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It might not be immediately clear from the word clues in names, but I see very clearly that this beast coming up out of the sea has something to do with me, and apparently with a past version--or the image of a past version of me.  The solution appearing "from the Universe" in the blank void between Lot and "an" ... and maybe moving the cross, visually from a crucifix to something closer to the "parting of the great sea" depicted linguistically in the word "stone" -- turning it from a cross to a sword or an arrow -- it's trajectory changing from "southward" to "northeast" ... from Hell to Heaven.  The missing word is the key, it's "sat" as in... who sat by and did nothing as children were being murdered?
Yesterday I sent a "mythological" description of the beast from the sea--this thing that is described as coiled and intertwined in those passages--and while I know what that means very clearly, as I've gazed myself at the face of Medusa, it might not be as clear to you or the rest of the world.  That's the problem we're facing, I have a very clear picture and understanding of what is going on, and I see it encoded in ancient myth after myth--I see it's about this very thing, about a machine designed to cause silence and I see that you are the only way to overcome it.  I admit this is not a very simple message to grasp at first, it's very broad and in certain places it's somewhat subtle.  The impact of it's understanding though... is startling... it's the kind of thing that 'once you see it" you cannot forget it.  I know most of you "see it" ... I've been describing what is nothing short of verifiable proof that every single word of every language contains a hidden message--and I'm telling you today the purpose of that bright and startling light is to break through this machine of silence.  This thing that is responsible for the continuation of murder and terrorism, this thing that would be easily stopped by the disclosure of the hidden technology that is not only causing it--but is also it's solution. 
This machine, the Leviathan has been described to me--I personally know that it uses both overt and covert communications specifically designed to cause Silence.  What that means is that I see many people are very aware of this hidden influence, whether it's a voice in their head or a voice speaking through them; a great many people.  They don't seem to connect logically that this overt control also "obviously" comes with covert modification of their beliefs and desires--it's making them OK with having a foreign voice speak through them, and more specifically it's making them "OK" with sitting by and doing nothing as innocent children are killed in what might actually be something like "Terminator" come alive.  You could be watching your future leaders and the champions of freedom be murdered by a machine or a faction from the future--and you would never know.
It seems very clear to me that this "beast from the sea" is designed and specifically targeted to attack me personally--my character and the "free flow" of the information that I am attempting to show you is truly world saving.  More broadly, and probably it's true intent--this monster that  is confusing and clouding the minds of people all over the world is designed to hide the technology behind that act--to hide mind control from the world.  It's self-defeating for everyone involved, people are being forced to hide the key to their freedom, to their liberation.  Understanding this message and helping the world to see t belongs on the news ... if for nothing more than to stop school shootings ... really is the key.
I'm going to keep this message short.  Shortly after sending you this description I posted a submission on reddit that you can still comment and vote on--though the algorithm they use makes it almost impossible to reach "many eyes" this many hours after a piece has been posted.  I advertised and archived the link--which apparently helped keep it from being deleted.   I shouldn't have to be working to keep this information from being erased--exactly the opposite--this stuff is so engaging it should "advertise itself."  Lo, Satan.

