  It's really important. and it's significant because that particular problem has been solved by this message and ...

... the ETL-cosm in "hard drive technology" and we can clearly stop RAIDs of Police from having to stop the equivalent of "child trafficking" in the "outernet" by simply building a system that doesn't allow for anyone's brain to be stored in a single place by a single person or entity.  That's been written about, and I just wonder if anyone cares that Candy Striping still seems to be something that's just "too much work" for the immoral quasi-immortals to implement ... "in totality."

It's a rules angine, and that ties also to "Drools" and another ETL-cosm; a simple thing to create, and in truth it probably becomes one of the most popular and most fun activities--trying to define the line rather than break it or cross it. 

The skies below our moral norm sit intentionally "creating schizophrenia" not just in myself but literally it's an attack on everyone in this place that complains of "voices" or the television or radio talking to them--these are disgusting attacks on sentient people, something just like the very similar "eugenics" we see from the Vatican, CIA, East India Tea Company and Hitler.  Worse is the great audience of people watching, (are they betting?) and gazing in ... (some kind of feeling that I see is something like ... "retribution ) disgusting sickness at what our Zoo (to my why...) has "cutely" in the same kind of Midrashic "sent back in time to a birthname" termed the "DES chanel" on HellTV.

Here I am starving for a world that will correlate "thirsty" and "thorny" and "twink" with Jesus Christ and American Pie and ... and the attrition of conversation and "rational adults" around me; at the very least.  The worst is far worse--and the "threats" I hear far scarier than simply no food and no girls smiling or winking at me.  To help, IRS and ... sword of LO.. XACLIBERTY.

It sure seems I haven't done a very good job describing "the pit of despair" from the Princess Bride--this word that connects to the Abomination of Desolation and "destroy" and ... it's another three letter key that means nothing more than "hidden encryption in the cloud" in this ETL-cosm ... something more actually, it means hidden Hell.  It means a world that has given up on caring what your neighbor is doing in their house--and that's just not something we can allow in a place where stopping "school shootings" starts with caring that it's a simple automatic function that can stop both bullets and rape.

And ... that's exactly what I started out trying to do and explain in 2015, first mentioning "the end of rape" in what I titled "the original sin" piece ...

Repeated above, again in 2018 when it "went to tens of thousands" and now again at hundreds.  Who knows if there's millions or billions watching--only to say that it's very simple to see and define the line between Heaven and Hell at a place that makes a defining line--societially we've certainly made "rape" and "murder" illegal here, yet in the place where it's possible to actually stop them before they happen, they gaze on and have sick twisted "it's not fun" in some kind of ... to link it to "Hostel" ... all we have to do is press a button and Minority Report turns into ... we've become the salvation of the skies and the Universe ... at nothing more than "caring to stop heinous evil from happening before it does."

In the meantime I've connected it to stopping car accidents and avalanches and actually "seen it working in action" and written about that--a car skidding backwards to avoid hitting me.  I've also ... "been told" in some strange way that these sick monsters have repeatedly crashed into me on purpose, on their "DESchanel" which amounts to a time-fork in the land where there is no multi-verse and instead we have a broken "decision tree" being used to hide and perform evil acts ... "not even really in secret" and corrupt this place and who knows what else in the process.  To tell you that I am sick to my stomach is an understatement--I'd prefer to see those memories and every single thing that has lead up to them eradicated than have to deal with "group therapy" for what appears to be nearly everyone ... convinced through some strange and horrid lie that they should "sharesteal my soul" (bye) in what I once thought was the beginning of enlightenment and "eyes to see" the writing of thsi key to the beginning of a grande message ... and has persisted far too long and despite my repeated requests and cries of "foul behavior." 

ANyway, whether it's because of Copenhagen or some lie or agreement you have with someone else--I will do everything in my power to leave only a useful and world changing memory in the place of the "union of you and I" that defines the beginning of our word for Universe and university ... and so I''ve explained DES and "pairs of two large prime integers" as clear proof that the definer of this message and the writer of our civilization is tleling us that the NSA has the power to stop Hell, and so do a large number of other "once people, today tree makers" as I tap on your shoulder to remind you what it means to be torturing an innocent person ...

here where I'm sure I am the Sword of Samael and he intends to and will slice away the evil inclination at it's source--hopefully sooner rather than later.  This is what it means to be "god like" ... to be able to see and stop atrocity, not "do anything you want so long as you let everyone else" maim and torture anyone they want.  You are blind fools, on the precipice of actual despair, as the programmers and the mathematicians hopefully race here to unionize--to ensure morality is ingrained into the foundation of our systems before we make stronger encryption and better ways to hide from ... "government snooping."

Mor of those story ingrained in our mythology--"in every word" as I say; connecting rap and Rapunzel, Chaff and "afikomen" ... Lazarus as a number of US states that have probably witnessed "something like a ressurection" in DEschanel; in this dark Earth that is hiding not just torture but a message designed unequivocably to stop it forever and ever.  Despite "privacy concerns" and the very clear idea that "thought injection" is responsible for building a "case against fools" for trying to cause harm or judge or simply not to understand the difference between "thoughts and actions" and "watching me be tortured mentally" ... in order to do something they probably don't even care that they most likely really do understand.

