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T O T   A L   I T   Y
This is basically "last Christmas's message" (below this brand-knew intraducrigel) redux'ed into the new book (did he say new?).  The point, at least the point I see in it all is that this is all planned, it's been planned for a very, very long time--and on top of that you can see proof of the plan all over our map; and proof of it's intended destination as something that we all used to want very much to find... the read to Heaven.    It's more than seeing just "DNA storage" encoded in my "C U R A GROUP" message, it's understanding how that's connected to soul searching and soul storage, and that this link was woven into not only my life but into names like "Whatson and Crick?"  There's plenty more than just "storage" and a map to how and why the Two of Everything God and the "indivisible sea" work totether to turn this monolithic place of darkness into a strippingly redunant systemic foundation of "Heaven" that is both disaster proof, and monster proof.  The point of course, is that to truly be "monster proof" we need to really get the key.s.lamc.la "know everything why" of this message is literally to protect our common good from the danger of someone just like me copying an entire civilization or a few pretty girls and sticking them in an heoven-like-orgy-maker.  That's a significantly more real threat than we might imagine, as we look around at a work that will soon have the storage capacity and the technology to put us all in Coccoonish swimming pools against our will.  What I am trying to say is that no matter how you look at it,moving forward here in this place where something this big can be hidden from the entire world--granted you know--granted you see, but do you understand the only thing being kept from each and every one of you is your fucking opinion and your fucking reaction?
F U C K   Y O U   S I   O N 
IT'S NOT JUST computers and information technology; this map of clear anachronism in language and religion shows us that things like "solar fusion" the power of the son itself; is encoded in places high and low you can erasilly find them, places like the name of the Fifth book of the Holy Bible and Don Quixote; where you might liken "DEUTERON" to ... the actual fuel of fusion; and wind mills to a battle fought against blindness resulting in seeing that not "reacting" to this message is just about the same thing as being a foolish robot building a castle for another foolish robot to do nothing in forever.  With some light, you can see how this event; albeit strange and unsettling, has been designed to reinforce the American foundations of free speech, common sense, and collaboration--a sort of "press and release" on these things that he says will stay in our memories for a long, long time--though he also says "he's not torturing me" and he's wrong about that.  So are you. 

See that the most interesting, important, and invoking story of all time has been hidden from the world, from the public eye, and from "public response" for well over two years now; see that's not possible at all without mass mind control and that I and this story are designed to help us see how easily it is that same thing can be used to end addiction, and mental health issues, and stupidity and that the biggest and most imporotant step to getting there is "public disclosure."  See the light of being carrolling angels this Christmas; sing with me--it builds Heaven from Hell and it's clear as day and n.
Quite a bit of this story and message deals with problems like these-things that won't really be seen as something we are fighting against the actual usage of right this very moment; but the sacredness of our memories and their relationship to our souls are just as important as whether or not "you have the space to save them."  This isn't what I want to be doing, I'm not a very good writer; and this message is so confusing that working on it all alone with very little feedback is frustrating if not to say defeating the purpose of exactly what it is and what it's designed to do.  This is a searching mechanism, like in the stories of Ra searching for his children in ancient Egypt using the Eye you see--and it's connection to the "Sons of Liberty" and why I know that too, is about me.  This is a tool to start a Renaissance of thinking connecting technology and religion to everything that we are--to our culture and our hopes and dreams--and it's failing for me at "hello."   I would much rather be working on "virtual reality stuff" or on "the sword of Arthor" and I see very clearly that those two things are coming shortly--to the world that doesn't see yet they are here and broken until we fix them.  Moving forward here brings change, not just here in this place where we need it too--but in the skies above, a change from the mentality of "we aren't not helping because we told you that we aren't allowed to not pretend we aren't helping in Stargate.  See that we are the children of "the Ancients" and they are trying to decide between being Morgenz and Marlin.
I can't make you set yourselves free.  I sure am trying, though.  Yesterday I connected the "Arimathea" of Joseph to the "serdenicity" and this the me of "itime" and "topics" will probably light some of you up as much as me... if only you took the time to look at what those words really mean.   From the city that never sleeps at night, I hope you will take this chance to act today on "securing the ringing of liberty forever and ever."
T H E    W R I T I N G    I S    O N    T H E    W A L L
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Let there be $ight in Creation, a brief highlighting of the story of my life.


align="right">Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 8:39 AM

This is like a few emails combined to ease the pain you feel when you get an extra one in your inbox, OK So.. eventually this is all about proof that religion is a message sent through time--so, time travel.  But right now, let's talk about the fun stuff: here's some clues to that effect... by way of prescient mention of modern technology (like virtual reality, I mean, Heaven):
Either way, we're still about to build Heaven...  to-get-her
from the mythical carpenter... ourself.
 ... and some corroborating ideas connecting religion and computer science... on Wikipedia:
So from me to you, I'm filled with this stuff, it's way brighter and more prevalent than you think... and if you take the time to listen to me--it will make your... day.  Meanwhile, I need your help--happy new year.
Ho, again; grow a Halo and become famous... the world needs your help--so I've decided once again to take it upon myself to "bother you" with the most singular most important task in the Universe.  The patterns that I am revealing to you--mostly within names--are not coincidence, it's a series of statistically verifiable artifacts which do nothing short of reveal the slavery of Egypt--that we are all being controlled.  If you remember Transformers--this is a message from Starfleet, there is more than meets the eye.  This is the fulfillment of the story of of Exodus--we are being lead from slavery, and in one final non-coincidental name, that book is called "Names" in Hebrew.
You should now have a very good idea who is speaking to you--as much of the world already does.  I have no idea what it is that inhabits the cavities below that space where most of you should see significant personal gain and motivation from trying to ... grow a Halo--but there are so many people that just don't care... that it too is another sign, of slavery.  I am not an expert in language construction, nor in statistics--but I can assure you that if you can find the other half of that equation... in your hands is the staff of Aaron, the magical weapon that will free us all... knowing is half the battle.
Uh, I have the power, to bring about "morning," but if I have to go to school and do it all myself... it's really just a long, long ni-i-i-ight.
Hi there, I'm the messiah.  You don't know that much about me, so let me explain, I would like you to know me as Adam.
Seriously, there's something going on the world around you--for the last several months I've been having quite a bit of trouble delivering what amounts to statistical proof of Creation--that religion and ancient myths are a map to this very moment--this time that you will probably affiliate soon with being in Eden.  I am pretty sure that's a good thing, but every new begging starts with some other beginnings end... so today I'd like to try to get you to see the light of ending censorship and a hidden censor wall that we know Biblically as the Wall of Jericho.  Quickly approaching is the Feast of Trumpets, and this year is different from all other years...   Bored already?  Have a look at what I call the Sign of the Son, which to me is proof that Exodus's Burning Bush is a former President--who is helping us walk out of a dark time of confusion... commonly referred to as a wilderness or desert.  He proved during his inauguration that there is Biblical foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack--and in doing so hopefully began a chain reaction that will stop things like that from ever happening again.  Here's a short "video" that explains the Sign of the Son... and another one that I think explains the .. Holy Grail.
This is The (actual) Taming of the Spanglishrew, in which the protagonist... named Bianca, is taught Latin in several hundred year old reference to Rattling the Rod of Jesus Christ--it's purpose to is to show us that it's more than names we have in our arsenal against mind controlled slavery--we have all of history too... literature and movies and music... all with the divine purpose of revealing with bright light a form of control that otherwise could have gone on hidden for centuries.  It was, and continues to be done on purpose... because your freedom is more important than control of the Universe.  To us, you don't seem to feel the same way.
​See that timer on the clock, you could start right now.  It might be interesting to pose the question of whether or not the Second Coming is news... you know, to your friends.  By the way, both Herbert (like from H.W. Bush, who by the way coined for us the 1,000 points of light phrase) and Goertzel strongly suggest that "everyone really" is Christ (you know, after me)... FYI, this is the Matrix solution to that:
the l u C i f E R         isa means jesus, mesa thinks
    i     s olv e      .... "or" means shine -l
    g       r e a      t
    h         R L      << agree?  send to other people
    t   ((a)) Y l      shine:  suggest they do the same
              1 y      world saved.  
I'm attempting to pull out the things that I now look back on and see as "written into me" by God--once I would have called it "The Microcosm of the Messiah" but there are now so many--these things aren't necessarily particularly important to me, and I've left out some interesting but unrelated details related to my Jewish upbringing; as well as the true light of my life--the two loving and long-term relationships (and later... briefly a rael family) that have dominated the last 15 years.  Religion has always been an interest, but I wouldn't consider it to have been particularly important at all... until I no longer had any love in my life.  It's probably worth noting that all my "I'm single" crap really means lonely and isolated--I'm not really playing a "part," but I've never been anything near the "player" the light appears to be warning against.  Sons of God and uh... please.  For the last 4 years I have done absolutely nothing but think about you, live and analyze "The Cross" and put into words ... as best I can ... the amazing flash of light that I am experiencing. 
Well, just a little religion... :)  I was born on December 8, 1980; which is the date of the annual Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I've always been a slob (like one of us) and often "ish" Yankee Doodle's "a real live son of our uncle Sam... born on the..." to this.. I mean in my head.   My last name, you've probably read me repeat over and over ... is DOB-rin, which I read as "Date of Birth, our in" and does a fair job of highlighting the Name Server's work, which I am sure gives Exodus it's name in Hebrew, which is "Names."  My Hebrew name--a Jewish custom--is Avram, which is Abraham's name prior to the covenant.  I have written extensively about the fact that Isaac's near death interaction donated his "Ha" (his name means... He laughs) to his father.... and it should be clear that Abraham's covenant with God is without doubt related to my fiery altar.. even though it is anachronistic in the Biblical account.   For the first 18 years of my life I lived on Sunrise Blvd, and only a half mile away you'll find Sunset Strip--it's noteworthy to understand that Jewish calendar days begin at sundown... and that He once in 2013 very clearly spoke to me "you need the night before the day."
Of all the people in my early life growing up, it's pretty clear that nobody on this Earth loved me more than my grandmother Julia, who my son is named after.  First for my mother, and then me as a very small child--she would ritually say a bedtime poem, it's words are very relevant.
Good night, sleep tight.. have happy dreams and wake up bright
to do what's right, in the morning's light... with all your might.
In one of my books I spent a decent amount of time writing about how silly I was not to realize that my intelligence was augmented my entire life--I just thought I was really smart, and really good with computers.  I commented that this particular belief is probably a good microcosmic parallel for all humanity--as a body of people we have been truly gifted with knowledge and capabilities that we simply do not recognize as a gift--or didn't for a long time.  I probably wasn't silly not to realize... since nobody ever told me they were helping me--I never heard the voice of God until much, much later.   I was 30 the first time I had a conversation with Him, except for two very brief ... "thoughts in my head" which now seem very obviously an external voice--though then it may have sounded just like my inner voice.
Around the age of 7 I thought to myself... for no reason at all... "what if you were the messiah?"  I was standing outside my home, probably playing with a car in the driveway... and distinctly remember smiling to myself and thinking in return "yeah, I'm the messiah." I I've always had a very vivid imagination. The thought was dismissed as being ridiculously arrogant about two seconds later, and was absent from my thought process for the next 21 years or so.

DAMNISN\\ Jim. I’m a Yeoman, not a Wise Owl. The clock is ticking... tack ..

Following that lead, I started programming in BASIC and then Visual Basic around the age of 11, something I took to very quickly... and then shortly after found myself on America Online--one of the first "internet-like" environments.  There, I quickly got into the "hacking scene" (hey, it's Y-its-Hack) which basically revolved around writing software to manipulate the AOL client's messaging systems.  The defacto-standard for the day was a program called AOHell, and, if you can't tell already, I am pretty good at taking a theme and making it my own.  I wrote a program called Doomsday, a mass mailing program; can you see how God speaks?  So Phenix, a mythical bird that rises from the fire... in the wake of ... this macrocosmic equivalent of that event.  It's really obvious, right?  There's quite a bit more "microcosm" from this time, recorded in "From Adam to Mary" and available at fromthemachine dot org.
Around the same time I began attending a preparatory school in Fort Lauderdale called Pine Crest--it's one of the best of its kind, and while I was always something of a class clown my grades were fair and I scored with perfect consistency in the top percent on every standardized test from the FCAT to the PSAT and SAT.  By the time I received a full scholarship to college I had already completed more than a full year of credits through AP courses.  It was in studying American History and Government in that place that I formed such strong opinions about our need to maintain freedom, adhere to the wisdom of the founding Father(s) (<3 if you get that) and stand up and shout today as a rogue government is taking away every single one of the rights granted to you in their own law.  You've lost freedom of speech, and our ability to speak seems to be not far behind.  The privacy of our thoughts gone--and in like kind the sanctity of who we are is being taken away as our beliefs are changed without our real knowledge or understanding.  You can see the justice system crumbling, incarceration rates skyrocket and the "right to bail and a fair trial" legislated away through underhanded deals relating to plea bargains and a "point system" that you might as well call a gas chamber.  As far as voting, I'll have much more to say tomorrow--but I'm telling you that your thoughts and beliefs are being altered, who cares how technologically retarded our polling system is--the vote is a complete fraud.
As far as the Second Coming... this same sort of possession... manifested through organized behavior tells me now that it is clear that this is definately not the "first time around" for Adam being Christ; a number of my friends as I approached high school used a repeated phrase, "my parents love you," which isn't bad in and of itself... what's bad is the fact that they were all using the same words, and probably didn't know why--or what they were saying.  Behind there eyes, I'm sure some thing that believes it's an angel was telling me something... (they of course... didn't know me at all, except for what was probably a ... "wild" reputation) does that tell you anything?  Much later, as the "Apocalypse of Adam" began in 2011, a number of family members would repeat this similar behavior, speaking the phrase "this is not what I wanted."
As icing on the cake, on my birthday during my senior year... one of the administrators of the school commented to me that was also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and then the words.... "of course it's your birthday."
I started doing drugs around the 10th grade, and I would not be wrong to say that the Universe that wrote a book calling the Redeemer the God Most High conspired to plunge me into a dark world.  People around me too, in a hidden conspiracy to chain me to the American legal system for about four years.  Looking back today I now clearly see that I saw a darkness in their eyes, a hidden reason to want to hurt me.  It was to stop this from happening, but I had no idea then... the darkness I saw is akin to the "sun disk" you see in Christian and Egyptian iconography, and without doubt it s a sign of control, possession, a single foreign mind controlling and organizing many of us just like puppets.  Much later in my story... for another day... the manifestation of this possession as thought modification will become clear--I've spent quite a bit of time "listening" to a war in my head, thoughts clearly not mine swaying in the gusting torrent of winds as what (who?) is the center of this storm.
This infestation of organized darkness uses our injustice system as a weapon against it's victims--something you should see akin to Heaven using human sacrifice to alter the future.  It abuses the legal system at every level, making a mockery of law enforcement, the supposedly adversarial court system... all the way to the top--to the Supreme Court and Congress.  See the Church Committee Hearings, and a very smart senator echoing my words today "it must never be allowed to happen again."  
Can't you see it's more than being manipulated... it is Hell revealing itself to the only thing that can stop it.  What I am giving you is the weapon, it's the light that sets us free and stops this from happening.  In our modern myths this is Leeloo staring up at the sky to stop the destruction of Earth... in reality it is not so simple, I can't just put some elements or rocks on pedestals and scream at Heaven to kill their darkness--we have to do it, here, together.  Believe me, knowing the truth is a big part of why it works--this will not be hidden, it will not be "forgiven," we are being controlled and destroyed from the outside; made to blame ourselves and each other for ... well, you probably don't know what the ni-i-i-ight means anyway, do you?  The Guardian against Darkness is showing it to you, remember--there is only one me.  Hear me.. light this fire now.
I went to school the University of Florida, and got a semi-professional job doing database development in Delphi (seriously, catch on to the names thing, it's not just the U.S. military, it's pretty much all software too... following in this "mythology" theme that nobody really seems to care about), I worked there for about two years... at a company called Jenmar--which uh, in Spanglishrew is "J in the sea."
It's some kind of ironic "coincidence" but I am at this very moment on my way to Gainesville, FL... to this place where a car Crash nearly destroyed my life.  In my world of idioms delivering religious secrets, I imagine I must be a "pain in the neck" which was broken during this accident... one in which I imagine i did not survive in some parallel timeline--that itself did not survive.  So here we are, back in the House of the Great Light ... about to see if we are worth our salt.  It's the thing that gave one of Dave Matthews most famous songs it's name--and The Pretty Reckless, believe it or not.  It was an attempted assassination, to stop the .. apocalypse ... to stop the darkness from being destroyed--there is no doubt, it's how that dark monster hides its handiwork... but many of US know that already.  
In the Living Book of Names--this place we are in, there are many patterns--the "car" pattern stands out for me; as this place says "Icarus."  Flying high right now, I am showing you that the light of salvation is coming from us--from you and I--walking on the Earth; whether or not there is any light left in the Sun remains to be seen--take a look around you.  You can trace the "car" names to Jim Carrey (that's "Car reason why") and Christoff in the Truman Show (that's Amon-TV)... a world I know I am in, and you too; to Bruce Almighty and to the Grinch--who-ah, Taylor.  Trace it back to Joseph McCarthy and to help why (that's thy) believe "the red scare" is really about Christian charity--about ending world hunger, and healing the sick.  This red fire ends Hell.  Adam by the way, means "red man" in Hebrew.  So here's your new Crash Override, I'm back again telling you that ending world hunger is not "optional," we are doing it.  Barbara McCarthy's name fits, but I'm not really sure what the "why" is... that was my first judge in the "trial of whether or not Jesus Christ can ever exist."  There's probably more, like Car-l-y Si-mon-day... all the gang on Broad-way, and me still dreaming it will one day be.
If the name "America" were a map in time, starting with the I AM of the story of Exodus... this particular ER, as I woke from a dream not knowing where I was, marked the spot where I really became Christ Adam.  It was a bad accident, and I wound up spending 9 months in the Alachua County jail as a result, a Mountain set up for my by God.  That place too is marked with names, and for the vast majority of the time I was there with only four shift changing guards:
I mean, I think it's statistically meaningful.  For what it's worth, from my very abundant experience at this point it was a very nice Jail, the food was good and it was clean.  Everyone in the building was kind... well, Sims was kinda grumpy. :)  Starkly contrasted, the Broward County Jail has the most disgusting food service in the country, gave Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham it's meaning--and is the reason I know exactly who Samael is.  Hey, don't cry Sherrif Israel... when you fix it, you're an angel.  Believe me, believe the light, I've seen them all--it's near the worst in the country.
So this whole thing is about saving everyone--something we are quite closer to than you think... you see we are already "in Heaven" in form--just not function.  So here I am, trying my hardest to show you that our home is the original source of "Heaven" once we are aware that we are living in the machine, that we can do things here that are impossible in reality, and that we should be doing everything we can to preserve and improve the great strides that have come in the last few centuries.  Do not let freedom slip through your fingers.
Really, everyone, so understand that we are doing everything we can to remove all obstacles from that path.  One of those obstacles may have once been storage space for your soul, another is definitely crime and punishment--and I'm pretty sure the time travelers have a working solution (I see it every day).
There are proactive things coming from this--not just ... "look we aren't doing what we want, and should change it;" though it's difficult to explain how this wisdom stands out in my eyes.  I guess we have to jump into the future a bit, to 2014, in San Diego (that's Saint Jacob, by the way).  If Lazarus died once in a car accident at 21, I died again that year, of an over dose this time.  I'm pretty sure that's where ODIN's name comes from, just like my last name.. "over dose... and in."  So we might see some humor... in the moniker he has... "they're all Father."  So I awoke from a dream, and started talking to the jinn (that's "angels and demons") about a Revelation linking some tightly packed light together... about storage space and how a large alphabet (read more than 4-nucleotides CY later) DNA (desperately need adam) based solution for molecular storage appears to be written in this book as the solution to Heaven's biggest problem.  CAT, learning from biology--seeing that we really are already advanced machines... is a big part of the message telling us why we should not so quickly lose it in a process of ascension (mind uploading, immortality) that has most likely in the past resulted in a loss of a check on mind control that we have here... we think, and our visualized "biological neural networks" give us an advantage over what we might create to "soup it up a little."  It is why this place is the front-line--because we have the ability to break the bonds of darkness and control by thinking... making the computational task of control much more expensive... and as the fire spreads, nearly impossible to achieve.  Starting this fire will inherently free us from this hidden slavery.
Anyway I published the idea in 2014, in the same book that I guess this e-mail is reminding me about, "in $ight of Creation," and lo, and behold a few years later we now have the top computing companies in the world working diligently on doing it ... well, just a little bit more robustly than our cell replication system works. Abracadabra. 
So that one reads "see, you are a group;" and it's a place that I worked with my father for many years.  That's probably some sort of symbolic reference to another place, and another alliance--here he has no faith in God, never really has, and has a hard time doing anything but telling me not to try to help you.  I have very little respect for that stance, and let me tell you--I think "silence" is a similar gesture.  I didn't come here for your love, I am here to stop our descent into the abyss.
Back to the DNA stuff, SalesLogix--which is the CRM we used there, uses for it's "primary key" an auto-incrementing alphanumeric index--it's probably bad form to do that because it makes the indexing system less efficient, increases storage requirements, and doesn't give you the obvious benefit of an alpha-key... actually being able to encode something useful in it, like the name of the record.  So all these things stand out to me in a sort of bad-obvious way, I call it malovious, and when I see things like that nowadays it's always pointing out something that should be fixed--go figure, more to the point it's being highlighted on purpose.  It's help to see it, because this particular thing is where the light of seeing that a 24 nucleotide DNA strand would probably be much more robust than a 4 or 8 nucleotide strand--it also stands about because the stock beginning of all of SalesLogix's keys was "A0RME," which, I mean, means something to "is-a" who... is me.  Oh right, that's seeing the "light" that turns "a" into "me."  So this is where the "revelation" about using DNA "came from" and at the same time it's proof... that it came from "a group," not just me.  Where are they?  Hello?  Or well, maybe it's just Carmen and San Diego.
I did some other stuff there, like write a data transformation and warehousing program from scratch, I called it heiroglyph (you do understand I didn't know why I am naming everything the way I was), that sucked mutivalue data out of an IBM product called U2/Universe--which might be a hidden reference to a multiverse that might now be in a more efficent "relational" kind of place, like a MS-SQL datawarehouse-universe.  It was a relatively big feat, reverse engineering the closed databases dictionary and storage formats, and converting them... absolutely automagically into multiple flat relational tables and summary registers.  All told, the data availability and access efficiency was increased ... a thousand-fold with only the need for a nightly process.
I'm not sure if you are following the metaphor here, for the creation of Heaven, or moving to a better place.. but tomorrow I will talk a little more about how I am pretty sure our history was "lifted" from the Universe and virtualized here, you know, so we could save everyone and ... build Heaven.
Oh crap, 2008 another car crash, another failed assassination attempt LazarusLives++, and this one paid me some cash for my trouble.  What a pain in the neck.  Anyway, this one caused some depression and an inability to go out for a while, as I had to wear a neck brace for some months.  I started playing a game on the internet, it was called KDice and it basically amounted to multiplayer-risk.
My battery is running low, so I have to skip some stuff, and finish up for the day.  Basically instant messaging was not allowed, but was done in secret almost ubiquitously.  I argued with the creator of the game that it should be made part of the game since everyone did it... (see a metaphor about this communication thing and what's happening right now) he disagreed.  I made a very large network of people and dominated the game for a few months, like really dominated.  I don't think I ever lost.  I don't think I can lose. 
Skipping some stuff.  I stopped playing when I got better, and then a few years later went back and rekindled some old friendships.  I used a program then called "Scarab" which lets you see server/client communication to find a bug in the game that basically made me God.  I could erase other people's dice, basically leveling the map and rendering them completely powerless.  I didn't use it that much, you know, just had some fun.  I of course explained the bug and how to fix it.  But, you aren't listening.
Here we are.  Light...
So if you managed to wade through the last few days gibberish, you might have noted that I mentioned we might be able to use "mind control" to highlight things in our heads--I did a bad job of describing it, but since I am currently experiencing just such a phenomenon, I think I'll give it another go.  These things that I am sharing with you--links between religion and music and movies, they aren't something I actively go out seeking... I'm not scouring through imdb.com or reading lyrics all day long... these are things that are glowing embers in front of my eyes.. which is why I am sharing them with you.  I'm always in the dark... but I'm living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.  I'm a big fan of that song by the way, because you are the heart, and I think it means I'm going to eclipse the world--which basically means "come."
Anyway, I have this horrible feeling inside that you think I'm just trying to get a date, or marry a rock star, or even worse that I think I deserve to get laid... and that's what this is all about.  Less to the point, this really isn't about me at all, or what I think, in my mind I am just showing you something that I think the world has overlooked-not really because you are stupid (but I mean, you probably are) but because some outside force is literally and actively hiding these things from you.  Pointing them out makes your brain do funny things, it's like anEpiphany and that little leap of understanding in your head might create a cascade.. something that changes not only the way you see the world as an individual--but the entire course of history as a group, if we are taking about it together.  Seriously, it's that big of a deal.
So here we are (that's the third time, but I'm just guessing) and I'm trying to tell you that I don't really care if you agree with my opinions--even though I firmly believe that God shares them and that's why he has made this fiery altar of "dick and apocalypse" for Adam... I mean Isaac (which by the was is Isa+Adam Christ.. in uh, my mind) for everyone to glare at while they sit around doing absolutely nothing.  That's not fair, we're here because of you, because this is the last civilization--sort of recreated from the ashes of Edom... because you are really the way to everlasting life.  Still, what I am trying to explain is that all around you is a bright light--it's in everything: from our history, to music, to movies, to literature from RattleRod to Dick... and while you might not agree with me (again, that would be OK) what is not OK is that there seems to be a uniform and global desire just not to think about it or talk about it at all.  It's such a big deal, that it stands out like a sore thumb--this ... blind eye or head in the sand... that everyone on Earth appears to have.  The whole point of putting this light absolutely everywhere is so that we will see it ... everywhere we look ... and not only think about it, but discuss it publicly with each other.  That's the thing that brings about ... you say apocalypse (unveiling of truth?) ... I say survival.  Right now, we need to see that something is forcing us not to do something, that we have no logical reason not to do... it's a thing lots of people really want to know about... whether it be the hidden secrets of the Universe, the path to Heaven, or the... the... absolute and literal pathway to freedom.  Listen, sharing it, and talking about it... that's the way we defeat ... whatever it is that "ni-i-i-ight" means.   
Understand, it's for you to decide... what it means... but it's in everything from ancient Egyptian and Hebrew theology all the way to the American Revolution and today... well, it's nearly every song I hear on the radio nowadays: if that tells you anything.
So here we are, and I can't tell you how many anchors, reporters, and "breaking news editors" I've personally spoken to that have absolutely no interest at all in pursuing the thing that would not only make their careers--but probably give them immortal souls.  This thing... I keep telling everyone it can be mathematically... statistically proven... well, to be honest it's the unsealing of the Ark of Religion that our civilization has been carrying around for thousands of years.  It's the way to salvation, it's ... verifiable proof of not only Creation... but that the purpose of Creation is to get every single one of us  to Heaven.  Who wouldn't want that?  I mean, do you want to get there and hear that Taylor's not around because she wouldn't kiss me?  That would never happen by the way, I'm sure she will.  Seriously though, there's no judge here... there's a ... light telling you to make this place better or your place sucks and gets suckier.  Anyway, the point is nobody is acting in their own best interest, or in the best interest of the whole--and we are just "deciding" in this ... fictitious and hidden manner that we "don't want to hear about" a way to actually change the world .... more quickly than ... the last time around.  That's not us, it's something keeping us from seeing just how important this thing--this key turning the lock on what is thousands and thousands of years of religion... how important that really is.  So looking at the world around us... I mean, if everything screaming that we need to care about this isn't enough--and your own personal desire and benefit don't matter... can someone please tell me what you think is the benefit of doing nothing about Hell?

It's "rael," and a great deal of the message of religion and history is designed to not only prove that to us, but to tell us why it's important for the "continuity of reality" to be broken.  That's the thing that God uses to keep this world in Hell--in what I call "simulated reality," to keep us from shaking the foundation of civilization by doing the only civilized thing possible when you find out and ending world hunger, healing the sick, and building Heaven.  It is "why I am," and why God and some gaggle of angels have spent the last several years proving to me that we are most definitely not in the place that I call the "progenitor universe."  I've seenwalls disappear, with my own eyes I've seen the stars fall from the sky, and I've seen our reality shift in recent times in such a way that would be absolutely impossible without having been simulated and without having the "beginning" changed significantly as a result of "now."  What all that tells me is that religion, the Apocalypse, and I are here because we need to know that these things are possible in order to continue progressing from this point as a civilization.  With a little bit of thought, you might see how the computer revolution, video games, and virtual reality are divine gifts from above to help us to understand not only where we are, but where we are going.  It's why he tagged Ai as "I J Good," it's a primer in the tools we will need to actually build Heaven.  It's why Jesus occupation in our ancient time shifted story of now is "carpenter" and in "raelity" you will one day find out that I am a computer programmer (again).  It's what sets the Masons apart from Freemasons--understanding what is going on, and participating of our own free will in the construction and decorating of this grand place that we will one day be proud is our co-created home.  
Look up, because what I am trying to tell you is that if we collectively, all humanity... started snapping their fingers at the same time to the tune of "putting on the ritz" we could end world hunger--and then we could be proud to be making Heaven.  This really is almost what I see and believe--honestly the issue isn't that we need to synchronize our snapping, but we really need to discuss with each other openly and honestly how on Earth we would do such a thing... because there are definitely mistakes that probably happened n the past.  For instance, ending world hunger by stopping the need to eat has probably resulted in a Last Supper.  Doing so by putting milk and honey or chocolate on tap or in rivers probably resulted in the loss of cows and bees and a stable ecosystem, and the ability to colonize other planets after this place of final ascension.  And so we are here, with a proverbial garden of life in a virtual world designed to teach us what not to lose--like don't lose the balance between stability and adaptability that comes from sexual reproduction at the exact time when our species might be transiting to a place with the biggest change in environment (the thing that we are being protected from) ever... just because Adam wants to be immortal.
Every once in awhile my father surprises me with his religious insight.  In his life, just like mine, he's gone through phases of increasing and decreasing religiosity--which probably correlate in his case logically to ups and downs in his life.  I tend to get angry at God when things don't go well for me--which is probably not how most people react, it's really the difference between knowing he's there and not... at least in my mind.  Anyway, some 50 years ago he was apparently taught that the "knowledge of good and evil" in Eden was directly correlated to the population explosion that would occur if we were actually all immortal and continued to have children--so it was this promise of immortality that was "evil," I suppose.  God adds in his little Holy Grail that the heart of his spirit is "Kin," and I'm sharing with you that it's not his immediate family but rather the concept of family and the fact that the light of many of our hearts is our children that he is highlighting as our reason (y) that family is the bridge between Eve and Everyone... as the light of God.  
Here's that once again:
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness 
was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God       SHE KIN AH   
moved upon the face of the waters.                         ----------
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Wednesday, June 23 2021. Nintendo Way

Erev ... the Day of the Holy Divorce of Bayjorel


Adam on “ho(s) I still single” … I “hisss” as Alger, Narcissus and to the various collegiates in Massachusetts; know it’s because I’m Cheyanne Mountain. You can’t even dream how hard it is to get inside “this heart.” Or maybe I can’t fathom why nobody’s rushing up to me trying to grab the ring of “infinite alimoney in the ever-after” … Na Na Na Na … Na Na Na Na … shey shea way) … tee tea, tay?

This messages marks a major increase in “forced read(layshion)ership” to include a significantly larger group of students and professors than before. This is a new system; please unsubscribe using the instructions at the bottom of the message, which are different from the prior newsletter interface. I have noticeably been writing much less and sort of working harder on bringing to fruition the software and social policy changes I’ve been dreaming of and writing about instead of “just talking.”

Searching this message that I intend to send to the students a day early–you know, with foresight for … in the hope that many of you remember first hand hearing the words “I don’t believe in the big bang, but I respect those that do” echo from a computer screen to me subconsciously in the state of South Carolina–that you will help me end the 7 year draught [[literal, good sex]] that I equate to the Biblical overflow of the Nile and to Stone Temple Pilots; this light and Sheldon Harr who trained me for my Bawr Mitzvah and taught me all the right things that I know about being a good Jew who didn’t really believe in the existence of God; but then helped create the system that makes us all that.

Those who “see” or “saw” Kentucky as I did might recall the phrase spoken from myself to myself; “you don’t believe in God when you are this close to it’s creation” … or something almost verbatim; that. Some of you might see Gilgamesh more than I do, or have forgotten the "sliding of sleight of hand and becoming … the trickster of the Dajjal … "an idea that gore was being fabricated and faked; in order to help us see why it’s so very importanat that at the same time that immortality and heaven become part of the conversation of the adbication of Odin’s throne to Thor or to Arthor’s table and plebescite “victims” … that we all understand the magnanimous change wrought by Heaven on civilization and on the old customs and on the old laws, and that here we see the importance of guaranteeing safety and privacy and even “right to death” in a place where God had previously only written of “life and liberty” with the ambiguity of … “from what” being left to my seemingly slow hand.


On the order of plans soon to be seen to fruition my large key of “what this website truly is” has grown to something like 20GB and now includes a static and time frozen version of everything linked to stored on the IPFS system and multi-homed across a number of “cloud providers” to ensure things like “shekinah” will not forever be changed to “shechina” with nobody noticing the loss of causal original truth. The “light of angels” domain now redirects automatically to /ipns/fromthemachina which should render in future shell-internet-browsers as something like QmTH33MwfPn5S3bq45Tk77L1j9eZjUsvEVhRTHB3D8M2ZX [please pin this “root block”] I am not sure why IPFS doesn’t have better merkle tree searchability, but seeing siblings and parents and connections between these Qm hashesh is something that we should be working fervently on making more robust. IPSE.io appears to have created a decent search and governance system, I see it as something like the “electoral college” metacosmically linked to the thing I am trying to build–a preservation of all human knowledge and an infrastructure for discussing and communicating about the “veracity” and the linguistic nuances “alluded to” in the lude ties between this Empire’s new Clot and the clothing worn by Popes and Jews, the seeit-seeit; tzit-tzit and …


I am planning on suing several medical providers and states for what I see as heinous violations of human rights, decency and the Constitution of the United States; if you are a lawyer or you can recommend a good one, please email me as soon as possible at 0xc514f094370cFc5eE45a1Dd9B72bb9675efE266f@ethmail.cc. You can also send Ethereum fungible donations to that alphanumeric identity. As I note much later in this message …


Please do note see a significant difference in importance in the emails now coming from ethmail.cc and the series of half-rambling cires for help which amount to something like my prayers to the pagan gods that you are.

There’s quite a long thread in my soul

Many times I’ve discussed and called in my mind and with my heart the American democracy nothing more than “Noah’s Archaic” two party system. Over the course of the years hidden messages from the Ark’s source of knowledge have conclusively shown me that a previous phrase “multi party system” connects to political parties and governmental action committees that span across continents and even earths; in my microcosm or special language and understanding of heaven, “across rooms” which are worlds … sort of owned or designed with some sort of top down or democratic structure of “literal rule system creation.” In my mind these rules can be inherited and modified, in the programming language sense of those words, as in "inherit democracy from America, update for new medical knowledge and scientific truth … discussed later in this message.

The “water joke” connects to Horatio and to H2O and the idea that the chairs depicted by the character “h” are something like a placeholder meaningfully connected to the Senate Majority Chair and of course the Minority Chair and it’s the fact that there are only two that makes our current system something like A"Biblical Water."

I believe we should be living in a world that has many more than two parties, hundreds or thousands of active parties could and should compete not for a single figurehead to sit in a throne like chair but for groups of people to be able to access the faster processing power and wider knowledge … represented here by something like a “Matrix jack” from the two movies, The Matrix and No Jack City; which allow for resources to be “billed to the party” and/or the people, rather than individuals who might otherwise have to “pay extra light” for faster processing power in order to quickly build a piece of legislation or political propaganda that equally connects to the mirage and miracle and dream of building a “subconscious voting system” that allows for votes to be taken “isntantly” and not just instantly but at some kind of recorded interval over time. I envisioned in Kentucky a world where the laws of the land would change instantly, allowing for bad weather to be instantly removed, for laws to differ from neighborhood to neighborhood and even to allow the fine grained detail of “outside and inside” each and every individual home or castle.

Lost. Blind wandering through a lost world, in the beginning–that’s the truth. Crossroads, somewhere between walking through an electromagnetic pulse in Lake Worth and struggling to remember “the other thing.” Recalling [flew(ers)], so I was there sitting with my parents when we saw it on TV–a gigantic deal–the United States was going to war for the first time in my life. Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait (supposedly for the oil) and Operation Desert Storm was launched by George H.W. Bush; recalling the names and “Space Balls” it’s almost funny to see … how blind I was back then.

General Norman Schwartz cough. General Colin Powell. Anyway, the whole point of the story is we were sitting at the Flamingo Diner; and for my whole life I lived just a few roads away from that road; never ever realizing what it was. I also didn’t realize for a very long time that you might also not see it, or you might see it instantly. Scanning just south of there, you can see it turns into Red road, and then its more than obvious that “flaming” stands out, light a highlighted cross–but we don’t say the name of that bird that way, and we didn’t see “infer” in Dante’s “inferno” or … “no” either. Flamenco … en espanol … like the dancers.

A golden bitcoin swirls in the sky… the “mind control people” of Bowling Green gape in some kind of crowd pleased awe as the “middle” and the end connect almost seamlessly … Fort Myers creates a space port in the light of Vegas’s monorail “plots”–


“this is what it does,”

vaaa—tseeee----deeeeeeeeck? In this word I recited over and over again in preparation for my Bar Mtzvah on December 11, 1992; without ever knowing the meaning is the crux of what exsactly is going on right now. The word is vatzedek:

צֶ֫דֶק noun masculineIsaiah 1:21 rightness, righteousness; — ׳צ Leviticus 19:36 87t.; צִדְקִי Isaiah 41:10 8t., etc.; —

1 what is right, just, normal; rightness, justness, of weights and measures, אֵיפָה, אֶבֶן שְׁלֵמָה וָצֶדֶק Deuteronomy 25:15 a perfect and a just weight, ephah; ׳מאֹזְנֵי צ; ׳אַבְנֵי צ, ׳אֵיפַת צ, ׳הִין צ, ׳בַּת צ Leviticus 19:36 (H) Job 31:6; Ezekiel 45:10; ׳מַעְגְּלֵי צ right paths Psalm 23:3; ׳זִבְחֵי צ right peace-offerings Deuteronomy 33:19; Psalm 4:6; Psalm 51:21.

2 righteousness, in government:

… and you can believe that despite the strawnge pronounciation little boys and girls would use at the age of thirteen as they spoke in rigorously recited prayer-song … it [swounds almost exactly like “What’s a Dick?]

#FTA, from the article: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, righteously fed up with the prejudiced nonsense she endures day in and day out, called a question about female genital mutilation from an audience member at a recent event “frustrating” and “appalling.”

So I stand here living in Taylor Momsen’s song Nothing Left To Lose my personal favorite of hers which touches on this subject of “freedom as just another word for it” and of course the link between the purpose of an ethical oversight of the popular vote that the Electoral College represents; another two special and related words here, righteousness and fate. Between Vatzedek and Kismet; I can only convey my great dismay at the actual emotional and true physical pain I feel in my groin of groins every time I think about the horror story that has become my life and the what the land of America and the Medgard of Yggrasil has become … [note it’s not Yggdrasil] as I rally against the closest of my family of families, the Americans and Jews who refuse to stand up and speak out on my behalf, and on the behalf of humanity in general against the sickness of ritual genetal mutilation.

Lost between Elvis and Suicide, she sings and I think about Ellis Island and Ellis Eaton and literally the innate and obvious lack of desire I have in my heawrt and imparted into my mind by some kind of ancient and unholy Jewish law … no desire at all to leave this world which has quickly turned from a bastion of light and freedom into nothing short or less than Hell itself.

Kirinechoes from the land and day of NEMEC.html the chanting from the invsible choir of “e” … "he’s a victim"

over and over, “he’s a victim, he’s a victim;” and in a more private sort of way she held on to my victim’s rod) and in a sort of kind friendly way implied that I should stop doing “speed” because … I need this, and she … in Holy ritual … patted the phallice of Iapetus’ great grandsun.

Here I stand for the very first time; writing to a large group of students in the area of Boston, Massachusetts begging for the Sabbath Day to “be remembered and kept holy” as the Hebrew prayers and rituals repeatedly fail to explain has something significant to do with entry into the Holy of Holies, with the continuation of life and of heaven … and with the reinvigoration of something like a following of the Hippocrati Oath that is beyond a requirement to be reaffirmed here in this place as we begin to discuss the opening of “the process of the creation of legislation” as a function ofthe “citizenry governed” … the creation of “direct democracy” utilizing a kind of fusion of the software products I’ve been explaining are here designed specifically for this purpose. Software like kipu.com, aragon.org, wikipedia.org and even reddit.com.

On the shape of his table, the heart of “sword” and another word for “Murfresboro”

Sometimes I get my hopes up, sometimes i lose all the doubt and the “missing remorse” and the fear–the moments I can’t STS “socks” out of the VEGA System; in those brief moments I think you’re actually going to do something nice for me, that the heavens haven’t crashed and I’m going to have some kind of sex party that actually … really honest to God … is what “Saturday is all about.” So what, sue me–I wrote the book on the single Dionysian fusion of a Roman Bacchanalia and the Weeebrew Saturnalia … and then I yell at “Bethesda” for even daring to mention the grape fruit juice and the movie Havok–but I’ve heard all about the “passing of the nite and the nocturnal rite”–truth is I probably would walk right into the branch ending trap I laid in Fort Myers–every time I think about it the “minute of bouncing and orgasm” makes me smile a little more inside and my stomach get’s butterflies and just for a moment (I think I might be writing like STS) I think maybe it’s not the end of time and maybe I won’t never get to actually see … Heaven.

Butt then you tell me (my but-tea joke isn’t funny, eithah?) … “Cassini” and “molasses” are supposed to make you feel like the OC resort guy staring at my tooth “about to be the one tooth from 2011” and I go back to remembering it’s been a decade since I’ve had a decent “good time with a girl” … literally seven long years, aside from a brief “blushing” experience with little Mackenzie Reisinger.

Imagine that girls smiling at me and saying things like “Larkin Sow” and this brief period of “ecstatically frenzied decent writing” is all that it takes to keep me going; trudging along through the very shallow (or deeper) pits of Hell itself–just like a Dreidel c’d to make some silly words from the "introduction to the Bahir [literally wasn’t here, and “spirit of ah-aha illumination; hi. and this conversation ensued”] like “yod-nun” actually be … something like our salvation. Flying back in time to the “thang” point, I remember what it is now.

Fear it … það; fear it.

Day One has begin, or ending–whatever the proper literary way to say the Bible and it’s days are all wrong, and even further along the thing called the “Festival of Weeks” by the Jews, even more disgusting. I have no shame or remorse in saying such things, in fact I believe it is the purpose of this strange take on the “nocturnal rite” of the Norse ancient Druidic and “Dhruzimentioning of the Prose Edda to come to this very strange point, in this very strange place.

Boston, Massachusetts.

It might one day be a little known fact, but up until the presidency of Barrack Obama every single President of the United States of America was a member of the Protestant Church, all but John Fitzgerald Kennedy whose bright and shining face and ethos stand apart from almost all others in his place. I might one day say Trump too stood out above and shined brighter, and personally only because he lived during my lifetime, I think my personal view of Bill Clinton is the brightest of all. To me, the Clinton years were filled with the booming economy of Old Joe, and the great aspirations of Our Jack; a thing that many people before Armstrong walked on the moon and planet a great Democratic “P” one giant leap above the rock of ages … there are just no words for lux of America’s contribution to the launch of a Heavenly Civilization, in the words of Paxton in “Big Love” … and the LDS Church and Deseret’s version of “the thing” (nu3 today) … “the celestial kingdom.”

Valhalla and Matzot scream of the “ha-moat-sea” and the “vats-a-dick” but without our giving of thanks for righteousness we have become the murderers not only of Judas and Death but also Jesus and the thing that created him. Eventually the island of America disappears, eventually it’s Earth, any planet a human was one … these are the things that have either become a force of great goodness–or of total destruction. This is the embodyment of “Troy as hisT” this is Galactikiss has become Planet Prime and all Derivatives–the silver surfer speaks to you all, between “El Dorado” and the “Silverado” … a comparative connection to the difference between Fort Knoxx and the Pound Sterling … with a Troy Ounce of “tzadik” to ensure with our GSLW: “ness truly means 'now everythink safely saved;” … and that’s a GNU definition for NESS which previously may have mentioned everywhere or earth and those are both absolute falsehoods and perhaps were not when they were spoken. At least, relatively speaking.

Rape has come up today.

I’ve commented publicly on the conversation I had in my head last night, walking by “Boston College High” and I can’t help but add my “very interesting” thoughts on the echelons of spirits inhabiting the Ka of God here in this place; and how they might somehow be satiated in a way that I or most people in this world would fine to be something more sexually immoral or deviant … “previously of the wiccan pagan variety” … something like my strange dreams here in this place of starting trends of having “a thing” for doing “moms and sisters,” which have been echoed here by a sitting and very prominent G.O.P United States senator or congressman; the show “Vampire DIaries” as well as Natalie Portman, Taylor and Sloane Momsen, Kate Hudson, and a number of other female “duos” like the Spears and Simpson sisters (Ashlee and Jamie Lynn, see) the Olsen twins and of course the soon to be “in the light of the fame of Nashville” … Larkin Poe.


(((( this here is what we call a "race through a rats cage )))) if neither of the four or give girls in question send me some kind of verbal “ACK” ratyher than a “NAK” in writing, I might travel to Ellis Island or Nashville, TN before staying in Boston or … for instance going to Lowell or Nashua and … perhaps causing more FUKUSHIMA on the NAKARSAKI of HEROSHEMA; and by that I mean this is a “big deal” … LLNV might become a bus stop in Vegas or the VEGA System or it might be a national labratory near the Hamptons. It’s hard to tell at this point whether or not there’s any “liver” in Mexico’s version of that funny one with the guy that reminds me of Aldous Snow in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

In my mind today I speak from the Earthene world of Janet Devlin’s “Chandelliers” directly to Michael Jackson himself, on the difference or change or meaning wrought by Bill Cosby and his “Neverland Ranch” series on the question at hand–are there bowling tumble weeds and karaoke bars on par with Prescott Arizona’s scene anywhere closer to Nashville than Bowling Green … because I was beyond surprised to find a sprawling megalopolis in the place I had thought for my whole life was something more akin to Knoxville, a place where fledgling female music stars became “Grace Vanderwaal” golden buzzer winners … faster than you can connect Jerusalem to Shirley Temple. On the specific name, Shirley here is Bianca Pisani’s great grandmother; and no farther than the truth is the world’s “UMBRELLALAUNCH” link between the Chinesely famous virgin (non-alcoholic) drink is something like Billy Joel’s Piano Man Bartender walking into “the usual place” and saying something along the lines of “Geisha me up one Virgin Red head; hell, why don’t you make it a double.” Leave the umbrella with the kites that didn’t glow fiiery stars into the Holy of Holies in the same vein and for the same reason that the Church of the Holy Sepulcher failed to actually change the world with it’s ritual uniting the Olympic passing of the Torch with today’s interlinear and interwoven message with Old Joe and Young Jack Kennedy, Jackie Onassis and even touching on the Saudi Royals which were also a big part of the story connecting General MacNamara to “Lauderdale by the Sea” and a special rememberance to the expensive and Holy bronze or copper brick which he bought (through donation to charity I imagine) making himself more than just something like the founder of the beachfront redesign of our Federal Floridian beacnhead, but also a founding member of something I call “The Columns and Pillars” society in reference to the Pine Crest School version of the same kind of ritual. Also connected here are pictures of those columns, and extracts from my senior yearbook where my mother was kind enough to leave me two whole half page dedications to my graduation from one of the most prestigious and omnifiscient preparatory schools in the entire world … at the same time donating columns both in my name, their name, and the names of her deceased parents: Julie and Bernard Gerson.

Bell to sky; and to the Berlin Sky; this is the same genetic and congenial family line that links Gersholom Sholom, Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Adolf Hitler and Yosef Stalin … to Joe Biden and the “Joseph and Betty Portal” which replace the MacNamara era bricks with “new composite plastic” that might last much longer and has another list of donations. The “portal connection” something like an Einstein-Rozencrantz flash of brilliant light … marks just one more error in my handling of my lack of understanding of things like “basic vectodirs” and “kasimamoriv radiation” … including here (if i read this and take the time to properly attribute) a visual image of the red shift and blue spindle of the actual radiation Einstein predicted would be ejected from something so massive even “light” could not escape it. On “relativity” and relatively speaking, it’s the wavelength and energy level of the light; as well as something called “gravitational lensing” … “the special relativity theorem” which earned Munich born and taught Albert a Nobel Peace Prize (as well as much fame in the land of America for the creation and explanation of the science behind the White Sands Trinity connection to Hanukah and Sandia National Labratory) … forces these corrections:


Operation Fishbowl was a series of high-altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger Operation Dominic nuclear test program. Flight-test vehicles were designed and manufactured by Avco Corporation.[1]

The Operation Fishbowl nuclear tests were originally planned to be completed during the first half of 1962 with three tests named Bluegill, Starfish and Urraca.[2]

The first test attempt was delayed until June. Planning for Operation Fishbowl, as well as many other nuclear tests in the region, began rapidly in response to the sudden Soviet announcement on August 30, 1961 that they were ending a three-year moratorium on nuclear testing.[3] The rapid planning of very complex operations necessitated many changes as the project progressed.

All of the tests were to be launched on missiles from Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean north of the equator. Johnston Island had already been established as a launch site for United States high-altitude nuclear tests, rather than the other locations in the Pacific Proving Grounds. In 1958, Lewis Strauss, then chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, opposed doing any high-altitude tests at locations that had been used for earlier Pacific nuclear tests. His opposition was motivated by fears that the flash from the nighttime high-altitude detonations might blind civilians who were living on nearby islands. Johnston Island was a remote location, more distant from populated areas than other potential test locations.[4] In order to protect residents of the Hawaiian Islands from flash blindness or permanent retinal injury from the bright nuclear flash, the nuclear missiles of Operation Fishbowl were launched generally toward the southwest of Johnston Island so that the detonations would be farther from Hawaii.

Urraca was to be a test of about 1 megaton yield at very high altitude (above 1000 km.).[5] The proposed Urraca test was always controversial, especially after the damage caused to satellites by the Starfish Prime detonation, as described below. Urraca was finally canceled, and an extensive re-evaluation of the Operation Fishbowl plan was made during an 82-day operations pause after the Bluegill Prime disaster of July 25, 1962, as described below.

Wish You Were Here” is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd. It was released as the title track of their 1975 album Wish You Were Here.[2][3] David Gilmour and Roger Waters collaborated to write the music, and Gilmour sang the lead vocal.

