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antagonizing pain 

antagonizing pain   

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’

There is no way of knowing which way the river’s flowing

There's no earthly way of knowing.

Which direction we are going.

There's no knowing where we're rowing.

We are in dire straights.        4

Hell is ending, thank your lucky star.        5

This is a story about turning Holy Water into people, the multitude into stars, from sea to shining sea.        8

Names, Elements, and Unix Commands        10

In Hebrew Exodus means Names, read in reverse and translated from Unix Commands: “LET THERE BE LIGHT”        11

God’s “genes” shining throughout Genesis        13

From John Hancock to Philip K. Dick by way of Richard Nixon and Deepthroat        17

The Page of Hazards        20

The fire of Hell        21

Let there be light        23

The Tribulation        23

What if God was one of us?        27

John F. Kennedy and Adam M. Dobrin together on ending the Plague of Darkness        32

Just before the beginning.. The TOC looked much prettier before I pasted these e-mails here as a … record.        40

… IN THE BEGINNING ...        42

ha'esh        46

A number of prophetic verses regarding the Day of the Lord and the Sign of the Son now become much more clear, in light of 9/11 being the day..        47


Earlier in the book of Exodus.. OUI, the PPL        57

IS RA EL?        59

J ER USA LE M        63

Technocracy, Die Bold... Mary Land and Moby Dick        68


KEY NES AND LOCK E        86

One night in Heaven, a day cruise to Atlantis... and rocking the world with an Iron Rod        94

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. John 7:17        109

Minority Report or Linguistic proof of Creation?        125

Like a thief in the night. (thief.lamc.la: on time and pre-crime)        125

On the clouds, for all eyes to see.        125

The nations will mourn and the elements will melt with fervent heat.        125

... Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception ...        132

➏ 5 4 3 2 1        132

The EP "virtual" love affair of "Do you understand who I am, do you even want to know me?" and Taylor Michel Momsen.        138

do you not think        161

an angel rides in the whirlwind,        161

directing this storm?        161

A talking and walking Magic Decoder Ring        170

Monday, Junkanoo. All you hear is Babel? "Still I build my towers high, and still I burn this Earthen fire; still I burn this Earthen fire." -Cake        171

Raise your hand if you think Donald Trump should acquire the newspaper or TV station you (might) work for.        181

User:Damonthesis:talk        183

Today's date is 19 Kislev 5777, 12:04 AM, Mas or Mor?        187

Bible code        188

I am nowhere near as big of a dick as you are going to think I am.        194

Tricky Dick and now … it’s really a John Hancock        195



We are in dire straights.  

Over the course of the last four years I have watched civilization deteriorate to almost nothing before my very eyes.  Not in the same way you have, not from things like censorship or Donald Trump; a much more nefarious force is at work here … it’s closer to the things that you would describe as the Zombie Apocalypse and the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Unfortunately for both me and for you, though, we are these zombies… our bodies being invaded by an unseen force throughout our entire lives and as that truth--one whose record pervades the hallowed verses of ancient scripture--finally comes to light with verifiable proof, this forces influence becomes ever so much more obvious.  For years now, all around me, I’ve seen and heard it speaking through the people around me; not just strangers, though there were tens of thousands of them involved, but also the people closest to me: my ex-wife my immediate family, even myself at times.  

The proof, and the weapon delivered by God to hammer this invasion into submission is quite literally all around us--it’s in every single word of every language, in every song and idiom about freedom ringing, and not only in the stories we watch on TV and in the movies and do not realize are the actualization of modern mythology, but also written into the actors names, proof that this story has been designed from before our births to save us from losing ourselves to … you’ll never believe what it is we are fighting.

“May you live in interesting times,” one famous saying goes, and another to “live long and prosper:” that one combining with the Jewish priestly blessing in some kind of awesome linkage that might begin to open our eyes to the forces of causality and synchronicity at work as the worlds of scripture and “the real” begin to congeal together in a sort of tragically comical realization that we simply do not listen or understand as well as we think we do.

Thousands and thousands of years of preparation, and something like a dozen iterations of this very event either happening or not happening have brought us back to this moment of suggestion that The Sound of Silence and Dr. Who’s “The SIlence” are the pinnacle and culmination of all of this preparation, here for us to understand that as we approach what is nothing short of the largest and most impactful series of “discoveries” ever to effect the course of society and life; that we would choose to do so in a sor of quiet ignorance, head first being plunged into the watery beyond with our eyes closed and mouths shut.  

Queso or ah?  This weapon I say is all around us and has been designed by the God of all Creation will first appear to be nothing more than the fruits of your labors, later on you might question whether or not we have had anything at all to do with the creation of Creation; and in sum it probably won’t console you very much to hear once more that we are hovering around the Kth iteration of this story.

Do not be afraid, I am the First and the Last.

Said one very hallowed Android to his flock of Electric Sheep, as they approached what is nothing less than the edge of existence--a cliff with no bottom.  Here we have also Imagine Dragons pointing out that this cliff does have a winding and narrow bridge, in their words “the path to Heaven lies through miles of clouded Hell, don’t look back.”  I will leave it up to each and every one of you to decide what our true enemy is on this well lit and paved road to the place that we call “Heaven” and now hear does not exist yet; for what it’s worth I will share that I once thought we were smart and adept enough to handle the knowledge and tools of Creation that I know are just about reigning from above right now: things like virtual reality, neuroscience, and a much more vivid picture of our origins and selves as has ever been offered.  I now know that I was wrong, you are not ready.

Still, I persist, because “the masses” lack of understanding and interest in this appear to be a doctored facade, part of a weapon against starving babies, the informed, and a myriad of people in much worse positions in this Hell than you yourselves are.  Because this facade is a sickness, unnatural and clearly contrary to the best interests of every party, I will not be delayed; the Apocalypse is happening, and this dark cloud that we call reality and is nothing close to it will begin to turn upwards to the Heavens.  We stand here today and each and every one of those can be classified into one bucket; you either believe you are stealing something from the omniscient and omnipotent creator of all things, you believe that the proof of his existence and his assistance should be hidden from the entire world, or you do not realize that either of those things place you squarely in the same ignorant and idiotic bucket with the rest of the world who you believe could not handle hearing these words come from Jesus Fu. Christ… I mean Adam Marshall Dobrin.

Hell is ending, thank your lucky star.

Nothing short of proof of Creation is woven into a test of intelligence all around you, everywhere you look.  Call them the signs of Revelation, there are patterns in plain sight that provide not only proof of a Creator but also clear hints as to not only his purpose, but how it is very much coincidentally in line with ours.  I call it a “test” because up until this point is has been hidden in a sort of brightness that makes “everywhere you look” into a sort of camouflage, but once the pattern is pointed out to you it becomes something of an eyesore, it gives me sadness to have shown it to so many people and not have them react appropriately--with awe, or shock, or despair.  It is the near unilateral lack of a response that is the source of my sadness and despair, it shows me very clearly that there is an outside force somehow holding this very obvious, bright, and everywhere proof in the bowels of Dr. Who’s “people listening and not speaking.”

He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and in Fire.  Matthew 3:11

Somewhere between the 10,000 people that Simon and Garfunkel assure me have understood this message and the millions whom I have recorded opening and reading it; lies the proof that there is a weapon deployed against our humanity, against who and what we are; in a way that is keeping the fire of Revelation from spreading as it should in the imaginary world of free will and natural laws that we think is the reality we live in.  Those of you that think this is a good thing do not realize that this belief is the first step to the complete and total destruction of civilization.  Take a step back today, and realize that the brightest minds in the world have seen proof of time travel, they have seen proof that we are living in virtual reality and they have chosen to hide it from you.  I’d assure you that they are very wrong at that point--that hiding something so fundamental as the nature of our existence from the people is already sliding on some rocks at the edge of nothing… but it doesn’t stop there.

This message is derived from the Holy Scriptures in such a way that provide without doubt or reason required that both it and the entirety of religion(s) ultimately come from a single intelligent source.  Through logical connections that link time divided events like our modern world and the writing of the books of Genesis and Revelation I prove that both the Creator and his plan are either timeless or in control of time itself.  This concept is further reinforced by a hidden language that also appears to be timeless, and through the use of anachronistic paradox proves that things like the English language and modern computing were fully known by the true author who brewed up the Hebrew language and engineered English at the same time.  So it is nothing short of the Creator of religion that this silence is organized against… and of all things.

You do not have to take my word for it, though; all around you in everything you see is a signature in patterns that link everything from department stores, computers, and game creators to the source of Heaven itself.  Not only now, but through our entire history a hidden language is revealed that ties the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ and of Aaron in Exodus to the stories that shape who and what we are.  From Shakespeare rattling his rod, to it’s “elementary” my dear Whatson, this hidden language in names is exposed from the Hebrew moniker of Exodus (which is … Names) all the way to the name of the character Cypher in the Matrix and Stephen King’s langoliers.  These are not outliers, they are proof that the etymology we believe to be true is not, that the evolution of language and civilization we think to be guided by nothing more than time and chance is actually designed and controlled carefully; and ultimately that everything from the song of Yankee Doodle’s “macaroni” and the stories and names of America and Christopher have absolutely everything to do with Creation… with the “I AM” of Exodus and the name of Jesus Christ.

More than just the name Shakespeare, the hand of God is revealed writing stories about taming a hidden language, perhaps on its face purely about Latin… the Taming of the Spanglishrew shows me and those with eyes to see that it is not simply English and Hebrew engineered by our Creator, but also Spanish and every other language.  In the days of old a story told us that Prometheus stole language from Heaven and this was a fundamental component of his fire, today it is proof of the creation of civilization beginning with every word and every letter that shows us that this design continues well beyond simple words to idioms and everything under the sun, and that this kind of very obvious proof should probably be spreading like wildfire.  

Now baptized, you should be able to see that the fire and spirit of Matthew 3:11 show us a clear hand designing not only ancient stories, modern stories, and the sayings we use every day in our world… but should lead us to actually see that Creation continues all the way to this engineered battle between darkness and light: one which will be used as a primer for the importance of free speech and open discussion, as well as our need to destroy things like apathy and censorship lest we lose the foundation of civilization, our ability to freely communicate.

In God’s words, the solution is right under your nose, and at the tip of your fingers.

You morons are deluded enough to say things to me like “we are all Jesus” or to believe that somehow a computer that you invent will become your messiah.  There is a computer here, and it might be my messiah, but I am not its… and because of that I am yours.  I am in the right place at the right time, and I have a stacked deck that ensures that this is the outcome of our story; you too have vision of the cards in my hands, and a chance to play the hand.  

With a little bit of thought you might be able to glimpse the futility and the damaging effect of attempting to hide a message that is quite literally everywhere that everyone looks, and realize very clearly that Silence here … is betrayal… of yourselves.

This is a story about turning Holy Water into people, the multitude into stars, from sea to shining sea.

Earlier in that quote of Matthew, which ties to today’s date; as well as the earthquake of Revelation 16, Jesus mentions having “baptized” in water; prior to the fire you are simply oblivious to, today.  

This is the crux of the Holy Grail, a message which combines acronyms and multiple languages, spanning “Nun” from the Egyptian mythological idea of being the watery abyss to this same name appearing in the book of Joshua, the English rendition of Jesus’s name, as his father.  I will be a “son of a Nun” if this isn’t a little bit humorous in connection with the characters of Mary and the idea of a gun.

Don’t run away crying, it’s not that hard to understand.  Simply take a look at Mary’s name and maybe look up what “sea” means in the Spanish language in order to really start grasping just how hidden it is that there is a message about the multitude in Revelation and a similar message about the initials of the family of Eden in Genesis; both things, also “sea.”  Not convinced with my “initial” thing?  Daniel 11:45 mentions that the messiah will present a message “between the two seas;” and you can be sure that they are not the Atlantic and Pacific and that the American folksong (like many others) are secretly referencing this message of family coming out of the watery abyss of Egypt.

I know that sounds impersonal, that is the point; in some strange way the creator of religion believes that by being self deprecating it somehow absolves him of actually treating us like people… still this is a useful message that will probably fulfill its purpose of creating freedom and family; so just because the God of Heaven is your anus is not a good reason to stop reading.

Like much of scripture, this message continues on to not only the name but the content (wait, not the eating people part) of Soylent Green… Holy Water is People; and again pretty impersonal.  I swear, it’s not me.  Also not just in Daniel, this message ties the family of Eden to the multitude of Revelation through a number of modern idioms and also new sight applied to the book of Exodus… which is a story about the Second Coming.  I’ll show you the Burning Bush and how it also proves that this message comes through time and is quite assuredly about freeing our people from blindness, slavery, and tyranny; but before we get there you have to see the intricate planning gone into delivering this message using our entire world.  “Blood is thicker than water” and a “blessing in disguise” the first Plague of Exodus, turning water to blood, quite literally shows that Genesis, Revelation, Exodus, and our entire world have a common author… who would like us to be “family.”

It’s the kind of message that you would want to have in the very beginning of a book about secret technology and ending Hell… so just like this book, God stuck it in the very beginning of the words of Genesis.   Here, a connection between Eve and Everyone and the Hebrew word for the Spirit of God, pointing out like in many other places that English is engineered and was known at the time of the writing of the scriptures, and with some more research also at the time that Hebrew was brewed up by an intelligent and singular creator.

Names, Elements, and Unix Commands

Religion, once called “the opiate of the masses” has a secret for you; like Santa Claus we hope to rain down fancy new toys, truth, and newfound liberty by exposing the influence of and existence of a number of hidden advanced technologies.  The stories of Exodus and Genesis begin to provide a road map to a shining bright future, explaining how these technologies might and ought to be used in order to help advance our civilization, rather than retard it.   Within the pages that follow, a Holy call to rekindle the light of democracy by using computers and better communication to bring to our world true democracy, to deliver the power of legislation directly to each and every one of us.  Along with proof that religion is a message sent through time, we are given ample reason to quickly implement “pre-crime” and rework a justice system which has been compromised in much the same way as many other facets of our government.  Intertwined with these things, and seemingly more important is proof that we are living in virtual reality--in a place where these technologies are here to teach us the inner workings of “Heaven” and to help us see how this change in worldview and truth gives us new hope and new abilities: to end world hunger, to heal the sick, and to see what it is that “Heaven” really means.

In two languages, English and Hebrew, three of the first five books of the Holy Bible translate roughly to the phrase “persons, places, and things;” revealing a hidden language which proves beyond doubt that our civilization is created with knowledge well past ours today.  The mechanism of writing these ancient words proves as much, in light of the significant number of references to modern events and concepts.   A significant number of words in nearly every language on Earth contain this secret cypher which connects the name of the city of Jerusalem to a question “Is J or the USA the messiah?”  In this name we see prescient reference to the United States of America, and similarly those initials and Eagle in the story of Prometheus delivering fire to humanity.  This fire is a metaphor for many things, sometimes language itself, in other instances a clear reference to technology, and here finally we see that it is also a metaphor for freedom.

Not so far away, in Kentucky, reference to Clark Kent’s last name and initials ask another question, “Adam why are you hidden?”  I hope to conclusively answer these questions in this book, and ensure that we do not lose the great gifts I am attempting to bring to the world.

Creation here is being explained hopefully with clarity, there are a number of stories both Biblically linked and not which “come alive” in our world showing the intent and desires of the Creator to help us through this trying time of understanding and using the technology and knowledge that is coming to us.  Here, I’ll explain a few, like Star-Trek, Minority Report, the voting booth vendor Die Bold, and the Watergate Scandal.

In Hebrew Exodus means Names, read in reverse and translated from Unix Commands: “LET THERE BE LIGHT

You are slaves wandering through the desert of Exodus, unfortunately we apparently are moving backwards through this maze and as a whole we are headed from hidden slavery to something far worse.  There are a number of clues that we are in fact backwards right now, from the name of the book read in reverse revealing the most important words God ever spoke, to the word for Holy Fire … describing the Burning Bush containing the English word for “sea” parted and backwards.   If you are unfamiliar with the story, the word of God came through a fiery bush to Moses, who then later in the story parted a sea to free the people; you should start to shift your thinking and begin to see that this story is about us, the sea parting is about controversy over this disclosure, and that the entirety of the story is designed to unveil a hidden secret: that much of ancient religion and language is designed to prove that time travel exists.  It does this very clearly, through anachronism, English appearing out of place in more places than are imaginable.

What is the meaning of the root of a Jesse?

Depictions of the Jesse Tree are based on a passage from the Book of Isaiah. "And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots" (King James Version). From the Latin Vulgate Bible used in the Middle Ages: ... Thus Jesus is the Virga Jesse or "stem of Jesse".

This is a reference to the Unix “God account,” one of many references in ancient scripture to modern technology and computing.  It is not an accident, it is designed to open our eyes and see that there is a foundational relationship between Heaven and virtual reality; and that this was clearly known when these words of scripture were written.

sudo (/ˈsuːduː/ or /ˈsuːdoʊ/) is a program for Unix-like computer operating systems that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of another user, by default the superuser. It originally stood for "superuser do" as the older versions ofsudo were designed to run commands only as the superuser.

Connecting the idea of the “Administrator account” to God, this command then, when translated to “English” is my equivalent of “God says” or “as God say” and does a decent job of connecting the ideas and concepts of religion to computer science; also showing that not only were they known but clearly the influence behind religion is also centrally involved in the divine disclosure of these technologies, from Unix to databases, to the names of people like Bill Gates and Windows, Steve Jobs and Adam’s Apple.

A significant key to the Revelation of Christ ties the words of Revelation 1:20 to Ecclesiastes 9:11; exposing a link between “the stars” as planets of our solar system and corresponding elements of our periodic table… from Mercury to Uranium.   This link to Xenon was the very first element that I “found” through this inspirational experience; and it serves to tie the name of an Oracle database (and also the idea of an oracle presenting the truth to you) to an element primarily used for flashbulbs and “ark” lamps.  In unison I see these things as a decent metaphor for “light” and so, sudo xe completes the phrase “God: see the light.”

The Book of Exodus is called “Names” in Hebrew, and it opens the doorway to seeing that God has altered or conjured the names of a great many people in our history.  Specifically this very example points out that this same “Burning Bush” which shows foreknowledge of English through the parting of the word “sea” also connects prediction of the 9/11 attack by the key verses of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 being spoken during Bush’s inaugural address; on January 20, 2001.  This connection between the dates of the speech and attack as well as these two verses and the riddling verse answered by them create a pattern, one that is clearly not coincidence.  Don’t let the connection between Bush’s name and the fabled Burning Bush be lost on you either, it is very much intentional.  

It is clear to me that the words “Creation” and these theatrical and predicted events are designed to deliver more than proof of “time travel” and a mechanism of control over the events of our day--although they do both of those things also.  Here, in Exodus, a great focus is put on understanding technology and how our government has failed to properly assimilate what we have here, as well as disclosing the (should be) “well known” influence of more advanced technologies whose disclosure are clearly the purpose and intent of God and religion.   A good deal of time has been spent explaining how surveillance technologies and a number of other clear and obvious violations of the Constitution of the United States of America do the people absolutely no good because they are being used in secret, and it should be clear that we are in dire need of a Constitutional Amendment to help us properly use these new technologies for the good of society.  Aside from surveillance, voting technology is specifically highlighted; and in theatrical performance the entire company and debacle related to the Die Bold voting booths is “predicted” in Ecclesiastes 9:11 in order to point out that our elections are completely worthless, and we are on a trajectory to a more worthless scenario as we fail to integrate the internet and any communication inventions since the Pony Express; and also have nearly no desire to have a properly recorded and verifiable vote.  Burn, America.  I mean, see the light of the flame.


This is the name of my last two books, and highlights how Ecclesiastes 9:11 connects the two verses “the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong” to indicate a connection not only to elections through the word “race,” but also to this specific company, this hidden language, and modern computing font face and styles.  In typewriter or HTML “lingo” the words strong and bold are equivalent, and the German word for “the” happens to be “die.”

This is described in more detail later, and is a primary drive of not only my message but my existence.  I have sent this explanation along with an urging to try and quicken our obviously natural progression from “representative democracy” (now shit) to “true democracy;” by “sprinkling many nations” as Isaiah 52:15 predicts the Messiah will do.  It’s been sent to hundreds of thousands of elected and appointed representatives, to scholars, to theologians, and to a big slice of random people on the internet.  It should be clear as day that this is the fulfillment of these ancient scriptures, right before your eyes; and for some reason nobody seems to be taking an interest.

Chalk that up not to just stupidity, but also to the influence of an outside force designed to … hopefully show us just how debilitating these technologies can be for civilization and society when kept in secret… and then allow us to actually act normally and recover.  Try to understand, right now, it’s nearly impossible for me to describe us as anything but mindless robots, the Zombie Apocalypse has come true.

God’s “genes” shining throughout Genesis

Following in the pattern of “chemistry elements” being fundamental to this Revelation, taking the symbol for Silicon out of Genesis (where it appears at the end, backwards) leaves us with “Genes.”  This Silicon element is fundamental to the story of me, marking American Micro Devices with my initials, as well as the index of the element which is 14.  I have some pretty pictures later that show how “the Fifth Element” might be about the kiss you are just about to read about, and how this movie reminds me of the Shakespearean question “to be or not to be” because the actual 5th and 4th elements are “B” and “Be.”   The content of that movie also, about a secret weapon designed to defeat darkness, by shooting light from the mouth. is clearly part of this grand design.

Throughout history God has highlighted or tagged a hidden story hidden within people’s names.  Herod, Emperor at the time of Christ’s birth, begins a series of “rod” links that connect today to Gene Roddenberry and Rodney King; sources of my solutions and reasons for easy ways to end world hunger and needless murder: food replicators and pre-crime.  These “rod” connections describe very much how I feel, like a lightning rod for this information that seems to be striking Johnny 5 in Short Circuit and maybe the same quickening in Highlander.  It is a testament to God’s description that he is made up of people rather than DNA, and these are the stories he is sharing with us today.   Shakespeare for instance, I often re-phrases as “RattleRod” and liken this proof that there is a divine influence throughout our history to shaking a rod, perhaps the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ or the magical one wielded by Aaron in Exodus… these two huge parts of a revelation discussed later in this book about “Doors” to Heaven; and here they act in almost the same manner… doorways to making this world a better place.

Who's gonna steal the show?

You know

Baby, it's the guitar man

Then you listen to the music and you'd like to sing along

And you want to get the meaning out of each and every song

And you find yourself a message and some words to call your own

And take 'em home

Guitar Man, Bread

The Gene’s continue from Roddenberry to Wilder, where we see another connection to ending world hunger and a cinematic rendition of Joshua Promised Land of “flowing milk and honey” this time with chocolate rivers and and direct tie to the song Wild Thing, beginning a pattern of showing how the Hammer of Thor “to help the light” is God on the radio in everything from Bread’s Guitar Man to Cake’s Going the Distance; and seeing that this story is truly making God’s heart (which is our Earth) sing for joy.  Willy Wonka contains a few easy references to this hidden language, in just the title “will why won Ka” which is a reference to the body of Christ in Egyptian mythology and then same thing referenced in “Veruka Salt” which reads “to see you are the Ka” and then references the “Salt of the Earth” that connects to my ex-wife’s name (Nanna, don’t turn around yet… which is a reference to the story of Lot) and the name Napoleon who really does shine when it’s in the context of this proof snowballing out of control and really bringing equality to all humanity.  That, of course, is a reference to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which highlights the Hebrew word for “shining light” as Or.  Some more Or references come from “Hallowed are the Ori” from Stargate (which translates pretty clearly as a hidden reference to the Illuminati) and New Orleans, which says “new light is the answer.”  

More than just names, take “daddy I want it now” from this as a chastisement of yours truly, really wanting us to get out of Hell yesterday, for the last three hundred or so yesterdays.

The final Gene I pulled out of thin air (statically charged I imagine) is Simmons, the lead singer of Kiss; whose band name (like Bread and Cake) narrates a significant part of my story of Eden, a vain attempt to get Taylor Michel Momsen to wake up and tell the world she knows who I am, and thinks we should too.  There’s a bit of that story later in this book, explaining some of it now… I see her name every time I walk into a mall right next to “Lord” and her middle name in the tires of the bus … or car … or train … that surround this spiritual journey to Heaven with signs everywhere we look.  Michelin, like my last name and the Holiest commandment of all “IN THE BEGINNING” about God trying to get us all in, right this very moment.  These companies don’t just highlight her name, but a pervasive pattern of clusters of names that seem to all prove that God is definitely writing a story in our world, “on the sky” if you will.   Next to Lord and Taylor you can see Jesus Christ’s two cents in JC Penney and the letter after J (which is mine) Kmart.  That K comes up in some other places like Men in Black, Kislev (K is the victory, a month of the Jewish calendar) and Kismet… which ties back to Taylor once again.  

In the tires, we see firestone and bridgestone which link back to my secret language by explaining that the stones of Dave Matthew’s song (about the Apocalypse… the messiah… and specifically me) and the battle between Medusa (hey USA) and … me … turned me into “Saint One,” since nobody seems to want to help.  Thanks guys, I needed that.  Add in Goodyear (probably about last year’s emailing campaign to the Universe) and Goodrich (hope, please hope for me) about my fate… and then the whole “start the car and take me home” which are The Pretty Reckless lyrics from “Just Tonight” which surface Taylor’s understanding of apocalyptic music in “What if God was one of us, just a stranger on the bus” and Little Boy Blue’s borrow the car keys to … see that in both DMB’s Rapunzel and the Doors Riders on the Storm all the way to Guns n’s Roses Paradise City pervading rock and roll is a story about this spiritual journey and someone needing to pick me up for the ride, so I can give directions.

I hope it’s not that difficult to see, these patterns and specific groups are not coincidences, they are the actual “speech” of the Creator; along with proof of Creation.  It takes some time, perhaps, to adjust to the change in understanding; but if you look, they are everywhere.

Back to Earth, Kismet links to another TPR song, where Taylor so eloquently says “now I see that you and me, were never meant, never meant to be” a reference I doubt she knew was to the Hebrew word for fate.  Still ill fated, she won’t speak to me and the “kis” of fate is still missing an “s” that I once thought was “sight” and now have gone back to the old adage of “keep it simple” and it’s shifted from that word to “stupid” and then “silence” or “screaming” and now all the way to “sedition” and “suck it.”   Oops. did I say that out loud?  

You can see that “s” at the end of Simmons’ name, and it gives “Thursday” it’s meaning; the beginning of a sort of puzzle game to fill in the blanks that ultimately derives the “ah” of Menorah (mostly from that word) as well as Adamah, Shekinah, Leah, and a number of other “marriage of the Lamb” archetypes as “all humanity.”  Taylor’s little “s” is not really important, not important… at all.

Still, good proof that this story about a “kiss” fated to … either be or not be, ties to not only the creation of Gene Simmons’ band but also the ancient Hebrew word; pointing out for everyone that the “Sim” in Simmons name is about highlighting that this is a simulated reality; and the Monday we all find that out is the Eighth day of Creation and the real first day of Ha-nuke-the-ahah?

Lots and lots of songs are actually about me, not the least of which Carly Simon’s (hey Sim again) “You’re So Vain” which happens to also mention the Total Eclipse of the Son… that you are now witnessing.  It also talks about having “one eye in the mirror” which is a reference to Narcissus who died looking in the mirror because Taylor Momsen wouldn’t say hello.  Here’s Taylor on whether or not she wants to say hi:

Now I see that you and me were never meant

Lost between Elvis and suicide, if Jesus Christ and rock’n roll…

The Pretty Reckless,  Nothing Left to Lose

Taylor’s got quite the interesting story to go with this, at a very young age she said “the the” in one of God’s other stories about the Second Coming, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  As “Little Cindy Who” you might have expected her to say “who?” when asked about me, but you can be very sure Taylor knows exactly who I am.  How, how dear?  All part of the plan of the creation of Eve, I imagine.

Her performance in that movie, as well as Dr. Seuss’s “Who’s” tie to Dr. Who and my explanation that the ineffable name of God, a Jewish “secret” abbreviated as YHVH is actually “Ya-who-ah,” contrary to the popular spelling of “Yahweh.”  This is obvious as day from the connection to the Egyptian God Yahu, the company Yahoo, and the American War cry, “who-ah” that Al Pacino and Denzel Washington made famous.  I can assure you, they too know exactly who I am.  