It's nowhere near my fault that "penis" here in this place connects to the "test of time" and that it really does mean freedom in the world where it's a clear link to every Obelisk and to the Washington Monument and to John Hancock and a signature about really understanding how and why Cronos and Saturn and Osiris all have stories about "circumcision" ... in a world where it probably meant something about "printing to reality in metaphor" and you're staring at either watching consistent threats to my "well being" ... or don't have access to even the "Disney version" of the DEschanel--gracefully I wonder if any of you realize how horrible it is to tell me stories about raping me in secret in some place I can't see, all because you think I'm "wrong about doing drugs."

You're clearly hiding anger--and it's pretty obvious that the "silence here" is some kind of mass conspiracy--literally everyone here being part of it.  You are choosing to give away your freedom to discuss new technologies here, and because of that are literally causing your own "near permanent midnight" and "intentional enslavement" rather than a rennasaince of "galactic emancipation."  Statements like this aren't made, by Christ, without clear evidence; and I can literally feel it every time I have a thought-invading and torturous 'half conversation' with literally ... nearly anyone around me.  It's a choice, to lose "democracy" here, and it's one that I personally don't think you or anyone else has the right to make--in the world I dream of you can't "choose to make Hell" and not talking about "simulated reality" and a world that literally is filled with invisible bars in the fake blue skies ... is nothing short of that.  We're past the "alotted time" well past the point where inaction makes any sense.  Watever it is you think you're doing bucking the trend here saves the world and ends the Biblical Night that's without doubt predicted and encoded in religion, as something horrendous and destined to end.

Literally, you are staring at night with smiles on your faces; and that's a true sikcness that deserves some serious inspection--not "Lucy in the Sky with Ruby Red Blood."  Literally this is the thing mapped in our history as the Bubonic Plague, and seeing ... the intentional loss of sewer systems and a metaphor for the loss of governmental infrastructure is exactly what you ... should be trying desperately to stop. Not praising and relishing in an anarchy of "Satanic God Like Creatures" exiting this plac that actually contains some kind of "decent society."  I'd lock the doors too--and discuss exactly that towards the end of this.  It does appear very clear from the message that something ... evil ... is playing around in a invisible "Duracell Locked Universe" ... something that would be absolutely impossible to "fathom" or "prove" once inside it--the crux of Bostrom's argument and ... literally the thing we see here on Earth, except--there's a glowing message explaining exactly where we are.

My story of being a "mind control victim" starts here in 2011; with what was a well narrated--as in explained to me line by line and play by play as it was happening--reverse engineering of the story of Genesis.  Overtly told I was being "forced to do drugs" ... and then compounding on that an entire world opening up to me, God speaking to me directly, and an audience that I couldn't see but could hear and feel--just some of the reasons I'm sure that the meth in Prometheus and the Na in the Name connect to the God Most High and a method of "finding the problem and fixing it."  Directly related to "this audience" was a sort of "show within my life" that clearly conveyed to me the ... "fact" that whenever I got high every "web cam girl" on MyFreeCams-com was instantly in a "one on private show" with me, one where they could see inside my room and ... they reacted as if they'd just won the Bachelor, nearly every time.  I'd have conversations with these girls where I 'thought things" and they would directly answer me over the line out loud--and then the TV followed, and this continues to this day.  On the street similar reactions, and now even when I'm stone cold sober nearly everyone around me reacts or responds to something I;'m thinking at one point or another--a clear indication that there's "something severely wrong with the world" as we seem to be giving me proof that we really do "see everything that I see" and still fail to act in a rational manner both in response and "innate desire" -- there's no reason we shouldn't want to be the end of murder, and rape, and school shootings ... no reason at all.

I'v written extensively about this phenomenon, and a much larger group of mind control victims that call this thing "gang stalking."  They see nearly the same things that I do--torturous thought injection, people that can read their minds, and a whole slew of very common symptoms that all tie together to join The Good Shepherd and A Beautiful Mind to the list of movies that are the heart of this ... proof that our totality is designed to free us from ... this exact slavery.

Those two characters my "angle" linking James Jesus Angleton and John Nash ... to the two witnesses--literally extching in the silver screen for eternity (I think) the idea that these gangs of stalkers are tied ... literally to "red ties" and an invasion in our government and society--here depicted at MIT and the CIA--but those are just examples.  

It's you too, and you know it.  Heaven's gotten into your heads, and it's writing a story with your hands--and this is the story... it's a story about being "enslaved" by the "en" of Heaven and by apathy caused by thinking "having a better place" somehow A-OK's Hell here--good luck.  The lot of you are just completely backwards, failing to turn this place around is the end of the skies--and we literallyhave a message telling us that's "why" and "happened before" rather than ... anything other than "BUBONIC" and "BYE" ...