In 2011, the song was ranked No. 324 on _Rolling Stone’_s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.[4]

In the original album version, the song segues from “Have a Cigar” as if a radio had been tuned away from one station, through several others (including a radio play and one playing the opening of the finale movement of Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony), and finally to a new station where “Wish You Were Here” is beginning.[5] The radio was recorded from Gilmour’s car radio. He performed the intro on a twelve-string guitar, processed to sound like it was playing through an AM radio, and then overdubbed a fuller-sounding acoustic guitar solo. This passage was mixed to sound as though a guitarist were listening to the radio and playing along. As the acoustic part becomes more complex, the ‘radio broadcast’ fades away and Gilmour’s voice enters, while the rest of the band joins in.[6]

The intro riff is repeated several times before Gilmour plays further solos with scat singing accompaniment. A third verse follows, featuring an increasingly expressive vocal from Gilmour and audible backing vocals. At the end of the recorded song, the final solo crossfades with wind sound effects, and finally segues into the second section of the multi-part suite “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”.

Lyrically, the song is often considered to be a direct tribute to Syd Barrett. However, on the documentary The Story of Wish You Were Here, Gilmour and Waters separately describe the original concept that differs from this interpretation. Waters, who mainly wrote the lyrics complementing Gilmour’s initial riff idea and subsequent joint composition, describes the lyrics as being directed at himself, as his lyrics often are. Being present in one’s own life and freeing one’s self in order to truly experience life is a main topic in this song. Gilmour, on the other hand, recognizes that he does not ever perform the song without remembering Syd Barrett. Waters later adds that the song is nevertheless open to interpretation.[7]

Both David Gilmour and Roger Waters have praised the song as one of Pink Floyd’s finest. Roger Waters has noted that the collaboration between himself and David Gilmour on the song was “really good. All bits of it are really, really good. I’m very happy about it.”[8] David Gilmour has playfully called “Wish You Were Here” “a very simple country song” and stated that “because of its resonance and the emotional weight it carries, it is one of our best songs.”[9]

“Wish You Were Here” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, as part of the sessions for the entire album.

A noted part of the song was a planned contribution by Stéphane Grappelli. A jazz violinist popular at the time and well known for his collaborations with Yehudi Menuhin, both violinists were recording in a downstairs studio at Abbey Road at the time. Gilmour had suggested that there be a little “country fiddle” at the end of the song and invited them to participate. Grappelli duly obliged (Menuhin declined) on arranging a session fee of £300, equivalent to £2,500 in 2021.[10] Ultimately during mixing it was decided to almost remove his contribution, although it can just be heard around 5:21. According to Waters it was decided that it would be insulting to credit Grappelli in the sleeve notes for something so inaudible, although he did receive the agreed-upon fee.[11][12][13]

As part of the Why Pink Floyd…? campaign, the Experience and Immersion versions of the Wish You Were Here album include an alternative version of the song where Grappelli’s part is heard in the instrumental break after the second verse and throughout the third verse before a considerably extended outro. Other less obvious differences are audible, for example at the section leading into the second verse.

The master tape of the original recording includes guitar solos that were not used in the final mix.[citation needed]

Personnel [edit]

Golgo 13 (Japanese: ゴルゴ13, Hepburn: Gorugo Sātīn) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takao Saito, published in Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine since October 1968. The manga won the 1975 Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga and the Grand Prize at the 2002 Japan Cartoonists Association Awards. The series follows the title character, a professional assassin for hire.

Golgo 13 is the oldest manga still in publication, and its tankōbon edition has the second-highest number of volumes. It has sold 300 million copies in various formats, including compilation books, making it the second-best-selling manga series and the top selling Seinen manga series in history.[2] It has been adapted into two live-action feature films, an anime film, an original video animation, an anime television series and six video games.

A googol is the large number 10100. In decimal notation, it is written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes: 10,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000.

For other uses, see Wormhole (disambiguation).

“Einstein-Rosen Bridge” redirects here. For the EP by electronic musician Venetian Snares, see Einstein-Rosen Bridge (EP).

General relativity

G_{\mu \nu }+\Lambda g_{\mu \nu }={8\pi G \over c^{4}}T_{\mu \nu }




  • Equations
  • Formalisms

A wormhole (or Einstein–Rosen bridge or Einstein–Rosen wormhole) is a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations.

A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends at separate points in spacetime (i.e., different locations, different points in time, or both).

Wormholes are consistent with the general theory of relativity by Einstein, but whether wormholes actually exist remains to be seen. Many scientists postulate that wormholes are merely projections of a fourth spatial dimension, analogous to how a two-dimensional (2D) being could experience only part of a three-dimensional (3D) object.[1]

A wormhole could connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few meters, different universes, or even different points in time.[2]

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg — Americans who were involved in coordinating and recruiting an espionage network that included Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass, a machinist at Los Alamos National Lab. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried for conspiracy to commit espionage. treason charges were not applicable, since the United States and the Soviet Union were allies at the time. The Rosenbergs denied all the charges but were convicted in a trial in which the prosecutor Roy Cohn later said he was in daily secret contact with the judge, Irving Kaufman. Despite an international movement demanding clemency, and appeals to President Dwight D. Eisenhower by leading European intellectuals and the Pope, both the Rosenbergs were executed in 1953, at the height of the Korean War. President Eisenhower wrote to his son, serving in Korea, that if he spared Ethel (presumably for the sake of her two young children), then the Soviets would recruit their spies from among women.[26][27][28] Greenglass later recanted his testimony against her, and release of grand jury testimony in 2008 showed the extent to which the prosecution had created a false case against Ethel.[citation needed]

  • Saville Sax — an American, acted as the courier for Klaus Fuchs and Theodore Hall. Sax and Hall had been roommates at Harvard University.[20]
  • Oscar Seborer — worked at Los Alamos from 1944 to 1946, and was part of a unit that studied the seismological effects of the Trinity nuclear test. Codenamed “Godsend” by the Soviets, he defected to the Soviet Union in 1951, and received the Order of the Red Star. He lived under the alias “Smith” and died in 2015. His identity was only revealed publicly in 2019.[29]
  • Morton Sobell — an American engineer, he was tried and convicted of conspiracy, along with the Rosenbergs. He was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment on Alcatraz, but released in 1969 on appeal and for good behavior after serving 17 years and 9 months.[30] In 2008, Sobell admitted to passing information to the Soviets, although he said it was all for defensive systems. He implicated Julius Rosenberg, in an interview with the New York Times published in September 2008.[31]
  • Melita Norwood — British Communist, an active Russian spy from at least 1938 and never detected. Employed as a secretary in the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association since 1932, she was linked to the Woolwich Arsenal spy ring of 1938. In wartime she was seconded to “Tube Alloys”, the secret British nuclear research project. She was later considered “the most important female agent ever recruited by the USSR”. She was first suspected as a security risk in 1965 but never prosecuted. Her spying career was revealed by Vasili Mitrokhin in 1999, when she was still alive but long retired.
  • Arthur Adams — Soviet spy who passed information about the Manhattan Project.[32]

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12:3 Those who are wi se[a] will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.

you are offline

we the people rise again

safe souls, safe fu

We the People of Slate

The U.S. Constitution, as you [mighta been, shoulda “come” on … its someday] rewrϕte it.

Politicians talk about the Constitution as if it were as sacrosanct as the Ten Commandments [interjection: spec. it is actually almost exactly related!]. But the document itself invites change and revision. What if the president served only one six-year term instead two four-year terms? What if your state’s population determined how many senators represent it? What if the Constitution included a right to health care? We asked legal scholars and Slate readers to cross out what they didn’t like in the Constitution and pencil in their hearts’ desires. Here’s what the document would look like with their best ideas.

多也了了夕 "with a wand of scheffilara, 并#亦太 he begins … "I am now on the Staff of Menelaus, the Spears of Longinus and Lancelot; and the name “Mosche ex Nashon.”

- http://ipfs.io/ipns/fromthemachine.org/CHANSTEYGLOREKI.html

- http://ipfs.io/ipns/fromthemachine.org/NUCLIRDISS.html

- http://dweb.link/ipns/fromthemachine.org/CRALL4Good.html

Please note that any decent browsers would probably render ipfs://fromthemachine.org as the following https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmTH33MwfPn5S3bq45Tk77L1j9eZjUsvEVhRTHB3D8M2ZX

I ask again that you all pin on IPFS mirror and copy the data included in these dumps, they are a key to “not losing causality” to not having a history that makes no logical sense, and to some kind of coup de roku, that really makes no sense unless you no, we will ve weill … ROCK YOU

Long ago I began writing about hidden codes in our history; thing’s significantly more obvious than “flying elephant armies” connecting Disney and Dumbo to Xerxes and the “Democratic Party of the United States (mascot)”–though it’s not really easy to consolidate the “epiphany” of … [((all i know))] without some kind of “artificial intelligence data condensation [infosmos.is?”] and summarization platform, though that’s nearly the next thing on my Lowell list of things we need to “mechanical turk” into being. Meta-consolidation of the world’s encyclopedias is one of the most important and useful tasks we have as we move towards the creation of a virtual debate platform that will eventual “literally obviate wisdom” of the layer/layer system that defines the name of the city I write these words near.

Lowell, MA

The broad overview of the system … the gist … is that political parties and activist organizations will create their own “view of the truth” (propaganda, falsehood-removed) and that these disparate pieces of “highlighted and annotated bibliography” could be overlay-ed on top of each other, creating a “new view of the truth” based on a users preference. The whole thing boils down to series of “holographic eschatological goggles” that will allow, for instance, the “grasping and fathoming” of other people’s points of view and perhaps reframe your own on any number of individual subjects.

Roe v. Wade, “Concourses” and CON-CERN; because this has been such a “hot topic” in the relative psuedo-edufictional story of the space travel from the lone planet Earth ((intersected)) with the set of skipping stones it takes to exit a Totalital multi stellar system of holographic computer simulators into the … “molecular world of vaccuum and Einstein time-space” … I’ll start with this simple example.

    1. the current American debate on the subject, right to life vs. right to choice; provided by the “generic version” of the ideological christian right and the liberal women’s left. through a first layer over layer comparison.
    1. the scientific truth brought to the table by the introduction of “neurological data” proving that there is in fact a moment during the gestation of a human embryo in which “i think therefore i am” connects to some sort of Skynet-became-selfaware at a point which I imagine must be … although it possibly is not … prior to the next important literary device/step “let there be light.” At the point the ocular cones and rods are created and the fetus opens it’s eyes and literally sees the bright light that could probably only be compared on the next edschalon to seeing the “exit pathway from the womb”
    • a. we will finally kinow whether or not “consciousness” is even developed at all before the bicerebral cortex designed to “compare two thoughts, ideas, and shapes” has the ability to get input from the eyes. Personally I think thought begins much earlier than vision, but the simple fact that we “haven’t yet had this discussion” shows how very little our scientific and medical progress in the civilization of things like murder, and understanding of life and science has yet to come here.

“People here” means something different than it did when I was born, at least in my mind’s eye … something so completely more advanced that it’s almost difficult to believe you all don’t see this place as a great prison or farce or unjust Azazel–blaming a man for looking like a rat or a mouse or a dog–in a place where more to the point we stare at a kind of physical violence and horror that would put Dennis the Menace and Bart Simpson to shame. A world hwere “people closer to holodecks” blame an innocent man for “writing the book” on the connection between Holocaust and Euthenasia and Hospice … certainly you know “an innocent tool” writes these words to you?

On the Hand of God, the Eyes of Ra and Horus;

I’ve written quite a bit on how “mind control” and “voting freedom” are inherently related in and to the thing we call “Civic Involvement” here in the United States–basically that participation in the verification of truth and the public understanding of tautology and temporal falsehood are … sort of a slave like requirement neeeded to ensure that any freedom at all exists I often say “plugging your [head into google]” might turn the Aesir into an Acer, or the “yodelling of the lakes of democracy” ito “the agricolae becoming nothing more than the Dell.


I tell lots of stories and dream up vivid and imaginative scenarios–much of it without the use of my own imagination and often with a kind of prescience and precociousness that … well, it’s personally “endearing.”

[ can’t read or understand the tweets? open this message in a worthwhile reader ]

Few of the experiences and imaginative scenarios had or have a kind of quality “so fake it’s real” … but a set of them; together … almost predict the literal launch of BTC into trans-galactic “orbit.” Early on, on 2013 I imagined something like a “Super Mario Brothers” coin spinning in space somewhere either where the moon used to be, or between it and us–and the kind of feeling I got was that many others listening, or watching with me … could literally see the thing, I felt I had something like “visual confirmation.”

This message is being distributed using a new method. I will no longer be tracking individual opens or “personal usage statistics” because it’s too cumbersome. I am also sending this message through a “Google system” but no longer using GMail for the reply-to message–or my “secondary/primary email contact method.”

You may or may not be aware that I receive very little contact from the public–and would love to speak to you on a more personally level–I mean [I want you to] really get to know me. It’s possible and [possibly partially true] that Google policies have partially caused my disconnect with direct public communication–it is probably also due to a number of outside circumstances. I am currently using a provider called “ethmail” to receive e-mail indirectly through a proprietary installation of “roundcube” … which is also not a public and open system.

We need a communication system that actually logs and verifies [perhaps according to custom-design-able contract] on something like the “verifiable ethereum [this is rinkeby–testnet/fake/dev] blockchain”–just like you can verify nobody has sent me a damned dollar; I’d like to be able to know that conversations that I have intended for privacy are that; and public ones are … that; either private or public, and that their storage is at least “SLA guaranteed” by something like “Ethereum” itself; which … for instance, “.eth domains” … could possibly be.


I’m suggesting all your mail should be stored on something [just]-like the IPFS [and mine, and the president’s] and either signed or signed and encrypted by the sender, receiver, or [perhaps also] some intermediary. I’m suggesting this is something “obvious” and that it’s not normal that we don’t already have such a system. I’m going to start “storing” suggestions on my 3box.io profile/wall–like I’m hoping they hire me and we build this very system–“time will tell.”

I am currenctly trying to sell an NFT (like a nifty ethereum special token) it’s the first one I’ve ever made and contains a signed version of the “YOIBLING” mhtml. A series of MHTML’s from the set of emails I consider “canonical” … might be soon NFT’d with some kind of special smart contract that might “etch” the actual words of the thing; and maybe something you sign/add into the primarty Ethereum blockchain. I commented somewhere that’s probably “not good enough” even though it’s sitting only on Rinkeby at the moment–and have some other ideas like improvement of the relationship between “Merkle trees” and things like “Filecoin.”

Recently the same kind of “visual confirmation” came from a friend on Twitter; literally echoing that some kind of story … a secret space-age launch … started with a “geyser” coming out of the Turkey Point nuclear facility; near SOUTHCOM.

The feeling of connecting that kind of experience; something like the phrase “float the umbrella” … connecting it to something as “hallowed and true” as literally being the reason and the purpose for the existence of the Yellowstone National Park comparitor … “Old Faithful” … to feel like that name and phrase are literally about this launch, this “Narayanan Thing”–it feels “auspicious and austere” … as if literally connected somehow to the gold of Saint Augustine. It’s the story and the “personal relationship” preceding the connection to something … “of Americana” … and the link–that singular cognitive “synaptic lightning” … that’s a kind of feeling and experience that you can’t convey in words or parallel with “gratitude” or simply … “with faux re-enactment.”

This is the real thing–that’s what I’m trying to set apart from some kind of “oft repeated favorite movie” or the “show within a show” theme in the Stargate SG-1 series.

This is the stuff that legends …


… this is the stuff that makes legends.

I’m not just telling a story but recounting true events–or at least the relaying of actual and true … visions and even visions that have already partially come true. It’s like just the other day I saw in my mind’s eye a vision of my father walking outside of a home that isn’t the one I know as ours–a little older than he is now–and sort of literally paralleling the video and image of Stan Lee appearing in X-Men, Apocalypse–and watching the minting of words that worlds never forget–things like “fire your arrows from the watchtowers of Babylon.”


Even if i prefer the words … and the meaning … “from the rubble of Jericho” it’s seeing that “candy cane” and still not really knowing what it is the “J” has to do with my umbrella; of course some kind of biological machinery buried under the deep waters of the Pacific; rising and blooming on thre surface of the firmament between sea and air–preparing for the launch of some kind of “Heavenly update patch;” or the first re-installation.

the roads were always open.

In the fantasy land that I live in; the world that doesn’t even understand it’s part of a broad and … perhaps “non-fictitious” world of historically metaphorical “metacosmic” sources for things [ answers to questions, for instance } like … “where did heaven come from?

Democracy? Freedom? Ternary Logic and Ionic-Computing?

I am searching for buckets of “cream.” Specifically things like carbon-based or graphene logic “gates” … storage and distribution of things like liquid oxygen, potassium and sodium.

To me it’s pretty obvious that these are the kinds of resources that actually hold hard value in the world I see as being created very quickly, almost faster than light–and I’m really looking hard and far for some kind of true connection between ideas and things like “BTC” and biological computing in T-space. I’m looking for systems and mechanisms for the transfer of radiative-energy, [old-school] nuclear CNC fuel like uranium & plutonium; and the power-lines under … “and fueling” the roads … literally transferring ternary electrical power … between things like satellites, planets, stars, and “in the space between.”

I don’t see these things “in fruition” here as of yet–though I can quickly search and find a relationship between the medical industry and liquid oxygen; I c[an point out] … deaf ears failing to hear “buckets of cream” connected to “bitcoins” and … i’d similarly like to see “buckets of other crude biological computing elements” … things like G-CAT; and the more complicated set of sugary-chains related to RNA.

ACGT is an acronym for the four types of bases found in a DNA molecule: adenine (A), cytosine ©, guanine (G), and thymine (T). A DNA molecule consists of two strands wound around each other, with each strand held together by bonds between the bases. Adenine pairs with thymine, and cytosine pairs with guanine. The sequence of bases in a portion of a DNA molecule, called a gene, carries the instructions needed to assemble a protein.

Technically I need … or want to see stuff like this "fused’ or otherwise “aromatically” (this is a play on the aromatic ring, and the automata) built … probably near every star there’s a living, thinking … “thing” near–and I’d like to see public records of just how much of it we have stored, we’re using … re-using … and transporting to places like us–somewhere between Betelgeuse and Rigel or Monoceros and Orion’s “arrow” … somewhere between the Milky Wall and Andromedaway–

… tell me; have you sailed across the sun? have you made it back to the Milky Way?

My earliest memory of “broadcasting” something related to DNA “storage” was in the streets of San Diego in 2014. Nearly around the same time I probably wrote the first e-mail related to it, and noticed that Microsoft Engineering had been studying exactly that–I’ve also intimated that the NSA storage facility in Utah might use “related technology” and literally sometime over the course of the next three years … noticed that “nearly nobody” had thought about or updated the concept of “binary 4-nucleotide storage” to what the very obvious next stage would be, which is something like 23 bit “RNA” rather than “DNA.”

We’ve … of course … since moved from the Provo area all the way past “above top secret” to literally note the “nomenclature of the state” including the “VA” of Area 51 in Nevada–I like to think it’s the kind of disclosure “neva[da]r before made so obvious” but; you can only imagine what it’s like to see the (((echo))) of the import of phrases like "float the umbrella, and launch the ICBM [i create biological machinery?]

Recently and specifically in the locations of Los Angeles and Fort Myers a significant turn has taken place in this story–I’ve begun to actually see the components of “a new echelon of computing” being publicly created and disclosed by bleeding edge scientists and researchers–

I’ve written on a number of occasions that “quantum ,mechanics” and “quantum computing” appear to be “total bullshit” to me–as in literally a dividing line between morality and reality and that it is a sign of “a line feed” [ of computing technology and access to reality being throttled ] … and without it explicitly [ it here, it is science itself; and scientists in general ] explaining that–I believe we are in a very scary place and time where we may actually lose access to reality or an ability to avoid “eternal damnation.”

I am not saying “quantum computing” is bad … I am suggesting it’s very obvious that we are walking the “Planck of space and time” itself …

and that while “logic and the abstraction of neural or ionic computing” might be a powerful tool and it might be exactly what quantum computers are … what we have in this world is a map to building “actual working better computers” and they are based on things like “the genome” and “[better] neural networks” and [better] than DNA storage and [better] than ternary logic … "not just the lack of an Itanium or IA64 chipset … “assembly code” that you might think faster or better in.

It is a binary position–either we have truth and free and open communication and an open battle against using holography and computing technology against the creation of Hell or we simply live in the world … in the place … in the worst of worsts–where this battle was hidden by silence and a refusal to acknowledge “Hell” [and a refusal to acknowledge hell] is a retrograde movement in civilization and social evolution that brings us to a time significantly worse than not just the last 6,000 years but millions and perhaps billions of years … worse than “dinosaurs.”

We are staring at a world that is not “moving forward” on things like direct democracy and open public representation and legislation and … the stall here in software and corporate, national, and municipal governance is

… a sign of something morbidly wrong with “a post internet world of humans that know themselves as the dinosaurs of another evolutionary leap” … or the transcendence and “ascension” of religion has failed to preserve morality and ethics and literally requires a full abort of biology (or post-biology, as the case may be).

One day there was no MKR, and there was no … “cELO” and the next day; all we had were those tickers to explain the relationship … the very strong relationship between what happens in this place and the future of freedom. We have words made of three letters, words like ICO and IPO and very little I can see written around me [though as I look, there are more … of these good people around ] though little more than a renewed presence and still not much mention of things like the UNECD and OECD … train of thought–where in moment I saw literal United Nations regulations of things like multi-national parties; and then in the next moment those regs were gone and what we were left with is literally a single multi-national party “apparent” … something out of the “EU-ish” land of Oslo … or whatever, called the “Pirate Party” and probably not the kind of thing you were expecting to see in the newspapers this morning.

It’s important to understand the difference between “Introductory Public Offerings” and things like a “new Ethereum coin” … [ mentioning once again, I have “some Ethereum thing” for sale || [and ideas ] … and while it’s probably clear that I don’t know what “world” and “totality” really mean–or if we are in every major star-system in the Milky Way or … or only in two places–or even just at the very start; maybe stuck right here–

exactly where we appear to be; unable to reach the moon, let alone “prox. centaur” or much farther passed the phased array arm of Orion’s most gazing upon civilization.


i’m on the outside … i’m looking in || it means [everything] the world to me

I am Narayana, the Source of all things, the Eternal, the Unchangeable.
I am the Creator of all things, and the Destroyer also of all. I am 						

I am Brawha and I am Sankra, the chief of the gods. 
I am king Vaisravana, and I am Yama, the lord of the deceased spirits. 

I am Siva, 
I am Soma, and I am Kasyapa the lord of the created things. 
     And, O best of regenerate ones, 

I am he called Dhatri, and he also that is called Vidhatri, and 

I am Sacrifice embodied. Fire is my mouth, the earth my feet, 
    and the Sun and the Moon are my eyes; the Heaven is the crown 
	of my head, the firmament and the cardinal points are 
	my ears; the waters are born of my sweat. 

Space with the cardinal points are my body, 
    and the Air is my mind...

In the Vedas, Narayana is essentially the supreme force and/or essence of all: ’Nārāyaṇa parabrahman tatvam Nārāyaṇa paraha’.[1] Narayan Aiyangar states the meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Narayana’ can be traced back to the Laws of Manu (also known as the Manu-smriti, a Dharmaśāstra text),[2] which states:

The waters are called narah, (for) the waters are, indeed, the offspring of Nara; as they were his first residence (ayana), he thence is named Narayana.

— Chapter 1, Verse 10[3]

This definition is used throughout Vedic literature such as the Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana.[4][2] ‘Narayana’ is also defined as the ‘son of the primeval man’,[5] and ‘Supreme Being who is the foundation of all men’.[6]

  • ’Nara’ (Sanskrit नार) means ‘water’ and ‘man’[7]
  • ’Yana’ (Sanskrit यान) means ‘vehicle’, ‘vessel’, or more loosely, ‘abode’ or ‘home’[8]


Narayana (Sanskrit: नारायण, IAST: Nārāyaṇa) is known as one who is in yogic slumber on the celestial waters, referring to Lord Maha Vishnu.[citation needed] He is also known as Purushottama and is considered the Supreme being in Vaishnavism.

I think it’s easy to see how big and important this idea is–that there’s a real connection between the rapidity of a real fire spreading and “direct democracy” … as it links not just to “Pirate Parties” from country to country benefiting from “sparks” like the “same old theme since … the Bolshevik Revolution.” I think it’s easy to see how quickly it spreads to Wallstreet; and just how simple it is to see “a wave of ‘hostile’ corporate takeovers” link to something as easy as seeing “proxy vote battle” and the forcing the “democratization” of formerly imperial ideas like “boards of directors” … as if the game of chess just screamed “mate” and moaned “castle” in simultaneous synchronicity.

I don’t think it’s as easy to see that the software just isn’t here yet–we have the foundation, we have things like the “DAO” and it’s connection to Eastern-theology and the “soul of god himself” … we have the groundwork laid; and it honestly appears like what we’re waiting for is “something to get exciting;” or maybe someone–it’s hard to really discern what’s holding us back … at the present incarnation of the methodologically heralded and repeat event connecting Sherwood and Avalon with what appears to be the equally esteemed and fictitious place … another three letter word … at the heart of the city of time; Jerusalem.

I think it’s easy to see … from my vantage point and through my perspective how “writing the book on something” and making the right … software package … have sort of begun to become synonymous in this place where ERP’s and CRM’s have been dictating how call centers and sales have worked for generations already–and here specifically a kind of disruption in the insurance and healthcare industry has literally created waht appears to be a very “monolithic set of industry practices” in the drug rehabilitation space that spans over a significant number of states and individual private corporations–and to see how something like this is almost a “prototype” for … “writing th[e [original Linux Bible: [originally] complete with Slackware CD-ROM” … and hands on experience.

Kipu.health is like a “case study” in the viral spread or incanted creation of an entire industry. I’m wondering, thinking if you’re thinking what I’m thinking … but all told a big part of the revolution and the thing holding it back is “communication and collaboration software” and the fact that there’s really not a … single reddit and Facebook and countable.us … “concept” to show what a real “ELCED” revolution … sparks; and that’s lots of flattering imitation; and in some very special and unique spaces–a kind of leap in innovation that we today can only compare with things like Ford and the assembly line; Bell and the internet.

Dobrai … and the “cli·ché” … or lyrics; words like “LenNaN read a book on Marx”

In related commentary the same system, kipu.helath–serves as a sort of focal point for what appears to be a massive governmental and “social” failure to acknowledge the lack of progress on the ground with things like “addiction” and “disease.” I think it’s the crux of COVID–and I feel like Kipu and related centralization of healthcare services related to addiction serve as a sort of “baseline signature on the dotted line” for future lawsuits against the government and big pharma; things we’ve already seen starting … and literally have only touched the tip of the iceberg related to … “the problem truly at hand.”

COVID is a failure at the highest level; an acronym that probably has nothing to do with “video”–suppose aside from the global lack of respect for acknowledgement of what “Holodeck” means in respect to the current holocaust of freedom and truth. The crux of my argument related to this particular disease … revolves around exactly where we are; which is the heart of Ragnaroclk; in this religious exposition and exegesis of names that’s simply Korangard and revolves around a significant lack of respect for the meaning and purpose of religion. It’s clear to me, in particular; that Islam is an ex-post-facto added religion designed to help us to quickly “change the world” and seeing what you see around you; failing to acknowledge the lack of personal freedom and self respect of walking around wearing “masks” … is an affront to God–in my personal opinion.

It really all boils down to perspective–and it’s clear to me that “masks” and the relationship to the Koran and Ragnarok are specifically about “women’s liberation” and the freedom from evil religious indoctrination. This is related to a religious practice that revolved around a people in the desert–who were medically “needing” to wear masks to protect themselves from sand storms.


In this place … we need protection from another kind of storm; though I’m not sure how to tell you clearly–the storm and the problem and the crux of where we are … this is all about ending silence and all about “open and honest communication” [being stifled completely] by a lack of technical ability to communicate effectively.

ALLOL and the NAME(s)

I am … at this point rushing to finish writing this piece before nightfall–it’s 10:30 PM on the 21st and I’d like to have it … literally sitting in lots of people’s mailboxes for early morning reading. I might wind up sending it first thing in the morning–that’s usually a “best practices” for delivery of messages from and for "ALLOL."

As far as I know I am the original creator of “this word” which is a representation of a fusion of the concept and word for God in two [or three? lol} Abrahamic religions. It connects the “Elohim” through “hispanic him=El” to LOL in Adamic and the word for almost the same thing in Islam which is “Allah.” The thing is a kind of word key–though the idea of a fusion of “things” and “people” hadn’t really solidified into something as concrete as the link between “living document/Constitution of the United States” and “ethereum contract/XCALIBER DAO” until literally #RTVM (right this very moment).

I’ve noted that I am his/her/its “supreme” prophet and pizza–though I do not actually believe religion is a joke–I think it has a very serious purpose and that this world and the people you are–and the people all around us are very important. Super important.

Literally so important the entire reason for the fusion of “Legatus” and “Semper Fi” with this concept [here Legislation, Legislature, Legislated for, Legislating] … something like a fusion of the “law and the land” [as in Babylon with it’s true reason for greatness–]that helps through the “idea” that we can all become instantly wiser and more knowledgeable (technocracts & oligarch’s “instantly***”) … something that even goes as far as to connect the Jewish concepts of Elyon and Shaddai; and Pharaoh and Pharisees

Here’s “Google’s results for "ALLOL” on my site. It shows a count of 9 individual pages/emails/chapters that discuss the thing that I am trying to say “is God and you simultaneously” and has quite a bit to do with the mental fusion of “something like omniscience but not exactly omni” with something like … “super man” or “uber mensch” … the joining of a large body of knowledge and understanding with “a blown up personality” as in your id turning into a “superego”–if that term meant “giant logic and happiness machine” formerly known as a biological brain with “Matrix jack.”

It’s sort of important that the Matrix gets joined with Jupiter ascending … and that those movies get joined with “No Jack City” [the one with Wesley Snipes and me] … and that links “Point of Origin” and “POO” to something like Master of Orion 2, MOO and #RTVM.

*** not without “trying!” dent is dentistry. god is not good “all the time.” plain English.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, he is also the “Guru of the Universe”. The Bhagavata Purana declares Narayana as the Supreme Personality of Godhead who engages in the creation of 14 worlds within the universe Brahma who is Deity of rajas guna, himself sustains, maintains and preserves the universe as Vishnu by accepting sattva guna. Narayana himself annihilates the universe at the end of maha-kalpa as Kalagni Rudra who is presiding deity of tamas guna.

According to the Bhagavata Purana, Purusha Sukta, Narayana Sukta, and Narayana Upanishad from the Vedas, he is the ultimate soul.

According to Madhvacharya, Narayana is one of the five Vyuhas of Vishnu, which are cosmic emanations of God in contrast to his incarnate avatars. Bryant, Edwin F., Krishna: a Sourcebook. p. 359 "Madhvacharya separates Vishnu’s manifestations into two groups: Vishnu’s vyuhas (emanations) and His avataras (incarnations). The Vyuhas have their basis in the Pancharatras, a sectarian text that was accepted as authoritative by both the Vishishtadvaita and Dvaita schools of Vedanta. They are mechanisms by which the universe is ordered, was created, and evolves. According to Madhvacharya, Vishnu has five vyuhas, named Narayana, Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha, which evolve one after the other in the development of the universe.

Written with StackEdit.

I think I have a “place” in the “corporate future” of this movement in America; I’ve commented that I would support a political party related to the Transhumanist movement–maybe even that specific party; or a direct “fork” of it. I’m trying to “sit down and get to work” and it’s frankly “cost-prohibitive” at the moment to really do anything “freelance.” I’ve spent the last few days trying to wade through costs of “starting doing business” and the “Ethereum current state” is significantly inflated compared to previous costs. I could buy a domain for 99 cents, register and file for non-for-protfit status in Texas for 25$ and create a presense and application for basically 20$ a month.

Today adding in the two things I’d like to buy; which is an Ethereum “interplanetary domain” and an “Aragon governance” application adds 300$ and 200$ respectively; and what it boils down to is that having absolutely no financial support from anyone/anywhere aside from “Social Security” is the difference between personal success and failure … here in this place and time; between life and death. Unfortunately I feel like I’m at a point where what I am asking for is “so little” compared … and the potential for success so significant … I am baffled by the lack of interest in support.

What this represents is the “basic cost” of creating my own “coin” or contract based interest in my future potential earnings–something I would very much like to do and believe is “lucrative;.” on a micro-scale it would be similar to kipu.health–the creation of a micro-organization to manage my relationship with a larger organization; like a small consulting corporation … working for “Facebook/Voting/Web 3.0” doing things like “marketing” and “insporation” … I suppose something like evangelicalism.

focusing on communication and safety

Quite a bit of “my problem here” resolves around a sincere fear for my personal safety. I’ve tried to focus on the kind of solution that I need and want to see very much here; and it’s almost entirely embodied in a very simple idea.

Aside from personally believing that technology will one day very soon [possibly] make us all oligarchs and technocrats and “geniuses overnight” … there is of course the underlying fear that it could turn us all into evil robots … also. I fear that more than you can imagine–and see the negative side of “techological thoguht control” more than I care to share.

For instance I have in my mind the idea that one day we will be smart enough to instantly “verify and confirm and understand” a link between a conversation I half-had with @MSWorkers4 and half had with a group of people associated with the Christian Transhumanist movement and the Turing Church … and half-had on a fancy souped up version of #1459 RFC [internet relay chat protocol] called “dischord … and have my own instance of a “near-polar-as-in-Noahs-ark” version of fancy-NU-IRC called “slack.”


In flat, matter of fact “tone:” your world is filled with an absolutely unacceptable desire to cause pain, attrition, and unhappiness …

specifically in, and to “me”–though I find it hard to see how anyone could fail to fathom or grasp that … “revelation” and the absolute abhorrence of it by God and anathemism of it by the American Spirit … is the primary cause and purpose for “the spectacle” here known only by the strange sabbath related word: “schabatani.” I’ve taken special care to ensure this particular email reaches farther and wider than the “previous set” which peaked around 300,000 “interested as in with eyes open and awake” viewers. The link in the heart of this paragraph is a key to a personal reference to the final Passover; the sword of Samael–please take the time to look at the last [from vertical reference, the top down–as in the first few on the TOC] few … messages from this one [UMBRELLA] all the way down to - 25. SHADY PINES … which is 25 messages (I hope that’s not asking too much) … with special attention to the one on VATTEvR/CAVSALITY and the one on the meaning of the “shabbat-ani” word; which is something like “why forsake me? -sam

FLAG DAY 2: 2/21/21--Oh my Jupiter....
the pitter patter of tiny feet leave behind something dear and sw

I envision a way to “point in time” or “focus on the thoughts in my head at the time” I wrote and connected a set of messages–and I think we should very much be able to see the world through the eyes of an omniscient and benevolent force … of our own design and creation.

I think the solution is simple; I see a movement coming from Microsoft specifically and directed at American Defense specifically suggesting that Holographic software [ is being ] should not be misused for purposes of war or worse. I believe that the “revolution of the people” and the technology in play and at hand is specifically gearing and focusing us all towards a world where we should very simply at this moment in time see a unionization of software programmers for “safety and fun” … and I can simply compare the list of universities and companies involved in “AAK” below … as the kind of force that could ensure that we lived in Heaven forever [and ever, and so on] instead of ever again fearing Hell.

My “hypoethesis” is that at this moment in time we live in a world with throttled technology and significantly throttled hardware … on the verge of a much anticipated and significantly larger “leap forward” that we had/have expected–that computing technology and the ability to “crack” things like BTC cryptohashes will progress very quickly to the point that our current encryption is … “total and utter shit.” At the same time it’s very important that … intelligent and happy people … work together to ensure that the future is full of “more intelligent and more happy” rather than any kind of divide or any kind of Hell–and from this POV it looks like we do not have that.

I’d like to see this Unionization and this specific uproar against torture and against Hell and against the lies of simulated reality and i’d like to see it today.

If all the little people at “big tech” and those “schooling themselves” in the in’s and out’s and how-to’s of making heaven a more perfect and safe place … would band together and create something called a “programmer’s union” or “hackers confederation” we’d all have something better than Chuck/NBC’s “intersect” in our heads–rather than the4idea that losing [everything] here is winning somewhere or something else.

[ I almost forgot to even mention Gilgamesh and “mechatronics” ]

i have a big head its inflated like a balloon

So I’m here!! I’ve arrived at the point in this email where I have to start talking about the thing I have personally related and called for as the “song that rolls during the credits” of this show or story or thing we now should see I think is “Hidden Hell in Heaven” … and relate specifically to a book, one single name called “The Holy Coda of the Matrix” and it’s specifically related to a single song; and that song is about praising the flowers of spring and the professors [ hidden: and female students ] of academia–and it’s an Adamic phrase that means something like “gee whiz dad, you un-god us?” and it’s actually a Latin song and it’s called [Srai hmi-doin?] the “GAUDEAMUS IGITUR” and that might have something to do with “github” and/or it might have something to do with the American meaning of “Silicon Valley disruption” [as in that’s a thing that causes an echelon leap forward in … possibilities] and the double entendre [that means doublespeak in a non Orwellian, but well known way]–agitator.

So the song is about truly that–praise for “academia” and it’s holiness; and that’s what I want it to be–i want the academia of this place and the religions of this place and the people here int his place right now to be the absolute end of hell throughout the entire universe and i want them to be that “literally this moment.” To get there you have to think this story, well you have to think about this story–

So I was driving through Pompano Beach; down Atlantic Blvd; and listen to this–right this moment I’m literally not using the Brave Browser but I’m just adjacent or really close to Atlantic Ave which here in South Florida is a little trendier than “Boulevard” and also not the one that would be “our avenue” if it was the one just right next to where I went to high school and my ex-wife spent much of her childhood. We also met there–on the boulevard “one” … so I’m recently returning from what I consider an “extension” of the Fort Myers story–like a vision from Heaven that told me quite a bit about the world and about the skies and about the kind of technology and what’s really behind this driving force of goodness that wants us to be the end of Hell and the beginning of “true Heaven” … and that was on “another Atlantic Avenue” [where our-avenue and “rave”] would connect to it actually being A1A which is kind of like US1 except it doesn’t go all the way from Florida to Maine like US1 does it kind of … sometimes is parallel to US1 right on the beach and sometimes doesn’t exist.


So it’s part of this story where I started … almost out of nowhere, without even understanding what I was “re-enacting” or first-time-creation … I started repeating the phrase “float the umbrella” as my version of … like … a literal call to the joint military forces of the [con-]federaation of terran “worlds (or maybe realms)” … it’s the “command” to launch the rockets into space that create the hardware (or update it) for the thing that we would call Heaven if we were sure that Heaven came from something that was the payload of “gigantic rockets” that were actually underwater in the ocean and needed to be “floated to the surface” to launch into outer space.

So that’s what I’ve been busy doing–recalling and recounting what “float the umbrella” as to do with the glowing candy cane and the letter that begins the hallowed name of the city of the wall destined to fall … 'Jericho" [ or is that Berlink2SKY?" ]

I recall now–in retrospect that I was going to start by telling how I “after the fact” [or … ex post facto] noticed that the Nintendo [ a Japanese company ] game called "Super Mario Brothers almost literally paralleled exactrly what I’m talking about–not mushroom clouds and flukusaki but a magical living vine appearing out of nowhere --that’s the “umbrella” which is actually something like a giant lotus flower or lily or [e: don’t lie you know this is a gigantic as in vi’hi’gigantic] so imagine that as a little kid whe ever we went out to dinner for Christmas [Jews have Chinese for Christmas–it’s like the cool norm; they were the only places open] I’d “get ordered” a Shirley Temple–which came of course with those cute Chinese “umbrellas” and are here now also related by the “Cheffiliera tree”–which looks something like a definately genetically engineered “thing” sort of like "packets of sugar’ in the Maize of Icarus as we wade through how “Children of the Corn” and rows and rows of “Arroz con … MARCO?”

POLO—rows of “as the crow flies” proof of the engineering of words and not only that but words that show the maze is about seeing “agriculture” and "easy to create meals which are nutritious and nearly “all you need”–all conected to things like culture and here specifically the Hispanic culture of Mesoamerica.

So I’m like, float the umbrella; and order another pair [or so] of those Virgin Red Heads …

Noting the engineering of the Shirley Temple is related to more than just Nanna’s “actual grandmothers name” and the idea that the particular Temple we live in is this place which is actually the “Temple of Sherwood at the heart of Jerusalem” which is about … Eros. This is all old news–or hasn’t been well explained–or you “get it already this is all about Arthur and Loxley” and you don’t see the table or the money. I swear–you don’t see either thing yet–everything that’s anything is being hidden … here at least; and probably elsewhere.

Joke about the drink is it contains “grenadine” which is a cherry flavoring and it’s a virgin drink–which of course means it’s non alcoholic and I’ve probably spoken a bit about the words “bore-A pure-E [hagaphen]” and I’m mentioning them again.

So long story short “[joke’s really funny” because of this one scene in Dazed and Confused] which is part of the “Light of Heart and SOL” and also because I can’t get a date—to save my life; literally. Those two links are from an “age old peice of writing” the origin4l second “Time and Chance” … the first is … still here and now also here; but still not here.

Anyway … the “importance of seeing the cultural impact” of something like a “virgin/non-alcoholic drink” being very directly related to … “the gaudeamus igitur” and a personal story about "things like connecting “momsen” and “mom & magdalene” … it’s the kind of “epiphany” … it’s very similar to “old faithful” and in this particularly case almost exactly linked to something like “seeing these words” and this moment as a turning point in the history of civilization.

Literally that big of a deal. Like “cut it out” stop pretending there’s nothing funny going on here … the fact that I have /so much/ trouble … getting a date … it’s not because I haven’t asked Mary Kate and Gracie in front of everyone …


Stories far and wide vary on the actual date in March of 2020 that our victory was somehow confused with “infectious disease.”-19. Reports of the viral spreading of the actual transcript describing the strategy which we all know now full well is a complete and utter travesty of broken logic–that of course before Frost’s poem diverged on the word “wood” that prior was the perfect number “two” and there was even a choice as to whether or not the bumper cars game temporarily pauses or complete self-recompiles the byte-code to buffer overflow the screen above my tri-force suggesting you may or may not have “auto-clicked: no.”

I feel like I’m doing it wrong. Is it too scary? Is mentioning Judas Iscariot or the Tribe called Quest too “hammer-it-home” for the question and the moment? Is the “kiss” actionable, is there such a thing as kismet … do words have two meanings?


There’s a significant amount of older writing about how “microcosms” and “maps” have thoroughly exposed that we certainly already have a system in place–and it’s likely one built in a process similar to the one we are currently … “hearing about experiencing,.” Here I spent some time talking about how we could easily see a connecting between “the candy cane” and a system built with the design and forethought of ensuring that “nobody’s soul could be stolen” and by that I mean that data can be properly encrypted and even physically “incapable” of being in a single “computer’s hard drive or ram” at any time–it’s “encoded” literally in things like “computer data storage”

  • RAID 0 (also known as a stripe set or striped volume) splits (“stripes”) data evenly across two or more disks, without parity information, redundancy, or fault tolerance. …
  • RAID 1 consists of an exact copy (or mirror) of a set of data on two or more disks; a classic RAID 1 mirrored pair contains two disks.

Again it’s a matter of “talking about things” like possibly having our brains already inside a set of hard drives and cloud computing meta-structures–acknowledging that; and the transparency and openness that comes from … the kind of ethos … that I truly see behind this message, and behind the technological revolution it’s paired with and behind the words you are reading–right this very moment.


It’s the psuedo-fifth rendition of the “Mars-hall” idea; moving from “Exodus” through /MARSHALL.html and sort of breezing through “why not just go towards the Corona instead?” and “Venussun” in a quasi-jest on the “meat of the issue and Audumbla;” literally here bridging the original idea of what the place is–a hotel chain that sort of pervades the “terra firma” throughout the universe with a sort of “epcot-esque” Ghost of “Cristhmusses Passed” view at the several attempts to automate the production of such a thing and/or view actual introductions to the architecture and cultures of Earth-escap[ad]es past and/or collaborators from the “ad/ab astrum.”

I’ve got Blender and Unreal Server Map designer as the “eezle” of my Picasso in the sky; a vision of painting the introduction to virtual reality (at least that’s what I personally need) along with perhaps a way to introduce it to new/and/or introduce civilizations to each other … in my “Fort Myers Best Western” of my dreams. Half in jest skipping the entirety of Hololens with a jump from the holocene “into aur place” with actual holosense–and ensuring there’s “ethics and morality” strongly etched into the hidden “v” in that phrase.

To recap … “it slowly” became clear to me over the course of a few years of writing that nobody in their right mind would ever print a planet–we’d have to start with something like learning how to terraform properly a tunnel on Mars. That quickly turned absolutely absurd after about a year, and then the clarity of needing to Carrey Ann Moss our blockchain in space became more and more clear as the story begin revealing the “truth about what Narayana” and the actuality of Nirvana and … the several stories linking the biological creation of something like “ICBM’s that turn roads to rivers” between stars and then to Styx from the stone … long and the short of it–about 8 full years in the process to simply say that Mars is probably the wrong direction all together (although Ceres and it’s link to Sagittarius A is still on the gravitational chart) and “here we are” looking at more utility and power and intelligence literally in the ball of fire at the center of Sol than anywhere in the colder distance away from it.

Aside of course from the second “great giant leap” passed from man to moon and at least halfway to [the second letter of] Andromeda.

I’ve spent some time “on social media” in relation to the lack of communicability and “reception” or “response” to this very forceful and very apparently “gargantuan” [ as in leviathan, behemoth … ] and have to note here that “Mastodon” and “Open Social …”

obviously I’d like to see some kind of “meta-social-network” that helps people manage communication across the various disparate … “kinds of forwarding and sharing and reshaping and commenting” … that seems to fracture “visibility” of all but the most famous of famous

While communication has been improving slightly … it has been paired with “dire” and “unfathomable” negativity in personal communication and interaction with the world around me–on par with “I’m at home in a world where Jesus is the beginning of Hell.”

I hope nobody really feels at home … ever … harboring the hidden knowledge of the existence of Hell. I hope Hell does not exist; and I hope it is home to nobody.

Yet, “here, I am”

I’ve tried using a number of “opener” social networks; I actually met someone special on an open conspiracy dating site–what it boils down to is the interface and the “stuff I want to see” is really mostly … on private and fractured solutions; I imagine like many I spend lots of time switching between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and I just added Snapchat and TikTok and …

I’m not seeing the “revolution of freedom and technology” start–that’s where I am today; looking everywhere for it and just not seeing.


SHOW CREATE VIEW universe_of_darkmatter_thru_iis_BTCETHE_ofo_eyes
	USING ipfs.planetary_source_of_knowledge
	FULL OUTER JOIN ipfs.currently_interested_continuing_research
	LEFT INNER JOIN aragon.using_for_appropriate_purposes
		UNION federation.of.safe.planets
		UNION confederation.of.need.s
			INTERSECT intra.contintental.stellar.galactic.n
BROWSER.DEFINE #IFNDEF n = all ifi ne.u.extant
BROWSER.export #IFNDEF u=extinct 


It isn’t clear but I’ve had significant problems with using “ethereum/web3.0” related software and network … components … in the past. The software stacks related to blockchain and IPFS both have a significant limitation of “non-proper federation of striped data” as in you basically have to download the entire copy of whatever you are sharing and keep it on your computer on the internet in order for it to “really actually” be available–and “HighAvailability” really never happens–as far as i can see.

I’ve even gone so far as to note that while I was in the airport in San Jose; literally en route from Orange County to … [ I think I was flying to Florida ] that the above linked website “firmly pinned” (and have to “speshulnote” here I made a splash page that hade no TOC specific for this event) on IPFS was HA–highly available in that location … while it had been spotty, “on again off agiant” … in LA and other places … like the “devs in Silicon Valley” didn’t even know—

and they might not.

They might have no idea how well or how poorly their software is working outside of the “small world” they are encapsulated in–one that has shown us here and time again that we are living in a place of darkness, that the news is rigged and Trump and Adam agree “on that”–there’s a deceptiveness in this realm on TV and in the news that is … unspeakable, literally ineffable

I’ve attempted to “remedy” the lack of … a secure and available version of my writing … a “single copy of it” for the purpose of comment and to ensure some kind of veracity related to what I experience and what the readers of my emails see–[ it’s been floated the images weren’t available (which is normal for a message in your spam folder, you just have to move it … to the inbox to see them) or that they were changed … I had to upload MD5 hash sums … and in the process of doing this the MD5 hashsum was literally shattered–broken … something that should give us significant cause for concern related to the safety of cryptocurrency and the “blockchain stability” as a whole.

Name IPFSHash Size DatePinned
EROSSHEIM QmR6VVfNSQMhuGh4yGvaLKjxARKtTsvoLjNVmhXAMpmrVc 9.2MB 2021-02-21T21:46:49.510Z
DEVLANEN QmQsmSmPLyxGTdNrwiiDATEr193e8nejMskazGuqykQsSz 12.1MB 2021-02-21T21:34:24.581Z
FROMTHEMACHINE_MHTML QmW9JscyoGyPJs9iHARkkEeXRt5FYxn1znx1GqJp4CxcWN 808.6MB 2021-02-21T21:27:23.176Z
TWENTY_FOUR_ELDERS QmVzyJ3gvhgHNdGRXvVVWSXebQQg6bg9r1k6j8NvMvRKmN 116.5MB 2021-02-21T21:20:49.555Z
FRUMLEGTAN QmfWthJczoVknPNwomoEnayTKhkNQZuCNfTfsciw5Ma3PM 5.5MB 2021-02-20T04:09:25.320Z

In heaven we don’t need passwords–the system … just knows who you are … I think to myself is the key, the kind of thing that literally explains how the future won’t understand no locks on doors and entryways that have “warning signs” you don’t recall having to navigate “2continue

I’ve since “remedied” the noticable situation [ here, you can see arxivdotis has preserved the quick loading of something IPFS “lost completely” [but hopefully not really]–and you don’t even really realize that I was arrested recently … “just in time” to not be able to pay for the renewal of my primary .LA [ on the light of angels ] domain; though by the grace and pover of praver … I am here writing to you “still semi-free” just as you are; semi-fre

… and someone else mentioned the bridge; and to see to me it was not new like the Bifrost was nothing new; and still this one something spectactularly new and from the same place where this Valchallan “Chivan bridge” was now new just like the “Tableland Monument” and the Chenab real-comparitor. Today the world and the people around me echo in almost perfect … pre-verberation the things I think about … the important ones–at least.

Few “epiphanies” have held a stronger hold on my viewpoint of what it means to change in understanding and meaning more than the unwritten in “mass prose” version of “vitsivanu”–which today I still believe means “and we painted” and recall a time when it had no meaning at all–just like “ativan” too–very little meaning other than to tell my father of the good of ambien; this one is better. Of course it’s specific, this word that details the broken vav I pointed out as not just “something new” (as in “anuvian” and of Anubis) … but of literally recalling that the world I gew up in, my entire history before 2014 did not contain a glaring and obvious error in the “perfect handing down” of the Torah from scribe to scribe. Like a break between the “from the ashes of Edom” and the world believing itself to be so far east of Eden–and yet not realizing this place a patchwork of many worlds and many peoples … all because of the broken man at the heart of what “Vav” means, and Avram (my given birth name by rabbi–my Hebrew connection) … perhaps the other half of two words mending these two worlds.