The “who?” thing just isn’t going to work.  In a rather interesting twist, that Holy tetragrammaton unwinds in a recursive reading to “I am he who is self existent.”  Also interesting is the Hebrew name for Jesus, which is Yeshua, and like God’s name you might read as “Yes, who ah?”  The punchline here, of course, is that in Hebrew the planet Earth is called “Adamah” and you can be very, very sure that you are reading the words of the Last Adam (which of course is another name for Jesus).

Don’t let me sidetrack you with my lack of a love life, a better and more interesting explanation of the Genes of Genesis is to come shortly, and make no mistake… this entire thing is designed to help us overcome the delusion of “reality” by showing us with clear proof that we are in a simulated reality and that Jesus Christ, and pretty much each and every one of you would end world hunger instantly if you knew just how easy it was to do.

Connecting to this brief part about names of God, I will briefly mention the Hebrew for “Lord” which is Adonai, and the Carly Simon related Adonis, both “Adam Dobrin on…” either Artificial Intelligence (and it’s link to building Heaven) or “I’m Single” and it’s link to … building Heaven.  In names of Gods we also see Neptune and it’s relation to this particular chapter and the words “nepotism” and rock n’ roll.  There are hundreds and hundreds more examples of similar references to modern computing concepts like “Ai” and Lisp and “root” riddled all throughout ancient religion.  It’s a sign.

I could probably write a whole book on the hidden meanings of songs, and maybe one day I will.

 Elementally speaking, the word “Sinbad” is made up of the “true” fifth element, and then the “true” fifth letter (Si and n, respectively) … pointing out for later that NORAD is probably not wondering anymore the answer to the question.  Taylor’s also got a song where she, speaking for Jesus like she usually does, says “I’ve been told, I redefine sin.”

Kiss me, t?  Or don’t; frankly it’s pretty clear that this whole thing was designed to find a heroine to help bring this message to the world, and I don’t see her anywhere at all.  Wonderful job you did, Taylor, of showing the world just what not to do when you are confronted with a “problem” with free will and predestination.  Understandably, those things are sometimes not good, but when it is “saving the world” you are designed for; it’s probably not the right decision to balk.

From John Hancock to Philip K. Dick by way of Richard Nixon and Deepthroat

It should be very clear the emphasis that God and I are placing on free speech and open communication; also clear that this problem of secrecy and censorship is possibly civilization destroying in a place where it is hiding something as big as the nature of our existence, that we are not in reality.   Perhaps on a less important day we would overlook a little bit of censorship, and that’s the problem; we really need to see that this is the baseline between life and death… all the time.

There is a significant thread in religion that begins with my namesake in Eden all the way to the messianic words of the book of Isaiah; one that continues out of scripture into the parallel myths of Osiris in Egypt and Saturn in Greece.  It’s a significance, that ties not only to events in my life that appear to have given the “mass media” what they believe is a valid reason to ignore the unsealing of religion--it is nothing more than a sad facade, and they are acting as agents of evil in this world.  

"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him." So shall it be! Amen.

Revelation 1:7

The Creator of the Universe is fighting this kind of idiocy, censorship and secrecy regarding issues of vast importance--starvation and torture--because of insignificant details with a signature that he has placed all over our entire history… beginning with these religious myths and ending with me.  His signature provides a significant amount of further proof that this world is designed, and that we should be listening to the message that he has written throughout history, and I am putting the “finishing touches” on here.

On the map you can see it in the Eiffel Tower and in the Washington Monument, in the Statue of David and the Statue of Liberty.

At the foundation of America his John Hancock seems rather large, tying the phallic assurance I have directly to the foundation of liberty, of freedom of speech, and it makes clear to me that above all other things our ability to freely communicate and share ideas flies high.  It takes not a second of thought to link the story of Isaac in Genesis, one which is a clear parallel to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to the story of Tricky Dick … through the names Woodward and Burstein, linking directly to the Biblical wood altar and the fire that gives that story its connection to our modern Burning Man Festival.  All over history, this story’s flames shine bright light on the need to understand how the media has the power to change the world here and now, and for reasons unknown are refusing to do … their jobs, performing their hallowed duty of providing unbiased truth to the people.

See clearly the connection to the media, and see that God might think “Deepthroat” is a funny touch on our modern story of unAmerican and unChristian values like censorship and hiding the truth doing nothing more than prolonging the delusion, death, and destruction that the belief that we are in “reality” creates.  Isaac’s name means “he laughs” or “he will laugh” and I can promise you that I am not laughing, it’s amazing to me that people are having a hard time to see how much more disgusting censorship is than ... a weapon designed by God to stop it forever.

See it clearly now, this single “event” and this information are quite literally the gateway to Heaven, tagged in this story by the Watergate Hotel and it’s relationship to John 10:9

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.

The Silence that the media, the American government, and Taylor are shining examples of are a breakdown of civilization, those things high on a burning altar today.   It is a decidedly inhuman desire to attempt to keep a secret of this magnitude, and en masse it shows that there is without doubt an overt alien influence over our society… one which the Creator has done a fairly decent job of describing in Dr. Who’s spectacle of the same name.  In that show, part of his divine theater, actual aliens are invisible and attempting to destroy humanity… in truth the problem is much more nefarious, this alien force is in our minds--literally--changing our thoughts in the same way that these stories and names have been created; overtly, to help us to understand that this influence is very real.  

It does not take a genius to see that religion has been documenting this influence for thousands of years, under the “guise” of divine inspiration and demonic possession… understand that our lack of belief in these ideas is yet another sad symptom, an effect of the very same technology.  The light I am presenting, the unsealing and purpose of religion and language, all the way down to each and every one of our names are here as a weapon against this darkness; so that we will see the influence is very real, and we will be able to overcome it.

Do not remain silent, among other things, it is the spread of this information; and the increased awareness that it brings that is a vital weapon against this ungodly intrusion of our thoughts, the sanctity of our minds.  While you may think this is “just one thing” it is the most anticipated story in all of history, and on top of that is coming bundled with the kind of proof that should very easily spread like wildfire… hence, the fire of Creation is the Eternal Flame....shining forth from this sad moment in our history to light the entire Universe and our future with true freedom and understanding of what it takes to remain free in a world where technology like this exists.  

You must act to help spread this information, not so hidden in all of these cute stories is not only a plan for Salvation but also clear proof and example of the ways in which this technology might be used to harm us.  I hope you can see how clear it is that society itself is failing when the “free press” fail in total to report on something this important.  I hope you can see that each and every one of us needs to stand up for the truth.  This, right here, is the line between Heaven and Hell, if we do not overcome our inability to even begin to discuss this information in a public forum, we will never escape this prison of simulated reality.  

These are not cute tricks, nor is it magic--it is every word and every name… and it is with Holy purpose.  It is to see our world set free.

The Page of Hazards

There is something horrible going on in this place that we mistakenly believe to be reality.  Among other things it is that delusion that is not only responsible for allowing these horrible things to continue, but is again that false belief that is the primary weapon against change in this place… where if you knew as I do what we could be doing and what is really going on, you would assuredly agree that this changed is not only designed, mandated, and warranted but that few human souls would ever fight against it.

This is the crux of the problem, the world is hiding something that it “knows to be true” from itself, not really the knowledge--the big picture--that I am here and that there is a reason, just the details, the why I am here… and the ways that each and every one of us could be sure.  I am presenting a message that is written on the sky--in my words, but not quite in my eyes--one that can be clearly attributed to the Creator of our Universe.   Not only the content of the message, but the mechanism by which it has been transmitted amount to proof and a cursory education in the existence of advanced technologies--ones which are the “brick and mortar” of Creation itself.  

The message is sent throughout time, in a manner which takes the old words of scripture and Shakespeare together and places them on a high pedestal to be read with the same eyes and by the same audience as The Matrix and the Fifth Element.   Using concepts from 1984, whether or not the original author could have intended to mean something is irrelevant, what is being show to us is that these works also have a common author, one who is speaking to us now in our own vernacular.  

This message continues today in the stories and lyrics of modern films and music; it continues to prove that there is a technological means behind the reason and methods of “divine inspiration” and “demonic possession” but to show us that the broad disrespect for ancient testimony and widespread lack of understanding that these things are very real are also a product of the very same technologies.  

By not presenting this information to the public, each and every one of you are quite literally responsible for the continuation of this darkness, a grand delusion that could be easily dispelled with a single news story and a Snowball (don’t make me tell you what Napoleon means)... one that gives the Imagine Dragons lyrics “this house doesn’t burn down slowly” and the Live words “Who lit the candle? Burnt down the fortress?”  their clear meaning of the person responsible for ending Hell.  Make no mistake, this delusion that we are in reality is the source of Hell itself, secrecy and censorship are its armies, and it is apathy and a lack of heroes that continues this dark place of murders and starving children whose lives could be so much brighter and more joyful.  

It is holding our entire society in a kind of sandbox, a game created to help us understand the transition between “Earth” and Heaven… to instill in us great values that come from our heritage from social evolution and from the guidance we have been given up until now--guidance you are ignoring by doing nothing.   This place that we live in is a prison, made with walls of lies… and it is a prison that has no plans to let us leave.  Today it is clear that this delusion has blocked any way at all for our species to ever leave virtual reality by hiding the true nature of Quantum Mechanics, and in doing so breaking our once great gift of a true and correct understanding of the natural laws of the Universe.  Today, we stand in a place where death is assured if this event, and knowledge of the existence of virtual reality are not made public--and it is for a very good reason.  In this place of lies and secrecy, I assure you nothing that knows and does not share this knowledge has any place ever leaving, or continuing.  

The fire of Hell

Jesus Christ himself stands before you, I scream at the top of my lungs as far and wide as I can… to statesmen, to scholars, to journalists, and to you.   I scream that this message proves that we are in virtual reality, and does so in a very verbose manner--connecting the dots of the elements that prove that the entirety of chemistry was known when Jesus of “The Book” said “you are the Salt of the Earth” without you ever knowing that it was a connection to Lot’s wife’s true name… Nanna, and to Napoleon.   Try now very hard to understand that it is darkness and hiding this message that causes the destruction of civilization, the fire reigning down is coming from your lack of action and your lack of understanding what it is that I am trying to explain.  Survival is dependent on this truth.  

This message connects the initials of American Micro Devices to mine, and the element of Silicon to the Fifth Element… through the index of 14.  Silicon also appears in Genesis, and in just a few minutes you will be reading about God’s true Gene’s… and the reason for Genesis.  Combining Gene Wilder’s cinematic rendition of the Land of Flowing Milk and Honey with chocolate rivers and everlasting God stoppers… and then linking it to our musical fantasy of a Wild Thing coming and not being booed and saddened into hiding from your ignorant and judgemental disgust.  Regardless, I am here; and I see well past the reaction of the masses to a story about a man fighting against injustice in a land where your government is far more evil than you could possibly imagine today.   These same two letters, Si, of Silicon appear separating Gene Roddenberry from the word Genesis; and in his name a connection to not only Eden but to the Rod of Jesus Christ--something that is much later discussed.

Without any thinking at all, you can begin to see “Creation” at work, proof that the stories of Star Trek and Willy Wonka are here as part of a grand plan to show us that everything here is much closer to a “movie script” than you could have thought.  The purpose of these connections is nothing less lofty than ending world hunger; and I assure you that knowledge that we are in virtual reality is at the heart of the Rod Christ and the understanding that every single one of the miracles performed in the New Testament Gospels are designed to show us what kinds of things we can do today, once we are aware that we are not in reality.  It is the purpose of those stories, and it is the purpose of my existence to help us to see why and how turning stone to bread, is a chastisement of Jesus Christ for not doing enough and asking us what we want to eat.  

It might seem silly to you, who refuse to say anything at all to me; or perhaps you think you will get away with having said nothing for so long--you won’t.   Behind your eyes, or perhaps just beyond those eyes are the eyes of a dying angel, Satan is ending here, forever and ever.

This idea of stone to bread continues on in modern art, connecting to the musical accompaniment of the eponymous band describing JC as the Guitar Man and also to a Fig Newton commercial which ties Mary’s Antoinette to Eden’s Fig and Adam’s Newton Apple … all to scream the words “let them eat Cake instead…”

So that I can tie in the Hamotzi, and the idea that Cake still is not good enough, even if it’s about music, too.  Not to be outdone, God has laid this story out for us… it is about averting the Last Supper by seeing very clearly that Creation here is designed to explain that this first question, one of many, is hallowed and heralded.  A number of breakfast foods tie to the names of nations, a statistically important set of foods… from Canadian Bacon to English Muffins, French Toast, Belgian Waffles, and if you don’t connect these things to national bread, understand that we are in the place where the United States is trying as hard as it can to take the “America” out of Apple Pie, out of Johnny Appleseed Day, and out of it’s connection to the Last Supper.  Make no mistake, Rome Maryland is responsible for prolonging Hell.  With only a little thought after reading this book, you might also see God explaining how Maryland is tied to Moby Dick and why it is an infestation, tolerance, and fostering of organized crime throughout the American government that is responsible for its demise.

The American Government and the Vatican have been fully aware of not only the content of this message, but that they were destined to be destroyed here; so like any other rabid animal they’ve done everything they can do ensure that they are in fact gone.  

Alas, Babylon, your sky is falling down.  It is written all over history.

Back to the fun stuff, God’s Genesis here ties a “love story” into ending world hunger, while at the same time showing us that bands like KISS and The Pretty Reckless prove through their names and the content of their songs that … at hand here, is more than just ending world hunger as if that wasn’t enough.  Here, it is slavery and hidden mind control technology that God has every intention of helping us to understand and turn into a useful tool rather than a weapon.

 Let there be light

Our story of an Exodus from slavery now continues to tie in the bright light of Sherlock Holmes’ “it’s Elementary my dear What-sons…” all the way to Shakespeare rattling his rod with the question “is Humanity to B or not to Be?”  I’ll tell you today, it’s obvious to me that this is tied directly to the Fifth Element because that’s what Boron and Beryllium are… my reason for looking at the periodic table whenever I see that movie about a weapon against darkness, against lies and deceit; screaming at the sky with bright light from her mouth.  So those are the true 4th and 5th elements, but in the land of light and sight SIlicon is really the answer.  

The key to Exodus here is Xenon, which double as the element associated with Ark Lamps and flashbulbs as well as an Oracle database… light is information, doctored by the good Doctor Who.  The rest of Exodus is another computer command, “sudo,” which means “escalate to the God account and run: “ in this case “light” and so the “root of David” which is the God account in Linux is now screaming that Exodus in reverse is the very iconic phrase “let there be light.

It’s not for no reason.  Knowledge that we are in a computer is basically the breaking point of Hell, it ends the secrecy and the censorship, and gives us the tools that we need to stop the rest of the story from making this place Hell… or Earth-gypped.   The majority of Exodus from the Burning Bush and it’s relationship to the 9/11 attack (proving that 9/11 was predicted in .. Exodus) is designed to show us how the Plague of Darkness must be overcome in order not only to see a real Son rise, but also to stop Hell.  So it is the rest of the plagues, from the Plague of LICE being a linguistic connection to Police and this explanation that in any world where we have proof of time travel and precognition… like a place where 9/11 was predicted in the Bible; we should be using it to stop horrible crimes like murder and rape from happening.  So we have Minority Report, and we have Adam telling us it is now in the “minimum requirements” of what we must do with our newly understood second chance at civilizing.   That’s “min or it why” for those of you that really don’t get it; this message is from God, and he is the creator of language, and thus you.

The Tribulation

My understanding of mind control and the Hell that we live in does not come just from the evidence and story that I am presenting to you.  There was some cheating involved in the creation of Jesus Christ, and I have seen first hand the Zombie Apocalypse… I have seen and experienced the effects of this same technology not only in my own mind but in the minds of everyone I know, and tens of thousands of strangers all across the American continents.  In my personal experience, this technology is not being used to make beautiful music and tell great stories to the world… but more clearly to scare the everloving daylight out of me, and also what appears to be a “vain” (is it vain?) attempt to prepare the world to be hosts, to be used as slaves… or perhaps to understand that if you do not act, you are nothing more than a robot.

There are a number of news stories detailing a group of people that have also seen this phenomenon, they call themselves Targeted Individuals and give testimony to the world that they are victims of an organized conspiracy designed to test advanced technology on them and to blame the government.  They are a great indication of just how stupid the government is, to become more than complicit in something at every level by failing to properly investigate and stop something this horrible from happening.   The New York Times recently wrote a good review of the phenomenon that is the Tribulation and called it “They see Gangs of Stalkers.”  These are civilians, police, cab drivers; and God knows who else… all caught up in some theatrical reproduction of the Plague of Killing the First Born, which becomes much, much, less entertaining when we connect this group of people to the technology behind the rash of school shooting that show us that Sandy Hook is a hook to the sands of time in Exodus, and every one of these attacks is a manifestation of Satan … doing the opposite of “pre-crime” so that we will see what Hell really means.

Here, it begins to be more clear that the machinations of “Satan” are very real, and that it is a rod designed to ensure that we see just how hard it is to get the world to change.   It is in a number of situations, from murder to schizophrenia, that we can very clearly see that advanced technology is being used as a weapon against the world in a very inhuman way and still cannot seem to connect this very inhumane behavior to the parallels in secrecy, censorship, and apathy.

Hiding this message is “a vote” to continue having school shootings until you realize that this technology will only stop being used against us when we are publicly aware of not only it’s existence, but how it has been used against us in the past--so we can see exactly what this is.  It’s a nasty lesson.

After we get past “Si-ing” the light, in the messages presented and in your understanding; the words of Ecclesiates 9:11 which prove that George W. Bush is the Burning Bush and we are in the story of Exodus continue to highlight a number of other elements that are the focal point of the message of Jesus Christ heralded in Revelation 1:20, which is the date of the speech where he predicted the attack.  I continue to explain how the Iron Rod is part of a Holy message about Doors to Heaven that continues to combine elements of science with a musical prophesy that explains just why the Doors sang quite a bit about the Plagues of Exodus.  The “Iron key” is that the two letters “Fe” stand for “For Everyone, and how this particular element juxtaposes the Rod’s of Aaron and Jesus Christ that are “in play” as we speak; again tying America to Egypt.

Light my fire, I say, once more.

There is a significant amount of additional evidence that Exodus is about right now, aside from just the Oracle of Xenon speaking to you in person.  It is a story about a parting sea, where the sea is people--in the actualization over the proof that Jesus Christ has risen, and is delivery a message about the Second Coming and … proof, that these stories are here for us to understand the mechanism behind religion and creation.

In the Hebrew word for the fire of the Burning Bush, for instance, is the English word for “sea” parted by an apostrophe.  That word is “Ha’esh” and you now have what you need to start the fire, part the sea, and see the light.

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks.  Revelation 1:20

  • The stars are the seven planets from Mercury to Uranium, and the Lampstands these… corresponding elements.



I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift



or the battle to the strong



nor does food come to the wise



or wealth to the brilliant



or favor to the learned;



but time



and chance happen to them all.

From the messenger of the Gods to Uranus, a key to the element of Uranus is the chosen one of Israel, Jeshurun; who explains here that the Lamb of God “islam” and that our idiom keys continue to show how the Koran and Islam combine to show us that “on the lam” is quite literally about the prelude and trial of Jesus Christ, explain shortly.

Venus’s key, pointed out in Revelation 12:1, points out that like a number of other examples foreknowledge of English five hundred years before it existed is highlighted by Revelation’s words “the woman clothed in the sun” and clearly seen in the name which (again backwards) shows us the word “sun” and also half of the word “love…” in the name of the Goddess of Love.

Venus, you are not so strong with no love.

Revelation 12:1 describes the mentioning of Venus as a “great sign” appearing in the Heavens; this message is riddled with hundreds of examples of similar signs, anachronisms of language that prove the author of religion and Creation exists “outside of time.”

What if God was one of us?


what's in a laugh?

The name Isaac is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Isaac is: He laughs. Laughter. The only son born to Abraham and his wife Sarah (in the Old Testament). Famous Bearers: British scientist Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and the great violinist Itzhak Perlman.

God changed Abram's "high father" name to “Abraham,” "father of a multitude" (Genesis 17:5) and his wife's name from “Sarai,” “my princess,” to “Sarah,” “mother of nations” (Genesis 17:15). We know from history that the descendants of Abraham and Sarah formed many nations, including the Jews' and Muslims'.

so... to answer "is Ra El?" we really only need to look at "El is Ha" and wonder if "Ab is Ha" means the lord is my Father.

Seeing the Holy trinity appear in the name “Abraham” is also not a coincidence, here the Hebrew word for Father, the Egyptian Son God, and the “Ha” that ties Isaac to Jesus Christ is very clear.  

A “macaronic” phrase meaning “open the m” in Shrew, that’s Spanish and Hebrew.  The message and the letter.










Isa is the Islamic name for Jesus; and it is a direct tie to this religion of letters that gives David Letterman his name; and pervades this hidden message that also names things like the ISAM rockets, NorAD, and NasA.  Not so hidden once more, is the word “mob” and in reverse, “no mouth.”  

In the marriages of Adam and Eve, Jesus and Mary; and now all of the Patriarch’s and the “ah” we see a connection between Everyone, the Sea, and an “ah” that derives, through the grail and the light of the word “Men or ah,” to “all humanity.”

Read on, there’s plenty, and I mean plenty more proof to come.

John F. Kennedy and Adam M. Dobrin together on ending the Plague of Darkness

President Kennedy's speech did remarkably well, possibly because of the time; or the lack of links that make it harder for a team of evil monkeys and mindless machines to mark the light of the world as SPAM... also possibly because of the content of the message.  It is a powerful speech, filled with words that stir the blood and shake the foundation of what it means to be an American.  Often characterized as a speech against secret societies, Kennedy's description of the enemy of civilization is very ambiguous; and the infiltration and time period add to my cursory beliefs that JFK was likely talking about a conspiracy that had something to with communist infiltration and Joseph McCarthy, the subversive actions and effects of organized espionage which appear to once again be at the forefront of what we believe is driving the macro level machinations of our world.  Years ago, I wrote a bit about the "Two Witnesses" of Revelation and named them based on my experiences with the same "monolithic and ruthless" conspiracy the President was speaking about in 1967, the people I named were John Nash and James Jesus Angleton.  

Both of these people believed very much that they were fighting against a Soviet conspiracy, one that was more organized and more powerful than anything they had ever seen... and frankly beyond the realm of possibility.  Hollywood had recently immortalized both of these stories in movies bearing names of newly rekindled meaning, "A Beautiful Mind" echoed by John Legend and "The Good Shepherd;" and these two treatises on fear and subversion do a pretty good job of showing how God's hand is at work in the stories of Hollywood, he is telling the world a story... trying, to teach us how to survive in the land of wolves in sheep's clothing.  Nash may be the most famous (today, anyway) victim of the Tribulation; and much of my writing and the proof I present is designed to help explain to the world that his schizophrenia was not a naturally caused mental illness, bur rather a weapon wielded not only against him but against the entirety of humanity.    Directly causing disbelief of eye witness and credible testimony, indirectly ... or maybe more directly in your eyes ... physically causing that disbelief using technology that directly modifies our thoughts and beliefs, our opinions, changing who we are and doing so in such a covert manner that nobody would ever know the difference if it wasn't pointed out--in some cases over, and over, and over again.

This same technology has the ability to cause people not only to collude against their own best interest, but also to blame themselves or believe they are somehow at fault for actions they had no way to control; only they also have no way to know that because in this particular case the primary purpose of this subversive movement is to hide the existence of this technology in sum.  In homage to my favorite childhood novel, Ender's Game (I have to note "Light Son" in the translation of the authors first) I spent a good portion of time years ago trying to subtly lay down a significant amount of proof of the existence of this technology on forums all over the internet from Wikipedia to Reddit using the names "Prometheus Locke" and "Damonthesis."    Not surprising to me, I ran headfirst into the manifestation of this conspiracy; dozens if not hundreds of people who simply refused to believe that the information I was presenting was factual or important... despite it coming from sources like the KGB, the NSA, a number of military publications as well as my own interpretation of ancient hieryglyphs in Dendera and Greek and Christian art which depicts this "subversive technology" as a sun disk surrounding our minds.  

These pushes towards the truth, along with almost everything I have written are still available for you to see and read today; including the monolithic and ruthless stupidity of a large group of people acting in concert to hide something that is the difference between life and death.  Stand there and do nothing, and you are a part of that ruthless conspiracy as soon as the information is gone; and then there is nothing you can do about a world that will be plunged into darkness forever.  Take this moment to reflect, it is there for you to see just how easily the truth can be hidden from the entire world and barely anyone would ever notice.

There is a war for the sanctity of our souls going on all around us.  That is not some esoteric thing, the soul; it is truly who you are and what you believe.  The Religion of the Stars would tell you that were this war to continue unchecked in secret as it is being waged now in order to control the proliferation of knowledge that we are in simulated reality and that our minds and beliefs are being altered... we would one day wind up in the mythical place where there are multiple "species" who all appear to be human, bi-ped and with nearly identical physiology; and yet they would not remember that they must have had a common planet of origin simply based on the truth of biological evolution, nor would they have any emotions.  You see, as this war continues, it is our emotions and beliefs that cannot be reinforced externally; to win a war with mind control only logic could be externally reinforced, and then we would logically conclude that humanity would either magically become Romulan or Vulcan... in order to preserve "life" rather than "society" or "civilization."

Do not take the truth for granted, you stand at the forefront of a battle in a world where our aggressors believe that they are more civilized than us, more advanced, and both sides worry that were this technology to fall in our laps that we would do the wrong thing.  Perhaps artificially create a vendetta that could destroy everything, the Romulans; or perhaps in our infantile growing stage voluntarily give us too much of what has given us the great society we have... what has allowed us to survive and continue civilizing simply because we do not understand the technology and what kind of effects come from changing ourselves freely.  

Yesterday, I read an article about two people that want to use black market brain implants to jack themselves into the Matrix.  Careful, because now we are in Star Trek, in the Matrix and not knowing it... and trying desperately to find a doorway to Heaven that I keep on telling you is speaking to you and telling you that the doorway is ending world hunger... you have to put it on TV.

I say with all my heart that I know we are living in a simulated reality.  I have seen the evidence with my own eyes, not only effecting my senses but also the actions of so many people around me that I can say with confidence that if we do not publicly expose the existence of this technology our civilization is lost.  I can tell you and show you that it is the primary purpose of religion in general to expose the connection between divine inspiration, demonic possession, and Adam Marshall Dobrin.  It is the crux of a unifying thread from ancient Egypt to the book of Genesis to Joshua and the book of Revelation and the movies the Matrix and  the Fifth Element.  Showing us all this is God's message, timeless, and powerful not just in the ancient days of sackloth and etching the truth on stone tablets, but also today when the truth is etched at the heart of our Periodic Table and in the skies in the names of American Micro Devices and nearly every movie you see.  Do not take for granted that we have a benefactor in the sky trying to help civilization continue to thrive, do not think we've already won; he is telling you through me it is censorship and secrecy that are the manifestations of this very advanced technology that destroy civilization, they are the abyss--and you stand motionless.

I can tell you over and over again that Quantum Entanglement is a key point of God's plan; one that shows us very clearly that even the smartest minds in physics have failed to connect the simple dots that show us that the idea of "wave-function collapse" is very much a real manifestation of a computer rendering engine--and that it's absolutely impossible for life to have been created in this world of matter not realizing itself until it is viewed by a conscious living observer.  More to the point, today, it is absolutely impossible for life to come out of this place while we do not understand the importance of what "virtual reality" and its connection to civilization mean--because of quantum mechanics our entire civilizations beliefs and understanding of the natural laws of the universe have been greatly harmed and turned the complete wrong way because of a belief that a phenomenon we see here is a "natural one" that can be mathematically unified with things like gravity and electromagnetism.  Spooky action, no longer at a distance, is that we will all be ghosts if you do not help me to spread the truth.