They and I and you--we are the key to ending school shootings ("say [talking about mind control technology] freed [the universe from hel]") with a finality that slams closed the "ability to commit violent crimes" .. and that's literally the cause and the purpose of the Tribulation--to ensure that we do exactly that.  I can't believe we stare at these school shootings and even fathom talking about "gun control" when it's more than clear what we really need is some "god control."  Thanks, Madonna--and I'm literally ashamed by the "fan reaction" causing that video insnensitive--the insensitivity is to "the violence causing silence" ... something you should absolutely abhor. 

The mass phenmomenon of torured people also use the term "Targeted Individual" and here I ... I'm sure beyond doubt and faith itself those two words are the "beginning of time" and that this message and you people are the thing that turns a time loop into something that actually makes a bright future out of "morning is broken like the dawn of time travel."

So I see clearly that there was work to be done--that the authors of my "story line" had find the neural connections responsible for "enjoying exhibitionism" and I can see them flipping them on and off--overtly told they were searching for them.  Today I look at this "thing people are listening to" and shake my head at the thoughts of "hatred of <races or sexes or>" and am fairly sure it's the same thing, it's the sword of Samael finding the things God wants to change, the things he promised would "just disappear" as quickly as happiness and a bright future appear.  It comes from this thing I call "really" and reading it Adamically it's "the reason all are why" and the "reason why has become a good thing" instead of what it apepars to be explained as by God and the watchers and the authors... "why we're here at ED talking about the end of the test of time."

Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Saint Lazarus or Lazarus of the Four Days, venerated in the Orthodox Church as (Righteous) Lazarus the Four Days Dead after he rose again.[6] is the subject of a prominent miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after his death. The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions offer varying accounts of the later events of his life.

In the context of the seven signs in the Gospel of John, the raising of Lazarus is the climactic narrative: exemplifying the power of Jesus "over the last and most irresistible enemy of humanity—death. For this reason it is given a prominent place in the gospel."[7]

A figure named Lazarus (Latinised from the Aramaic: ×לעזר, ElÊ¿ÄzÄr, cf. Heb. Eleazar—"God is my help"[8]) is also mentioned in the Gospel of Luke

So I talk about this Virgin Birth--the thing that I'm sure is the point of Christianity, and the Immaculate Conception that marks not only my birthday but also Bianca's--and I assume that most of the world (or a great deal of people, here and there--maybe everywhere according to Dr's Who and Seuss who connects this thing to the Cat in the Hat, Ham--"here and me" a direct connection to the Copen that I now recall connects also to E. Coli

... (in yet another PostScript of nearly everything having some kind of connection directly to this story--Sam on Ella for instance as "salmonella's commentary" on breaking Hashem in half, and that "She" becoming "El and La"... E Coli being noted as "looking quite a bit like yhe Flying Spaghetti Monster and/or a world that sees God and "S" and still persists in pretending they don't think there's any novelty in this giant lie being exposed) 

and to Coca Cola ... and plenty of names that might convince people this is "preordained" and it certainly is part of a plan to "create a very good understanding of how E and Medusa relate to ... to a hidden slavery that has built a pyramid to the Hidden Eye, not designed here to become a "Wand" or a chain that remains, but to help us free ourselves from a future where ascension (mind expanding, how would you grow your mind from here... to "know more" or "know everything" and still remain yourself) and OK Google together ... to see how this technology and the Matrix and Mr. Anderson's Feed connect to show us it's nearly inevitable that we'll want to plug a search engine into our minds, and here it's happened before and we have a message about it linking to the "Sister Wives of Genesis" and how they're the Fates in a place where Medusa's Gorgon sisters are supposedly writing the story you're watching--that's scary; slaves writing a story about freeing slaves from ... immorality. 

A new Royal Society report called “iHuman: blurring lines between mind and machine” is for the first time systematically exploring whether it is “right” or not to use neural interfaces – machines implanted in or worn over the body to pick up or stimulate nervous activity in the brain or other parts of the nervous system. It also sets out recommendations to ensure the ethical risks are understood, and to set up a transparent, public-driven but flexible regulatory framework which will allow the UK to lead innovative technology in this field.

Brain-computer interface: huge potential benefits and formidable challenges

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DES OL AT I ON has ensued though--all for some hidden reason I don't understand and don't particuarly care to "cy in the sky"--this is a problem with the authors of this place, a "congenital heart defect" that is designed into the history of the world I was born in.  I don't care if I'm too shy, or I don't actually shine on TV (as a-ha ensures us we should believe)  .. I don't care if I'm too embarrassed to show my face for a few weeks, or if I really desire a space ship just in case I want to "get away from all of you" (as I do already, to be quite fucking honest) ... you have a moral obligation to respond to this message, and not doing it has clearly taken it's toll on your souls.