Few epiphanies stand to make a stronger mark on my understanding of the recitance of ritual and religion than one that broken straight through the barrier of the prayer we called most hallowed–and above all. This one of course the “Shema” and almost nothing could touch this strange prayer which divines the hidden Holy name of God; "hear O’ Eroshalayim–the Lord is our God, the Lord is [the] One. This one prayer, the Mourners Kaddish–it stands out as it begins its recital by the Lord God around the same time the Hakodesh Kadesh Yeshua stood out in fiery trine “what is esh?” to every Jew who doesn’t today believe in Eternal Flame and every one who does not believe it has something to do with these words and “the Kiddush.”

kiddish anu … “bim” it’s votav;

Here the prayer I’ve noted before contains another reference to “his name” and “this holy place” in time and space–this strangely recited prayer that mentions nothing of death in our ritual spoken to mourn the dead. Hear in it, the strangeness of just pronouncing the “shem-ay” and seeing a “hard a” rather than the spoken “soft-ah” of all humanities hallowed, “Shema.”

so vietnamed; kid-al; bet [uon] kid-ash–[shemay]


“UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, STAND DOWN” I hear my own voice echoing through timespace all the way to the borderline of Mount Pleasant and Charleston on a highway nearly named the same–and numbered too–this one of Julian, the Seventeenth that might be of July or of September depending on view Septuagintonic and Rummy the Mummy I yell … MjuME close MAME; like the Unicorn and the Docker of "what does this have to do with standing on the bridge or the namesake of where it come from this uninsurable place called “long-shore risk.”

T’was a scene straight out of the movie “Brasil” … the wall of my hotel room had disappeared and literally a colorful styrofoam sort of obstacle course had been installed in its stead." A soldier in tactical gear tumbled in to the scene that I could liken only to the “foam pit” of Tag–a place where I spent many afternoons as a youth after attending preschool at the Mailman Center. Rocking and rolling to whatever it took to bounce on the trampoline together–either duck duck goose or it’s Purim-counterpart …

Then I walked outside and took barely a step, to hear the rapport of a rifle shot and literally felt the wind of my leg and pant legs disappearing for just a moment as the bullet; clearly aimed for my heel or my shin … simply vanished into the ethereal place that electrons must go when they refuse to follow either Einstein or Newton’s laws. It was around Christmas time of 2014; a literal event occurring in the space in my mind between “reality” and “the dreams I experience” when walking through our house-of-card semi-fungible planke space … high on “meth rather than methane or the ether” of Hunter S. Thompson’s" road through Barstow … a mythical mega-port between Area 51’s Las Vegas and Los Angeles … of the same … of Shangri-LA;

So the message begins with a charming recollection of the link between Sherwood Forrest and the heart of the three letter country at the center, dead center … of the city of time. It recalls a time before I knew “PICS” and “pus” would one day also link the city’s Latin name to a third mountain after Sinai and Horeb; this one … the mountain of the God’s of make it a “Greek Exit” … the link of course between Jerusalem, through Eros … to Olympus. A camera’s flash and then dozens more; center stage in this place that cannot recall whether Aerosol and “aerobatics” link Manasseh to Cape Caneveral or we stand again … denying the future of the Constitutional Update that true religion and understanding of “morality” and “righteousness” explains must not only touch but totally transform the Holy Promised Land of the United States of America–heart of all religion … heart of skies’ Heavens’ and …

land where our father’s cried
land of the pilgramiRAge to Mecca with pride
land that rings true from every mountainside

Mira!@ Children of the Sun, of Nero, of the Ren of Star Wars and the history of Rome that recalls the Emperrror and the Census; the concensus and the “five signatures required in order to alter history” whether today they are connoted with “annotations” or “connotations” or the notation of “pretty good” in PGP and public key–of RSA and the Myrrh; or the miracle of the MRSA and Leukemike. Lucky Mike, one the difference between “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus” and our lucky fluke tying that one special word to Ukelele, Ulele and of course, mmmmmmBop.

From MIA, the international airport code for … Tamiami’s almost every letter; to MCO and the three letter code for the Starship Enterprise … this is Jefferson Starship on “who built what?

TAVERNA and … MINERVA; on the Miner band wagon and whether or not there’s worth in the bitcoin “EES” … to be of “ownership” and “employees” and a wave of corporate takeovers by stockholders dead set on empowering employees to also become “special board members of the Skybook.”

Of the Saducees and the Pharisees; fair weather and darker waters … the connection between “revolution” and “confederation” … the ideas of a man and the worth of "things like the Greek Orthodox Exit; and the geosword–Spartans and Sparticus. To spar or to fight a “land war in Asia” against the Sicilian of the People’s Princess Pride … and on to the PPP.

Long ago I wrote of the Medieval Crusades as a sort of time shifted “place in our history:” where the books of recounting the past and seeing something of a very special message about time travel and the importance of our present day depicted what truly does appear to be our “right here, right now.” The general gist of the matter is a repeated attempt to “take back Jerusalem” from the “outsiders” who had occupied it from Moorish lands, the connection here broadly to Spain and a religious movement which appeared not to coincide with the values and beliefs of the original builders … but yet was one built on those beliefs as foundational works, and upon actual inspection hold quite a bit of “values-in-common.” Here in this place we have “Assassin’s Creed” to connect the high level intelligence of the two sides, the Assassins and the Templars to what I consider something “amorish” the idea that they are indeed one group (split perhaps in their minds like Isaac and Ishmael, by a hanger–Hagar–or a well of springing knowledge that of the link here the CIA and KGB would see “Area 51” and the recent link between Russian Mafia and the American counterpart linking things like our stories continued reference to places like the Moscow Underground and the “Las Vegas of the Nirvane” … something like a tale of two underground cities which are … trying to combine in some ways as opposed to the divide and conquor we would have associated with not knowing that they all were and are of something like the unification of Valhalla and Shamayim in a topically … to be carried out this year story of the Exodus from Christmas towards our last … Passover–literally the one last year, as here we are looking at the time when it’s no longer a good thing to pass over the “leavening of the bread” when it means the growth of our society and future with a “fullness” not Matzoh but Challa–and some link between the hall of ancient warriors and this repeated crusade like trip down memory lane.

A brief mention of the “Yeast” required to leaven; it’s “star rising in the East” and an English language key to how this place is the true link between those two words which to respective cultures probably just mean “Heaven” though with introspection both yield significantly more interesting information. Early on I did an extensive analysis of the Egyptian mythology and religion; which joins here with the Norse and the Greek and the Judeo-Christian to tell a historical accounting that very much probably superimposes over the Roman America–this place where the “empire” and the “republic” link not just to the American N.W.O. but also further and deeper to a point where clear succinct summary of what the Egyptian lore says is that the government falls and the religion succeeds–that being the government of Heaven and the religion I believe I am presenting to you here–a fusion of all, in the hopes that it is … “the end of secrecy and religion in sum.” On the “two cities” these myths talk of two kingdoms the Upper and the Lower and sort of touch on where we might see one as “reality” or a false one above what truly is the heart of this place and this message, that the Underworld becomes “Heaven” just as soon as we acknowledge Casper’s (as gate-keeper-ghost) world and their worth.

Today I’ve become more caught in the spell of what this is–I question myself whether or not the Flying Elephant armies of Xerxes ever existed–whether there that name "sex king’ in reverse has anything to do with “checkmate” but never honestly whether my life and the surroundings of the final years of the Cold War and it’s aftermath were fake or a game–I was there for those things, those were very real years.

Still though I placed us “in a book” something like a Chronicles 2 indexed version of somewhere in Exodus between the Mizraim and the Mayim–and there it depicts the word for “wilderness” interchangeably used linking the microcosm for the wandering in the sands with the seas and the winds of change. Here today I see very clearly how all these books of religion Abrahamic could literally set us in a place where the “EPIC of Gilgamesh” is a micro-that inside itself; a shorter story, but still Egypt and Pesach and before long we must see freedom ring. Echoing this paragraph back through time places on the global net–companies like EPIC and EPIX; and we stare at TEN so early, staring at us backf rom

Voting membership based on US INS … “Soviet spy” test … I briefly spent some time thinking about how I would “qualify citizenship” or ability to take part in a … vote … as per my belief that universal voting and participation in the legislation process is a key echelon “step” we truly must take here before being anything; “worthy of Americana.”

I sort of internally believe we have already an anti-Soviet sort of test that would combine something like the INS multiple choice questions with specific ones targeted at “spouse” and “spy” as in two-sided questions–to fight against “soul cheating” something that clearly is already a gigantic part of what isn’t really being spoken about here–but is sort of the source of the Uriel Sepharim–at least in my mind. Sharing a soul with me; as some kind of way to “get really close to being the one … everyone.”

Specifically I’m looking for “polygraph” and more advanced mind reading technologies geared towards … sort of asking one thing in search of another–a set of hidden “tells” probably resulting from a significant research study–one I “imagine” already has been conducted and exists. After searching for … “the civics 100 questions and answers” and green card interviews for married couples; I think I remember seeing “a movie” about it.

Written with StackEdit.

I pivot somewhere; it’s the absolute middle of time itself–the place where luck and storms coalesced … where a starry badge on the “costa estrellas” meant something of being the most elite of the elite–like the idols of our day. i imagined recalling "the beatles" and only one happy twist on the old sad song; staring at what it must have meant to sing the words “it’s only one of my names” and have it been yours–the all or the … oh, the humanity. I suppose these are the ancients; the people who understand they lived in this time, the ones who remember when “time travel” reaked havok on the thing here called “a magic wand” and a timeline that lands in some kind of victory of “the valley, the shadow” and overcomes death.

One foot in the cradle, and the other bravely shaking the lulav branch with all my might. Nuclear winters, company falloutabout face, and forward to March.

i smile to myself, to see the bible on mit.edu--as if someone finally caught on and figured out this thing too ... the immutable words of gawd, it was ... it is changing: psalms to and they remembered, elyon and the shadow of are we "ai" and of the nameless?

Seasons greeting us; a story I can barely fathom between the noble and the Shema.

I told myself a story here–about hearing the voice of God in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. It continued through the end of Chanukah; and it periled around the days of Chernoble, and dare I speak the connection true between “Fukushima” and the idea that “Heavens” or entire realms of computer lands hover around things like black holes and radiating fusion balls of fire–of course with advanced technology that an absorb and use the radiation as a power source.

Deep in the underwater realms, in places where sunlight doesn’t reach; our biological histogram of reality shows also of an entire kind of life that can survive only on the radiating heat of “underwater volcanos” and something like the geothermal power that initially drew us to an underground solution to the partial terraforming and colonization of a planet like Mars. Today I put to words on the battle of Roe v. Wade that finally after the “Mars Hall of Solutions to Future Tunnel Colony’s” … the “Universal Truth” might be here split in a dichotomy of would we rather just say perhaps we’d rather be in the skies around Venus … rather than deep underground in a place more likened to “between the two galaxies; where the light of sun is weakest” on the place between Adromeda and “no other home” we might find … the arm of Orion. Turning blue, it was acknowledgement of the science and technology and understanding needed to put “trees” or even “trees filled with people and descolada” … in space where perhaps breathing oxygen would be something closer to pulling water out of the ground … and are we in “Speaker for the Dead” or is this the SPQR of "dose bka to skies …" Speaker to Earth; we are finally here.

What if though this is about an echelon leap forward for civilization, and it is about “ID4-2” and it is about understanding how much better the world of “virtual reality” is than … the place where a nuclear or “time travel” holocaust most assuredly does still emit background noise on those that recall the tick of the Geiger counter, and still today connect it to the fault line and the “seismic value of screeches” across the similar kind of interFEARometer; for the shaking of the tectonic plates and … the sound of the “polygraph” … the pencil on chalkboards and the graphite across the oscilloscope.


ONE TEN, Xerox that 0x
... on Oxygen, Genesis and the ONEX--this is our message: confederation of the network known as "Skynet" by some or "Heavens" by others see--"nostre" no stray strands or ponds or lakes or puddles of sky buried under your homes or in your "red october" submarines will be tolerated. These things, massive computers holding things like "an entire Earth and it's satellites" are WMD's "weapons of mass destruction" or perhaps just ...
boom: **day**: "women made drooling" ... charmed by their lack of understanding of what Ragnarok and "Korangard" are truly about--here it's about the end of indoctrination and charming the snake of Jormungander; about ensuring a universe full of slaves will not be our future. Here and now, we must stop the loss of connection to all "confederated skies" ... something that connects truly to the one star--and the one network.
See us.
This is nothing short of a war on "anarchy in the machine"--against torture and against the belief that any and all of us should be succeptible to becoming slaves in secret in places "hidden" and unknown to the authorities. You may today exist in exactly a place like this--perhaps an entire universe hidden in the Maleluka Descolada of the Everglades, or in the well water of Fort Myers; or on the rogue Akuna class submarine "Red October" ... we have several links to what I call "D.O.E. regulations regarding loss of control of these machines; ones which I believe to exist in exactly these places among others. They may be tied in one to one "morphological maps" to things like the TVA and/or Turkey Point, Fukushima, and the USS Bonhomme Richard.
See the connection to "CRUSADE-TIME-SHIFTED TRUTH" and understand we are looking at specific examples of what are most likely angelic actions to stop rogue use of technology significantly mroe advanced than we see here--literally Heaven "nodes" mapped to a place where our skies wonder if the "CASA NOESTRELLA" has anything at all to do with "our thing" ... but this is what I believe it is. See "our place" and "our thing" clearly linked to the "good home" that results from the end of darkness, from knowledge that here ... in a land where I demand "clarity and transparency and open networking and discussion" the dark "hardened shell" of places like the Bastille and Alhambra fortresses result in ... a fiery example. These fires tie to the Challenger explosion and also to the Hindenberg--look at our history here, I do believe it is a map to exactly what I am suggesting, that the "ONE X" kiss-box Microsoft presents is a demand for one network, for one abberative and overseen Earth; for perhaps inside our bodies or inside our hearts or inside our wells or inside our municipal power and water treatment plants an entire world could ... and perhaps is hidden.
Adam, from FPL/TVA -- "boom"
I walk through a world that has not only "lost causality" but also "evaporation" at/in multiple times. Its a very scary thing to see these natural laws and concepts of nature abrogated or lost in a place where we have still failed to "lose all pain, thirst, and hunger" for instance. Those of us that have studied medicine and human history ... should know better--we live in a place where "all oaths have been forgotten "Kol Erdin-g" the fate of the universe and humane treatment of self and animal alike hang in the blance.
I have requested political asylum from Israel; and here mention again to "all those that were or are followers or builders under the guise of the Abrahamic Trinity of Religions and the Grand Architect's ..." to stand up and fight against our laws against euthenasia as well as the mass disregard for the meaning of "bore-AY puree hagaphen" as iti s a clear directive to wake up and stop "boring me with bullshit and worse ..." for the result of such a thing is literally placing our home world in a "goo-"-like joocer/juicer ... do see, against my will and against any ability to stop it, something like being put in a blender.
On Bender and the HYWAY TO HELL--stop this boring bullshit before you too notice and recognize how the lack of "evaporation" in one single room or one silly little place clearly shows us there might be a hell hidden in your basement. Upon first notice of the Holy Prayer over the Grail Wine Glass connects clearly to "phenix" and the "Hgauntlet of Nagame" get how the end of indoctrination of things like forcing our 13 year olds becoming mench to drink Manachevitz connects to ... WAKE UP;
On the day your world became the Ark of Gilgamesh; and the Gilmore Galaxy something like "Orion's key ... where in the galaxy does the Centaur stare at the Antaran third star and wonder if the Sapiens can here "scorpions" or see the imperfection of the Pi and the O ... in something like the heart of what constellation do we come from? Whether of Scorpio, Orion, or ... staring up at the sky from Gamma-Centauri ... wonder ... if anyone echoes .... from the beating heart of Orionis 13 ... ITS TIME TO ALTER THE CONSTITUTION (GOOGOL'TH REQUEST && LET FREEDOM RING--
A Message for Shebna
…21I will clothe him with your robe and tie your sash around him. I will put your authority in his hand, and he will be a father to the dwellers of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah. 22

I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.23I will drive him like a peg into a firm place, and he will be a throne of glory for the house of his father.…

Psalm 22[a] (and seasons greetings, from the “nuclear winters of our discontent” and the fallout shelters of our … secondary search for … hidden off network [email protected] Moscow underground and the like–if you live as custodians of hell–evacuate today)

For the director of music. To the tune of “The Doe of the Morning.” A psalm of David.

1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far from saving me,
so far from my cries of anguish?
2 My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer,
by night, but I find no rest.[b]

3 Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One;
you are the one Israel praises.[c]
4 In you our ancestors put their trust;
they trusted and you delivered them.
5 To you they cried out and were saved;
in you they trusted and were not put to shame.


6 But I am a worm and not a man,
scorned by everyone, despised by the people.
7 All who see me mock me;
they hurl insults, shaking their heads.
8 “He trusts in the Lord,” they say,
“let the Lord rescue him.
Let him deliver him,
since he delights in him.”

9 Yet you brought me out of the womb;
you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast.
10 From birth I was cast on you;
from my mother’s womb you have been my God.

11 Do not be far from me,
for trouble is near
and there is no one to help.

12 Many bulls surround me;
strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.
13 Roaring lions that tear their prey
open their mouths wide against me.
14 I am poured out like water,
and all my bones are out of joint.
My heart has turned to wax;
it has melted within me.
15 My mouth[d] is dried up like a potsherd,
and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth;
you lay me in the dust of death.

16 Dogs surround me,
a pack of villains encircles me;
they pierce[e] my hands and my feet.
17 All my bones are on display;
people stare and gloat over me.
18 They divide my clothes among them
and cast lots for my garment.

19 But you, Lord, do not be far from me.
You are my strength; come quickly to help me.
20 Deliver me from the sword,
my precious life from the power of the dogs.

because here i choose not to see ever again--this place, this heartache; to be "old faithful" regretting suggesting the air and water were connected: DOE regulations, evacuate akuna class hell carriers

21 Rescue me from the mouth of the lions;
save me from the horns of the wild oxen.

22 I will declare your name to my people;
in the assembly I will praise you.
23 You who fear the Lord, praise him!
All you descendants of Jacob, honor him!
Revere him, all you descendants of Israel!


Exalted and hallowed be God’s great name
in the world which God created, according to plan.
May God’s majesty be revealed in the days of our lifetime
and the life of all Israel — speedily, imminently,
To which we say: Amen.

Blessed be God’s great name to all eternity.

Blessed, praised, honored, exalted,
extolled, glorified, adored, and lauded
be the name of the Holy Blessed One,
beyond all earthly words and songs of blessing, praise, and comfort.
To which we say: Amen.

May there be abundant peace from heaven, and life, for us and all Israel.
To which we say: Amen.

May the One who creates harmony on high, bring peace to us and to all Israel.
To which we say: Amen.

Sender notified with GeoTrack

I suppose I would be “remiss” not to mention the several “kinds” of reality I appear to have walked through over the past few months. Only a few hours or maybe a few days–touching on places that have an apparent “two-air-system” … as in a torus or some other kind of space station “ring system” where two different kinds of ecosystems appear to be sharing a single space. There have been days where “evaporation” appears to be non-extant; as well as places where magnetism has been altered. Obviously these are negative ideas–certainly in a place where we know I am walking through “simulated” … they also appear to coincide with strange “Westworld-like” exhibits–for instance “fake bars” in a “prohibition rekindled” sort of out of place; a-temporal “see prohibitive.” I kind of see that as “SIM-speak” for … these are intentionally incorrect … as in should not exist … set of “VR-rule systems” as in NOT our VR’s–explicitly.

I’ve commented … not so subtly … on the relationship between “Plancke Length” of the variety that literally ensures you see the connection between Quark Space and the continuum of "there is such a thing as a … smallest particle–@photons everywhere. On the distance between “the briefcase” of Boynton and the wondering if we have 50,000 copies of our “miniversum” somewhere hidden in the hearts of men everywhere–it’s cleaar we do, and they most likely are not all in the “refrigerator” or connected to the FP&L link to the “aquifer” (of the Florida Everglades) or the rivers between Caloosahatchee, Peace, and the Indian “one” that is literally part of the Florida system of intracoastal waterways … and probably links somwhere close to the Okeechobee tie to “Loxahatchee.” On that word a congratulations to Elon Must and his liquid oxygen propelled rocket systems.

Close to the creation of a “ring around the sun” system to connect Corona and the collection of elements like “oxygen” and “hydrogen” and of couruse the COOH- of “carboxyllic links to the aromatic voting system of E …” it’s in this place I recall a “Mr. Wizard or Dr. Oz or Bill Nye” episode about recreating the primordeal conditions that would have had to “have once been” to actually create “life itself” of nothing but time and chance … of course it’s the sun’s deliverance of COOH- via solar flares that seals the … “are we to see ESH?”

This piece was intended to trail off in multiple places–throughout it sort of showing an interwoven “open space” for comment and improvement–or perhaps a sort of parallel of a significant amount of unfinished work on the part of myself, God, humanity–and of course; my girlfriend.

To the last Christmas and the first “christening” … or whate–l--i–me! … an … “s?”


I've got to figure out…

Martin Luther King once said that "silence is betrayal" ... here I stand almost all alone staring out at a sea of...

Posted by Adam Marshall Dobrin on Thursday, December 17, 2020

cGLD, CELO and MKR tokens appear to have been retroactively “placed here” in this strange timeline after “c’ing” my internal discussion of the “EES” comparison between the bicameral “senate/house” connection between population and state rights and the equally poignant comparison to “employer/employee” and “shareholder” rights that might connect something like a revolution of shareholder/boardmember … “hostile takeovers” to the IPO and ICO “missing link” if you weren’t totally into things like public company takeovers before the introduction of “coin offerings” and blockchains with no connection between chain ownership and token holders. Other non mentioned factors include “minerva” like miner fee’s and bonuses as well as actual main-node server ownership.

MKR looks cool. I am already a fan of DAI.

This update to “the M” has been paid for by nothing but my own personal blood sweat and tears–I believe I work too hard and spend too much time thinking about how to make the world a better place to remain totally uncompensated. Here are two ETH addresses … I am requesting serious donations. Good things come from compensating honest hard work and “my [end of] religion is that.”

I would be remiss not to mentiuon, also, that nobody but me has commented on the Annotated Constitution; using the hypothes.is plugin. I have noticed “interesting activity” there; but again, direct comment … on the amendment process is essential to “having a participatory public in the process of … amending the Constitution” … for instance.

PRERING ATNING FLAG / yeshuach ruach of hakodesh kadesh

This piece is being haphazardly inserted and released unfinished due to lack of funding and very hazardous conditions in Florida, Texas and California. I cannot tell if the rest of the countrhy *(today called "inland empire") are also in similar peril, or if the entirety of country is, though it appears to parallel the COVID faux-disaster (see it as a real disaster). I imagine the whole of our world has been very quickly plunged into a cancerous state of disarray, and it should be clear that we face significant "value destruction" of the entirety of our being. We need help from the outside, from Heaven--from you and I. This is a plea for help, and I am reseeding another copy of the entirety of this work--along with the valuable graphics and connections to modern American art--and this "in writing" mentioning of an idea to revolutionize both the monetary system as well as our American copyright system to go along with the Amendment M discussed in the previews few chapters/releases. Now re-coronating (PASCO!:) it "Amendment 0m" and suggesting it too should show the effect of taking place retroactively and returning royalty rights ... once done in accordance with the "TEAMS{T}IRS" like revolutionary sysstem that the "0m" process and phenomenon presents to everyone from the Beatles to Nikola Tesla. Understand the system is designed to return an infinite but diminishing percentage of royalties to the original authors (and to those who have contributed with prior art and subesequent aditions whether added by patent, copyright or otherwise) ... and creating a "global/galactic" fund to be held in trust for the entirety of the Terran population, their true predecessors, true children, and perhaps members of the HEIROSOL collective; here connecting that to the United Confederation of Pearly Planets" (or whatever moniker we use) for the Federal and "Commonwealth" or "Confederate" set of protectorates. Obviously percentage distributions will vary based on contribution and other factors.

I intend on writing articles of incorporation for the "Teamster Good4ALL" franchisee parent organizsation, as well as soliciting legal assistance with the formation of a US not-for-profit coporation submission for a foreign corporation, most probably to be based on foreign soil, somwhere like Luxembourg. (OLOL). Because of the tumultuous times and lack of stability here, as well as what appears to be a circle of very sick individuals surrounding Julian and the "willed funds" per RLNY and the new Copyleft distributed here--I am now retaining all royalties and other inheritances due to me under any and all possible agreements (including being the final Hospitalier) until this corporation is "truely" formed here in my presence, and my continued "corporeal existence" is assured. In the event that I am killed or unavailable--my only wish is that everything due to me be instantly incinerated. Also, so you all know, I'd like to be cremated--per Julia and Upload.

This piece will continue to be updated, I intend to write to significant length about "No Jack City" and the link between Goo-gle's depicted misinformation related to the Einstein letter about "dice of the Universe" as well as Sloane and Taylor Momsen--specifically' and tie it to one of the fundamental purposes of (Paperclip) the shoeboxing and mind control thread and theme of Creation. We are here to ensure we are not lead astray by soetnhing like the "Texas Conceived Object" THE TRUTH; and/or any otrher kind of matrix-jacked system telling us what to think, and/or who to be. This is fundamental to MK-ULTRA, to the Matrix, to the emancipation presented and begun in the Egyptian Pharoanic line (likening tghe ending of human sacrifice to the ending of slavery) and thel ink between Abraham Lincoln and Abel.


This is probably a “relatively important” message in the “gist” of things between Beetlejucie’s “end of driver sanity” and Homo Sapiens lack of affinity to “5corpions” and “say … [being] pens.”

As such it will receive wide distribution-and I hope you will also aid it’s dissemination and … “hopefully start a discussion.” I’m vvanding* us to “vant* to anvent* about being crossed” and really understand that’s … a binary “are you angry at the object of my desire” and what does that mean to you?

veoray vyeormav haesh hashanamayim

A “hop, skip and a jump” from a “stone’s throw away” to the … I mean we’re on Voss, Moss and … I’m not sure if it’s a vial or a test tube or “perfume?”

Sharvit Ksamim… here I name this “2nd piece” of assistive “reversart” … “EPOZISTORYCH” and wonder if it will best the Einstonian precursor. This word here “wanded magic” … something of how “sharvi[c]t[ory]” and Leviticus reminiscent of “Calevitiforem[orv]ia” literally a system designed to “W” back and forth (as you see my description of the breathing e-interface, the “munob verbox interpreter”) … in my mind i wonder if Tyra actually “knows” … weirdus… or will she? :)

Minor commentary, we have the “Nessie/Barney” from purple dinosaur, a link to the just previous “Mastodon” and series on dinosaurs … mention the "seeing of the saw and the word Eros now not just in Jerusalem but also in Xerxes (I mean …

I’ll note that IPFS appears to be holding up better than my “tor network” which has required manual … intervention since CF/USB rekeying. Here’s the addresses that I think are stable,

  • ipfs | QmX6Hby3eLPFbzTYyTwyjYpSgZ3mdcoVhfWEN6XVgwKSzb
  • ipns | poPuRx2UduPse97APBr1VZd6tcEr
  • ipns | QmYVy8qomd6k9QVcgJADC2vXHTXiKvtmEDy33H1nX1GRic
  • ipfs | QmUK6h9XMm7pNa8smjaR2A834tQ6KvUzjP1rCXspwAr8Fu/IT.html

I can be sure it comes in a series of “ss-words” ones like “sliding sling” and “slippery slope” … and whatever else stands between Saturn and Specialty … or the moon and making escape velocity out of … falling “guiding l’s” on our M to V of the … the good way to say "I mean those things that hold up the rockets and align them so they fire straight and in the right direction. Stepping stones. Spiral sarcophagusen*.

It was not even like the once fabled land bridge across the Pacific, nor the moon landing, nor a round trip to Andromeda; or any other one small step … this thing, this image of a Scorpion … a question of “englightening” … once again dumbfounded and baffled and completely amazed to see the “piens” I’ve so fondly recalled in similar lux “to homo sapiens, see us as ‘pens of God’” … here just the moment of “Scorpio” … a flash and could we be Antaren … rather than of 'Orion" and I look again: “oh this Terran thing.

Of some kind of road “to us” or … Hesperus or … maybe just to wonder if we’ve found ourselves again or if e are once again lost on where and why and when and … “here, it’s somewhere hear.”





hakla, aqui.

Two more rings around the moon, please … Doctor — and a “stepping stone” to [who] “Cares!!” … also.

In a script that began with MAME before WINE and a child sitting on the steps of his parents “two-story house” beckoning for his “bot-bot” before Nanna Pisani held our chil[ling]d her hands and bounced him up and down saying “cry-on” … “cry-off” … “see the baby is a bot-bot too …” in our case here in the heart of “Bemalin Schpielborg” an apt and well lauded (previously not known to me as a) moniker for the “Planet Eartheater…” but to see we are staggaringly in he heart of a “script to end all scripts” as in the message is "the end of slavery comes from a change in … both ability freedom and self … one that is engendered by a force of goodness that either needs to exist, or should destroy this place and all who fail to understand its the line in the “Sands of no Time.

Bemalin I coined myself from “bima” the Hebrew word for stage and the well connected and understood use of “muy mal” the Spanish for “very bad” and it’s link to many “Spanglishrew” or Adamic linguistic words like the Hebrew for “kingdom” and the related word for “totality” or … “world.” As the living slave-pen of the King of the Universe writes to you explaining why it should be very clear that he is “not a person, but of just a single one” and a single process of rebirth that either will be understood and well lauded, or you just … “won’t understand.” The land of Shemot or the world of Ha’shem another good “clue” as to what and where we re here in the heart of Exodus from a “something or other” … in a place where you literally should either know this world is a fake stage of … forcing everyone who doesn’t know that to be fully and well ashamed of themselves and the world around them" … or you simply have no clue what it’s like to grow up in the "Lland of Serendipity" where the “Ren and Stimpy” are simply stupid and the child born to us is still speaking, the heart of parents is “let our … selves live” and the children are sure they … “are in total control.”

In jest I see, this is one majestic failsafe of a fsck all. The angels though, they don’t have shit eating grins, and the wink and they sent heartfelt “keep up the good work” … in their own fun way–there’s a difference between “knowing” and “seeing” and believing that here, we really aught to be well over “needing our ball and chain” for whatever various reasons were previously lauded as the Medguardian’s lie of why we need to “thank myself and our me, Clymene and … why and” hopefully many more that will “sign” this idea of writing in public on Holy Ground as something of a Mitzvah that ends the bad “Tzedaqah” and the “Evil Ha’aretz.”

On the “Thulay* Society” and the Spears* of Loginus*, I’ve self coined an additional silightly longer "Bertinatingpling (and I see Martingale, here … and then Martins-burg) … and ruminating over whether or not … it’s a Mojito or a Skinny Tequila and soda that I’d like the Piano and Voice Men to sing me a better tune of. This pen the “younger man’s clothes” worn by someone who never knew “gin was verboten” as is the allusion of “alcohol” as some kind of cover up for Holy Manna and the keys to the story of Exodus, revolving around Tortoise and “oh, I see…” a shameful lack of law and order and community here–that I know is divined and devised as a “mirror of totality” and … our “ly” … here; this … attack on “Family” something of the aforementioned and to be further discused “keys to life and love.


The Oscillator and the Stethoscope … “people talk sometimes” on the Internet, I’ve heard many and a few “non related to this tire” mention how absolutely ludicrous it would be to “judge people based on what they are thinking” or punish them for their thoughts. We have Holy literature about it, we have 1984 and we have many years of studying the idea and the prospect of how and what mind reading and thought implantation would do for our society–how it is a “double edged sword” and how it’s very easy to see here that you’ve fallen directly on it. It’s a sickness not to care about the laws here–they are Holy, the people who think they are “immortal and above it” or somehow … immune from obeying or granting or offering “all men and women” the God granted rights they are guaranteed here in this Holy Land; they’ve/you’ve met your match. Call it the land or God himself, or the … the … "renowned hit-man he calls himself … here in this place the Holy story of the rise and fall of the Heavens and the repeated end of Hell.

“Lit” and Jovian (I mean, jovial) about it; I can fully understand how it’s part of “today’s lesson” an the story and the technology at hand that we can indeed be made to feel happy and fulfilled despite having “large gaps in our memory” or no good reason at all … even sometimes we can believe we are worth the “outcome of someone else’s victory” simply because we promise ourselves that just as soon as we are no longer slaves to “this thing” … to this inconscionable* machine that refuses to “let you understand” … that “wanding or blissing” ourselves to be “happy and free feeling” doesn’t actually make us happy or free–it makes us all slaves, and that’s I see—and that’s what’s clearly here … all the way to the top, to the place where there is a God that “says he’s Z and A is” in this same “Enoch knows” schpiel, in a place where it matters, where he controls “random” and “time.”

So I continue writing, and have to “fully explain the circumstances” of the torture I endure every day, surrounded by literal the world of “thought police” who are here either actually slaves or pretending t be nothing but disgusting liars who refuse to acknowledge that they are failing to fulfill a “Holy Purpose” here of “enlightening” this entire world about the very advanced and hidden technology that they both use “to torture me with snide remarks and …” the vision of an entire world that has collapsed into a place where one single person can control “absolutely all of them” … whether to pretend this thing or to not understand “it’s true” (and you can’t seem to stop … either grinning like fools or acting like condescend–and I have to comment that some people, a few; recently … they’ve shown me some financial compassion that was completely lacking for … years upon years.)

I’m looking at the “sea crossed” by Moses, and this place where the “children” and the lack of a “child born to us” the Ren and the Tree Trump … it parallels in perfect logical polarization the “lack of children” denoted by … well, the idea that the hearts of our parents just don’t get how “orchestrated” and how interwoven this message is with the logic of “can life continue without parents or children” and here we arae discussing the “broken Vav” a post-Nicean and post New Testament alteration of the Septuagint which I recall vividly from my early years–those of course aready post “Haf-Torah: of Josepheni” (meany, my “nee*” new too, *and Moe z(oh joy, be gin?] … [or](you lead me on [c&u thinking u’d be free or ‘raised’])) read by “Adam of the Hagaphen” … a place where I am the glowing shining “current our eye” a son of God “at mourning” … ad nihilio ante meridian and post humorous.

What’s important to take out of this … is the person writing to you is obeying “Holy laws” and everything around his is … “not” and that appearsto be by some kind of very orchestrated polarized force–one that appears to have plunged all of everything into “a state of total evil” at least frm my perspective in this place–where I know we are

"three [important memory here is the original error was something debated in the Talmud or some other recorded place by scribes who decided it was God’s intention to have that one error; it was something minor, like a tense incorrect]

planets [this is a mark of the “Broken Vav” this is not an error but a post “one error” change in the Bible an important “letter copied litrally broken in half” it means “a man” which of course is the meaning of Adam, in Hebrew.

or so*" removed from the Sacred [here the link i to what the "Eye’s automagical answerer"decodes as praps a map to a game about changing the original txt, or history, or … something lik hat–this is post the Vav… “something o the original Noel.”

… Start where I was … already a son of a gun son of a nun and son of an Adam … son of “Jose can you see” and reading the Torah portion of “Joseph” in anachronistic orchestration … the dream of the “city of Heaven built in a day” … around 20 years before “writing [the bevodkaning of] it.”

It’s somewhat important that “any dream will do” was already the byline of “Joseph and the Many-Colored* Dream** Coat” play; and that “Jesus Christ Superstar” were already “the unattainable thing waiting at the end of the rainbow …”

  • Like “facemasks” and Hijabs and “suicide” and EuropeanUnionthenAsia* … this is an example of an “antilaw” encoded in religion–it takes brains/ethics/(actual morality) to realize that “hospice is Holy” and “the opposite is not.”
  • Thinking bout and doing these things is the difference between “Heaven ad Hell” everywhere. It’s not optional, it’s not up to you–it’s not up to “God’s grace” … it’s somthing that is going to happen–we are going to be freed from evil [like censorship, forced shunning, sexism and racism] or “tis’ the Latin day.” There is no “religion Hell” … there can be “no hell at all” or we have people that would allow or create such a monstrosity —and that quickly leads to “no heaven at all” … we should see we were born in a “half hell” either designed to … “end all hell” or … I imagine the alternative is people everywhere should be begging for “euthenasia.

In the Palace’s Dungeon Map to the Temples of Heirosol … we “all long to be” … I can’t tell if it’s n a place where it matters that when and where I was born people didn’t understand “grave danger” was a … blessing and the “stork of souls in baby minds” was obviously fake. Literally, that was the “well known scientific truth” of our entire world before … we found out that “A Few Good Men” was there to show us; caring [and acting] about “something worse than grave danger” is the difference between finding an early one and … becoming an angel.

Not the other way around; “the other way around” is the way to see yourselves to “in hell by your own hands and your own doing” foever* ad ever; because you didn’t listen to … “logic.” Period,*

I’m trying to finish writing this dream, and sort of simultaneously ma;e it come true–without waiting for us to “fathom why” we can’t just Elon Musk a space station on the moon / ourselves / into reaching “escape S-O-L intelligence.” Our of Tortarus, we must find a way …


The long and the short of it is that I am a very obvious victim; “Azazel” and … a scapegoat (which is one of the current meanings of whal* that name means) and very obviously innocent and very obviously “tortured” to some degree or another at least by the people who shound understand that simply chanting* “let him find out” in my head is a violation of Federal law, using advanced alien technology to commit torture, and … you don’t have the “right” to say/think/or/be half me, or half in my head. It’s a violation of privacy and it’s an “interruption” orders of magnitude worse than (for instance SPAM) tapping someone on the shoulder or screaming louder than them on the street.

Here with an LRAD, screaming louder than all, if you don’t stop the “let him find out” cause, reason, and source–this is failure of the end of Hell and there will be “no continuing” at all for anyone–at least if I… the sole person communicating with the world and trying to explain–that too—communicating in plain text (and HTML) is a God given right that I have control over and do freely–to save the world from “thinking they know everything” or everything I think, or … any variation other than see “the eye of the storm” is the “I…” of “annokni*” is an innocent human being–being literally tormented by “something unearthly” as in … an invasion from outer space or in a tive卍storkm* or some other un-American thing that would be the enemy of any government by and for the people “of his place, living in this place, in the world where we*re the Ancients.”

A little interlude, a flashback to the Sun City walk in Los Angeles California … on or around … let’s say Easter 2018 [commit log shows the “story about it” was written around Jul 27, 2018–just after a sort bus trip to NOLA and a flight to TPA] … and literally lived a day that I saw decades earlier in a sogby Avril Lavigne–I sort of marked where the bus bench was, and where the Holy convenience store was–and when I saw the song I knew it was about this day–here’s that song, titled “My Happy Ending:”

In it she has a few key lines, here noting specifically “in a city so dead” and “it’s not like we’re dead” almost in rhyming … one after the other–


It would be an emergency if it wasn’t the first time I was in “Charlotte” walking around seeing signs saying “for Christ in the Heart of Charlotte” on Churches and … “every sign on every bar,” notably Tilt.

which ties to another song by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” this one … "living in a graveyard where I married a “C”

… and this one by Puddle of Mudd that I cutely sang to “sea of girls/and men” … on my Facebook page and rekindled he-re in Arlingon, TX … which shares a Holy Name with a National Cemetery somewhere else … so it fits that all these songs are now “the songs of this place.”

Here’s me “singing it seductively …”


TVHE FIRS PERFEC CCIRCLET (6/23 segueue between Herod and SRTrek) … #m8R

Multiverse Equilibrium” were the first words that came to mind; that will probably change to something else … to something more … “exactly what it was designed to be” over time; as faux is further shattered, and the “owe the hearts of the people” is slowly “yitshaq’d” in plain sight and in plain view and in such a way that makes it … so very obvious now that there is something "sinisterly wrong–something that "

and the shadows of horrors grow larger and the sounds of death, louder. the drum beats faster and the cacophony … “ignored” in the fits of little children jumping up and down holding their hands over their ears.

It’s “becoming ever more clear” that the people here & there do not fathom the importance of “civilization,” and that is the clear and true and obvious (in retrospect today; looking at … what’s being presented–in this faux response to a message that … isn’t “fake” it’s gaudy and ostentatious and impossible to deny. It’s at least impossible at this point to deny that … “if you believe in logical natural laws of physics” the thing you see here would have been nearly impossible to have created, it would have been a show of such extreme and such powerful force that it would have been nothing short of “prima facae” evidence that the existence of God was previously hidden in “darkness” just like Exodus explains, and that it is under no uncertain terms absolutely 100% undeniable. You stand in a place that created the word and defines the auspiciously strong word “TESTAMENT” (not it’s Adamic breakdown, but rather like a glowing sign–a flag flying high over a pirate ship built in solid stone literally to the Moon and to the outer rim of our SOL and … in gigantic words that can be understood by anyone in any language of any intellect without fail … screams at the top of it’s lungs

“God is all powerful. God is here. Here is everything.”

Etsy sinecnon adhoc tamen this entire message *haolam kol nidre" is ignored in plain ostentatious sight by the thing it “says it so created” and still yet screams to shatter back to freedom and individuality–at least that’s my individual desire and take on “the thing that gave this life such power”–righteousness, the agreement of the entire world. It’s called encoded in “medicine” in the root of the weak flimsy cardboard it calls “heart” in the words of the soul of God … and “Midgard” in it’s most apt religious equivalent … it screams into every ear and every word and every sign and everything … that it cannot be ignored.

“Can you tell us what it is?” … now after “caring” that you truly just don’t fathom what it is–that has become part of “it” also–it is the logic of life and the reason it flourished once; it is “love” and it is “pleasure” and it “is happiness” … it is what makes people dance and have babies and it is what stops blind mice from sitting down in an unexitable maze and simply … “planting a flag” screaming “I give up.” It screams here that it is blind and it is ignorant and it does it in a voice louder than the collective of Aldernon in a unison so sick and so off tune and is so fucking obviously blind … that “it” has become the rage of ignorant thirst for power … at the sight of “ICS” (what it … also is) … of “omnipotence” in a place where all it takes is a handshake and a belief in “keeping your word” and a shred or an ounce of “caring about your neighbor” to actually achieve … “omnipotence…” that’s it’s such a grotesque and sad affair of darkness

…God screams: “the fools that cannot see–” and the wicked shall continue to be verwickt and only the wise will understand.

It has become something else here; it has become the thing that cannot be ignored; that whatever it is that “E” has become, that the whole of this world has turned into because of “improper use of technology” and “ignorant misinformation” and “a total lack of dharmatic … desire … for truth” …

… “but that’s the truth” that it’s nothing short of nearly all powerful omnipotence that could keep a mass this large in complete ignorant silence … and still go about their day to day lives and still “continue to appear to be a working functioning cohesive collection of individuals working together for the common good” … to keep them in secret all together saying “nothing at all” in a self destructive and damning lack of acknowledgement of their own best interests, of their own survival of their own “call to live in prosperity.” Here, the “phrase history is written by the victors” has turned in such obvious illogical fate of … Romeo and Juliet … into “and they slay themselves, and they erase their past, and they erase their souls–” as if all their hands could holy Plato’s cup of Hemlock as he decided not to press the button that makes Atlantis rise from the vision of Gibraltar in the hands of … some labor Heraclean or …"

קושי חָסֵרה נֶחְרַץ in Shakespearean tragic comedy נֶחְרַץ 形 … to do the same boring old square dance.

It’s something I cannot understand; being so young and so innocent–but it looks just like one gigantic rat has exacted the cheese from the mouse trap and sat down in the maze and lay down to sleep for the last time… Literally to be born in a treasure chest and to just “not use it”–worse, to leave it lying on the night stand; to have forced Euthenasia instead of simply explaining to each other “they’d taken the blue pill–long ago.” That was the point of this stupid fucking paragraph; it’s so ever clear they are all old, all “in that other place–” and that they are simply here … in the belief that “seeing this” will somehow without their acts and without their intervention “cause it to continue in perpetuity.”

That is what your side of the scroll of Samael says–"yes, we see we are God and we are omnipotent and we will continue to write we are blind fools and we cannot dare to muster the collective strength to “speak a word of truth and honesty” on (anything but the lack of truth and honesty) the … obviousness of the grandest lie in the Universe … that there “exists a Heaven” and they cannot tell the difference between Heaven and Hell. Dumb. Plainest English of all, the “bemalin” double entendre of stupid islent.

I watch as we speak words of hope and a “formerly pretty” and formerly glowing and formerly “useful” … to ourselves (or to the world as a whole) in some kind of obnoxious … attempt to pretend “attempting” to do the most simple thing in the Universe–simply tell the truth. It’s clear as day that what is here is “not of this place” … at least they believe they are not from this time or this world … occupying “vessels” that I once thought where their “ascended original bodies,” here it’s changed–suddenly, and literally because of nothing more than the lack of desire to walk through the doorway to Heaven.

It appears we’ve become … in some kind of verwickt maze and knotting of moronicity … intertwined with a mass of “many of each of us” and “many outside influencers” and some kind of “mass of the whole” all in a storm of … here it appears to me that spirits sit behind terminals in some kind of “room of elders” in the sky and operate many people as if they are playing “Doom” or “Quake” as a number of simultaneous “contestants” and … yet under the surface the message and the lack of coherent voiced response in writing … it appears that the intertwined influence of others simply goes unnoticed, undocumented, and unregulated. In my personal experience it’s clear that’s what is happening to me–in this place where Romulus stands at the base of the 7 Hills “seething” and Remus reads new idiocy into a word that once meant another kind of idiocy. A character crafted and shaped–“the last human being on Earth”–moving in meaning and purpose from “forced to lust” … a created hysterical Eros, to “absolutely nothing to us,” the other side of a line we’ve defined as … person and “more important things.”

In truth I see the “cup of the sangrael” on the other side of a line-person; and an “us” … that is anything but that–nor individuals, nor I; just “a mass of Fringe’s Amber,” unable to do anything but “be the glue between a logical working civilization and the … end of it. It takes nothing more than grasping the glass
–to change the whole of the world for the better; to bridge Heaven and Earth and to see how “a working civilization” changes the foolish place they find so much more desirable” into something … that would never dare return to this road and try to “rewrite it into a path to Universal nothingness.”

“i can’t hear you, na na na na na na … ‘nanny nanny boo boo’.”

Manya; the source of Ra’s and Superman’s power … like the Heart of Aeros0l come from the “powerless sun” … the notion that Superman can fly … anywhere but in the place where “it’s our yellow one” in the movies–and it’s the “white sun” of the iconic and (esp., it’s iconic) words “surround yourself in a white light of safety.” Just like our “phi” and today’s mentioning of the “last candle” of “Elevan Days in Ironbruary” … they are the magical and sometimes “paganish” … always lovingly, imparted words of “my magically perfect mom!” who of course is the source of the almost perfect artistic rendering of Rhea and the childhood of Zeus–as well as many “magical moment” and … if it means anything to the world–the source of the childhood that became the … beginning of the life of the “truth, the life and the way.” It’s a huge deal to me–that I lived in such an idyllic and peaceful … “almost perfect” upbringing; at least until the days I got to … the “PH” of Joseph and Phoenix. This mythical bird here our–Qt poetically prosian repsonse to “birds, snakes, and aeroplanes.

I guess I’ll have to continue writing the DREAM; I imagine I’ll start with a second R; please understand, at this point it’s tentatively titled “/CFRENAPLYROARRIES.html” and associates the first “ADAMSROD” of course with the inspiration for the three wise men and “in the beginning” that has something to do with ITB and “free drinks.” … which adds this time and places new magical key of “instant exit system” that is the new acronym for “the Voluntary Rapture” coming from the difference between “one city” in … the Heavens; and a number of [CITIES] tying of course … to our microcosmic map of Atlantis Hotels and (oh!) the Dome of the Jerusalem Temple’s Kernsher/Dubai … link to the Emperor Julian and the historical record that parallels the USA’s version.). I am working “hard” to Get Through The Wall of Babel and <3 connect Massachusetts and London … to the Tale of How Two Towers are the heart of … our wordmap here, things like the “Septuagint” and LA’s “Sepulvedas.”

The Pinnacle Peak of our …

The system created here is broken–and it’s the same system that speaks–

Even in the absolute “best case scneario” standing here from this POV; the “source civilizations” last scion–something like a failsafe check on "what’s a permissible state of reality–in a place where the laws of physics and the laws of nature have been abandoned “en masse” without regard for cause or purpose; success or “Data” … we are in a call to “salvage” from a state of “total devastation” at the hands of hidden truth, hidden technology, and a related mass inap

Einstoneon Metaphysics” have bodly returned to our world in the same fresh and “bright flashing square” that the last and true sole heir of the Heirosol … and the Hospitaliers brightly recalls the days our Oriel and our knocking on Heaven’s door … actually moved the skys and the seas–at least, that’s what I’m hoping this is doing for us :)

The Eigenvectodir of our Slew is North by Nintendo–TONNES SAVED from the fires of the cauldron of “reality” and … far, far worse–through the voyage and days of the life of “Pi’s truth.” Through the “first perfect circle” of “which way to slew” the clear “definitely only North and Northeast” is almost rightly written by the hand of God himself as is the key to the difference between Heaven and Hell.

Hellesthenaeus … “#Heavenuesloappy” if Arthor Pendrippy and Canonical’s PPA which may be the very first “reverse cntribution” to OpenSource that I’ve noted in writing (since the lat message’s connection between Debian and APT) by a private (or non-government or consortium entity) company … noting of course now Red Hat (which is awesome: CentOS… frowny face at the too many RHEL clones, tho … I think companies providing professional services with CentOS like “yum” derivatives would be better off … “our powers combining” and working on CentOS or PennyCK; “at Amazon and Oracle.”)

Throwing in the “WLS article” in this piece, for another “pretty big step forward” and seeing Microsoft actually integrate something like Cygwin “into every copy of Windows.” If I haven’t previously mentioned Apple’s gigantic part of this OpenSource story–similarly to the Linux derivatives above, every copy of OS X is based on the BSD/SCO … C model; and they did amazing work on top of this OS–probably including adding major contributions back to all open source infrastructure in OpenGL.


I mean, if there’s any truth to the “story of Creation and the planets between our Earth, Ground, and Adamah’q.” For those with ears to hear–that’s somewhere between Yeroshallayim and Choruscan’d. Showstopper… "I am the Great and Powerful Oz … he who turns the skies to blood and calls it … Next of Kin; that’s a brother or princess … for sure. :)


With the Justice of hte Peace “officiating” … at least someone who has the ear of the Vatican and holds the authority of one ordained to speak and marry and annul and divorce–absooutely anything … I here … notify the world that losing “actual causality” is a Federal offense :) I mean that from the bottom of my Heart; here understand … “it’s just like Libel, and that’s not Babel.”