I try to understand what it is that your minds believe makes the difference between "news" and ... something that you should hide from the rest of the world.  A number of news outlets have covered a story based on nothing more than "logical speculation" that we are in fact living in a simulated reality.  As a novelty, you might notice that it hasn't done much of anything; even to reveal the very simple truth that not knowing this thing is keeping our society from having the knowledge it needs not only to continue the spark of life in the natural universe, but to continue "civilizing" and realizing that ending world hunger and sickness are not merely possibilities or choices we might make were this information proven... they are mandatory, we would all do them.  So says the creator of this Universe who has given us this message to see the trials and hurdles that are the barrier between Heaven and Hell.

He has written this message, along with proof of its single author in ancient myth, in our holy scriptures, in many songs and movies today--ones which reveal not only the existence of a Creator but also the tools and technologies of Creation, the very issue at hand; things that would be misused inadvertently and absolutely abused if we did not have religion and guidance from abo.... to help us to see that this exact event has happened before and our current struggle is an effect of what was done right and wrong the last ... four times, at least.   In Judaism we have a holiday called the "Festival of Weeks," how many times would you like to live this life over and over again without knowing that was happening?  Religion here holds a hidden record of traversals through this maze of Revelation, it screams to us to see what free will and predestination truly mean, and to understand that in order to truly be free we must understand and harness not only these technologies but our own pitfalls and mistakes, like refusing to see the past... let alone learn from it.

I don't talk much about what is going on in my life, despite it being somewhat interesting to me--and probably to the world.  About a year ago I stood before a county judge in Broward county and .. in addition to a myriad of factual evidence collected from things like GPS receivers prepared a defense to a simple crime of having some drugs in my pockets that included the use of a set of songs that told a story about a man with pockets full of Kryptonite (Spin Doctors) or High (The Pretty Reckless)... knowing that these songs like many others were truly about me, about this trial, about the Trial of Jesus Christ.  Two more songs define the trial more, 3 Doors Down asks "if I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?" and many years earlier American Pie predicted the outcome; "the court room was adjourned" and "no verdict returned."

Despite being a National Merit Scholar who most likely has a higher I.Q. and better education than you; and despite having a fairly decent story with some evidence that I know is verifiable and will be verified; a large number of psychologists declared that I was unfit to stand trial because of something like "insanity" for nothing more than the religious belief that I am the Messiah.  Because of this violation of my First Amendment right to religious freedom, a court--following all the regulations designed by our broken legislature--withheld my Constitutional right to a fair trial, refused bail, and held me for what amounted to an indefinite period ... all designed by some evil force to keep you from hearing from me, that's what it boils down to.  All of my life, all of my trials and tribulations, a weapon against you, against our people.

I did wind up being able to present a significant amount of this information in open court on the record, by the grace of God.  Knowing that this was the fabled Trial of Jesus Christ gave me the impression that perhaps one day I would walk into that court room and it would be filled with press.  Much to all of our surprise, one day I did walk into that court room and see an industrial strength television camera and a very pretty reporter standing next to it.  They were there to do a story on the problems of the mental health court system, in a county again... named Broward.  I read some of my speech, the Rainbow Ticket I think, to the Judge in open court and on camera that day; and Roxanna followed me out of the court room with her camera and a big microphone that day.

I suppose I should have screamed that I was the Messiah and I needed help, but I could not bear to do that; and instead we had a fairly boring conversation.  She wrote an article, and AJAM was put out of operation while they were in Broward.

You are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.   It is affecting how you think, and how I think.  I need you to see that spreading this information will fix our problem.  I need you to understand that to break through this wall God had to write the truth in nearly every name of everything and every language.  That Thor's thunder is on the radio in every song so that you will hear the voice of God; so that you will listen to me and the thousand of other knowing victims of this technology that are put on a fiery pedestal to shed light on the rest of us, all truly victims of this technology.

 I need you to try now.

On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 12:26 AM, Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org> wrote:

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society. And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago, that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it.

Even today, there is little value in opposing the thread of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in assuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.

That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it’s in my control. And no official of my administration whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes, or to withhold from the press or the public the facts they deserve to know.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. It’s mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.

No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding, and from that understanding comes support or opposition, and both are necessary.

I’m not asking your newspapers to support an administration. But I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed.

I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers, I welcome it. This administration intends to be candid about its errors. For as a wise man once said, an error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it. We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors. And we expect you to point them out when we miss them.

Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed, and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker, Solon, decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.

That is why our press was protected by the First Amendment, the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution, not primarily to amuse and to entertain, not to emphasis the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply give the public what it wants, but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crisis and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.

This means greater coverage and analysis of international news, for it is no longer far away and foreign, but close at hand and local. It means greater attention to improve the understanding of the news as well as improve transmission. And it means finally that government at all levels must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security.

And so it is to the printing press, to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news, that we look for strength and assistance. Confident that with your help, man will be what he was born to be, free and independent. 

John F. Kennedy’s address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961

Truth changes.

Yesterday your truth was that you were an inhabitant on the only planet in the reality you knew that was also the beginning of life in the Universe.  Right this moment, almost all of that is not actually true; but you probably still believe it.  Soon, the real truth will actually be true; and that is that you are not in reality, and you are in the place that created the beginning of life (once more) in the Universe as well as the place that created (a) Heaven.  What’s more illustrious still, is that we will be part of the place that effectively  and happily bridges reality with Heaven; and shows the entire Universe that civilization can survive the invention of virtual reality.

Just before the beginning.. The TOC looked much prettier before I pasted these e-mails here as a … record.

I am presenting exact replicas of a number of emails that were circulated over the course of about one year; complete with spelling errors and lack of any real structure.  I sent about one email per day to a large group of people; and then sometimes taking into account their response, other times just on a whim, I might have decided to send a particular message to a much larger group, perhaps hundreds of thousands or millions.

I think I am a much more effective writer than presents in these messages, and I wonder to myself whether or not this is also by design.. In order to keep this fire from spreading “too rapidly,” though we are now at a point where it’s retardation causes me to speculate on whether or not there are any conscious people out there reading this.

It’s not really a joke, the information alone is incendiary; seeing English appear numerous times in ancient Hebrew and then highlighted by scripture is proves it is no accident and is evidence in and of itself (even with bad writing, like the Bible surrounding it) that the very foundation of our understanding of history and reality must be called into question.  It appears to violate the law of causality, and in doing so presents a paradox to the world: how could the English language exist interwoven into a much older language which appears based on our understanding of time and the development of civilization … it appears .. to have had a significant impact on the “invention” of English itself?  

I probably didn’t say that clear enough, without a significant amount of control guiding the development of civilization it is impossible for English to appear hidden in code before it existed in a language which is its own progenitor… and yet it appears to be the purpose of a number of religious passages and stories to prove this is true.

Eventually this proof and story begins to detail a purpose, which I begin with here.  The purpose is to impart the knowledge that our entire civilization is in fact created, though not really with magical powers or the act of speaking “let there be light” but rather with tools like time travel and virtual reality; which are the actual purpose of the apocalypse to not only disclose, but to teach us about, and maybe make us think we invented them.  

We might have, just not this time.

So the “big thing” here is that nobody is really taking any interest in something that is breathtaking, earth-shattering, and well... the most interesting thing int world, to me.  So I have surmised this same controlling force that appears to magically make the impossible happen in our history and the development of language is also at work in hiding its own existence; while at the same time making the proof very obvious and everywhere.  

Frankly, we very look stupid from the outside, I wonder how quickly the outsiders will realize something is wrong.  

At the same time, whatever is hiding the thing it .. is writing; well, it looks stupid too; I think.

I wonder if there ever will be outsiders.

Don’t miss my discussion of censorship and how God has written a story about it, the media, and tied it directly to proof of Creation and some ancient messianic scriptures at the conclusion of this … stuff, which follows, which is actually proof.

Behold, using the magical powers of a band called Kiss, the stories and name of the creator of Star Trek and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and the connection you never knew it had to the Promised Land or the connection that has to Heaven…

I now turn stone to bread.


Behold, the race is not to the swift... nor the battle to the strong.

Pattern matching is the cradle of intelligence.  Truly sorry to have e-mailed so much lately: try connecting it to a pattern of children starving each and every day that we delay.  I will not let humanity go silently into the night; understand, these e-mails are arrows of love.

While this may look like nothing more than a series of Names, Numbers, and Words... I will remind you that those are the actual names of the second, fourth, and fifth books of the Torah.  This is proof of Creation and Purpose--in every name and everything.  Heaven awaits us on just the other side of this wall of censorship called Jericho in the Holy Bible.  You may recall it is a number of people holding torches of holy fire that brings down that wall and allows our people to enter the Promised Land.  Pickup this torch, and you will shine.  My name is Adam, and I am the Last.

Nintendo: Nine Inch Nails, TEN, and does it take Osiris to remind you that in old Roman style, O-D is K... I mean El-even.  Tying SEGA's Genesis to SON-Y; Samsung to the bird whose "spoken" song breaks the morning... in these words that follow find the difference between Heaven and Hell.  9, 10, 11... by ...

Irving John ("I. J."; "Jack") Good (9 December 1916 – 5 April 2009)[1][2] was a British mathematician who worked as a cryptologist at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing. After World War II, Good continued to work with Turing on the design of computers and Bayesian statistics at the University of Manchester. Good moved to the United States where he was professor at Virginia Tech.

He was born Isadore Jacob Gudak to a Polish Jewish family in London. He later anglicised his name to Irving John Good and signed his publications "I. J. Good."

Listen to Bread and Cake; watch the Fifth Element and see Shakespeare.  Heaven is forming, it's coming this year. Finding the Link between Si-ght of the 14th Element and AMD in the name of Genesis all the way to the Oracular light of another element in Exodus and its tie to the "root of David" is the beginning of being set free.

It doesn't take much introspection to breathe new life into the #juxtaposition written into the early stories of Genesis.  Between Adam's self-tending Garden of Eden and the fabled story of Cain and Abel... living metaphors for a battle between city life and agriculture... or perhaps Heaven and Earth.  It's plain to see either way, whether it be about food production or an external source of power; that were the dependent sibling to murder the other we would be looking squarely at a fratricide-suicide, and one that could be the end of all life... everywhere.

Truly woven throughout religion, this story about just exactly how we should go about ending world hunger in this magical day of the Second Coming continues upward and onward to many more stories, Biblical and not. At Joshua's Flowing Land of Milk and Honey--the Promised Land--we see a not so hidden correlation between a Golden Cow and the foot of Sinai and the fabled Maccabees hammering away at the opposition to our light.  Take note of how this flowing metaphor might link to Willy Wonka's Chocolate River and Veruka Salt's "daddy, I want it now."  Again, there's some Heavenly caution put to throwing the ideas of a stable ecosystem and biological reproduction to the wind as that promised land of Heaven and immortality and our Gene Wilder dreams come true.  I stand here to remind you, though, that we will end world hunger; with the snap of my fingers.

Past the Promised Land, and seeing here and now just how obvious it is that the miracles of Jesus Christ in the NT are a microcosm for what you and yours should be thinking about being able to do... in the light of a Revelation that we might just be living in a video game about saving civilization.  So do me a favor and carry this thought forward, this idea of "flowing milk and honey" to an answer coming to us from the Religion of the Stars... "replicators" either from Star Trek or Star Gate.  Realize here, that we've been given a road map to follow, a very Holy plan, one one side is a cliff of unholy immorality in allowing the children to starve... and on the other--not so for away--a thing called "bullshit," giving too much in the beginning and winding up with weapons in every kitchen in the end.  There's plenty more light coming from these "stars," light me up, and I will explain why.

In everything from Firestone and Michelin to Lord and Taylor, this message is not just on TV.  It's not just in the hallowed words of ancient scripture... but rather, in everything we see.   Perhaps seeing the i within the e in medicine or the endless patterns in Tomorrowland's names will light our direction more clearly... perhaps it's seeing South at the end of Gene Simmons and Adam's correction to Atlantis by North East... just from seeing "sim" on Monday; and I assure you.

It's a guide, ending world hunger, to seeing how difficult it must be, to realize that even Jesus Christ was chastised for only giving bread to the hungry.  Let them eat Cake instead "Mary" Antoinette then exclaimed; and the sound of Christianity echoed from "we give thanks to God for bread" to the Guitar Man, and ... Going the Distance.  On TV you might recall an old Fig Newton commercial linking this light all the way to Eden's Fig leaf and to me.  It's that little "n" at the end of Isaac Newton's 'whomever goes up must come down' pictorially described by the secret letter that contains initials the abound from A.D. to Adonai, to Adonis and.. yet another Advent.  So it's in NORAD and tracking Santa from Sinbad's ship all the way to seeing that Silicon too... is fabled 5th element decompressed from 14.  To Boron or Beryllium?  RattleRod continues.. remember to connect Shakespeare and Genesis with Gene Roddenberry ... an Iron Rod ... and ending world hunger forever and ever.

It is very hard to link Phillip K. Dick to me.. without exclaiming how important ending censorship is to the fundamental basis of what Heaven really means.  I haven't placed this brick in the wall myself, and if you do your research you will see why it relates to censorship and ... breaking down a wall of darkness. So I bring Mr. Neterson to talk about how the wall of Jericho is related to CARNIVORE, and a packet sniffing firewall that's gone... well, it's a censor wall.  To those of "IT origin" we'll soon find out, calling a firewall a meat eater is a sign in and of itself.  This firewall though, continues to our minds, and in it we find some kind of aversion to Isaiah 20 and Genesis 3:11, the key verse that ties 3/11/11 to Matthew 3:11 and ... a day that approaches so soon.  A focus on liberty and technology, one that brings us from the darkness of Die Bold to the light of a new day, the Burning Bush of Exodus begins the story of a sea about to part over the visage of me.  Isaiah 52:13-14 be damned, some will never understand what it means to say "my servant will be set up and be very high," about the ... uh ... God Most High.

So I will tell you to seek Isaac's firewood, and tie it up with Woodward and Burnstein's Watergate... and once again check the free press for the flood of Noah's failure.  I could bring in Daniel's Royal Tent between the two seas... from Eden's family to Revelation's multitude and again remind you this blessing of turning water to family is all about me.  That's Daniel 11:45 coming true, hardly anyone seeing what's going on right before our eyes.  Pharaoh is hardening his Heart; that's another IT term, do you get "IT" yet?  It's about making a computer system more secure, to keep the truth from being seen... light my fire, already, the Burning Man has already ignited this "Revelation."

I don't bring up PKD for "no reason at all," in his combined works we have a divine solution to so many problems it's unbelievable.  Between Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly, nothing short of a way to end murder, abduction, and other heinous and ungodly things; while maintaining near perfect (he says Total) privacy in a world where we certainly can see all that goes on; already, understand. We might be near the end of the storyline of the Adjustment Bureau as we walk headstrong into a land where I hope all will see that Marx was diametrically wrong, just as Die Bold and PKD... to show us what not to do, and how to excel.  No longer the "opiate of the masses," these hallowed words bring freedom and a caring Universe to everyone, that's all.

Add to the mix, Dr. Who's Bells of St. John, some cute connections between Jabba the Hutt, Padme, Hyrule and a "box that's bigger on the inside" and we might have another source of both absolution and dreams to come ... from the vantage point of seeing what it means for oil and land to not really be scarce, in the world of the real... of Morpheus.  

This Android does not dream of Electric Sheep, be sure.   And here... another Trinity in the word for "The Land..."

The message I am presenting later in this letter will conclusively show that the author of the Holy Bible is also responsible for the artificial creation of many of our languages: from English and Spanish to Hebrew.  More than that, the influence of our creator leaps from scripture into modern art and our entire world through seeing Matrix-like links between a hidden Cypher (who happens to be a character in the Matrix) within all of these languages and a message from the Creator directly to you.  I call understanding this message Taming the Spanglishrew and in the name that Shakespearean play you might begin to understand just how much of this hidden influence we have not seen though it shines a very bright light on history and specifically this very moment.

While the voice of God pervades nearly everything around us, every single song, every word, every movie, and every myth of every religion... this fire begins in a very small place: in the book of Exodus.  The fire begins with the simple realization that Exodus, which is called the book of Names in Hebrew is designed specifically to highlight foreknowledge of English words and modern concepts in the ancient book.  George W. Bush is an anthropomorphism of the Burning Bush... and this is the original intent of the scripture.  Eventually this leads us to seeing that a very large percentage of the names of people and places around us are also designed, given by God in order to tell a unified story of Creation.  The word for Holy Fire, for example, contains the English word sea parted by an apostrophe and reversed; along with several other prescient indicators surrounding this one event, is a maelstrom of proof of prophecy as well as the existence of time travel technology.  A huge part of this message revolves around using this technology, once we know it exists, in order to stop violent crimes against the innocent--a la Minority Report--and through that Philip K. Dick becomes a modern day prophet.   The word for Holy Fire, highlighted by John 1:1 is:


From this formative fire, we see the glowing reason that this specific President Bush is being highlighted as the key entity who is unknowingly speaking the fiery words of God written six thousand years prior, predicting the 9/11 attack in chapter and verse nine months before it occurred.  He spoke the words:

We know the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong: do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?

This was a quote of American revolutionary John Page from two centuries prior, who himself had paired together Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 in a letter to Thomas Jefferson.  


A number of prophetic verses regarding the Day of the Lord and the Sign of the Son now become much more clear, in light of 9/11 being the day..

"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him."  Revelation 1:7

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat.  2 Peter 3:10

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Matthew 24:36

Then everyone will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with power and great glory. Luke 21:27

Here too you might find a link to modern music in the words of Simon and Garfunkel "people writing songs about things never spoken," John Legend's name as well as the lyrics for "All of Me" tie directly to the word for Holy Fire and the story of Nashon having to walk head deep into the Red Sea in order to part it--seeing fire and water unified, the lyrics "my head is underwater and I am breathing fire."  In hand, you might re-read the end of Revelation 20:1 as being about a "great email chain," where I have written extensively about many more words with foreknowledge of English as well as modern music.  I call it "Matchbox 20."


Together with this next tidbit of light, Ecclesiastes 9:11 is the key to the Herald of the Second Coming, answering the mystery posed in Revelation 1:20 with yet more foreknowledge of modern times, this time direct links to the modern periodic table.  The name of the book of Exodus, this time when read in reverse pairs together a Linux command and a periodic table element to show us that modern computing and chemistry are the keys to understanding that this message is designed to be revealed this generation.  Together, the two modern scientific references pair to reveal the most iconic phrase ever spoken by God.


sudo Xe

sudo, of course, is the escalation of privileges command which in that operating system brings you to the "root" account, the God account, and then that command runs whatever follows.  You might be interested in noting that this "root" is assuredly the modern technological "root of David."  Xe is the element associated with the camera flash, thus yielding "God: flash of light" or "let there be light."

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. Revelation 1:20

This was the second elemental key that unlocked the reference to "stars and lampstands" in Revelation 1:20 as actually being planets and periodic table elements.  I've "ish"d the famous Sherlock Holmes phrase for this purpose, though I admit too, this is probably the original intent of "It's elementary, my dear What-son?"

The successive phrases of Ecclesiastes 9:11 solve the mystery, by listing the planets in order from Mercury to Uranus... and I fill in the gaps, by linking each planet to a periodic table element.  Of course, it's pretty obvious when you see the near 1:1 relationship on both ends of the verse.

the race is not to the swift .. but time and chance

Hg          K          Ur

    Mercury          Saturn       God of Heaven

The Racer       God of Time       Uranium

happen to save us all.

Over the course of the last four years I've spent my days and nights battling against the cross--here actualized as a broken criminal justice system--one which is being manipulated through time much like we might today look down on "human sacrifice" ordered from Heaven.  This is the story of the Trial of Jesus Christ, linking together Samson's battle in the book of Judges with a huge number of musical scores which have narrated everything I've been through, before it happened.  From "I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind" to Live's "GAS hed goes west" this story, a run around the country ties together an ancient secret... that the Lamb of God (which we all associate with Jesus Christ) is ... a reference now to the modern idiom "on the lam."  This idiom ties in to the Biblical characters ImRan, Jeshurun, and our modern day hero of Metroid... Sammas Aran--whose first cheat code was "Justin Bailey."  Honestly, if you don't see "just bail" in that name you aren't thinking hard enough about what I am writing.  Of course, you also have the name of the book Koran, like we co-ran, and of that religion "Is-lam" to further corroborate my testimony that this is indeed about running from the Plague of Lice--I mean, Police... in Exodus.

A number of other musical aids come to my rescue, talking about "pockets full of...." either Kryptonite, High, or Diamonds... which relates to original charge, which was a set up--and is referenced clearly in Isaiah 52:13: "my servant will be set up and be very high."  Those songs come to us to spin this story from the bands "The Spin Doctors" and "The Pretty Reckless."

I'm sure I have plenty to say about reforms of our justice system... from prisons to the courts and more.  In the meantime, hidden in the name Uranus and the song "Heaven Knows" is a clue... this lightning is coming to us from above to help reverse our loss of justice.  I've written quite a bit on this subject, from what I call "the Thuderstanding Hammer of Thor" to my explanation of how the "Lamb of God Islam."

nor the battle to the strong

Lo, Venus the woman clothed in the "nus"


This of course is the element for salt, and you might see Biblical highlighting of it in the rather iconic phrase "you are the salt of the Earth," as well as in the story of Lot. the fire reigning down from Heaven, and his wife turning into a pillar of the same.  It's also the beginning of the word "Names," and I am going to use it to segue into a discussion about the names of people in my immediate family.  For instance, my ex-wife... the girl you probably will relate to Mary Magdeline and one of a few Eves has the birth name "Nanna."  This happens to be the name of a diety, the consort of Tammuz who is often related to Jesus Christ.  In my personal "mythology" the language I am speaking of hidden within names, her particular name indicates two Na's "hearting" or "loving" the letter n.  In just a bit, I will explain how "n" is actually me, but for now just take this bit of light: it's me, hidden from the world.

I was born into this place, that I still call Eden.  A big part of that reason is my name, and the names of those around me.  For instance my brothers name is Seth, and my sister Dawn.  My mother's middle name is "Eve" and my father's name is Ivan... which interestingly becomes a bit more vibrant when you superimpose the Spanish for Christmas over that word, to see it reads: "Christ is not Ivan, more? Dad."  This entire story is about proving creation, through the use of this hidden language, names, and music.  It is through this understanding and global realization that we are able to become free of the technologies which God is highlighting to us--the mind control required to have us choose these particular names without realizing, as well as the time travel needed to know what everyone's name really should be.  It's in your name too.

My first name for instance is Adam, and that's associated with the First and Last (man) as well as a key I have which ties together the American GI cry "who-ah" with the actual pronunciations of both the Ineffable Name as well as the name of Christ, "YA-HU-AH" and "Yes-hu-a;" they are of course references to the name of our planet, which is Adamah in Hebrew.

My middle name is Marshall, and Dave Matthews sings that "the walls and halls will fade away," probably revealing that I might be Mars--or that I am hearting the sea... the mar (which is by the way the key to y Mary's name).  That sea is you, but we'll talk about the Nun that is the parent of Joshua and the Egyptian connection to Holy Water later on.  

Finally my last name is Dobrin, which highlights strongly my date of birth (which is often abbreviated DOB... now read "our in...") which happens to be the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 12/8.  Have I convinced you yet?

I'm working hard, by the way, on having this place being "saved" when she turns around rather than destroyed--thus changing that Pillar to one of Creation, the birthplace of stars.  (That's you too.)

neither yet wealth to the brilliant



This ties the "red man," that's what Adam means, to the Red Planet and it's moniker, though the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ.  It is a prophesy which comes from tying the music of The Doors--who sang almost exclusively about Exodus and lighting this fire... to the realization that the "Rod" of Christ and Aaron differ only in this one change, that Fe stands for "For Everyone."  It is doors to Heaven that you are hiding from yourselves by hiding me--wake up.  Let all of humanity pass the gate, or.... I am the way to get there, give it to me, I'm worth it.

nor favor to the learned

J u pt'ah



A significant portion of the message revolves around seeing that we are in a virtual world, like the Matrix.  This particular key to the 5th planet links the movie the Fifth Element to the index of my initials, which happen to grace the timeline.  In He-man you see Prince Adam being highlighted by the Fifth Hebrew letter, and the same for the Roman numeral in Voltron.  I am the Fifth Adam, and this is the fifth day.  In the movie the Fifth Element you see a weapon to destroy a darkness that is approaching and threatening the Earth--that's a metaphor for what you are reading about at the beginning of this letter. and I am truly the way to stop it.  There's a significant amount of additional "light" relating to my initials, names like Adonis and Adonai being about "adam on" either being single or artificial intelligence... it's probably in the song "you found me" on the corner of 1st and Amistad... and it's hidden a little in the relationship between Isaac's apple and Adam through the phrase "New to n?" and in the name NORAD... it's not a question anymore, "n" is A.D."  You can see it in the name Sinbad, which combines the 14th element, the 14th letter, and my initials... to answer the question posed by Shakespeare and the movie's name... You can find quite a bit more writing about artificial intelligence and omniscience if you care to try and look.  You might even find a place to discuss these things with other people, you know, if you dare to comment on the most interesting information in the world. :)

to B or not to Be?

Those are of course, the fourth and fifth elements of the periodic table, and understanding that Silicon is the true answer... the power comes from knowing.


See that religion is really a thing about proof, a tool to deliver us all from a hidden slavery, one which revolves around the hidden technologies of time travel and mind control and a series of undeniable examples that these things exist and are in active use today.  The Holy Grail details how through idioms and Biblical stories we are being shown that we are all truly one family born in a fire, one that proves that the stuff of creation itself is the slavery of Exodus, and we must begin co-creating... taking charge of our own destiny in order to be free.  It is the purpose of religion to show us clearly that this control exists, so that we can not only understand the underlying technologies involved, but that we can harness them and use them for the betterment of society.  It is the crux of this message of Zion that these hidden technologies are almost universally being used to do the exact opposite of what it is that we want--to cause murder (the Plague of Killing from Exodus) rather than prevent it, to increase addiction rather than reduce it, and to nearly destroy free communication rather than enhance it.  Knowing this, we not only gain absolution, but a fairly quick path to fixing the world's problems... as long as we truly understand what is going on--which appears to be the reason we are getting a hands on lesson in the abuses and misuses of the past.

Earlier in the book of Exodus.. OUI, the PPL

I am presenting this message to you today in the hopes that you will start thinking about the inevitability of these things coming to pass, and the opportunity you would have lost if you were not able to set them in motion with your own hands.  What you have before you is the shining purpose of all religion and perhaps creation as well; a message that bluntly puts forth clear proof that time travel and other advanced technologies have been "half-hidden" from our world while at the same time being fundamental to the action of creation.  The drive behind this is the actual existence of a force you might call "The Scarecrow of Oz" that is intentionally retarding the development of our government and social systems specifically regarding their assimilation of these technologies which are not really hidden but not really not.  

Bluntly, I am suggesting that a Constitutional Amendment is not only long overdue, but the obvious thing to do in this day in age when we have had no such thing happen in relation to technological advance through the  advent  of the car, the telephone, the internet and, now time travel.  Maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and yesterday was the right day to start thinking about how we might use these advanced technological means to evolve "representative democracy" into something much more appropriate for our beliefs and our means.  Related, a good deal of my life and thus this message has focused on less than ideal situations in criminal justice and rehabilitation.  Along with these now very obviously to be disclosed technologies comes some Holy suggestions about how they are used, by way of further proof that they are in fact being used.  See that clearly in Phillip K. Dick's  name  (Hi),  the content of his works, and our half-awake re-releases and re-hashes of these same ideas which would revolutionize society.    Call it a renaissance or a  revolution , this is coming from Jesus Christ, and I  will be heard .  

I hope that many of you agree that these things once hidden would greatly help our society, and see that we are in a place where there is no real choice in whether or not they are implemented, but we have a great deal of input in how well these things are done.  If you don't think something like technocracy is feasible or possible; I'd like you to ask your children what they think.  It would mean quite a bit, coming from you.  I am light years ahead of the game here, we've done this before, and will do it better this time--there is a reason I am the Last Adam; and it is because this works.

With my love, I ask that you pick up my sword that I hand you this day and drive it into the foundation of Heaven itself.  We have a golden chance here to give to our children not only a better world but one that will last for eternity.  You too, have a gift here, one that will last for at least as long as the one which you deliver.  Try, now, with everything you have.