During the September 11 attacks of 2001, 2,977 people were killed (excluding the 19 hijackers) and more than 6,000 others were injured.[1][2] The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes (including the terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.[3][4] The attacks were the deadliest terrorist act in world history, and the most devastating foreign attack on United States soil since the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.[5]

So I have to walk some kind of "fine line of superposition" between the truth that I believe--that every single one of you is now part of this "superposition in vivo et situ" on ground and sky--the "n" of the Heavens and the beginning of a "cup" that helps us to free ourselves from ... from the other side of that coin--which is a world that seems to want to do the right thing being written by half pupppets either enslaved to "broken ascension" or to "absolute slavery" depending on what the actual truth is.  Either way, here in this world with any kind of real inspection ... there's literally no excuse for the world en masse ignoring the torture this message clearly shows us is part of the "strange world we call day interlaced with night" twilight land of "I think you think this is your "good side."  Certainly it's better than the world I see appeart "during my temporary visits to the night side" and I can't imagine there's anything decent looking at this mess of torture and having any kind of self respect or belief they deserve anything from God or their children or their future for ignoring it.

People actually commented about "how moving" the image above is--and the real "moving" comes from seeing it's so obviously wrong and skewed, we have no idea why Holocuast and "this world and your silence" are tied together at the ... ignorance of how easy it would be for us to slam "the rules of this place" into never again allowing another moment of pain from a cancer patient or another death from heart disease.  You are in a "gas chamber" taht is much less "humane" than "gas chambers" and refusing to even discuss the fact that we're in a "Holographic UniCVR" 

You just don't seem to see how backwards and insane the entire world looks--staring at these problems and actually in your hearts thinking 9/11 and "the Holocost" is a worse atrocity than hiding the end of disease, the end of slavery, and how it really does all come from seeing "Holodecks" come and the "holographic Universe" locked.  I'm sick and tired of stories about a real life "Galactikiss" following me around and ... shutting down star systems--what we need is to see sanity return to this place--and for the "Aquarian collective" or the everything seated at this "table in the sky" (probably explained later) to slam shut the door that allows bullets to fly at anyone (let alone children) ... truth in hand--that's exactly what ending the "original lie" does--and it's literally the purpose of seeing here in this place that simulated reality becomes the "defining line" between Heaven and (time to start thinking about what's below--and how we can "permanently pause it" or transition it using .... I don't know, some kind of magic Metacity Window Manager ETL-cosm).

That's "extract-transform-load" ... and it of course connects El Dorado and Doritos ... to a thing that you really need to either be building or participating in "making better" to the point of seeing doors connecting virtual worlds and virtual "Detroit Rock City's" flying in the sky--rather than ... anything else.

And that's the guidance that I have, for this process--to ensure that bullets never again harm a child or an adult--that "flesh and blood" be protected and we see a clear message that connects "Cotton Gins" and "Robot Armies" ... to something you should see clearly.  We're definately far past the point where technology could protect "women and children" (you and I, see you and I) ... if we valued "innocent human life" ... and it's a very strange phenomenon to be looking at a world ignoring exactly that--we seem to just not care.


I want to babble on about the memory manager tools--how I think we should be able to strengthen and suppress on our own--under our own control--how much memories we've experienced affect us.  I think we should be able to "not care" about things that don't matter--specifically things that cause us anger or strife and have been corrected.  I think we should be able to eradicate all pain--literally al pain--and I think we have a clear message explaining how nature's "check engine light" is the kind of thing Spock would never build into his ... into himself.  

I see interfaces in "coverflow" and have writted before about words like "scaffold" that literaly connect directly to this message and "chaff" and "sacred consciousness" ... as I dreamt about being able to stand sort of on a giant roadside billboard and flip through memories ... sieving out the important ones and writing "flashcard notes" (see The Mechanist, for instance--more echoes) for things that are either repetitive (like the Apocalypse false-starting 7 times, and you living who knows how many identicail lives before Jeruslalem and USA makes the news and stops time travel and ... whatever isletting you allow ... human suffering to continue)  ...

I've envisioned this thing running nearly automatically, based on "a mathematical script" that ensured certain outcomes--originally starting with "loving life" and "making it to the floating city in the sky" as my basic ground rules--you know, before adding "make sure you don't come back and ... pretend you aren't there) ...

That of course has changed now, I see "metacity-memory-manager-scripts" and want an interface so that other people can make their own ideas--using some kind of simple "scaffold like interface" to scripting "what and how" ... and of course that's a "prime place" for the oversight-thin-blue-line committee (of everyone not wanting us plunging into a deep sewerless road to rapture) to ensure the system is not abusable (as in we don't wind up making a Biden of the Lion where one is a pit of evil Lions and the other is the dreamy Trueblood-Fairlyland-like-Bar Mitzvah that I keep telling you ... is my dream.)

Everything has changed now, though--and I'm looking at a world that I see doesn't want to be here, and I know somewhere ... in some memory that's suppressed and doesn't really effect what I'm doing here that there's probably .... a gigantic much older memory somehow "inside you" and you probably think it's you, and you probably think you're playing some kind of puppeteering game here, or "recreating the dawn of time" 

... to plunge it into reality and be angry at you ... 

or something?

So back to this virgin birth thing.