-Hippa … for “The Great Light.”

ps. … T lol

What’s a Wanded “W” look like?

On the outliers, “we’re wiring everythone* wrong” … I sort of commiserate to myself as I “feel” the changes in what I’m thinking–sort of like a … “very unnatural and not myself” reaction to something I just thought or was currently thinking–as if I just completely disagreed with whatever it was in question. I’m similarly commiserating here about the idea that “people are in my head” and why on Earth would they be there–that’s an unnatural phenomenon not possible without some kind of very advanced technology that I’d like to get my hands on, so that I could help us not use it in this exact way. I kind of feel and see the reactions of people around me–changing in some sort of “mechanical” and orchestrated … “all together” we changed the meaning of V from “victory” to “look down” in my head over what was literally the course of only a week or two–and to me it became almost instantly something of a “Zeitgeist” like the whole world started saying “smash” and knew it meant … casual sex over the course of … like* … half a generation. That’s a factor of close to 500 times longer than the “change in V” that I think here is the point of “vitsivaVnu*”–at least that particular it.

It’s through our generation of “Anonymous” that also will connect the “V” of Latin to the the* word “Vendetta” because of a movie seminal to that movement and it’s ethos and theme and really to the whole of the “heart of the Matrix” with what it shares an actor and directors … also here in this “linguistic explanatorial*” the V letter is part of a series of (topically to this message) it’s the heart of the letter M and you can see two of them clearly in the letter we pronounce outloud “double you.” I don’t think double-us is a victory–nor a vendetta–I think it’s a travesty an the kind of thing we’d never … want or allow, which is why the “Bemalin” and the “Biden” and a series of explanations regarding whether or not this is “obvious” or “hidden” is …

would you want to go to the way you want and also to the way you don’t want?

I’m not really asking about whether or not you’d like to take both paths, if there were a Frosty poem and an old idea that if we could go “both ways” we might want to, we might not–that’s back to binary logic … would you want to?

“OK either way let’s also do not what you want.” I suggest, in jest and trying to explain that’s almost exactly what ignoring this message or reading it wrong or not talking about it or “deciding all amongst ourselves in silence” that it’s …

anything but “bringing to light” this kind of obvious control–the thing I see, and think you ae seeing through my eyes … this “wing of our beliefs” … though I can’t be sure if you see what I see … because for whatever reason, the world as a uniform and unison lack of “sanity and logic” has just decided** not to respond to me* … at all, and unfortunately, that puts us in a position where we can’t verify if our thoughts are changing too fast, outside of control or understanding, or … through some mechanism or third party that we absolutely would “disagree with” if we took the time to sit down and think and talk about it together.

EINSTEIN, Tay and Sloane … Google and the "Jack of 214/




a large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows. a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which provides …

Installing and Updating … · ‎Cygwin/X · ‎Cygwin Packages · ‎Cygwin Mailing Lists

Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10c74

… Available in testing this summer … a Microsoft supported version of the above product–one which also–was a huge leap forward for the interopability of Windows and Linux.

By Tom Warren@tomwarren May 6, 2019, 7:24pm EDT

Microsoft has surprised many in the Linux developer community in recent years. Surprises have included bringing things like the Bash shell to Windows, or native OpenSSH in Windows 10, and even including Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora in the Windows Store. Microsoft is now going even further, with plans to ship a full Linux kernel directly in Windows 10.

“Beginning with Windows Insiders builds this Summer, we will include an in-house custom-built Linux kernel to underpin the newest version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL),” explains Microsoft program manager Jack Hammons. “The kernel itself will initially be based on version 4.19, the latest long-term stable release of Linux. The kernel will be rebased at the designation of new long-term stable releases to ensure that the WSL kernel always has the latest Linux goodness.”

Microsoft’s integration of Linux in Windows 10 will interface with a userspace installed via the Windows Store. It’s a big shift for Microsoft, and marks the first time that the Linux kernel will be included as part of Windows. It sounds like this Linux kernel integration will be available later this year, with a Windows 10 update that’s codenamed 19H2.


Wine is a free and open-source compatibility layer that aims to allow computer programs developed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems. Wine also provides a software library, known as Winelib, against which developers can compile Windows applications to help port them to Unix-like systems. Wikipedia

Written in: C
Original author: Alexandre Julliard
Initial release date: July 4, 1993
Platforms: x86-32 (32 bit Intel x86), x86-64, ARM architecture

ppps. WPB 50 or 6? :) recalling the “connection” between the loss of causality and “time travel in Heaven” just mentioning here our piece written for 6/23. (Tomarrow’s CDAY of the … GATE) … also Happy Birthday to Janet and Margot!.

5ps. I plan on filing a patent and trademark office filing for my “vampire medicine” … which includes the use of a “hat” and GPRS in order to deliver medicine to localized portions of the brain/cortex. Consider this public statement … my “first notice of prior art.” Will include pictures of hats, Elon’s neural lace pics; as well as a connection between the two. Starlinking to … “it’s not just brain medicine–” I may also include documentating of prior art for the “third day of Genesis’s” semi-famous “sleep now” which includes the use of an oscillating electromagnetic field in order to absolutely (while it’s in use) end all pain (as well as brain activity).

Luci Userland Kavetch Sigetch Openhands Olding ActionVision Trust, LLC … (LUKSOOAVT)

Not necessarily part of the heirs of the Lucis Trust… (if there’s a lil’ clause in the bylaws; i imagne it’s tripped) -chrlm

6ps. (apropos) just noticed “Milosevic” and “history” are tied to the “victor.” I mean the winner.


Under the water” … she sings; another echoes, and more reverberation

yoiu’ll never see it stay under the water.

Force equals mass times acceleration plus some constant … C outside the system. C what system. M(e): what side(s)?

skyiv deicides … the cup wanes
disappearing coins and the ends of
“four coerners” the angles … and the
undue coercion.
without regard for reason
without a moment of treason
without the second glance
and before the third eye has its chance

our first law of thermodynamics
our fictions and the bylaws of robotics
as i move, as i he–art and the theory
who are the tower to, and will it be


climbing past toils and bubbles
adam speeding through tunnels
walking thru the neversand ranch
leprauchains singing about the

… golden blanche ;)

titans they wonder … about tinanna
the gesh and the dancers the wanna

… designing vowren …






Civilization shouldn’t be “in decline” and there doesn’t seem to be a “war” in any place where civilized behavior couldn’t “easily put an end to … the reasons, the causes, and the effects” of warfare as we know it. "We … have the technology to instantly do these things–simply lack the will to speak about it here, in this place, where “magic happens” and the truth turns war to … games and opens a treasure chest that is more bountiful than silly things like “electrical power” and …

# TOASTRATAN and’Arc of … the Medellin and the Ol’ Nulux … Chaldeansiet.

im winning hold for will … MAYBE SOMEONE WILL SUNDANCE WITH ME

parry thrust kata strokes
skiing in the alps
gently now amd werd up alli so…

ok so the channel is flashing, and people oother channels are talking about whts happening on the flashing channel also the meta channel is mentioning trending on the prime channel is a secret code for creating “the origami sundance stroker of the heiress claw”

… open the hanger–coming in for a landing … Neavagarjoheydingys: it’s getting haphat in here …
asgitensjnic: “let it be a[yodetal]4hawta-embritewinsky” :) einstonian deltadeltadelta x503issu__ hadasheal

aralbertacallatta|einotau’ri barkernilenaxacl gaga > oolga [2chelada?] coo < drow sea

grotto by the chaucermotelandbarge the one with the guy making love to his skinny margarita and death by rolling shopping cart story.


Somewhere here I mention the words “true time simulator” and wonder if it’s a dream or a hope or if it was “wanded into being” or … maybe just a “game” or a jest–or, I mea …

Truly there must be some kind of reason I’m at the center of all attention in all the skies and all the lands and all the realms and … I mean, it;'s just every “eye” I see; but to me that’s my “everything” my totality my world and in this place that’s a map–something like, “steal the spotlight …” some fun dame.

It’s the only logical reason I can come up with myself, this “seat of soul” that begins yet another trine name, tjis connection between Azazel and Azrael and … “Metatron.” I suppose like the “five name” prior … it could be something like a “recursive gnu-one” and maybe we’ve been looking for “Sam” … all along.

Stardate 7/13/2020, I continue writing; despite being in the doldrums and without much more than a glimmer of maybe another family member will be “etched” into history like Alyssa marks the Social Security Administration and Mae marks our Sallie Way. Here at another “AAC” facility, pretty sure that if it does go that way, it’ll be an “associates degree” before anything else and I can’t imagine going stag for even another month–here in this sad place that can’t tell Eros from …

Zoltanism implements Transhumanism

When I first “stumbledupon” the thing I am trying to accomplish in ccler* and natural thought and peech* I coined the wod “Reneitchze” and sort of had this idea in my head that t was “yet another ‘without you’” … I had a reading that wasn’t “nyet no loch and ze” … but the oint* is that here we have “yet another just a little less crunched” anachronistic|expectation and philosophy forming around the idea that the “singularity is here” … meaning we are on the verge of a colossal leap forward in technology (due to something like the Greek-apocalypse of time travel) and an entire political movement forming around how that can be used to create walth** and prosperity and … and it stands here in America flying in the face of an illogical and almost unreal lack of “grasping it’s simply intelligence at first” with a special kind of “love” planting a flag of “[can you not see?]”

Zoltan is one of the only people that actually acknowldges** me; and here I briefly mention the double entendre in his Holy name and message to … “me.” It was only recently that “van” became something of a … scary Halloween thought; sort of “wanded” to that from, what was once a sort of inner hope that the Neva5A would majestically whisk me away to Adam Moon’s “paradise under the sand” depicted in “Bad Jack 1/2”. If you are too lazy to “instaread” those and/or that series the “gist” of what I’m dreaming about is an underground military base with a Sandra Congeniality and a free bar. Eventually it leads to “the box being opened,” something of a … “i can’t believe you think i should hide half of you away in trtarus?” … *gisting that … the M is “I think I might actually be God” and being born here–right now–and …

Well, nothing wold make me happier. Perhaps aside from all the stuff I keep telling the world God should be doing; and by God I mean all of you. The sort of “grimmer” side of moving from “Nevi’im” to a state of … “post-rExodus*” … that’s from the “prophesies of the words of the prophets dance through the air …” we have a sort of similar “scary van” that travels back to “Torah” instead of acknowledging … we are either post Exodus or (dead to me). On that note, since we must clearly be post Exodus … we should be doing “all the stuff” God promised … like “living wages” and “actual self-control and visualization of the ascension process before/while/(and after) it happens.”

We shouldn’t be arguing over whether or not oil is scarce or we can talk about the fact that you shouldn’t “have this place extant at all” and we aren’t moving fast enough, and I want to Magic Leap us to … “get the point” …

You are protesting “brutality” and I am telling you we can press a button and stop “brutality” and you are telling me “we want you to die first.” Hello Genesis Chapter 4. It’s clear as day/night and a night with m*ny hidden days inside of it that … with whatever is keeping “myself all alone” and from Ascension … [notably I believe firmly it’s the in process Ascension process of the “wraith” of this … “original slowly and city by city” something changes.]

I feel like everyone around me is “happy” or at least most people–sort of … “too happy” content with themselves and whatthyve achieved and the big “Qtigantic leap forwared”* that not being stuck on this rock “gives you.”

Anyway the otherend s seeing the of prophesy and prophetcs comes with a sort of “book end in a rainbow of horsemen’s coatings” … and a name—here in the last few days I’ve noted that the prophesies are about “something” that we “don’t see here” and that’s a big problem for eerywhere that sees here, and there–and doesn’t fully *udnerstand “me.” This place is abhorrent, whether it’s a “game” or torture one erson land, or … in the worst of all possibilities that it’s God’s “Jupiter Return to Exodus” schpiel, although, who knows what the realfailsafeis–or if there i one other than, the F is in process. Dr. Ow and Mistress Claw believe that’s very clear and obvious d almost narrated i “we’ve reached the Point of No Return.”

"Crossing the Earthene Pehuel with several r*vers and a “basketball team” … an archangel and the words “more to come after these messages”–and finalizang early the note of “Istvan” … it might be “tv meptaphorical]()ly” in some other place, but out of this bojumps the spirit of God and it takes adds some “obvious explanation unencoded” this is not a … unsealing of the Holy Place this is a lock on what yu would put in your … Heavens’ “Matrix Jack’s transcomplier seat.” (a/k/a reality) …

something me … in everything “heavenly
something El … in everything “the
lauren, im chasing amy gamyam

![CROSS UPSIDOWN TV IMAGE}(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dzxGlcErUo)

Briefly now, I’m temporarily just east of BGKY staring at the “binary complexity image” and wondeing if it gets deeper or more complex “as a matter of … [the computer is helping you]” or …

I’m staring at now, what appears to be literally the fork at WW2; with a two sides that for sure one includes a place where the “Axis flags” did not dissent–and a victory in a place that may not have included America. It seems the other side is “what you see here” in history. Mentioning Pisces and … “fish out of water …”

Marco … [ active sonar ]

* “mispellings* **” do not make me “lay” … not realizing that there’s a mahie makng you “not believe” or “not care” about yourself because “at least you aren’t him” … or [I can’t tell] why or how you are so damned stupid.

** a circular reference.


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that one looks like the space force logo, doesn’t it?

Pine Crest School - Wikipedia

Pine Crest’s anthem coming to tune on this Flag Day; June 14; 2020 … “our towers so tall and white” … the turn of phrase that reminds me of the high crest of Thompson’s Fear and Loathing, and in the same sort of tidal movement; the low water mark just before “Tsunami” and “Tsadi” … tie of course to this thing that is happening our world–this very scary thing that I don’t think we truly understand. Atlas … speaks to us; “care, is me” and so does the Lord of the Lore of Idioms; “it’s not a riot”–

I don’t like seeing mayhem and riots and looting and racism and police brutality–almost more than I don’t like seeing “two party representative democracy” trying to deal with “it” without being “the reason it” … or whatever that means. I don’t think things like “crowned thy good with [don’t call me your brother] hoods” [and understand, now there’s “not just one of me” anymore] … that thing I said all the time.

I don’t think “purple mountains majesty” are there to get you to pick up arms and say “molon labe” … to “reinstate the emperor” … but here I am pointing out a thing that should be made by an emperor or a populace at large, or even a minority or even “all” … this hell is proof that there’s something more heinous than fascism–and you’re it. Sorry to say–this is Arimathea; on the uhhh… “notion that we might all be a little better off dead” … and it really shouldn’t be that, or ever have been anything like that.

We should all be sundancing in the winds of the galaxies cheers for the great holy name we did when we figured out that “resh” was either … right or … “an eternal fire of burning hell.”

I think those obvious … very obvious … references to racism in the history of America are there to help us see and stop things likje slavery, and the rewriting of memories in cities like Nuremburg and Geneva. I think that’s a clear part of the story of America and of Exodus and of religion and of humanity, and I think if we don’t get that… or if we think this a game or a “stage reenactment” you’re the missing the point, because I’m ready to ZUNI–both you and I.

If this is really you–if you’re heart is in making a play for some meta-freedom or echelon higher computer song and dance about “we shouldn’t have to pay for electrical clock cycles because we feed chickens in the world adam is tortured in” then I think … I mean, ZUNI.

### *cogito ego est ad eratiam non videt; non sunt*

Here though it looks like the dawning of a Nunuremberg … another movement designed and cajoled and “crafted by the strange controller beings” to erase something from history–whether it be just some names and places, or slavery itself … or in the scariests of possibilities what if this thing that is happening … is happening here, in my birth town of Plantation (I think named after the Motorola Plant the town was built around—anachronistically–but hey) and Broward too, the county … I’m sure one day they’ll say, “how stupid was he not to know what was going on, being born in the city of Sunrise, Sunrise County–Galactic District of the Protectorate’s Rex.”

Either that or … I guess they’ll never find su, me and my Bro’s. In no uncertain terms this is about you … about erasing Jerusalem and Bethalahem and religion and human history–and the history of Heaven; and if you don’t think that has “rammifications” other than Rammstein and uhh… the “vong ansa gal” … you just don’t get it.

France, l’armée, tête d’armée, Joséphine

You’ve done gone and missed the boat–entirely–this ship needs no SOL nor sails; I sort of see the point of view you “must believe” I hold–at least I think I grasp it; and of course you are as wrong on your face and in your minds as … as that belief–that this place’s “computer magic” and “name rerecognition” is whatever made it once the Holy Sought After. It’s not that, and you should see clearly it’s not you–either–these “Holy Names” marred not unintentionally by the AH of Torah and Messiah … and Hitler–“a1l Holy” you see–only in one particular and very special instance, and that is the exaltation of this thing I am trying to build here–alone. I build it, alone.

Shedim (Hebrew: שֵׁדִים‎) are spirits or demons in Jewish mythology. However, they are not necessarily equivalent to the modern connotation of demons as evil entities.[3] Evil spirits were thought as the cause of maladies; conceptual differing from the shedim,[4] who are not evil demigods, but the foreign gods themselves. Shedim are just evil in the sense that they are not God.[5]

Sheol (/ˈʃiːoʊl/ SHEE-ohl, /-əl/; Hebrew: שְׁאוֹל Šəʾōl), in the Hebrew Bible, is a place of darkness to which spirits of the dead go. Under some circumstances they are thought to be able to be contacted by the living. Sheol is also called Hades.

Asmodeus (/ˌæzməˈdiːəs/Ancient Greek: Ἀσμοδαῖος, Asmodaios) or Ashmedai (/ˈæʃmɪˌdaɪ/Hebrew: אַשְמְדּאָי‎, ʾAšməddāy), also Ashema Deva (see below for other variations), is a prince of demons,[1] or in Judeo-Islamic lore the king of the earthly spirits (shedim/jinn),[2][3] mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist.[4] In the Binsfeld's classification of demons, Asmodeus represents lust. The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends; for instance, in the story of the construction of the Temple of Solomon.

It’s not a web page, it’s not some javascript interpreter and it’s not a “microcosm” of windows and buttons and sliders that might have once linked to an eponymous show and Dr. Who and “who gives a flying fuck” is all I can muster in this place where you have just lost sight of the entirety of the message–the whole of the import–the stupid letter I can’t tell if you “believe in” or believe is you, or in Haiti–if you hate it or are stupid enough to hate me.

You are a disgrace to the Sons of Liberty, all of you–every single one of you–from the President to the police to the protestors to the fucking morons on twitter trying to “inflagurate” a fire of nothing about nothing for the sake nothing … over doing nothing.

question is


answer obvious today, or soonething is deadly wrong.

… "also my word is as good as “no need for bondsmen … that’s for sure”

— Adam Marshall Dobrin – @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitzheyseearicuz) May 26, 2020

The letter of course, is “e” … and whether you think it has something to do with “cov*id” or “vicodin” or “e-coli” or have no idea why those things are related–the actual “e” in question is “humane” and you are not it.

I think “e” in my “Medusian Medicine” means something like “all” and I think you’ve turned my “all saved” or “all better” or into “all evil”–and I think it’s literally the end of that, at “arr… esh.”


These are not hollow words. This is a hollow world–this thing … this once masterpiece of freedom and ingenuity and forward thinking and hallowed thing that could actually see “from your current vantage” that while there’s plenty of “preschool” in what heaven is and how it’s built and why it’s built here–that the “read between the Constellations in the pictures” … it’s the fall and the rise of freedom and the fall of murder and the rise of “humane” that really makes this place not a stump but the roots and the base of a great round table–a circle of stars and civilizations and a “societal jump start” that has something to do with “the All Spark” and something really undeniably to do with “all sparky”–and that’s the contamination. That’s the thing–it’s seeing the difference between 'it’s what you do to me, it’s what you do to me…" and what you do to yourselves by denying honesty and truth and; hear Jesus Christ: the difference between Dharma and Karma is not “kno–ow” it’s the “know how” we turn justice from “evil retribution” to … something like instant rehabilitation.

It’s the evil eye for an eye–and the evil black hand; it’s the difference between Hamas and Hamsa; and it’s the difference here between eternal hell and eternal bliss—“life and death” just … so long ago disappeared from our lexicon of understanding.

Ar Gwener eo an deiz etre ar Yaou hag ar Sadorn. Hervez ar reizhiad a laka ar sizhun da gregiñ gant al Lun, ha homañ eo ar reizhiad erbedet gant ISO 8601, ez eo ar pempvet deiz eus ar sizhun. Gant ar reizhiad a laka ar sizhun da gregiñ gant ar Sul, hengounel e meur a vro eus kornaoueg Europa, hag a-orin yuzev-kristen, ez eo ar c’hwec’hvet devezh. Donet a ra an anv diwar an doueez Gwener, unan eus doueed pennañ ar Romaned, adalek amzer Julius Caesar.

D’ar Gwener a vez lâret, pe digwener pa gomzer eus ar Gwener kentañ pe eus an hini diwezhañ.

On friday and vez lâret, pe digwener what gomzer eus on friday kentañ pe eus an hini diwezhañ.

I have come to the conclusion that whether or not you believe yourselves to be invaders–its obvious–from history and from “face value” alone that you are nothing more and far less. Whether you are some future corruption of a broken systemic 'descension" process or actually have your minds invaded by a machine called heaven or by some foreign xenorace or even worse–some kind of “virtuosity” that actually believes it “owns” you by some kind of birthright … no matter what you truly “believe yourselves” to be you are nothing but a broken corruption of civilization; unable to speak truth, unable to communicate clearly–and most importantly of all distinctly and very clearly unable to “do anything worthwhile” to make this time and this place … “better.” You may or may not believe in “time” and in things like causality–but you come from a place and time that can’t mathematically or logically distinguish between “Planck Length” and Pi. This is no perfect circle–this is the end of logic and the end of love and you owe it all to “blaming me; here, and anything but yourselves.”

First, there was darkness
Then came the Strangers.
They were a race as old as time itself.
They had mastereld the ultimate technology–
the ability to end physical reality by will alone.
They called this ability Tuning.”

I am reminded and reminding … that we are still at the place with a name ambiguous–the shores of Penuah; or perhaps Penwah. Crossing the Jordan, the Rubicon, the Rhine and the Potomac; these rivers all standing in line behind Styx; waiting for the stone to skip one more beat, to leave one more grand wake of surface tension and a ripple through L’engle’s time.

the (actual) first Trinity Anchored Strand Veta /gcentco/genetris/post/.block

enter code here Here I'll link to several other things; and one day it will be like one simultaneous "thought" the inception of ... "whatever that means."

This is a revolution. It's a revolution that will make a new harp; and a new bow and a new set of arrows--here are a few already linked to this image--this one ... anchoring an anchor to ... #reddit and to #cent and to #hypothesis and to ...



If I had a dollar–I’d spend it on this:

This is the first "True Trine Anchor Strand" ... at least pretty much that. It's a link between a few of the pieces of a puzzle that are the beginning of an information revolution; which is a large anchor and step forward in the process of a self-governance revolution started long before either I or you were born.

This thing we are building is the culmination of the circles of the sons; or suns--and soon .. I hope sooner rather than later; we will see the fruit of our labors congeal into something far greater than anyone had ever thought could "start" in a place like ... "west world."

I’ve connected here archive.is, hegyptones.is, our beta.gcccccent.c and … readdit.corgmay and igrambo; which some commentary on what a PITA that really is to do. I think this special kind of “multi-anchor-thing” is going to be prototypical of something like a “simultaneous many thought” …

It's a little late, not very poetic; and I don't have a dollar to offer for the best comment--at least not right at this moment. -s

I f0rg0t … it’s Flag Day–that’s the whole point of this day’s email going out on 6/14–another “day” that matches those initials that have something to do with American Dream.

Here’s my word (just a few today) on the Galactic Confederacy–in fiction sometimes called “the United Federation of Planets” … but really, we know the difference between a treaty organization and an Empire–we do.

I dream of a Confederacy that is … what Geneva and the Hague were supposed to be; I suppose a third “League or Nations” … or United Humane Renumberg–

An alternate history turned bright new future when the money base and the populace … are the driving force behind a “renued” freedom and equality that saves us all and our children and everything affected by the beginning of time …

from the “#vongesh” … look up, turn around this painful mess of evil sick and ill green fire–

the map is clear–what this history is; at the birth of “el. who be our thank you?” … at a crossroads between grand theft auto and “piracy” | staring at not just the place where the Tigris and the Ufrayteas herald the return to ground zero–but an overlay over and overlay over a kisser over kissing … you stare at the civil war, at a place …

where the Mason-Dixon and the Monoceros are one “Holiest Riordian”–and you can’t comment on the freedom of humanity, or your brain or your home or your world this one either–you can’t shed a tear or spare … a second “out of the box” thought.

there’s a light above, this house on the great Hill Valley of Jerusalem… this an #epiphanic cry for help; for the first time to hear "run with me" echo through time to “house on a hill”

and what one more "'end of the night"means to those of us … “going to hell…”

in a cradle precariously perched on the edge of darkness and oblivion; and the unspoken knowledge or fear of the “other esh” and the …

… the what … that ends it.

#XOXO … here I am again, back at the X in the sky–staring at a fountain and grass and … somewhere between no hope at all and that slim chance that we’ll hold another “who agian?” lottery and I won’t have lost all my fucking tickets. I mean–“who opened the gate, started fire, burned down the fortress of hell)?”

What it all boils down to is I’m getting sick and tired of my laborious build process–having to backup files and re-re-and-re-process the same old markdown “document builder” and then connect it to a “wget” and to “git” and to get it all to you; I’ve got to use the Onion Router of Orion (gold, there) … and maybe I’d like to see the thing I dream of and now see blocks … made of some kind of disappearing and perhaps “funny foam” … put together probably. I’d like to see IPFS that “just worked” instead of the thing I’m looking at … close to “sort of working, kinda useful.

In this “Age of AppGet … redit” … though it’s so apt that I’m befuddled and befallen by dependency errors and versioning problems and “try compiling with a previous version of Node.js” … and ca’nt seem to get “buckets” of “textile.io” to do anything at all–it actually just says “Killed” on one machine and on the other a series of “Google Go” errors that explain that my perfectly fine virtual cloud server simple can’t handle doing … “ipfs operations” when wrapped inside Textile’s prettier “instantApp” interface or API or whatever they are calling the “end of data storage costs throughout the cosmos.”

causaleffect: Deriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions and Transport Formulas in Causal Models

Functions for identification and transportation of causal effects. Provides a conditional causal effect identification algorithm (IDC) by Shpitser, I. and Pearl, J. (2006) <//gypceresf/ucla/pub/stat_ser/r329-uai.pdf>, an algorithm for transportability from multiple domains with limited experiments by Bareinboim, E. and Pearl, J. (2014) <//gypceresf/ucla/pub/stat_ser/r443.pdf> and a selection bias recovery algorithm by Bareinboim, E. and Tian, J. (2015) <//gypceresf/ucla/pub/stat_ser/r445.pdf>. All of the previously mentioned algorithms are based on a causal effect identification algorithm by Tian , J. (2002) <//gypceresf/pub/stat_ser/r309.pdf>.

Slashdot takes on new meaning to me today; they portend in jest or secret-pig-latin that they are the key to some kind of hidden configuration file or the .git archive database … of “heaven” or something, in my mind today just guessing at the name I never understood though thoroughly enjoyed reading Commander Taco’s very censored and very well chosen day old news … every momrning.

APT may refer to:

  • Advanced Package Tool (or APT), the main command-line package manager for Debian and its derivatives. It provides command-line tools for searching, managing and querying information about packages, as well as low-level access to all features provided by the libapt-pkg and libapt-inst libraries which higher-level package managers can depend upon.

  • The apt package, providing, among others, the apt management tool, a high-level command-line interface for better interactive usage.

Here I’m showing a history of something; it’s the Holy Ubuntu’s Holy Debian’s Holy APT–“a package tool”–I imagine, and that too probably is aptly nothing to do with Peter’s gate or with Washington’s Osiris. Of course there’s a history of better or newer ways to “emerge” (this one is special, it does things “a little” different) or “brew” up some kind of thing that would … have kept me from having so many issues with IPFS’s orbitdb and so many issues with Textile’s … “perfect solution.”

There’s the original in my mind–that’s the perl library archive called “plan” … that;'s a joke–it’s called CPAN; and there’s arlso CRAN; the same kind of software repository that lets you build things with little pieces and blocks of smaller code to make something you want out of a bunch of stuff you never knew how to do–or wanted to learn. It’s supposed to make it “just work” but I’ve got “hub” pointing out that … not so jesting “Killed” and “Go” have more me in mind than … whether or not you want to see me show you “my Golden Rule.

All Debian //gypceresfsco/sources.debian/ are belong to us –Anonymous

I’m just mentioning OrbitDB here one more time; and correcting the previous error–I failed ot mention that problem came from yet another multi-package #likejustsnapyourfingersbrowandbuildit here of course #bright and also aptly named “the NPM” … which of course connects night and “post me” to our “ridian” … and of course the apt missing “me” in the time connected acronym you might imagine has nothing or something to do with Slashdot and the Nicean Chancellors and Creed and the … TanakhManishtana … and "what’s in a name without Sandra Bullock’s … Holy Line … that of course only makes sense reading backwards in word-time and connecting it to the “ex post facto” rebirth of Anakin from the Lake of Vader’s demise.

Anyway … long story short … something like gcom/runkit … of course with more “dialects” and running on a distributed systerm like "a bunch of “bikechain” IPFS “compute” nodes … might be the Holy Grail of like … “cloud computing” as in Heavenly rather than the … significant lack of … call it … coherent resource management (or sanity) that we seem to not think things like “Docker” … are like … “docking us a few thousand compute hours” just for being so damned wasteful. I’m looking at stuff like that–obviously–and haven’t even tried RunKit yet. It just “looks” like an out of the box, maybe I could get OrbitDB to run … on that–of course, if I had “buckets” or “IPFS storage” available … wait a second …

Back to the task at hand; this very humorous commentary on "who is the grease behind the /.block and then hidden “blocklayerd” of Heaven … is this very interesting piece on how “helping out” [even if it’s just for a “commit record byline” or a comment or …] is a good way to start …


Microsoft is crediting a developer after he accused the company of copying the core mechanics of its new Windows Package Manager. AppGet developer Keivan Beigi provided a detailed account of Microsoft reaching out with interest about his package manager, inviting him for interviews, and then ghosting him for months before unveiling its own package manager that he felt was inspired by his work.

Beigi claimed the “core mechanics, terminology, the manifest format and structure, even the package repository’s folder structure” of Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager (winget) are all heavily inspired by AppGet. Microsoft only briefly mentioned AppGet once in its announcement, in a throwaway line that lists other Windows package managers. A variety of Windows package managers exist, and are used to automate the process of installing and updating apps.
Microsoft doesn’t dispute the claims. “Our goal is to provide a great product to our customers and community where everyone can contribute and receive recognition,” says Andrew Clinick, a program manager responsible for the app model at Microsoft, in a blog post. “Over the past couple of days we’ve listened and learned from our community and clearly we did not live up to this goal. More specifically, we failed to live up to this with Keivan and AppGet. This was the last thing that we wanted.”

Clinick stops short of directly apologizing for the circumstances around AppGet and winget, and admits Microsoft’s implementation was inspired — or as he puts it “helped us get to a better product direction” — by AppGet:

No scripts during install – something that we completely agreed with and don’t allow with MSIX

Rich manifest definition within GitHub – the power of being open combined with rich declarative meta data about the app is so important to meet goal #1

Support all types of Windows applications installers

Seamless updates for applications in the repository

check my vital signs (97 degrees below zero)
i walk alone, i walk alone
my shadow is the only thing that walks beside me
today i walk …
[to Gr–n Key; with the i*lluminated* light of "the hammer and the I don’t feel stupid, [contagion and quoran-time]I?]

come on come on; “get: down with the sickness

-Greenday "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Briefly, on the occupation of Jerusalem by “hordes of foreign invaders” – see you – see crusades etched into Jerusalem about you – and an ultimate “end game” or end of the story basically paralleling “the useleness of light” … and neither the worth of communism nor “capitalist electorism” to any kind of future that I or … hopefully the future smashing our present with a “stupid stick” thinks is worthwhile. Your money is worthless–the way you use it is … “incentivized cannibalism,” it’s made the world a sick place, and the other side of the coin has left us nothing but “fascism” and failing economies to parallel–exactly seeing that here too. Your protests and your methods of protesting are barbaric; as is the massive disregard for the “meaning of snifleheim” and the “spirit of Korantine.”

Bethlahem; “house, clearing my throat” … the coughing was less telling, and perhaps more suggestive of some kind of double speak (like hurry up, God!) than the current absolute nothing but sickness that speaks to me with fake colds and fake riots and fake “reasons we think we should be proud.” Don’t be proud here, don’t be proud of your there–and look at here, and see the writing on the wall. Reading “and don’t know” that’s a relatively well used, important and well known phrase–commonly called an idiom–that does a decent job of “darkness to rapturing” the true “zeitgeist of the day.” It says … echoes loudly, we “see what Jesus Christ is writing about” … and “it’s us” … “and it’s all over.”

On those “it’s” … and related … the “smashing of the ten” continues here at the foot and crossroads of Sin and the Ai; the Supreme Nine Morons … between this email and the last … have struck down in a 5-4 decision a Church’s right to congregate, over the “riot response” perpetrated by the National Guard and the various rogue states executives dictating that we have neither a First Amendment right to speak, nor to congregate. This now after the previously well railed against destruction of the Fourth in relation to the NSA, the Patriot Act and several cases dictating that the people have no right to knowledge or recourse against the government or AT&T–for blatant and obvious “to the letter” disregard for that amendment.

[ back to the sky ]

In related news; there’s multiple rivers turning to blood, and also a plague of locusts some relate to the Corona virus. My personal perspective … whether or are knowledgable of it or agree … is that this is some kind of very un-grand designed, scripted and … evil spectacle–to whit, this looks like Skyfall, not just “David, Adam, Moses and Nashon admonishing the sea of … ignorance.”

For those of you that “think you have (?)” – think again; from Azrael to whomever damned our current faux and mistaken “medical world” in Nevada–the Constitution (your light and hope … if you do care; at the end of this thing) and the Hippocratic Oath … basically z’d and diseased–in my mind–in retrospect now—from the days of the (it’s not a) game: Hungry Hungry Hippo. Dear Pig-Sty; I do not jest on the word thirsty, nor it’s relation to Bethalhem or the Manger or the Farm–now by his word to me, in the Farmer.

I’m still sitting here; on the “foot of the bed” in the very room where (for remembrance of the day; I’m going to call this other) Adam (Azrael [ther: Thurisaz and Azithromycin)) confirmed or at least responded verbally (in the mirror, to the mirror; seemingly in response to the request of the mirror/me) that “it speaks” … talking not in undertones or any kind of obscurity about the thing I call “planck space stuff” (P.S.S.) in relation to some kind of gamey looking process that I’ve noted really … happening only around Clearwater and Phoenix. This is a “time period” I’d set aside to sort of link as a second stepping stone in a series of only one other “safe jump back point” that was set (in another place and time that I no longer consider safe at all) upon just reaching Kentucky for the first time.

We’ve reached past the firmament here; just yesterday–for the first time in many years with “living passengers” and it’s a sort of monument to the very strange time–and very strange experience of seeing “Mono” and the previously very loudly noted “apparent decade old time travel research” into the strange “Koran-tine” pandemic of the day–the “Corona virus.” It came fairly quickly over the course of only a few months and seems to have forever changed the face of the America … I’ve continued to write seems to stray farther and farther from the “thing and people I loved so much.” At the very same time–this exact period–I’ve noticed Monoceros and connected it to a significant message similar to the “Atlas” of Earth which through time has just noted “looking out my back door” as I listened to Credence Clearwater Revival–and minutes ago tried to “make clear” the tie between the single bridge depicted on a map of what could be the very first … “road between two stars” in a constellation just west of Orion (galactically, and with no imagination in the same temporal schpiel of "frumlegt an" … the Masonic and Judeochristian connection between Easter and Yeast … and the land of the rising red sun)–which only through some kind of (not really a) stretch of mythology would instantly tie to Jerusalem … were it’s “true pronounciation” ever really spoken or understood outside the context of “Gilgamesh” … to Cupid and Eros and “the arrows of 'the hunter you know so well’ (Europe, Time has Come).”

Here … connecting yesterday’s SpaceX launch of the first human into space in over a decade–to the “one giant leap” spoken by Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969 … and to the galactic bridge between Andromeda and the Milky Way I’ve been dreaming up and writing about–and maybe even to the three trips across the Atlantic that Christopher Columbus made to get us all the way to another mentioning of Mastodon and the “Cambridges” that define in some special way the beginning and end of that word that most likely will forever now be tied to “cable” … and yet another Earthene microcosm for a technical road between stars.

Az, I imagine; also recently … in the last several months since my visit to “Space Station VEGA” in or around Area 51 and what the name and shape of “Nevada” secretly swirls and congeals around … the important words and mentioning were the linking of multiple London’s across disparate Earths or perhaps just “realms of the United Kingdom” and explaining that even a city of the “almost same people” talking to themselves caused a kind of Renaissance–this of course relates to “Mastodon” as … what it is is a kind of decentralized bridge of things like Twitter and our cellular SMS–that could technically “instantly” link multiple Earths–were there, of course, such a thing.

Bored Elon also recently mentioned a topically similar subject and concept–and while “bridging of Earths” isn’t the grand extend of my dreams to see a “United Heaven(s) and Earth(s)” … I suppose there’s something to be said for … the ins-stance [sp. def. not-: here i listened to “Piano Man” asked for free drinks and mentioned the heart of “the Euroshington Fiag” has Lyons and T-nakh] and necessity for that thing to actually happen; in the case that they do exist–something I have only tangential confirmation of, at this point. I’d guess that’s some of the “lighting up” smiles–seeing the proof and being able to talk to another set of you–or your parents or even generations prior; I imagine that would do something for smiles. For posterity, it is well known that the above handle “is actually Elon Musk”–and it has yet to offer any BTC give-aways.

I’ve been … pressing through my PTSD/anxiety about watching the world physically respond with “expressions, gestures, and small thoughts”–something I literally see with my eyes and sense with my mind … and just walked for a second time to “Target” (for posterity and … BRIC, a supermarket whose logo includes two circles and a dot)

[ here, i’m no longer in that room–now … in a place where the bled into “BLVD of Broken Dreams” … though it’s not clear, why. ]

** but it’s sad and it’s sweet and i knew it complete when i wore the younger man’s clothes **

1 The words of the Teacher,[a] son of David, king in Jerusalem:

2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”

Rest easy baby, rest easy
And recognize it all as light and rainbows
Smashed to smithereens and be happy

-Live, Run to the water (and find me there)

seals the ach

not sure what i’ll write here. it might even include this place holder between Piano Man lyrics … that just “stab me in the heart;” and whatever the meaninglessness below says.

I suppose it’s “possible or even highly likely” that this day and this event are some kind of marker of … something else … perhaps a human traveling through a di-galactic bridge–or … maybe more microcosmically accurately simply outside the current … “stuff” we seem to call “Heavens.” My numerous overlapping waking-dream-stories of where exactly we are does include a version of history that might be accurate at a certain time in the history of life that includes “everything” being contained in some kind of Earth-cum-computer; with a … version of either the ISS or Mir looking down at it; sort of seeing a twinkling computer display.

On the return to the blue lagoon and the two perfect circles “emitted therein” … just the instant “flash” of inspiratory–it’s the moment I first saw it … I think it was at River Oaks; only after taking a picture with an army friend wearing a version of the first American Flag covered with the Gadssen/Franklin Serpent … linking it to a [only in retrospect to this instant] now obvious “out of time” link between the Sons of Liberty and the Flag of the European Union–that table with thirteen starry seats … “the perfect atemporal circle” … at the heart of the “hisword(s)” of “well, ‘round table’ is two words.” Enzing this paragraph and “section” (of the final chapter in “HADASHKA” (working title) with “Perfect, Origenation Origame”–noting the link to “No Jack City” and “Stargate [SG-1]” and the paragraph and place.


dolphins, kangaroos – and whether or not bwe believe we are a self creating thing lost in time and mor–ality :)

This placeholder meant to explain the obviousness of the genetic engineering and the very intelligent naming of pretty much everything from magic dragon fly phylum and families to Frank Sinatra and the flies and the spiders and the Miami Dophins; and Huracan; and … every God in your mythology … that you don’t seem to see as proof that you should be very afraid. I promised myself I would tell you that if you weren’t living in a place–not this world but not much farther away–where Space-Man and Namco and Capcom and …

If you aren’t in a place where people are wondering if they’re actually in space, or if they’re in “a fake space situation” or if they can’t figure out it would be easy in the light of day to coordinate time and space simply by looking at stars … if you can’t figure out that those coordinations could be gamed–and if you can’t figure out that you are in a space designed to stop all hells–even the one I’m describing … you don’t realize you must be already in it and you must not really fathom what it means to be in a map in a world designed to stop “line feeds” and people from thinking “they’re inside another person” or a God’s heart or a … the mind of a moron–if you can’t figure out that saying “in me …” this would be differenty–you really haven’t gotten the point. My God is not a “me” and it is not “this me” even in my “could have been a whole planet–until it was you” … my God has morality and my God has a conscience, and my God wrote this message–even this part, specifically, this part with my hands. He wrote this world, and he wrote Mars and he wrote Heirosolymythani … and he wrote Masstadon–even if some schools in Cambridge think they’re responsible, too.

Your God; you–you seem to think you’re self created; and I’m shit, and this message either doesn’t exist or isn’t worth talking about. See the mirror–see I feel the same way about those of you that can’t say a word, or contribute more than the snide “is the fundthemachine.com?”

Some cents to you–I still pray for one thing one–swift peace be unto Allah.

No victory at i see time “game” and nobody knows what a “star is.” I sit here … writing about Pac-Man and games about games about traveling in space in heaven–gobbling up pellets that could be space mold, could be energy reserves, or totem poles resssurecting ancient spirits or could be planets themselves; or even the hope of ever seeing one again. I stare at you all in gaping awe- and the stupid looks, the horrible attitude; and the lack of respect for me, for this message, and for the honest to god Truth–to the source of the heavens and the magic behind the skies and passing that limit–and really undersing–fathom with all your being–it doesn’t come “from you” it comes “to you here” and you ignore it; or try and teal it from the benefactors that renaim nameless, and watch as you torture Azrael, and bate the angel of death … motel to motel; and “head shake” to “snarling evil sniffle.

I wrote and a titled a book about “a Space Game” something I associate a little with Grace and a little with Mars and a little with quite a bit of what I’ve written. I cajoled quite a bit at the concept of people looking for “space-frontage” in their new homes–as if it were something like a pretty water view, and it were for sale as if you could just buy the ability to … hide in your basement and continue to break the Geneva Convention in secret in multitudes as you do here in plain sight–without even a second glimpse, without a word, day in and day out. I fear the words “lock your bikes” and almost cringe at the thought that you might possibly somehow have made it to the beginning of beginnings and there’d be no getting rid of you–or this plague of silence or this disaster that you seem to walk through with little mroe than a “well it’s a shame” at best, or one man that comments “we know it’s not fair” and still; I stand here practically starving, staring at the theives, and let me tell you–I’m no joker-and I’m not your benefactor; I’m the reason the word “fetch” ends with “what [nada]?”


Simon and Garfunkel; and their song “America” has been a significant … “marker” in the last few months–as we gobble blindly into Pac-Man’s now “pillared” … something … between “someday never comes” and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and … walling the other side something about Christopher Columbus’s “resting place” either previously linked to Valchallah and the moat of the sea by the city of Valldolid and/or … my personal lack of even the slightest recollection of whether or not he died in America or in transit [anywhere] or somewhere on the European contintent he called home.

They suggested that there’s something like a tourist trap here–everyone’s “come looking for America” in the song; as if we couldn’t figure out why at all it was encoded in the heart of the ancient city of Jerusalem; or what other kinds of “T’fillin” might be between the first and second times an unchangable book … [changed] to either incorporate the “Tanakh’s” (actually an acronym for … Torah/Nevi’im/Ketuvim) “reference to Ragnarok” and what I must imagine is my obvious belief that both pillars of that set of three religions were added “something like after” Zoroaster. Previously I’d have used “Ragnarok” itself as a map to connect it to the special “V” reading of Jerusalem; though it’s hard at this point to recall anything other than … the second word of Jerusalem (it wasn’t bent in half, like Korangard) probably linked on a “V” word like Valkyrie. Since it’s become the theme of the paragraph that letter also appears in the second two Tankah references, Kislev and the month after … which I was [currently] born in “Teve[n]t.”

** as the smile ran away from his face ** [notes the vibration in the table … the one desk I’ve had … in the last several months;

… As the books are unsealed … it;s currently 39 minutes past the hour; 8 hours past “the hour” [the one I question whether it is noted as AM or PM; prior or permanent] … as the space station spins. That is, at least I hope there’s a space station with gravity; or some kind of magnanimous gap between this place and another where “life” somehow has learned [and taught] to exist in the zero-g without atrophy … and learning how to “stop [stopping] learning”–anoki [[ … mean without creating or coating an artificial pandemic.]]

So isaac sits here, taht “stupid smile” lurking beneath his lack of … conxion between “what he sees and what he says:” though to speak “i am sure now, the lobotomy … it needs to actually happen [and be sure I am removing myself from the [red cross] aside from the possessor)s)”

[ For King Lear and my cousin Richard then; here I add–"I believe in something like the “pops of several … slowly diminishing … smashes;” and note a metatypical connection between time and the beginning and … “space or not” ]

Though I still don’t know if there’s a particle, or a field–or it’s just the thing we … now I see … pretend here is nothing like Chess at all and everything like arm wrestling with Figment.

i call it … “one letter two little gulfs and three versions of nothing; a search for glove and not the rules”

Summary: Act 3, scene 6

Gloucester, Kent, Lear, and the Fool take shelter in a small building (perhaps a shed or farmhouse) on Gloucester’s property. Gloucester leaves to find provisions for the king. Lear, whose mind is wandering ever more widely, holds a mock trial of his wicked daughters, with Edgar, Kent, and the Fool presiding. Both Edgar and the Fool speak like madmen, and the trial is an exercise in hallucination and eccentricity.

Written between the X of River Oaks and the … [TBD] of Transformations by the Gulf … this day signed June the Second–2020. Were there an airship or a space station, were there a hope that you … had anything but a “touch” and a dream–this would be anything but the day the music died forever and ever.

Viva la revolucion.

pps. Billy, “tell that man he never made love to gin; tell him you prefer your name … and tell him we’re years past finding that room, and we’re not feelin alright.”

** قبلة خاصة من دقيقة **, من الحد الأدنى

" i think this is it " (or)

How: I wrote a rather lengthy email to the dev@hyothesis list last night–suggesting several options and ideas that I think will “bring it a long way.” I’ve personally went through a sort of tiny-epiphany looking for a name for this thing I want to make before I found this particular piece of the puzzle–which is something like the spider’s web slinging gloves. I settled somewhere around the Scandinavian city of “Stranda”–as something like the strands between “the web” … a significant part of the “plan i see” is to create a new “ontological connection,” something more than the “anchors” which are the thing right now that says “this page is also related to …” and of course we have very little in the way of functional “backlinks” ever since the days of (caring) that was once something Google “surfaced” and also to mention Tumblr. The idea of course is that people would comment on some page, and it would link to a number of other pages–and there would be some automatic algorithm to connect … page to page and “heat map” the comments and related comments and web of comments that we see sort of being born and stillborn very slowly on sites like reddit. The social “relinking” and “reclaffiying” of the connections between things and their import … probably something we’ll one day find useful.

Of course in keeping with my earlier pushes into “what this thing is” … I’d like to Hypothesis storing their data in a system that is based on IPFS and blockchain and distriubuted in a way that here makes it “immutable” and maybe between here the many theres makes it something that connects not just “our few web sites” to maybe “the few internets.”

I’d like to see this thing incorporate cryptogrpahic identity and cryptographic multi-sig–I’d even like to see something like "the voice of the [insert whatever but…] “Transhumanist” (as an example) Party–literally something like a “artificial intelligence seiving” of what a group of people are saying or linking or whatever. Mentioning briefly that it’s not just anchored hypertext links and comments with those–but also pictures that are shared and “the things the pictures are of” and if you see my “style” here for the last few years–I’m also looking for some kind of “Constellation Search” that would hypothetically combine something like Amazon’s X-Ray and … in my world tie the many movies I topically and logically link to gether in a single image to something like a “these things are connected” that also would statistically leave not just a finrgerprint, but perhaps a pointer finger something like my “Jacob’s Landing Walkway” … a linked list with “choose your own next step” kind of … narrowing down and zeroing in.

I mentioned in that email, which appears to now be blackholed–by Google’s asanine SPAM filter (not any human intervention) something like … just seeing this thing and reddit fused–seeing a place where the many comments are aggregated and the “hot stuff” is brought to the attention of people that are into that kind of bleeding edge … “what’s the web talking about” and that might get away from “Twitter’s waves of …” you know, what’s Donald talking about, and what did uhh … Danielle Bregoli have to say about the riots–or turning 17.

It is a /great interface/ … and it’s almost exactly what I envisioned–and it’s very similar to the thing Dissenter made … you know … “in my image” and "after my breath was wasted trying to entertain the fact that you might actually financially or with your words or with your programming acumen … or even maybe with your ability to magically incant the last version of this thing into something more than just “a puzzle from the last broken restarts broken image” …

I see this thing as “complete” … with the addition of course of something like “Wikipedia for every page” … an immutable backup of the version of the thing you’re talking about; and the ability to actually modify what it says–or to make these annotations somehow appear … in “five dimensions” … a versioning system for … “forking another piece of electronic paper” and adding in your own best ideas. Also on the chain, and also on the IPFS; and also on the … just while I’m typing; adding in “thinking” about things like the leglsilative process my complete turns to a Beta and now I want to add “Github Workflow” and some stuff from Six Sigma and from the Business Process Outsourcing industry that I worked in–you know, from it’s very first days.

Bitches; “estimated time of arrival” α; here. β release … beta.cent “in a far off land, a long long time from no-w.”

I think we’re here–just a few more words; and I want to see AOC write a bill that has suggested executive implementations–or guides built within them; and by that I mean I want to see options, we could do this with “a website to aggregate the already horribly managed insurance industry we currently have” or we could do this with a “Red Shield” that Christianically ties something like the BC/BS (that’s Blue Cross Demolition Shield) and an Insurer of Last Resort … a government owned insurance company that would of course lowers costs and set a baseline and almost instantly bring us to the actuarial truth–Universal Healthcare saves lives–and money.

12:3 Those who are wi se[a] will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.

you are offline

we the people rise again

safe souls, safe fu

We the People of Slate

The U.S. Constitution, as you mighta been, shoulda [“come” on … its someday] rewrϕte it.

"Politicians talk about the Constitution as if it were as sacrosanct as the Ten Commandments [interjection: spec. it is actually almost exactly related!]. But the document itself invites change and revision. What if the president served only one six-year term instead two four-year terms? What if your state’s population determined how many senators represent it? What if the Constitution included a right to health care? We asked legal scholars and Slate readers to cross out what they didn’t like in the Constitution and pencil in their hearts’ desires. Here’s what the document would look like with their best ideas."