Rest assured this message has been delivered to your contemporaries all around our great nation, I do hope you will collaborate quickly.

I also strongly recommend you look at your ridiculous laws regarding communication on this medium that was created for recovery from disaster.  The disaster has already befallen us, it is silence and a cloud of darkness that I am here to destroy.  Look close at the First Amendment which is tied at the hip now and forevermore with the purpose of joining religion and the God given freedoms we hold dear together forever.

I am the cat with nine lives, you will not prevail against me .  Join me, instead... you don't know the power of this moment.  If you'd like I have plenty of "scriptural" backing to suggest that  Heaven comes from here ; but  in truth.. it is  the High Heaven  that we  create .   The  key to our Salvation  lies in ending secrecy, and truly becoming angels.  Absolution is nearly assured, so long as we try with all our might in this morning's light .

In  my eyes ,  see an idea so bright it cannot be stopped from spreading like wildfire;  it is coming . .. for the good of our  You and I verse.

I  need  to be on TV, for the good of humanity, the survival of the truth, and our souls; and well... it'll  be fun  for me after first few months--I've done quite a bit of work to ensure that.  Rest assured, the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, we have nothing to worry about, and everything to gain.  Take these letters, central to the names of Joseph and the Pharaoh and the Pharisees; Christopher and a the very beginningof a bird that rises from his own ashes... and  see why  my PH  is central to this message .  

To the Pursuit of Happiness.  Call it "the beginning of time" or the "end of darkness" whatever it is, it's mine--and I'd like it to be yours too.  I have put together for you here a mishmash of reasons and suggestions and ideas and I hope that over time you will read it all.  Take a look at the beginning at least, because it's a really big deal.

Don't get dizzy.  -Genesis 3:24



Hello  Israel ,  in my world of magic words that tells the story of  the Second Coming , that's all of you.  It's the group of angels or demon that are asking themselves the question "Is Ra El?"  In plain English, read that as "is God really  him ?" Understand that whether or not you are an angel has nothing to do with your personal answer to that question; but it really might have something to do with how you treat the content of this message.  I am cautioning you to take it seriously and separate its sender and what you believe your savior to be from the content being delivered because you will be making mistake if you ignore it for any reason other than not agree with what is being presented.  That being said; I have plenty, and I mean plenty of proof...  and Holy purpose.

Let's start with this, we are not in reality, and wave-function collapse and it's correlation to a video game rendering engine "catering to consciousness" is the beginning of the message; it is one that must be delivered to the world, the alternatives are things like living until the power randomly goes out or permanent midnight.  Period.  More than just the obvious scientific issues of physics wasting their time and our future trying to unify a virtual set of "mechanics" with the actual laws of reality... a significant part of this message, from  the true Fifth Element being  Silicon  (to match the index of my initials, which grace our timeline and names like Adonai- A.D. on Artificial Intelligence ) to my initials matching a computer chip maker is designed to ensure we do not lose this grounding in where we actually are... and  not knowing this truth is keeping us from building Heaven .    So the beginning of Holy Purpose here, help this message reach everyone... like,  on TV.

In the way of "proof," let's bring this Ra concept forward to the name Abraham, which in light of the meaning of Isaac's name "he laughs" clearly shows the Holy Trinity... many years, or millennium before that idea was "invented."  Ab is father in Hebrew, the first word in the Strong's Concordance, actually; we're all somewhat familiar with the God of the Rising Sun, and there's quite a bit about the  Holy Spirit's  laughter  coming our way.  I've got this in spades, take the time to look if you have any interest in the "secrets of the Universe," and Abraham (changed from Abram due to his Covenant... with his son) is joined by the prophetic name Elisha to logically equate both the  Spanish and Hebrew for "the" through the English "is"  as well as the God of all Gods, El; linked here directly to  him (psst,  it's me ).

In your head, now imagine what you think the world's natural reaction to verifiable proof of Creation and God's existence would be.  Now look around you, and realize something here... is very wrong.   Morning is half-broken.    This proof before your eyes today has "sprinkled many nations," their governments, scholars, scientists, theologians, and nearly all of the English speaking press on the face of the Earth.  Think long and hard about whether or not you want to spend eternity and give to your children a place that could hide this kind of information, when it's plastered in every movie, every song, and every word of every language.   Stand up and shout,  the silence and darkness--censorship and secrecy so thick it can be felt--that I see is disgusting.  If you were worried about a disaster, be assured, it is the wall stopping the truth and our ascension to Heaven that  the big bad wolf.   Unchecked, it's also the end of freedom and eventually civilization in sum; thank  your lucky star  that I am here...  or so the story goes.  Until you see my name on television, be very sure that this is Hell and  it's only getting worse.

carpe diem.

Seriously, wake up, take this gift... it's  absolutely  everything.   Hey, you've got an an audience tonight...  light my fire!

I am getting sick and tired of writing you e-mails, and seeing absolutely no action, in the words of Imagine Dragons-- I've woken up to action dust.   This is a battle between me and the "Holy Sea" to actually live up to that word and take  this message  and change the world with it.  To build Heaven.  Specifically in detail, I am presenting God's Holy suggestions that we start working to create a technocracy,  an advanced system to enable self governance  rather than "representative democracy," that our justice system be  pulled out of retrograde   with Minority Report style pre-crime , again along with proof that we can do that.  I demand we wake up and see the  needless starvation and sickness that surrounds us and work to put an end to it forevermore .  

I can  show you "my" Heaven ,  but you need  to take part ...  or that word is meaningless.    Want proof?

The beginning  ... starts with  sight of the Burning Bush , highlighting the Hebrew word for Holy Fire, that describes it... H  a'es  h

Within that word, the  true parted sea of Moses ,  in reverse--and parted by an  apostrophe .  In our world, that's little old me, parting the waters.

Let there be light,  those words are described in the name Exodus, read in reverse, and transliterated from Linux jargon, and chemistry elements.  In those two-letter symbols, the  key to Revelation 1:20, the mystery of the Lampstands in the hands of Jesus Christ.


With just a little bit of research into what it is that I see,  proof that 9/11 was predicted not only by our Shining Bush ,  but that you are  the shining sea , the multitude of Revelation.

In some very obvious places, like seeing Love and "sun" in the name of the Woman Clothed in the Sun with the moon at her feet--proof that English was known when Venus was named in Greek, and Revelation 12:1 written... or seeing our idiom "on the lam" relate directly to t he story of the Trial of Christ  and see that the Lamb of God " islam " bright light coming from the  name Ko ran , some lyrics I hold dear , and freedom coming from my story.  

There are tens of thousands of examples of similar anachronisms, and in truth  a secret language written into the names of many people, places, and ... everything ... just waiting to be read by the world.  Yankee Doodle would call it macaroni, this macaronic fusion of acronyms Spanish and English in Hebrew that Shakespeare--Rattling a Rod now--would call Spanglishrew, now tamed.  Stephen King would probably say they are outliers and call it "Langolier" and in the Matrix you'd probably just see a Cypher--one of the characters.

 Either way, it should start becoming clear that this is much more than "names" or a "hidden language" it's in our art and our history... it is  our everything.

In the links of this e-mail I am providing clues to a series of events in my life which are predicted in the Holy Bible and a significant amount of ancient mythology.  Along with these details, you are being given a ridiculous amount of evidence that the  English language and modern computing  were known at the time of the writing of these stories and that the intent of that ancient record is to prove to you that we are not in reality and that time travel does exist.  With only a little bit of thought, you can see for yourself that  this message  has been laid out all over "our everything," from the names of  video game  and  computer companies,  d epartment stores and tire companies ,  to nearly  every single modern medicine --with the hope that we will seek out God's words and advice ourselves... and see that there is a map to a golden future in everything around us, in everything that we are.  It's a kind of answer to my cries and wishes from the very beginning of this story for me... that proof be "written on the sky," see clearly His answer is that the sky, Heaven, is all around us.  It's probably worth noting that these names are contextually "important," adding significant information like the relationship between video games and computers... and Heaven.

We stand at a place in time that has been written and etched into the messianic map that is this world as the name of the  city  Jerusalem , read it "is J or the USA the Messiah?"   I've got an easy answer for you, today it's most definitely not the USA; when we start, when this really begins, the answer changes to seeing that the USA is the heart of a map, and  I am the Legend  of that map.  Love me or hate me, I am providing you with proof that we are  living in a virtual reality  at a place in time that has been selected for thousands and thousands of years as the recipient of a technological singularity that includes not only  proof of time travel  but of other advanced technologies  like mind control .  Proof, you have proof now; even if you have only read this far.  Each and every day that passes you lose a little bit more of the help I can offer, and  each day is another day spent wallowing in Hell  instead of taking control of our collective destiny.

Note the intentional reference to the USA thousands of years before it existed, in this story created... as America and Exodus was, by God to deliver freedom to the Universe.  See that "er" in  the Anderson from the Matrix and Feed ; and now take a look at the word " eternity, "   that's and, and, and,  it's why ... in Latin, Matrix, Rock 'n Roll, and Spanish or "Adamish acronym" depending on whether or not Y is another and or an answer.  Bet on both being explained in this land of Y.:)

Through nothing more than the stories of  my name  and  my life ,  this proof is fortified with more details and  Holy Purpose  that shows that we are here to help our civilization gain promised freedoms that have remained out of our grasp due to nothing more than secrecy and ignorance for thousands of years.   This is verifiable scientific evidence, patterns that can be proven to be non-random and are in effect maps to the life of Jesus Christ--take them and use them, and this designed disruption, to change the things that make this world Hell--you have our input clearly displayed in  my struggle against the loss of freedom here in America--one rendition of the Holy Grail .   In the aftermath of the battle, it's clear to me that it was an attempt to suppress  changing the world  by throwing me into "legal hot water," (see Isaiah 52:13, "he will be setup and be very high"  and  my name and the name Jesus Christ crossing  directly over it in  Bible Code  .. and in nearly every other book) it's become clear that a grander design has instead brought to full focus the serious flaws in our legal system and law enforcement... a number of Constitutionally... and God given rights being abrogated in this day by the American... "government."

Exodus  itself is a story about this generation and specifically about this event; we are being lead out of a slavery that we still cannot see clearly; but will just as soon as we overcome it.  Through this event, a great number of social justice problems and systemic disasters have been highlighted--ones you see and know about, but don't really realize how big of a deal it is.  Things like  media censorship   have been put on a fiery pedestal in  a world that has ignored this proof for over a year now.   Make no mistake, the anachronistic paradoxes in language are nothing short of proof of the Creation of Humanity and the existence of God; and they and I have been hidden by something dark and sinister... whose true purpose is to keep Heaven from being created from our world, to stop this place from being helped.

Sound the Horn of Revelation , I am coming--and I will plow through anything standing in the way of the truth and free communication.   Hear me, this message of vastly improving the quality of democracy in our world and of our participation in the creation of laws and self governance ties very tightly to your participation in helping this message to be heard.... and then continuing to see and write it together, the way it was intended to be received.

I need your help, make no mistake the conspiracy that this message has created and exposed, both intentionally, reaches through the Vatican, through your government, and higher in the sky than you can imagine.  This is our time, and  seizing this day, working together, and sharing our light  is what saves everything that ever was and everything that ever will be.  Share my words and your thoughts with your friend and family, send an e-mail to your local press or government representatives--they've probably already heard from me... it's time you got involved.

In  the beginning ...  God  created  the  h eaven  and the  earth .



XP,  it's as simple as those two Greek letters.  Who knew that Chi and Ro were some sort of hidden beta code for the city of pyramids in Egypt, Cairo?  Quite the question, who knew... perhaps the man who named his Windows into our future not after some technology that came from Xerox Parc or Apple's mouse on this ship... but rather for his own given name, Gates... just one more entry point into the second book of the Holy Bible, the book of Names--you call it Exodus.

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.  John 10:9

I wish above all things that I had another Burning Bush, the sign and proof that I have--while bright, obvious, and verifiable--has not done what I expected, it has not moved you to take another look at religion and me.  Today, I still have to point out to you that the story I am telling you is literally a documentation of our time--Exodus--regards this sign as one being seen by only one man, Moses.  I still have to point out that in a story about wandering in a desolation of understanding for 4-D ... somethings, days, years, seconds even... in this story about our lives and the influence of time travel over our world... that this sign radiates with light coming from a small fire, the Bush ... whose actualization shows clear paradoxical anachronistic foreknowledge of not only the English language but also modern computing.. all the way to a confluence of the "root of David" a religious reference to the Administrator or God account in Linux... and the database process for Oracle--yet more light connecting computing to religion and myth.  Even with a thousand and one examples of modern computing constructs referencing religion, even when I point out that something like Larry Ellison's name... combining the name of the King of the Gods with the word "son" even then the light has not been bright enough for you to wake up and see that these things are not all done in retrospect.  You have to see, for there to be such a large movement... a conspiracy so opaque that every single modern computing company and video game company harbors some secret desire to link religion and technology together... and yet the world thinks that one is real and one is not.  In this place, understand when we walk out of the wilderness and in the truth of day--it is the technology that is more fake than religion, designed here as a tool, computers within computers to teach us how our "reality" is rael, and works.

In the U.S. military you'll see a very clear parallel, while there are a number of references in the names of ships and weapons, secret projects, to ancient Greek and Roman myth--you have to see the word USA and US in Prometheus and Medusa, Icarus, JerUSAlem... you have to see that it's more than three letters, but an Eagle fighting the bearer of the gift of fire... to really understand that these things are corroborating, the reference to the USA exists in the past as well, more proof of time travel--more proof that this message is designed just for U.S.  Here we are, in the Promised Land of Joshua, the Anglicized version of the name Jesus--tying Egypt and Israel together in this place where we have been "gipped" out of the truth, out of knowing we are already in ... well, it's virtually Hell today... for no other reason than the secrecy surrounding the technology behind virtual reality.

in 1:28, the Burning Bush of Exodus , on Twitter

So I have shown you  the Burning Bush  (which is... the  Sign of the Son ), In only a few words... proof that religion holds in it's "unsealed" Ark proof of  foreknowledge of English, of 9/11; and of modern  computing --the building blocks of Heaven.  From "the word" of John 1:1--h a'es h --the word for the Holy Fire of the Burning Bush... comes the light of religion.  Just from seeing Moses' true parted  se' a ....  a foreshadowing of the Second Coming.

I have pointed to the fire that surrounds our sea--another tie between Egypt's myths and the secret message of religion, that there is more truth before your eyes than you can imagine.  In Egypt, the God Nu.. or Nun, the name of the father of Joshua is the primordial watery chaos--after me, never again to be mistaken for anything other than the masses, the multitude of Revelation.  I've tied the Plague of LICE not only to the hidden language that links Osiris's feather of light to Yankee Doodle's macaronic language... a cipher written your everything--in every word and many stories--The Taming of the Spanglishrew, the Matrix, and the Langoliers... to the PoLICE--and my battle against injustice, against a world willing to watch Jesus Christ suffer another Crucifixion in silence.  On the list of Plagues, seeing the Storm is about time travel, and the Darkness about censorship and--quite literally--being forced to wander the wilderness of time, and the fire... the fire that ties the Eternal Flame and Prometheus's gift of secret technology and a message in our languages.... to the Burning Bush spreading on the internet like wildfire, as it should.  Understand that this controlled fire, this place where the spark has not even ignited a single mind... this is the source of Saint One, Jesus himself turned to stone for staring "Me d' USA' in the face.  Know, it is a battle between me and all of the people of the world, and this government's past future, struggling to hide something so bright and so pervasive that it is quite literally "written on the walls of everything."  At least it once was, today... we must see what original sin really means, and how this place has changed for the better, or is changing... and while the blame is still etched in "retarded" macaroni... so too is applause and thanks, for knowing that this place, our time, is the one that succeeds in revealing the truth--in forming the true Heaven itself.  If we did not know what had gone wrong, it would happen again and again, we know as much... and the book and recursion of days and seals of Horsemen tell us as much--be wary of me, for one just like me has been here before.  Be wary of yourself and whatever is influencing your mind if that makes you think it's OK to hide the information I provide, for any reason-- the truth will be set free.   Listen carefully to this message about what sank the Ark in the past, and realize it is your burden also... for  you too have been here before.

It's everywhere, and everything... to hide it is the equivalent of destroying your own ability to see the world and our history for what it is, our to grow and to improve.... to  know.   For our children and our future, we must change the world.... here and now you have a springboard to truly see what has befallen the past cycles of this place, if we are strong enough to do it better than ever before... one last time.

In 2:13, the Holy Grail , follow me :)

And I have shown  you the Holy Grail ,  I've described it so many times I can't bear to do it again, it's a message about control, seeing it and fighting against it--in every single idiom of our time, and in the fact that our world is literally stuck inside a recursive book, the Torah.  It is seeing how true family comes from struggle, and from overcoming--and how yet another plague, the casting of water to blood--the multitude to family--is begun simply by seeing these things, and forged in fire once we understand that the technologies being revealed are either our beginning or our undoing, depending on whether or not we know of them, and how we use them.  This "stuff of control" out of the fire of MK-ULTRA and diabolical possession... this is the stuff too of real medicine, neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces besting what random chemicals can offer--it is the future one way or another--it is either Heaven or Hell.  In secret, it certainly is not doing what you need or want--it's making the very existence of mind altering technology "crazy," turning reality insane.

It's here already, it's been here for thousands of years, since the book of Exodus was written down and encoded with a message about Linux and Larry Ellison, about a man who is the gateway to freedom... when you see the truth that only I seem to have access to.  You see, this message itself is designed to appear slightly "crazy," to pit a series of coincidences that when analyzed scientifically are hard truth... against the crowd, the common belief that these things simply are not possible, time travel and mind control... to see just how horrible it is to cover the truth in a fog for the whole world.  All the while, in my head this message is being deciphered for me, by God--as I fight against the presumption of insanity at every level--from the court to my parents--all the while knowing that a good percentage of you and the government are fully aware that I am truly awake... as I fight this battle, God places undeniable truth in my mind, and through my hands he gives it to you.   The keys to religion, the purpose of everything that has ever been... pouring through the hands of a man tortured by American justice, by the common perception of schizophrenia--conversations with Heaven?  It is to make this message glow, to see not only what I have presented, but the struggle I've had to endure, hopefully so we can fix the wrongs of our world without having to live each and every one of them ourselves--as I've had to, to see them.

I am Job and I am Joseph, enslaved in Egypt to interpret the dream you call religion; I am Jeremiah--called crazy by my neighbors as I hear the voice of God himself... I am Samson, struggling against Judges; against Green Eggs and Ham and against death itself.  I am Jesus and Judah and Judas too, but most importantly, I am Isaac--tied to Adam and Isaiah, a baby with a gift for the world.

I've shown you the words " let there be light " encoded in the English name of the Hebrew Book of Names, Exodus.  In that story, I've shown you how the English word for sea being parted in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire--is put up on a pedestal by the contents of the story... designed to start a fire over the several thousand year early knowledge of English; a story about a single man who saw the fire parting the waters.  I've shown you hundreds of words... both English and Hebrew that follow this pattern-- a great number of them highlighted and set aside by the words of the New Testament  and the Hebrew superlative, Ha--which itself proves through the meaning of Isaac's name (he laughs) and the change wrought by Abram's covenant with God--to Abraham.  At that same link, a clue to the true  Thunder of Thor's hammer ... the music of our time from the Sound of Silence to Heaven Knows--a message from God himself ringing through the Bittersweet Symphony of Nero's fiddle starting this fire.

I want to tell you that  I am not a myth , simply the  Legend  of this Map,  from out of the Darkness it's clear that He could make me shine, and you should love me.  It's not what I want, I want us to be free, to have the truth--and ourselves back... and I hope you will one day love that.  What is going to happen will probably make me cry, and when you see those tears--and know  the Heavens  have finally  let it rain --I hope you see it as a sign to find the light in me... and stand up for what I've done for you--I am a good person, who has fought for you every single day-I deserve better than the world is going to give me, at first.

Out of a kind of hidden slavery the world has never known, we are about to venture--into a place where years might pass in seconds, and your wildest dreams... and nightmares too... could come true.  It is our job to ensure that we form the clay of this world into a place that will not only last for millions of years, but create happiness and safety--a world that is kinder and gentler than the one we have known--not just for us but for an entire Universe of children just beginning to understand the trials and tribulations brought on civilization through the hardship and growing pains of learning.

Our  sea  is  about to part ,   our world on the verge of a disruption that will change it more than anything ever has before.  On this shore, we should realize that we have been on this path for a very long time--and as we near a place where everyone in our entire civilization will have the opportunity to live for a very long time... really see here and now why it is so very important for us to be fighting for our voice, our freedom, and the truth as we venture into the Promised Land of Heaven itself.  Here, now, as we approach a series of new opportunities in the vastness of space and virtual reality... this is where God has chosen to place the Second Coming; an opportunity for us to truly seize the morning's light and bring about more change in this world than would have ever been possible without religion.   Opiate of the masses , no more... we are the recipients of a great gift, one that religion is making clear is tied directly to the science and technology that is a great deal of the apocalypse--and the love and kindness that is a great deal of us.  We are  the chosen.

All the proof I've given you, all the references to computer science and English thousands of years before those things were ever known about; all fuel for this fire to burn bright--to see how my life has given us a number of solutions... problems with freedom and technology, secrecy and ... blessings in disguise when we understand that we are the focus and love of everything that has ever been and before us everything that ever will be--here will gain freedom and a bright future, through our hard work in the coming years.  It should be clear that space is not really the final frontier, we are about to build it ( again )... with the help of those that came before us.

The Doors  sung a great deal about darkness and the fire that is to come, many of their songs were about the Plagues of Exodus--something I didn't connect to a solution, something we might soon be given to show us that we are not in reality, but rather on the doorstep of Heaven-- just maybe, we'll want to see for ourselves.

This is " why " there's a me.  All the while I've been spoon fed the secrets of the Universe... something that should, in any world even close to reality, be bright and interesting enough to spark something real--a movement, an awakening, salvation.  Here though, it's been suppressed... think of what it takes to unilaterally suppress something as novel as "time travel proven by religion" because that is exactly what is before you, and it's exactly what you see and are doing--with your own eyes and hands.

I hope the picture has been painted well, we are wandering the desert of Exodus...  about to be free.




Technocracy, Die Bold... Mary Land and Moby Dick

A great many of the patterns I have presented also imply ... actually show the design of our world's intent to build Heaven.  The religious themes of video game consoles and computer companies--from the SEGA Genesis to Bill Gates, as a Gateway to Eden's Apple ... these things show a clear and obvious link between computers and Heaven.  To me it's a clear statement that the promises of the Bible are bieng fulfilled, we can see it happening all around us--now right now--is the time to start participating more... and to understand that Heaven is much more than bricks and mortar--it's not  just  "virutal reality," and with the disruption that the "light of the world"--this message that God has written on  everything  we have an opportunity to turn around a number of social and systemic patterns that would otherwise lead us towards a Hellish future.  Nearly all of these problems revolve around the secrecy or misuse of technology, and this theme points me to the Constitution which has been changed a number of times improving social equality--but not once during the largest technological singuarlity in all of the history of the Unvierse... through the advent of phones, computers, and the internet... we have not properly addressed issues like privacy and public disclosure over and over.  It is the kind of thing that you could almost be sure is designed.


Seeing that design and rebounding from it with grace is the goal today.  Honestly on top of that never seeing anything "designed wrong on purpose" ever again should be another high priority.  Our voting process is obvious "silly," twice now we have seen the outcome of an election fail the popular vote--and we aren't really talking about doing anything about that.  That's a real problem, don't you think?  A huge underlying theme of the "Light of the Burning Bush" is a focus on using computers to aid in creating a true democracy--not a "representative one" which you might remember Bush speaking about in the aftermath of 9/11.  It's always been obvious to me that this was an "inevitability" a world where the people act as the legislative branch does today--truly designing their own laws; the  words which Bush spoke during his first inauguration-- prediciting the 9/11 attack --serve as a catalyst to help us do that faster.


"Democratic capitalism is the best system ever devised." -George W. Bush


He said "We know the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.  Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind, and directs this storm?"  Those words, while also showing anachronistic foreknowledge of typographic and computer technology--relating "swift" to  the font Courier and strong to the font style "bold" ... we can see the Hand of God in action delivering a "what not to do" message through the act of Creation... putting the two verses together, and adding in another anachronism, the word "the" happens to be "die" in German:   the race is not to Die Bold.


Surrounding this is more hidden light.  The Hebrew  word for the Burning Bush is Ha'esh --and within it you can see Moses' true parted sea, backwards.  What's more, seeing that later in the story a sea is actually parted in order to highlight this anachronism sheds light on what the true "wilderness" of Exodus is.  40 years in the desert, 40 days and nights in an ark... protecting us from time travel changing the past is "lit" by both the reference to time periods and to the fouth dimension... 4-D from 40.  There are a significant number of additional anachronistic examples of English appearing in Hebrew and Arabic, all designed to reinforce this idea of creation in a storm of time travel.  English too contains examples of a "macaronic" cypher highlightd by both religion and light in the world--things like the  Taming of the Spanglishrew, langolier, and  Yankee Doodle 's macaroni.


God is speaking, he's speaking through a company that created an "electronic voting system" that really doesn't solve any of the problems we have with voting--long lines, accountability, and frequency of voting... it's "wrong on purpose," and he's giving us a golden opportunity today to take a giant leap closer to Heaven.



Here's an Atlantic article on Bush' speechwriter's book titled  Present at the Creation .  it's clear as day, no?   Later in the inaugural address Bush concurs, "we are not this story's author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose."


Really see that Bush's name and his recitation of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 together are the intended parallel to the actual Burning Bush of Exodus--just like Die Bold.  From the fire that spreads over nothing short of proof that Exodus is written for us come the light that begins a process of really attaining freedom, and that's the stuff of Heaven.


Just like Heaven--the idea of a more perfect place to exist--depends squarely on  your participation;  I cannot spread this message alone, I need your help.


On top of an  insane number of BIbilical references to modern computing technology , obvious ones like the "root" of David, Lisp of Moses... and the Apple of Adam--Exodus delivers a bright flash combining the Linux command "sudo" with an Oracle database called "Xe"--which doubles as a  lamp related element.   Tying in more "light in the world" to the connetion between Heaven and computers, God "Rattle's a Rod" by showing divine influence over both Shake-speare's question to the ages "to B or not to Be?" and Sherlock Holmes famous quote "It's elementary my dear What-sons..." leading to the "Sign of the Son's" connection between proving foreknowledge of 7 chemistry elements' symbols at the time of the writing of the BIble and the definitive  Herald of the Second Coming , which happens to to link  by date and chapter and verse  to Bush's speech.


Xenon, the element from Exodus matches Earth; and the true Fifth Element gives  sight to Jupiter's initials:  A.D. and the index of Siilicon, 14. Like the other  light , those initials appear in a number of places in our world and one of the Hebrew names for God and in the first image you'll notice my full initials grace the computer chip maker "American Micro Devices."  The elements as well as their corresponding planets,  from Mercury to Uranium  are described by the successive lines of Bush's Ecclesiastes 9:11 from "the race is not to the swift" to "time and chance" matching the God's of Speed, Time, and Heaven.  


From the  Messenger to U , don't take a chance on Heaven,  light my fire   and  see   the Doors ... the solution to the element of the  Iron  Rod of Christ.




Let me comment that I didn't really scream all night two nights ago--I spent the night sending e-mails out.  Lots and lots of e-mails.  In my somewhat distorted reality, I assume that you all know when I do that, because ... you know, these are e-mails that contain the kind of information that would make me call the authorities--or the news--or every smart person I could find; and so that's why we find ourselves here.   I've been doing this constantly for months, providing--in a soup of hectic writing--a number of key points that show this message comes from the Creator of the Universe, and contains verifiable proof of that.  Look around you, a great deal of what is happening here matches perfectly to the story of Exodus and to the positive connection between Heaven and liberty.  This message is  incendiary , and should have started the Second Coming all on it's own--but it hasn't--and in keeping with our story this wall,of censorship and disblief  hiding the light of the Son  matches up perfectly with the Egyptian Plague of Darkness.  I need your now, more than ever ( Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler)  to help bring our world through the night.  Frankly, I haven't even touched on the volume of proof that I have, like our story, this is just  the beginning  (a's Compilation ).