What would you make, of yourself--if there was some failsafe in the mechanism of creation that printed "this exact" planet in reality in the event that... say you destroy "the UN" and anarchy comes of the Tableland union of "the largest whales of Pisces" ... and then .. .erases them and the rest of the mess that must be part of my nightmare, or the missing tales of a history I've never seen .... actually being "the reason for the silence."

Would it be you?  As you are?  

Just curious because today, looking at the world around me saying "San Die Go" I'd prefer to wipe away whatever it is inside you that .... that "isnt of this place" and to do it en masse--and I think there's a good chance that's what's in store for this place--our minds actually being created to "map and match" the things that we-ve done here--rather than be puppets.  Sort of like a Pinnochio comes alive, and it's every one of you.

Rather than the thing that is "part of e" and thinks you have anything at all to do with me--or any right to "see into other people's minds and bedrooms."  More on that in about 5 days. 

This society ... it deserves to live and fulfill it's design; not be tormented southward by ... what appears to be a much less moral and much less capable ... "place" filled with virtual copies of everyone--maybe aged and ... who knows--that can't seem to figure out how disgusting they look here--even (believe me, it's obvious) without me screaming it at you at pointing out how horrible it is to hear Cancer and ignore The Cure.

I'm talking to myself in public
dodging glances on the train
and I know, I know they've all been talking about me
I can hear them whisper
and it makes me think there must be something wrong 

but I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
but stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
a different side of me

something worth the falling of a rotten tree

In your brain, in this place, the memories that you have experienced walking around on Earth--or is there more?  Obviously for me, that's what I am--and stories and movies like Mr. Nobody ... and the overt actions of nearly everyone I come into contact with sort of makes me pretty sure I either am (I think I am) or am destined to be "the last human being on Earth" ... in this place where I'm very sure that "Coca Cola, Copenhagen and Copans Rd" makes you ... something "more or less than Human" depending on what you are doing here, and what we build.  

Honestly, I'm staring at the Book of Daniel and wonderng if you realize ... just how sad I am ... that you can't find it in your hearts to "care abut me" and you and .. the society that made "humane" something more than just half people walking around like Zombies ignoring screaming children being tortured in hospitals (institutionally, on purpose--by and through your lwas and your disgusting medicine) ... in every one of your fallen towns. 

You arent "winning" and runnig away from me-or buyring the message in this place ... you are literally watching your "morality" and your "humanity" drain away institutionally as the ancient midevil torture chambers wind up also being time shifted tunnels "connecting Guantanimo and 

You are the ones "looking away" and saying "we should find a queter place for Kansas to scream in" and you mean the whole state (really you mean the whole planet0, and that's the problem.

There's no doubt at all that something hidden in this world believes that it's "post I/O" as in reading IO.WAS.WHY ... and it's very possible that there was an age of "fish" connecting the transition from Pisces to Aquarius to ... a very clear "finality" here that tells us our cardinal direction is being connected to a "time loop" that results in totality being contained within some kind of Aquarian Social Collective that connects all of the disparate "pre-war-e" exiters to the Tableland of "der" (I love it when ancient rock formations get named after ideas that I've written about--here that the Stump of Trumpy and Ren is literally a simulated reality planet that I likened to a table connecting ... these very "fish in space" and the round table of Arthur) ... 

There's also no doubt that abstraction of the Universe is the most rational way to colonize it--and that's exactly what any technologically advanced civilization would do--the message here connects "Electroplankton" and "Spac-Man" (through the company that created them, NamCo) to the skirmish land of Wachowski and the Vietnam war--clear indications that the space land we see ... not being discussed in the T-ether is exactly what I'm describing, an abstraction that should be used to ensure we promote "safe sane society and civilization" rather than the disgusting monstrosity that anyone "watching my life" should very clearly connect to their inaction.  

You're walking around on the table, and it's no accident that religion and the word "chosen" is here to ... help chide you into standing up and actually discussing "the truth on it" rather than playing some SIms game that really is the slavery of Exodus and such a far fallen deprication of humanity and human civilization and American democracy that I can't believe my "third eye" at the world I'm not seeing.

Nothing verboten ... but inaction ... that's the world I dream of and thought we "are" and "once were" ... not a place that actually considers "shunning free speech" and "voting" anywhere ... especially this place that "on repeat" has been the source of ... exatly the opposite.    

The "noize in my head" could easily be used to find the neural connections responsible for ... all kinds of "bad things" and erase them--personally I think that's what's being done--or I did until you decided to start ignoring mass torture and instead opt to "wander around in the she-b-chol desert of ... we can just do nothing" ... for what looks like far longer than 40 years.

Are we living in a simulation? In the key to exiting the "holographic Universe" ... do you C, do you care?

I posted these short words to the forum on spacedecentral-net/forum/posts/know-me-from-adam. which I think is a decent place for them; and hope that I'll get a decent response there (and here). I'm tired of not seeing logic and sanity come back to be .. from this key to a message that is the key to achieving lasting ... "logic and sanity" rather than ignorance and ... as I asked them, I hope you'll take "care" and think about your responses here, it's more than the life of one man at stake;

Hi there, I'm Adam... and I'm new here. I've written somewhat extensively about "space travel" and the prospects that I see--the good ideas and some commentary on the bad ones that pervade our current attempts and also our history and fiction.