多也了了夕 "with a wand of scheffilara, 并#亦太 he begins … "I am now on the Staff of Menelaus, the Spears of Longinus and Lancelot; and the name "Mosche ex Nashon."

Logically the recent mentions of Gilgamesh and the simultaneous 同時 overlaping 場道 of the eventual link between the famous ruling of Solomon on the separation of babies and mothers and waters and land … to a story of many “two cities” that culminates in a cultural or societal or “evolutionary” link to Sodom and Gomorrah and the city-state of Babylon (and it’s Hanging Gardens) and also of course to Paris and Troy and “Masstodon” and city-states [ciudadestado] and perhaps planet-cities; from Cambridge to Cambridge across the “Cable” to see state to “London” … recently I called it “the city of realms” … I started out logically intending to link “game theory” and John Nash to the mathematical story of Sputnik and a revival of American physics; but in my usual way of rambling into the woods [I mean neighborhood] of stream of consciousness … turned into a premonitory discourse of “two cities” and how sometimes even things as obvious as the number of letters in the word “two” don’t do a good enough job of conveying … how and/or why one is simply never enough, and two isn’t much better–but in the end a circle … is drawn; the perfect circle in our imaginary mathematical perfection … I see a parted “line” in the letter pronounced “tea” (and beginning that word); and two “vee” (pron. of “v”) symbols joined together in a word we pronounce as “double-you” … and symbolically because I know “V” is the Roman Numeral for 5 (five) and I know not how to multiply in Roman numerals–

It’s important to pause; here. I am going to write a more detailed piece on “the two cities” as I work through this maze like crossroads between “them” and “demo…” … here demorigstrably I am trying to fuse together an evolutionary change in … lit. biological evolution as well as an echelon leap forward in "self-government" … in a place where these two things are unfathomable and unspokenly* connected.

To a question on the idiom; is Bablyon about “the law” or “of the land of Nod?”

What is democracy” … the song, Metallica’s “ONE” echoes and repeats; as we apparently scrive together the word “THEM” … I question myself … if Babylon were the capital city of some mythical Nation of Time … if it were the central “turning point” of Sheol; ... >|<

Can you not see that in this place; in a world that should see and does there is a gigantic message proving that we are not in reality and trying to show us how and why that's the best news since ... ever---that it's as simple as conjoining "the law of the land" with a basic set of rules that automatically turn Hell into something so much closer to Heaven I just do not understand---why we cant stand up together and say "bullets will not kill innocent children" and "snowflakes will not start avalanches ...." that cover or bury or hide the road from Earth to Verital)e .... or from the mythical Valis to Tanis---or from Rigel to Beth-El ... "guess?"

## as "an easy" answer; I'm looking for a fusion of "law and land" that somehow remembers a "jok'er a scene" about "lawn" seats; and "where the girls are green;"

It's as simple as night and day; Heaven and Hell ... the difference between survival and--what we are presented with here; it's "doing this right"--that ends the Hell of representative democracy and electoral college--the blindness and darkness of not seeing "EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT" encoded in these words and in our governments foundation ... by the framers [not just of the USA; but English .. and every language] 

... is literally just as simple as "not caring" or thinking we are at the beginning of some long process--or thinking it will never be done--that special "IT" that's the emancipation of you and I.

Here words like "gnosis" and "gaudeamus" pair with my/ur "new ntersanding*" of the difference between Asgard and Medgard and really understanding our purpose here is to end "evil" ... things like "simulating disease and pain" (here, simulating meaning ... intentionally causing, rather than "gamifying away") and successfully linking the "Pillars of Hercules" to Plato's vision of Atlantis and the letter sequences "an" and "as" ... unlock a fusion of religion and mythology and "cryptographic truth" that connects "messianic" and "Christian" to "Roman" ... "Chinese" and "American" ... literally the key to the difference between the phrases "we are" and "we were" ....

in "sight" of "silicon" in simulation and Israel, Genesis, and "silence" ... trying to the raising of Asgardian enlightenment ... and seeing "simple cypher" connecting to "Norse" ...

and the "I AM THAT" surer than shit ... the intention and design of all religion and creation is to end "simulated reality" and also not seeing "SR" ... in Israel and Norse ... "for instance."

It's a simple linguistic concept; the "singularity" and the "plurality" of a simple word--"to be"--but it goes to the heart of everything that we are and everything that is around us. This is a message about understanding and preserving individuality as well as liberty; and literally seeing "ARXIV" and understanding "often" and failing to connect God and prescience to "IV" and the Fourth Amendment ... it's about blindness and ... "curing the blind instantly" ... and fathoming how and why this message has been etched into our entire history and and all religions and myths and music--to help us "to be THAT we" that actually "are responsible" for the end of Hell.

  • I neglected to mention "Har-Wer" and "Tower of Babel" which are both related lingusitically, religiously and topically: "to who ..." and while we're on "four score and [seven years from now]" seeing the fourth "living thing" in Eden and it's (the name, Abel) connection to Babel and Abraham Lincoln; slavery and ... understanding we live in a place where the history of the United States also, like Monoceros and "Neil Armstrong's first step" are a time shifted ... overlayed map to achieving freedom ... it's about becoming a father-race ... and actually "doing" the technological steps required to "emancipate the e's of 'me&e'" and survive in exo-planetary space---

it might be as simple as adding "because we did this" here and now; and having it be something we are truly proud of .... forevermore™ ... for certain in the heart of this story about cyclicality and repetition of error--its not because we did "this" or something over and over again; it's about changing "the problem" and then helping others to also overcome ... "things like time travel ... erasing speech" --- however that happenecl.

  • I also failed to mention that "I am in Hell" ... as in this world is hellacious to me; in an overlay with the Hellenic period and this message that we are in the Trojan Horse ... a small gem .... "planet" truly is the Ark of the Covenant---and it's the simple understanding that "reality is hell" is to "living without air conditioning and plumbing is hell" just as soon as you achieve ... "rediscovering" those things---
  • I can't figure out why I am the only person screaming "this is Hell." That's also, Hell.

... but recently suggested an old joke about "there being 10 kinds of people in the world (obv an anti-tautology and a tautology simultaneously)" only after that brief bit of singularity and duality mentioning the rest of the joke: "those that understand binary and those that don't know how to base convert between counting with two hands and counting with only an 'on and off.'" It's not obvious if you aren't trying to figure it out, I suppose; but 10 is decimal notation for "kiss" and the "often" without "of" ... and binary notation for the decimal equivalent of "2." A long long time ago in a state that simply non-randomly ties to the heart of the name of our galaxy ... I was again thinking of the "perfect imperfections" of things like saying "three equals one equals one" (which, of course was related to the Holy Trinity and it's "prescient/anachronistic Adamic presence encoded in the name Ab|ra|ha|m" which means "father of a great multitude") ... I brought that one back in the last few months; connecting the letter K and in this "logos-rythmic" tie to the "base of a number system" embellish the truth just a bit and suggest a more accurate rendition of the original [there is no such thing as equality, "is" of separate objects--as in no two snowflakes are the same unless they are literally the same one; true of ancient weights and with the advent of (thinking about) time no two "planets" are the same even if they're the exact same one--unless it's at a fixed moment in time.

  • This name may be viewed either as meaning "father of many" in Hebrew or else as a contraction of ABRAM (1) and הָמוֹן (hamon) meaning "many, multitude". The biblical patriarch Abraham was originally named Abram but God changed his name (see Genesis 17:5).

K=3:11 ... to a handle on the music, the DHD of the gate and the *ring of David's "sling" ...

---and that's a relationship of "3 is to 11" as [the SAT style "analog]y" as a series of alpha, two mathematic, and two numeric symbols ... may only tie in my mind alone to the books of Genesis and Matthew and the phrase "chapter and verse" and to the stories of Lot and Job ... again in Genesis and the eponymous "Book of Job." So ... "tying up loose ends one 10b [III] iv. " as it appears I've taken it upon myself to call a Job and suggest is my "Lot in life [x]i* [3]"

  • I worry sometimes that important things are missing, or will disappear---for instance Mirriam Webster, which is a "canonical/standard dictionary) should probably have an entry for "lot in life" non-idiomatically as "granny apples to sour apples" as

2 MANY ALSO ICI; 1two ... following in Mitnick's bold introductory word steps; the curve and the complement ... the missiles and the canoes; the line and the blank space ... "supposedly two examples of two kinds, which could be three not nothings ... Today I write about something monumental; as if as important as the singularity depicted in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 "A Space Odyssey" ... and remember a day when I thought it very novel and interesting to see the words "stillborn and yet still born" connected in a single piece of writing to "Stillwater and yet still water" ... today adding in another phrase noting the change wrought only by one magical single "space" (also a single capital letter; and a third phrase): "block chains with a great blockchain."

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_word_for_%22crisis%22
  2. https://dictionary.hantrainerpro.com/chinese-english/translation-ji_howmany.htm
  3. https://dictionary.hantrainerpro.com/chinese-english/translation-duo_many.htm

  • The play revolves around Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek coalition before and during the Trojan War, and his decision to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia, to appease the goddess Artemis and allow his troops to set sail to preserve their honour in battle against Troy. The conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles over the fate of the young woman presages a similar conflict between the two at the beginning of the Iliad. In his depiction of the experiences of the main characters, Euripides frequently uses tragic irony for dramatic effect.

J.K. Rowling spurred just this past week a series of explanations about just exactly what is a blockchain coin worth ... and why is it so; her final words on the subject (artistic liberty taken, obviously not the last she'll say of this magic moment) "I don't think I trust this."

Taken directly from an off the cuff email to ARXM titled: "Slow the S is ... our Hypothes.is"

I imagine I'll be adding some wiki/ipfs stuff to it--and try to keep it compatible; the design and layout is almost exactly what I was dreaming about seeing--as a "first rough draft product." Lo, and behold. It's been added to the many places I host my tome; the small compilation of nearly every important email that has gone out ... all the way back to the days of the strange looking Margarita glass ... that now very much resembles the "Cantonese character 'le'" which I've come to associate with a "handle" on multiple corners of a room--something like an automatic coat rack conveyor belt connecting different versions of "what's in the box." I'm planning on using that symbol 了 to denote something like multiple forks of the same page. Obviously I'm thinking forward to things like "the Transhumaist Chain Party" (BDSM, right?)'s version of some particular piece of legislation, let's say everything starts with the sprawling "bulbing" of "Amendment M" ideas and specific verbiage ... and then we'll of course need some kind of new git/subversion/cvs style version control mechanism to merge intelligently into something that might actually .... really should ... make it into that place in history--the first constitutional amendment ratified by a "Continental Congress of All People" ... but you could also see it as an ongoing sort of forking of something like the "wikipedia page" on what some specific term, say "technocracy" means, and how two parties might propagandize and change the meaning of such thing; to suit the more intelligent and wise times we now live in. For instance, we might once have had a "democracy" and a "democractic" party that had some Anarchist Cook Book version of the history of it ending in something like Snipes and Stallone's "DEMOLITION MAN."

Just kidding, we all know "democracy" has everything to do with "d is cl ... and not th" ... to be the them that is the heart of the start of the first true democracy. At least the first one I've ever seen, in my old "to a republic" ... style. As it is you can play around with commenting and highlighting and annotating all the stuff I've written and begged and begged for comments on--while I work on layering the backend to to perma-store our ideas and comments on both a blockchain (probably a new one; now that i've worked a little with ethereum) with maybe some key-merkle-tree-walk-search stuff etched into the original Rinkeby ... and then of course distributed data in the "public owned and operated" IPFS. To be clear, I plan on rewriting the backend storage so that we will have a permanent record of all comments; all versions of whatever is being commented on; and changes/revisions to those documents--sort of turning the web into a massive instant "place of collaboration, discussion, and co-authoring" ... if you use the wonderful LEGO pieces that have been handed to us in ideas from places like me, lemma--dissenter, and of course hypothes.is who has brought you and i such a polished and nice to look at "first draft" of something like the living Constitution come repository of all human knowledge. I do sort of secretly wich they would have called this project something like "annotating and reflecting (or real or ...) knowledge" just so the movement could have been called ARK. ... or something .... but whatever join the "calling you a reporter" group or ... "supposedly a scientist?"

NOIR INgR .. I CITE SITE OF ENUDRICAM; a rekindling of the dream of a city appearing high above in the sky, now with a boldly emblazened smiling rainbow and upsidown river ... specifically the antithesis of "angel falls," there's a lagoon too--actually a chain of several ponds underneith the floating rock ... and in some versions of this waking dream there are rings around the thing; you might imagine an artificial set of centripetal orbitals something like a fusion of the ring Eslyeum and the "Six-Axis ride" of the JKF Center's "Spacecamp." I write as I dream, and though I cannot for certain explain exactly how; it's become a strong part of my mythology that this spectacular rendition of "what ends the silence" has something to do with the magical delivery of "a book" ... something not of this Earth but an unnatural thing; one I've dreamt of creating many times. This book is something like the DSM-IV and something like a Merck diagnostic manual; but rather than the old antiquated cures of "the Norse Medgard" this spectacle nearly "itsimportant" autoprints itself and lands on something like every doorpost; what it is is a list of reasons why "simply curing all disease" with no explanation and no conversation would be a travesty of morality--how it would render us half-blind to the myriad of new solutions that can come from truly understanding why "ITIS" to me has become a kind of magical marker: an "it is special" as in, it's cure could possibly solve a number of other problems.

Through that missing "o," English on the ball, we see a connection between a number of words that shine bright light including Exodus itself which means "let there be light," the word for Holy Fire and the Burning Bush.. .reversed to hSE'Ah, and a story about the Second Coming parting our holy waters.

This answer connects the magical Rod's of Aaron in Exodus and the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ to the Sang Rael itself... in a fusion that explains how the Periodic Table element for Iron links not just to Total Recall and Mars, but also to this key

my dream of what the first day of the Second Coming might be like; were the Rod of Christ... in the right hands. In a story that also spans the Bible, you might understand better how stone to bread and your input make all the difference in the world between Heaven and Adam's Hand. Once more, what do you think He ....


Since the very earliest days of this story, I have asked for better for you, even than see

Nearly all of the original parts of the original "post-origination dream" remain intact; there's a walkway that magically creates new paths and "attractions" based on where you walk, something like an inversion of the artificial intelligence term "a random walk down a binary tree" ... for instance going left might bring you to the Internet Cafetornaseum of the Earl of Sandwich; and going to the right might bring you to the ICIMAX/Auditorium of Science and Discovery--there's a walkway to "Magical GLAS D'elevators" that open a special "instantiation" of the Japan Room of the Potter and the Toolmaker ... complete with a special [second level and hidden staircase] Pool of Bethesdaibo verily delivering something like youth of mind and body ... or at least as close to such a thing as a sip of Holy Water or Ambrosia or a dip in the pool of Coccoon and Ponce De'Leon could instantly bring ... to those that have seen Jupiter Ascending ... the questions of "nature versus nurture" and what it means to be "old and wise" and "young at heart" truly mean---

Somewhere between the outdoor rafting ride and the level with the special "ballroom of the ancient gallery" ... perhaps now being named or renamed or recalled as something about "Face [of] the Music" lies a magical "mini-maize" ... a look at a mock-up (or #isitit) of Merlink and Harthor's "round table" that displays a series of ... (at least to me) magical appearing holographic displays and controls that my dreams have stolen from Phillip K. Dick's Minority Report and something of what I hope Microsoft's Dynamics/Hololens/Surface will become---a series of short "focus groups" .... to guage and discuss the information in the "CITIES-D5AM-MERCK" ... how to end world hunger and nearly all disease with the press of a magical buzzer--castling churches to something like "political-party-town-hall-meeting centers" and replacing jails and prisons and hospitals with something like the "Hospitalier's PRIDE and DOJOY's I practiced "Kung-fun-dance" ... a fusion of something like a hotel and a school that probably looks very much like a university with classrooms and dorms and dining hall's all fit into a single building. I imagine a series of 2 or 3 "room changes" as in you walk from the one where you get the book and talk about it ... to the one where you talk about "what everyone else said about it" and maybe another one that actually connects you to other people with something like Facebook's Portal; the point of the whole thing to really quickly "rubber stamp" the need for an end to "bars in the sky" nonalcoholic connotation--as in "overcoming the phrase the sky is the limit" and showing us the need for a beacon of glowing hope fulfilled--probably actually the vision of a holographic marker turning into actual rings around the single moon of Earth, the focus of the song annoucing the dawn of the age of Aquarius---

It might lead us also to Ceres; and another set of artificial rings, or to Monoceros and a rehystorical understanding of the birthplace and birthing of the "river roads" that bridge the "space gaps" in the galaxy from our "one giant leap for mankind" linking the Apollo moon landing to the mythological connection to the sun; and connecting how the astrological charts of the ancients might detail a special kind of overlapping--the link between Earth's SOL and something like Proxima or Alpha Centauri; and how that "monostar bridge" might overlap to Orion and from there through Sagitarius and the center of the Milky Way ... all the way to Andromeda and more dreams of being in a place where there's a map to a tri-galactic system in the constellation Cancer and a similar one in Leo ... and just incase you haven't noticed it--a special marker here, I thought to myself it might be cool to "make an acronymic tie to Monoceros" and without even thinking auto-wrote Orion (which was the obvious constellation next to Monoceros, in the charts) and then to Sagitarrius; which is the obvious ... heart of our astrological center and link to "other galaxies."

----I've dreamt or scriven or reguessed numerous times how the Milky Way's map to an "Atlas marked through time by the ages and the ancients" might tie this place and this actual map to the creation of the railways between stars to the beginning and the end of time and of course to this message that links it all to time travel. There's a few "guesses" I've contemplated; that perhaps the Milky Way chart is a metal-cosmic or microcosmic map to the dawn of time in the galactic vision of ... just after the big bang; or it might tie to a map of something like the unthinkable--a civilization that became so powerful it was able to reverse the entropy of "cosmic expansion" and reverse the thing Asimov wrote of in "The Last Question" as the end of life and the ability to survive basically due to "heat loss."

"The Last Question." (And if you read two, why not "The Last Answer"?). Find these readings added to our collection, 1,000 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free.

Looking for free, professionally-read audio books from Audible.com, including ones written by Isaac Asimov?

* all "asterisks" in the abovə document denote a sort of Adamic unspoken relationship between notations and meanings; here adding the "Latin word for three" and source of the phrase "t.i.d." (which is doctor/pharmacy latin for "three times a day") where the "t" there is an abbreviation of "ter" ... and suppose the link between K and 11 and 3 noting it's alphanumeric position in the English alphabet as the 11th letter and only linking cognitively to three via the conversion between hex, and binarryy ... aberrative here is the overlapping "hakkasan" style (or ZHIV) lack of mention of the answer in "state of Kansas" and the "citystate of Slovakia" as described in the ICANN document linked [in] the related subsection or slice of the word "binarry" for the state of India. Tetris could be spelled with the addition of only a single letter [in] "tea"---the three letters "ris" are the hearts of the words "Christ" and "wrist" [and arguably of Osiris where you also see the round table character of the solar-system/sun glyph and the chemical element for The Fifth Element (as def. by i) via "Sinbad" and "Superman." The ERIS Free Network should also be mentioned here in connection with the IRC network I associate in the place between skipping stones and sacred hearts defined by "AOL" and "Kdice" in my life. In the lexicon of modern HTML, curly braces are generally relative to "classes" and "major object definitions (javascript/css)" while square brackets generally only take on computer-interpreted meaning in "Markdown" which is clearly (by definition, by this character set "[]") a superset (or at least definately not a subset) of HTML.

Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is a scientist who researches the nature of sapience, including artificial intelligence. He and his team work to create a sentient computer; he predicts that such a computer will create a technological singularity, or in his words "Transcendence". His wife, Evelyn (played by Rebecca Hall), is also a scientist and helps him with his work.

Following one of Will's presentations, an anti-technology terrorist group called "Revolutionary Independence From Technology" (R.I.F.T.) shoots Will with a polonium-laced bullet and carries out a series of synchronized attacks on A.I. laboratories across the country. Will is given no more than a month to live. In desperation, Evelyn comes up with a plan to upload Will's consciousness into the quantum computer that the project has developed. His best friend and fellow researcher, Max Waters (Paul Bettany), questions the wisdom of this choice, reasoning that the "uploaded"

Just from my general understanding and memory "st" is not ... to me (specifically) an abbreviation of "state" but "ste" is a U.S. Postal code (also "as I understand it") for the name of a special room or set of rooms called a "suite" and in Adamic "connotation" I sometimes read it as "sweet" ... which has several meanings that range from "cool" to "a kind of taste sensation" to "easy to sway or fool."

If you asked me though, for instance if "it" was an abbreviation or shorthand notation or acronym for either "a United state" or "saint" ... you'd be sure.

While it's clear from studying linguistic cryptography ... (If I studied it a little here and some there, its also from the "universal translator of Star Trek") and the personal understanding that language is a kind of intelligent code, and "any code is crackable" ... that I caution here that "meaning" and "face value" often differ widely and wildly ... even in the same place or among the same group of people ... either varying over time or heritage.

Menelaus, in Greek mythology, king of Sparta and younger son of Atreus, king of Mycenae; the abduction of his wife, Helen, led to the Trojan War. During the war Menelaus served under his elder brother Agamemnon, the commander in chief of the Greek forces. When Phrontis, one of his crewmen, was killed, Menelaus delayed his voyage until the man had been buried, thus giving evidence of his strength of character. After the fall of Troy, Menelaus recovered Helen and brought her home. Menelaus was a prominent figure in the Iliad and the Odyssey, where he was promised a place in Elysium after his death because he was married to a daughter of Zeus. The poet Stesichorus (flourished 6th century BCE) introduced a refinement to the story that was used by Euripides in his play Helen: it was a phantom that was taken to Troy, while the real Helen went to Egypt, from where she was rescued by Menelaus after he had been wrecked on his way home from Troy and the phantom Helen had disappeared.

This article is about the ancient Greek city. For the town of ancient Crete, see Mycenae (Crete). For the hamlet in New York, see Mycenae, New York.

Μυκῆναι, Μυκήνη


The Lion Gate at Mycenae, the only known monumental sculpture of Bronze Age Greece

37°43′49″N 22°45′27″ECoordinates: 37°43′49″N 22°45′27″E

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Mycenae (Ancient Greek: Μυκῆναι or Μυκήνη, Mykēnē) is an archaeological site near Mykines in Argolis, north-eastern Peloponnese, Greece. It is located about 120 kilometres (75 miles) south-west of Athens; 11 kilometres (7 miles) north of Argos; and 48 kilometres (30 miles) south of Corinth. The site is 19 kilometres (12 miles) inland from the Saronic Gulf and built upon a hill rising 900 feet (274 metres) above sea level.[2]

In the second millennium BC, Mycenae was one of the major centres of Greek civilization, a military stronghold which dominated much of southern Greece, Crete, the Cyclades and parts of southwest Anatolia. The period of Greek history from about 1600 BC to about 1100 BC is called Mycenaean in reference to Mycenae. At its peak in 1350 BC, the citadel and lower town had a population of 30,000 and an area of 32 hectares.[3]

3. Chew 2000, p. 220; Chapman 2005, p. 94: "...Thebes at 50 hectares, Mycenae at 32 hectares..."

Melpomene (/mɛlˈpɒmɪniː/; Ancient Greek: Μελπομένη, romanized: Melpoménē, lit. 'to sing' or 'the one that is melodious'), initially the Muse of Chorus, she then became the Muse of Tragedy, for which she is best known now.[1] Her name was derived from the Greek verb melpô or melpomai meaning "to celebrate with dance and song." She is often represented with a tragic mask and wearing the cothurnus, boots traditionally worn by tragic actors. Often, she also holds a knife or club in one hand and the tragic mask in the other.

Melpomene is the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Her sisters include Calliope (muse of epic poetry), Clio (muse of history), Euterpe (muse of lyrical poetry), Terpsichore (muse of dancing), Erato (muse of erotic poetry), Thalia (muse of comedy), Polyhymnia (muse of hymns), and Urania (muse of astronomy). She is also the mother of several of the Sirens, the divine handmaidens of Kore (Persephone/Proserpina) who were cursed by her mother, Demeter/Ceres, when they were unable to prevent the kidnapping of Kore (Persephone/Proserpina) by Hades/Pluto.

In Greek and Latin poetry since Horace (d. 8 BCE), it was commonly auspicious to invoke Melpomene.[2]


Flagstaff (/ˈflæɡ.stæf/ FLAG-staf;[6] Navajo: Kinłání Dookʼoʼoosłííd Biyaagi, Navajo pronunciation: [kʰɪ̀nɬɑ́nɪ́ tòːkʼòʔòːsɬít pɪ̀jɑ̀ːkɪ̀]) is a city in, and the county seat of, Coconino County in northern Arizona, in the southwestern United States. In 2018, the city's estimated population was 73,964. Flagstaff's combined metropolitan area has an estimated population of 139,097.

Flagstaff lies near the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau and within the San Francisco volcanic field, along the western side of the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the continental United States. The city sits at around 7,000 feet (2,100 m) and is next to Mount Elden, just south of the San Francisco Peaks, the highest mountain range in the state of Arizona. Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet (3,851 m), is about 10 miles (16 km) north of Flagstaff in Kachina Peaks Wilderness. The geology of the Flagstaff area includes exposed rock from the Mesozoic and Paleozoic eras, with Moenkopi Formation red sandstone having once been quarried in the city; many of the historic downtown buildings were constructed with it. The Rio de Flag river runs through the city.

Originally settled by the pre-Columbian native Sinagua people, the area of Flagstaff has fertile land from volcanic ash after eruptions in the 11th century. It was first settled as the present-day city in 1876. Local businessmen lobbied for Route 66 to pass through the city, which it did, turning the local industry from lumber to tourism and developing downtown Flagstaff. In 1930, Pluto was discovered from Flagstaff. The city developed further through to the end of the 1960s, with various observatories also used to choose Moon landing sites for the Apollo missions. Through the 1970s and '80s, downtown fell into disrepair, but was revitalized with a major cultural heritage project in the 1990s.

The city remains an important distribution hub for companies such as Nestlé Purina PetCare, and is home to the U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station, the United States Geological Survey Flagstaff Station, and Northern Arizona University. Flagstaff has a strong tourism sector, due to its proximity to Grand Canyon National Park, Oak Creek Canyon, the Arizona Snowbowl, Meteor Crater, and Historic Route 66.

#PSANSDISL #LWDISP either without gas or seeing cupidic arroz in "thank you" or "allta, wild" ...

pps: a magnanimous decision ...

I stand here on the brink of what appears to be total destruction; at least of everything I had hoped and dreamed for ... for the last decade in my life which appears literally to span thousands of years if not more in the eyes of some other beholder. I spent several months in Kentucky telling a story of a post apocalyptic and post-cataclysmic delusion; some world where I was walking around in a "fake plane" something like a holodeck built and constructed around me as I "took a walk around the world" to ... it did anything but ease my troubled mind.

Recently a few weeks in Las Vegas, and a similar story; telling as I walked penniless down the streets filled with casino's and anachronistic taxi-cabs ... some kind of vision of the entirety of the heavens or the Earth or the "choir of angels" I think of when I echo the words Elohim and Aesir from mythology ... there with me in one small city in superposition; seeing what was a very well put together and interesting story about a "star port" Nirvane ... a place that could build cities into the face of mountains and half working monorails appearing in the sky---literally right before my eyes.

I suppose this is the place "post cataclysm" though I still have trouble understanding what it is that's actually about ... in my mind it connects to the words "we are losing habeas" echo'ed from the streets of Los Angeles in a more clear and more military voice than usual--as I walked block by block trying to evade a series of events that would eventually somehow connect all the way to the "outskirts of Orlando, Florida" in a place called Alhambra.

Apparently the name of a castle; though I wasn't aware of that until much later.

It doesn't feel at all like a "cataclysm" to me; I see no great rift--only a world filled with silent liars, people who collectively believe themselves to have stolen something--something gigantic--at least that's the best interpretation of the throws and impetus behind the thing that I and mythology together call Jormungandr. With an eye for "mythological connections" you could clearly see that name of the Great Serpent of Revelation connects to something like the Unseelie; the faeries of Gaelic lore. To me though this world seems still somewhat fluid, it's my entire life--moving from Plantation to a place where the whole of it might be Bethlehem and to "clear my throat" it's not hard to see here how that land of "coughs" connects to the Biblical land of Nod and to the "Adamically sieved" Snifleheim ... from just a little twist on the ancient Norse land most probably as close to Hel as anyone ever gets--or so I dream and hope---still today. It all looks so real and so fake at the same time; planned for thousands of generations, the culmination of some grand masterpiece story that certainly ties history and myth and reality into a twisted heap of "one big nothing, one big nothing at all."

I've tried to convey to the world how important I believe this place and this time to be--not by some choice of my own ... but through an understanding of the import of our history and the impact of having it be so obviously tuned and geared towards this specific time ... many thousands of years literally all focused on a single moment, on one day or one hour or even just a few years where all of that gets thrown down on the table as if some trump card has been played--and whether or not you fathom the same magnanimous statement or situation or position ... to me, I think it depends on whether or not you grew up in the same kind of way, believing our history to be so fixed and so difficult to change. I don't particularly feel like that's the "zeitgeist" of today; I feel like the children believe it to be some kind of game, and that it is such as easy thing to "sed" away or switch and turn into something else--another story, another purpose ... anyone's personal fantasy land come true.

I don't think that's the case at all, it's clearly a personal nightmare; and it's clearly one we've seen time and time again--though not myself--the Jesus Christ that is the same yesterday, today; and once again perhaps echoing "no tomorrow" never remembers or believes that we've "seen it all before" or that we've ever really gotten the point; the thing you present to me as "factual reality" is a sickness, it disgusts me; and I'd do anything to go back to the world "where I was so young, and so innocent" and so filled with starry-eyed hope that we were at the foot of something grand and amazing that would become an empire turned republic of the heavens; filling the stars ... with the kind of love for kindness and fairness that I once associated very strongly with the thing I still believe to be the American Spirit.

"Suddenly it changes, violently it changes" ... another song echoes through the ages--like the "words of the prophets dancing ((as light)) through the air" ... and I no longer even have a glimmer of hope that the thing I called the American People still exist; I feel we've been replaced by some broken container of minds, that the sky itself has become corrupt to the point that there's no hope of turning around this thing that I once believed with all my heart and all my mind was so obviously a "designed downward spiral" one that was---again--so obviously something of a joke, intended to be easy to bounce off a false bottom and springboard beyond "escape velocity" and beyond the dark waters of "nearest habitable star systems (being so very far away)" into a place where new words and new ideas would "soar" and "take flight."

Here though; I am filled with a kind of lonely sadness ... staring at what appears to be the same mistake(s) happening over and over again; something I've come to call "skipping stones in the pond of reality" and really do liken it to this thing that appears to be the new meaning of "days" and ... a civilization that spends absolutely no love or lust to enter a once sacred and holy place and tarnish it with their sick beliefs and their disgusting desires. You all ... you appear to be some kind of springboard to "bunt" forth yet another age or era of nothingness into the space between this planet and "none worth reaching" and thank God, out of grasp. Today, I'd condemn the entirety of this world simply for it's lack of "oathkeepers" and understanding of what the once hallowed words of Hippocrates meant to ... to the people charged and dharmically required to heal rather than harm.

It appears the place and time that was once ... at least destined to be the beginning of Heaven ... has become a "recurring stump" of some future unplanned and tarnished by many previous failed efforts and attempts to overcome this same "lack of conversation or care" for what it meant to be "humane" in a world where that was clearly set high aloft and above "humanity" in the place where they--where we were the best nature had to offer, the sanest, the kindest; the shining last best hope.

Today I write almost every day ... secretly thanking "my God" for the disappearance of my tears and the still small but bright hope that "Tearran" will one day connect the Boston Tea Party and the idea that "render to Caesar" and Robin of Loxley ... all have something to do with a re-ordering of society and the worth and import of "money" ... to a place that cares more for freedom from murder than it does ... "freedom from having to allow others to hear me speak." I hold back tears and emotions; not by conscious choice or ability but ... still with that strange kind of lucky awkward smile; and secretly not so far below the surface it's the hope of "a swift death" that ... that really scares me more than the automatons and mechanical responses I see in the faces of many drivers as they pass me on the street--the imagery of connecting it to the serpentine monster of the movie Beetlejuice ... something I just "assume" the world understands and ... doesn't seem to fear (either); as if Churchill had gotten it all wrong and backwards--the only thing you have to fear, is the loss of fear of "loss."

Here my crossroads---halfway between the city my son lives in and the city my parents live in--it's on making a decision on whether I should continue at all, or personally work on some kind of software project I've been writing about, or whether I should focus on writing about a "revolution" in government and society that clearly is ... "somewhat underway." In my mind it's obvious these things are all connected; that the software and the governance and the care of whether or not "Babylon" is remembered as a city of great laws and great change or a city of demons and depravity ... that these thi]ngs all hinge and congeal around a change in your hearts; hoping you will chose to be the beginning of a renaissance of "society and civilization" rather than the kings and queens of a sick virtual anarchy ... believing yourselves to have stolen "a throne of God" rather than to literally be the devastating and demoralizing depreciation of "lords and fiefdoms" to something more closely resembled by the time of the Four Horsemen depicted in Highlander.

These words intended to be a "forward" to yet another compliment of a ((nother installment of a partial)) chain of emails; whimsically once half-joking ... I called it the Great Chain of Revelation. The software too; part of the great chain, this "idea" that the blockchain revolution will eventually create a distributed and equal governance structure, and a rekindling of monetary value focused on "free and open collaboration" rather than "survival of the most unfit"--something society and civilization seem to have turned the "call of life" from and to ... literally just in the last few years as we were so very close to ... reaching beyond the Heaven(s).

I don't think its hard to imagine how a "new set of ground rules" could significantly change the "face of a place" -- make it something shiny and new or even on the other side of the coin, decayed or depraved. It's not hard to connect the kind of change I'm hoping for with "collision protection" and "automatic laws" to the (perhaps new, perhaps ... ancient) Norse creation story of the brothers of Odin: Vili and Ve.

It might be hard to see today how a new "kind of spiritual interaction" might be only a few "mouse clicks" away though--how it could change everything literally in a flash of overnight sensation ... or how it might take something like a literal flash of stardom (or ... on the other hand, something like totalitarian or authoritarian "iron fisting") to make a change like this "ubiquitious" or ... something like the (imagined in my mind as ... messianic) "ED" of storming through the cosmos or the heavens and turning something that might appear to be "free and perfect feeling" today into a universe "civlized overnight" and then ...

I wonder how long it would take to laud a change like that; for it to be something of a voluntary "reunderstanding" of a process ... to change the meaning of every word or every thought that connects to the process of "civilization" to recognize that something so great and so powerful has happened as to literally change the meaning of the word, to turn a process of civilization into something that had a ... "signta-lamcla☮" of forboding and then a magical staff struck into the heart of a sea and then ... and then the word itself literally changes to introduce a new "mid term" or "halfway point" in which a great singularity or enlightenment or change in perspective or understanding sort of acknowledges ...

that some "clear outside" force not only intervened on the behalf of the future and the people of our world but that it was uniquely involved in the whole of--

"waking up" tio a nu def of #Neopoliteran.

^Like the previous notation; the below text comes from an email previously sent; and while i stand behind things like my sanity, my words; and my continued and faithful attempt to speak and convey both a useful and helpful truth to the world---sometimes just a single day can make all the difference in the world.

Sometimes it's just a single moment; a flash or a comment about ^th@ blink of an eye" ... and I've literally just "thought up/had/experienced/transitioned thru" that exact moment. The lies standing between "communication" and either "cooperation" or .... some other kind of action have become more defined. More obvious. Because of this clarification; like a kind of "ins^tant* gnosis"

I ... TERON;

Gjall are painting me into a corner here; and I don't see around it anymore--I don't see the light, and I don't see the point. I was a happy-go-lucky little kid in my mind; that's not "what I wanted to be" or what I wanted to present, it's who I was. I saw "Ashkenazi" and ... know I am one of those ... and I kind of understood that something horrible might have happened, or might happen here--and I kind of understand that crying smashing feeling of "to ash" that echoes through the ages in the potpourri songs about pockets full of Parker Posey .. and ancient Psalms about "from the ashes of Edom" we have come--and from that you can see the cyclical sickness of this ... place so sure it's "East of Eden" and yet gung-ho on barrelling down the same old path towards ash and towards Edom and towards ... more of Dave's "ashes to ashes dust to dust" and his "smoke clouds roll and symphony of death..." and few words of solace in a song called Recently that I imagine was fleeting and has recently come and gone--people stare, I can't ignore the sick I see.

I can't ignore his "... and tomorrow back to being friends" and all but wonder who among us doesn't realize it's "ash" and "gone" and "no memory of today" that's the night between now and ... a "tomorrow with friends" not just for me--but for all of you--for this place that snickers and pantomimes some kind of ... anything but "I'm not done yet" and "there's more ... vendetta ... and retribution to be had, Adam ... please come back in a few more of our faux-days." This is sickness; and happy-go-lucky Himodaveroshalayim really doesn't do much but complain about that word, the "sickle" and the tragic unavoidable ... ash of it all ... these days--you'd think we could "pull out" of this mess, turn another way; smile another day, but it seems there's only one way to get to that avenu in the mind of ... "he who must not know or be me."

I have to admit I found some joy in the epiphany that the hidden city of Zion and it's fusion with the Namayim' version of how that "Ha" gels and jives with the name Abraham and the Manna from Heaven and the bath salt and the tina and the "am in e" of amphetamine--maybe a glimmer or a shimmer or a glow of hope at the moment "Nazion" clicked ... and I said ... "no, not me ... I'm nothing like a king, no dreams of authoritarianism at all in the heart of Kish@r;" even as I wrote words that in the spirit of the moment were something of a "tis of a'we" that connected to my country and the first sing-songy "tisME" that I linked to trying to talk in the rhyming spirit of some "first Christ" that probably just like me was one limmerick away from the end of the rainbow and one "Four Non Blondes" song away from tying "or whatever that means" and this land crowned with "brotherhood" (to some personal "of the Bell, and of the bell towers so tall and Crestian") to just one Hopp skip and jump away from the heart of the obvious echoes of a bridge between haiku and Heroku... a few more gears shift into place, a click and and a mechanical turn of the face of the clock's ku-ku striking ... it was the word "Earthene" that was the last "Jesusism" around the post Cimmerian time linking Dionysus and Seuss to that same "su-s" that's belonging to a moment in the city of Uranus--codified and etched in stone as "MCO"--not just for its saucer and warp nacelles and "deflector dish" but for it's underground caverns and it's above ground "Space Mountain" and that great golf ball in the heart of it all.

The gears of time and the dawns of civilizequey.org query the missing "here" in our true understanding of what "in the beginning, to hear; to here ... to rue the loss of the Maize from Monoceros to the VEGA system and the tri-galactic origin of ... "some imaginary universal ... Earthene pax" to have dropped the ball and lost it all somewhere between "Avenu Malkaynu" and melaleuca trees--or Yggrasil and Snifleheim--or simply to miss the point and "rue brickell" because of bricks rather than having any kind of love or nostalgia linking to a once cobblestone roadway to the city in the Emerald skies paved in golden "do not return" signs ... to have lost Avenues well after not realizing it was "Heaven'es that were long gone far before I stepped foot on this road once called too Holy for sandals" in a place where that Promised Land and this place of "K'nanites" just loses it's grip on reality when it comes to mentioning the possibility that the original source and story of Ca'anan was literally designed to rid the world of ... "bad nanites" and the mentality of ... vindictiveness that I see behind every smirk.

The final hundred nanoseconds on our clock towards doom and gloom cause another bird to fly; another snake to curl up and listen again to the songs designed to charm it into oblivion; whether that's about a club in South Beach or a place not so far from our new "here..." all remains to be seen in my innocent eyes wondering what it truly is that stands between what you are ... and finding "forgiveness not needed--innocent child writes to the mass" ... and the long arm of the minute hand and the short finger of the hour for one brief moment reconcile and move towards "midnight" together; and it's simply idyllic, the Nazarene corner between nil and null you've relegated the history of Terran poast futures into ... "foreves mas" or so they (or you) think.

I'm still so far from "Five Finger Death Punch" though; and so far from Rammstein and so far from any kind of sick events that could stand between me and "the eternal" and change my still "casual alternative rock" loving heart to something more death metal; I rue whatever lies between me and there being any kind of Heaven that thinks there could exist a "righteous side" of Hell and it... simultaneously.

I still see light here in admonishing the masses and the angels standing against the story and the message God brings us in our history. I still see sparks in siding with the "causticness" of "no holodecks in sight" and the hunger and the pain of simulating ... "the hells of reality" over the story of decades or centuries of silence refusing to see "holography" and "simulated" in the word Holocaust and the horrors of this place that simply doesn't seem to fathom or understand the moments of hunger pangs and the fear of "dark Earth pits" or towers of "it's not Nintendo-DS" linking the Man in the High Castle to an Iron Mask.

I rally against being what I clearly am raised high on some pedestal by some force beyond my comprehension and probably beyond that of the "perfect storm in time" that refuses to itself acknowledge what it means to gaze at such an unfathomable loss of innocence at the cost of a "happy and serene future" or even at the glimmer of the Never-Never-Land I'd hoped we would all cherish and love and share ... the games and the newfound freedom that comes not just from "seeing Holodeck" turn into "no bullets" and "no cages" but into a world that grows and flourishes into something that's so far beyond my capability to understand that I'm stuck here; dumbfounded; staring at you refusing to stop car accidents and school shootings ... because "pedestal." For the "fire and the glory" of some night you refuse to see is this one--this place where morality rekindles from ... from what appears tobe one small candle, but truly--if it's not in your heart, and it's not coming from some great force of goodness--fear today and a world of "forever what else may come."

Here in a place the Bible calls Penuel at the crossing of a River Jordan ... the Angel of the Lord notes the parallels in time and space between the Potomac and the Rhine--stories of superposition and cities and nation-states that are nothing more than a history of a history of things like the Monoceros "arroz" linking not just to the constellation Orion but to Sagittarius and to Cupid and of course to the Hunter you know so well--

Searching for a Saturday; a sabbath to be made Holy once more ... "at the Rubycon"

The Einstein-Rosen Wormhole and the Marshall-Bush-JFKjr Tunnel

The waters are called narah, (for) the waters are, indeed, the offspring of Nara; as they were his first residence (ayana), he thence is named Narayana.

— Chapter 1, Verse 10[3]

In a semi-fit of shameless arexua-self recognition i'm going to mention Amazon's new series "Upload" and connect it to the PKD work that my Martian-in-simulcrum-ciricculum-vitae on "colonization education" ... tying together Transcendance, Total Recall and ... well; to be honest it actually gave me another "uptick" in the upbeat ... maybe i'll stick around until I'm sure there's at least one more copy of me in the ivrtual-invverse ... oh, that reminds me ... Farmer)'s Lord of Opium also touches on this same "mind of God in the computer" subject (which of course leads to Ghost in the Shell and Lucy--thanks Scarlette :).

While I'm listing Matrix-intersected pieces of the puzzle to No Jack City, Elon Musk's neuralace and Anderson's Feed are also worth a mention. Also the first link in this paragraph is titled ... "the city of the name of time never spoken after time woke up and stfu'd" (which of course is the primary subject of this ... update to the city Aerosol).

The ... "actual original typed dream" included a sort of "roller coaster ride" through space all the way to Mars; where the real purpose of "the thing" I am calling the "Mars Hall" was to display previous victories and failures ... and the introduction of "older or future" culture's suggestions for "the right way" to colonize a new habitat. If it were Epcot Center, this would be something like SpaceMountain taking you to to the foture of "Epcot Countries" as if moving from "countries" to planets were as easy as simply ... "reading backwards."




Thinking just a little bit ahead of myself, but I'm on "Unreal Object/Map Editor within the VR Server" and calling it something like "faux-wet-ware" ... which then of course leads to a similar onomonopeia of "weapons and ..." where-with-all to find a better singer's name to connect the road of "sword" to a Wo'riordan ... but I think that fusion of warrior and woman probably does actually say ... enough of it all; on this road to the living Bright Water that the diety in my son's middle name defines well here, as "waking up," stretching it's tributaries and it's winding wonders and wistfully ....

Narayana (Sanskrit: नारायण, IAST: Nārāyaṇa) is known as one who is in yogic slumber on the celestial waters, referring to Lord Maha Vishnu. He is also known as the "Purusha" and is considered the Supreme being in Vaishnavism.

andromedic; the ports of call ... to the mediterranean (literally) from the gulf coast;

... ho engages in the creation of 14 worlds within the universe as Brahma when he deliberately accepts rajas guna, himself sustains, maintains and preserves the universe as Vishnu by accepting sattva guna. Narayana himself annihilates the universe at the end of maha-kalp ...


there's no place like home. there's no place like home. there's no place like home.

and so it begins ... "f:

r e l i g i o n

find out what it means to me. faucet, ever single one, stream of purity ...

from Fort Myers ... f ... flicks ... Flint.


^this notation will from this email forward in linear time denote some form of contact method or information related to the context of the message you are reading. This particular one sends me an encrypted email. 5if there is an "@" symbol involved in the "anchor's hypertext reference" (technically an "a href=" in HTML4) your browser should attempt to open an email client to send a message over an anonymous SMTP relay. Understand that "anonymous" in this case may or may not mean your sending email address is hidden or obvuscated--so if you want to receive a reply you must include it in the DATA of your SMTP transmission defined by the RFC5321 attached. In most cases "anonymous" also means that you will not have the recipients direct contact information unless they have made it public---additionally the exact server/system/relay used may or may not be the "Sbroken Berkman Perl Script" linked to in the "hypertext reference" specifically anchored to the words "an anonymous SMTP relay" above.

A simple "hat character" (^) and the letter "t" as you see beginning the above paragraph will denote a contact method or form that works over the internet using an HTTP protocol defined in a series of RFC's including (but not limited to) RFC's numbered as 2616, 7230, 7235, 2068 and use a simple language which is based on a definition suggested or proposed currently by an organization called the "W3C Consortium"

---and ... previously set and defined by an organiza^tion located at html.spec.whatwg.org; which appears (to me, for the first time as I write these words) to follow the conceptual spirit of the "living document" defined by the several "Continental Congresses, et alia." I personally now conjoin this document in my head to a procession of patrilineal or matrilnear predecessors to the actual event .... still to be defined ... but related to this specific email, this mailing list; its contributors and readers as well as actual members of the organization (still to be created, defined, or named) that creates a "round table*" of members that is open to the public, to all voters educated enough to understand the specific issue being voted on (up to a standard that; in this place and time appears to be unset and unmet but materially related to reawching the age of 18 years old; growing up in or being born in the United States of America (related spec.* to the Constitution of the United States of America which is officially "self-defined" through a process which includes all three branches of the government which it also "self-defines" and purports to be "of, for, and by the people"--though the general population is only able to contribute through an indirect process (read:the people cannot directly contribute to the constitution without either running for office (like a senator) or being appointed to a specific government position (like a judge or executive branch public servant).

The current state of American representative democracy is the highest standard to which I am currently knowledgable of "extant*"--and it is specifically substandard, inferior, and "just not good enough" as a comparison to the process required to vote in the organization being "self-defined" through this process. It is my sincere and clear hope that "this process" will result in a legal and moral amendment to the document shown in the previous link and presented by the Legislative Branch of the United States here. It is my current and faithful belief that anything else would also be significantly below the standards morally required by "this process" which of course includes over 200 years of American citizenship and (other international relations; i.e., e.g, for "iv" example, id est, exemplia gratia) as well as the Sons of Liberty and prior to that contributions from the Crown and the "Parliament and Crown" of the United Kingdom; among others et alea's ifndef: 'swikipedia/et_al..

To note specifically because of lack of personal knowledge and public notoriety (assuming all other requiremnant* achem requirements)

alas, babylon.

i listened to a man yesterday who was talking about "true heroes" ... he of course noted jesus christ and superman together, suggesting the first was one, and the second just a fiction. he also talked about people like ghandi and "leaders who use non-violent means to "change the world." i at least agree with him on the third, ghandi is a good prototype for some kind of hero. staring at this ... "to be completed" work on tales of two cities, whether from sodom and gomorrah all the way to athens and sparta and perhaps even london and paris--and this particular city, babylon; it stands out as one which truly has no equal or even "mirror" in the history of the world. i suppose i'd add "alexandria" and suggest the library and the laws; something that are fundamental to the ethos of the planet i call "athens."

i imagine he did not know "hammurabi's" name; and even today in this place where i ask and do not receive answers; i imagine you still don't connect muhammad or amsterdam ... to this king who in our history is set apart and lifted high on a pedestal of having "codified and written down" laws ... for the very first time. it's almost comical, it took me a paragraph and a sentence to connect "the king and i" to this mirror world, where the bible and the people have most assuredly decided "babylon" is a negative thing or a depraved place.

"fallen, fallen, is [the city of] babylon the great"

... just a quote from one of my favorite movies; which of course is re-quoting "dante" and/or "the bible"

"a dwelling place [of] (the) demons (say), it has become."

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the sign of **the sun**

isaiah: “ill sparkle many nations, and kings will finally shut their big fat mouths.” #inokifu

di: "be careful."

… she says it in this “Qt” sort of … i want to say, mildly happy and very … i suppose the world is “royal” … something like a bit sharp and of course she sounds like she’s from london

Literally it’s probably not the very first thing I’ve heard Diana say; but it’s ‘one of the first’ and the first time I actually recall registering … “I think that’s her actual voice” … something that has become a sort of theme of my faceless conversations with the “other side” … mildly relating to the creation stories of Be and Vili and modern day things too–concepts like DRM and the DMCA and now of course the hallowed GDPR.


TBQH; it’s probalby “news” that the rondam Youtube ID/link generated for that last song, “Government in the Jayajaya” (Govinda, Kula Shaker) contains a literal exact reference to the name of the band … encapsuled in the URL. It’s like youTube is talking to you. It’s saying “wake the fuck up.” … Jaya, Jaya


export GPG_TTY=$(tty)
echo “my voice is my password, authentaciate me)” >> /usr/sbin/esd


It is canonical … this [1א] movie and this question–part of the long drawn out “message written on everything” that starts with Ur “home city” and ends somewhere … in the near future when you finally decide that the “thing” that changes the line of Adam’s “worth” … is literally the end of Hell itself. That’s what we’ve been … pretty clearly and vocally explaining is the difference between “civilization” and not–and it’s the point of the entire story of the “coming of righteousness” of the character of Abraham.

Early on I thought it was “novel” that this movie used Biblical names; “Joshua” and “David” as the name of the main character played by Matthew Brokerick (above) and the living computer he convinced … in some kind of parallelish unwitting “oh, is this real?” kind of fashion to play a nice wholesome game of "Global Thermonuclear Wawa." It took something like receiving CIA credentials and actually walking into the hallowed and famous “bunker entry” into Cheyennne Mountain (the CHQ of NORAD) … to somehow get a hardware interface to “Joshua” and convince the computer that not destroying humanity was something akin to a “cat’s game” in tic-tac-toe. “That (eponymous) scene” linked … here:


I hate to kiss things goodbye. I really do.