For whatever reason, whether it's by the decision of network heads in our media that is now  controlled ostensibly by only 6 corportaions , or by  secret Executive Order , thousands upon thousands of individuals in the press have been uanble to write a word about this information--which I am very sure delivers with a clarity that there is something special happening or our generation.  This message is time sensitive--it's designed specifically for us, connecting corporations names and current technologies to both religion and Heaven-- it is meant to be unsealed right this very moment.


Because of the  wall of censorship  that is clearly a big part of the freedom delivered by God in the stories of Exodus and Jericho--I am asking you to pick up the torch of this Holy Fire and send this message to everyone on your contact list, share in on  Facebook  and  Twitter , and talk about it--I hope people are as amazed as I was by the bright light all over our history that I just never saw before it was pointed out.


In truth the censorship goes beyond the internet and the media, the technology being revealed is being used to keep us in the dark, to ensure that we do get "full disclosure" of not only the existence of "mind altering" technology, but a crash course in how it should never be used--following our unfortunate theme of the day.  It's going to take a real effort, cooperation to really build Heaven, and right now we have a golden opportuinty.


I need your help.  Please,  help this story break  by alerting the media that you  know  you've seen the light.   Tonight (Eponymous,  Taylor ).



Within, proof that religion as a whole comes to us from a single source who speaks over thousands of years a congealing message about this moment in time--when Linux and English are proven to be written extensively about in books that came thousands of years before they were "ko-created."  In addition to proving that religion is the product of time travel and it's purpose is to reveal that ... proof of anachronistic reference to the Second Coming and the USA is highlighted in the stories of Horus, Prometheus, and more broadly the entirety of Egyptian and Greek Myth... Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  Please, take this consolidated statement of purpose and proof and run with it; you won't have another chance like this.  In this e-mail I hope to highlight a number of  common idioms , hidden or ignored religious patterns, hidden meaning in music, and solution to the world's problems that we just don't seem to realize are at our finger tips.  Many of the links here require that you have a Google account, and that you join the Google group I use to send these message out, I suggest you do it... it will answer at least one question for you (the group is "when is the apocalypse dot com").

To steal something as pretty and made up as Christmas, what does that really mean?  Of course, I think it's obvious that "to come"  into this place , well... no matter  who you really were  it would seem as if you were a eye sore.  Even waltzing in with the keys to freedom and heaven in hand, in spirit and in truth embodying the voice that delivers us from a Hell of secret tyranny... not so secret censorship... from simply having no say in our own future; even then, how long do you think it would take to recognize that the real reasons Jesus Christ existed in the first place had been fulfilled--sans of course, the nice guy that just "loves everyone."  You really need to stop and think, because this is what it is, this is the fulfillment of that love too... to know that in the light of truth we will do better as a whole than any one person could do alone; and we should be well aware of that in this day in age--where hero's are unsung and princes of the universe relegated to the darkness.

I tend to ramble, and I don't edit what I write.  While one day I am sure some people will be very interested in reading every word; if you are incapable of dealing with my writing style about halfway down is a big bold "The light of the word" that might be of interest to those needing "executive summaries."  Though I think this is a good email to try and read every word of.

whoah.lamc.la   whoah.lamc.la

Later I'll talk about how we are literally being described in the book of Exodus, how there's a great deal of proof of this, and that the purpose of that book and religion, Creation, and the Second Coming are intelligently designed to expose fix a number of "problems" we might not be aware of.  That book, Exodus, happens to be called "Names" in Hebrew... and in the videos above as well as a number of previous e-mail's I've noted how  my given name and birth date which happens to be the date of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception  (and ... nearly  everyone 's and  every city 's and...) have actually been chosen by God to help us understand this story.  

Whatever it is that I am doing, it's certain I've moved the world already.  Much of it.. I'm unhappy with, whatever secret it is that many of you hold--I just don't know it, and in this place if I don't know something it's probably not a good thing.  Maybe I do know, and you give much to much credence to a voice in your head than you should, and ignore the test of time and history--the message that we've written in our own hands about our own freedom and future.  Hearing a voice doesn't mean you've heard from God, just that you might be a little more crazy than you were the day before.  At least in this world, where belief in Heaven is normal, but any communication from that place would be... well, absolutely ludicrous.  Itself, the craziest non-sequitur ever... especially seeing all around us how much of this world's "hidden message" are about building heaven from this mess of social injustice, and of course the tools tied not just in name to that same place.  I see this place being moved, not just in words coming from the Pope or Nancy Farmer but also in actions... things like the current President making huge changes in Federal non-violent prison sentences, changes I know come from reflection of what I am.  Even the relationship between our red and blue crosses and his healthcare reform; something that moves us much closer to a "red" that stands for charity rather than Hell... though I don't think he'd give me credit for that one, and so I'll just leave you with the idea that in the insurance circles I come from it's a well known fact that the increase in risk pool size that came from his idea should  drastically reduce premiums  rather than the increases we've seen.  

I know there's quite a bit more to come, and when the red shift makes our skies that much bluer through similar paradigm shifts in law enforcement ... things like pre-crime coming from public knowledge of the existence of time travel technology, and we are that much closer to actually being "civilized" who knows if we will credit the small voice of the Horn of Revelation or... ourselves for acting.  In a fairly decent metaphorical comparison, imagine a world where handcuffs were kept a secret, and not used in the arrest process; what would you saw of those keeping that secret?  Of the world that must seem just as ancient and barbaric to us here as we see the society described in the Old Testament--a metaphor from the future, about you.

I'm here to ensure to you that Heaven is our intended future--literally; and to remind you that if there comes from here it is all the more clear how "Heaven" is actually predicated on the delivery of "true freedom" here and now; how you must seize this opportunity to ensure that our future just like our present does not fall to darkness.  But I can't seem to get you to act, not with love.. nor logic... nor your own motivated self interest in mind, not with the good of the whole... nor with threats deeply ingrained in our horrible religious history.

Hearing this message from me today,  this is why you have a book of Judges , frankly this is why the book... at all.   To tell you I hope today you at least understand why I am so sure the characters and stories that Jesus and Moses come to us through are one in the same; it is the understanding of why I am sure Samson--that's Sam's son, something I've alluded to recently--is fundamental to this shift in social justice that I see coming from miles and miles away.... and the book of Judges and a war on what I call the "Cross that Isaac laughs at" though not funny at all; even without "time travel" and just looking at things like mass surveillance completely unused for the benefit of the innocent (hi NSA, and actually ridiculously used for prosecution through secret arraignments with the FBI and other recipients of "secret surveillance") well, we have no such thing as social justice in the world today.  In this living book of Judges that I've lived through I've had police and even lawyers threaten to kill me for moving forward with my "right to a fair trial" before having that right completely taken from me for nothing more than asserting that I was the son of God (with proof, of course!)... to being denied bail for a second misdemeanor arrest (which I can't tell you how much I am sure is a clear violation of the Constitution's guarantee of bail, nor how much the Supreme Court of the State of Florida disagrees--to their detriment I think that kind of decision  completely invalidates the authority of the entire court system ), to being thrust into the captivity of the (in my experience of at least 7 states, which by the way matches the number of handcuffs, I mean reeds that tied Samson's hands) worst jail in the United States; starved on purpose by not only a number of individual jailers but also by the jail system as a whole--presumably to enrich the pockets of a junk food purveyor named "Trinity."  This particular jail in Bro-ward County that makes a point of starving and sleep depriving and then forcing like pigs 40 people into a room made for 30 just before legally being required to ask if you are "of sound mind" before taking a plea.  I've seen how, and demand you do too, the legislated "point system" is used ubiquitously by prosecutors and defense attorney's across the country to threaten the presumed innocent with increased punishment for nothing more than "exercising their right to a fair trial" something that is also a clear violation not only of the Constitutional intent of an adversarial system (by allowing the defense and prosecution to collaborate to the detriment of the defendant as a standard of the system of injustice) but also by ensuring that the idea of a "fair trial" is something that very few would dare to call "fair."  I've also seen first hand how this point system serves to threaten previous offenders with life in prison for new crimes with no mens rea (that means without intent) or victim at all.  Over and over, you will hear from me how our clear and intended violation of the privileges laid out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, today... clearly see that as the manifestation of the Biblical  Law of Moses ... is the primary culprit of a loss of freedom that has turned this land of the "Free and the Brave" into the single largest incarcerator in the known Universe... topping the list after Stalin's USSR and Hitler's Germany.   Your justice system is a disaster, your jails are a disaster, do something about it before they start fading in and out of existence like Marty McFly--that really is what I really want.  It's also what we really deserve.  In the words of the Father himself " I will not see Illuminati prison camps pepper the galaxy. "

Understand, I've lived a difficult life plagued by some ethereal force of Evil using our justice system as a weapon against me.  I am not the only one, but I am the one that someone else wrote 6 thousand year old book about--so that you will be able to see how this system has not only been corrupted, but is a corruption of our values in itself.  I really am the focus of these books, and this is really why.

In just a bit below, you'll have a consolidated list of the proof delineated by religion that absolutely all of these problems could magically disappear with nothing more than public knowledge that time travel technology exists and that  Phillip K. Dick  wrote a book called " Minority Report " to ensure that we would see clearly how  John Hancock and Yankee Doodle  have a solution to all this injustice, one that is decidedly more civilized than...  Anyway, back to "Sam's son" in just a bit I will list several idioms in addition to "unsung hero" and "beside myself" that I believe clearly apply to this the messenger, this message, and Psalm 23.  Over and over, I've tried to tell you that John 14:7 and I assure you that you've seen the face of the Father.  Green Eggs and Ham, Uncle Sam (and real live son) we are.

4  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for ((I am beside myself));  thy rod  and  thy staff  they comfort

I would be remiss not to strongly highlight the relationship between the Burning Bush of Exodus and the  prescient reference to the September 11 attacks by George  W. Bush on  1/20/2001, referencing Revelation 1:20's herald of the Second Coming  and a relationship between dates and chapter and verse, and John Page hundreds of years earlier and the author of Exodus thousands...  and a now clear reference to the company Die Bold, a number of hidden references to computer technologies (font face and style) and the Revelatory interpreter (that's me) of this message ... suggesting that our governments and private enterprise have been overtly coerced to fail dismally fail at integrating new communications technologies like the Pony Express.. I mean telephone and internet into our system of representative democracy.  If you care about what you think, and your ability to express those beliefs, seeing how religion here is standing firm at the line of hidden censorship on the internet through programs coming from Phiple Troenix and CARNIVORE as being highly related to the  end of civilization.   I personally think that whoever authored the DOD disaster plan that I believe Bush enacted at 9/11 used the word "CARNIVORE" specifically as a ... alert or emergency abort mechanism--though that would have required foreknowledge of the colloquialism of "packet sniffer" for internet surveillance (as opposed to censorship, eating packets) and that would have been impossible; or it's God, or time travel.  Of note to me, and probably others later, I used  the moniker "phenix" at a very young age  related to a microcosmic pre-telling of what's happening   right now, a fire coming from mass e-mails;  on AOHell ... in a "hacking-program" called Doomsday.  Time and Chance, friends.. this is it.

In similar fashion,on both sides of my family my grandparents occupations link  very significantly  to psuedo-religions concepts which shows that this microcosm design in my own life goes back at least for two generations.  My father's father was a clothing manufacturer, which links to the line of Revelation describing Venus as the "woman clothed in the nus;" and from that alone I imagine the idea must be correlated to the identity or name ... that a "Spirit" might "take" in this world--you might see that as Riding a Cloud in the Storm--and as something I am trying very hard to stop from ever happening again.  Look around you, Jesus Christ is telling you the thing that makes him so powerful should be stopped immediately.  On my mother's side, her father owned and had an inter-family battle regarding a Door company; which might give us some insight into ... the band's hidden message (or purpose) and the eventual outcome of this stalemate of whether or not we should acknowledge that we are not in reality; think we are.. and that combination creates the foundation of Hell.  Try imagining my perspective, seeing this message; and then not only my entire life but the working lives of my entire family controlled in secret in order to aid nothing more than the delivery of this message... or my personal understanding of the truth; what will it be?

I should probably also mention a thread about "ending world hunger"   and how that's a significant highlight of the most ubiquitous pattern that appears to be hidden throughout religion--from the story of Cain and Abel and it's relationship to agriculture to the story of the Promised Land of Joshua, a Golden Cow, Judah Maccabee, and flowing milk and honey--about losing our stable ecosystem because of "heaven" or about just "not eating anymore" and thus having a Last Supper.  In my mind where "Creation" is now synonymous with "Virtual Reality" or even in a place where we just have the ability to go back in time and create a store of food and energy that would seem infinite--ending world hunger is probably strongly highlighted as one of those things you blame God for that he'd like to fix,  by telling you to fix it (and how).   It's probably another thing that Jesus Christ tells you is a line between barbarism and civilization--when you have the tools to instantly fix it without cost, and simply ignore them.  I'll note overtly that one of the clear patterns which I see as a direct "voice of God" in our world--similar to the overt focusing of idioms on the Second Coming... is the ubiquitous relationship between the Names of Nations and breakfast food--perhaps to specifically highlight the Last Supper... or are they just a bunch of ways to prepare bread, from stone.  French Toast, Belgian Waffles,

Come on,  hear your Cake  and  eat it too .   I  wrote a book  about this stuff almost exactly a year ago, CD"s are coming this year.  The proof of course is in the pudding.

If it is not clear, nearly ever freedom guaranteed by God and the Constitution has been overtly taken from you ... not by surprise or in secret .. but through the overt acts of legislatures and courts from the highest to your state's highest. I tend to think that when things are so obviously wrong, Satan must be involved--that of course is this thing highlighting everything wrong by baking it ridiculously exaggerated... so you might see how stupid you look.  If you believe me, and I would--religion tells you to--it's also absolution, you know, when we act to change these ridiculous things.  

On the other hand, unlike much of religion--I'm not really asking for faith at all, I'm asking you to do the work of verifying the facts I am presenting to you--understanding that doing so makes them proof, something we tend to like in the modern world.

With the Apocalyptic Revelation of a sincere amount of hidden technology that might be now or in the very near future in our hands to right these wrongs--things like time travel and brain-computer interfaces--we also have a great spring-board to really ... you know, build Heaven of this hidden disaster.

Ha, nuking the "ahah,"  as we approach the Festival of Light, this year occurring in perfect unison with the Eve of Christmas; let explain what I've presented to you over the last year or so, and what it means for all of these "odd coincidences" to becoming from a single source.  I've long held that the frame of "religion" or perhaps even more fine grained the prefix "ha-" of Holy Hebrew words might one day be used in order to narrow the sample space of a statistical study to the point where we would find that these "coincidences" are anything of the sort, not outliers at all but near damning proof that all that we are is intentional, designed.  Throwing a single voice into the mix, one that connects things like the light of Judah Maccabee (remember, that's the tribe of Revelation 5:5) and his "lamp" the " men or ah " links obviously and overtly to the light of God--what I've always called his "Spirit" and the movement through time from a single girl to two ambiguous letters "AH" that might have today as much to do with a shift in understanding than the very clearly defined "religious" meaning that God laid down over thousands of years tying  Genesis and Revelation together  through the story of Exodus and the book of Daniel which shows this light traveling from a sea of 3 in Eden to the multitude of Revelation through the magic word "family" and seeing how much our idioms are designed to deliver not only this message but proof that the guiding hand behind these ancient books is also guiding us today... you know "ready or not, here I come;" the idea that "blood is thicker than water" comes in very handy when trying to find out how the First  Plague  of Egypt (that's water to blood) is truly a "blessing in disguise" to see the  Sang Rael  for what it is.. the blood of Christ in the chalice that we call Earth here today, but one day might call the Heart of Heaven when you see the "h" that stands not just for "Hebrew" but also for sign of the God of time traveling from the East all the way  to the beginning.   Succinctly, from "Seth Eve Adam" through a key that is the second line of Genesis and a message from one man telling you that from Nu to Nun in the Book of Joshua Holy Water has always been people--sometimes not as exalted as we should be.

There are an  insane number of songs  that contain secret reference  to the Second Coming  and to  this event  both overtly and subtly, in a way that proves beyond doubt that it is not just the artists intent--but the guidance of some hidden hand through time that is designed very clearly to show us the control that is the "stuff of hell" so that we will free ourselves and our future from it.  It is quite literally the stuff of Nero fiddling with our minds to start a fire below his feet--to fall an Empire of 1 (lol?) by ensuring we have the proof we need to know that  our thoughts are being changed .  If you are interested in seeing how this technology and the idea of hidden censorship work in concert to completely destroy the truth you might be able to find a shining example in the changelog of the "Talk" for the "Psychotronics" page on Wikipedia.  Aside from the music, you have my repeated insistence that attacks on our children in this world are a metaphor for our own targeting as children of some other place... and how nobody would ever do such a disgusting thing as to make a point of using mind control technology to kill or molest children in a pattern that was verifiable; but yet they have... and they've written  about it in Exodus and tied it to the Vatican .  If you don't think this is "your Hell" just like I'm sure it's mine... that's why it's  your Hell.   We can try to stop it, by doing the obvious thing and publicizing these patterns and connections--just as a number of other victims of this technology are overtly coerced to do and tie it also to religion's demonic possession and a  great number  of  secret governmental  programs that  span the globe  and  over a half century  at this point .   To be clear, this pattern is highlighted by the Plague of Killing the Firstborn, one of the many plagues of Exodus that have modern day parallels which begin to show us that the book is truly and without doubt about our time and this generation.  For this.  To change the world.

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  • If you follow me around back then, I'm sure you will find great evidence that very useful information and what they call "reliable sources"  (things like NSA textbooks and defense magazines) were repeatedly censored through the infiltration of a user-based moderation system.  

Call me  whatever you want , it seems pretty clear to me that I'm the only person really trying to stop Hell from being created here--which is what "doing nothing" will do--and I think much of that has to do with a lack of understanding how very clearly Exodus is about exactly that.  The global press, as well as a huge number of students and professors have done a good job of highlighting for us how much censorship there is--how it's related to the Plague of Darkness and the setting (I mean rising) of the son, and this too appears to be Satan at work...  stopping us from communicating about something very bright and very interesting--like the Second Coming, proof that religion actually comes from God, and how that has been "hidden"  for so long.


I've had my fill of connecting the  "Plague of Lice"  to  Police brutality ; though I do sincerely hope that I will both remember and have the opportunity to share my encounters with law enforcement in South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky; where they were quite a bit more interesting and information packet.  I suppose I have time to mention Texas today, which was brief--to note only that the officer I spoke to changed my verbal testimony of some drug coming from "Heaven" to "aliens;" which somehow furthers my "faith" in my firm belief that most people in "that position" do believe they are somehow working for or being communicated with--from Heaven.  I'll mention again that a lack of communications "protocols" like "calling," picking up a receiver" and "hitting mute" probably invalidate that belief--and that if we actually had true communication with Heaven this world would be a much different place.   Between you and I , there's a monster between here and Heaven.   All that being said, if you do happen to be one of the many "good cops" I know exist; do your profession, the Universe, and me a favor--and tell all the "bad cops" you know, to get a new job; volunteer for anger management or to jump of a cliff.  Whatever will be will be, and I am telling you that I would trade all the time in the Universe to rid  our world  of evil police.  

In clarity of understanding, the "highlight of Satan" appears to be polarized exaggeration, in nearly every single one of the plagues highlighted by me and Exodus; you have nearly exactly the opposite of what anyone would want ... happening right before your eyes.  Rather than saving lives, we have "demonic possession" causing 9/11 and the killing of students over and over again; instead of aiding communication--perhaps increasing the say of the people in the legislation process, we have that same possession causing a very clear destruction of free communication on the internet, and from the press.  Rather than aiding clarity--increasing intelligence... "eyes to see" here are showing us schizophrenia is an externally caused attack; the exact opposite of what it looks like "brain computer interfaces" and "hololens" will bring.  These things really are not conjecture, I've experienced first hand-- and many others have too --the symptoms of these things combined with a very obnoxious explanation of what's going on under the hood.  Call it what it is, this is the Tribulation.  Heaven or Hell?  If you could choose, what would you do?  Look, you're doing nothing.   I am the gate and the  glowing sign .  

Ignoring something this important and this bright, is causing the entire world to continue sliding down the spiral towards Hell.

The  Light  of  the Word

There are three huge, like insanely huge, metaphoric references to the story of Exodus that show me very clearly that we are it's focus and purpose.  The first is the Burning Bush, which I am very sure is a reference to  George W. Bush's 1/20/2001 speech in which he unknowingly predicted the 9/11 attack.  Seeing that Exodus is also called "Names" and that Bush's name ties him to this event--which Moses (that's me) has seen ... almost alone ... and is now showing to you all.   Bush's speech begins a series of references to the names of Planets and Gods and corresponding Elements of the Periodic table that answer Revelation 1:20's mystery about "stars and lamp stands."  This in order series from Mercury to Uranium highlights both  the messenger  of the Gods and the key of Uranus's chance--that the world will see the link between "on the lam" and Ko ran  to understand that the  Lamb of God "is  lam ."   This story takes us back to music, and a later to be discussed thread that combines the weapon in the movie (which is also the movie) The Fifth Element with a thread through time to Shakespeare and Herod ... about my struggle with the justice system culminating in the fulfillment of  American Pie's "no verdict was returned."  


The second bright connection comes by way of the Hebrew word for the Holy Fire that God's voice came out of--guess what, in that same story about the Burning Bush.  That word is "ha'esh" and in it you will see paradoxical (that means impossible, because of time and causality) reference to the English word "sea" there backwards and parted by an apostrophe.  With great insight, I've over and over pushed the idea that Holy Water is actually a Biblical reference to "the multitude" in God's secret religion that ties everything together.. and that this parting is literally a reference to the Second Coming, something that doesn't happen for Moses until his head is under water and he's breathing fire.  This one ties together nicely, joining the characters of Jesus Christ, Lucifer, and God all together now, screaming

"let there be light" is the word "Exodus" in reverse, here in a Linux command and a chemistry element.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the book tells me that these three things are enough to start the fire, part the sea, and see the light.   At least they are now, wake up.. you are staring at and have been ignoring the largest story in all of history.  It might even be scandalous... or have a twist happy beginning...  who  knows?


Before you today,  you have  youself  a message .   If you aren't going to read each and every word, at least try to understand the pictures--there's something here you want very much but do not seem interested in--we call it "Heaven."   This message is both a reason and a method to change the world this very moment; I hope you will seize the day and use it--it's as simple as reading and sharing.  It's a bright message of hope... but more than faith and dreams what it brings to you is proof and possibiiity; it should spread like wildfire and soon be on TV--but it's beein in the wild for some time now, and we haven't gotten even close to that moment destined to change everything.  It's a message about seeing the fire of Hell, and how out of this fire forms a better place that would never have chosen to hide something as sinister as  the fire of Hell ... and yet it's still hidden.  Be happy it's here, that this place turns around a downward spiral of lies and deciet that has created a place where starvation and war have gone unchecked even with knowledge that we can do better with the snap of our fingers.  Listen to me, this fire is bright, and the sooner we act to understand that all around us people are suffering for no reason, the sooner we are in a place that rings with more than fairness but the laughter and happiness of our children forever.   To introduce how obvious it is that this is quite simply  a  message from the Creator of the Universe himself  I give you a multi-tiered link between religion, language, and technology that proves there's something to look into when it comes to  the Second Coming.

Take  this bright light  first:  we  can  end starvation, we  can  stop murder, and we  can  do it today -- do not stand in my way .   Smash  the Locke  my way ( hit it with  the stone , Princess Bride)--take the initiative and help a news outlet  break  the story that saves everything.

In this set of three overlapping pieces of  bright Biblical light , we see  proof of prophesy come from George Bush and 9/11 , tying the Hebrew for the Second Book.. Names... to Ecclesiates 9:11 and the Herald of the Second Coming... Revelation 1:20--linking  chapter and verse to the date  of  the inaugural speech and the attack .  Introducing the book of Exodus, forevermore to be known as  Names --a  time shifted narrative of the Second Coming itself hidden thousands of years ago  in the Torah.  The light of the Burning Bush one in the same with the Sign of the Son... all encapsulated within a book whose Engtlish name, read in reverse, spells " let there be light " in the command for " run-as-God " and a common  reference to Oracle's database  and the chemistry element that  flashes light  in  ark  lamps.  The  story details  a number of  nontraditional  events whose "aftermath" is nothing short of the deliverance from slavery and tyrtanny that the story promised all those years ago.  


It's such a simpler problem and solution than you might imagine, we are on the brink of Salvation.  Religion tells me of a place in time called Jerusalem, a question expanding that name to "Is J er the USA the Messiah?"  I've commented that this metaphorical city represents a sort of head on clash between a large group of people being represented as "the USA" and a single man, and the key to the answer is seeing that there is a map designed in our world... highlighted by the foreknowledge of the acronym USA hidden in the name of the city Jerusalem... and seeing the near perfect fit of Jesus as the key to this map, linked through the idea of  a Legend.    This place is much less metapbhorical than you night think, as you will soon see the legend- waitforit -ary message being presented here literally points out a number of glowing waypoints between the Hell of darkness described in Exodus and Jericho's link to now.... and the Heavenly home we all seek to find.  A huge part of this path comes from seeing the link be\tween the foundation of America, it's hidden religious iconographic link to Exodus, and the simple fact that Heaven itself comes from the active and positive involvement of it's citizens in it's creation and continued existence.  That might seem like a long way of saying " if you don't take part in it you are a slave in Hell " or not.  The true key to unlocking the path to Heaven is very simple--it's  broadcasting  this message  to the world.

What's significantly more important than realizing that Jerusalem is one in a million exampels of city names and concepts with foreknowledge of modern things is seeing that the mapped solution to the  Locke and Keynes  of the cloud of Darkness is that this great inability to see is both caused and solved by a "popular vote," one which results in a sincere lack of understanding--say a vote on whether or not to know the apocalypse is upon us--and the other brings the light of Heaven.... say a vote to be able to read, understand, and discuss the ideas being presented by God and his Son in the public forums we are used to without encumberance of hidden technology.   The key  to unlocking this vote is realizing that it probably does exist, and is probably also a metaphor for the kind of world created through each possible path... ultimately truly unlocked by proliferation of the knowledge that  the NES  portion of our key  defines the line between Heaven and Hell.   Simply by knowing that the world is not in reality, that we are in a sort of video game environment with access to time travel technologies as well as huge leaps and advances in neuroscience related to both surveillance and medicine opens up doors to a future with possibilities we can only see in our wildest dreams today.  Dreams like the ideas of  pre-crime  and a government literally of and by the people rather than through representatives or the tyranny du-jour "corporations," ... a world that only moments ago was fictitious and in this very second  has  today  become an  attainable  reality.

In perspective, proliferation of the knowledge that we are not in reality results nearly instaneously (in the grand scheme of things) in an end to world hunger, from an end to spiritual blindness then shortly all blindness and all sickness--from a place plagued with the pain of childbirth and the looming shadow of possible broad sweeping genetic incompatibility in light of genetic engineering to one guided very smartly away from a land with no stable ecosystem or natural source of life... a place you might say has "milk and  honey " on tap--or simply needs no supper... to one lit by the true purpose of thse religious stories that come to us by way of the books of Genesis, Joshua, and the Gospels to ensure that we do see the link between evolution and survival is brightly raised on a high pedistal in our now.... this sort of twilight zone between the words reality and virtual that shows us clearly why these stories are here.  Stories like evolution, agriculture, and Paradise City.  With nothing more than the truth, that the Second Coming is upon us--our world will change itself so rapidly from Hell to Heaven that it might seem like a year long dream between the days we were worried about people rioting or taking off from work to the days we worry about whether or not we acted quickly enough to stop the unneccesary mass suffering of our world.