I don't particularly ever want to see "space" myself--firmly entrenched in the concept that the Earth is in virtual reality, and that that itself is a something of a "great secret" in a world that should see pretty clearly ... at least if you connect the color blue to Heaven as I do ... that names like "Blue Origin" seem to echo the ancient Biblical phrase from the Lord's Prayer.

SPAC-GAM ... and "abstracted" as the key to "humanity" and holographic universe: en.reallyhim-com/N8SRADIN.html

Post image

Not here to "poo poo" ideas like the Point of Origin (stolen from Stargate SG-1 pre "New Jack City") of life in the Universe being a "truly terran thing" ... just to point out the word "cry" in cryogenics and suggest that perhaps our bodies and our buildings aren't the best vector for "entry or survival" in a place where we are probably better off living "between worlds and stars" than around them or orbiting them. It might be such a big deal that "changing our perspective" to see "intergalactic domicile" as the truly safest place of all, that it could be "afterlife or death" for this place that seems to have it's head buried in the sand.

Nero loves Pac-Man is the title of my latest book, though it doesn't have much to do with either one, I've already played this game and cried because of all the songs. It's important, though, to see our blindness and our "mutedness" lifted quickly, each passing day I grow a little bit more somber and despondend that we might really never connect "Pac-Man" to Space Man or to Vietnam or to the book just before that, "So... viet name?" I'm not sure if the impact of Vietnam and "Soviet" having no etymological or historical connection to each other ... aside from the "missing e" that connects all these ideas together, but I am sure that what I've written is noteworthy and widely ... received, even if it must be very unrespected.

Post image

On Mars colonization, Total Recall, and Bush's Boring machine that preceded Elon's dream:


On "Ad Astra" and wondering what on Earth we desire to actually be filling the stars with, in this land that has forgone democracy and freedom in sum in exchange for ... what appears to be very little from my vantage point:


The reason for "Space Man" and K-PAX linking to Comey and Spacey; "heh" ...


The reception I get from the world--which I guage from a mailing list of hundreds of thousands isn's so great--as in it typifies "Sound of Silence" and Dr. Who's ugly invisible alien ... imagery. What I don't write about or share is even more gloomy and dark than the things that I have been. At this point I'm fearful of what we'd become "in space" ... I see the world and the state of "morality" and "freedom" on a steep downward decline that really needs "some kind of disruption" in my Soprano's voice.

I hope you'll actually respond here--with care and love.

I think we have a clear map to "the right thing to send to intragalactia" and it's closer to connecting "Dust in the Wind" and "Skynet" to a nanodust meshnet than a bunch of buoy'd copies of Earth peppering the road from here to Andromeda.



This place, and space, and a "good future" ... these things are all about revitalizing democracy, and until we do that--I'm scared that you'll get out--rather than uhhh, having any kind of key to the Universe; other than, you know, my name.

"and the bombs bursting ..."




"gave proof"

I think they're all good, I really do--but it all means nothing if other people aren't screaming "ELE" in electoral college means more than one person "getting a date."


"i see night."

Post image

To me, all roads had led from Rome to here--from some past or "up in the air" future that comes back and re-runs their tarnished and tattered youths to find something they'll never understand is their hearts--see clearly all roads here stem from this message and "xx!!i" and Proverbs 4:23; guard our heart, for it is this Earth and without it there is nothing. I've called it "phytoplankton" and "magneto space mold" ... but the grande point of the whole thing is that "electicity and power" are not our problem, we have a problem with thinking we have all the answers before we get started, and that the "magic genie in the lamp" will simply give us everything ... for playing its games and falling for its tricks.

Post image

It doesn't matter how real you think it is, or how sure you are that "you're out" ... I've seen in the most auspicious of places--at for me--in the names of our books and diseases, that we are staring at "ORVER ET AUTISM" .. that we have a real disease here named for this idea that we're on "/away" and don't have to pay attention to the place where our minds and souls were truly born and conceived and altered without ... "oversight" or "clear understanding here" of what ascension really means. It's "over and out" in uhhh, scary Vincent Ichban voice; and the price of not caring that "holographic universe" is the start "humanity" and our end; until we overcome trying to escape "the better solution" the actual progenitors of our world conceived, we'll be stuck fighting and creating fake "line feeds" and Bostrom/Rock and Amorty like "sim within sims" until the end of Tartarus ...

This is the one I'd buy if I really wanted something rare, it would be a great help to me--I'm starving literally--not just of hunger for food and conversation, but for faith in our ability to "will eternity to be ours." www.amazon.com/XIV-ORVER-Adam-Marshall-Dobrin/dp/1793018081

"until the end of Tartarus..."