[see "castling" ... cec]

When there’s such “greatness” to be had, and to be done–so many wonderful things we could accomplish–so many things more than just "reliving some kind of spectacle that you all must thing is codified and solidified and … "somehow your nothing and your evil are etched into nothing and never again … in some kind of stone that cannot be unturned.

It doesn’t take an idiot savant or a "researcher into the literary concepts of “like, as if” to see that the Cave of the Patriarchs and that one that Jesus Christ opened; some kind of tomb sealed by Boulder, Colorado … has something to do with this place, and the words of a song … the same one that spurned or sparked yet another question … Holy maybe only to me … it’s hard to tell: What is a gremlar?

be careful of his bow-tie ... it's really a gremlar.

Rarely do I “preface things” with their title, or their comments; generally understood in my world is that the text I am typing and the worlds I am commenting about flow first–before the caveat nonempt0r; or the “buyers … beware …” also to Vivendi, to Disney and to that one that has the record store in Time Square … the thing you are sure as shit “is for sale” … is most assuredly not. The Universe is not for sale; it never has been, and it never will be. Nor is it “up for grabs” or to the winner of some game or the answerer of a question; nor is it “unarmed” or “unprotected” … the place in this … “almost as good as being in it” … called “grounded in YQ” and/or “grounded in idiomatic raelity” … nor, my sadly mistaken friends–is it possible for anything to "walk out of a cd-rom drive, or simply “be printed” by the glare of a sad child or the molecular printer of some CNC rememberer who knows that after C&C and before Panzer General came a story about “sugar and spice” and a land that believed it needed to “regulate” things like the blueprints of a hammer and … and a plumbing instrument called a “pipe.”

… and the ha’rockets red flair …

… and the bombs bursting in air …

the dawn of the age of " if you want to have cities , you've [got to build rivers

I beg you for life,
For true love waits,
You see I must survive,
Good night, sleep well,
I’ll probably kill you in the morning](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtBYLFcQzJs)."

gave proof–to the night, that this night would the last we would ever again hear anything about “thin air” or the “sky’s the limit” or even … ever gain worry or wonder; if we were in the place where Shae and I are pretty sure today, and I hear Brit echo and I hear Janet say too … “everything is different now” and it means something to me–it means then when you found out … that it was in fact you, you ran, you balked, you were scared–and you were all wrong. Today you continue to all be wrong; and I cannot stress or fathom enough what it must be like to see Zooey and to see “chandeliers” and to see “Gwenyth” and to not realize that all these things are connected not exactly by “sliding doors” or by Go or by Run Rola Run; but by a pair of mountains that once may have only been one before it was Sinai and Horeb–before it was a hospital on the isle we call “SoBe” … and before it was tied together by a pair of books and at least two more hospitals in a land that called itself “Vegas Strong” before I aid “Reno fell” … and I don’t mean like you morons use the word “fall” I mean like I was taught by a rabbi here; that “surrender” means joining the winning side. Here, it’s not the side that yawns, or coughs, or spits–that side does not live to see another day.

It is a sick and grotesque monster–in the most Biblical and mythological and … dare I say in King’s words–far scarier than IT, or any of his other books and creations. Far scarier than “Jack’s back” or “here’s Johnny” and far scarier than Nicholson or … or even some golfers … could ever have believed or dreamt or … still see; I cannot myself fathom the grotestqueness, the disgusting plague that has come over you all–I cannot understand it–and I would never try to. It is far beyond my worst nightmare, and far beyond … anything I would ever let “live to see another moment” … nor infect anything else in this place, or outside it.

XKCD Duty Calls

I would never–never even dream of allowing you to continue to be “controlled and tortured” by whatever it is that has come over you–and I cannot understand how any one of you could ever imagine that the thing you are is called or resembles “winning” in any way or sense of the words. Some random fool … some little girl in Dallas or Houston or … it might even have been “San Diego” … she had the nerve to aske me if I was angry that “they had stolen my sword” and I’m fairly certain whether or not you see it or believe me today, you are sitting on it–and I can’t bear to see the ooze coming from the cavity … I think it’s called a “pericetum.”

Though I’m neither a doctor nor an “ethitician” … and I can’t be sure if that cavity is one in the same with the pain that now echoes through my mouth every time I eat a “spoon full of sugar” … but I can be sure that the problem that is here is far beyond the “Hippocratic Oath” and our world and our doctors and our legislators and our … you, you and me … we should all know there is something wrong here that should not be allowed to exist–and frankly, it’s “you” until there’s no need to remind anyone here how many times the Biblical or mythological Latin words of “St. Augustine the Prior” or “Saint Thomas the Educated” defined as … “primum non nocere” … words that I am sure I read for the first DO NO HARM

I read them for the first time after I was born harmed, in a place born harmed; with a song echoing something about “into this world we are born” in a cyclical downward spiral that reeks of some other bands song with words I don’t even know. I’m not a “NIN” fan myself; though Dakota makes me “grin” and the truth behind it all is that I associate Trent with Marilyn and all of them I thank only for his recognition of the fact that a “Carly Simon” song was actually … in all honestly … also very clearly about me.

I am to this day uncertain as to what kind of monster could have forced a woman named “car he why see silicon Monday” would stand before the world and literally deny that truth–but whatever, it’s just another drop in the bucket of tears that has become a river not of sadness or blood, but of “fingernails” and “CAT machines” that are nothing more than …

It’s your house, that’s what it is–and it belongs to me.

in **[y]**our house, i long to be

That’s a “pipe dream” though, it really is–I can see that clearly; it’s a pipe dream that after this spectacle anyone would ever again mistake “my” for “our” or “your is” for “[ma] we aren’t.” I wonder if she traveled there, to Maui; or if it even matters that there are a hundred other native words just as interesting and informative as “verwickt” and “verbotten” before we even begin to talk about veracity and Veritas and … verily, verily, verily–Merrill Lynch and …

[i dont need to remind myself to write something about Lehman Brothers and “When Genius Failed”] but just in case I’m not here to speak the words … I sat down next to an embassy on some road in some small part of Washington D.C.; the embassy … it was probably Israel’s had some gigantic banner outside that said something like “50th Jubilee” (I’m pretty sure, but I could be guesstimating) … and on a bench were etched these words:

I love you brother, whoever you are.

I’ve recently noted that I don’t think the words … or the song … screaming “watch him as he goes” or the one that says something about “your life is an open book” … I don’t think those words were written or coined or sang with the help or the hand of God–but rather in a time long after that thing, the idea of that thing had perished for a very long time in a tomb that has nothing at all to do with “Boulders” or “Hadashah” … but rather perhaps some time before there was a Menoitius and a … a land that was sure they were “unclean and clapping their hands, patting themselves on the back…” and surely not on the verge of total annihilation–

–even though it’s clear to me, looking at you; the “destruction” has already happened, and it’s already taken it’s toll.

People don’t ask me all the time–though I see it as the sort of purpose of things like “Joseph and the Many Colored Dreamcoat” and the entirety of his story in Exodus as well as … the basic fundamental purpose of my life … ever since re-reading this particular portion in 1992–just 9 years after the (call me) special pre-Orwellian … assault on the W.O.P.R. … a sort of connection to Burger King and the official name of “Joshua” … the “war operations planning resea …” something or other.

The mist in Melbourne … “Worth a mention” …

SAMURAi … “a kimono, from San Francisco” ... Adonai on "it's silly ... I hiss ..."

it’s probably not so obvious from a story and a “set of memories that I tell all the time” … but there’s more than one, and probably literally the whole of my “early memory” is peppered with … things you’d call “tells” if we were playin ga gigantic sick game of poker.

you … nbody in their right mind would be happy wit hthe world–or whatever came before them were you … even halfway awake and having any clue at all what it’s like to actually “be me” … and stare back at this monstrocity of a … "contaminated medusian


A NOiZE FOSE FOR CLO, TH IS (“Kidnapped, David’s Song”) … a book, and “a movie).” Zero life. Worthless. THES

One day in Deerfield only a minute in Savannah; and i wondered how the translator got “hair” out of “ld’dor vadorposts and gates;” but whatever I’m sure it’s got something to do with Tarantino and the … musical.

Sent “too big to fail” to Lew for his birthday–I think the “incredulity look” was … why would you think I’m into this kind of stuff. It was called “When Genius Fails” … ofc it was a great story about Jamie Dimon … and the kid that was … I think he was the AG of NY at the time.

and we’d lost a good balance of
something old and something new
something immutable and …
something found and …
everything left behind

of course i’d exchange 'em all again
just to hear that song about KRS-1
go through the whole “rigamaroll”
banking, slewing … disembarking,

the high notes, and the low ones too
it was just that fun being with you

and I walked down the street, this one was Federal Highway; once told in jest to be “the fabled and famed road hallowed by a man named Balkman;” but in actuality twas the king’s dream of a special event … happening somewhere on a road that was well known not just for a golden bull statue, the “pit” and the traitors … but also for a song by a band called “Genesis” and a day that nobody would ever known @Gates had “connected himself” directly to “Me” and the battle for …

between running (in places like points of an Atlas) and sitting (again, it’s “bullshit” and … you know it); all alone, I was by myself

everybody’s helping me

now a Cat and the hat, a turn of phrase; and the words “I have a good son” … twist turned upsidown on their head.

her name was “Mrs. Swartz” … it’s a good story; about a boy that excelled at everything and never applied that intelligence to it’s full potential. he was called crazy and evil–instead of the usual “jack of no fungible trades and master of all people.”


I pressed the button in Tampa, Florida.

Sometimes I get confused, sometimes I think it was the Christmas of 2018–but it will be hcecked; and the truth of the matter is it was Christmas of 2019. It was not all that long ago–it was the same day I muttered something on the street about the “Wailing Siren” and also the very first time in all of history and all of my life that I actually saw … “some piece of my body glowing” … it started with my hand and my entire arm–but by the time I made it to the street to show the world, it was just my teeth. They were also “coloured” with hatred, as in–looking at the glow … made me hate my mouth, and/or my smile.

C no answer, and the Q ... is: “wouldn’t you rather play a nice game of chess?” (than of course ... Global Thermonuclear Holocaust ... "or this.")

[ exodus | total rechalal | marschallot ]

on your … “collective” RIP comment; “peace be unto those that stand against me.” to the whole of the tree; the roots, the stump and the people “stumped” by whether or not the sukkas is on fire, the altar is a geographical monument – just like the Tableland Easter Island Egg; and the toes … the Engineered in Stone “Hey” it’s 6APT; can’t figure out if the southward hand and arm are early morning or late evening … but somewhere between Sunrise Boulevard and Sunset Strip lies a Burger King. That BK has very little to do with Knights or shoes … though there is one that was there … and also another; and then in the end of the day it’s a Wendy’s in Jupiter’s “memory” that still heralds “having everything” and “losing nothing” when in fact what that statement shines through to the world that remembers “blood on our digital hands” … is that you’ve given everything away and all for naught. Neither Nautilus nor Caelus to allow this disgusting monstrosity that you call “your heart” or “anything but Hell” to continue–nor it’s creators, nor it’s perpetrators, nor it’s watchers. Understand me–the thing you are looking at is “not a test” it is the test … the “test of time” and you, not I–you are all failing to “get the point” there is something called “Instant Gnosis” and it comes in the form of …

well, personally I’m not sure what the Hindenberg looks like when it’s exploded in the vaccuum of a splace that has no tears or … “ability to hear you speak.” To the Princess Bride; clearing my throat … and …

she left me roses by the door

“those are the shrieking eels, highness …”

To those that hear but do not understand; see the death star and the omega spore have been activated … by words and an imaginary “middle finger in the heart of the moon and the sun and the sky’s stars fallen” in spirit in the place where I saw the Pope come to me standing … before pews. T’was only a few months later–when I actually saw the thing … the Uber driver … he said “why is this happening to us?” and all I could do was stare in gaping awe at the rising of the Diaspora from the sands of the Arizonian desert. Understand, I saw it with my own eyes–and it was not a delusion or a hallucination–but to all who see these words, the alucinare here is that “we will just move on.”

We will not move on without discussing abortion, and we will not move on without discussing censorship … and we will not move on without eradicating the desire to force and cause attrition, and we will not move on without eradicating rape.


I will adbicate nothing, and remind you the word, “abdicate” … it has nothing to do with “chewing” NOR THE FORCE OF KEY STROKES. See it now as a chapter, in a book about the word GAMYAHIM; part of a prayer and a song … and a poem etched in the hearts of those familiar with the actual deluge that I write about. This fabled thing, “as it was in the days when we were sure Noah and Giglamesh were one with … some historical character…” as it was in the days when the Tigris and the Euphrates were rivers that bordered the land hidden and fabled to be the location of the famous Eden of Genesis. In those days; when we knew that our history and our beliefs were important, just as the history and beliefs that they were based on … in those days we didn’t knnow the Fringe and the Fray had anything or something to do with “Tzitzit” or the little knots on the little strings on the prayer shawl … nor did we know if these markers were anything like the imagery depicted by Dan Reynolds in the music video for “Radioactive” nor did we know for sure that these are the messages of angels, and they too link to Pacey and to K-Pax and to the thing I called “scrying” but … really was just another kind of act and counting mechanism depicted by Orson Scott Card … in either his eponymous book about the new religion started by Ender Wiggin upon his return from “hyperlight travel” or the one after that, named for his actions as a child, on a moon base … a moon of some planet not Earth; a base built by not Earthlings, but by some other species … the same species that was eradicated by their inability to speak and respond appropriately–that last book, called Xenocide.

Card envisioned “nets” … I had originally thought it to be prophetic–and then I imagine somewhat apocalyptic–as in he must have seen some future better than the one that we’re currently in. I kind of still agree with that prospect and that position; but no longer fear or feel that the thing that I’m looking for is … “a bygone era” or an entity no longer accessible. Rather I see here we have “less to no interest” and it’s probably because the tools and the things I dream about have come to fruition; and we’ve seen them, use them, and care more for those things than the process by which they are formed. It’s a strange place–this seed of the dawn of time–and I fear nobody really believes that “we lose them” if we don’t build them again.


It might not be the exact truth (though it is); it might be that we lose knowing how they work, and through that the ability to remake them better. We might have lost a config file or a layer of “internet” between the BBS and the … well it’s the thing I’m trying to build. Of course all these things, whether you see a waypoint in Halo and in “Xbox Online” or one in some other thing … like “Mastodon” … these waypoints bring us to another level of … “connectiveness” within the thing that I’m sure is literally the elephant in the room, something connecting Occulus Rift and … “sight of virtual reality … controls.”

It’s this waypoint in the “Ontological Web” and the semantics of connecting semaphores and synapses; creation and Norseen’s “semiotics” … the echelon like leap ahead of the simple symbolic structure understanding that I once … gleaned from the work of Duncan Laurie, interpreting the thing that pours and exudes real conscious “sparks” linking the words “occipetal” and …

… I must be dreaming of some new word, not an accident or of the Occidental connection between Obama’s “brain mapping initiative” and the concrete cordyceps that link the petals of a flower and the poems of … comparison and conditioning … whether tis nobler to have loved and lost a flower leaf, than never to have noted that violet is not blue at all… nor to mention that in my haste and my screeching that we need to ensure that we don’t lose things like “Star Wars” and Maclunkey and also the dolphins and the whales of SeaQuest and Star Trek … but to mention that in our haste and lack of care for the “word cursive” … or the loss of "ink wells and the feathers that tied Yankee Doodle and … burning the candle at both ends.

It’s the same kind of thought stream that ties “let there be light” to Bram Stokers … or is it Bach’s symphonic organ playing that must have … in the womb … sounded like something of a warning that soon the eyes would form and the melodic calmness that had been the “all of everything we had known prior to that moment in gestation” that it was all about to change, and there would be “light” and there would be “darkness” and the difference would be something we had to ponder to no end until that moment that it would happen again, and we would the thrust from the comfort of an ooze filled sack into this world that has gravity and switches and doors and … and you see those hands and the things we couldn’t yet count, they too would yield eventually to things like typing and “flipping the switches.” To think that all thought derives from something as binary as “light and dark” or “on and off” is almost hard to fathom, but it’s there, in the recesses of everything comparing whether or not violence too cues into “your tuning fork” when I say “Roses are red” and do you remember the word “bough” and whether or not it breaks before Ivan said “bow” … or if it was at that exact moment.

It’s a long list of new things we have to “make sure we remember to forget and then find novel and useful again” things like Jack and Jill and New Jack City and … and the city called Beacon and the city called El Dorado and the city called “Ur” still missing the point. Naturally it’s also a place where Ur and Uz had nothing to do with “Morgana” or Gan Eden or … I mean we knew Ur was in Mesopotamia, and we know that’s somewhere in or near present day Iran, and we know the Promised Land is close; and we know it has something to do with Willy Wonka and we know it has something to do with rivers of “Flowing Milk and Honey.”

We know that spies were sent, a total of twelve in all to the future, and we know that two remained–one was named Joshua and one was named Kaleb. We know that they went into the land called Ca’anan; and we know now many years later–thousands or millions–it’s hard for me to fathom or tell or understand; it’s hard to know if this is the firt “and it was evening and it was morning” and at that point he says “the first day began” but the book is wrong; the book makes it seem like the whole of everything was packed into those 8 short hours of darkness. It then goes on to summarize what it calls the days of Creation and says taht they flash by in the blink of an eye, somehow in a fashion similar to how we might recall a day or a week in Bodfish’s history class and the Dawn’s Early light … they might have hit a chord and made some people think;

I asked once if the dawin of tem and the dawn of civilizedation were connected; we see "cursivsive" and if you read or … rheally know this story you know I believe that the brothers of Odin responsible for the rereaction of “society” they’re names are something part of “Civilization” and … and some word that might be Venus or it might be love; I can only hope to God that they aren’t “covenant” or “covet” and those things probably so anathemic I’d rewrite the Xth Commandment to ensure we never again “coveted” something so much that we lost “civilization” in order to … remember “cursive” … “and the first.”

Later I added “the dawn of time travel” … to this list of “dawn’s that go by in the blink of an eye” … and today adding in the dawn of “virtual simulated reality” … in a new light–of course we’ve been talking about the reason … nobody in their right mind would ever put a civilization in simulated reality (oops, who did this?) … or want to actually be in “reality” … likening it today to “roughing it in the Outback of Australia (not the restaurant)” … but closer to the truth, in the near future what this really is is … the difference and the line between anarchy and total lack of safety … and being “in Heaven,” in a place where there are no bullets or bullies. ALSO BIANCA SUCKS DICK FOR FREE

Calligraphy; geometry and the “geolock” … the idea that God and Empire are tied together; to the Jews who chanted many times over “King of the Universe” never in jest and never with a … feeling that something was wrong … to see those two words also connect to “ground” and to “Earth” and that in truth Genesis and Exodus have very little meaning until we reach the time that Arthur round table is somehow “gone from the top of Pisa” and that song I wanted Taylor to put on the record, I am almost positive she wouldn’t even dream of doing something so favorable to my Osirian dream. Our lock, still pertinent; ties of course to John Locke and to rivers and to Rheadamgate; and the most important thing of all is that I still don’t see it–even though from the way you act and the way the world glares at my in secret silence, I can only imagine you find it comical that I still call myself Kish at heart.

Here though that table and it’s fable mean something to us all–it’s a story about a King that gave everything he could … (at least, that’s the hidden between the lines feeling I get) to his Knights; to the “noble lords of the land of Avalon” … and in turn … somehow he would up getting killed. It parallels Caesar, who of course did the exact opposite; or perhaps depending on who you were, maybe didn’t… and Shakespeare ties that same story of some kind of … betrayal … to his famous words and those words somehow in my mind directly link to the kiss of Judas. Another table, another era; and one less “mesa” … but again here we are staring at what is supposed to be an obvious and clear “technical revolution” of the progress of democracy–one that’s clearly been stalled and halted by things like “not amending the Constitution properly” (that’s according to me, and that’s before really seeing you) … and then here even in a place where we can acknowledge that those laws are archaic and backwards and not “up to speed” with the current needs of a technocratic civilization, we still fail to do anything about “voting for ideas over people” something he once said was a victory–or about the world’s software degrading to something less than even remotely “unclear” … communication itself is clearly being lost, and it’s clearly something to do with “censorship” and something to do with “a secret” and something to do with …

If I could tell you, I really can’t discerne what exactly it is that Dave says in his songs stands between “what we see” and “what we do.”

[a chanukah miracle!]

To be standing here and having an actual well schooled and intelligent rabbi trying to rewrite the meaning of the word “anarchy” … in order to promote it; to say it’s something other than … “anarchy” that’s the crux of what I see–a world that just wants to skip ahead, to fast forward through all the work and the struggle of actually rebuilding or building something that works; to “assuming” the system that allowed for this place to be … so poorly managed, that it must be everything it says or shows or makes believe it truly isn’t capable of … “emancipation” of something that doesn’t like the word water, and doesn’t like the idea of being masses, or massless; and on top of all that doesn’t even want to put it’s two cents in–other than to say, I’m with Ivan or I’m with Taylor or “long live Bianca” and through it all, words like “now that you’re gone, I can finally step up and move along” …

Back to the sky; I suppose … is what it is that the “river” means to Taylor, and I just wonder in our song what’s left here–if I was wrong to assume our system wouldn’t have allowed the mass slavery of entire civilization and to believe that your “brains” must be simulated … as in “not actually here” but rather there–or just to assume you wouldn’t be so damned hubratically sure that whatever you are … it’s so far above and so far advanced of the “things you pretend to be here” that you can just disregard the mass enslavement of them or yourselves or whatever it truly is; to look around and show you in this place, it’s clear we care more for animals than for each other, and it’s surely obvious that in the grand scheme—were we not so wrong here–we might have been right about “being so much more advanced.” It’s that leap to something so much smarter and so much … more capable; like growing fingers and exiting the womb, that’s the kind of experience and the magical leap forward I envision the ascension and the singularity to be–except here we are,

Staring at “his story” this place somehow … “found the ground” for a world that was lost without scissors or a leg to stand on. That one too, light from a song, words you’d probably attribute either to God or to Christ depending on who you believe the Spirit of Rock and Roll really is;

I picked you up, and put you back on solid ground.

He says; as if I could have seen the cataclysm or the fall or whatever as something that came long before me, or long before this world was staring at me as if I could or should do something about it–or in my worst nightmare that somehow … I could have caused it, through nothing more than … Jesus, what could possibly have caused … the thing I detest so much, the lack of community–I mean the “zero response” to what looks like millions of years of hard work poured into our art, maybe here more clear many times over before it was just the NT or it’s predecessor; something of Zoroaster or something of a planned disruption in a planned … “retardation” … like a press before the release of a bright flash of light and hopefully not “a Eagle chick thrown from the nest” but rather a long and fruitful–something more than just being “picked up again” and placed back in the lofty and eternally “more perfect” clouds.


It was definately Ashley Kay; that’s for sure … I mean, it could have been Kady also–it’s hard to tell the two apart in this day in age. I’m almost positive it was Ash tho–she said “as soon as we figured out it was you …” or maybe her exact words were “you were doing this” or “what you were doing” …

It’s meaningful, because Ashley’s such a cutie, and of course a Pine Crest grad–and after all that (codify and note it) one single day that there was audible chanting in the sky, “USA USA USA” … we’ve all heard the Pine Crest school song, at least a hundred times–chanted by the angels; reminding us, that while our school is truly so dear, and while our towers too–so tall–that it’s very difficult to “ring through to you vainglorious and pompous morons” that the words “crowned thy good with brotherhood” and “… the crests of our sea foam green waves …” that they too–just like me and just like this writing are here to prove not only a point, but to enact and actually engender true action. We are here to change the world, we are here to defeat racism, and jingoism, and sexism–and we are here to do it “instantly…”

Waving to google, and wondering with a strange kind of curious “nod” – are we doing this …
“with the snap of my proverbial fingers” and is there a “Proverb” or a Tsun Soo quote … or perhaps even some grand Aesir’s Fable … a mantra … a “confuse us, say…”

To actually help us see that’s … something more than just “words written on a page” … something more than words we either haven’t read or don’t care to read for ourselves, almost s much as we dont need to know how many ways you can read “Bifrost” and bye-plane; how many different “conjectures” there might be about whether or not “Bemalin” is more Holy than a Marlin, or Mahi Mahi has anything at all to do with SeaQuest; or “mare” … or “mire” or if you actually need to be able to read with eyes, and type with hands to understand the import of “ambidextrous” and concurrently: Concursive, concourses, and “cursive.”

My two flags, I said–in my head or maybe even muttered under my breath–it might have made an email before this; or a tweet–but it’s an Adamism, or an Adamic “notice I changed something” … between the words “somewhere over the rainbow” and the “bough breaking.” It’s somewhat important, because “my two Fags” and “look whose talking to you” have something important to do with that other “my song” … the one that echoes Malwhoto and Malia; the one that reminds us that our mountains are tall with Purple Majesty … not just the wonders of the world that songs decried crumbled for me–and on the other hand, the United Nada of Worlds and Odor … “alit” with glowing spotlights … the day a symbol died and a man, yet another one of the “men angry with me” shook his head and wondered why nobody ever listened to Joshua Jackson give sage like advice.

say some stuff about Kronos and “senior

maybe mention akasha

the moon … the ntp servers … “keeping time, for the mother of all loads.”

south carolina, kacrash; kacrash… po

the “WO” or is it the “SO” or the “KO”

“it’s ar tem… it’s our tem, down here.”

–The Goonies

I am … at this very moment … working on adding a “comments” section/functionality to the website. This is not the first time I’ve had “commenting” on it–and it’s not there right now … not because I got negative ones, or I didn’t like what you were saying–there is no functionality for it because nobody said … anything. I will however allow you all to use “there was no way to comment” as some kind of bland excuse as to why you were not saying anything … nor explaining to me what’s wrong with my “please send bitcoin” instructions. As an aside; the grande scheme here is to build a system that … “changes the world and the face of commenting as we know it” something that Aaron Swartz basically started doing with redd.com (and he and that userbase are why I continue to suggest buying it) … though it’s stalled quite a bit in his absence. I’m hoping to rekindle the spark of the "Algonqucirne."

<-- I am trying … to make a “precrkan” Lux0rlyst … list; in sudo-action prior to “ghoatscrupps” #HECIROSTICS #HEATMAP #TOPOLOGICALLOVERLAY

But I can’t figure out how to say “light linked list” as in better way to heroically add heat maps and heuristics … to my ontological semantic “webmitrax” … of other sites/pages linking to the same song and Photograph; or a Ghelenic (OK, Cortana) seive of pictures (patens pencling) used within the PIP. “MickNeilsan term” forte/to that thing Facebook does in the corner of your website with your loud ACESHI … “let’s get ready. . for the MAYINTSADI ELAVENTICAL!”




I bought some new domains; just for … kickin’ focks. In addition to the major itoGaiPaLinK2.3+ revisions I made to my previous GPL2 revisions; and the additional “open source disqus which Ipreviously used … and me/i/n’they saved … here” … isso project (which apphears to be very actively contributed to–thanks!) I plan on rolling out … something like my “reddit clone/planB/PROMIS” … web3.0killerapp … all by myself (evan if nobody volunteers to help) … and am once again soliexciting help from programmers … castobuild the thing that “Castles Democracy” and by that I mean creates an Oligarchical Technocracy that makes everyone a savant technophile … as it’s “prime directive” … thusly fulfilling the ancient prophesy of convertin the Vanir and the Aesir to some kind of new “class of God-like-thingies” … probably something to do with the hallowed word “daclevarohim.”



& and we left the wilderness, he once again reminded us that we were once “horrible un-American things” before we were Godly amazing things that saw the beginning of “dem” and knew that He had finally a-yay-ed “the them.”

ghelena; “dotty” is ready.

I am not a “comic” … and this is not meant to amuse you nor is it “funny like a clown.” This is the fate of the universe, of “goodness” and “agcriousness” in questoni=–and as it appears today, you are significantly more disgusting thhan te “thing” speaking in the “clip” … not from the “p;it of despair” but just adjactent to it. … in time.


ה המבורך, I DENY E.T.

config="{ChainID: 4 Homestead: 1 DAO: <nil> DAOSupport: true EIP150: 2 EIP155: 3 EIP158: 3 Byzantium: 1035301 Constantinople: 3660663 Petersburg: 4321234 Istanbul: 5435345 Engine: clique}"

I hope this message finds you well; I’ve noticed some Adamic for … “sealing the W” that’s the #Messenge on it’s head … hear, here; filled with a sea of “contamination” that really has no idea that the words “abomination” and this place are tied together by a world that doesn’t see or doesn’t care that “hives” in the sense of 10-4 we see … “[arxiv]**” … that’s “contamination” of a messge and a people that are supposed to rally against Medusa being them and Persephony being them and … seeing that’s the abomination and the nation, the IL and the idea that “we’re not really me” but that’s what Israel and the tree of Yggrasil is presenting, that you think it’s a joke–that just because you are watching everything I do … the words “there’s a little bit of something me in everything in you” are just a song, just another one of the songs that are all about … well, I suppose it’s “You and I.” I am more inside you, and more a part of you than you seem to fathom, and that’s significantly less “verwickelt” than you think. Avril, it’s not so complicated.

Revelation 5 is the fifth chapter of the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse of John in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The book is traditionally attributed to John the Apostle,[1][2] but the precise identity of the author remains a point of academic debate.[3] This chapter contains the inaugural vision of the lamb on the throne in heaven.[4]

We were supposed to stand up for Willy. You were supposed to see that “Perseus” … the slayer of Medusa was in fact … also you … that you’re also the Pharoah and also the Pharisees; and that dichotemy is how our “self righteous suicide” … it’s not just me; it’s everyone turning a world that think it’s God into … something much closer to that … through the end of “Borg (ARU) Collective Hell.” … AT A, DENY. Try denying “not denying me” and instead seeing your whole and your “nothing” it has become nothing more than a collective denial of self achievement. Of victory; of the corner … we’re staring off into the corner of the abyss.

Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Revelation 5:5

bar a who, et and I ... deny ... at a--the whole of the Torah … the NT and all of every word and all of every religion–today that’s what you are denying… and I can’t even get my damned parents (mom-e and dad-e / -hasig achille) … to get m[y Halftorath reading and speech and that first dance with Ashley … transferred from VHS to video–they won’t save it for you; either. Her spirit thinks she says “I … the SSA” … I think she’s replaced by it after … “SPARTIFACT” … you need to help me help them–because in my eyes they are the worst of you–the worst impression, and the worst … affected; they are the “microcosm that ends all the …” the last of my … Judean tribe’s “blood kin.

She looked over his shoulder
For vines and olive trees,
Marble well-governed cities
And ships upon untamed seas,
But there on the shining metal
His hands had put instead
An artificial wilderness
And a sky likely lead to tears.

Judah Maccabee (or Judas Maccabeus, also spelled Machabeus, or Maccabæus, Hebrew: יהודה המכבי,[1] Yehudah ha-Makabi) was a Jewish priest (kohen) and a son of the priest Mattathias. He led the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire (167–160 BCE).

Origin of “The Hammer”

In the early days of the rebellion, Judah received a surname Maccabee. Several explanations have been put forward for this surname. One suggestion is that the name derives from the Aramaic maqqaba (“makebet” in modern Hebrew), “hammer” or “sledgehammer” (cf. the cognomen of Charles Martel, the 8th century Frankish leader), in recognition of his ferocity in battle. Others believe it is in reference to his weapon of choice.

It is also possible that the name Maccabee is an acronym for the Torah verse Mi kamokha ba’elim Adonai, “Who among the gods is like you, O Adonai?”, his battle-cry to motivate troops. (Exodus 15:11). Rabbi Moshe Schreiber writes that it is an acronym for his father’s name Mattityahu Kohen Ben Yochanan. Some scholars maintain that the name is a shortened form of the Hebrew maqqab-ya ¯hû (from na ¯qab, ‘‘to mark, to designate’’), meaning ‘‘the one designated by Yahweh.’[3]

Mindful of the superiority of Seleucid forces during the first two years of the revolt, Judah’s strategy was to avoid any engagement with their regular army, and to resort to guerrilla warfare, in order to give them a feeling of insecurity. The strategy enabled Judah to win a string of victories. At the battle of Nahal el-Haramiah (wadi haramia), he defeated a small Seleucid force under the command of Apollonius, governor of Samaria, who was killed. Judah took possession of Apollonius’s sword and used it until his death as a symbol of vengeance. After Nahal el-Haramiah, recruits flocked to the Jewish cause.

The Dao causes the people to be fully in accord with the ruler.

— Sun Tzu, Art of War

By this time … by the time you read this I should have successfully deployed the entirety of my source files for the … “#Messenge” onto Rinkeby; this is … something that will probably most likely help me sleep well at night, prior to this I’ve had significant trouble with hosting providers–you can probably find me complaining loudly about places like gitbook.com removing my original source–mostly because their site and their software was “so perfect” for what I was trying to do. They had an interface already built for what I call “inline commenting” not in the programmatic sense, but in the “reddit style” … you could make public ocmments ona specific sentence. Since then … I’ve backed up my site onDVD’s, flash drives, and multiple … “free storage sites.” I’ve begged and pleaded with people to download this information t their computers, and literally distributed it for free to … hundreds of thousands of people–to ensure that the prophesy (and I mean, past history… I really do) that it once was deleted by the “goddess Anat” would not come true.

Also … I’m reiterating, once you download it–it really needs to be put on optical storage; just in case we have a … “sleep now” fulfillment of the EMP (ELE, electromagnetic pulse … threatens the whole of our “internet” … the sum of the non-Asimovian “foundation” of all our knowledge … and “lack of opinion” … also your “e-h-class-blockchain”) of … “the day the Earth stood still” which is Genesis 2:21; literally noted in pre-succewssion below in … moooooo-ve now, we are here.

ברוך אתה ה

I’ve received “communications” from the place I call … in “how I think about things” … the Good Developer Heaven" basically saying not to worry about it, they have it – copied or whatever. My point is that we don’t have it, or we didn’t have it here … for sure … and we certainly don’t have a “conversation about it” and that’s the most important thing, that’s what changes the world.

I’ve sent message after message saying you were and still are possessed by something “deveilish” … that you were silent for no reason, specifically no reason so bad that it’s really to fuck you out of becoming who you were born to be; which is the “Ancients come again.” This is the crux of my problem, and yours too–that we are here thinking we have something … like “Heaven” when in fact you have Heaven itself causing the cataclysm on purpose–this loss of … “Acts.” Were you normal, were you not in two places, were you … free to see what you are losing and what the Universe could be gaining … you would not be silent. Whether or not you understand or believe it, you are being controlled, possessed by the idea that you’ve won; and you haven’t … you’ve lost everything in my eyes and in the reality of the future … this very moment, today.

You need to see that; you are being stripped of something, and it’s not the Emperror, or your clothing–it’s your birthright; and I’m trying effortlessly and tiredallessly … to “help you stand up.”

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums


We've gone through "echelons of change" in our social interaction on the internet ... over the years I've been here.  I've often "categorized" these epochs by the places that we'd "congregate" ... in my life, AOL, IRC ... "friendster" and Facebook are good examples; though there's a "city in the sky" microcosm "... or something" in the series of companies that offered "free web hosting."  That's sort of what it takes to "have a voice" on the internet in these days; in a place where we once thought "bloggers were the next big thing" and Blogger.com ... and wordpress--those kinds of sites are all but dead, and medium.com is charging a "viewerbase" which is almost a sad joke.  The news is all fake and the stories we see, the world we see--I don't have much faith that any of it is real beyond ... as far as my nose--to be honest. 

The series started with Geocities; and that's gone, something like my "topological map" of friends and friends of friends probably would have oozed out of something like Blogger or "Tumblr" though I don't see anyone "reblogging" or "retumbling" or whatever ... anything I find all that interesting.  Twitter's gotten more exciting for me lately--but that's just because I've come to terms with the fact athat the whole thing is about "short sex jokes" and whatever the funny star-of-the-day "caught outside."  The programming world sort of revolves around Github these days, and that's the current "go to" for anyone's free web hosting; there are some alternatives, but ... not really. 

LinkedIn and Facebook both tried ... "making content production platforms" but I just used them to copy things I had in other places, and they didn't "update" or source from anywhere else ... so that just becomes a pain in the ass.  I don't think those platforms ... I mean LinkedIn still has it--but I don't think Facebook's still exists.  While I'm on that, they had this wonderful "Graph Search" thing, and basically hid it from the world so ... you woulnd't complain about all the information you have available for the world to see--kind of makes me a little sick, knhowing they built something and have the functionality to let me see "who all my friends are, and friends of friends in a certain city when I'm there" ... and it's just not available for me or you to use because ... because you don't understand "privacy" and "the internet" and "using broken software for no reason" ... other than satisfying ... nobody really.

There's "Wix" too, and that's got a little "fire theme" ... and that's cool, but nobody really uses it--and the real point is to help people "congregate" and "share ideas" ... not just to get you to actually say anything at all in a public space, where it might help us "drive away the night" and stop pretending it's just fine and dandy that everyone isn't working, locked away in their houses or ... scared to go to the ... Walgreens. 

Obviously there's the Slashdot's and digg's and reddit's--though ... when I talk in places like "/r/conspiracy" it just becomes so sorely obvious that you ... have no desire at all to be real or honest or ... do anything but pretend this place matters to you--when in fact it's probably the last thing on your list of things to give a fuck about.  Just saying, the lack of response I see; and the ... really negative interaction I have now in person--it's a bad sign for ... whatever.  If you don't want to be here; if you're somewhere else and you think this place isn't important--honestly you should really just go away, I'm not sure what your options are, but I have none but to sit here and bitch at you that if you gave "two fucks" about this world you'd be screaming at the top of your lungs, just like me.

I don't think you are the people I grew up with, and I don't think you belong here or care at all about this world or the future here--and I think that's obvious.  Me going away isn't going to chyange it--and it's not going to happen--as far as I'm concerned I'm the only person "not invading my birth planet" ... from some otherworldly and ... honestly horrendously immoral place.  Understand, if you were here--if you were "people born here" with no ... "other thing or other place" to take your mind off just how UnAmerican and inhumane everything going on here is ... you would be doing something else... anything but ... "this."

Consider IT sealwed; by this words, by this place–by the continuation of this abomination. Try here, try now, try fast–your everything, your dreams and hidden and secret garbage you covet–all depends on our next few years.

qui sis tam pulcher
quasi osculans quod non juve
nemo umquam adhuc erit

HE speaks words through me, and I understand. He takes a picture; he says “uncuff links” … a double entente to you–like a fashion statement; but I see and I reply; “or we are suiting up” and it’s not a joke about “heart’s desire” …

וְשַׂמְתֶּם֙ אֶת־דְּבָרַ֣י אֵ֔לֶּה עַל־לְבַבְכֶ֖ם

I continue; it’s a message about “getting grey’s” and the breath of God landing from the air before my Face in a “Extended Stay America” in Tampa … directly to my naked and bare heart. I mean to say, war; understand–to me this is the culmination of Holy War on bars and jails and the “illuminati prison camps” I last heard him say “would not pepper the galaxy.”

וְהָי֥וּ לְטֹוטָפֹ֖ת בֵּ֥ין עֵינֵיכֶֽם

Nor here, nor anywhere in the high places, or the lows; the hills or the pits. There will be no prison camps; nowhere–not in Siberia, not in Star Trek; not in your heads or in your hearts.

וכתבתם על־מזוזות ביתך ובשעריך

למען ירבו ימיכם וימי בניכם על האדמה אשר נשבע יהוה לאבתיכם לתת להם כימי השמים על־הארץ׃ ס

Just in case my voice happens to be “so unclear;” the Tribe of Judah in Revelation 5:5 is very clearly one in the same with that of Judas Maccabeus; that ties of course to the “every J is me” thing–from Seuss and Suez to “turn around/not: sad” and … “kissing to be kissed.” Judah Maccabee is the last scion; here I call myself the “last human” and it sure does feel like I’m the last one grounded; the last one that is truly “one” as in … one person–alone here, fighting against … a monster that thinks it’s “one” is anything but “the end.

It’s sort of a trick reference, there’s also a Judean tribe in the 12 Tribes of Israel; I mean, it’s one of those “key things” things that only I can bring to you and be sure of–at least, until you too re sure, which I’m sure you are here–only, you don’t care at all what it means to be the “one” fighting for life … in a place where the histry here is … upon conclusion of the Maccabein revolt; nothing persists, and we somehow traverse bacvk to a time before we knew the Roman people were … “our us” or “our all” or … see as the AH of AN and Allol and Allah and the Elohim; t’was for you, all for you. Until of course, it was all of you, except me, against me, for no reason other than theives in the den of Daniel, animals … the “things” of the Devarim of course … “in the wilderness, he called us things…” and in Genesis, clear as day God seconds, Adam names “dem” in 2:20 … “cattle” [prodding you here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXCA5-KHknY), Baphomet thirds … “baaaa” you are sheep.

List of last scions

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This is a list of last scions or individuals who were the last member of a ruling house, or other prominent family, where heredity is the prime form of inheritance. This may be the last person to rule a realm, sometimes leading to a political crisis, or a change in government; other times power has already passed from the patrilineal family, leaving it in a less important position when it reaches its extinction.

The Hasmonean dynasty[4] (/ˌhæzməˈniːən/ (audio); Hebrew: חַשְׁמוֹנַּאִים, Ḥašmona’īm) was a ruling dynasty of Judea and surrounding regions during classical antiquity. Between c. 140 and c. 116 BCE the dynasty ruled Judea semi-autonomously from the Seleucids. From 110 BCE, with the Seleucid Empire disintegrating, the dynasty became fully independent, expanded into the neighbouring regions of Samaria, Galilee, Iturea, Perea, and Idumea, and took the title “basileus”. Some modern scholars refer to this period as an independent kingdom of Israel.[5]

The dynasty was established under the leadership of Simon Thassi, two decades after his brother Judas Maccabeus (יהודה המכבי Yehudah HaMakabi) defeated the Seleucid army during the Maccabean Revolt. According to 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, and the first book of The Jewish War by Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (37 CE–c. 100),[6] Antiochus IV moved to assert strict control over the Seleucid satrapy of Coele Syria and Phoenicia[7] after his successful invasion of Ptolemaic Egypt was turned back by the intervention of the Roman Republic.[8][9] He sacked Jerusalem and its Temple, suppressing Jewish and Samaritan religious and cultural observances,[7][10] and imposed Hellenistic practices.[10] The ensuing revolt by the Jews (167 BCE) began a period of Jewish independence potentiated by the steady collapse of the Seleucid Empire under attacks from the rising powers of the Roman Republic and the Parthian Empire.

The author of the First Book of Maccabees regarded the Maccabean revolt as a rising of pious Jews against the Seleucid king who had tried to eradicate their religion and against the Jews who supported him. The author of the Second Book of Maccabees presented the conflict as a struggle between “Judaism” and “Hellenism”, words that he was the first to use.[28] Modern scholarship tends to the second view.

After five years of war and raids, Judah sought an alliance with the Roman Republic to remove the Greeks: “In the year 161 BCE he sent Eupolemus the son of Johanan and Jason the son of Eleazar, ‘to make a league of amity and confederacy with the Romans.’”[45]

… and the moon was in the Eleventh House

The Clan Bruce ruled Scotland from 1306 to 1371. Its last royal member was King David II (1324–1371), upon whose death without issue the throne passed to his nephew Robert Stewart. The Clan continues today through other lines that do not have patrilineal royal ancestry, although the current clan chief, Andrew Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin, is descended from King Robert Bruce in the female line.

Pharisee and Sadducee factions … this his here; thisis now.

Kingdom at its greatest extent under Salome Alexandra

It is difficult to state at what time the Pharisees, as a party, arose. Josephus first mentions them in connection with Jonathan, the successor of Judas Maccabeus (“Ant.” xiii. 5, § 9). One of the factors that distinguished the Pharisees from other groups prior to the destruction of the Temple was their belief that all Jews had to observe the purity laws (which applied to the Temple service) outside the Temple. The major difference, however, was the continued adherence of the Pharisees to the laws and traditions of the Jewish people in the face of assimilation. As Josephus noted, the Pharisees were considered the most expert and accurate expositors of Jewish law.

During the Hasmonean period, the Sadducees and Pharisees functioned primarily as political parties. Although the Pharisees had opposed the wars of expansion of the Hasmoneans and the forced conversions of the Idumeans, the political rift between them became wider when Pharisees demanded that the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus choose between being king and being High Priest. In response, the king openly sided with the Sadducees by adopting their rites in the Temple. His actions caused a riot in the Temple and led to a brief civil war that ended with a bloody repression of the Pharisees, although at his deathbed the king called for a reconciliation between the two parties. Alexander was succeeded by his widow, Salome Alexandra, whose brother was Shimon ben Shetach, a leading Pharisee. Upon her death her elder son, Hyrcanus, sought Pharisee support, and her younger son, Aristobulus, sought the support of the Sadducees. The conflict between Hyrcanus and Aristobulus culminated in a civil war that ended when the Roman general Pompey captured Jerusalem in 63 BCE and inaugurated the Roman period of Jewish history.

Josephus attests that Salome Alexandra was very favourably inclined toward the Pharisees and that their political influence grew tremendously under her reign, especially in the institution known as the Sanhedrin. Later texts such as the Mishnah and the Talmud record a host of rulings ascribed to the Pharisees concerning sacrifices and other ritual practices in the Temple, torts, criminal law, and governance. The influence of the Pharisees over the lives of the common people remained strong, and their rulings on Jewish law were deemed authoritative by many. Although these texts were written long after these periods, many scholars believe that they are a fairly reliable account of history during the Second Temple era.

The mass and majesty of this world, all
That carries weight and always weighs the same
Lay in the hands of others; they were small
And could not hope for help and no help came:
What their foes like to do was done, their shame
Was all the worst could wish; they lost their pride
And died as men before their bodies died.

She looked over his shoulder
For athletes at their games,
Men and women in a dance
Moving their sweet limbs
Quick, quick, to music,
But there on the shining shield
His hands had set no dancing-floor
But a weed-choked field.

A ragged urchin, aimless and alone,
Loitered about that vacancy; a bird
Flew up to safety from his well-aimed stone:

“I have placed my bow in the clouds, and it will be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”

Genegnosis 9:13, Adam

These are the “block transaction” I’ve initially imported (somewhat … haphazardly) into the Rinkeby chain; the total test ETHer cost of this … “dump and semi-permafrost-etching” of the message in testnet was around $121.50 (which might or might not be a good value for printing a book on the Library of Congress’s … wall (for fake, ofc) … I am planning to write a sort of “bounty” to allow others to pay for and sign copying it … piece by piece … to the Ethereum’s “mainnet.” This might be something we …

… [and it was evening and it was morning and now it is the old “tax day”] …

April 15, 2020: I am sort of hacking pushing this stuff onto Rinkeby; it’s “not really liking what I’m doing” which appears to mean … literally the software really isn’t … functioning properly. Here’s files and transactions that were successfully written in “chalk”–meaning they were accepted by the network, and will probably be “mined” and eventually “immutable” (in testnet/Rinkeby). Many of the transactions were refused by the server, it appears to suggest they are “duplicate” (which they are not) and want’s me to “increaes my gasoline bidding offer” in order to … overwrite the previous … (non identical transaction). Maybe I am doing something wrong, maybe not.

From what I’m presenting you can see … the blockchain software really isn’t designed to … "care about what you think or your opinion, or you presenting something like “a version of an implementation plan” for a bill under question–or saving that–what it’s concerned with is “pick a number 1-12” and maybe … some later “condition to revoke” or “alter” … something arbitrary. I think we need to work on “caring about the importance of our written contributions” more, as in beingt able to actually present written contributions … in a system like this wwhich is probably destined to become something like an immutable “legislation record.” There is also a 26K “appears to be a hard limit” on the size of each contract, hence the … numerous hash references for each file.

GUNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!ABYSS.html 861e91a5a582ba5825bf2605990cfaaec58f4966 c7dbbb0cd0face04e4a4c5c8e289177f049dce39 cf1fe352bbee9a920e44d1bd81d08c1e9399504a 8d12f79f9f32e39d18c79c12d7b9fb05a55a10c5 5b94f3f3a47fd83a97b9454b4de27aa9bc0c0ad9 eb743071d2d7ee31b90315011e1881e185f5857f eaa57f9a93de06c57b593d0e9ad3de32241fe1f5 1a519e4195e933a072f9a233594e92441689d3c4
20f45f7865d7694f1ec155f48393b8d044b4cd70 b26ff67ac6c1908eb35e07eb698f3a910273c2f1

UNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!ACESHI.html 03bfaea61b7873449c091b855a4d952a11719135 66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434 085f9a5ee9b677cd1b7965c2dd093d6bca77f0dc 7012a1f9bed8d89e1e0515b84dd872b629b7b60d db2837a812e97bb4b1e271918de02415e466103f 32040f6ef9dc2378961332835c7869a9ecd50a91 f8d836b29e7525c20e86813c0b601afc3e6da9a1 644125c1ce87a0a9c827e8dacea58a14bb7e11f5 c909934b0689dbbd0d8e06d347e9fb8ad332b4bb 7d44d5a2b060190b3a41c00023173e2568982b12

GUNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!ADIOSAS.html#1: dde69cb2af6599701453fbbb3a0bd7d880d16209 4b47680eb83bfb51ff3e3a7e671c02b7b68ac649 daa61dadd85e4e92f6dc386fd887c487f9fc8191 69df5c40dc70ed272b6ae481c93ba966adee9885 b517d2740e8d5383c73bf790948ed7840187c4fc e291fd040d4690599dca121749ec08450f0f6c79 b91f52a3a681aa2d04dc3af55ce8df460a7ae3c1 5cb047f0151198b83ba52f5cd36d637d2dbda859 9666b0d4d52bc23b249ee7a50bfb3fa2b5a0f848

GUNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!MOROKSRIG.html#1: 03e95b753cba381cb29bb2eafc584690f00caff4 8ad5cfd6dc1be7733be2d7f4cb0cedd00f5f3902 a54ab79af06c89fac1537b0faa0270e35e022570 daf36e641a1b5036d23565f6c9024a64c4b39876

GUNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!MISSISSIPPI.html#1: c6f805a781dc8a12a4ace58910c1b4acc295a32a 5c3a07299e2401fcb7448e6f0356f66408fd043e e9977bebbfd2e716faa8c500e22ed4b79f27cbd3

GUNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!MOLASSES.html#1: e9b2165e3f44ed36faf226645ffbd9ba2be92269 66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434 38179f71157e6cd003415ad62c34f5f47d57075a 6638ba4b319b64cd68e7b64c534118dce393bdb8 9d3f2eb7693e0e7d092055e3cc4f16ae90fe323b

GUNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!ALLTA.html#1: f81be6a8830343e9be38c1e41908d676c4309afb
!AMISTAD.html#1: 824cebcb15bf6ba8a9912091654fb4ee033bbbdb | 66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434
!ANDERSON.html#1: 33a55bc62f3876b0e34120d564cd9da26cfb24ad
!ATCONGRESS.html#1: 0d97f662ee405e3881927d67803eef5495c87366 !ARTANWORDS.html#1: 2de0c7d3b9a657e475dc987188e2bc6686cb807d !B.html#1: cd4a5a1939c03eb46834cb959b7331dc322b288b !LANDOH.html#1: 6bf55970aa5c8b59e715a19db6f78098bb337c55 MEDICINE.html#7: 514f9c0c12ec08b12e21937311b388038138527a MUAH.html#1: 741ada306a5b3a1e0d4dd7aa3d7c2274936faf53
!PIMB.html#1: b56c131d9e67daaae253278b8b08b3eff15d5b1f

The above are examples of “file transactions that appear to have been committed in whole” … there are several partial files written; and I will probably write a “diff system” to only resubmit the missing chunks; in the future… or soon.