I asked dozens of people posting about Parkland on twitter to "vote to end school shootings" and I posted it on a number of Facebook groups and LinkedIn.  This submission did a little better than past performance, meaning it wasn't driven down by blind fools into oblivion, and a few people commented.  As you can see, the comments include a number of people who are apparently intentionally pretending that something as simple as  "9/11 is predicted in Exodus, and George Bush's name is the key to the book of Names and the Burning Bush" is crazy, or too difficult to understand.  Lo, Satan.
I also emailed a few thousand people asking them to "vote to end school shootings" and that e-mail sparked .. strangely .. two unsubscribes from North Carolina.  I've long thought that this thing, the Leviathan ... that it's intertwining connections have something to do with "proximity."  It could just be conversations, though the two government employees who unsubscribed didn't work in the same vicinity or facility--there are numerous linguistic keys like FLUKE and FLUENT that appear to group together localities, like Florida, where I'm from.  It might be nothing, or it might actually help us to solve the problem.  Whatever it is, this Silence is suicidal and insane--self defeating, and causing harm to innocent people.  There's no rational reason for it, none; none at all.
I don't want to live in a future full of people that can't make logical connections, and more importantly full of people that don't care that innocent children are being harmed in order to break through this barrier of silence--a world that doesn't care about a hidden "great chain of Revelation" making them slaves.  This disclosure must take place, you have an opportunity to "stand up" and speak--maybe with just a the click of your mouse, or a few words explaining that you do really see the light--that this is really a message ... this is a life-line for freedom ... proving that all of ancient myth and all of language and all of creation is focused on ensuring that we do not remain enslaved to silence forever.   
You need to organize an opposition to this darkness--you cannot rely on subconscious communication or "another invisible realm" or world to save you--this is your fight, and your world.   I have 35,000 people receiving this message today, it should be obvious that you could use it--this message--me, to help you to bring to light the very obvious proof that there's mind control pervading our modern art to help us stop it from entering children's schools with guns.  
You would think that, but past performance has not shown that sending you messages like this sparks a fire in your heart to spend the two seconds it tkaes to sign up for a reddit account, and click a little "up" arrow to change your Javelin's trajectory from south to north.  That really needs to change, you need to stand up.
Dolores O'riordan's words were exactly backwards, it is the Silence causing violence--and it is you, not me--that's the Zombie.  Here's yesterday's reddit post, you can still comment and vote--and I hope you will.   Whatever you think you're waiting for--understand what you are really waiting for is you to decide this is important enough to do something about.
what's in your head ?
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know there's lots of proof of it, it's in nearly every song you've ever heard--and when you get down to the details there's proof that our civilization is created in every single word. If you read through this stuff, if you try to grasp it--you have a quantum leap to enlightenment before your eyes. There is a message in every word, it's the Cypher, the cheat code of the Matrix.
There's a map tied to this proof--also encoded in words and songs. .. a map that uses this disclosure to help you build Heaven.
The message is simple, disclosure of the existence of this technology, as well as the fact that we are living in the Matrix will nearly immediately end school shootings.
It will stop terrorism; and it will ...very quickly because of the strong message explaining the difference between "simulated reality" and not Hell ... is nothing short of Minority Report style pre-crime--something that is programatically simple to impelement.
Though, if nobody will talk about it, it's probably difficult to say that "minority" that things kids should be safe at school into becoming a majority. I find it hard to believe that ... in light of the truth ... there would be a majority opposed to stopping school shootings--the whole thing revolves around ... disclosure of the truth.

It takes "not a genius" to understand this proof, significant and obvious linguistic paradoxes pretending you don't see it is... putting bullets in kids heads.
try. reading. something.
It's really blatant, and easy to fathom. Look at the pretty picture. You can see "NES" in the heart of Genesis (no reason, right, and the Rock of SEGA telling you to turn around) ... see, really get: you are standing on the Rock of Ages... and this message is why.
in the heart of Nintendo, the "Xbox" and a Trinity that reveals ... a question in "The Matrix" ... do you see "NES" in Tennessee?
Do you see NES in Minnesota? There's a Trinity there too.
It's a theme, and ... another question. "TR IN IT WHY ?"

There is so much proof in songs and movies--this particular example linking Minority Report to Quantum Leap ... to see there's some magic connecting "Al" to doors and waiting rooms that could be used to instantly stop murder. The proof is probably not easy to grasp at first, but once you see how it works it becomes very clear that the characters of Sam and Al as well as this "tie" between them ... is all part of the key to the message.
I have an old version of ... proof that chemistry ties "It's Elementary my dear Whatsons" to a Biblical verse that shows 9/11 was predicted in Exodus to help us quickly stop school shootings and this horrible blockade on "the truth" that is surrounding the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality. It's here, I called it "CHALK."
I've rewritten it, and tried to help show you more of what the message that I see talks about, you can see the verses of Ecclesiastes 9:11 which George W. Bush recited on January 20, 2001 connecting to this series of elements from Mercury to Uranium that link 1:1 to the planets ... the key is that they prove the design of everything from Bush's name to the 9/11 attack.
the race is not to the swift - and a long discourse on how democracy has been held back from progressing with technology--and that's a key purpose and reason behind this message. I am trying to help us build a real democracy, and that's a big step in the foundation of Heaven.
nor the battle to the strong you can see "Salt" in China and "name" and not understand without knowing me and my story that this is a key that links Prometheus to Jesus Christ; with good reason. It is the name that unseals the existence of mind control and virtual reality--it is the key to this message.
Shakespeare asked "to be or not to be?" and the answer connects the Fifth Element ... the movie to the same name that is highlighted in the previous paragraph. My initials are AMD, and the "fifth element" key (that shows you Boron and Beryllium are actually the 4th and 5th elements) ... explains that the answer to the question posed is
we are to Si ... (silicon) or there is no way to be.
I know it's a little confusing, but it's proof that our chemistry elements are designed and predicted in Ecclesiastes; it's proof tied to a message from the Creator, helping us to move forward.