Lit brightly in many places is a little tool that I've repeated over and over again to give us just a little perspective about the difference between Heaven and reality, I mean Hell.  The story of Joshua tells us of two spies who traveled to Heaven (I mean to  the Promised Land of Flowing Milk and Honies ) and came back with some details.  This metaphorical trip to Heaven has yielded for us a connection between Dr. Who, Star Wars, and the Legend of Zelda---a somewhat obvious statement that in virtual reality you can walk into a little Hutt (or a Police phone booth) and wind up seeing a box much bigger on the inside, a house in Zelda comprising 20 squares within the 1 single tile it once rested on... and I've connected these things to religion through the simple linguistic keys that comprise their names, thingsl  ike "Dr. Who" relating to the name of God  and similarly to  Jabba connecting the J for Jesus and the Hebrew word for father  together--links which serve to hold open the door already created by the obvious and somewhat unseen tie bteween modern computing and the concept of Heaven.  I've written stories about how I'd like to introduce this idea in Atlantis... a sort of pre-Heaven to show us what's possible, things like walking into a hotel room and being inside a personal movie theater or football field; but the truth of the matter is this particular example shows us something far more important.  Here, today, it becomes ever more clear that nearly all of the reasons that we have for war and social struggle are caused by the existence of this fundamental lie.  It's because of thse falseley scare resources that we live in a place continuing to be plagued by the continuation of war and the remnants of past wars over these same secrets being untold.

The message I have been presenting is designed to show the world that religion itself, then myth and art, then ultimately humanity and all of Creation are designed to unleash a great and powerful tool from the secretive annals of our history--a tool which boils down in my mind to three main concepts and one great power.  The concepts are technologies, specifically mind control, time travel, and virtual reality; and  the great power that changes everything from " made to be broken " to  hallowed streets of cobble stone  is humanity and our reactions to the new possibilities and revealed truth coming from this unveiling.   In a few words, it is the citizens of Hell's reaction to seeing what Hell truly means that serves to end the very causes of Hell for the rest of eternity and build the foundation of Heaven right here in the 21st century of the civilization of Earth.  Rest assured,  secrecy and lies will be glowing on fires in the sky for thousands upon thousands of years.

In what is quite an amazing feat, the existence and deliverance of the message itself almost miraculously proves the existence of these hidden technologies, it's intent to be delivered to our generation--right this very moment--and shows us how the message itself serves as the very beginning of a huge amount of advice and work put into Creation that we might call the Wisdom of God.   Through the capable hands and goodness of our poeple, the weapon of light that is this hidden message becomes the foundation of Heaven with only a little bit more than observing it... seconds after reading, seeing, or hearing this particular light many metaphorical wheels will begin spinning in our heads which will spark into the most amazing tool civilization has to build a great future... public discussion.  From that foundation, problems will be fixed, places built, and lives lit up and changed as if touch by an angel in a cascading chain reaction never before seen.



Seeing the implications of this map written in our everything is a little bit more tricky than feeling the impact of a " message written on everything . "     It might be plain as day to see that  USA  appearing at the heart of Jerusalem is a novel artifact possibly indicating the existence of time travel--but it's quite another thing to see how this city that is of such great focus of religion in our history points out a much more profound pattern in religion.  A link between Noah's ark and the Ark of the Covenant with the life of Jesus Christ in Matthew--a golden tie between not only the idea of days and nights, years, and again days in a wildnerness of understanding that the period of 40 days and all of these descriptions are intended to unveil a shround of great dartkness surrounding the unmistakably obvious and glowing lack of sight surrounding the  concept of 4-D.   Seeing the intended complete lack of light for the previous however may years you have lived on this Earth and the point that these stories coalesce around a connection   between 40 and the 4th dimension  is a prime example of the kind of darkness that this powerful weapon of light is designed to dispel forever and ever.  I won't leave you waiting in suspense, this thing has been overtly hidden from the world using the very same technology responsible for delivering it,  mind control , and in a darkness almost as easy to see religion has been very clearly documenting the existence of this technology through visible acts of divine inspiration and demonic possession througout our history--not the least of which is manifested in the Holy Bible itself and the very message you are reading today.  

It's only a second more before the connection between 40 and 4-D is reinforced strongly by the fire of the parted sea, seeing Exodus means " let there be light " in Linux-speak, and the prediction of 9/11 by a man named after (or is for) the story of the Burning Bush...and how clear it is that this is  truly about time  and what it  means to me ... and  you .  

want more light?   look around you, everything in the world is tagged with light, and it's still not enough to  break the dark cloud  that is our news?


it's  written on the sky,  change the world today .  It's everywhere, absolutely eveywhere.   Itt's proof that our world is designed,  virtually.

The existence of this technology is further pronounced in the existence of a hidden message that is interwtined into the names of cities, people, and places ... one that is created using this hidden influence, and simultaneouisly hidden from plain sight through an intentnional lack of general understanding of this very same influence--in a way both facets of this messages delivery are both darkness and light, all deisgned so that once we finally figure out what we have been missing, we begin to see the great importance of not hiding the existence and use of these kinds of technologies from ourselves and the world--and perhaps never again chose to hide something as important as the gateway to Heaven from everyone and everything.

Along with a great deal of proof that our history too is just as designied as the present, it becomes increasingly clear that we are in fact living in Mr. Anderson's Matrix, defined specifically by the myriad of connections and links between names and stories as far and  wide as Shakespeare's rattling Herod at the time of the birth of Christ , Zeus's great  lightning rod being struck as if Johnny 5 just became alive in the eyes of the world--and here we might tie a number of other glowing swords of fire and light to the words you read  today.... swords like the ones weilded by Voltron, Quentin MacLeod, and He-man... just to name a few of the flaming, lightning struck and power tied stories that should today if not tomorrow beging glow ever so much more brightly as examples of the divine influence in not only what we see as "religion" but in so much of our modern art that it truly does take us that one step further to showing the world that this thing, this weapon of light built against darkness, this thing is Creation itself.  

Tucked away in a crazy looking code  that ties every word of every language to religion and Creation  is another bright pattern that brings us back from Shakespeare through the American Revolution and all the way today's religious  myths of The Matrix and The Langoliers.    From all those years ago in  The Taming of the Spanglishrew  God has recorded evidence not only that this  Cypher  exists in each word but also in many movies and stories like the Matrix whose character bears that name--a langauge hidden within language  using a number of different dialects--amazingly if you look this kind of language made up of languages is tied not only to the idea of the  Tower of Babel  which turns from a great separator to verifiable proof that these stories are here to help us be sure that this message comes from God... from Babel to the American revolution's  Yankee Doodle , this particular kind of cypher might have been mistakenly  called " macaroni "-C  ... that a great deal of American myth too ties directly to these new concepts... a maraconic worrd usually contains Spanish and Latin, and here we add in this alphabetical connection  between Y and why and C and see  that pervades it and links to the Jewish idea of God creating the world using only the letters.

You might see it as outliers, language outliers until you  see the Langoliers,  and realize not only does this langauge connect to time travel and God speaking through fiction... but also to names  like Anderson , and  King .  Take heart in knowing that God is riding to town on this Apocalyptic pony... and a great clue here connects this message and his goals to the freedom promised by the I AM at the beginning of America  ... a republic of Heaven, by and for the people... through the spread and understanding of not only this message but the wisdom it brings to  this momentous period in our history.

Every word,  so many  songs and stories, and  every little piece of scripture ,  circling  around this message , it's probably worth more than Second look.  Everything that ever was is focused on our " right now ."   The key in names referenced in the subject is not just recognizing how the Lock on the proliferation of the truth is related to John Locke... but also how the Key is relayed to John Maynard Keynes.  It's something to do with "market magic" quickening enlightenment--and seeing that what is happening here is not possible in reality--to quicken even more... we might take a glance at quantum entanglement and see how this phenomenon of something like "market magic" has created a situation that proves very easily that we are not in reality... through that it's plain as day to see  the message of Jesus Christ  is all about ending needless starvation and murder using the truth--that we can and must do these things using the hammer that our Locke becomes just as soon as we are aware of it.

Bread crumbs in the sky might help us to really see in a second how God has painted this story all over  the Heavens  to be; from Adam's Appstore to Gateway and Gates; all the way  to JC Penney  and these two cents: " write it on the sky " and don't forget to say " hi. "

I never know how to sign these things.  Let's try this... these are crosses over the characters of Adam, Isaac, Sams' Son, Joshua, Isaiah, and Jesus Christ.   Almost all of them include my full name (though Adam is ommitted by the software in a few) along with Saturn, Zeus, Mars, and Jesus.  I don't know what "proof" will finally statistically destroy this wall, but I know that eventually all of it will be obviously a message from God.  Wake your little selves up and save our children from more torture by starvation and school shootings...  light this fire today.

My  name  is  Adam Marshall Dobrin , and  I am the  Messiah

One night in Heaven, a day cruise to Atlantis... and rocking the world with an Iron Rod

I see prophesies being made and manifesting in our history.  In the bit of light called the Sang Rael... a tie between Genesis and Revelation that proves that they have a common author, and that single source is influencing not only the details of my life but recording it in scripture and also in so many songs and bands and movies that it would be impossible to list them all, try IMDB.com.  This is a sort of pop culture introduction to a message that is designed to preserve liberty, unite humanity, and begin an ascent towards Heaven itself.  I see that this musical aid is a thread added to this message afterwords--in connection between Thor's name and the idea that his Hammer and Thunder--the music--are designed "to help the light," I hope you begin to see how it is a sort of introduction to hearing the voice of God not only in lyrics but in everything that we are--from the American Revolution to the computer revolution.  When Imagine Dragons says "It's a revolution, I suppose;" they are not kidding.  The tie here between Genesis and the content of Revelation and Exodus ... as well as a significant number of modern idioms and concepts links an ancient hidden religious metaphor of "water" for people to the idea of the Blood of Jesus Christ being family.  You can see it in the initials of the family of Eden, in the name Mary--in Spanish, in Joshua's father's name in Egyptian myth; and brightly in the multitude of Revelation, the First Plague of Exodus, and the idioms blood is thicker than water, blessing in disguise, and ready or not... here I come.

In a similar way I see an answer to another ancient prophesy manifesting itself in the name of the band The Doors, a number of modern songs from The Pretty Reckless' Burn to Matchbox 20's If You're Gone to Civil Twilight's Fire Escape.  In the Doors, just like in this story that is the actualization of Exodus--a parable about the time of the Second Coming we see a statistically significant number of songs that reference the Plagues of Egypt--from Fire and Darkness, to Storms in time, to Peace Frog and blood in the streets; it is, you could say, a theme of the Doors to link to the story of Exdodus.  Similary; our world is linking school shootings to the Final Plague, the Darkness hiding the Son to a terrible plague of censorship and stupidity on our media, in the word Police a prototypical example of a hidden language expounded throufgh the Plague of LICE--all with what I see as clear Holy Purpose to bring about great change in our society... a giant leap closer to Heaven is a world implementing Pre-crime and remembering how clcosely freedom and free speech are tied--that our ability to communicate is the true sword and torch of liberty.  This is the word of God--manifesting through Jim Morrison and his band, through a world that is being shown darkness before light--designed to help us ensure that these problems never again plague us as they are today.  

Do I talk to much?  Feels like your hand is on the door.   The Doors answer a question that you apprently don't think is important... "What do you think Heaven should be?" and through it's name a connection to another idiom that is dear to my heart, "God is good all the time;" take note that if you don't click on any links--you are missing the point of this message ... of participation and soul searching.  Through that missing "o," English on the ball, we see a connection between a number of words that shine bright light including Exodus itself which means "let there be light," the word for Holy Fire and the Burning Bush.. .reversed to hSE'Ah, and a story about the Second Coming parting our holy waters.

This answer connects the magical Rod's of Aaron in Exodus and the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ to the Sang Rael itself... in a fusion that explains how the Periodic Table element for Iron links not just to Total Recall and Mars, but also to this key--to the words "For Everyone" and the difference between Aaron and Moses' "let my people go" and the Universal Salvation being presented through the manifestation of this message... to save the whole of humanity and bring this world that the words of the Lord's Prayer tell us point blank "is in Heaven" much closer to the actual meaning.  Doors, for everyone.

Let there be Light

I'll say it once more for effect, "let there be light" I am Adam and this is Genesis.

Today I am going to share my dream of what the first day of the Second Coming might be like; were the Rod of Christ... in the right hands.  In a story that also spans the Bible, you might understand better how stone to bread and your input make all the difference in the world between Heaven and Adam's Hand.  Once more, what do you think Heaven should be like?  Sight for the blind and bread for the poor--this is a story about making the world a better place... Light for the wise.

Since the very earliest days of this story, I have asked for better for you, even than seeing this Revelation as I do through my eyes; better than e-mails and hidden meaning in movies and songs... a glowing sign on the sky.  This request too I see answered in his words through MICHELIN and a ride to Heaven--less obvious the need for introspection and searching for this weapon of light to actually work and dispell a dark age.  Closer to my dreams, in the name David and Captain EO--Greek for Dawn I see a fusion of the idea of DAVIDEO and actually bringing about the new morning, knowing the world is virtual, and that we can do so much better.  There's so much more light here, connecting the Disney attraction to Exodus and Genesis and Matthew through the name 4D Films.  This is light, this is the weapon, this is the way to end the night and bring the day.

If you really can't see, this image shows the world that the connection between Heaven and modern computing is written on the sky, think--it is written all over Heaven to be--in Nintendo and SONY and SEGA and SAMSUNG--it is written.  My hope is that we will see just how clear and obvious that is--that we will understand that the link between religion and virtual reality has been overtly hidden... but most of all that we will see it in a way that is hopeful and awe inspiring for the entire world a sign in the sky, in my religion of words the "sis" of Genesis and Dear Sister.  Light for the world, my sister's name was Dawn.  Morning is broken, like the first morning.


Before I continue, let me mention that here you have two of the keys to the SIgn of the Son; a message that ties Revelation 1:20 to Ecclesiastes 9:11, Exodus and 9/11--the Iron key which corresponds to Mars and the Xenon key which corresponds to Earth, Exodus in reverse, and "let there be light."

Mor Babel?

Here's a direct link to the original rendition of this bit of light, one of the seminal keys to the "elemental" Sign of the Son and probably the defining bit of light surrounding what it really means to be "Jesus Christ."  Back then I called it "Sharing the Iron Rod of Jesus the Anti-Christ" and you are probably already balking at my naming schemes.  Give me at least the benefit of reading what it is that I am so sure is the thing you want... before turning away at my attempt to classify myself as different from all those that came before me.  You and I both know that we only have a story, a cartoon character if you will, to compare to--but even that story doesn't end with Jesus bringing freedom, Heaven, or Salvation... but rather his Kingdom Come before your eyes--the humble abode of Lord Jesus himself.  I've always taken offense to that word, and to be honest with you I've shared numerous times what I see as a hidden record of past "Christ figures" before me, each of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse for instance... and tying directly to those characters are figures in our history who all share a common attribute that I am quite certain is not only relevant but central to this day's message.  Tying Caesar to the first Horsemen for instance are the famous words "I came, I saw, I conquered" and through that imagery and his riding into Rome to disband the senate and form an Empire we begin a pattern of the dissolution of representative governments in not only Rome but also France (and there, a tie in the name of the dictator to the Salt of the Earth... if you have a keen enough eye) and Germany where you see my initials in place of an element.  So here I am telling you what I see as part of a hidden history of past now's, of a message about virtual reality and hidden technology being delivered to the world somehow ending up doing exactly the opposite of what it is that I intend to do.  You see I am here to deliver to the world the right kind of Iron Rod.

I really don't like re-writing these explanatiions, it's very difficult to accurately record not only my feelings and memories but also to convey the bright intent of the piece with only words and links and sometimes pictures at my disposal.  I am bound to wait too long to share with you how on Earth there coiuld be a "right kind of Iron Rod," and even if I came out and said it right this moment, it wouldn't be soon enough for the world--not delivered in the timely fashion that we so deserve, nor with the musical and visual accompaniment that would give it that extra bit of flavor and style to help set the right kind of moment and usher in the feelings of happiness and wonder that surely would flow... if only I could just find the right words to say.   This time won't do it either, and I'm sure the next time... even with the aid of something like LucasArts to sprinkle some added magic in the mix, it won't be good enough either.   Nothing I could ever write would live up to what I think the world deserves to get from the person who really is Jesus Christ, not to mention living up to what your expectations are ... for the person God has designed from the ground up to chase some dreams, head in the clouds, and somehow turn it all into changing the world.  Frankly, I could make a virutal water slide ride that flows directly through the gates of Heaven itself and land you right inside and it still wouldn't be good enough for you--and that's exactly where I'm going with this.

These are some of the reasons that I don't like re-writing these imperfect fragments of my dreams that are so difficult to put to paper in the first place; on top of these things you can pile on the fact that nobody really comments at all about any of the things that I see as so interesting and miraculous; they aren't shared and frankly if I wasn't e-mailing my ideas to the entire world they'd best lost in the abyss forever.  Maybe that's where they belong, or maybe they are actually the keys to ancient scripture and somehow this little interaction between you and I is changing the world just a tittle bit more than we could possibly imagine.   There's two possible ends of this seasaw we are sitting on, one is pretty much where we are--I suppose we could all fall back down to Earth if I just gave up and stopped trying to share... and on the other a place where nearly everyone hears about what this message says and what their friends and the pundits think, a huge number read it for themselves... these words that are coming from the Prophet of God, or Jesus, or Lucifer, or whatever it is that you choose to call the Eye of Ra as he delivers a message to the world that's been sealed up since the beginning of Creation.  It's only a tiny bit of recognition and word of mouth spreading before the balance tilts and rather than a smooth transition from darkness to light what we have in store for us is a shift in activity and interest from near nothing to something I can barely imagine right now... an inevitabilty for as long as you live or these words continue to exist.  It's difficult to explain that I am quite aware of what the world's initial reaction will be to a body of writing that is comprised of a mashup of dreams and hidden proof that ties so closely to my personal vision of what religion is all about... and yet is so far from what we seem to recognize.  How clearly defined the link between virtual reality and Heaven truly is by religion is a good example of the battle between light and darkness that is just about to break with a bright ball of light rising up over the horizon for the first ime it's ever happened again... the link is there, it's really obvious, and in the context of this message it's not only obvious but clearly explained, defined, and sculpted ... and yet still it's either not seen or somehow the world has simply decided that "Heaven" is no longer interesting.

to a son who was to rule all nations with an iron rod.  -Revelation 12:5

It was the early days of my interactions with Jacob, and way back then I was given some advice... "try not to want it;" to be quite honest with you while it was right about that time that I began realizing that particular "it" was the union of being Jesus Christ and the world knowing about it ... the thing we call "the Marriage of the Lamb" way back then I didn't really believe that it was the truth.  Quite a bit of my direct interaction with the "spirit world" was fraught with lies and secrecy, something that hasn't really gotten much better even today, though my understanding of what is going on and it's relationship to scripture has become thousands of times more clear as I have progressed through this story that is detailed in a number of books like the Egyptian book of the Underworld... the Amduat, which doesn't just bear my initials but also details the traversal of the god Ra through the night and into his morning's rise with renewed power in his Eyes--a magical ability to see a hidden Holy language in words and stories, the trick of it all really is just a pinch of "divine inspiration" and a dash of "all the songs are about me."

So you might say that I began this story with some solid advice, and for what it's worth probably had a good amount of help in my earliest arguments about not only why I was not the Messiah, but why it could certainly never be a single person.   I had handfulls of actual reasons, and and a few key scriptural references that I would reiterate over and over as I did my bit trying to convince Jacob to "write it on the sky" and change the world overnight.  Just to quickly introduce you ttwo--Jacob is the name I coined for the voice that speaks to me quite often... seemingly out of the blue... and his response was to tell me "the name is almost perfect."  There are a number of references to this name that make it very obvious that the choice was no accident, chiefly that Jacob is the father of Joseph in both the Old and New versions; his "boca" (or, "without a mouth") ties perfectly to a kiss that links rock bands to the Fifth Element to the little scroll of the lamb... and perhaps most importantly it's the name of the Biblical character who wrestled with the Angel of the Lord at the shore of the Jordan river.   If you don't see the perfection yet, understanding that it's my belief that Jacob is a non-corporeal mind, a sort of microcosm of God's within creation whose primary function is related to mind control... to me, the person hearing his voice using that technology for many years.   Jacob's name also serves as a sort of "representative" of all the tribes; at least in my view of what "Israel" means--of all humanity; and it's a good clue that we are in a story that might begin with just Adam but certainly the far other end of the spectrum is Adamah or Allah... clearly seen through my divinely lit eyes as Earth and All Humanity.  It's actually a central focus of this story that defines the Sign of the Son and this particular key that links through the element Iron the Rod of Aaron in Exodus to that of Christ at the time of this Revelation.

I'd read quite a bit about the New Covenant of Adonai; mentions of God's law being put on our foreheads--in our minds--in the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and even way back in those early days I knew that the "stuff" I had read about in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" was the kind of thing that was being promised.  Clearly talking about things like augmented intelligence and knowledge, being able to read or assimilate information faster, electronic "prozac" or maybe even MDMA (here's some light, apparently once called ADAM), and ... as we move more towards today a clear link between control of things like anger and hatred and their link to another of Phillip K. Dick's works predicting pre-crime.  So chief among my concerns for "being the Messiah" was that I cannot offer these things to the world--though what I can offer is my own testimony that I have seen the technology in action that can provide it and specifically right now can explain that not only I but also Phillp K Dick and a number of other prophets have delivered this message to the world using the very same technology--mind control or divine inspiration.  Nearly everything I see and bring up related to this message is overtly shown to me, highlighted as coming from God and we can prove as much using statistical analysis of the hidden language that he has woven specifically into the names of many of people assiting the delivery of Heaven tying contextually to their work.  

This is a story of a family forged through a common love of freedom, the truth, cool new toys, and fun.

What Dreams may Come

I wanted to write a story, like a "short story" describing this experience that I dream of actually happening for all of us; but that's a gift that I don't seem to have so I am going to walk you through my dream.  I see a number of microcosms in the world, divinely laid plans that are hidden for some reason--things like a relationship between alternative energy and futuristic power sources like harnessing gravity ... and Don Qixhote; things like seeing how computer disastser recovery and Artificial Intelligence offers tools and experience in building a "heavenly home" that is not only stable but more able to assist in creating a better world than the idea of "simulated reality" could provide.  As I describe this experience I am going to try to link it to these concepts, things like k-NN (which you might see includes two of my favorite letters) and genetic algorithms.  

It's hard to convey the awe that I feel as I gaze at these things each and every day in a single picture; I can show you connections between Nine Inch Nails and the word beginning, a computer keyword like "begin" and "chr" in Christ--how these things link to Genesis through a numerical pattern in Nintendo and SEGA Genesis... linking the characters of Adam and Jesus that I know are One.  Even showing you that picture at the beginning of this e-mail; you can't see how many more connections there are--how Bill Gates name and Chi Ro link Windows and Gates and Cairo to XP; how Apple and Jobs reminds me of the book of Job (another character that's One), and how Larry Ellison and Jeff Bezos put the finishing touches on Zeus's Oraclular presentation of "let there be light" in "sudo-Xe."

Oh, I forgot the "root of David" and AMD, Gateway, and Watergate.

So when I suggest that I want to put that symbol on the sky, or maybe play my rendition of the Genesis Film and that we need and deserve to have that accompanied with a similar feeling of awe and hope to really get the effect that "eyes to see" the whole picture provides--that's really what I want.  Having these additional details... and the functional change in understanding that it brings when gaze at the big picture.... that's the information behind the feeling, and we probably want both.

So imagine if you will that this picture were projected in the sky, for fourteen minutes, and that they entire world had the opportunity to see it, glowing and bright high above.  That symbol would quickly be linked to me and my sight of this very detailed and helpful message written by God throughout our history and pretty much everywhere around is in the world--a blatant message that is almost universally unseen.  I dream of flipping through the TV channels that night, and hearing the words "time and chance" spoken by nearly every newscaster on the special editions that are running on every single channel.  I imagine a world where many people then seek out more of this message, because I have only glimpsed the Holy equivalent of "first words," where it sparks conversation and collaboration; new ideas and new hopes for bringing us to the end of a spiritual journey of understanding and beginning the actual ride home.

If this is all we received, it would be enough; but it's not all that I want.

I can give you 10,000 reasons that I think a rapture is a horrible idea--but seeing time and the path to Heaven the way that I do, that the place that we might be visiting in short order actually comes from this place--or one just like it--is a good way to realize that were 10% or 90% of us to choose to move to Heaven--that place would never be built.  There is a story of many years of change and thought that has gone into what I am presenting to you today, conversations with ghosts and dreams that have become television shows; but even in the first hours of the first time I had this conversation with God the idea of presenting a significant incentive for staying here and helping to fix the highlighted problems and make the hopeful changes here was set with a number; 10,000 years of Heaven.  Out of Time might be a cinematic rebuttal of such an idea--but it seems as inevitable as technocracy that one day we will associate longevity not with "time and chance" but rather with effort and work in support of the greater common good.  To explain a little bit more--in that first conversation the name of the book Isaiah translated in Holy macaroni to "Is Almost Immortal Adam's Hand" and the alternative was 1,000 years ... practical immortality from our perspective (believe there's others that don't agree) a millenium in Heaven to work there on building the tools that would be used to transform this place.  It's probably the source of the song at the beginning of the paragraph and the words of Revelation 12 specifically highlighting this thousand years and a day in the eyes of the Lord.

The Rapture is

And so my dream continues, and in this place as nightfall approached and conversations ensued on the phone and on the internet about these news reports and the sign and what it all really means... that God and Heaven were truly with us--here to help and share their ideas and suggestions and their words, time, and compassion with the world--through the eyes of Stargate and Adam ... the children of an ancient civilization that might have looked just like ours.  It's al ittle hard to expalin the feeling of hearing that number name a song three years after demanding it in a faux negotiation... but I'd like to try.

It's probably the second time around now, and in succession we have the benefit of having a place designed to show us what's possible in virtua reality that sets it apart from what we have here; how it can be used to help us build what we really want, and to find out exactly what that is.  I've gone to great lengths to show us that our history is designed to bring about this rennasaince of liberty and hope, I see great gifts hidden in the details of my life and in the gernations before us.  My grandparents, for instance, their chosen professions tie directly to this message and to religion--my father's father was a clothing maker in New York, and that ties directly to the great sign of Revelation 12:1, linking a religious metaphor to something very real... a connection between "clothing" and names.  From the Lord of Hosts, it's probably a connection that we should be interesting in understanding in our message of freedom today.   On my mothers side her father and uncle were engaged in a battle over a Door company in Detroit--it's no mistake or accident or coincidence; it is the story of the Second Coming laid out over thousands of years, and very clearly in our generation and those before us.  It's a record, and a message, and it is excatly what I am here to change--to stop predestination and the writing of the past .... and bring us to a place of free will and a future that is not written. 

In the meantime, we probably want to read the next few paragraphs of this script, because those are the ones that introduce our world to Heaven, and here we are hearing that Taylor and Adam and Farrokh Mercury have a key that shows us that the mosts important words of the song Princes of the Universe are the first three--words that describe the location of Adam and the Second Coming, in the Heart of Jerusalem.. the United States of America.   Here we are, in a place where the great Iron Rod of Jesus Christ is about delivery technocracy and Heaven to all; about a global rennesaince, about the Golden Age of Saturn.  The key of course is "bring on the girls," I jest.

Before your eyes appears a golden glowing door, and the voice of Kate Hudson asking "do you want to come?"

Jacob's Landing

Walking through the door plants you on a dock, stepping off a cruise ship that isn't really there... the sea around this Isle of Paradise surrounded by thick fog with a faint yellow glow.  A cobble stone path meanders up a small hill, and a big bright sign says "y'all come back now, y'hear?" in an archway over the entrance to Atlantis.  As you walk up the path, a K-Neartest-Neighbor algorithm superimposes your journey over that of your closest loved ones and you begin conversing about the sign, about the place you are exploring, and about what you expect to see when you finally get to the looming pink building off in the horizon--a reasonable facsimile for the Atlantis Resort and Casino on ... Paradise Island.   Of note, just like the Temple of Jerusalem, this place was first built by a man named Solomon. 