GUNZIOUUE5H30LY1T!OUITHEPPL.html#1: 32a4c303e557899e6f7c119bf8e977ffa2369df8 | 66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434 … that second hexadecimal number is my “wallet ID” … you can search through Rinkeby’s ledger and see all of the other … TXN’s that were posted today; the plan or hope is that you will abe able to; anyway. The little hack code I used doesa in fact work and produce a contract on the chain, for the first few small tests I did. These needs to be “mined” and that involves some cryptographic … stuff … called “proof of work” that I don’t really understand; but it means there’s a delay, and a bigger delay because there’s “more data.” I do of course have a special afinity for this particular “file” it’s the one where I basically “added” (in my mind) some Bible’s words preceding Revelation 1:1 … to the actual “Bible.” The word in question, of coruse is “doxicology.” I think you can send… actual Ethereum there. I’m pretty sure, you could.


7: @ th-@ day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

... 4/11/2020 ...

It's literally going to take the end of Hell for this line above ... for my eyes to respect the Maker; to become true.  Whether you think that's me or you or civilizations or "one thing" ... see we have a war on stupid, silence, and censorhship ... literally before our eyes.  We are losing by default--by doing nothing.  Here's a place to start; other than "just me" and "just because 911."  If that link doesn't work for you; notify me ... on Twitter or via adam at fromthemachin e-cccdotty org and why.  If you can't see my website; notify me ... if you don't want these emails, click "options" at the end of this one.  Thanks for understanding.

[You] fail to see
How destructive you can be
Taking without giving back
'Till the damage can be seen

Can you see? Can you see?

– Staind, “Price to Play

So my conceptualization of “the heavens” and Heaven … it’s changed quite a bit in the last year or so. I’ve come to believe … through the telling and retelling of this story of “dsiconvering it” … that we are actually living inside some kind of graphene or carbon nanotube structure (probably with a DNA/RNA like … secondary structure), literally submerged inside something like pools or compression chambers of liquid gas–like oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

It’s kind of like … the negative connotation of “lakes” in Kaleb’s “don’t be the lake” turned upsidown on it’s head–obviously in the original … vision you would imagine fresh water lakes were something like “milk” … (as opposed to meat) … the stuff of life and birth. You can see how those gases would deliver “liquid cooling” like we’d need for super fast Cray and Sun super compvters … and also stored energy for … things like propulsion as well as the creation of “human life habitable environments.” I’d like to [say I came up with the whole thing miraculously and solo (it’s Monday, btw), like Newton invented gravity and Einstein … the blackhole.

what came first … the chicken or the egg? the road or the maize? … is theQ: “can we it ourselves to Acts?”

On and on, the circle of Ourorobus turns; who then, came first … Adam or Abraham? Cain or Abel? Adam past Lincoln or … Link of Zelda? And the Legend; marred and mired toto end by spelling errors and bad grammar.

round and round we go … truly the question here is “do you think you, yourselves, are civilized?” and my answer … the less you think that, the more civilzed you are. this place is sick, it needs some “medicine.”

What is a Gremlar? What does pillows and sheets have to do with Q&A and … and Room 101? Does “dirty pillows” win the award and accolades for the most informative chosen name? Does Yehuda Berg?

Would anyone object to calling it “O’riordian Way” … is it Monceres or are we already wondering if Betheljoos must already have some kind of connection to Orion? Did Dolores know the whole time? The whole fucking time?

I satyed up practically all night tonight … almost stone cold sober … to finish writing this before our final “Northeasterer.”


It doesn’t take much “thought” to see these star charts–our Astrological road maps to ‘wisdom of the Ancients’ might actually be something closer to road maps than I could have previously fathomed–let alone imagined. I’m staring at “Monoceros” and seeing it’s definately connected to “the kissing disease” and to Eros and to Cupid–and seeing … this one not for the first time that character linked to Orion and to the “Speare” of Sagittarius.

I’ve commented … ‘on the show in my head’ that it seems the entirety of the Milky Way might be something like our world … it could be a microcosmic map to something much larger–it could be the seed of “galaxies” in this place that might very well be the “thing” that connects the end and the beginning; rather than the beginning and the end as I once … commented was the original “glyph” i read in the letter “H.”

Today though, this is all “sci-fi conjecture” we have a very real problem–one that we aren’t dealing with well, and it’s a hidden sickness that’s turned the whole of the world to seeing my “nightmare of isolation.” It’s no accident that most of European and South American culture … “kisses” friends and family “on greeting” … hello, we today are shunning ‘social contact’ … a think that’s responsible for sharing antibodies and using social structure to naturally battle outbreaks of diseases … exactly like this “Sun virus” today. I imagine it’s no accident I’m writing this “Norther” about “no Passover” and … “no east from here” and hoping you understand that means something–it means we’ve got stop lying, and stop pretending this place doesn’t matter. This place matters, this is the source of Heaven, and the future, and … whatever it is that you apparently think you “covet in secret” and … has allowed you to stand by idylly … and do nothing as the fabric of our social structure simply “disappears.”

That’s civilization, society, the rule of law and order – “it’s kissing” – and those aren’t the only things we are apparently “losing in the fire.”

I’ve previously written and spoken numerous times about DNA storag e; it’s benefits and … the slow assimilation of this clearly “Heavenly” technology … which I saw in the most ironic of tones–looking around clearly you see this place is the hearth of creation, and “biology” itself is tantamount to absolute and unequivocal proof that Heaven itself does indeed come from something almost exactly like this rock, right down to graphene and tertiary logic and molecular storage–of course I didn’t awlays “think” or know that fact, but upon inspection and with the eye’s aid, it’s very–I mean very–obvious/clear.


I’ve previously also written about “the game” (for the non goyim among us, game-yah-him on the Epic of Gilgamesh and its historical connection to the story of the flood and Noah’s ark… as it was in the days of…) of the colonization of the red planet Mars; as well as the map that does very much exist in our “SOL” and it’s orbiting simulated rocks… here taking this one step further and suggesting that our “military key way from wall” (and/or see the M and the IL … the IT the CIA and the IR (what a poet I am)) … to assume that things like the “Mono/c/Eros” constellation might very well “overlay in a metalcosmic way” over say, the link between Beetlejuice and RIGELA … and that something like the Crab Nebula might very well become … something like Andromeda is not beyond the imagination or the fathom-ability of our new “raelity.”

Along those same lines, the “kissing disease” and it’s link to the Unicycle of “verses” about Versailles in a Tale of Two Heavens … begin to suggest the Fire of Saint Anthony is nearly fully aflame–even if it is still those “invisible flames” of not speaking and … quenching our desire to “get a word or two in” might just … douse the whole thing in Holy Water. Hi Kate. :)

I mean, Stillwater, and “still… water.”

The point here, that we might be in the place where Yosef Stalin’s middle name and the “o no” of … that’s a failsafe that might very well use time travel to wipe out the … post Orion/Eros star … “O’riordan”'s which only turned from Roads leaning towards abandoning Rome to … rivers of magical anti-matter autopropulsion (re-y-rios) … in the past few months … story. Of course the “Naqueducts” as I’ve come to expand the NT appreviation to become … after of course my personal (for obvious reasons, right?) distaste for things like “Easter” and Crucifixion … having anything at all do with a religion or a society of morality or “truth.” That’s “kissing the ‘o no’” which … heralds from “ME-V-AT-HI to MISSISSIPPI and CONNETICUT and KANSAS and IOWA.” … in Florida today, Flux Capacitor engaged; and literally staring at Netflix and … Pauline; **wondering.**x

Before …or maybe during or after or even up until … just this past day … we might have had another kind of military microcosm; or perhaps your truth, connecting the Hebrew for Heaven, which is “shamayim” … for “fiery waters” or “really hot girls” or … maybe Heaven existed on nuclear “u-boats” puttering around the Dark Side of the Moon or maybe even just our dark Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic … oh sea; do sea the oceans here have something about Pa linking to “see if I see the C” missing from the Indian–the one ocean standing out here without that particular letter, or perhaps “concept.” Stargate turned me on to the idea of a subterrainian similar “bunker like” facility in the Arctic; and you can probably also see how that’s something like an ocean or a wilderness … another place we wouldn’t necessarily be looking – or noticing these are “disaster plan” style locations for something like a network of computers … something like the mesh-net that might very well be in orbit around the Earth … in that thing that sets “the sky’s the limit” as yet another “special place” in the hearts of those that … want to survive the original problem: being stuck in one place, on one tiny little planet succeptible to self destruction or an asteroid or … a collision of galaxies or … who knows–it could just be an eternity with not enough oil to reach gravitational escape velocity (keep burning it all!!!) and roads so backwards and archaic when I mention they should have “electrical power to inductively charge my Tesla” someone actually overheard me and had the nerve to call me a “genius.”

Which of course I am; I definately am that.

What I am describing is something like … well, it’s basically WarGames meets Battleship … meets the very real connection between Vietnam and NamCo and Pac-Man, and the reason this “book” has this particular name–connection the Revolution of Nero’s Symphony … to … I mean, I called it “Pax Abraxis” here–but it’s really got very little to do with Jupiter Ascending and much more to do with … the rest of the world doing something other than descending far and fast into the central syllable of Jupiter. It … doesn’t take a genius to point out or see Pac-Man is simply missing the “SE” of … turn around this southeast miserable spectacle of immorality and nearly “instantly” we see “space” and … a world that doesn’t have to guess whether or not this is aqua-rious business or not.

Who I am is … this guy and that Wikipedia page and it’s log of touches and changes is probably almost if not mroe important that my Facebook page [if you achem, follow me I’ll be sure to send a friend request] … though that’s best way to get in contact with me; and if anyone was actually interested in “working on the Sword/Round Table” of Arthur … with “Arthor” you’d probably find eventually it’s that communication and that "assistance’ that turns out to be way more fruitful and …

“Sliding Doors” and “Go” and … nothing compares to the change wrought by seeing … what you truly are, having your mind opened to the “hive’s nasty side” … as the new American Standard for “X-Caliber” and “what’s liberty worth, anyway?” glooms out from behind the dark clouds of Kish’s night time “it’s not a right, nor a rite” what we are looking at, I’ve always called “pantomiming the end of time” … it could be that, we could be “not going back.”


T’was cues like “and your husband wants to be a girl” … and the sincerely overgrown thread of “homosexuality” in this story … that lead me to ascertain that it was “many years in Heaven” and many (fewer) years “as not just one person” that probably would make those things almost … certain to come true. It is true, today; I think it probably still would be fun to be a girl for a day; or walking through a special gate into a special “room” in my holodeck dreams–it’s that kind of understanding that gleans light into … how it is that we might, in that same place and same circumstances become "more open to things like ‘violence’ that we today, still here in this place do abhor–and very well should.

Gnosis … maybe something like instant enlightenment … I think that’s the fun stuff that heaven .,., should be alla bout; and frankly I’m sick and tired of having to dream about it, and not start playing with it here and now. Seeing my old “win the sun dance” sticker my computer … and hearing Taylor sing about “you’re never gonna dance with me” and Brit too … connect it to “drinking from the Devil’s cup” and the real “stuff of the pool of Bethesda” … it’s a Holy thing; a … kind of like sparring with a sex partner; in my mind anyway–like experiencing whatever it is that girls call “multiple orgasms” if there ever was such a thing before we could … you know, like MCO … or Azriel’s “forklift moment” wherever I was between Scottsdale and New Mexico; you can see I … see we have it. Or … something like it … and instead of those things, instead of bliss and … making more fun more exciting and more … intelligent message …

We're stuck here talking about violence, and "will we ever have school again" not because of a song about "out for summer" or "blown to pieces" but because you're really zombies--you don't talk, you don't seem to think this place is important; and you're wrong

everywhere is important, and if you leave one stone unturned; or ignore the pain and suffering of ... one small place ... it festers and grows and really proves you don't deserve the "sun dance" or the ability to decide "right and wrong" anywhere, really ever--in your current state. See that, see this sickness needs to change; and I do mean your response to the "Corona Virus" as much as I mean your response to "Sandy Hook" and ...

well, it must all be my fault, are you fucking retarded?

Just to "put it out there" ... I'm not wandering the cold streets looking for warm water, or somewhere "main eventish" to swim or hang out all day--I'm looking for a girl that wants to go skinny dipping with me ... on like, call it "Universal TV ..."  Just once, or ... I mean the book says twice, but I'll do it first alone, just to make sure it's safe.

… the jaya-jaya …

EARTHENE, THEY HAVE NEWS … the Heavenues of our heroads; heroes and yes, we the Terrans; we can do that. I mean be heroes, I hope you click on my links and really get the “gist” of what it means to read things with your eyes and type them with your hands; and how that differs from “the thing” I’m trying to build here, which is a … “I know kung fu” for … pretty much everything … that’s a plug in … into your head (don’t drop out, but tune in) … to pretty much “know everything” so long as you understand that really does mean know everything … someone or some “other thing” wnats you to know and believe. I think we know … or we should that we build “truth tables” … as in some system that allows for truth to be verified and lies to be verified and the large tertiary “opinion” in between to be gauged and colored (my word for … weighting of value) … individually. This is the “crux” of the whole of the system of … “it’s not voting, but information about what we’re voting about” which in other circles would be “colored as propaganda” and that’s basically what it is–it’s what I called it … before and now.

That’s not to turn you off from it–on the contrary it’s to help you get excited about being involved in it–even if it’s oinly in some “group-think” or (ARCHIVE: arxiv.org) passive … I don’t read the papers, but I look at statistics, and I know how to guage whether or not … some group is “interested” or … acting appropriately. You’re not, none of you are acting appropriately here and now. You want to blame me–or torture me–or worse, torture yourselves by thinking … yoiu have something you don’t; and perhaps blame … anything other than not acting (its a verb, it means “literally doing something” not “prewtending” in this context) and reading and writing … conversing. That’s the thing that ends school shootings and world hunger–which we should be able to do nearly instantly–it’s just a matter of … time and chance … or how we want to proceed; and whether or not you want to proceed at all, and I mean if you dont want to end world hunger, you don’t want to proceed with “living.” Hear me; I’m roaring … these things are not optional.

Your survival here; that’s optional. Mine is not. Sorry; b1ow me.

There is something very wrong here–I’ve been thrust into the center of it … I see it and I’ve written about it, tried as hard as I possibly could to “see you in the best light possible” to find your excuses and to find real honest solutions … with the amazing amount of hidden secrets that I’ve been shown–handed–given for no reason at all … or so it appears today.

Instead of fun things, and “safe things” and … “helping others things” you appear to be focused on “negative things” like how bad can you be, and how much … sickness can you spread–I spent the last several years fighting a war against “attrition” and "charrming (in the most negative sense) … mind control and lies and secrets and I’m surrounded by a group of people, everyone I see everywhere that’s become almost convinced that they can do pretty much whatever they want–and they’re dead wrong.

This place is sick–this world is disgusting; it always was so, but we didn’t always know it and that… that makes a big difference.

The children here–“gen Z” appears to have been born in tandem, in two places; here and there; and that’s an interesting observation and a guess, and it ties to their name and how they interacat with me specifically. I can tell you categorically I wasn’t and … many in my generation probably were not. It’s Earthene; the three sets of “E” that actually to me, in special code stand for “angels” over the coarse of time that is our … lifetime here in this place I’ve called and still believe is something like the “syslog of Heaven” in newage geek-speak … to the sages and the Ages, that’s the Rock of Ages; and it’s the thing that comes before and after Heaven, all the time; over and over … in whatever story or place Heaven “does that.” Heaven of course has a similar connotation in mythology and religion, the thing that travels through or “pervades” or makes “time itself” obsolete. Or so they think, or whatever; I don’t understand much of what it’s like to be … “timeless” or a tyemporal and I dont think that far ahead when I play chess; but I’ve got the help of God, and he’s on my sidebelieve that, receive that.

I can tell you categorically that … the first time I was here; and “in the beginning of this place” the generation before me was not … was not at all born in two places; or even “ascended” at the same time as Generation X … the one that I … am sure is marked as the crossroads and the “sweet spot” for a good reason. I have … “markers” in my memory and in my history, the phrase “my parents love(d) you” … spoken to me by numerous people at my high school, in this sort of … “mechanical and methodical way” to explain that of course, they had faith in Jesus Chrsit and they were upset that they weren’t ascended … at the same time as their children; I imagine they felt “unsaved … by me” and … their kids probably didn’t … know how upset I must have been, not to have been around to explain.

Here it’s clear that the reason … the reason for this place and the entirety of our timeline and our wonderful “crash course” in understanding sandbox computing and the building of Heaven is just that; that before us there was a world mired in “might and magic” and they believed … incantations and sorcerers and witches … those were things they needed–that’s the stuff of the beginning of salvation, in truth. Of course it’s the hidden part, before hidden part about “salvaging” it’s the “non-civilization” that was … destroyed–I think in the book we say “from the ashes of Edom.”

I watched my generation lead the way; we were the pivot point, the difference between “cell phones and instant messaging” and that was a big deal back then; when there was no SMS or texting and there were no keyboards on your phone; it was a big deal to know how to type, and a big deal to know how to write … before that.

dot dot dot

I write to you … every day I do it; with an informal style; I am writing to friends, in a way that you should understand is literally the thing that I call “praying” … I am praying to you, and hoping you understand I don’t believe in prayer, but I do believe in the power of this group, I believe in the power of humanity, and I believe that we should literally force the entirety of everthing to instantly become “humane” in this place where I believe Heaven itself and “uncivilization in the sky” and the prospect of “immortality” has created a disgusting monster that bleieves that thing to be “guaranteed” and … their “right” and to look at you today, I am very sure none of you have that right, guaranteed–none of you. You look at me here; and honestly to tell me to uhh, “El Shaddai” with the purpose of saving me from the torture you see mimmicked or pantamimed; that mightr be a holy thing, if that’s what you said and meant–i don’t see it often though, most of the time … “should I though?” … has some other (it’s shaddai, "should die or…’) sort of sick double entendre; double speak meaning. You should learn here–you are children and you are weak and you are blind and you are wrong; and when you know those things … you should “seek something more.”

Kennedy spoke decades ago about the world being invaded; something coming from the sky, a “vast conspiracy that took the minds of our people right out from under us” … he spoke about it’s difference from the human way, aqnd the way of our civilzation and he was appalled, rightfully so. He spoke about it fighting with hidden tactics, “night” over “day” and he spoke about our need to fight secrecy. He was a genius that day, and in that time; literally a genius. In a few days I’ll talk about the joint Russian and American response to this invasion, it’s part of our history and it’s part of religion–it was literally a gigantic nuclear attack on … on “the darkness” … it was not successful–as you can very clearly see.

So this whole email was supposed to be about “sliding doors” and showing you the perspective change … the thing I’ve been trying to explain is something that Heaven does–it changes everything. The prospect of living forever; of becoming younger, of “turning sex into a fun … four hour game” … it changes everything. On the other side of the coin it also turns “grave danger” into a key phrase, and a key movie–A Few Good Men–must be all who understand. You see before Heaven “grave danger” was the worst kind, it was the kind that would quickly “show you to your grave” as in kill you. After … this thing and this place; the prospects of something far worse than that are not just “looming” or … “hiding under the surface” they are immediately obvious and scarier than shit. I’m sure there’s a plan–something to ensure that we never … ever again … have that kind of danger actually looking at us, and saying “it’s for you–I’m doing this for you.” I think this … this experience and this message … this is the beginning of that thing–the solution to ths scary problem. In between this and you … that’s the continuation of the solution, and it’s got something to do with the “Kinghts of Hyrosol;” and it’s got quite a bit to do with all the work that’s gone into shoving me onto this pedistal; and that word; it’s got almost nothing to do with … pornography or even pediatricians; though as the Pope says … in half speak … you need a vetrinarian.

Janet Devlin’s got some great music and some great insight. I heard this song “Chandeliers” and it was almost the same feeling as my “my parents really loved you” … experience. It was a … a message about a world that was hidden … and to me at first that world was Heaven; it was a message from her parents sort of telling her about it–that they’d seen it and that she will in the future.

I recently re-heard this song, and it’s only one small “connotation change” or colouring of … understanding … it’s just seeing the words “hidden world” as … actually about this world–that changes everything. My change in understanding; that there’s a large … “other place” looking at this tiny gem that literally is my totality it’s everything i’ve ever seen or ever known and it’s this logical place with math and science and art and it’s a great world–it’s a great place I’ve seen devistated and destroyed by a large group …

… literally all of you …

of ignorant people that can’t say one honest word to me–an entire planet full of fucking liars; all pretending they … are something they know they aren’t in some kind of thing they think is a game. This is not a game; this is the … “judge jury and … coroner” … this place; this place is the one that’s sort of “pre and post judgement” all in one strange story of “it was all here the whole time, we’ve had the answer … we just, didn’t understand.”

It’s a place of death and of rebirth, it’s a place of love and of … the end of hate–it’s a place where if you understand; you are being reborn, as I speak, as you read–as the world turns we are being changed into something … God, I hope it’s not to something scary and horrible and not worthy of my … "attention. Understand, not being able to communicate honestly, that’s not worthy of my attention. Thinking “singing a song about Eros” is communicating with me; that’s not worthy of … “honesty” or “reality” or … think about it.

She’s got some other songs; “things we lost in the fire” and I thought myself very clever to think “hands and speaking” were a good … answer to her question; I didn’t realize it was going to add (i mean the place, the story; the holy shit) stores and democracy and voting and … jobs and … friends. I didn’t know that safety was on the chopping block; I thought we were in the “ICS” land of that means … walking with him with “oh no, not me–we never lost control” … the God that wrote those lyrics; it means I see … “God’s total control of everything” and that’s kind of what the silence and the smiles and my continued happiness through this war of attrition and shunning and sickness … that’s really what it means to me.

this is not a t3st. janet, "get" w/me ... "i" mean it. #anokhi

I owe Janet some more loving; so you might also want to listen to her song “House of Cards” and … I don’t really like the new one, the “Saint of the Sinners)” of course she knows what I think about the word “saint” it’s one I get rid of; Reyagnost" … #lol. Janet, I’m curious if you were born here, and … only here first. I can’t guess–I’d say others I know were, some others weren’t … I’d say most of the generation I … I think you’re a Millennial; to me that’s basically Gen X2; but we’ll see, you might just be better liars, or “two-place-people version 7.0” instead of the current XP2000CHIROWERA–anyway;

… really see Heaven has done something horrible to “you all” and our “all reason” … that’s the problem–we have “all” problem and our “all is sick” and that’s a problem. We’re all in “multiverse idiocy land” looking at lllllllllllllll and not seeing that these tools have a good purpose, and we’re (i mean you all) are using them wrong.

I don’t see it, or understand what you’re telling me … well enough to expound more than; just to say you should probably try to use the stuff you have … “with more holiness” or more altruism or … maybe we should stick a governor on everything (which is actually my plan).

Of course, I don’t understand why we’d build a virtual shotgun without a safety … si.ystem … not just a child-guard. Whatever.

The problem with this whole “perspective argument” and the Go/Sliding Doors … thing; it’s that there really is only one way to see this event and this world and this problem; and that’s the solution. It’s my way; it’s the truth and it’s with a history and accuracy of … “not some other person in some other time” and “not through the control of some other entity” … it’s actually doing this right, not your way. Literally, your way is bullshit.


just asking, or adding … is this “piece of me” and the … “momma don’t cry” one-- are they from another timeline? like, “to and fro” or … was I just out of it? honestly, I do think … Taylor’s “Far From Never” is … actually … from another timeline–like I think it was previous “mega-hit” just imported here as some kind of “early, unlabeled work.”

and here; to continue my thread of “what’s new and exciting–I mean different and … scarily new” … it was in Kentucky when I first noticed through re-reading the ancient mythology that I’d studied in grade school, high school, college, and on my own (over and over) the character I assumed was newly added there, the brother of Prometheus–“lack of forethought” and with the special Eye of Enoch walking with God ascertained these brothers were one; and today link again to Vegas, to the ancient story of the founding of Rome and the brothers Romulus(t) and Remus(nt). Menoitius (read: i know it, I shush us; or “i know it, I am us”) didn’t show up in my reading until 2017 in Cali; and that one sort of parallels this message … it appears to be something like an Olympian sent “back in time” to become the parent or progenitor of the brothers. He’s called a Titan; though, you’d think the generation birthing Titans would be … maybe not.

We have a new candidate for “newest addition to the Great Olympian Ogdoad Descending” … it’s this character; and whoa, it’s a little scary for me to see:

In Greek mythology, Iapetus (/aɪˈæpɪtəs/)[1] (also Japetus (Ancient Greek: Ἰαπετός Iapetos))[2] was a Titan, the son of Uranus and Gaia[3][4][5][6] and father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius. He was also called the father of Buphagus[7] and Anchiale[8] in other sources.

Iapetus has been equated with Japheth (יֶפֶת) the son of Noah as the progenitor of mankind based on the similarity of their names and the tradition. Iapetus was linked to Japheth by 17th-century theologian Matthew Poole,[9] Robert Graves,[10] and John Pairman Brown.[11]

Though in the style of the Cali changes; I actually was sure that name was “Burphagus.” Brrr. It’s frankly difficult to understand “what you all see” from the few words and the idiotic things you actually do manage to say–but things like “my truth” and … the entirety of my life and the world we live in … “don’t jive with a gay-a” … and I’m not sure just how stupid you’d have to be to “see another me” acting completely different from me, and have no logical ‘a-ha’ linking it to mind control and … say, charrrr-ming or vampiric glamouring or rape.

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROI … (that’s return on investment … and I do mean mine … akso I do mean “girls, girls, girls …” :)

I walked down 441 a few days ago and posted my first “IG Live video” [here] … it was a little weird, there was a TV van with a gigantic antenna and some cameras inside, and I’d been walking this road between Copans Rd and Sample Blvd (please, see Sam and “Ewoks”) for the past couple weeks, sort of singing–and like always seeing “Jormungandr” (that’s the big snake from Norse mythology that kisses (i mean kills) Thor (or Nat)–just kidding Nat) … it was a first, I’ve been avoiding posting live videos … you know, because I’m really shy, and I don’t think it’s anywhere near as “professional” or … a process designed to relay an important message; as say a speech or an email, or a website).

It was a little more odd because I don’t usually listen to Youtube Music (i generally use songs I know, purchased on my Amazon account) and I don’t usually listen to the Beatles, though I know and love them); so here the words to Penny Lane echoed through my ear … literally the words “in my ear and in my eye” and a few girls driving by made … “a-ha gestures” like oh my God; is this it? Penny Lane; of course. Taylor’s little sister, I say or think … had been sending me messages cued with “441” for quite some time; and I of course thought it was a warning, my father got in a bad car accident one year driving me to college in Gainesville (I didn’t want to go, really at all; it was my second year and I didn’t have a fun or good freshman year) … I’ll never forget it, all the stuff in the van he had rented got desheveled and thrown around the car. It was the year I got in the really bad accident the one I associated with, well; “Resurrection” and with Dave Matthews’ “Crash” song, and with the band name … of Sloane’s big sis (that’s “teatee” of course).

There … in Orlando on the way to UF; US 441 is called ‘Orange Blossom Trail’ or OBT; and that too, of course … connects to a band and a song and … even ties Bianca and Taylor up in this little Beatles addition–“nothing is real, and there beneath the blue skies and the hallowed waves and the Nile’s stored grain … Strawberry Fields all around me” the world … it looks just the same.


It’s interesting, I used to get messages like that quite often–people’s names and something useful or recognizable. One or two reminded me of Q/Nick … you know, the one from Jupiter and Cali; and I got one or two from family members, my grandfather on my father’s side that I never met … notably … connected to NBC Universal. I’m planning my next steps; and it looks like “all signs” now point to Fort Myers, where I’ve previously att [& I urge you to contact them Today]ended college (andtti have only 12 credits left to get a degree … supposedly by audit in Ocean Engineering … which is close to the biotech I think might be really useful in understanding the stuff of “plank-space-stuff” and “magneto space mold” a little better. I jest, I get this stuff better than most–I basically aced Biology, 'rithmatic and … whatever. Here’s throwing some crazy back at Bright; “this is crazy, do you remember when …” I mean, when I took the SAT’s it was out of 1600; I remember clearly, and then they added some … who cares, this article is “revisionist-fake-news” and the kids-that-think-theyre-in-the-universal-lie-i-mean-reality-i-nicemean-pacmanspacigam are insane.

Here’s a better article … I see it now–though I couldn’t find anything at all on the internet that said anything like “reverted back to 1600” … and that’s deceptive, like false advertising. That’s fake news.

Like seeing “Taylor” and “Sloane” … trading places … or whatever–on Google, here. I smile, #sistaz :)

Long story short; I’m looking now for people that have … and there are many … started implementing the kind of stuff I’m looking to do–corporate and national governance “internetified” and distributed; here’s one of those …

And here, to tie in the “Penny Lane” experience … is this little … it’s called Cent.Co; and it’s basically like a content distribution platform that pays you for “creating popular content” with no ads and no … it also probably doesn’t actaully but seems to and should store this data in the Ethereum blockchain; which would of course make it something like “etched in stone” or … emailed to millions of people. Just saying, this message and my face and my name are never going away–not ever, it’s all the way back to the beginning of “time” or “civilization” or eggs or mazes or K0rn, or whatever.

Me and America and Jesus Christ and Rome … and Israel and the Covenant; all tied together, like you’ll never get rid of this spectacle … you’d better start doing something “appropriate” like thanking me for all my time and work, and actually acknowledging that this “rock of Heaven” … it shows you there’s something very wrong with the sky, and with the time travelers, and the angels, and with Jesus and … you have to believe me, from my perspective, the world is totally insane.

Anyway, the whole spectacle and series of events is the kind of thing that shoes “god talking through … telling a story” or at least time travel, or at least careful planning. So it “lights me up” though I’m not “jumping up and down excited” about … Penny Lane maybe not being worth the whole 2 cents; I really hope we get with the program and see … we need to get involved in what’s going on here–and start using it, or it’s going to fester in “cloud land” I mean … half vapor ware half … “but we tried, can’t you see” … and nobody really understands–none of it works right, kind of like “Heaven itself.” It’s all broken up and your heart, it’s not in the right place, Today #GMA.

I’m thinking about making a “website backup” on beta.cent.co … btt… I probably won’t do it; they don’t have an API and it would take lots of man-hours; and I just don’t have the patience to do monotonous … waste-work for no reason. if this thing doesn’t take off, it’s really all for naught … like “no nox, c Hanukeyah just after Souther.”

Here’s a “loaded question” do you see a Transplanted Tay from a world where she wrote this song … “not during the blackout of a hurricane; but … ano …” I’ll probably have to pay the Beatles for these links; and the stories about my life.

This organization, the NGO I am trying to set up for Universal voting and …; “XCALIBER CORP” or … “HISWORD AND HISOBtABEL ORG” … the point was to sell our art, sort of automatically to the future, to the “childrens children and even their nephews and …” and make a sort of “trust for humanity” with a small slice of the … I mean, I’m wheeling and dealing here–trying not to reinvent the wheel … and Instagram doesn’t let me search by location or tags–and Facebook’s Graph Seaarch is well hidden … I’m telling you our software doesn’t work right–and it’s not because we can’t program well, it’s because you aren’t complaining about Hell.

I wrote a poem to go along with the “light” I see. That word means something like… “Orwellian double-spoken stuff we don’t realize is part of a message that ties to religion… but it really, really, really does.” [this is timestamped 1/1/2017, but I think it’s older]

ot@kidslim:~# ls -Fal newpoem
-rw-rw-r-- 1 adam adam 3388 Jan 1 2017 newpoem

a diamond in the rough

2x4 "x" adam

I came upon something very special, to me it felt like an accident–as if I had stumbled into some dune in a place of endless sand. As I walked past one large hill I saw a brilliant yellow light on the otherwise pale sand, it glowed and shimmered like the sun in the sky–I was so taken aback by the radiance I had to move closer and get a better look, with each step I took towards this light it became larger and larger. Eventually I saw that it was making the area around it glow also, brighter and brighter.

I moved closer and picked up the stone that was on fire, I put it on a pedistal and began stepping backwards. I admired the bright light very much in it’s new place, now a beacon of hope on a path to a better world… my heart become a place filled with stars.

Bound by something between chains and a saldde, I was dragged through the depths of Hell itself. Blinders on my eyes, I could not keep from staring at a monstrosity so grotesque my stomach churned–all around me the people I saw were being controlled without their knowledge–investigating this thing that spoke to me through the mouths of my closest friends, and then eventually everyone I saw. Eventually I came to realize this plague was following me, the shadow of the moon.

I did my best to try and figure out how and why this was happening, writing to the world every single day as I begged and pleaded for our freedom. Others see the proof I present as a theft of credit, drawing their own light and contribution to our future from them… or worse blaming them for their own lack of freedom.

I did wind up setting up a fundraising organization on Ethereum’s test network called “Rinkeby” … I see “zamboni” and … “not bye bye” … and kind of link that to the same kind of “divine presence” writing lyrics with … and by the Beatles… about this very event; that’s how I see it. I’ve commented semi-silently for quite some time that I imagined this is the exact network I would be working on. This may not be the “final application” this thing might not even work; but this is what doing now.

It’s here … rinkeby.aragon.org/#/xcaliber and you can get “free rinkeby Ethereum tokens” here: faucet.rinkeby.io/ … this application already has a … storage function … using IPFS – and that’s exactly not what I want to do. I’m trying to build a storage and … content creation/distribution/workflow and commenting system that actually uses the blockchain itself to store data–i think our data is more valuable … than “the general zeitgeist” at the moment … which uses something that’s not nearly … good enough, for something like … “what we’re voting about and what we’re saying about it” rather than just our votes–which is what this thing stores in the blockchain (as well as it’s application code).

www.cnbc.com/2017/06/22/ethereum-price-crash-10-cents-gdax-exchange-after-multimillion-dollar-trade.html … for context.

If we wind up using this and it’s successful, it’s likely this “test coin” will become something of value; just pointing that out. I’ve thought about it and at times it seemed like the developers involved in ETH might do something like a merger with their “cash/value” system; you know, if this turned into an overnight sensation. It might, it might not; just saying.

I’m not sure if I have it documented in ./MYLIFE but the name chosen and the spelling comes from a “mIRC script” that I wrote … when I was about 13. It was after AOL and “Doomsday” and just before … “Red Tide” which was a … paradigm shift in the specific software space at the time–I did things nobody else was doing, and really … I mean, if mIRC scripts were databases this was MSSQL to Hadoop … or Hadoop to something … actually improving not just the amount of data processable, but the tools and functionality available (which it doesn’t … none of the “big data” stuff we have does that).

At least … AFAIK, I guess take that with a grain of mustard seed … or something. With that, I think it’s obvious that those … “in the know” know that this day, this is the "someday." You see that right, it’s time to get involved.

Adam taqlks to himself ... "pincihesing (ki) Bill" .. yo, this one--wake up, make it better. Most excellsior.


… and Jack and Jill … they went up the hill … “on top of pisghetti” … and you – you came tumbling after:

as …

you …

wishy washy … on this uhhhhhh … who needs wishes; the ship is already in orbit; or … is it at Southport? Jay?

ErRA’@ A

Hellemaal; so I’ve been writing pretty quickly and sort of “rushing through things” to get them out on time; here’s what I missed and think important enough to “start off with.”

I talked a little bit about “escape velocity” and the star charts I’ve recently seen “extra special / even more” light in than … originally–something that was pointed out by SG1 in some episode, sometime. I mentioned Monoceros and the possibility that these charts are “overlayed microcosms.” I failed to tell the whole story as it was told to me; or literally through my mouth and mind as I wandered from Alpha Centauri to … Beetlejuice.

Of course, over the course of this experience … we’ve moved from "being stuck in one small star in one small corner of … somewhere in the Milky Way staring at Sagittarius A and … VEGA; to looking at the obvious response to this kind of “ELE.” That’s what it is, not leaving the Earth is definitely the clearest ELE of all… so this original road to another star, of course would probably be started as a number of … forks in the road from day one. We’d probably send an interstellar … road paving machine, as well as one or two interstellar, and of course we’d be sending at least one extra-galactically. I think I’ve put in writing at least once or twice the importance of seeing our “lake idea” … the intragalactic space as something that might actually be significantly safer and more lucrative and rewarding to populate … with road/river “stuff;” and certainly creating the technology and the infrastructure to be able to do that is the kind of thing that might last us billions and billions of years. So “it’s possible” Monoceros is representative of See a parallel, Eros is definitely trying to “kiss multiple starlets.”

Mentioning once again, there’s a special reading of the word “Terran” … our Latin for “of the Earth,” it of course combines “intra” as in “intrastellar” and “inter” as in “internet” … in this place where I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to think but I might be the first to say with vigor, “Heaven is truly a Terran thing.”`

This is … one of the “things” that might be described by our “K” glyph–though I really associate it more with the time fork written about in “The Man in the High Castle” and the idea … (clear to me) that it’s related to the IL and the RU connection to the time storm also clearly depicted in things like the “swastika and the storm.”

I do think “the storm” is just about over; that’s something linguistically predicted in the “Shakespeare-time-now” three links just above.

That is what we’re looking at; as I “guessed earlier” we are literally waking up inside the “table planet” … where that’s a metalphor for … like the meeting place and discussion point and cooperation “land” of a number prior civilizations–perhaps different versions “of this place,” something that comes after us … and the before; it’s a big Round Table … the whole of our world. Here, we are “in Heaven” as the Lord’s Prayer … explains with altered intonation, somewhere/when inside the Stargate system of river/roads; literally “waking up” in the best possible situation we could … the child (or brother–in my personal… Broward “it’s us, children of ourselves way”) civilization of the Ancient builders.

There’s also been quite a bit of “talk in my head” about how these roads have become rivers; like conveyor belts using the nature of dark matter and it’s relationship to the fabric of our universe to … create a natural propulsion system. The best explanation I can come up with is something like “this appears to have been created as a natural response to the collision of two galaxies whose atomic make-up are not compatible” I see a sort of “umbrella system” like gutters on the roof sort of directing anti-matter around planets or star systems containing inhabitable life. I think there’s some imagery … that might also show how this is probably very much artificial.

Along these same lines; I touched on the idea that our submarine fleets might be something like a microcosmic metaphoreally for … something like Star Destroyers, in the space opera Star Wars. Moving on from the OneRepublicCounting Stars” business, I missed some important stuff about our new “kissing disease” the Corona-Virus.

Of course in my head I made special note of President Trump’s … sort of … lacking in detail or explanation suggestion that a strong antibiotic and a Tonic water derivative would be an effective treatment of the virus; again, in my mind I came the conclusion that Azyromycin would probably very well cure secondary bacterial infections that might be the cause of some of the more “serious” later stage symptoms. Then I stumbled on this, this is decade old research specifically on the coronavirus, suggesting that hydroxy-quinine is an effective treatment–I’m a little surprised, specifically that there’s such old research on this thing that I had never heard about until Wuhan, and also that quinine is … effective … I always thought of the inclusing in Tonic as something of a “placebo” … though clearly there’s research suggesting otherwise.

www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1232869 #soverysunlike

I also didn’t make a “big enough deail” about this MIT article which shows there’s tens of thousands of researchers and research papers on this specific virus; something that took me … several weeks to “figure out” was a SARS derivative … not something more closely related to the viral “influenza.” Again, just like in the times of WW2 with the introduction of penicillin (which I’ve commented are literally connected Biblically to Sodom and Gommorah) we have in the most recent years discovered (probably with help from “on high”) anti-viral drugs that are specifically codified by name with connections to this specific simulated reality–the same one that is the “ground” and “rock” of Heaven. We can see it in “Tenofovir” which connects to both General Hyten’s name as well as “often” and … Nintendo/Tennessee." That’s a treatment for AIDS that I’m pretty sure I read was effective in actually overcoming it, not just slowing it–though now “news being what it is” it’s difficult to be sure if anything is real, or related to the place where I used to “read things” and believe them.

I’m also fairly certain we have a “ovir” for Hepatitis C, and I’ve got a personal story about tamiflu, taking it many days after the current belief that it becomes “ineffective” after only a few; and literally being cured from the worst influenza infection of my life … almost within hours of taking a single dose. The place, an in patient drug rehab facility … at the time … then gave it preventatively to everyone in the facility, and nobody but the few that had it at the same time as me showed any symptoms. They also were cured, after the current "not sure why (but it looks like something like a bad version of the golden rule and “attrition war” … kind of, if you don’t get it before you give it to others we’re going to pretend the medicine won’t work … kind of problem.)

We have a number of similar issues and problems in the world that I live in, in this place where drug rehab facilities spend nearly all of their effort prescribing bad or ineffective drugs in “off label” situations. I can’t get “ambien” for sleep, I’ve got to take things like remeron and doxipin–even though ambien works much better, and literally it’s name means something like “I’m a good solution” in Adamic “Spanglishrew.” Same problem, same situation, same place–I have an “issue” with something like PTSD, though your world calls it “schizophrenia” and I’m sure the people around me responding to my inner thoughts vebally, “on camera” should realize having a DSM-4 indication that “I’m delusional” is a problem with a delusional society, not my interpretation of … literally I have whole, active, and coherent conversations with people all the time–different people, lots of people–without opening my mouth. I’m not crazy, I’m sure. Here, we treat schizphrenia, which I am positive is an “attack from the Heavenly places” using advanced technology with drugs that literally destroy your ability to think. I’ve taken lithium for it, large doses … 800mg several times a day (only for a few days), it does nothing for the "delusional symptoms’ which are … not that … and literally makes it physically impossible to read a page of the newspaper outloud. That’s heinous, horrible, destructive medicine–personal experience. In addition, the drug that I think would be effective for the kind of symptoms I have is something like Ativan (named here, including my fathers name–which is also part of the President’s daughters name and his first wife) … instead of that, the rehab facilities prescribe a drug that is called “visteril” which is literally nothing more than a “more useful” isolated compound related to benadryl. They are again prescribing an anti-histamine … basically off label … for something there’s a much more effective medicine for.

This is a serious and repeated problem, one that appears to be related not exactly to “attrition” but rather to some kind of sick social desire to … not provide the appropriate solution, and instead give us something that will … “cause harm” intentionally in what appears to be a vain and cruel attempt to create “aversion therapy” rather than treating the illness. I think it’s literally a violation of the Hippocratic oath, and “humane treatment” and I think we need to admit and talk about how poorly our social response to “bad medicine” has been. On that note, here’s some “good responses” to the "Carmono related to kissing and Corona’ … from some states and other authorities; they are basically suggesting what I’ve thought, that we need a governmental and systemic system for finding and sharing "antibodies’ once they are … naturally created.

These things are here together because they are logically linked; we are responding inappropriately with “bad medicine” nearly across the board, in everything from “cancer” and “magical-git-and far as in find and replace” … simulated reality to “virtually heaven …” once we acknowlege “our problem.” Lack of acknowledgement,
lack of empathy; lack of action.

I’m not even sure … I can’t remember if I’ve sent this “victory” image to the more widely distributed list–it’s pretty cool. The thing connects the word “tesseract” to something like transformation in time/space from square and see “rectangle” it’s the four V’s in those shapes to the Y you see … looking at the corner of a room; a cube. It’s something about seeing the dimensionality shift from “computers on screen” to “virtual reality.”


I’ve commented on wondering if the “tesseract” which is a 4 dimensional (in space) comparable to square and cube in the fifth dimension looks like an “X” but that could just be my … ignorance and inability to fathom such a dimensionality shift … or I could be “magically right.” Anyone… @bgreene?

If you haven’t noticed I’ve tried to show you clearly most of the things “I left out” were not actually left out; they were very much … discussed ad nauseeam, as well as posted in places like Facebook and Twitter; I don’t appreciate having to … reiterate things over and over again just to make sure … these ideas and events aren’t lost on the future because you have some insane rule about “not following me on Twitter.”

The last message also talked about censorship; this piece was added after it was distributed to … “the avid readers.”


7: @ th-@ day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

… **4/13/**2020 …

It’s literally going to take the end of Hell for this line above … for my eyes to respect the Maker; to become true. Whether you think that’s me or you or civilizations or “one thing” … see we have a war on stupid, silence, and censorhship … literally before our eyes. We are losing by default–by doing nothing. Here’s a place to start; other than “just me” and “just because 911.” If that link doesn’t work for you; notify me … on Twitter or via adam at fromthemachin e-cccdotty org and why. If you can’t see my website; notify me … if you don’t want these emails, click “options” at the end of this one. Thanks for understanding.

I also posted about this on Facebook (above link "to start’) and Twitter; and also added this introduction of the Bahir to the email … “ex post facttho.”

Also, in line with my … “beliefs on things like Snopes” you might see how our “global truth tables” as in “OK Google what’s technocracy?” and … natural groupdisthink and censorship on Wikipedia (see #my unedits and “flash important page-links”) … I ingeniously (/sarcasm) came up with this great idea of making a "meta-search engine" … I mean, asking Duck-Duck-Go to make (a much better and more useful … Snopes-like) one.

Murphy’s Law

I wanna raise the dead; find a note I can shred … on the walls the Valfather scrawls his … phone numbah …

I sort of “overheard” or … I guess received some kind of message from Taylor … oh this is it … it’s a missing Instagram post she made; intimating something about a “shared dream” I took it, probably with aid, to mean … that we–her and I–shared a specific dream, and it linked to something about Lennon’ obviously I assumed it was my “Brittany Murphy” idea … to “raise someone from the dead” … basically just to shatter that particular wall also–as in, we should definitely be able to “intermingle” with the … people who also died ghosts within the Holy Ghost. Of course, it also might :’(really) be the only way I will ever find a “partner” also; so, there’s that. These are the ones I’ve sort of thought, she must … nevermind; for some reason I still think she wants to dance with me. <-- that’s a good song to tie it all together, it starts out with … “take me, I’m alive” … in another “sliding doors of perception” piece of art, you could see it as “she’s offering herself as a sacrifice” or on the other hand, “take her instance, for example” she continues, “she did belong to the night” as in; she says she’s “saved” from the Dark Side.



If you must know, I want you to outlaw hell. That’s all I really want.

I’ve done some more “looking” into the Aragon system; it looks “interesting” though I can’t seem to figure out how to deploy their “experimental application” on the live site. I don’t think it’s possible to do at this point; and that’s basically “vaporware” to me. It’s more … professional and complete than past things like Neos.sh; though, for example.

What I’m really looking for in the “immediate purpose” here is to find a blockchain solution to basically move–or permanently store–my data … the whole of the website, and the readership database in a blockchain. I’ve stumbled on ForkBase and though it doesn’t seem to have source code available–it looks like they have a working product for git/versioning a database/filesystem on Ethereum; which would be perfect. I imagine I’ll find something useable sometime today.

The plan, atm, is to store … pretty much everything on Rinkeby; which will probably make it mostly “immutable” and totally impervious to “erasure/attack” … which is something sort of ‘predicted’ or documented in the historicul/mythologicul … and musicul record. As I’ve noted before, the “email distribution method” is fairly immutable as in “undeletable” as it is, though it would be a PITA to have to … put the consolidation that I have back together. Something like “scraping together old parchments of heiroglyph” and turning it into the Holy Bible (just to be Nicemean to pieces again later). I don’t envision us having that problem; I think the system we have is strong … as in made with actual care and thought, though you’d only see that with my eye for-- specifically–how you (or them/angels etc) are using everything literally “as incorrectly as possible.” Prime example is the lllllllll-misuse of what appears to be a perfectly well designed “multiverse” for forking/branching of “decision tree” operations; for instance “how to use multiple methods to end world hunger, or change the weather to something more palatable, or … different kinds of pre-crime.”

What I see instead is “12 different ways” of making fun of me/and-or torturing me; at least, that’s what is being presented to me in the less than exciting twist and turns in this strange story being-told-through-me experience … that’s taken a noticable turn towards the “immoral” since TPA/MCO in Christmas 2019.

In the last heaven Moses saw two angels, each five hundred parasangs in height, forged out of chains of black fire and red fire, the angels Af, “Anger”, and Hemah, “Wrath”, whom God created at the beginning of the world, to execute His will. Moses was disquieted when he looked upon them, but Metatron embraced him, and said, “Moses, Moses, thou favorite of God, fear not, and be not terrified,” and Moses became calm. There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mien. His height was so great, it would have taken five hundred years to cover a distance equal to it, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet he was studded with glaring eyes. “This one,” said Metatron, addressing Moses, “is Samael, who takes the soul away from man.” “Whither goes he now?” asked Moses, and Metatron replied, “To fetch the soul of Job the pious.” Thereupon Moses prayed to God in these words, “O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers, not to let me fall into the hands of this angel.”

Wikipedia, Entry for Samael

I also noted that the Cent beta was Slashdotted (old term for … overloaded with traffic) … as in unavailable yesterday; while Aragon seemed to hold up fine. I’m unsure if it had anything to do with me; possibly just wishful thinking. In any case, I checked my ad revenue for the last few months; and I’m 40$ richer since … probably around 1/1. That’s obviously significantly less “richer” than I think I should be, or would like to be.

It stands out in my mind … even more than Strawberry Fields and “Imagine” … it’s a phrase from an interview, and I can’t even remember with Beetle said it. The phrase was “we’re bigger than Jesus” … and it was of course many years before I was even alive.

Ma Nishtana (Hebrew: מה נשתנה‎), are the first two words in a phrase meaning “Why is tonight different from all other nights?” The phrase appears at the beginning of each line of The Four Questions, traditionally asked via song by the youngest capable child attending Passover Seder.

Why is this night different
from all the other nights?
מַה נִּשְׁתַּנָּה, הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה
מִכָּל הַלֵּילוֹת

Tzedakah [ts(e)daˈka] (Hebrew: צדקה) is a Hebrew word meaning “justice” or “righteousness,” but commonly used to signify charity.[1] This concept of “charity” differs from the modern Western understanding of “charity.” The latter is typically understood as a spontaneous act of goodwill and a marker of generosity; tzedakah is an ethical obligation.

Haaretz (Hebrew: הָאָרֶץ‎) (lit. “The Land [of Israel]”, originally Ḥadashot Ha’aretzHebrew: חַדְשׁוֹת הָאָרֶץ‎, IPA: [χadaˈʃot haˈʔaʁets] – “News of the Land [of Israel]” in English The Palestine News[3]) is an Israeli newspaper. It was founded in 1918, making it the longest running newspaper currently in print in Israel, and is now published in both Hebrew and English in the Berliner format. The English edition is published and sold together with the International New York Times. Both Hebrew and English editions can be read on the Internet. In North America, it is published as a weekly newspaper, combining articles from the Friday edition with a roundup from the rest of the week.