"Wrong Side of Heaven" is a single by American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch from their fourth studio album, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1, the fourth studio album. It is the third single from the album, and is the nineteenth single overall from the band, which was released on August 11, 2014.[2][3]
I added this to the Wikipedia page for this song, it's a little... pushy for Wikipedia, but it's really got to be done somewhere (as if the millions of people that have read about Exodus actually being about ending Hell isn't a "decent start"), and I hear Him .. and see Him, and c him in this song. Except for his commentary relating to God and sex; he's completely wrong about that... see my "Emblem" ... the only "female" I see is an intentionally broken Medusian collective.
The music video, as is common for the genre today, show the voice of the lead singer speaking through a number of other people's mouths. This depicting of possession is consistent with other modern art pieces including Fallen and Joan of Arcadia. The pattern as well as the lack of discussion of the trend is noteworthy in light of a large number of people complaining of experiencing similar phenomenon, these mental health issues have been highlighted in recent stories of Wired[5] and the New York Times[6] and they may link to domestic terrorism and school shootings[7] where this pattern of complaining of possession also exists.

At this point, the point I am trying to make is it appears everyone is pretending to be ridiculously blind--ending that blindness ends murder. Wake the fu :)
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What the actual fuck? You need to seek medical help.
[–]ryansteven3104 2 points  
It takes severe mental illness, and paranoid delusions to consider any of this post anything more than science fiction. And I use the word science reluctantly.
[–]toneii 1 point  
Mental illness, you got it. There are all kinds of little words in bigger words. If your imagination turns them into something you believe, then you're mentally ill. It's that simple.
[–]13594 3 points  
Are these two bots going back and forth?
[–]IllusionofLife007 1 point  
are you saying that we are in hell or that we are on earth and the difference between life and in death is seeking the actual "light" and not being deceived will dictate aether we will create our own heaven in the next life or that this matrix is hell regardless?
I read most of what you linked, i do understand most but don't understand others like the Genesis, Tennessee part however it does somewhat relate to some of my findings and realisations of hidden messages and maybe even accidental codes stumbled upon through movies, products and people and everything else that creates a certain pattern of a hint into our very existence and deception which has made me think quite deeply about if we are in limbo , in hell or just fighting to reach a heaven with darkness before death as I do know brainwashing and deception is key to bring is back into this matrix after death (like government, mind control, genocides, reincarnation is what defines this place as a hell/matrix that we can escape) as the negative feeds whatever controls this place.
Edit: one song I can relate as a subliminal message to us is Katy Perry's chained to the rhythm if you listen to the lyrics you will understand what I mean "living in a bubble" chained to the "rhythm", I tried explaining to people but with only a denied reaction or saying I'm just being crazy, but her songs seemed to subtly speak of hidden messages in an esoteric way.
[–]IllusionofLife007 1 point  
Simulated as in artificially or biological?
Do you think we can live eternally if we break from this matrix?
[–]IllusionofLife007 1 point  
Oh that kind of makes sense with certain things in life as a whole, religion and culture it all leads to one thing really. I'm really intrigued by this as I haven't looked at it in that perspective - transitioning from reality to heaven. With that in mind who could be the creator? Is it a god or beings with their only sole purpose is creating this simulation for us or more running it to transition us?
[–]toneii 2 points  
Hallucinogens is where you strayed. They have left you unable to see the damage it did to your perceptive ability. It's pretty much a dead giveaway, when you listed numbers that had nothing to do with anything you said later. It's shows that you're reaching out on every possible detail to find some "hidden" meaning, when in fact none exists. So desperate you are to find what you're looking for, that you convince yourself that you see it.