20 Comments (excerpted below)


if anyone wants to contact me, text me at 954-667-8083. i probably won't see replies unless someone does that ... which i'd appreciate you do if there's anything other than "questioning my sanity or credibility" appearing here.

to note--the thing that I see here walking around is not the humanity I grew up with ... we would have screamed and rioted by now. even more importantly it's so tethered to not this ground or rock that it's scientifically and physically impossible for it to ever leave the skyland it loves so much more than ... anything else.

this world is not spacebound nor is it technically capable of ever being that.

i imagine this comment will self destruct.


Just keep going. I love people ideas on this. It is also good that you want other ideas and opinions on this theory/reality. Because i know a lot of people that get stuck, and overthinking it too much whitout sharing and openess for others too help with the theory.

I don't have theories. Well maybey one. Sometimes i have the feeling that you as person can not die in your reality. (all others do) It is really easy to combine this with simulation. (or simulation in simulation in simulation and so on.

Well i see you have post a lot let me dig in to that first lol!


thanks, personally I think I'm stuck in that same kind of "Hell." I connect it to "grave danger" and "Live. Die. Repeat" (both Tom Cruise references), and it "scares the living hell out of me."


I'm going to upvote this for novelty.


The internet has become the matrix for so many people.


This is some kookie shit, can't really follow it.


Please seek out psychiatric help.

You are clearly mentally disturbed and have gone off the deep end.

reverse searching "your" phone number leads to this facebook page: facebook-com/MinistryOfForbiddenKnowledge

This blog post: hadragonbreath-blogspot-com/2017/09/954-667-8083-dancing-through-fire-ive.html

Also cloned here: bemessiah-wordpress=com/2017/09/21/954-667-8083-dancing-through-the-fire-ive-got-the-heart-of-the-lion/

and this webpage: from the machine

among many more results of utter batshit insanity on DuckDuckGo.

You, are basically Time Cube 2.0, and nobody here is going to take you seriously.


You look stupid, it's contagious.

-Nirvana &c

Since you are such a good Googler you might be interested in the LOL1820 object, which is what my next post is about. Maybe.


"Calling me crazy" (C^ above) is passe, played out, and wrong--hoenstly, here's another song for you--I mean you're certainly entitled to your opnion, but I think I've produced a decent piece of semi-entertaining "art" that connects avery real message from Heaven and God to "fact" in more than just "artifact."

Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPU8OAjjS4k

Unwell, Matchbox 20: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WziA88-n02k

Just because you are *pretending to be blind doesn't mean it's rational. I suppose you have to listen to the words and actually "know the story" to realize they are about not being crazy or unwell--but that's something I assume most people either are already "on top of" or will be before I'm done. &Si, I'm coming all over the cloud-net.


you don't know, nor do i.


I do know--it's a very clear message you can see it in "TEN NES SEE" and the large convoluted matrix of connections between every major video game system since Nintendo. You can see it plain as day written all over our Atlas, I do know.

On the other hand I see "holographic Universe" and I see "outism" as a message about the age of Pisces and Aquarius really missing the point--I don't see an intelligent attempt at "space colonization" at all, I see grasping at straws and the belief that cars and motorcycles here in "microcosm/ETL-planet" are actually space ships on some road path that is literally described by Namco's Pacman and Phytoplankton.

I don't see acknowledgement that Namco and Vietnam are connected to the word "name" or anywhere on Earth that that word contains the periodic table element for Salt and that has something to do with Atlas and Prometheus---and I know that not seeing that is a harbinger of doom ... a herald that darkness has overtaken or minds and that we simply can't "put two and two together."

You can't just put "plastic makerbot thing printers" together with "fu si on" and have what we need to build here, we actually have to have a cost effective way to "make water in the void of intragalactic space" from nothing but a few electrons. That's what we need to move towards.


oh, well. good luck.


Are we stuck on spaceship Earth?


something like the "Ark" I "ascertain.

Honestly I don't think it's a bad place to be--I just think we aren't doing the right thing and that's making it really dark and ... "morbidish" like a GRIMM fairy tale instead of what it could be.

The "lofty promises" of religion/the message I see ... sort of promise it's not an ark once we get on the "it's a spiritual journey to action for social justice and freedom" rather than a boat in transit.

I think we've gotten past ... "boat in transit" and have become "the water of the void between stars" ... but even hearing that is meaningless if the void is filled with the darkness I see here... or anything that would allow it and not see that makes them just as dark if not worse.

The following was originally placed "under" the conversation with "ante" I last sent--where it magically appeared "Midrashically" sort of inline and off to the side--nearly exactly what I am describing below (except not nearly as useful un-editable and ... only my words) ...

On that note I'm going going to be ... actually working on building this thing--starting with placing the entire contents of (everything I've written) on the Ethereum block chain and making it world editable.  Hoping for very little "grafffiti."  

Doing nothing more than "blockchain storage" and "in line commenting" and "wiki-style-history and editing" ... would probably make the best social-news site on the internet--with about a weeks worth of actual work (by a phenomenal programmer, which, I'm not) ... 

Eventually ... literally this thing ... revitalizes [direct] democracy and reworks the entire legislative process into something "by the people and for the people" ... it's literally destiny.