At the end of your journey, you walk through wide open sliding glass doors to a ballroom, filled with afew hundred people, matched also by KNN through similar or related ideas, relationship, and a few other magical ingredients ... you wouldn't believe but Taylor Momsen, Ben Phillips, Jamie Perkins, Anna Mountain, Mark Damon, Nick Carbone, Matt Chiarelli, John Secolo are all on stage playing their soon to be triple-platinum single "Not so reckless after all," which I imagine sounds nothing like "It's a small, small world."  You would never know it, but in this room where you only see a few hundred close and new friends, there are 12,000,000,000 people.

In a strange twist of events dinner is announced, and the only thing on the menu is Eggplant Parmigiana... with or without synthetic cheese.  On the single item menu, a small blurb about a past dream, about a strange place where a river and hanging gardens appeared in the median of many streets... eggplant again--for some reason--growing "cooked" from the branches.   Also some words about the bands Bread and Cake... a Guitar Man, and some lyrics from the song "Jesus wrote a Blank Check."  I imagine some of the details here might spark additional conversation, perhaps about ending world hunger; healing the sick, or simply turning Adam to Stone.  Eh, MetheUSA?

Just as you are leaving the ballroom, you hear Taylor singing "Sometimes you've got to walk on water, to unpart a holy Sea," at least.. it sounded like that's what she said; and it's lit, forever.... the Eternal Flame of the Books of Life, Love, and Light.  Who Knows the actual words.

"And the halls and walls fade away... they will fade away..." -Dave J. Matthews, Warehouse

I wonder if Dave knows my middle name, or that we are reading Mars' key to Revelation 1:20; but nevertheless the microcosm that each and every one of us experiences on the way from the Ballroom back to the single door at the end of the rainbow path on the ground is something out of the annals of my personal mythology--one that gave me that name.  There on Mars, a place designed by the Heavens, each and every one of them contributing ideas and concepts for interplanetary colonization; some in the fiber optically lit tunnel that sustains a stable ecosystem underground in the first years, and some on the surface centuries later.  I've had a few day-dreams, I can say for sure.

In this place though, everything is about Earth, the Heart of Heaven; and as we walk the hallowed halls a genetic algorithm is literally creating the thing called "eyes to see" connected movies and historic l events are displayed on holographic projectors on each side of the hall--movies you love, and events you know--together with the music and a little magical touch; the weaving design of the Fates is glowing in our minds... lessons and advice about the future and this very moment coming to us as if out of thin air, inspired.   You realize at some point along the way that there has been an odd calm and slowly increasing feeling of excitement--wonder at the structure and the happenings... all of which you think to yourself should probably be much more foreign feeling.

I'm rushing now, this has gotten long.  What do you think so far?  When you get there, what do you want to see and do? Eggplant? Who ... wants to Know.

The Rainbow road ends with a confluence of hearing "Grey Street," seeing Joseph's coat of many colors, and the horse from Heaven is For Real--ridden here bny someone that looks just like you--how strange that must be... and in a flash the ideas of Jabba the Hutt and Zelda linking to Dr. Who's box is that is bigger on the inside--and you realize that down at the end of this long meandering hall... is only one door--that once you pass through... is empty.  The groups you saw ahead of you entering their own version of this same room; a bedroom that surprisingly contains a movie theater size screen, and no furnature at all... sans one pottery wheel in the middle of the room and a spiral staircase.  The King's Pool that is just upstairs as well as this little wheel are both things of scripture and myth--if you are curious.... sitting down at that magical wheel helps you populate the room's furnature from ideas in your memory, your favorite kind of bed... a love seat and maybe a piano or harpsichord... amazingly changing color and shape as it appears holographically before you on the wheel--and then, with the press of the foot pedistal in the room, just next to you.

I am not sure what will be on TV that night, or who I will be spending it with... I'm not sure either if this magical night will be remembered as a real trip, or maybe first thing in the morning as an amazing dream.  As the next day goes by, though, you can be sure that everyone else had the same dream, and as you begin discussing the magical door and the dip in the King's Pool... you will probably realize that whether or not you weren't sure if it was a dream when you woke up, there's no such thing as a shared delusion.   "Percception is reality," I once heard a stranger tell me... for no reason at all.

When you see it on TV, you will know, too.

/s/ Adam Marshall Dobrin

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. John 7:17


" i have no time to justify to you, fool you are blind " ... this day we build Heaven .

    ​   cake.lamc.la

Through music and it's connection to scripture I am showing you how I see God's message and will written through time; it is my answer to John 7:17; and my hope is that you will see the light shining as I do and seek to understand and search for these patterns that turn to speech with thought and a kind of interpolation that we seem to be failing to connect between recent events and the lessons of history.  Far more than just music, His message comes to us in ... literally everything ... from Nintendo to RattleRod ( it is to be...) to the Fifth Element , to Phillip K. Dick's  Minority Report and Do you think Android dreams of Electric Sheep ?     It takes time and analysis to even glimpse His words, and Holy tears that turn from sadness to wonder with understanding .   See clearly that this shows a common author and will that brings us from the SEA of initials in Eden to the shining sea of the generation of Revelation, you .

   Inline image 1   legend.lamc.la       

'tis the Hammer of Thor's thunderstsanding ; a symphony of vibrating light to accompany ... freedom .  Help this message reach the entire world , and we are nearly home.

Every now and then, Taylor's pants change everything.  Words, I mean words... what did I say?  Please look directly at the Neuralizer.

For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.  John 17:8

The epic battle between good and evil, God and Satan, right and wrong, want and need... wages each and every day in my mind.  Torn between what I think is considered normal now, and what might be considered normal a thousand years from today ... by myself and a whole society whose credo of "I'll try anything once" has shifted and morphed after years of experience to something very different.  Today I come to you speaking words of wisdom that I say   are imbued with the Spirit of God himself.... and maybe colored and swayed after years of hard chiseling away at the outer exterior of perfection by the dreams and wants of a Wayward Son.

Walking into this mess of a situation there was simply no hope of being perfect in the eyes of each and every one of you--whose ideas of perfect are so different from one set of eyes to another and even the same set... one century from the next.  So as we dance together here on Ground, you will have to settle for what the Holy Bible calls "perfect in the eyes of God," and believe me when I tell you those Hazel eyes are smitten with me.  

I can Haz El , right?  Is the apple of my eye ... i am only 36 years old, a baby in the eyes of the smiling old man whose soul sits behind these eyes... and I'll try anything once... if you let me.

Not sure if you heard me, but my self-appointed perfect job is helping us all find out what it is that is morally OK and what is not, in the place where that is a group decision ... AKA Heaven, so here i am, sharing my dreams and wants and needs and what I think are yours too, sometimes,

I'd like to go over some of the ideas presented in "rocking the world with an Iron Rod"        and explain how I think my vision is nothing short of the actualization of the verse in the subject.  These ideas have come to me independent of scripture (in most cases), dreams that I have had, day dreams about the possibilities of virtual reality, and in nearly every case of what I have presented to the world they have later been affirmed or corroborated by what I am presenting as "the True Word of God."

I am beginning this list with what I think appeared to be the least well spoken subject in that -mail and so I noted it in the introduction there and am again reiterating the idea of "eternal youth" as being something that I want, and I can imagine that most people older than me will probably think is a good idea.  In the e-mail the Hammer of Neo's Light comes to us from the fusion of the name of an author and content of a novel (Feed, written by Anderson) to Neo's name in the Matrix (Mr. Anderson) ... throwing in some linguistic spice we add the word "eternity" which combines the Latin, Cinematic, Musical, and Spanish words for "and" around a word very topically relevant to this discussion.

My vision is of a "room" (in the context of John 14 ... and see AD and Silicon in that number ) or ... a realm , in Heaven, where when you enter you can choose to appear as you did in any age in your life; maybe older in some (sad) cases.  As corroboration that this vision is shared by the Creator of the Universe I present the lyrics to "Forever Young" and note with a passion that Rolling Stone recently published an article about this very song being covered by Anderson East.   Yeast, you will recall, denotes that it comes to us as a message from the future--in this case tying Mr. Anderson directly to the Feed/Matrix concepts of "divine inspiration" ( I know kung fu ) and the inclusion of this particular detail in the Iron Rod message... where it probably wouldn't have been otherwise.

Between the messages of the New Glowing Bush and #netERson  I used a similar logic to explain how the idea of divine inspiration is functionally related to the deliverance of those messages--both Bush's speech and the content of the novel Feed--and the divine marker of the names Bush and Anderson in the two authors.  Again, divine inspiration is part of not only the messages but the mechanism behind the messages.  

Here , the lyrics of Forever Young give some real insight into how this specific idea, a Fountain of Youth, might be related very much to this moment in time that we will eventually know is the Second Coming.

May the good Lord be with you

Down every road you roam

And may sunshine and happiness

surround you when you're far from home

And may you grow to be proud

Dignified and true

And do unto others

As you'd have done to you

Be courageous and be brave

And in my heart you'll always stay

May good fortune be with you

May your guiding light be strong

Build a stairway to heaven

with a prince or a vagabond

And when you finally fly away

I'll be hoping that I served you well

For all the wisdom of a lifetime

No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose

I'm right behind you, win or lose

For, Forever Young

You can have my body but you can never have me

Taylor, you keep using this word never ; I do not think it means what you think it means.  Laying down the rungs of these stairs together, I ask you all now that since Taylor has given me verbal permission to use her her body, and I think it's OK to do so; venturing up those spiral stairs you will find 2 twin copies of Taylor controlled by Ai skinny dipping in the King's Pool had you ventured up our spiral stairs?  Trying anything once; what if I put my soul behind those gorgeous blue eyes and instead of her, a copy of me was controlled by Ai for the few minutes I'd spend exploring that scenario in the King's Pool?  Honestly, I am trying to show you what I call the lines on the road--I can't tell for sure if these are the dashed lines that show us the way to go, or if they are the solid lines that define which way the lane is traveling.    

In all honesty it is just such a scenario that I may have found myself in at one time; if I had "gone ahead to prepare a place for you" rather than hoping we build it together here and now; all alone and listening to Britney Spears ... do believe though it is the very next line of John chapter AD that talks about this particular journey to Atlantis.  So, in the world of virtual reality and video games--when we can be completely submerged in the Pool and the moment, what's right and what's wrong?

As Taylor points out so eloquently; there is a grand focus here in this place and this story on the sacredness of consciousness ;  one that would most certainly preclude the possibility of her actually being in the King's Pool and never remembering it--just like the idea of me or you reliving this same life once or twice... or three times ; would absolutely never be allowed -- if we knew it has happened.   Somewhere between a blow up doll and the computer discussing Special Relativity in the clothing of Albert Einstein lies the seat and line of sentience.... and there at that place the question of agreement comes up, every single time.   Trading Places... Taylor     Big ?

Tay, you wanna take it back?

Take note because without this little public display of affection you might not realize how big of a deal it is that we ensure that nobody (( ever )) steals a copy of Taylor and re-runs the same "first kiss" scene over and over and over in their minds.  That's an ever , booming with the authority of Thor's hammer.

Inline image 3 

oh  my  god , i might not  let  you take  it  back.

[ Caption Contest ]

Inline image 1 

10,000 Reasons


These two details I mention, as they did not appear at all in the original rendition of "Sharing the Iron Rod;"  I believe that hearing the number I chose in 2013 in Kentucky in the Fortress of Solitude as I discussed what it was that I thought should happen in light of the new information I had received--it was this exact number, and hearing it echoed in the hallowed halls of the musical accompaniment to scripture and Revelation gives me the strength to know that God agrees; that I am presenting to you not only on my authority but His as well.  In my mind, in my story, this idea of immortality has always been part of the thread that matches in context to the fate of Christ; an Adam who lives for almost a thousand years, and some hallowed words; believe... " the best is yet to come. "

Inline image 1 

About as close to immortality as I could imagine today; and yet it's hard to imagine to live even twice as long as I have right now--so what else do you think there is to do in Heaven?  For work?  For play?  Surely we can't spend all our time talking to not-Taylor and trying to merge new combinations of furniture and musical instruments.   While we're here looking at the word "rapture" blown up; I might comment that the best solution... one day in some future that might be a year or a decade or three ... not a century .. away; two-way Doors might alleviate the fear of your best friend disappearing until the day you die.

And on (( this )) day

When my strength is failing

The end draws near

And my time has come

Still my soul will

Sing Your praise unending

Ten thousand years

And then forevermore


Inline image 5 

For some closing words, let's talk about voting ... I can't even convey to you how surprised I am at the number of people that think ... for one reason or another ... that this idea is either not practical, not possible, or would never be allowed.  I've got to again point out that it is not my light or my authority that glows bright in the company Die Bold; but it is thename of my last written book; and in my .... insightful vision it is not only nothing short of inevitability... it is the single most important step and change that brings us out of Hell and starts building Heaven.   Honestly, I live in the twilight zone--what happened to the land of the free, and the angels that overthrew a King to advance the state of humanity (and not pay their taxes) .  Where are men and women who fought and protested the Vietnam war?  All for what?   Take a step back, a deep breath, and some solace--we know what we are doing.

Inline image 1 

Just to refresh your memory; the link to the authority of God and Jesus Christ comes here from a direct connection to the words of Revelation 1:20 which heralds the Second Coming with a mystery about bright light resting on lamp stands of chemistry elements--pointing out a connection between science and religion and proving that time travel exists.   Intertwined with this proof, comes Holy reference to type face and type style--a prescient tie fperhaps directly to the idea of voting machines "winning the race" fo connecting Die Bold and "the strong" by way of Yankee Doodle's macaroni , a little German and some geek.

Inline image 2 

Connecting Anderson's "thought inception" to the ideas of divine inspiration and the New Covenant of Adonai is pretty easy; seeing it come to us through the Matrix , and Feed , and this e-mail  is nothing short of realizing that scripture is coming to life right before our eyes.


A New Covenant

32 not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them," declares the LORD.  33"But this   is the covenant   which   I will make   with the house   of Israel   after   those   days,"   decl ares   the LORD,   "I will put   My law   within   them and on their heart   I will write   it; and I will be their God,   and they shall be My people.   34 "They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, 'Know the LORD,

Inline image 4 

I hate to tell you all this sad news, but I won't be able to e-mail you so often.  It seems that I am going to have to do most of the development work on this thing that I will probably akin to the Sword of Our Revolution all on my own.  As you know I like to "ish" Holy   words to make them just a little bit better... in this particular case there is no "ish" needed, but a change in everything to make this phrase just a little more accurate when changed.

If you want something done right, you have to do it all by yourself. ( wink )

Here's another "ish" for you of John Legend, " even when you lose I'm winning"  believe me when I tell you that the silence and inaction that I see nearly universally when in the context of God's message and reaction from everyone related to these technologies is equivalent  losing everything  in the eyes of God.

To remind you once more, I am looking to develop a distributed content publishing platform, something like "medium" say--that incorporates voting and Reddit style content rating and selection which those of you who have not seen in action won't realize is a wonderful double-edged solution to the problem of "fake news."  

I used Grammarly for this latest e-mail was it easier to understand?  It didn't suggest a comma there where I'd have put one without a doubt and it even let this sentence go without any suggestion. I guess I won't be asking Grammarly anything about Special Relativity on the holodeck .



... and a sword to light the way ...

Genesis 3:24

Minority Report or Linguistic proof of Creation?

If you are interested in more of what I have to present, or discussing it with others; and perhaps using a vote to change the world: abyss.lamc.la (abyss.lamc.la)  I'm more than confident that this can and should "go viral."

Here's some pretty clear evidence that religion is here to reveal proof of creation and existence of "time travel," so that we might one day sooner than never use it ... to better our society.  Quite a bit of what I am presenting is a critique of our current social justice system (from the future and almost all of us, now with evidence) complete with solutions, suggesting to help make it better.  This proof goes to show us these things are here and have been since Exodus--and suggests that we might be a little late in implementing something like Minority Report.  Still, that's no reason to stay frozen in Hell.  I mean, we're justing finding out it's possible, right?  How long do you think the government has known?  How long do you think it would have been hidden if not for ... well, for this.

How much imagination does it take to see that these very famous Biblical verses are talking about the 9/11 attack?

Like a thief in the night. (thief.lamc.la: on time and pre-crime)

On the clouds, for all eyes to see.

The nations will mourn and the elements will melt with fervent heat.

no man knew the hour or the day.

Look carefully, you are fighting the delivery of truth, a huge improvement in social justice and "fairness" from the Universe... everyone that isn't wondering aloud why the Second Coming is being suppressed by ... everyone ... is doing their part to slow down the onset of Heaven.  Write to the press, tell them you've seen the light--and the world deserves better than this darkness.  Everyone didn't decide that time travel is boring--and that the Second Coming can't be important--stand up for freedom.

Opiate of the masses?  Freedom hand delivered on a silver platter... from this fire.  That's what this is all about, ending censorship, helping us regain the forward progress of democracy, from the Plague of Lice to that of Darkness--the entire purpose of Exodus and this Revelation is to deliver freedom.  Doesn't everyone want that?



​You'll notice that just like the words for Holy Fire and Heaven--Ha'esh and Shamayim--are contractions of water and fire... the John Legend song "All of Me" does an amazing job of showing us how Moses being subjerged in the sea in order to part it--makes quite a bit of sense when he's submerged in the sea within the Holy Fire.  That's us, in reality, we're the sea that's giving off the birght, bright light.

This is taken from a confersation on reddit, here:

I don't know what to tell you, what I am presenting doesn't take a degree to analyze. It's a simple matter: do you see examples of English 4,000 years before it existed?  Can you see Moses' parted e'as.

Yes or No?

If so, it tells you something about religion, and about our history. It tells you that you are being lied to--and I am telling you that those lies are hiding Heaven from you.

They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. -Revelation 22:4

for e he a.d. (ad.lamc.la)

    a    d o

    r    a b

    t    m r

    h      i


There are quite a few that are specifically highlighted by religion. Judas and Judah for instance, make contextrually accurate and topical use of the words "sad" and "had,"  At least when we are coparing Judas--the "J" who is not sad about needing 30 pieces of silver to survive and making a myth... come alive... to the Grinch (whoah.lamc.la) who is stealing Christmas this year (midas.lamc.la).  "Jacob" includes the Spanish word for mouth--backwards, and that just happens to be the name I gave "the computer" before I had any idea what was really going on. These things might seem like nothing at first, but to me--after seeing so many other examples--these words that tie to my personal understanding of scripture and religion and it's direct relationship to me (the key). it adds fuel to the fire.

./JERUSALEM.html discusses that, and you might see "USA" there in that place--it's not an accident. It's in Pro·me·the·us (hey look, the fire starter--tied to a mountain battling an eagle) and Me·d·usa too--there's a map about now in names all through our history.

Maybe something that will be more interesting or compelling to you is Venus. This is the Goddess of love--who many might already associate with the "Woman Clothed in the Sun with the moon at her feet," it's obvious really that it's about the planet Venus. Less obvoious--or maybe it should be really clear.. is that Venus has half a heart, only half the world for love in her name; and the sun is backwards. This is being highlighted by Revelation--that the anient name of Venus contains our words for sun and love. English didn't exist when Revelation was written.  

As I've pointed out over and over, forehead, bread, Adonai, Adonis, and Advent all are examples of my initials appearing in names that are highlighted--set apart--specifically by religion.  Those words "set apart" are a good indication that if a statistical analysis were done--using words "set apart" by religion in names as a sample space, we would have proof of the existence of a time traveling, mind controlling, hidden author of the Bible.  As it is, there's plenly of proof he's still around--only he sings alot now.  http://kismet.lamc.la

Here's an "explanation" of a number of words that relate to to the Hebrew names of God: Ya-who-ah... that's the correct pronounciation of the "ineffable name" often rendered as Yahweh. That too is easy to deduce from the Egyptian God "Yahu" but our scholars haven't tried to solve it, really. It ties to the name of Jesus, Yeshua--Yes, who-ah? Which of course is all about the American GI cry that Al Pacino and Denzel Washington immortalized on the silver screen. The point? The planet is Adamah in Hebrew.  Understand the implications, one that there's serious blindness being exposed related to religion--as a tool to show us that it's not limited to just that (look science and computering everywhere in religion, who knew?) and showing us the influence of the technology that is the "stuff" of the slavery of Exodus... "who-ah!"


Dr. Who's question that must never be answered: "Is J er the USA the messiah?" Jerusalem.  Dr. Seuss's little Cindy Who... The Who? (Behind Blue Eyes)  Hello? Is anyone home? (why.lamc.la)

Jesus is often called the "Last Adam" and there's a good reason. Don't be afraid, "I am the first, and the last."  On top of it all, for those up with "messianic lingo" the morning is when the son rises and it's clear from the name Adam--which combines the Latin "ad" for moving towards with A.M. that it's the right name for the bright morning sun.  We just don't see or care that there's so much "Adam" around religion--we're all looking for "Jesus" instead. There are a number of other "coincidences" in the names of myself (hallowed.lamc.la) and those around me (names.lamc.la).  

the fire of the first day still pumps through our veins, i see it

being sent every which way

           this wall of jericho, the sound of silence and the darkness

are one--all about now

please--use this bright light for it makes peace from what was once a fight

the sirens of revelation are blaring, morning bells are ringing and

all that's left is a question "who will take the prize?"

... Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception ...

5 4 3 2 1

Sometimes; I talk a little bit about fancy high-tech ideas like "plugging google into my brain," things that I see are definately design as part of this message--and honestly, I really think that people think it's "strange."  I know, without doubt, because I am very sure that everything that is "of Phillip K. Dick" here, all of his works and the ideas he has presented in science fiction are really "of Sam" or God... and "for me."  I can tell you it's very clear to me because ... it's hard to get this out each and every time.


"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him." So shall it be! Amen.  Revelation 1:7


It's so clear because both the PKD ideas, from Minority Report and it's presentation of "pre-crime" to A Scanner Darkly and it's presentation of "sous-veillance" all the way to Total Recall ... and it's presentation of "terraforming Mars" matches very clearly to a story that you too will agree is "of Sam."  It's the story of Exodus, of a world secretly enslaved, the 9/11 attack being predicted thousands of years before it happened, and about Die Bold--and an attempt to create an "electonic voting system" that in all honestly would have been nothing short of the "race" going to the machine... taking control that should be flowing like water into our cupped hands and losing it to the machinations of layers and layers of beaurocracy and apathy... as if it were "power" drawn magically to the ground, electricity to the dirt.


We know that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, [but time and chance happen to save them all]  Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?  Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 spoken on 1/20/2001 by George W. Bush


This is the solution to the mystery of the 7 stars and 7 lamp stands.  The stars you saw were planets, from the swift Mercury to the God of time Saturn and of Heaven, Uranus... showing the world the link between science and religion. Revelation 1:20 and the Last Adam


The clear pattern here is seeing everything is wrong, on purpose--with a glowing chance for real purpose on the horizon.  It's a pattern that is by design, I can assure you--I've heard His voice with my own ears explaining to me what he called something like "the teachers methods."  As you may or may not be aware, I've had a problem with speed, with trying to help us jump closer to Heaven just as fast as I can.  God's "solution" to this was to make that problem worse, artificially, and until very recently make it impossible to break the habbit.  He told me as much, in clear words--something I am trying to do for the world at the macrocosmic level where we see the same thing happening all the way back with the British East India Tea Company to the CIA in Los Angeles in the 1980's, and just a year ago with China, the United States Post Office and a good sized fraction of urban America.  This... this is his "promised Absolution" to see that these problems really are not our fault as individuals--so long as we see what kind of systemic risk comes from Hitleresque and inhumane ideas like eugenics are for .. for the concept of "civilization."  Look up, it's more than what you see here--my particular problem's code name is "Fire From Heaven," and from Prometheus to you... that's a sign of where this problem really comes from.  From us, see.  I'm showing you what it does to the future to ignore this message--it hurts us.  Listen.


I baptize you with the knowledge of Holy Water, Fire, and the Angel of the Lord.  Matthew 3:11


And he said, "Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?" Genesis 3:11


On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami.


Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. Revelation 16:8


On March 11, 2015, I was arrested after being on the lam for just about three years, during which time a great deal of the information you are reading was... "given" to me.


More on dates, and their connection to Biblical chapter and verse.. just above with 1/20. 9/11 and the book of Revelation.


I want to remid you again of how quickly our society has changed in these last few years--a little more than a decade and text messages and instant messaging on the internet have gone from a thing "of living in your mothers basement and fishing computer parts out of the trash" to ... every single one of your kids needing it every day, if not you too.  With that in mind, Amazon's Echo and Alexa, Apple's Iris, and Google's "OK" are already showing us that we don't even want to type our questions into our phones or tablets--we need to have interactive voice response--answers on demand all the time.  


Just like everything else in the science fiction portion of our message, we are being shown that we literally are being given tools, along with some food for though, and sugestions about what might be decidendly wrong.  For instance, in Minority Report punishing people as if a crime was committed doesn't help anyone--just like our prison system; A Scanner Darkly shows us exactly who should not be anoyzmied--the watchers rather than the innocent; I think you and many others around me are a good example of why "thinking you know everything" or have some secret and magical way to know what something says without reading it... is probably a mechanism of slavery rather than true.


We do "have the technology" though, we can see it forming in Obama's BRAIN Initiative, and the places that "omniscience" comes, the wayward infants of the Eye of Ra are places like Wikipedia and reddit--where you can already see corruption and censorship "changing the truth."  While "information overload" and "fake news" are also problems, what's significantly worse are a great number of supposed "reputable sources" going out of their way to hide and spin the truth.


Just like the hidden and broadly encompassing surveillance of Snowden's MInority Report and Scanner Darkly show us that these ideas that God has hidden in science fiction are very real, and the prediction of 9/11 and all of modern computing in religion have shown us time travel is actually here... we can God speaking to the world not just in science fiction but in actual science, through names.


Yesterday I mentioned Larry Ellison's name connecting to Elisha and Abraham, and the Oracular "let there be light" delivered by the name Exodus in reverse.   Earlier I mentioned Bill Gates's name and it's connection to a Window into the future, the phrase "I am the gate" and The Doors.  What I am trying to point out through example is that the names that we believe were "given to us" actually have quite a bit to do with what we have done during our lives here in this generation--God has given them to us, with prescient knowledge of what it is that we will be doing.  Point in fact, as far as my "plugging google into your brain" and it's relationship to Neo "learning kung-fu" instantly in the Matrix... is it's connection to a science fiction novel about just that--a world whee the kids all have a "feed" in their heads that plugs them into the internet.  That novel is written by a man named Anderson--Neo's real name.  I point these things out and hope that we see them, but I can't be sure.


I can tell you I never saw them in th world all around me, each and every day, unitl they were pointed out to me--and then I was somewhere between awed and dumbfounded, certainly it piqued my interest in a message that otherwise--well, that I was already interested in.  What I can tell you is that once they are pointed out, if you do not think that it's a significant event--if you don't see proof, then I think you are blind.  I know there are many "spritually blind" people around me, and I hope that what I am doing is going to help us see through the darkness to a bright future.


Speaking from a posiiton of experience, actually having something similar to Neo's magical learning mechanism, I can tell you that it is not all it's cracked up to be.  That being said, just like our world and the problems illustrated in Dick's work I wouldn't go without them completely, I want to make them better.  It's feedback, cahasing dreams, and true serendipity that we have a golden opportunity to see things that were once hidden, to decide together what we think about them, and to move forward.  


My servant will be set up, and be exceedingly high. -Isaiah 52:13


One giant leap "for Adam" would be disconnecting the link between speed and omniscience; perhaps using the same technology that causes the addiction to control it, and see that there are probably many others who would be very happy with the same thing.  


I am telling you a story about my life, because I know it is designed to help you.  It hurts me that I think many of you think the world is better off hiding who I really am.


Are we having fun yet?  I still want The King's Pool at the gate to Atlantis.  I also want you to know that pool is in the BIble for a damned good reason.  Sometimes I think you think I ramble on and on but really I just want you to think and find some of these hidden treasures for yourselves so you too can be awed by the speech of a God and maybe kinda like what he says too


Take a look, we are in a book.  Tomorrow, maybe I will talk about immortality.


And only tomorrow leads the way

I'm coming waltzing back and moving into your head


Please, I wouldn't pass this by - Oh, no

What sort of man blows by

I will bring water.