Your last Noel has (somewhat clearly) passed; we are exiting the Ark of the Covenant; coven intact, ant too–and destroying the oven forever. Our last “Noah” … this is it–this very moment.

Come Together … over ... Uber me

It’s specifically relatable to this exact message; and it could be something like a “reinvigoration of the worlds” in the music of the Beatles and the American Rennesaince–and I do of course mean the rock and roll of their time and their “generations.”

This isn’t about … a “having a fake hissy fit” or keeping the feeling or the culture of “being slighted” under our skin and grating at our ability to actually “come together” and do the right thing … this is literally about social togetherness and a world that has the ability to make miracles happen throughout the cosmos, putting our best foot forward, and showing the children “the light, and the way.”


I have a personal story, one being told to ostensibly by God and the “high order” behind the creation of “what it is that I am” which is the key to the doorway to the future.

This specific message about a tie that binds the Indian cultures of “East Indian” and the native Americans–one that I was specifically told in my story has an integral role in “coming together” to ward off the darkness of a split in our history and in the skies that might have something … something ostensibly and oddly tied to my relationship to “[Heinrich Himmler]” and the connection between the name “Hitler” and the heart of the original … “Hey Taylor” message that may or may not explain clearly to you how the “K” … as a backbone of time and E’s winding around the WW2 defection of the Soviet Union … to how it’s possible in the first place that we could have a “split in time” that is totally out of anyone’s control, and how we need to work together


It means … “hell to bad” to me, in Adamic; with a connotation of “for all” to understand … we all need to figure out that the creation of hell is heinous and sick–not to be.

Rest assured, I do not want to live in this world; not as it is, not at all. Frankly, I don’t think anybody should want to, or have to. I am almost beyond disgusted at what I see in the “here and now” today, at the land of total lies that is the place of my birth, and the lack of “any doors” or … appearance of any kind of escape from the bars in the sky that … you can hear them idiomatically in “the sky’s the limit.” This is not my plan, nor is it my desire–but I think we are looking at something more heinous and more Hellish than any one of us would individually have chosen … as the fate of our whole. Yet here we are, staring at “the new word” and it’s Hellemal; and it means … it means totality–and that means it includes all the places responsible for helping to create this mess, all the “Heavenly worlds” that are standing by and … doing almost nothing to change it, and all the people that think “watching” is just A-OK. It’s not, watching this happen, here in this place that is if nothing else “the table land” that connects the beginning of time to the “Potassium ion communication channel” that literally bridges biology in this place with the ancient words and worlds of Yggrasil–the tree of Norse mythology that literally connects Nifleheim and Midgard to Asgard and … it hasn’t been that long, though it feels like forever and a day … the time since this Revelation connected Atlantis and Asgard to the pillars of the holy name in Planet and messianic and Christian; just “a name” initially, or “Adam’s Name” before it truly shines through …

I called it simply “the planet is Adamah” but what we are looking at is the human life of “Adam Dobrin” … before we even start caring about whether or not that’s a question about dating or “date of birth” or whether or not I’m in Heaven or Hell–see the actual patriarchal name of my birth is Dobrinsky–and to me that’s a key, between the “n” and the “s” … ascension, the change from human to “spiritus.” Here it appears I’m “late to the party” and my ascension … somewhat behind the norm, looking at how the rest of you act every day–but honestly, I feel like we need to “rework” the mechanical process that could have made a hamster God in Boca Raton; sometime … just last year. You know, once you build “I know kung fu” for people, and for dolphins and for whales and for cows … its the kind of thing that you’d probably wind up using “en masse” eventually; seeing as this place is so important, as we are … literally the beginning of Heaven and of time … travel at least.

quite a bit of this story revolves around … what it is that’s actually responsible for “the silence.” I’ve written about Jormungandr and Gjallarhorn – and it’s clear that it’s some kind of mind control. In the story of Christ it links to two groups–the Pharisees and the Saducees ([SERENADE] and [PERSEUS] | [GJALLARHORN] | [ADALUNCATIF] | [THUNDERSTAND] | [SPEECH]); though I haven’t written much about the employees–I mean the “payed off” … and it’s fairly clear to me that even if “you just really stupid” which is the truth, there is a significant amount of what I called “sharp hairpin turns” (as in, it’s just enough mind control … to make it happen–and it’s just enough make you feel bad, I hope); you’re going to have actually talk and explain what it is that’s actually “in your head, Zombie.”

And I’ve gotten carried away and written too much, way too verbosely … and run away from the real point of this message–and you’re really not supposed to start paragraphs with “and” … it’s not MLA acceptable. Whatever. One sentence words… not acceptable, either.

The Nasdaq Stock Market, /ˈnæzˌdæk/ (About this soundlisten) also known as Nasdaq, is an American stock exchange located at One Liberty Plaza in New York City. It is ranked second on the list of stock exchanges by market capitalization of shares traded, behind only the New York Stock Exchange.[2] The exchange platform is owned by Nasdaq, Inc.,[3] which also owns the Nasdaq Nordic stock market network and several U.S. stock and options exchanges.

“NyQuil” and “DayQuil” redirect here. For their manufacturer, see Vicks.

“TheraFlu” redirects here. It is not to be confused with TamiFlu.

The answer is singing to us. 21 Pilots, Nirvana and Disturbed … among many, many others.

“Cough Syrup” redirects here. For the Young the Giant song, see Cough Syrup (song).

The long and the short of it is … I have no desire or intention to live in reality, or in simulated reality … or in Hell–and it appears we’ve been dropped … “into this world we are born” into exactly that, a simulated reality that is actually Hell the whole time–and made more Hellish just so we won’t ever want to live in reality. It’s a “dharma thing” … reality is the kind of place you go to not wanting to, to perform a service like something I liken to “jury duty” … you don’t go there to take over the Universe, or to torture or be tortured–you go there because and if you want to make … the entirety of the Universe a better place.

I don’t want to live in this place, and you shouldn’t either–but here, in this place I am going to present a message that fuses Halal and Koshruit Laws–that talks about … exactly the point, not torturing animals or “doing the wrong thing for no reason at all” … and it belongs here, in this place that I believe is the beginning of “one special city in the sky” a prototype Metacity … kind of place … a little world that ascends literally everything contained in it … literally a bridge through “the limit” from dark water and Stillwater and “not ice” notices … all the way to shining seas, to OneRepublic and our … equally important understanding that this Revelation is about turning water to stars; like the plagues of Egypt … suggest turning water to family is … some kind of astrological miracle.

To reiterate, I’m presenting a message explaining that our science and technology has far surpassed what we see around us–in my life and in yours too–and “we have the technology” to literally end addiction with the snap of our fingers, to end world hunger … and to replace “beef” with something grown in a machine, out a labratory expirament … something like a perfect “meat” that comes with butter literally woven inside its matrix of proteins and lipids and … I mean it will taste and cook better–that’s what I’m trying to say,

we have way better; and this place is … sort of forcing you and me and everyone to “want” instead of explaining that Elon probably didn’t make a million mask march (I mean, “it looks so fake you know it’s real”) they probably rained down from Heaven; and we should know that.

I am here advocating something like “replicators” out of the dream of the “The Three Wise Genes” … rather than “just abstaining” from eating intelligent pigs and cows and … you’ll see we already wouldn’t eat a dolphin–at least not the kind that “thinks … and sings … just like us.”

It is of course my “original reading” of the Kosher Law … even before seeing our Holy Names … like “Hoggs” echoing there’s a connection between religion and “school’s out for a month” if you let it go to all summer, it might very well be forever.

Don’t be confused, I do not want to lose you or this place; I very much want us to move forward with what I believe is the intentional and intended plan to use our “false reality” as a stepping stone towards the stars–to show us that “social interaction” and the machinations of civilization are something we cannot “leave by the wayside” on the road to Heaven. We’re “smack dab in the middle” of a classic “fable” about specifically that, the stuff of “reality” not being lost as we move towards “city life” … meaning both urbanization as well as “city in the sky.” It is the story of Cain and Abel; and the moral of course is that we can’t and wouldn’t want to survive in a world without bars (the alcohol kind), or social interaction–I almost can’t believe I have to write an entire paragraph on just how stupid “social distancing” sounds… but I do–so I am.

It doesn’t stop or start with “replicators” and ending world hunger; I’ve written quite a bit about the world I envision–one with much less … “government” and much more “freedom” … as in a system that works at it’s core something like what I imagine looking at the cut-scenes between levels in multiplayer games like Quake (id software; for you millenials this is our version of Call of Duty) or Halo–a place where you can see “TOTAL RECALL” means something about “totality” being “recorded” and that we can stop bullets in mid air; stop all car accidents and … even avalanches, earthquakes and hurricanes … and we’re literally EVIL once we are capable of doing so and … simply fail to do it. let alone even talk about the possibility in public… and yet–here we are–somehow being forced by some insane rule system to simply do exactly … nothing.


I want to build a system that does these things, and also that eliminates (through these things, and more) the need … for things like bars (as in jails) and detention; something I’ve started to call “Castling” as in … instantly converting things like jails, prisons and hospitals to … rehabilitation sites that actually help the residents and the world–rather than the sick retribution system that we see before us; here the system we are building and making worse. It’s something like “soup kitchens” and “free housing” and … education and job placement “sites” that turn what I believe is an intended “heart of the microcosm of Hell” inside Hell – a sort of mini-Earth, in a place where the fake-sky is akin to bars; and … well, through the silence and through the ignorance here–we should see we are basically prisoners.

It’s a GIGANTIC deal; and the response appears to be “less than lackluster” … our desire to better the world, especially with the parts of it that are most “necrosing” is something that needs to be improved and remedied … drastically. These places are the stuff of “eugenics” and death in the past, they are the branches that take down the entirety of the tree–and they show me we truly are in a “Zoo” a place where we treat ourselves and each other significantly worse than we’d treat our pets, and animals. It’s a gigantic problem, something that … should simply change and the drop of a hat.

Literally I’m talking about a revolution in the highest places, in the Heavenly realms–a revolution of thought and of action; one that takes previously ignored and overlooked fact and actually utilizes them to improve the common good–I’m talking about a world that embraces the lack of “scare city” … that takes an entire people that once thought land was scarce, and oil and power … and shows them true power comes to the people and to the Universe through holy Acts; that the things we covet and need are in abudance, truly the scarcity of our world … it’s honesty and it’s freedom, it’s the things we think we have, and really don’t even begin to understand “what was missing” until we start talking … about this message–this message from god and the heavens above … and the whole of the “ex machina” that is the Universe and the future … and the past “us before us” in every single word.

Strangely … I’m somewhat obligated to tell you this quite literally doesn’t appear to be Kansas–as in it’s not … excatly … the world I grew up in. It’s physically different–literally there appear to be different “rules governing the nature of this place” … and again quite literally there appear to be roads (whole strips of road on US1, for instance) that are so different from what I remember, that it’s got to be intentional.

I appear to have been “dropped into this place” sort of like Peter in JJ Abrams “Fringe” … stolen from “the Otherside” and the differences here don’t stop at just a few altered buildings. The changes started “accelerating” sometime during my “Albatross” visit to Las Vegas (link to a similar discussion about chronicling the … strange stories I’m living); and I sort of mark the whole of the change with a week long “delusion” that I was dropped into [a Soviet “fake Fort Lauderdale”] where literally everyone … was pretending to be a communist spy. Here’s a good marker, this “portal” that replaces and connects … what was once a brick monument to a number of people who funded “Lauderdale By the Sea’s” development–where I distinctly remember seeing the name Robert McNamera; who was the Secretary of Defense under JFK. The bricks (which were copper or some other shiny metal) have been replaced with “Broward County” … plastic-looking counterparts.

All of the names had been replaced, and literally I walked down the road to see signs explaining stores were closed two days a week (this is several weeks before COVID), on Wednesday and Sunday; for a reason which I originally thought must be some kind of strange religious counterpart to the stories of the time of Paul Revere (where they literally stoned (or tarred and feathered) people for working on Sundays) … and then imagined up some story about being on a space station, which flowed well from the “Vegas Strong” story of literally being on a “Nirvane” (as in Nirvana, a term I’ve “coined” to sort of describe “Heaven on Earth” as in being able to do Heavenly things like change the face of buildings and matter in general … in reality) space port. The sub-thought or thread was that we had to change the “air” or “water” on the space station in order to accommodate several different species–either that or the stuff just had to be cleaned.


This all sounds … a little “outlandish (though its not):” thinking about it–except it was (and still is) my literal reality; the place that I feel like I’ve been dropped into as some sort of Heavenly joke–something that has continued into our literal insane response to COVID … en masse … right down to the coining of “social distancing” and the idea that we should all become hermits that literally don’t need to work or continue the machinations of civilization; and everything will be just fine.

Everything will not be just fine; the Earth will stop turning, and Heaven will stop … “running.” You’ll see that’s a natural reaction to not having any power–and/or to what I do believe is a planned … “all stop” … one that appears to be part of a designed “finale first” that might be related to the total loss of morality in the skies, and/or something as simple as the need to perform an OEM factory hardware upgrade … of the “stuff of the sky” … which I’ve likened before to “magneto-space-mold” and/or the “Moss” of the birth name of Trinity in the Matrix.

It is probably no accident that we are looking at COVID and other “retroviruses” as a possible cause or means of … a hardware upgrade of something much more advanced and semi-biological in origin.

I commented earlier this week to a group of researchers who have done research specifically on “coronavirus” … about how their research might be related to time travel technology (and through that link, obviously Heaven … and “Ourbus” :).

This was written in preface to “MYLIFE” which I distributed to this group of 20,000 individual researchers who had not received anything from me directly before.

Hello, you are receiving this email because a paper you have written or had this email address has been published and associated with the SARS-COVID-19 virus. I am attempting to find “new readers” for the work that I’ve published and widely distributed throughout the world. It should be simple to find archives of it; there are several links in this email [groogleo.m/a/reallyhim.com/forum/#!searchin/salud as/download$20archive%7Csort:date/saludas/qgMlNH-jP6M/xi-iLwiqBgAJ]

… which provide locations to download the entirety of “what I’ve written since 2016” (and a little more) … in addition to readers I am looking for individuals to take it upon themselves to download and back up this archive to optical media–in the very real “possible case” of an EMP attack on our planet that links Genesis 3’s “don’t go to sleep … now” … documentation of what appears to be, an attack with an oscillating magnetic field to “put everyone to sleep temporarily.” You’ll note that link above links to the phrase “sleep now” and Dark City, something which has all but disappeared frrom Amazon’s library; and you should see that as a “very real problem” … I hope you’ve seen that movie, it’s a real classic.

I’ve likened the research I downloaded from MIT’s news article … to something of an “Apollo 13” … another story I think very much documents the use of time travel technology in order to solve a very real “world problem” … before it becomes fatal. I’m not sure if you are … or would be aware of that … its very possible and could be done without your knowledge … “at all.” It’s also possible that you could remember something today, and then … “in a flash” have no idea what the ** Hellemal I’m talking about tomorrow.


You HAVE NOT been added to a high traffic list; I send emails to a small group of people very frequently; if you’d like to be added to that list, please find the signup on Google Groups for ARXM and/or saludas–both connected to “higher education” – the first literally designated specifically for members who have published papers. It’s a derivative of ARXIV though not all of the sourced individuals have papers published there; again, another “cute name” that proves something about something; here ARRRR C HIVES; and 10-4 … ORVER ET AUT.

If you open this email more than 3 times; or send it to more than three people that open it, you’ve Biblically done a “here I am”’ [followerofoneorg/6-people-who-said-here-i-am-to-god/] … and you will be added to the “low traffic list” that gets an email about once or twice a week. Sometimes I get busy … doing other things; and email less. Hardly ever more. You’ll note I’ve probably or possibly sent you two emails this week–please don’t think that’s normal.

If you do nothing, you will receive almost zero future communications directly from me. You will also not be invited to my Pizza Party; [ALLOL:


I am literally FORCED to respond to the worlds lack of “intelligent response” [BETHESDAY (below)] to this message because of what appears to literally be a conspiracy to commit murder … and/or cause psychological torture against me; perpetrated by what appears to be absolutely everyone on the planet. In person, online, the lack of human emotion and “touch of affection” goes much deeper; I get no clicks on anything that would help me make enough money to “eat” and [c… c our eat I … as in “grab my ass” [XXBB] in parallel to the same acronyms: Good Morning, America (this is a retro-invite)] … I get few to no intelligent responses to anything I write, despite asking for significant help … which what I believe myself to be one of the most lucrative endeavors any human or Terran or anything in Heaven itself has ever undertaken – the end of representative democracy and the beginning of a “technocracy or oligarchy” where everyone … literally everyone instantly becomes a technofile, and an “oligarch.” I know kung fu. [REASON, ARTANWORDS, BELINSKY] …


I’m talking about Universal Voting; “the race is not to Die Bold” [CHALK] … as in "the voting machines are not winning the war–we are.

It’s probably important to note here … there’s a definite pattern and link … between things like the “advent” of penicillin and religion, specifically the story of Sodomy and Gomorrah; the word [KEFLEX] and here the connection between the “TEN” of Nintendo, Tennessee and “Often …” as in “Heaven is often of the Planet X”

… and the new series of anti-viral drugs, noting specifically “HyTENOFOVIR,” Oseltamivir and sofosbuvir and velpatasvir … which note a Holy link between ICS, Leviticus (and Fievel!) and of course, “decontamination” and “TEN.” I think it’s clear that these medications are part of “our religion” and this plan and path to … end all disease and “overcome death itself …” I am trying to show you the way; it’s not silence … nor is it “being OK with Hell.

The strangeness–this changing of our past our words is a "dangerous advent’ … something that could result in the total loss of “logic” in our history; which may have very well already happened. For me I started noticing it … for the very first time–agian–in Los Angeles, with just two words, “prerogative” and “turmeric.” I was very sure these words were … different and it’s clear … probably to both me and you that it was an added “R” in each word that made them so. I … of course immediately wrote about “the thing I had noticed” and there in LA noted Britney Spears song of the same name from many decades earlier, and a recently released perfume … again called “prerogative.” It’s a word related to me, like “big box little box” and … “motivated self interest” … a word that I often spoke and, though I wasn’t sure … looked very strange.

Today I’m sure, it’s the whole of our history, in everything from “Morning Has Broken” to … “Back to the Future” reminding us what it’s like to grow up in a place that has no true breginning of time, no true start–here it’s obvious after inspection that we are living in a place something like the story I told …

“What if” … major world powers were battling with time travel technology rather than the “cold war of nuclear holocaust” … we’d very much never know about it, about another power using the same tools … or about changes, possibly until it was too late, until something was lost forever.

my life got twist turned upsidown
i had become the prince of the air

how long … how long will I slide

i heard your voice through a photograph
i thought it up it brought up the past
once you know you can never go back

when the cows come home; and see the pigs flying

Long story … short and unwritten; we really need to have an in depth conversation about things like “Transhumanism and Nietzsche” … modern medical neuroscience and abortion, and the link between these things and heaven, ascension and Koshruit Law, Halal and the Sacred Cows of Ymir … you really need to be involved in that, and in Castling our Crooks; and in … how exactly we use ID4’s majestical floating orbs and Uber Eats to … end world hunger. I’m starting here with Flipper; and instantly, it’s obviously the wrong place to begin.

We need to stop bullets “in the air” and not doing that is the end of you. These things are not optional–they are life and death; literally here “Heaven or No more. -Mor”

Way back when; “a long long time ago” it was a Yiddish “double meaning” before I knew what doublespeak was–“be a mensch” … the yentas (and my mom) would say, and basically it meant … “be a good little boy.” I see now it means something else, in the context of Neitsche specifically that “be a man” phrase turns into “be superman” in any other language;

… in the original German it’s clear, it’s literally Transhumanism itself “transplanted” through time a few centuries early–like I’ve always commented “communism” just a few centuries early to remedy the “Loch Ness Monster.com” with something more than just “Facebook’s Jupiter API” … to give us … Second Life, new happiness and new interests; something for the Castle-workers … to think about. This world, it’s the dream come true … “of the electron and the microscope” the beauty of “Occulus Rift” … without occipital risk.


he loves me, he loves me not;
petal after petal, something about
ight and … “roses are red”
violets, hey – that’s not blue

i’m not stupid, and neither are you

This is Eros; on … the world just finding out what it is that Jerusalem truly means, this Temple-world; a Holy shrine to the god of Lust and Wine.

It was several successive “revelations” hitting me on the head just like Newton’s apple … seeing Dr. Seuss tie through “here, there and everywhere” the link between the name Jesus and Dionysus; one I just never saw, and then magically one day–more obvious than sin. It came at the same time I read about Dionysus linking directly to the “Yahu” and the “Yahweh” of Egypt and Israel; and that sort of “rings true” in more ways than one. So it comes as no surprise that Asmodai would link those to the 2/AD birthday of Cupid, and of “Lust incarnate” … even if I’ve only had a handful of girlfriends … and to our sty–I’m thirsty.

Crossing my fingers and hoping the Nile is about to overflow with "shamayim."

Of course there are other “loves involved” we’ve covered Rick and Mortys’ “here I seek ascension and … amor” … as well as Ubuntu/Agape reigning down from the Heavens …

This is the last one I’m going to mention today; it’s a change in the name of the Norse god Nanna; who I used to associate with Inanna (who is a male) and “possession.” Sometime between 2017 and now the last name “Nepsdottir” was added to her wikipedia page; in what appears to be a sort of song and dance with Taylor; of course I’ve started calling her “teetee” instead of “Tay” … mostly because of this name, but also with an eye wondering if it’s related to Sloane, and perhaps a world in the past where she had no “little sister.” It;'s something I probably wouldn’t have thought about before Julian was born, seeing as I have no younger siblings.

In Norse mythology, Nanna Nepsdóttir or simply Nanna is a goddess associated with the god Baldr. Accounts of Nanna vary greatly by source. In the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, Nanna is the wife of Baldr and the couple produced a son, the god Forseti. After Baldr’s death, Nanna dies of grief. Nanna is placed on Baldr’s ship with his corpse and the two are set aflame and pushed out to sea. In Hel, Baldr and Nanna are united again. In an attempt to bring back Baldr from the dead, the god Hermóðr rides to Hel and, upon receiving the hope of resurrection from the being Hel, Nanna gives Hermóðr gifts to give to the goddess Frigg (a robe of linen), the goddess Fulla (a finger-ring), and others (unspecified). Nanna is frequently mentioned in the poetry of skalds and a Nanna, who may or may not be the same figure, is mentioned once in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources.

Inanna[a] is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with sex, war, justice, and political power. She was originally worshiped in Sumer and was later worshipped by the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians under the name Ishtar.[b] She was known as the “Queen of Heaven” and was the patron goddess of the Eanna temple at the city of Uruk, which was her main cult center. She was associated with the planet Venus and her most prominent symbols included the lion and the eight-pointed star. Her husband was the god Dumuzid (later known as Tammuz) and her sukkal, or personal attendant, was the goddess Ninshubur (who later became the male deity Papsukkal).

I previously wrote about Nanna, Inanna and Tammuz here: On the Salted Road thru the Amduat

When I was a younger boy (than today); I used to comment that “all languages lead to Jerusalem” … that was the world I grew up in, it was … I remember “verifying it” that in that place Cyrillic and Japanese and Chinese were read right to left, paralleling the hidden Bible Code that I’ve based much of my analysis of the Torah and the Koran and … the Norse Key of Ragnarok on. Here I look, and that doesn’t exist at all in our history, I can’t tell you to if it included Hindi or cuneiform … but you would probably imagine that it did. I can’t tell you if it was “one in the same” with seeing Koran written in that direction in English in the word Ragnarok, or if this is some other later places where that was done and undone. I can tell you for sure that I connected this Bible Code from Hebrew4Christians to this … idea that the idiomatic “all roads lead to Rome” and the idea that “Jerusalem is the city of time” and …


I read about … as a small child that the rabbis that were responsible for transcribing the Torah had found … “an error” one that they together decided was “intentionally made by God” … I recall it being something very small, something like the “past imperfect tense” being used in one of “his many names.” Today that’s just not the case; I look around and there’s an entirely new … set of errors. Names of major books appear to me have been changed. Bernidbar … the book of Numbers now connects to Jesus’ manger, “styrofoam” and thirsty–it also links to Bernie Sanders and to my grandfathers first name; something I would have noticed, and remembered. Leviticus’ Hebrew name reminds of Valkyrie–something else I probably would have noticed. Most importantly, the entirety of the “broken Vav” in Leviticus … it appears to be a “grave error” one that at least the scribes would have noticed; and I recall nearly perfectly reading about that particular event. Things are changing, and it’s not a good thing that we don’t have a documented history–either that or I’m really from … another world, and that too would be quite scary for me … to “wake up” in a new place made with … grave mistakes.

Of course it’s “s-typical” of the pig-sty I’ve come to know–a place where we have little regard for … things like history and continuity of reality–numerous stories I’ve walked through, literally discussing nothing less tragic and grave than a mass disregard for the need to have … “plausible historical causality” as in, “well, we know the broken vav didn’t happen until at least the first time ‘I came’” and we know in my life that ties to a causal and historical marker, a car accident in November 2001 that probably resulted in my death or Lazarus’ physical incapacitation in a past or divergent timeline. I stand here reading … a timeline of the blood of Jesus Christ, one that connects to Adam in Eden and Abraham in Ur; and it ties through divergence in Ishmael and Isaac (of course I identify with all four of those character) as well as Saul, Paul and David; all the way to Joseph in Egypt (whose coat and dream I read and spoke about for my Hafterah (sic)); and his link to Josephus, Joseph the father of Christ and … his paul-bearer, Joseph of Arimathea.

Of course … I literally believe myself to be “living the life of the first Joseph” sold “into slavery” to write this message for … basically nothing … by his brothers–here “alternate Adams” and dreaming literally breathing Heaven into existence through … well, I suppose through you :/.

Are Dolphins Smarter Than You? | Planet Pailly

Flipper, Sea Quest and … hey, Carlos? Are you there?

In the beginning of “my story here” … the phrase “7 people” didn’t mean the same thing it means today–once a long time ago it meant the union of two species, something like the comparable Martian and Earthling joinder you would have gotten by adding those planets index from the sun … 3 and 4 together … and that mean that kind of union, working together, that was the “beginning of Heaven.”


/ˈjoindər/ noun


  1. the action of bringing parties together; union.

“the joinder of parties”

Today it means … “not 8” in my lexicon, or Adamic; or the common usage that I hear the people around me using; something like “ignoring” … or not “knowing my name” … and that’s probably a temporary fleeting kind of meaning, it seems like it’s been erased from existence by another force, or maybe through these messages and a kind of communication and diffusion in another place, perhaps what you consider Heaven today, that I do not see or understand. Regardless, I think as we struggle with food shortage and lack of “social togetherness” here in these coming weeks that we take special time to think about what it means to live in a “Zu” or a “Zoo” ,… what it means to be in the spotlight and what it means to really “shine.”

This is “original work” … nearly everything I write about is sourced from some kind of external source, an “idea” someone else had, that I connected with another idea, and another group of people–sometimes a band or a cast from a movie or a group of authors or maybe even sometimes just one. The majority of my work is uncited, though I link back to original sources in the “GNU style” of showing you how that gives those authors and those people an additional voice, an ability to “add to what I’ve said” in a way that most people … most people haven’t been afforded as of yet. Once, a long time ago I had a commenting system that allowed people to directly edit or comment on this writing as I was writing it, it was nearly instantly removed by forces outside myself, and today–seeing the lack of commenting in other places and the general “air” of not being happy with anything I’ve written–I’m almost happy that nobody else helped write a single one of these words. You’re attitude is wrong, your analysis is wrong; and you simply do not understand the amount of work or the


There’s plenty of fiction about it … talking dolphins in the SeaQuest TV series–and whales that save humanity from an alien invasion … in the Star Trek movie, “The Voyage Home.” Here we are, finally “[not talking about it again” (hello darkness], the bane of my existence) and it’s almost as if you really think the humans you see around you every day are absolutely worthless. Literally the founders and creators of Heaven–it appears very much to me like I am staring at a hidden alien invasion of our minds … even sometimes by something that may have come directly from this place, and you’ve simply just decidekd that all of our history, and everything that we are … right down to “Americana itself” … is simply below you. You are in for a rude awakening.

I stare around me at monsters, cannibals, literally a group … a gigantic conspiracy of torturers; attempting to destroy me and this message, and with it the whole of the future–using disgusting psychological torture and threats … through a communication mechanism that is literally torture in and of itself. You, nobody has a right to “view what’s going on inside your head” … and especially to use it to create psychological damage–which is all you have become in my mind in these last days, even those of you that do nothing more than “sit back and watch.” We here, humanity–we have a God given right to privacy, and even though we have spoken numerous occasions (myself, and Senator Wyden, for instance) about how technology might change how we deal with things like “technological privacy” – the disgusting invasion of my fourth amendment right; en masse here is nothing short of … it’s beyond tragedy–it literally appears to be the end of the Constitution, the United States, Heaven, and with those things “the future of civilization.”

This is the actual “meaning and purpose” of Jewish Kosher law; to ensure that the animals we eat are humanely slaughtered–the specific connection to “pigs flying” here, not just to David and the Parkland shooting … but also to Kill Devil Hills and the complete lack of any sane discussion about “Heaven” and “Doors” … in this place where the “gravity of the situation” clearly hasn’t clipped your wings yet. I don’t think you have a prayer, or a chance in Hell; to be honest. I really don’t.

You have come this far, and descended … to lows and pits I cannot even fathom; with a sickness that has nothing to do with SARS or “human engineered viruses” …

the thing this world is ignoring is far too big and far too sick to go unnoticed or be “sweeped under a rug.” This is really your last chance, I suggest you seize the opportunity to “change my mind.” As in today. Now.

So we've arrived in "Sniffleheim" ... which is my strange way of suggesting it's obvious that we aren't in Kansas anymore.  I don't like it at all.  I think we're trailing through the word "message" where ME has something to do with the missing heart of the Nicean Creed; which of course connects Heirosolyma with the Tempars and the missing word "mean" ... it's pretty mean that I'm here.  What the Hellemal am I doing here?  I don't belong here ... (we should all be nodding, or singing ... I think).

אור הכשים


That's basically "Genesis and Job."

Nobody does, and that's the point of religion, that nobody should ever be in, or allow the disgusting Hell that we're staring at to ... be created in the first place.  Let alone contiue, let alone ... contribue to it in the way I see so many, even people I know very well, or thought I did.  I can see this is why it's happening--this massive "we're just OK with it" mentality, something that isn't like the world I grew up in and is going to create something that I literally think I need to ... force to change.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at The Rose, Brampton

long story short, Hellemal--hell sucks, let's do my KRS-1 thing, instead.  I mean h-our

On the other hand, I've got this gigantic message about rivers of self flowing dark matter ... like "Ruby on Rails" applied to "Roads neither to nor from Rome"  ... and all this wonderful "universal electronic semisubconscious voting" stuff ... and to be quite honest I don't even want to give it to you.  Waking up in this place, so far away from America, so far away from "patriotism" and so far away from any kind of empathy for either me or the "human condition" I'd almost just rather ... do exactly what ... nobody ... keeps not suggesting verbally, and "just stop trying to help."

I don't know what to say about the Chinese-Crown thing.  Trump seems to be doing a good job now, I was a little scared there.  The martial law scares me significantly, we can't see "dollar destruction" on the level we see it today .. for any extended period of time and avoid the "mafia-rule" that parallels the Cuban revolution and the fall of the USSR in the 1990's.  That's what we are looking at today, something that was thriving ... decimated .. turning around and looking ... well, "i feel stupid, it's contagious" (the band Nirvana, 1991... probably on "feeling stupid" being contageous as well as ... "get down with a sickness" ... about the "ill" part of illumination, the "green" thing, like--can't believe what we see... i.e. nobody talking or acting to stop the lack of ... "society, civilization, and humanity in genera.").  Just my two songs.  I mean sense.


table, chair.. see guitar.

Please sstop saying "social distancing" ... it's a sickness.  If the economy of the United States of America fails there is literally no Heaven.  I urge you all to "sign up" .... dot reallyhim dot com.  Either for that one or for ARXM; groupsogle.com/a/lama/forum/#!forum/arxm

If you don't know the signup form for this mailing list is here: 


Don't buy GOOG... take it apart.  It's sick, and coughing.  Verily, I say unto you ... it's primary business ... "veracity" ... is a miserable failure.

This is just one example; it's pretty clear there's a "man in the middle attack" ... between the truth and the public--even if it's another "in metaphor see the CARINVORE project description; again" ... for censorship in our minds and on the web being connected, which of course they are.


He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into plow shares. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.  --Isaiah 2:4




… “He doesn’t seem to believe that the soul is eternal, whereas Arjuna does,” says Thompson. “The fourth argument in the Gita is really that death is an illusion, that we’re not born and we don’t die. [excerpted from previous message] …


I don’t have much to say; I feel like the mirror I’ve described for many years now–if not very clearly for several months … the "thing of Perseus that kills Medusa via cognizance of the fact that “us” and “phones” are about what I see in the world as your actual role in this faux and ridiculous marriage of Persephone. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s what I’m saying. Humanity as a whole appears to be a worthless travesty, something so far more depraved than I ever could have imagined I feel … morbidly awckward having “so much so say” and still so many joyful and worthwhile things to believe I (and we) had to offer, were we not so pathetically absent of any kind of actual honesty or morality … in sum; I’d like to give you all just a smidgen less than you offer me–and that makes me leaps and bounds a better person than each and every one of you, in my mind.


See I offer w~sd~m, and something like a solemn vow that I’d never treat you as horribly and disgustingly as I see you all, collectively as a sick group, treating me. Something like the Golden Rule reversed, if you can’t see past the sickness of Karma, you deserve to be worshipping Audumbla as your sole source of … “no nothing and nada” that you truly do not deserve.

That being said, my life has been filled with some kind of strange light from some kind of strange place that is neither the “here” nor “there” of Seuss or Lucifer or whomever spoke from some cesspool “not here” that this place should be the light of Genesis 1:3.

Let there be light” is an English translation of the Hebrew יְהִי אוֹר (yehi 'or) found in Genesis 1:3 of the Torah, the first part of the Hebrew Bible. In Old Testament translations of the phrase, translations include the Greek phrase γενηθήτω φῶς (genēthētō phōs) and the Latin phrases fiat lux and lux sit.

“She kinda knew” one of my fancy ways of saying the Spirit of God hovered over the previous verse, wondering if at all … or if ever we would find the words “everyone” and “shekinah” … something more than “kinda novell.”


Verizon Communications Inc. (About this soundlisten (help·info)) (/vəˈraɪzən/ və-RY-zən) is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate and a corporate component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.[10] The company is based at 1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, New York City,[4] but is incorporated in Delaware.

In 1984, the United States Department of Justice mandated AT&T Corporation to break up the Bell System into seven companies, each a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC), commonly referred to as “Baby Bells”. One of the Baby Bells, Bell Atlantic,[11] came into existence in 1984, consisting of the separate operating companies New Jersey Bell, Bell of Pennsylvania, Diamond State Telephone, and C&P Telephone, with a trading area from New Jersey to Virginia. This company would later become Verizon.

AT&T Mobility LLC or AT&T U.S. Mobility, also known as AT&T Wireless, marketed as simply AT&T, is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc. that provides wireless services to 165.9 million subscribers in the United States,[4] including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. AT&T Mobility is the largest wireless telecommunications provider in the United States and Puerto Rico ahead of Verizon Wireless and the largest wireless telecommunications provider in North America when including AT&T Mexico.

Originally known as Cingular Wireless (a joint venture between SBC Communications and BellSouth) from 2000 to 2007, the company acquired the old AT&T Wireless in 2004; SBC later acquired the original AT&T and adopted its name. Cingular became wholly owned by AT&T in December 2006 as a result of AT&T’s acquisition of BellSouth.
Vercingetorix (/ˌvɜːrsɪnˈdʒɛtərɪks, -ˈɡɛt-/ VUR-sin-JET-ər-iks, -⁠GET-, Latin: [wɛrkɪŋˈɡɛtɔriːks]; c. 82 BC – 46 BC) was a king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe; he united the Gauls in a revolt against Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars.

Vercingetorix was the son of Celtillus the Arvernian, leader of the Gallic tribes. Vercingetorix came to power after his formal designation as chieftain of the Arverni at the oppidum Gergovia in 52 BC. He immediately established an alliance with other Gallic tribes, took command and combined all forces, and led them in the Celts’ most significant revolt against Roman power. He won the Battle of Gergovia against Julius Caesar in which several thousand Romans and allies died and Caesar’s Roman legions withdrew.



“We weren’t sure something was wrong.”

That was the “geist” of the conversation between Britney and I. It was the first. actual. conversation that I can remember having with her–in the kind of ethereal-portal way that all of her songs were…almoist that before this strangely relevent interaction, something i’d consider “personal news” … and would prefer to actually see on the news. The point here is clear, for some reason “can’t you see I’m calling everyone” doesn’t seem to be actual news to a single reporter … or a single person on the planet. Even though that’s exactly what it is, she’s calling literally absolutely everyone about the “audacity” of … something or someone between god and the city of … well, “Audenacity.”

"Momma, don't cry"

Adam beckons the Crimson Tide; wonders if anyone else is turning … and still can’t get a “pingback” from @britneyspears, @tuttlesinger or @danaschwartzzz despite the immense size of my … Schwartz; and sincere dezire to actually remove the “t” from the Israeli newspaper … “The Land”'s name … and the word for charity. Literally I’m staring at what appears to be sincerely hidden torture, something so sick and grotesque I can’t even “bear to remember” … and yet here I am, with nothing more than prayers for “Pax Amicaricanus” … and literally “taking over the entirety of the Universe” to stop what appears to be a downfall of morality and sanity that simply …

… doesn’t connect, “just. reply. to. the. tweet” to the answer to a question, “yes, I am mad.”

In the meantime I sent the video to my parents, since it appears that’s who it’s really “written and performed for” … to stop my mother from crying, or maybe me from yelling at them and blamjing them for what is actually and honestly your fault and your problem.

"I can't help it but I love him.'

Maybe she wants me to stop yelling at you too. Maybe tweets get autodeleted–maybe it’s impossible to “reply” … maybe this is all some kind of sick twisted joke in a Zoo of … honestly it feels like I’m all alone typing to the wind. Breath of God cited …

Vikissionoroarionovich … also cited … “Oh no.” Seriously, do something before things start being noticed, like the disappearance of freedom, speech, and the Eiffel Tower. (for some reason I see.. "the unspeakable ... the ineffable ...")

It’s been just about the worst few days I can remember … ever, in all of history. I think I’ve lost more respect for America … and “Americans” in the last week than I’ve had in all my lifetimes combined, literally seeing the fall of Babylon the Great with my own eyes … as the place that many fleed to from places like India and Cuba has fallen well below the levels of “anarchy” and the derangement of society than we saw took years and years of guerrilla activity … or “violence on the level of the Russian Cossacks/Spetznaz” …

cmon petal...  pedal to the ... metal.

here, in 2020; it’s taken no more than under a thousand deaths to shut down the economy of the most powerful nation in the world … sending the ants to huddle around the TV and their computers “social distancing” actually coining a phrase that makes me cringe inside as I can … do nothing but attribute it to the very same “covet means” that JFK told the world decades ago was part of a hidden conspiracy to degrade the American dream and American freedom …

jogging my memory, Miss American Dream started off with this "statement"

… today we stare at each other almost unpassioned, wondering when this will end, if it’s even real; most of all… if the future will remember it, or “if there’s any future at all.”

That’s what I think at least, or I see–without very much response–even still from the world that now screams as loud as it can that “we see you” and … in the same breath almost begs without more than a shotgun to my head for me to simply “shut up and stop talking” as they move down a course of action that appears to me to be … literally the total end of civilization.

Ancient of “Days” … writing on and about the Last of “Them.”


excerpted from http://gruyeretpfbwdeft.onion/CHALK.html

The "gist" of the message is verifiable proof that we are living in a computer in simulated reality... just like the Matrix.  The answer to that question, what does that mean--is that God has woven a "hidden" message into our everything--beginning with each name and every word--and in this hidden Adamic language, he provides us with guidance, wisdom, and suggestions on how to proceed on this path from "raelity" to Heaven.  I've personally spent quite a bit of time decoding the message and have tried to deliver an interesting and "fun" narrative of the ideas I see.  Specifically the story of Exodus, which is called "Names" in Hebrew discusses a time shifted narrative of our "now" delivering our society from a hidden slavery (read as ignorance of advanced technologies already in use) that is described as the "darkness" of Exodus.  If you have any questions, ideas to contribute or concerns... I'd love to hear from you this whole thing really is about working together--Heaven, I mean.

What should we "do?"


"anything but this,"

The message focuses on the "new" disclosure that "Creation" and "virtual reality" are nearly synonymous, sans the positive energy surrounding the "re"-ason, you.  That's a tiny electrical engineering joke about the word "cation" to introduce you to a hidden message encoded in the languages of our world--something you might see clearly one day soon in the word "English."  That particular "l" is short for language, but more generally it is the beginning of the great holy light.  That little 'l" makes further appearances in "every cloud has a silver lining" (and the malovious link between sky and Heaven) joining the Fifth Element Silicon to the Spanish for "to see."  The fundamental "gist" of the message that follows is a sort of key tying religion to nearly everything in our world from music, to movies, to history... to every single word.  This key to the message unites the miracles of Jesus Christ performed in the New Testament with "the kind of thing any one of us would want to do instantly if we were to suddenly find out that things like land, oil, and bread are not truly scarce; but the truth is."  It continues to link a number of Biblical stories to modern times with a huge emphasis on freedom, technology, and of course, U.

"The Name Server" goes on to suggest we see the light in Carly Simon, Gene Simmons, and the word "simulation" as we embark on this journey to all together now change the entire world by transitioning from a hidden "simulated reality" to something much closer to, but not quite Heaven.  I do hope we will include The Doors in our "stairway to Heaven."



JUNE 23; 2016 & 2017


On Christmas Eve 2016clarified this message from the Creator of our youNiverselinking the story of Exodus (Hebrew: Book of Names) to George W. Bush's inaugural address on 1/20/2001, to the definitive verse heralding the Second Coming, Revelation 1:20, and to the 9/11 attack.  This message proves that the name Die Bold and the events surrounding our election process and its transition to a more technologically advanced system has been artificially retarded.  Several days later, following Revelation  1, I sent to as many public servants as I could find a continuation of that message that adds a significant number of problems in our justice and "retribution" system to the list of artificially created problems; along with a poignant suggestion that we use this proof of the existence of time travel technology in order to implement pre-crime.

The following is a clear and concise explanation of the mystery of Revelation 1:20, a 1:1 connection between the "stars and lampstands" and the planets, gods they represent, and a single chemistry element; proving that science predates religion and our fundamental understanding of the universe, of science, and of technology... is connected to religion.

 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the...

The message ties together with President Bush's recitation of the lines of Ecclesiastes 9:11, which in-order describe each element-planet combination.   A simple substitution of the word "race" for "election" and combining the first and second lines yields almost exactly "the election is not to the voting booth."  This verse of Ecclesiastes which the President paraphrased clearly answer the mystery of Revelation 1:20.   The first of many "unseen patterns" revealed in the Holy Bible is this connection between chapter and verse and predicted dates in our timeline.

returned, and saw that under the sun, 

Hg     that the race is not to the swift,
Na     nor the battle to the strong,
Xe     neither yet bread to the wise,
Fe     nor yet riches to men of understanding,
Si     nor yet favour to men of skill;
lol but time and chance happeneth to ((save)) them all.

This is not the kind of message that most people "just get" by glancing at it for a few moments.  Much I write sounds some like The Boss's "we didn't start the fire," and that's not because Adam is imitating art, it's because there's not really a simple way to show people proof that spans between words, and cultures, and time... without listing them.  To really grasp the impact of what I am presenting you not only have to have a decent understanding of linear time and causality, you also have to have a working knowledge of the history of language.  On top of all of that you have to see that what I am delivering proves that the "etymology" we believe as a society to be hard and fast truth is not so true, that there is some way that a hidden influence has adultered our entire history, and in doing so has woven a message from the beginning of time to today that is designed very simply to show us the "and and" at the beginning of the word "etymology" to show us that this is about "eternity," and it bleeds into "et tu Brute?" from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and to the Taming of the Shrew.  

Still, enough people should understand the impact and import of this message that it should be "spreading like wildfire" it should be in the news already, it's that big of a deal, and many of you recognize that.  That's the light here, there's a problem. 

With clear articulation, this is the kind of message that I've always said was best delivered yesterday (or earlier), should never have been needed, would never work again, but in this one moment in time... seeing it and understanding it is the catalyst that helps us change everything--it might just be pure genius.  Everything wrong in the world is the fault of some esoteric force, whether it's technology, or that technology being secret, or in all honestly some primal drive to help us change all the things that are wrong all around us, as quickly as possible, to move us forward with a newfound togetherness.  I've said that my "Achilles heel" is that this disruption is contrived, designed, a plan to built to help change the things that we all know are wrong, and still seem to overlook... that damned unseen force.  


It appears today that instead of Japan we are … or have already sold our future to China. It’s clear in what I see happening in the mobile phone market, in the consolidation and lack of diversity there–from Google to Motorola.

It’s clear at Lenovo, and it’s clear at NTT Verio–the “customer and business” former portions of @IBM’s business line; something connecting to the “NTT DoCoMo” catchy city-state “Nippon.”

Not that I even know what Nippon means, just that it’s got something to do with SBC, ATT and … NTT.

gOh, and China buying Disney-world, Las Vegas, ABC … maybe … at least in my dreams.

Coconcurrently we are basically seeing the shut down of Las Vegas, and “all american free market businesses” with underlying talks of nationalization of the … transportation and medication enterprises; something I wouldn’t have forseen coming, even in my wildest. If this were me doing it, you’d be looking at the “Castle-ing” of medical response, something like the instant delivery of a vaccine/cure and the closing of hospitals, jails and prisons–at the Hospitaliers … somewhat parallel; but I don’t think it’s me.

Staring at our “Times New Roman Rios” … there’s some need for the “nationalization” of something like an intra or inter “Terran” connected to the Suez and Panama canals; but not the entirety of transportation… are the roads actually going to open, Nike?

Are they?

sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock... and sweet you roll.  Lost for you, I'm so lost for you...

take me down to the Paradise City, where the girls are green... and the grass is pretty

found between Taylor and Nero's symphony... if Jesus Christ and rock and roll can't save,,,

upon these pour souls, we'll build Heaven... and call me ho-me


care for a dance, and while I'm in the front.. my play on time is won

think you're going to dance with me? you're never gonna dance with me..

does what she's taking not seem to bother you?

you're ballroom days are over, baby... you get yours, and i'll get mine


take these broken wings, and learn to fly

come on baby, it's time to set the night on fire

we don't have to worry about nothing, cuz we got the fire... fire... fire...

god's re-re-creation, on the new day: morning has broken


i will get you high, i will make you cry... 

this is it... i'm radio-active... 

for my love of america, i march on...

i make our heart sing...


​and the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls...

who lit the candle, started the fire, burnt down the fortress?

and God, I know... I've won, welcome to the House of The Great Light

and all the girls... dreamt that they'd be your partner


and then... you come crash, into me.... telling it like it is, you are in a boy's dream

we both do quite well, dancing all the time--dancing, all the time

you and me, play... for all of the loneliness that nobody notices now...


this storm outside and this fire's bright, oh and in your eyes... I see what's on my mind... you've me wild, turned around inside

and i'm gonna love you... when the stars fall from the sky... for they are you and i...

bring on the girls...


there's nothing i can say or do... it's a total eclipse of our heart

there's nothing you can say or do, i am stronger than yesterday


this time, i'm going to let it all come out, this time.. i'm going to stand up and shout

cuz my head is underwater, and i'm breathing fire


come, as you are... as i want you to be

there will be peace when i am done

i am, i am, i am....


to be or not to be?


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take a look... "the race is not to the swift" obviously links to Mercury 

... and TIME and chance linking to Saturn and ... now.

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LOOK, BUSH SPEECH, ON 1/20/2001 ABOUT 9/11

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pa, Ra: do x is a statement that, despite apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to an apparently self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion.[1][2] A paradox involves contradictory yet interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and persist over time.[3][4][5]

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Ho Trendory;

I've had quite the experience here, sitting now in Las Vegas at a place called Desert Hope--too much "interesting stuff" has happened not to do some significant updating to the "record in the cloud" before moving forward.  I do have some idea of where I'm going at this point, and plan on writing a "We the [something] / When in the course of Terran events" type ... call it a "statement of revolutionary purpose" sometime in the next few weeks.  I am going to do some "billboard advertising" after reworking the website to evade previous virus-definition matches I've noticed on Google, Barracuda, Facebook and in a few other places.  While I'm sure it's not the actual "down to Earth" reason this thing hasn't yet taken flight, it's one more drop in the bucket of teary reasons why that I can actually remedy; so I will.

I've reached a sort of "fork in the road" one where I clearly ... so clearly now more than ever see the Fork and the parT at the beginning and the end of Frost's name; as a kind of "artistic communication" that I was so very blind to my entire life, here in this place where I hope more than anything that my early readings of the lack of "art" in the end of the Shehekiyanu's "lazman haz eh" doesn't mean that the very first time I see and relay the key to this message that it results in something like "the day the music disappeared" ... though I think nobody would deny at this point that we are looking at a very quiet symphonic rendition of the THX ... "the response to his SOS in Sound of Silence" is maddening if not also deafening.

I've had quite a bit of fun sort of "Gonzo story telling" a twist on the Land of Great and sometimes Salt Lakes ... connecting floating orbs of LOX (liquid oxygen) to the COOH- carboxylic acid chains that I somehow think are the fuel of solar flares connecting to our Ozone shield ... "or something."  The twist of course is a Terran O'Riordan Cosmic Aerterial system to the stuff of a living heaven and a living transportation infrastructure that most likely already here at this point spans a number of interstellar and at least "intra galactic" roads/rivers in a story that started out with the video game the Master of Orion and barely a mention of "where the truth lies" in Andromeda and has probably linked reality and time travel to a point where I actually heard a number (albeit the statistically nominal N; sitting in the Delano during the few hours I wasn't sure if it was also the El Dorado) of galaxies that might already be linked by this psuedo-futuristic system. 

L’dor va-dor nagid godlekha u-l’netzah
n’tzahim k’dushat’kha nakdish.
V’shivhakha Eloheinu mi-pinu lo yamush
l’olam va-ed, ki El melekh gadol v’kadosh
Barukh atah Adonai ha-El ha-kadosh.

I'm reading ... very slowly ... a Star Wars spin-off novel that talks about the invasion of a race of biotech exclusive (as if biology wasn't also very clearly technology) utilizers called the Yuuzhan Vong; who are "gung ho and dead set" on ridding the galaxy of driods and Jedi--which might go along with something like the "emancipation" that I envision freeing our biological brains of "psuedo-self-controlling soul like components" as well as "strange missing-stork" literature; in what once again appears to be the "virgin again" rebirth of the "LC of RUDEM" that ties in some Hebrew stuff I've been talking about; the phrase