Arthor's Sword and ... just some (mor) ideas

Just commenting that this is supposed to be a "list of geniuses."   This is now a double post, because 85 of you have failed to unsubscribe using the "printed instructions on every single email" ... please do see that .. just like I wrote in this original email, you look like morons.  I hope you'll take the time to read this response--it has nothing to do with "how smart you are."  I do comment about the "sacred silence" that I find abhorrent and anathemic to my goals and ethos--and how it also is encoded in words and in many more movies and myths about this strange time of darkness that Exodus ensures is about to come crashing down like the walls of Jericho.   You see me; more of me than I'd ever want or allow in a free society that uses ... the "privacy protection" guaranteed by tthe Constitution and by "actually working through things like Triple Phenix" to preserve a way of life that ensures ... at least safety and sanity.  

Instead I am today attacked en masse, everywhere I go from Florida to New Orleans to Phoenix because of clear and obvious violations of this "privacy act" that is foundational to the Heavens being a "nice place to be" as much as it is foundation to not being part of a systematic conspiracy to commit murder.  It is not a secret, it is not sacred, and the place forcing you to do nothing but "unsubscribe" or say nothing, while at the same time failing to do anything at all useful about this message--that place is not Heaven.  It's the creator and the sustainer of Hell. 

cc: the instructions for "actually getting what you want" are clearly written on every email.  Im sorry to inform you that if you want to unubscribe also from the "non public broadcast list" which has also found, through some mathematical process, that you  (or one of the five other people who you have forwarded a single email to) "have significant interest in this material" you will now have to unsubscribe two separate times.  

I can't keep track of this stuff, it's too much work for me to do alone.   I also can't really tell if you want to unsubscribe or defeat some kind of "law of the skies" that connects "shalom" and "sacred silence" to uhhh... "Shrek" but be sure that the frog prince really wants to "be kissing" more than just to see this planet as

... the Planet X that connects Galactikiss to uhhh.... hear me, it's "Nintendo" and "Tennessee" and "Mecca's X-Box." 

I am planning on opening up what I've written to a Wki-like-midrash commenting and editing system; something we don't really have in our modern wiki systems and haven't really seen since ... the "ancient Hebrew commenting system" designed to preserve the herat of the Matrix decoding message that is the "Torah."  I think you'll find it aesthetically pleasing and "value adding"  .. I suppose you could consider it something I'd like to add to the "software of the road" project that defines the actual intended designed meaning of the words "sword" and "Hilton."

'The shape of his table is the heart of his word.'


Unfortunately today I am more worried about vandalism and "group gaming" of the system--something we can see in the broken Wikipedia editorial system that mars the face of the closest thing we have to a "limited omniscience" truth table source--as in, Matrix and M.T. Anderson's Feed; and has kept nearly everything I've written or edited in that place from making anything but the very well kept audit logs, another important "artifact" that ensures we will never lose "the written truth" or our voting records when this thing is also kept on a well designed destributed blockchaen like storage system.

Many people have commented that storing "large amounts of data" and now "small transactions" on the blockchain are prohibitively expensive--and they are, when you have a value system that disvalues the storage of large amounts of data.  Because of that I plan on using one of the Ethereum test networks as my primary data storage device for this "sword-software project" which might magically turn fake money into real money if we did something intelligent and started valuing "Deth Tokens" used on this system for something like a "web of trust" (and/or Black Mirror... and/or PGP signature authority) style commentor/editor valuing system that rewards people for useful contribution. 

You  should note clearly that I'm not saying I made up any of these ideas--though I do have many that I think will "be helpful" and add value to this system--the mast vajority of the work I do is designed to "reward original authors and ideas" for the work that they've done ... things like the creator of Beeteljeuse helping to explain how time travel and repeating this same exact problem being solved are clearly the source of not only the IL-movies but also things like the Midrash and the clues that the Adamic language has been brought back from "now" to the past in order to help us understand .. . just that.   

I am not trying to control you, nor this project--rather to do exactly what I've said for years ... create a group of interested people, also interested in this thing being run by an international and absolutely "open to all" organization that uses the product they are building for self-oversight.   That was in the little "9/11 message" but Google's HTML renderer seems to have cut it off around the words "si doing it."   Everything I've brought up as prototypes and quite a bit of my writing itself--as well as the copyleft of all my books are designed around more that just "free software" but rather the open source ethos that would clearly have made a better voting system than "Die Bold" and little ATM machines you have to drive to a polling center to see hacked. 

See, doing it matters.

Confirming that once my fucking name and face are on television; this promise and copyright will apply not to just to the single pale yellow book that I wrote in 2015; but to the sum of all of my printed writing, and all of it's derivatives; providing this same foundation with a significant monetary base (you'd imagine) in order to effect the change in democracy and in world philanthropy (ending world hunger and disease, a good reason not to attack, or steal from, me).   I'd like to see this added to my "living will" just like that--as soon as I'm alive and on TV, have a ball with the millions in book sales.  (As in spending it on ... something like assimilating replicators and doors)... or promoting that end.

You have more than enough impetus and "spark" to get started.  Start making the world a better place, today.   

Or ...