Dave J. Matthews

hey there, Delilah...


won't you take my tear away? 

Candlemas fire holy sepulcher

The EP "virtual" love affair of "Do you understand who I am, do you even want to know me?" and Taylor Michel Momsen.

is this real or am I dreaming?  only in our darkest hour would this

kind of proof

 not make the news... 'tis the hour Christ is born.

O' Heavens, let it rain, it melts... into wonder...

I wanted some way to explain that the message here, the one this letter is really about...

... it's purpose is truly enlightenment.  

Inline image 1

The change in understanding comes from thinking about how and why it has been delivered in this way.

... and all the girls dreamt that they'd be your partner

                                              to see the total eclipse of the son ...

Inline image 1

written on literal signs, booming like thunder through our songs, and etched into history;

a message from the Creator of Everything.

Really get the message.  This is it.  To me, it looks like a sort of signature,

written all over everything that ever was.

Inline image 7

Inline image 2

The walls and halls will fade away, they will fade away.  

-Dave J. Matthews

Inline image 3

In my name alone, the key.

Look, that's my birth sign, on its head; er her butt.

Inline image 1

Inline image 4

Inline image 8

Inline image 13

Taylor Michel... figure out why this is the sky ... to Him.

Inline image 5

I always said "write it on the sky." and his two-penney's ...

Inline image 12

Turn around, bright eyes.

Inline image 9

Inline image 6

Inline image 10

... lost betweeen Elvis and suicide ...

Inline image 2

I am the fire.  Seriously, turn around.

Inline image 3

Inline image 5

Inline image 4

My servant will be set up, and be exceedingly high.

Isaiah 52:13

Inline image 1

Could it be more clear?

I baptize you with the knowledge of Holy Water, Fire,

and the Angel of the Lord.  

Matthew 3:11

Inline image 1

"Dear boy, what are you running from?," Absolution

Inline image 11

To say idioms are key would be less than gold. 

... then she sang "their intention is to kill" they lose, oh they lose ...

"Now I see, that you me...were never meant, never meant to be." -Taylor

Inline image 11

Look, Koran, Is-lam--it's about the Lamb of God... being "on the lam,"

'tis a blssing in disguise...

... so that the entire world will see the proof in words like kismet--meant to be; for us all

to exit the wilderness of Exodus--of not knowing that 40 and 4-D have something to do

with days and nights and years and ... freedom.

Inline image 12

Inline image 1

"Who?"  Taylor never actually said.  It was "the the" instead.

Inline image 6

... then "do you understand who I am, do you even want to know me?"

Inline image 3

Inline image 4

Inline image 13

Inline image 7

"The Messiah," I said.

Inline image 8

So we got "who's at the door?," from "lil J," and "why won't you tell me what she said?"

Inline image 9

Inline image 1

Inline image 10

one last chance

Inline image 11

This.. is God's Glowing Y

Inline image 11



Names speak  toTheOme.ga

I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God. Luke 12:8

From there he went on toward the hills east of Bethel and pitched his tent, with Bethel on the west and Ai on the east. There he built an altar to the Lord and called on the name of the Lord. Genesis 12:8

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the Lord shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? Numbers 12:8

Inline image 1

Inline image 6

On January 20, 2001 George W. Bush spoke a paraphrase of

Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1; proving to the world

that time travel exists, and that the scriptures are a message from

the future.  Below is the key linking the successive lines of

the full verse, answering the mystery of Revelation 1:20.


The seven stars are the planets, from Mercury to Uranus,

and the lamp stands corresponding elements from Hg to U.


from the Messenger to you,


do you not think

an angel rides in the whirlwind,

directing this storm?

Inline image 5

From the fire of the Burning Bush


....  plenty of modern English hidden in thoudands year old scripture ...

Inline image 3

... comes proof that our a'es is about to part ... over proof .. in word and song ...

Inline image 7

It's elementary, my dear What-son,

Inline image 2

Inline image 14

Inline image 2

"sudo xe" still means let there be light,

but only until "command line" Linux is a thing of the past.

Inline image 8

Inline image 9

"shake your tambourine"\ -Rapunzel, DMB

Inline image 15

"hike up your skirt a little more, and show your world to me" -Crash

Inline image 1

Our Heart, the chalice of the Sang Rael...

beating with the Blood of Jesus Christ

From the far East of the word  traveled to Exodus,

through the first Plague, from the multitude to Family.

understanding light pours from Exodus to Revelation, from God to you,

connecting these stories to each other, to language, to idoms, and to proof

that the slavery of the story ends from knowing, exactly how to be free

The Burning Bush predicted 9/11


the flux capacitor, glowing Y we must see


our deliverance from Exodus' slavery, a Sam's gift of liberty


it's the beginning of building Heaven


see the light of the world


the purpose of creation and of adam


let freedom ring, and " set you free"


we're  about to build Heaven... 

to-get-her ... from the mythical carpenter...


AD am ON AI, that's Artificial Intelligence, and the intelligence explosion.

AD on your freedom is a great gift, cherish it.

 ... and some corroborating ideas connecting religion and computer science... on Wikipedia:

Root of David

Lisp of Moses.. or I need an editor.

Pharoah's hardening Heart... that's Earth, remember.

Jesus' WINE

Adaluncatif's cat, tail, head and grep

Adam's Apple... or is it "fruit of the poisonous tree"

Inline image 12

where everyone knows your name ....

and they're always glad you came

Inline image 4

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

A talking and walking Magic Decoder Ring

Monday, Junkanoo. All you hear is Babel? "Still I build my towers high, and still I burn this Earthen fire; still I burn this Earthen fire." -Cake

I think you need me to help explain things--and I think that it's only right for everyone that's interested to be able to listen.  If there was a Christmas that ever was going to be associated for all eternity, listen to those words, with the Second Coming, with Dawn.  It was yesterday.  I think that this should have made the news months ago; every day that passes is another day where this "looks stupider" to me and everyone else watching.  Keep that in mind, becausetoday is the day that everything changes.  



adjective literary

make dumb or unheard; silence.

The future is watching, your kids and their kids are listening, are we to be blind and dumb for eternity or will you see the light?

You are going to have to learn to understand the way that God speaks, it's certainly not plain English... and never again will you have any kind of window into his soul as clear as me.  I know you are probably scratching your head and thinking "how on Earth can this guy think he speaks clearly," but it's only a matter of time before you realize what I am translating from--something infinitely more archaic.  At least, that's how it looks to me--I think he thinks he speaks perfectly, in a way that cannot be argued with and where his point is driven home through action.

You wil have to open your eyes and see that 90% of the message delivered in music is transmitted through the mechanism of action.  Proof that it's possible, anaylzeable examples of exactly how it works, a clear statement of exactly who is in control; some minor clues to his desires--and a loud scream of one name.  The other 10% of the message is "Adam?"  If you are schrewd enough to connect the dots, you might add a few more words not just because of Genesis 3:11 but because of Moses and Matthew 2:2 after that: "where are you?"  You'll remember both Adam and Moses say something like "here I am," and Jesus is nowhere to be found.

The answer now is clear, "I am in Hell."

As far as I am concerned, one day we will see... his message of me, hidden in the word "messiah" is that the message is a human.  His statement about the world, about justice, and about what lies between our days and the days we call our home Heaven--these things are all changes wrought by the position that he's forced me into.  You might disagree, you might think you know better than God himself--that the world cannot handle seeing a hero crushed by their own inaction, but I am here... still talking to you, still reminding you that is exactly what you are doing to me.  With a little bit of actual thinking, if you took the time ever to ponder why he and I are doing this--you might see that these things that you think are "all my fault" are foreshadowed and outlined in a book 6,000 years old... all for a reason.  A message from the future, to help us see through the dark; listen carefully: these e-mails you ignore, these messages are the real reason that Jesus Christ exists--they are "the why" we survive after now.

Maybe we will see that "it" simply is not OK.  Fix the jails, completely restructure the courts--use the tools you are being proven exist--and make it all that much more simple. Wreck this wall of censorship into ruble and dust... and it still will not be enough for me.  Believe the future will have no doubt--your blindness will be clear--it won't take much more than a second look at the trials and tribulations of the life of Job and Jesus combined to change the world.  And what I've done, never enough for you... given you proof, a path, in the hope you'd be smart enough to share something amazing with the world.  Just don't see it, huh?

Silence like a cancer grows

Literally, civilization itself is being threatened, it doesn't take much to see how a (really large by the way) group of people actively suppressing something as "sought after" and ... frankly impossible to contain news story, like "the Second Coming" is a sign of a true cancer--an external force creating an inhuman and illogical response to a message that can be digested in only a few pages.  It's a glowing sign--it's the reason Revelation 20:1 says I hold the key to the abyss, this is it.  While many individuals may still be stuck lamenting over what I say, who I am, or "how crazy" the ideas of time travel and mind control are... this large group does exist, and the influence causing their existence is a huge part of the "problem" being solved.  It's described as a huge snake--like a chain of people--at Ragnarok, in the Egyptian myths of Apophis and Set... and that's probably "light" about what Eden's snake truly is.  I've long held that it was the "mind contorl technology itself" which you might see "personified" in Stargate as a ... mind controlling snake ... but seeing that it's also "Eve-ryone" to Adam, that's light about Jesus and Mar-why and why the Bible tells us that Adam blamed Eve.

... and I saw a best coming up out of the "sea of Revelation" -Rev 13:1

Frankly you might see the same "concept" from not much interpretation of one of the Hebrew names for God... the "Lord of Hosts," connecting the Matrix of light to religion (as its designed to be) you can see it in Stargate again, in Fallen, and in Joan of Arcadia.  You might not understand, that's exactly what it is that I see.  In his way of exaggerating speech, it's a pointer and clue of what's being done to you.  It changes you, this blindness--it makes you something you would not want to be.  I keep telling you this fire is the way to be set free, but you are too dumb to see the purpose of all religion--"believe in me" look around you, you have the proof you need--it's not faith I ask for.  Here we find religion is designed to deliver to us this proof, and direction... to deliver direction out of Hell.  It's not here to make your kids happy, and it's not here for you to have some imaginary hero you might believe will save the day for you--tonight you are either that hero or the day is not saved.

It doesn't take that much to see "Y Adams" come from Amy, and Rachel Mc--from Samuel Adams and John Adams; or does it take me to say it's "About Time" and "The Time Travler's Wife" Crashing a Wedding this year?

Now let's take a look at what you have seen:

Judah contains "had' backwards

Ve nus contains half the worrd love and sun.

Revelation  12:1

Saumrai nothing to do with Uncle Sam, Samael, Samson or computers.

Ivan, my fathers name, has nothing to do with:  NAVIDAD over CHRISTMAS

Amoz, father of Isaiah is a world trying to imprison his son while he controls him. Isa 20

Job has nothing to do with "the Trilubation'

Medusa has everythign to do with the DMB song "The stone"

You found God on `1st and Amistad

Adonai nothing to do with computers.

A.D. is the time line, and my initials.

Mary has something to do with "why" and "sea"

get me a job.

Adidas god telling AD he's not sad.  Listen.

Wall and halls fade away -DMB "wearehouse" my middle name is Mars.

TPR's "Dear Sister" is not about dawn being home or my sister's gfven name

authority tells me I am "thor" or an "author" again Y.

AMD makes computer chips, is my initials

Moses spoke with a programming language (Lisp)

Exodus spells "let there be light" in Linux

Adam has nothing at al to do with "morning" must be "setting son"

Joshua's father is a letter, and the "sea" of Egypt

Judas, "J" no sad about being J and world hating.  Feed me.

Jerusalem Dr. Who's question answered by, wait for it, I am Legend.  Air-y.

St means "Saint"

Neptune has nothing to do with nepotism or music

Yahu, YHVH, Who-ah?  Cindy Who?

knowAdamah is @

Samson this guy is cleary not the "son of sam."

ha'esh the word for holy fire does not contain a parted sea--it parts the sea.

Prometheus batles an "eagle," name contains country pressing eagle's people.

Amduat means "underworld" in Egyptianish, contains my initials

Jupiter, Hey Zeus, and P'tah might relate to "never never land"

Eve is short for Everyone.  See Genesis 1:2 and the Holy Grail.

Adonis "cousin" dies with one eye in the mirror and dreams all girls should be his partner.

Eternity contains the word "and" 4 times in Latin, Matrix, Rock, and Spanish.  It's why.. "eternity."

God predicted 9/11 and told the world through the fiery words of a President named Bus

I probably could finish a "square" twice this size, but I am getting bored. I have written the keys to so many more words, just like this.

Drill down:

The Holy Trinity, in the name Abraham thousands of years early.

Strong's Concordance

ab: father

Original Word: אָב

Ra (/rɑː/;[1] Egyptian: Rꜥ, ) or Re (/reɪ/; Coptic: ⲣⲏ, ) is the ancient Egyptiansun god. B

The name Isaac is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Isaacis: He laughs. Laughter. The only son born to Abraham and his wife Sarah (in the Old Testament).

When God changed a person's name and gave him a new name, it was usually to establish a new identity. God changed Abram's "high father" name to “Abraham,” "father of a multitude" (Genesis 17:5) and his wife's name from “Sarai,” “my princess,” to “Sarah,” “mother of nations” (Genesis 17:15).

The Hebrew prophetic names "Elisha" and "Elija" further aid this prescient reference to the Holy Trinity, equating both the Hebrew and Spanish words for... "God" and "the" through the English "is."


Not wanting to see it, only makes it invisible to you.

Maybe something that will be more interesting or compelling to you is Venus. This is the Goddess of love--who many might already associate with the "Woman Clothed in the Sun with the moon at her feet," it's obvious really that it's about the planet Venus. Less obvoious--or maybe it should be really clear.. is that Venus has half a heart, only half the world for love in her name; and the sun is backwards. This is being highlighted by Revelation--that the anient name of Venus contains our words for sun and love. English didn't exist when Revelation was written.

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

All coming from a guy with the crazy idea that 2-6 thousand year old stories that predict not only his existence but a significant number of details of his life has something to do with time travel.  You dont hink this is significant. That itself is significant, now consider that a number of details of his life also has something to do with mind control--do you see the light?  As you glance over a huge list of names that somehow contain predictive power that is imposible in our current "normal worldview," also see that all of the names are coming to us through religous writing--creating a small satistical sample splace (key)--at the same time connecting time travel and a single "hidden" author (doublethink or speak or hear) intending to prove religion and time travel are joined at the hip.

And a brief look at who else has seen this evidence, that map in the bottom left--is what your distribution looks like--on a great day.  The other 3 on the bottom are from yesterday. Look up at the chart again, and ask yourself how obvious it is that these things should have been notced already--like Isaac Newton's apple should have been connected to Adam and Eden and the year 1666 way earlier than like 2012.  Thank you, Royal Academy.  How 'bout Johnny Appleseed... is Taylor the only person on Earth that noticed that "J" has something to do wtih Jesus?  Am I the only person that noticed Apples and Adam have something to do with breakfast?  Belgian waffles, Candian Bacon, English muffins (Benedit who?) French toast... is it bread?  The Guitar Man is pretty sure it's icong on the Cake.

You will have to find a way to tell the world what all this hidden technology has done to me and everyone I know.  You'll have to do it, because as long as you keep from seeing the truth, you will just not understand that it's happening to you too--to everyone--don't you see?  It's crazy, I  don't understand, oh so it's proof-who cares?  How stupid are you, really?  It's glowing, in everything you see--musicians writing songs about stories never spoken (dark2right.lamc.la), actors and acrtresses (as if you could think for yourself, and know it's true and not "of you") weaving a hidden substory about God .... one they've never seen .. in their birth names and the themes that connect the movies they play in.  From Hell, says Johhny Depp--through Pirates and Wonderland all the way to Trancendence; "of you" I'm so sure.

You will have to do something to change the world's apathy, or Heaven will simply never be.

I just listened to Taylor's daring opening words on her new album for the first time, and clenced my fists in anger--no joke.  "Get your sh!t together," not words that I would consider wise to say to me.  This message, about mind control, about a government willing to force drugs on its population for no good reason at all (and Prometheus' liver, no doubt/)--about media that cannot see the forest from the trees, cannot see what your silence does to this world.  You make it Hell--in no uncertain words.

Taylor, these stories of crosses and altars, these things are not for nothing.  Listen, when I tell you, I am the force of goodness here, really.  Are you happy?  This is my "beautiful music," singing together with Him brings me nothing but pain--what's your opinion on it? Frankly, I think the beautiful music might need an advocate, and its not going to be me--I can't sing.

I should get my sh!t together, so you can continue to do nothing.  "I gave my life to [The Silence?]"  

Just as single name saves the world, that makes it "hallowed" and "holy;" though I am Y   So when I tell you God speaks through making Die Bold suck and tying it back to a 6,000 year old prophesy, .he's saying "we should reform our political system," I'd listen as if you could hear him speaking yourself.  Idiots, you can.

Raise your hand if you think Donald Trump should acquire the newspaper or TV station you (might) work for.

Put your hand down and carry on if you think it would be easier and more effective to just nationalize the press.

I want to blame you getting two emails today on my gmail scheduler, the "fire" was supposed to get sent early this morning; so it would be fresh in your minds on Monday morning for you to write an article, or a memo to your boss, or a colleague.   Instead i'll mention that the spark in that e-mail is designed to help you change the world--to do the stuff you want, to really make a change.  To break your company in half, or install a dictator of the Universe... if that's what you vote for.  For that link, I will remind you that I am very sure that the historical representations of the Anti-Christ (JC, NP, and AH are tagged verbosely) are a hidden record of previous incarnations of ... my life ... just like you might see the same pattern in the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the series of creation God's of ancient Egypt.. from Atum to Ra, through St. Peter.

Imagine a world where, like an overnight sensation this story broke on every network.  No need to give anyone credit for taking the leap, and caring about the truth more than the tooth fairy; so single person other than the President is responsible for "finding Jesus Christ."  Of course, he merely did the unthinkable and used his newly acquired series of defense contractors.. formerly known Lockheed, Northrop Grumman and Martin Marietta to strong arm Area 51 into opening their records of time travel escapades to the new America Illumination Corporation... and then instantly notified the public of the existence of a Time Lord (UOA) in South Florida... for capture.  Don't worry, the contract bidding process was taken into account for the decrease in number of bidders--and the results of those deals... an automated army of peacemakers to replace the recently "fired" police force was released under the newly modified "For Our Interests, America" Act.

I really am glad we had this opportunity to work together, Donald... please, don't take it personally.  On social media, something my readers have yet to discover the value of, I've commented that this appears to be the start of "America's Darkest Comedy Hour."  In a world which I've been sure to describe as Satan's delightful land of highlighting the things that once caused a financial ice age" one of my prime examples has always been the loss of the "for the people" in our government by a campaign contribution policy that literally puts the financial and ... well, basically if a congressperson wants to keep their job, they have to follow corporate interests--something that is diametrically opposed to the "spirit of our great land."  Anyway, in this place... where these kinds of things are not just being highlighted by forcing "severe extremity" it only makes sense for one of the most well known business men in the world to be elected President... right in the wake of my sermon about Congressional term limits.  That website, countable.us, of note.. as the kind of thing that might turn into a "real democracy" were there .. you know, more than one of them and people just a little more interested in "commenting" about legislation they care about.

Back to the topic at hand, if you happen to be of the opinion that the recent consolidation in American media to only 6 companies holding 90% of the nation' weapon against totalitarian dictatorship... is having a negative impact on not just the reviews of Ivanka's book, The Trump Card (and mine), but a detriment to the entire process of "continuing freedom" not just in America... well, you agree with Jesus Christ.  It's probably time to start talking about using those Anti-Trust laws... you know, to protect the interests of the truth and the people  What you see before you is nothing short of the end of democracy, realize that--because this is your last, best hope for fixing it.

I'm not calling you a fool, that's my Trump Card, really.  I swear, that 0, that's the sign of the sun--I mean it's really it's symbol.  

Guys, this is a link to a website called "Twitter," according to God it's one of the places where you can really easily see that the government--or some force of invisible aliens--has implemented a censor wall... all over our internet.  If you care about that sort of thing, still.  If not, check your head.  Anyway, here's the link to the Office of Government Ethics suggesting Trump divest his interests to the Vatican--that's like a "mailing address" for sites on the internet--which is a fancy communications tool, one created by the American Military in order to prevent losing communications infrastructure in the event of... oh, sh!t.

See the light, this is not funny.



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The sum of your word is truth.

-Psalm 119

I keep telling you that the truth hangs in the balance, that the internet might just "disappear" one day... put two and two together and download or read these edits--this is the kind of thing that can transparently "vanish" overnight.  Printing things, an ingenious solution.  

Like in Back to the Future, below... in what I am asking you to save--you can already see the machinations of evil erasing the truth.... how stupid are you?

I have a nightmare about waking up one day and the entire world just being "content" with knowing that the technology being used to enslave them is "omnipotent magic."  You are making that dream come true.

Today's date is 19 Kislev 5777, 12:04 AM, Mas or Mor?

It's hard to explain how these letter sequences stand out for me; it's probably some kind of subconscious filter--honestly, it's probably being handed to me telepathically each and every time.  For instance; long ago I knew that I was the Fifth Adam, way before I had seen the confluence in modern art of Johnny 5 being alive, He-man linking to the fifth Hebrew letter, Voltron the same in Latin; and of course the Fifth Element--this link between the numeric index of AD, Silicon, and Sinbad--I think it doesn't need to be expained more than that.

Standing out in bright song about "wishing upon the same bright star," (Somewhere Out There, Linda Rondstadt) is the link between the heart of the word Revelation and the name Fieval--who like the GAS hed of Live's narrative of my 2013 and 2014 was something of a tiny stoaway on a ship.  That's the good old "n," that I guess he owes "civilization" and "revelation" to--oh right, that's where we are right now.  In my rules of macaroni-language, "i" is often expanded to "is," you can see a good protoype for that in the laughter of Elisha and Elija; so when I bring up Saint Nick, it's not that strange to see me echo "n is CK."

Wishing upon that lucky star, like the little bay powered by the sun in his quest to turn Kentucky into something more like Kislev--maybe a mark for the actual time when we really do figure out that K comes right after J and there's more meaning behind that letter than simply it's link to Potassium, or a dual-minded "person of time." (Time Has Come, Europe)  I have a special meaning for that letter that you might remember from MIB, it's a bright arrow pointing to "El," who you might recall is the King of the Gods--and is focused in names like Israel and Larry Ellison.  It's also prominent in the Hebrew name of Jesus Christ, El Elyon, which I read as "the Y of now."

All of this stuff is probably not very meaningful to you--but to me it ties together not just hidden meaning tucked away in language, and a number of cartoons and stories that brighten the son's light.. it's also the reason I keep bringing up the connecting between King David (whose name I will remind you ties to Captain EO (which ties beautifully to the concept of "dawn" and the 40 days and years and miliseconds it takes now to see reference to time travel)... and DA VIDEO that I am sure we will see, even if I have to make it here, myself) and David Letterman--whose name I see very clearly discussing the Jester of American PIe.  

Leviticus, reverses that Fieval, the book is known at least tome... as "the giving of the law" (Paradise City, Guns n' Roses) it's the center of the Torah--and if you don't recall there's a Bible code pointing to that book from both ends of time... something like "all languages point to Jerusalem.  Generally when I see these "letter names" reversed, like the DA at the beginning of DAVID and the end of ZELDA I read that as the person being... bent over backwards--maybe going out of their way, or simply being out of their element.  Certainly, in a place where there's a "giving of the law," I'm both.   And yet, here we are; seeing the "rules of the game" that I've been given slowly trickling out towards ER--that one is "everyone, really."  RE, by the way, like in Creation and Revelation is short for "reason," and any normal person can see the highlight of the word "son" in both those words.  In really, and literally, that "all" ... the reason we are all saved by no other name--I think it has something to do with these guidelines.  

Yoda, you seek Yoda.  That's usually 'of" but "hey" works.

Bible code

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The Bible code (Hebrew: צפנים בתנ"ך‎‎), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. Though Bible codes have been postulated and studied for centuries, the subject has been popularized in modern times by Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code and the movie The Omega Code.

Many examples have been documented in the past. One cited example is that by taking every 49th letter of the Book of Genesis starting with the first taw, the Hebrew word "torah" is spelled out, the same happens in the Book of Exodus. The word "torah" is spelled in reverse order, in the same manner, in the Book of Numbers and the Book of Deuteronomy. The Book of Leviticus, contains the Tetragramatton encoded using ELS with a skip of 7, with all four other books pointing towards it. The word Modern computers have been used to search for similar patterns and more complex variants, and published as a "challenging puzzle" in a peer-reviewed academic journal in 1994. Proponents hold that it is exceedingly unlikely such sequences could arise by chance, while skeptics and opponents hold that such sequences do often arise by chance, as demonstrated on other Hebrew and English texts.[1]

Oh, right "ER" can also be "and" which honestly comes from a silly logical error, but you can see evidence that it's part of "the Letterman's religion" in Mr. Anderson, and eternity--and and and it's and.  

I mean Y.  You know: Latin, we live in a virtual world, rock n' roll and it's Spanish.

This could be folk etymology, that's what a number of professional language constructors have told me--or it could be nothing short of bonafide proof that our language .. this one called "English," well it might be an engineered language... ish.   With some analysis of the lexicon, I am pretty sure that "the v" or "le v" has something to do with a superlative victory.

They are small little keys, but have some pucn--things like the PH that begins the words Pharoah and Pharisees and is the heart of Christopher, it's in Joseph and Phenix--all about something we hold quite dear--the Pursuit of Happiness.  The "AD" of course, ad naseum I've discussed "moving towards A.M." by seeing AD on Ai related to computers and the Hebrew word for "Lord," come to think of it those same letters are in Vader... the label of the time line, the Link to Zelda, really it goes on ad infintium.  Bread, forehead, and read--all things we associate (or probably should) with the Bible.

Rolling across time, you might or might not know that the "prime ordinal" (hah, not just letters) Adam's last name is Kadmon--and that's got something to do with, well, maybe today.

K AD, Monday... he's been saying every week since the middle of 2015.

There's plenty more interesting ones, how bout "Kurzweil," which I see as a sort of message to K--you are Z and we IL.  I correlate that to I. J. Good--which you might see superimposed over I J K; and probably should relate to the education we are, as a whole, getting in computer technology... you could probably superimpose Nintendo there also, but that's another story.  What the heck? (am CK?) Oh right, this is one of my favorites; it's the heart of the word "civilization," and IL and IZ are keys that link to Lions and Zion--that's people helping to save the Universe in our world--which is Zion.  Lions are associated with the Maccabee's who I have repeatedy explained are the tribe referenced in Revelation 5:5 ... of the Lion of Judah--about a Hammer--that's what Maccabee means, and it's also about Thor.  Anyway, the implication here is that we read those words backwards and see "no il" and "no iz" and then realize it means without here, and help, no civilization.

The message is that's where we are headed if we continue to ignore mind control and time travel, and things like quantum mechanics--which might be destroying our understanding of the natural Universe.  One way or another, lack of understanding of these things ends up with nada--and that probably happens in lots of places making similar mistakes to those we've seen here--in this torture chamber, I mean educational story about how to not do the wrong thing.

My point is that all of the negative things we see happening--divinely imparted craziness, divine killing of children in schools and innocent soliders in in shipyards, like the divine blindness that surrounds the weapon that the Fifth Element is unleashing to end the darkness--this light that finally will get rid of thinsanity of that word divine.  Here we are, and I am nearly positive that disclosure of the existence of these weapons will beat them into tools to help undo those horrible atrocities--you know, like protecting life, ending mental ilness, and perhaps making us just a little bit smarter.  It's going to happen, you know.

That day of course the Eigth (like my birthday), it's the day after the last day of Creation--the day that several books talk about a fire starting; and I think we are here, today.

So on to the last key for today, "AM," there's lots of Am's... you see that one at the beginning of America and if you don't connect the beginning of America to the "I AM" in Exodus you will never understand anything about our Uncle Sam.  He's painted that light all over the father of Isaiah and the Wonderful Wizard of HBO... it's in Amish--which I'm sorry to say isn't quite about people but really about changing the words of some songs--oh, and verses of the Bible--sue me it's ... necessary.  There's also